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									                                        Grandparents are Special

Grandparents have the ability to be a special loving force in their grandchildren’s lives. They can serve as
friends and role models. They can help their own children raise the grandchildren by serving as
caregivers. They can create meaningful stories from their own family history. Best of all, grandparents
can give unconditional love and support to grandchildren.

Who has the most fun, grandkids or grandparents? Both! Your own children bear the responsibilities of
parenthood. You can make suggestions, but these are your children’s children. Your job is a simple one:
love them. They will love you back, because grandpa and grandma fill such special roles.

The Greatest Thing is Love

What are the greatest things about being a grandparent? Here’s a list in ascending order, but you may
have your own points as well.

5. Experience counts – that’s you! You have the knowledge of what parenthood is like, and don’t feel as
fearful or anxious as a first-time parent.

4. Celebrating your own children’s childhood. Your grandchildren will likely share physical traits with
their parents. Even if adopted, they may assume behavioral characteristics with their parents. It can
warm a grandparent’s heart to see that same goofy grin or sweet smile from a grandchild that reminds
you of your own children when they were growing up.

3. Need is a bonding factor. Usually our own children drift away. Certainly they grow independent. But
parenthood can bring them back for advice and support, or even just babysitting chores.

2. Roles are reversed. You used to worry about bedtime, food preparation for finicky eaters, college
education for your own children. Now you can have fun stocking up on healthy treats, planning
vacations at your house, and not noticing when someone doesn’t eat their cauliflower.

1. For most grandparents, the best part is that grandchildren go home!

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