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					                           Preventing Sexual Misconduct
POLICY STATEMENT                                        Sexual Violence includes:
Members of the University of Mary Washington            Sexual violence means physical sexual acts
community are entitled to a campus free of sexual       perpetrated against a person’s will or where a
harassment, violence, and exploitation. Actions         person is incapable of giving consent due to the
that create an intimidating or offensive work or        victim’s use of drugs or alcohol. An individual also
study environment will be not be tolerated, and         may be unable to give consent due to an
will be addressed confidentially and appropriately      intellectual or other disability.
through the enforcement of this policy. Every
student, faculty and staff person deserves to work      A number of acts fall into the category of sexual
and study in an environment free of sexual              violence including: rape, sexual assault, sexual
misconduct.                                             battery, and sexual coercion.

HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S                               Sexual Exploitation Includes:
HARASSMENT?                                             When a person takes a non-consensual or abusive
It can be difficult at times to know you are being      sexual advantage of another for his/her own
sexually harassed. You may feel that the person         advantage or benefit, or to benefit or advantage
didn’t mean what he or she said, that you are           anyone other than the one being exploited, and
being overly sensitive or that you didn’t hear the      that behavior does not otherwise constitute one of
person correctly. If the attention is unwanted, ask     other sexual misconduct offenses. Examples
yourself these questions:                               include:
1. Is the attention of a sexual nature, explicitly or
     implied?                                              Invasion of sexual privacy
2. Does the other party exercise power or                  Non-consensual video or audio-taping of
     authority over you, through supervision or             sexual activity
     participation in employment decisions?                Going beyond the boundaries of consent
3. Did the conduct or remarks create an                    Engaging in voyeurism
     intimidating or hostile environment?                  Sexually-based stalking and/or bullying
4. Has your work performance suffered because               (physical or cyber)
     of what was said of done?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,          WHAT TO DO IF YOU EXPERIENCE OR
you may be a victim of sexual harassment.               OBSERVE SEXUAL VIOLENCE
                                                        If you experience or observe sexual VIOLENCE:
 direct or implied threats that submission to                CONTACT THE UNIVERSITY POLICE
   sexual advances will be a condition of                                 540-654-4444
   employment, work status, or promotion;
 unwanted sexual teasing, jokes, remarks, or           The University Police will consult with the Office of
   questions;                                           Human Resources and inform the University’s Title
 unwanted pressure for dates;                          IX Coordinator as required.
 unwanted touching, patting, hugging, or
   brushing against a person’s body;
                                                        WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE HARASSED
 unwanted sexual looks or gestures;
                                                        Know your options. Employees may seek either
 unwanted pressure for sexual favors; and
                                                        informal or formal resolution. No one will force
 unwelcome letters, telephone calls or
                                                        you into any action you do not want to take, but
   materials of a sexual nature.
                                                        will help take the steps of your choice.
Informal Resolution                                      May be initiated with the AA/EEO officer
                                                          located in the Office of Human Resources at
If comfortable, say “NO” to the harasser. Use a           (540) 654-1214.
direct and honest approach to tell the harasser
you do not like the activity and expect it to stop.      Must be initiated within one year from the
                                                          date of the alleged harassment.
Seek assistance from HR or one of the University
contact persons (list available from HR). Call 654-      The complainant must be (or have been) a
1214.                                                     member of the University community at the
                                                          time of the alleged harassment.
Don’t ignore the harassment. Deal with the
situation immediately, seeking assistance if             The complaint must be in writing and must
                                                          be signed. It must describe the alleged
                                                          behavior and state the remedy sought.
Keep detailed records of all harassing activities
(time, place, nature of the harassment and
                                                      The complaint procedure can be found in the
witnesses if any).
                                                      policy on the HR website:
Formal Resolution                           
        Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination
STATEMENT OF NONDISCRIMINATION                        Employees and third parties should report
The University of Mary Washington subscribes to       incidents of workplace harassment as soon as
the principles of equal opportunity and               possible after the incident occurs.
affirmative action. The University does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,   UMW COMPLAINT PROCEDURE
disability, national origin, political affiliation,   An employee may address a complaint with the
marital status, sexual orientation, sex, pregnancy    immediate supervisor or with the AA/EEO Officer.
or age in recruiting, admitting, and enrolling        Please call 654-1214. Under no circumstances will
students or in hiring and promoting faculty and       the individual alleging harassment be required to
staff members. This statement of                      file a complaint with the alleged harasser.
nondiscrimination extends to all aspects, terms,
and conditions of employment and student tenure.
                                                      STATE AND FEDERAL COMPLAINT PROCEDURE
                                                      Office of Equal Employment Services within the
DEFINITION AND EXAMPLES OF WORKPLACE                  Department of Human Resource Management
HARASSMENT                                            (804-225-2136).
The University of Mary Washington strictly
forbids discriminatory harassment of any              U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity
employee, applicant for employment, vendor,           Commission. (202-663-4900)
contractor or volunteer. Discriminatory
harassment is defined as any unwelcome verbal,
                                                      Retaliation Is Prohibited
written, and/or physical conduct that either
                                                      Retaliation is overt or covert acts of reprisal,
denigrates or shows hostility or aversion towards
                                                      interference, restraint, penalty, discrimination,
a person on the basis of race, color, religion,
                                                      intimidation, or harassment against an individual
disability, national origin, political affiliation,
                                                      or group bringing forth a harassment
marital status, sexual orientation, sex, age, or
                                                      complaint. If retaliation occurs, the employee(s)
pregnancy and:
                                                      should report the retaliation through the
(1) has the purpose or effect of creating an
                                                      complaint procedure.
intimidating, hostile, or offensive work
(2) has the purpose or effect of unreasonably         POLICY VIOLATIONS
interfering with an employee’s work performance;      Engaging in Harassment: Any employee who
or                                                    engages in conduct determined to be harassment
(3) affects an employee’s employment                  or who encourages such conduct by others shall
opportunities or compensation.                        be subject to corrective action,
                                                      which may include discharge from employment.
(a) Unwelcome and repeated use of degrading           Allowing Harassment to Continue: Managers
language, jokes, or innuendos;                        and/or supervisors who learn of workplace
(b) Threats or insinuations about conditions of       harassment and fail to take appropriate corrective
employment; and                                       action may be considered a party to the offense,
(c) Offensive pictures or objects.                    whether they engaged in such behavior or not.

                                                      Failure to Respond: Managers and/or
                                                      supervisors who fail to take appropriate action
                                                      shall be subject to disciplinary action, including
                                                      demotion or discharge.
                               Preventing Workplace Violence

UMW POLICY STATEMENT                                     • Dial Campus Police at 4444 in the event of an
The University of Mary Washington is committed to        emergency!!
maintaining a workplace free from threats and acts
of intimidation and violence. All reported incidents     WHAT ARE SOME WAYS A SUPERVISOR CAN
will be properly investigated.                           PREVENT WORKPLACE VIOLENCE?
                                                         • Ensure that all employees are aware of the
WHAT CONSTITUTES WORKPLACE VIOLENCE?                     Workplace Violence policy;
Workplace Violence can be defined as actions or          • Inform all employees of emergency procedures;
words that endanger or harm another employee or          • Manage operations and personnel carefully and
result in other employees having a reasonable belief     thoughtfully with open communication;
that they are in danger. Such actions include:           • Be alert to dramatic changes in behavior;
• Injuring another person physically;                    • Respond to all complaints of violence;
• Behavior that creates a reasonable fear of injury in   • Make proper referrals to the Employee Assistance
another;                                                 Program (EAP) by contacting the Office of Human
• Possessing, brandishing, or using a weapon that is     Resources for assistance;
not required for work while on state                     • Take threats of violence very seriously and dial
premises or doing state business;                        4444 in case of an emergency.
• Intentionally damaging property;
• Threatening to injure an individual or to damage       WHAT TO DO WHEN CONFRONTED WITH AN
property;                                                IMMEDIATE THREAT:
• Committing injurious acts motivated by or related      - Take immediate actions to ensure safety;
to domestic violence or sexual harassment;               - Call Campus Police at 4444 or press one of the blue
• Retaliating against any employee who, in good          buttons on campus; and
faith, reports a violation of this policy;               - Follow up with the Office Human Resources.
• Behavior that subjects another individual to
extreme emotional distress.                              POLICY VIOLATIONS
                                                         In cases where you feel that the Workplace Violence
WHAT ARE SOME WAYS TO PROTECT THE                        Policy has been violated you can notify:
WORKPLACE FROM VIOLENCE?                                 • An immediate supervisor;
• Lock certain doors;                                    • The Office of Human Resources.
• Limit office access;
• Designate an unobstructed secondary exit,              The Office of Human Resources will manage reports
whenever possible;                                       of workplace violence in a manner that protects the
• Establish a “code word” or other signal to convey      safety and anonymity of anyone who comes
the need to summon Campus Police                         forward. Acts of violence will be subject to
for help;                                                disciplinary action, up to and including termination,
• Avoid leaving keys or purses lying about in the        based on the situation. Acts of violence occurring
office;                                                  outside the workplace also may be grounds for
• Notify police if you notice suspicious persons or      disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. In
vehicles, especially after working hours;                these situations, the agency must demonstrate that
• Post emergency numbers at every phone;                 the violent conduct committed has an adverse
• Keep potential weapons of opportunity (scissors,       impact on the employee’s ability to perform his or
paperweights, letter openers) out of casual reach of     her assigned duties and responsibilities or that it
customers;                                               undermines the effectiveness of the agency’s
• Know and watch out for your co-workers;                activities.
                                                                           Office of Human Resources

                              RESPECTFUL WORKPLACE POLICIES

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I have read the provided UMW policy information on:

       Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination
       Preventing Workplace Violence
       Preventing Sexual Harassment

I agree to adhere to the University of Mary Washington’s Respectful Workplace Policies.

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