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									Panther Village: Frequently asked questions 11-26-12

How do I reserve an apartment in Panther Village?

Panther Village will be part of the recontracting process which takes place in January and February
2013. Students make the best decisions about housing for the following fall during spring semester
when they have the greatest number of choices for their 2013-14 home at UNI. There is no need to
make a premature commitment to an apartment contract before February 2013.

What are the features of living in Panther Village?

   Panther Village offers an apartment lifestyle with all the convenience of living on campus. You
    are close to your classes and close to activities and athletics. Students who live on campus earn
    better grades and are more likely to graduate.
   A meal plan is not required. If you decide to join the hundreds of students who select a meal
    plan, you will have the advantage of easy access to dining centers plus convenience stores and
    Maucker Union dining.
   The high quality construction and materials in Panther Village provide an environment that will
    remain comfortable and attractive. Tile bathrooms, solid wood cabinets and expansive windows
    were selected for beauty and durability. Concrete floors contribute to a high level of
    soundproofing throughout the building.
   Panther Village is rented “by the single room.” You will have no hassles to collect rent from a
    roommate or to cover for a roommate who is short on cash. There is no responsibility to pay
    separate utility bills.
   Panther Village is better than “close to campus;” Panther Village is ON campus.

What’s provided with the room contract?

   Your Panther Village apartment includes ALL services/utilities including electricity, Res Net
    (wired and wireless), cable television, water, garbage and recycling.
   All furniture is provided for the bedroom, dining area and living room. No need to get bogged
    down with an inventory of furnishings that you will have to sell your senior year.
   All appliances are provided: dishwasher, refrigerator, stovetop, oven and microwave.
   You will enjoy the safety and convenience of elevators, interior stairways and inside mailboxes.
   Safety and security are part of your Panther Village package. Building access will be limited to
    residents and their guests. UNI Public Safety officers will respond to calls for help.

What are the requirements to live in Panther Village?

   You must have 30 completed academic credit hours by the time you move into Panther Village
   You must be in good standing academically with a minimum 2.0 gpa.
   You must be in good standing behaviorally (not on probation at the time of check-in)

Does the 2-Year Advantage include Panther Village?
YES! Your 2-Year Advantage works for you in Panther Village. In fact, if 2012-13 is the second year
of your 2-Year Advantage contract, you may want to select the 2-Year Advantage again for 2013-15
and enjoy the price freeze feature in Panther Village. Did you miss out on the 2-Year Advantage for
your freshman year? You can select the 2-Year Advantage during your sophomore or junior year!

Can I lock my bedroom?

Yes, if you live in a Panther Village apartment, you will be given: one building exterior key, one
apartment key and one bedroom key which also opens your mailbox.

May I bring my own furniture?

The Department of Residence provides all the furniture you will need, but if you’d like to add
furniture to your bedroom or common room you may. You must remove your personal furniture
when you check-out.

All provided furniture must remain in the apartment or suite.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

Meal plans are optional for Panther Village residents. Benefit from the flexibility of a meal plan that
meets you needs while providing variety and convenience.

You may select from a number of meal plan options when you complete your Panther Village
contract. Meal plans can be added at any time. Meal plan options for Panther Village residents are
on the Department of Residence website.

Is there an RA?

There will be four RAs in Panther Village fall 2013. Each RA cooperates with students to build
community in a house of 30-85 residents.

Dr. David Schmid will return to Panther Village next fall as Residence Life Coordinator and Ruther
Dixon will return as the secretary. They support community development and day-to-day
management of Panther Village.

What is the alcohol policy in Panther Village?

Only residents who are of legal age (minimum 21 years old) are permitted to consume or possess

If one or more of the residents of an apartment are of legal age, alcohol is permitted in that
apartment. However, in order for the legal age resident to consume alcohol in any common room
of the living space a roommate agreement must be discussed, completed, signed by all roommates,
and on file with the RA and the Residence Life Coordinator prior to consuming alcohol in that
common area.

Can I live in Panther Village during the summer and over breaks?

Your Panther Village contract is for August 15 – May 15 with the option to stay in Panther Village for
the remaining weeks of the summer. Panther Village remains available to residents during
Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break.

Fast facts:

   Phase I: Opened fall 2012 204 beds
   Phase II: Opening fall 2013 246 beds
   Cost: Available on the Department of Residence website.
   Contract term: August 15 to May 15 with the option to stay in Panther Village for the remaining
    weeks in the summer.
   Staffing: Full time residence life coordinator, secretary and custodial staff.
   Assignments: Select your friends to share an apartment or be assigned to an apartment where
    you will meet new friends.

Can I store my things in my Panther Village bedroom over the summer?

Summer furniture storage will not be offered in Panther Village.

What are the sustainability priorities for Panther Village?

This Department of Residence apartment complex project is designed to achieve a minimum of LEED
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver certification for sustainability and long term
operational maintenance costs. Features will include in-room recycling; energy efficient lighting,
heating and air conditioning; construction materials that contribute to energy efficiency and supplier
proximity to the building site.

Where can I get more information?

Photos of Panther Village are posted on the Department of Residence website select the Panther
Village link on the right side of the page under “What’s Happening.” The collection includes pictures
and videos. Check out information about the public artwork which is part of this project.

What is the process and calendar for applying to Panther Village?

Wednesday, January 16               Panther Profile and Panther Picks open (form roommate group)

                                         For Panther Village, you may select up to three roommates
                                         depending on your apartment preference. It is
                                         advantageous to have the apartment “filled” when the
                                         leader roommate selects the apartment.
                              Panther Priority selection date and time available on your housing
                              contract page (login required)

Monday, February 4            Reserve your same room before February 10. After midnight,
                              February 10, unreserved rooms are released as an available space.

Monday, February 11           Panther Priority selection is open for any available space

Friday, March 1               Final Panther Priority selection date and final date for CP parking

Friday, May 10, 5pm           Recontracting ends

Where can I get more information ? More Choices Better Choices

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