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									278-A-286]                                                   STOCK                                                             39

       NOTE 1.—If articles of stock other than those named in the list of such articles are required for use in a office,
mail office or section, a requisition should be sent to the Superintendent.
       NOTE 2.—In the case of a first class head office the indenting and counter articles are required for use in a
record office, mail office or section, a requisition should be sent to the Superintendent.
        2. After the article indented for has been supplied, the Stores Depot will send the certificate of credit received
with the indent to the Superintendent by whom the accounts of the head office issuing the certificate are verified and
in the case of certificate of credit issued by the head office at the Headquarters of the circle, to the Head of the Circle.
                                          Countersignature of emergent indents
279. Indents prepared by first class postmasters do not require countersignature, and should be forwarded direct
to the Depot. Indents prepared by other officer should be forwarded to the next higher authority for countersignature.
280. In the case of a mail line, the indent should be forwarded by the postmaster of the principal terminal office,
whether it is a first class head office or not, to the Superintendent in charge of the line for countersignature.
                                         Requisition for article procured locally
281. Every article of stock must be obtained from or through the Depot. If an article of stock which can be procured
locally [as in the case of furniture, e.g., tables, stools, etc., of local manufacture, fragile articles, such as lamps, lanterns,
etc., and their appurtenances (chimneys, globes, etc.)] is required for the use of an office, the officer in charge should
apply by letter to the next higher authority for sanction to the expenditure if the same is beyond his powers of sanction.
The local purchase may be made or recommended provided that in respect of articles which are manufactured in the
Postal Workshop the local rates for articles of similar size and make do not exceed the rates (plus cost or transit) of
the Postal Workshop, which can be ascertained by reference to the Depot.
                                      Supply of articles in compliance with indents
282. Articles of stock indented for, the supply of which has been sanctioned by the Head of the Circle, will be
received direct from the Depot, with an invoice (Form S.K.-3) containing a description of the articles. The invoice
should be prepared in triplicate by means of carbonic paper, but two copies should be sent by the Depot to the indenting
office. The invoice should be checked with the articles by the indenting officer, who should then sign both copies and
file the third copy of it in the order of its Serial No. in the bundle of invoices for articles of stock received from the
Depot. The required entries should be made in the stock book, the No. of the page allotted being noted against each
article in the last column of the invoice.
283. The duplicate copy of the invoice (Form S. K.-3) should be duly receipted by the indenting officer and returned
to the Depot.
       NOTE.—When articles of stock despatched by rail or steamer have to be forwarded by road from a railway or
steamer station to the office of destination and mazdoors or carts engaged for the purpose, the cost of conveyance
should be paid by indenting officer of the office of destination and charged at once in the accounts as contingent
expenditure, in anticipation of the sanction of the higher authority which should be applied for at once.
                                                  Discrepancies in invoices
284. It there is any discrepancy between the number or description of the articles of stock or stationery entered in
an invoice and the number or description of the articles actually received, the indenting officer should make a note of
it on the invoice and report the matter to the despatching officer. If, however, this does not result in a proper adjustment
of stock, a report should be made to the supervising officer to whom the receiving office is subordinate.
                                                   Numbering of invoices
285. Invoices for articles or stock issued by the Depot to indenting offices will be consecutively numbered in an
annual series commencing with No. 1 from the 1st of April in each year. Officers receiving such invoices should observe
that the Numbers are in an unbroken series.
       NOTE.—With a view to enable each indenting office to verify that all the invoices for the year have been
received, a service postcard will be sent to it by the Depot on the 31st March of each year bearing the closing No. of
the annual series, if no invoice is issued on that date.
                                                     Schedule of Forms
286. The Head of the Circle must prescribe the two six monthly periods for which forms are to be supplied to each
offices in the circle. For this purpose, as many different six monthly periods as possible should be fixed and matters
286-291]                                                 STOCK                                                            40

should be so arranged that the Stock Depots/Store Depots will not be called upon to supply forms to any office during
the month in which it has to count its stock and prepare its own requisitions. These periods should be distributed
according to groups of offices—each group consisting of a number of head offices and all their subordinate offices,
or of record offices, as the case may be—and not according to divisional groups.
287. A Master Schedule in the prescribed form will be supplied to the undermentioned offices by the officers noted
against each :—
       (1)   First Class Head Post Offices (Form SK-4)
             Supdts. Offices (P.O. & R.M.S.) [Form SK-5and SK-5 (R)]
             Postal Training Centres
                                                                                                   }   Head of Circles

       (4)   Second Class Head Post Offices (Form SK-4)
       (5)   Sub-Post Offices [Form SK-4 (S)]
                                                                                                   } Offices of Post
       (6)   Record Offices [Form SK-5 (R)]                                                        }   Supdt., R.M.S.
        The Schedule will show the description, the average rate of consumption and the total number of copies of each
of the different kinds of forms and labels required for use during a period of six months. The total number of copies
of each form shown in the Schedule will be the number required for actual use plus a margin, on account of wastage
of 2 per cent in case of forms for departmental use only, or of 10 per cent in the case of those for use by the public.
Heads of circles may, in the case of selected big offices, increase the margin on account of wastage up to 15 per cent
in respect of certain forms for use by the public e.g. Inland and Foreign Message Forms.
       NOTE 1.— Schedules supplied to the Superintendents’ Offices will include the requirements of Inspectors
under their control, those supplied to head and sub-offices will include the requirements to branch offices in direct
account with them and those supplied to record offices will include the requirements of the sections attached to them.
288. A copy of the Master Schedule of Forms will be supplied to the Stores/Stock Depot concerned for its guidance
in supplying forms or in checking the indents and another copy should be kept on record in the office of the officer
who will supply the Master Schedule. The Master Schedule, subject to such alterations may be required from time to
time, will be an authorisation for the offices to obtain supply of forms to the extent specified in it direct from the Postal
Stores Depots/Postal Stock Depot concerned. Figures in the Master Schedule of Forms must, therefore, be compiled
with the utmost care. No alteration will be made in the Master Schedule without the previous sanction of the officer
by whom it was supplied. Whenever any alteration is ordered, it will be shown at once in the copy of the Master
Schedule on record in the office of the officer who supplied the Master Schedule and will at the same time be
communicated to the Stores Depot/Stock Depot and to the office concerned, with instructions that their copies of the
Master Schedule should be corrected accordingly. The office concerned will correct its copy of the Master Schedule
neatly in red ink over the initials of the officer incharge of the office. At the time of inspection of an office, the number
of forms of each class in stock will be verified and after the requirements of the office are ascertained a note will be
made in the inspection remarks suggesting suitable changes in the quantity of forms authorised in the Master Schedule.
This will enable the controlling officer to modify the figures in the Master Schedule, if necessary.
       The Master Schedule of Forms will, however, be thoroughly reviewed after every 5 years and the changes
ordered during the intervening period will be incorporated, and the revised Master Schedule of Forms will be supplied
to each office.
289. An indent in Form SK-85 will be placed direct on the supplying agency in all cases, where there is no variation
in the demand from the authorised supply or the variation is within 10 per cent of the prescribed limit. The indent should
be prepared in duplicate and signed by the incharge of the office, with a certificate to the effect that the indent has been
prepared according to the authorised supply, as prescribed in the Master Schedule fixed for the office, and also taking
into account the stock in hand.
        For additional requirement of forms, the offices should prepare indent in the prescribed form and give justifi-
cation for increase of demand in the remarks column, and submit it to the Controlling Officer, who after examining the
justification for increase in demand countersign the Supplementary Indent and pass it on to the supplying agency for
effecting supply.
290. The date of commencement of each of the two six monthly periods fixed for an office will be noted on the front
cover of the Master Schedule of Forms supplied to it and the six monthly supply from the Stock/Stores Depot will be
received by the office according to the indent submitted by it in full by the date of supply as laid down in Rule 293.
291. Six weeks before the date fixed for the supply of forms for each six monthly period, the officer incharge of the
office must personally examine the stock of forms. This examination by the officer-in-charge of the office is of
paramount importance.
291-292]                                                    STOCK                                                               41

        During the last week of March every year the Superintendent of the Postal Stores Depot, including those at
Kolkata, Aligarh, Nashik, Delhi and Jammu & Kashmir, should carry out detailed physical verification of every item of
stock and froms alongwith his Inspection, and the verified balances of the articles of stock and forms should be brought
forward in the new stock registers on the 1st of April every year. During this period of stock verification, the supplies
to various offices will remain suspended.
                                                    Distribution of Forms
292. The Postal Stores Forms and Seals, Aligarh and Regional Forms Depots at Nashik, Bhubaneshwar, Thrissur and
Kolkata will supply forms in bulk to other Postal Stores/Stock Depots as per the following distribution. In addition these
five depots will also supply forms in retail to the post offices located in the Circles in which these Depots are located
except those mentioned in the notes below this rule. Where there are more than one Postal Stores/Stock Depots in any
Circle, the allotment of Post offices for the purpose of getting supplies of forms/articles of stock from these Postal
Stores/Stock Depots shall be made by the Heads of Circles concerned.
Sl. No. Name of the Postal Stores/Stock Depots                                          Bulk supplies to be made by
   1. Postal Stores Depot, Delhi                                                        RFD, Aligarh
   2. Postal Stores Depot, Jammu Tawi                                                       Do.
   3. Postal Stores Depot, Ambala                                                           Do.
   4. Postal Stores Depot, Shimla                                                           Do.
   5. Postal Stores Depot, Ludhiana                                                         Do.
   6. Postal Stores Depot, Ajmer                                                            Do.
   7. Postal Stores Depot, Jodhpur                                                          Do.
   8. Postal Stores Depot, Jaipur                                                           Do.
   9. Postal Stores Form and Seals,Aligarh                                                  Do.
 10. Postal Stores Depot, Lucknow                                                           Do.
 11. Postal Stores Depot, Saharanpur                                                        Do.
 12. Postal Stores Depot, Varanasi                                                          Do.
 13. Postal Stores Depot, Bareilly                                                          Do.
 14. Postal Stores Depot, Ahmedabad                                                     RFD, Nashik
 15. Postal Stores Depot, Rajkot                                                            Do.
 16. Postal Stores Depot, Vadodara                                                          Do.
 17. Postal Stores Depot, Bangalore                                                         Do.
 18. Postal Stores Depot, Hubli                                                             Do.
 19. Postal Stores Depot, Arsikere                                                          Do.
 20. Postal Stores Depot, Mumbai                                                            Do.
 21. Postal Stores Depot, Nagpur                                                            Do.
 22. Postal Stores Depot, Nashik                                                            Do.
 23. Postal Stores Depot, Kolhapur                                                          Do.
 24. Postal Stores Depot, Bhopal                                                            Do.
 25. Postal Stores Depot, Raipur                                                            Do.
 26. Postal Stores Depot, Hyderabad                                                     RFD, Bhubaneshwar
 27. Postal Stores Depot, Vijayawada                                                        Do.
 28. Postal Stores Depot, Guntakal                                                          Do.
 29. Postal Stores Depot, Rajahmundry                                                       Do.
 30. Postal Stores Depot, Patna                                                             Do.
 31. Postal Stores Depot, Muzaffarpur                                                       Do.
 32. Postal Stores Depot, Ranchi                                                            Do
 33. Postal Stores Depot, Bhubaneshwar                                                      Do.
 34. Postal Stores Depot, Sambalpur                                                         Do.
 35. Postal Stores Depot, Thrissur                                                      RFD, Thrissur
 36. Postal Stores Depot, Thiruvananthapuram                                                Do.
 37. Postal Stores Depot, Kozekode                                                          Do.
 38. Postal Stores Depot, Chennai                                                           Do.
 39. Postal Stores Depot, Trichy                                                            Do.
 40. Postal Stores Depot, Tirunelveli                                                       Do.
 41. Postal Stores Depot, Madurai                                                           Do.
 42. Postal Stores Depot, Coimbatore                                                        Do.
 43. Postal Stores Depot, Kolkata                                                       RFD, Kolkata
 44. Postal Stores Depot, Siliguri                                                          Do.
 45. Postal Stores Depot, Guwahati                                                          Do.
 46. Postal Stores Depot, Silchar                                                           Do.

       NOTE 1.—Postal Stores Forms & Seals, Aligarh will make retail supply of forms to all the offices in U.P. Circle and articles
of stock will be supplied by Postal Stores Depot, Lucknow.

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