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					This document contains:  Citizens Advice organisational chart  Role Profile  Person Specification

Citizens Advice organisational chart:

ROLE PROFILE Job title: Date: Head of Public Direct October 2009

Band: Proficient salary: Location: Reporting to: Role context

Executive Management Up to £48,079 + £3,434 London Allowance if applicable. Office based England and Wales Director of Strategic Development Citizens Advice provides, both through its network of bureaux and directly, a wide range of information, advice and advocacy services. As part of its 3 year strategic plan it is putting a series of different initiatives in place that will transform the way in which services are delivered, accessed and experienced. When the transformation is complete customers will be able to move seamlessly between different mediums to help themselves, be helped and in turn help others

Role purpose:

To ensure that Citizens Advice reinforces its position in the advice sector as the provider of choice, by creating new and developing existing commercial, government and third sector partnerships and by delivering multi-channel services that: -make the best use of existing and emerging technologies to provide static and interactive services; -uses telephone technology to harness the collective strength of the service; -creates a sophisticated on the ground presence that compliments and contributes to all of the above. To implement a series of integrated initiatives that meet the aims of the multi channel strategy To take the lead in the development of a strategy for the pro-active delivery of Public Legal Education.

Key accountabilities 1. Strategic Development

Key elements/tasks Take the lead on the development of a ‘next generation’ approach to the delivery of multi channel services, including the identification and development of new tools, content, concepts and services. Lead and develop a market segmentation approach to the delivery of advice to ensure the maximum reach to all

% time


communities, including the disadvantaged, those requiring support to help themselves and those able to help themselves. Work with Business Development and other colleagues to identify revenue-generation and sponsorship opportunities to support the delivery of advice service, within the corporate, policy and broader strategic priorities of the CAB service. 2. Implementation Take responsibility for the development and delivery – in collaboration with others - of all ‘direct to public’ initiatives. Ensure that web based content, toolkits, and other advicegiving mechanisms are integrated into the wider advice service to create a seamless transfer between all mediums. Develop the use of email, chat and text as advice giving mediums. Take strategic responsibility for the implementation of a VCCbased telephone service that can be used on a stand alone basis or as an integrated part of the customer journey, working in partnership with a dedicated team of Project Managers and ICT Business Analysts. Work in partnership with member bureaux to deliver a client journey that is easy to navigate, professional and integrated within the whole. Work in partnership with external organisations to develop joint products and services. Ensure effective liaising with Citizens Advice Scotland and the Northern Ireland Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux, communicating with bureaux and other customers and using feedback to develop services. Ensure that Citizens Advice aims and equality and diversity policies are reflected and supported by information provision 3. Staff and Financial Management


Manage and develop a small team of Public Access staff through:     creating a positive working environment, in which equality and diversity are well-managed; planning and allocating work, monitoring achievement of deadlines, and providing support as appropriate; managing performance and development, mainly through regular supervision and the Appraisal (PDR) process recruitment and induction of new staff



Ensure that all the work of the department is consistent with the aims and principles of the Citizen Advice service, and supports and furthers its equalities policies Contribute to the corporate planning process in respect of objectives, targets, performance indicators and monitoring relevant to the work of the department. Develop and manage an annual staff budget to be agreed. Commission other professional services as required


 

4. Communications

Manage the development and implementation of internal and external communications strategies, ensuring effective dissemination of key knowledge and information relating to the development of funding opportunities across the Citizens Advice landscape.


5. Other Undertake such other duties and tasks as may lie within the scope of this post. 5%


1. Ability to think and operate strategically in a multi-discipline environment. 2. Substantial proven ability to develop and deliver multi channel strategies to a complex user base. 3. Proven leadership and management skills, including the ability to create a positive working environment in which equality and diversity are well managed, dignity at work is upheld and staff are empowered and motivated to do their best. 4. High-level of innovation skills in the management of the provision of both text and non-text based information and support. 5. High level influencing, networking and presentation skills 6. Excellent written communications skills 7. Strong interpersonal and negotiating skills and the ability to build long-term professional relationships with existing and potential partners. 8. Ability to work within a complex organisation and to encourage awareness of partnership working opportunities at all levels

9. Ability to work effectively under pressure and within deadlines 10. Understanding of the way in which web design and reporting tools can be deployed, the extent to which telephony can be used and may develop and the use of electronic forms of communication 11. Ability to use IT packages competently, including word processing and spreadsheet packages, and the ability to use email and to maintain an electronic diary 12. Track record of commitment to equality and the positive value of diversity and ability to establish credibility with equality organisations. 13. Ability to commit to and work within the aims, principles and policies of the CAB service Desirable 14. Coaching and mentoring skills.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. PROFICIENT SALARY: applicable. Up to £48,079 + £3,434 London Allowance if

Appointment may be at an initial salary level (90 or 95% of the proficient salary) or at the proficient salary, depending upon skills and abilities as assessed during the recruitment process. If you are a designated essential car user, you will receive an Essential Car User Allowance payment in addition to your salary. 2. ANNUAL/TOTAL LEAVE

Annual leave is 26 days pro rata per annum from 1st January to 31st December, plus 4 fixed days (normally over Christmas and New Year). Additionally, there is Long Service Leave of 1-5 days after 3-7 years service. 3. PENSION SCHEME

Citizens Advice provides a Group Stakeholder scheme. Further details of this scheme will be provided to the successful applicant at offer and contract stage.



Citizens Advice has a co-ordinated staff training and development strategy. This will mean that training for your current job, and future career developments relevant to Citizens Advice will be provided and you will be encouraged to take an active role. 5. INTEREST FREE LOANS

Interest-free loans are available to purchase season tickets for travel, and for career development purposes. If you are a designated essential car user, interest-free car loans are also available. 6. SALARY SACRIFICE SCHEMES

Citizens Advice offers childcare vouchers and operates a Cycle to Work scheme which provide a tax-efficient method for employees to pay for childcare or purchase a bicycle for commuting to work. 7. REMOVAL AND RELOCATION EXPENSES

Individuals appointed to permanent posts (i.e. excluding fixed term contracts) in Citizens Advice are eligible for reimbursement of up to £5,000 for removal and relocation expenses to cover costs of moving, rented accommodation, travel etc.



Some Citizens Advice positions may require the successful candidate to undergo a CRB check. Further details can be obtained by contacting Human Resources on 0207 833 7021.



Citizens Advice recognises the positive value of diversity, promotes equality and challenges unfair discrimination. We recognise people with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and perceptions, and we wish to encourage and harness these differences to make our services more relevant and approachable. Citizens Advice will not discriminate or tolerate discriminatory behaviour on the grounds of race, colour, sex, transgender, disability, nationality, national or ethnic origin, religion or belief, marital/partnership or family status, sexual orientation, age, social class, educational background, employment status, working pattern, trade union membership or any other irrelevant factor in any aspect of employment. Our values include a commitment to equality and fairness, and to valuing each other. All our employees are expected to have read and understood our Equality and Diversity Policy and to ensure they behave in accordance with its principles. Breaches of the policy may lead to disciplinary action. 10. DIGNITY AT WORK

Citizens Advice is committed to providing a culture in which all staff value each other and are able to work together to their full potential in an inclusive environment free from harassment, bullying and other unacceptable forms of behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour in the workplace will be actively dealt with, all complaints will be taken seriously, confidentiality will be respected and victimisation of those that raise complaints will not be tolerated. Our values include commitments to work together and value each other - all our employees are expected to have read and understood our Dignity at Work Policy and to ensure they behave in accordance with its principles. All staff are responsible for helping to create and maintain a positive and inclusive working environment free from bullying and harassment. All managers have a particular responsibility for ensuring a supportive and inclusive working environment in which dignity at work is actively promoted. 11. PROBATIONARY POLICY

New appointments are subject to a six months probationary period. Performance is reviewed after three months and again after six months. At the end of the probationary period the outcome of the assessment may be confirmation of post; notice of dismissal; or at Citizens Advice’s discretion, an extension of the probationary period by a further three months. 12. POLITICAL IMPARTIALITY

An important part of the principle of impartiality is that Citizens Advice staff are seen to be upholding the principle of party political impartiality. To avoid possible misunderstanding or possible conflicts of interest guidelines have been established on staff taking part in party political activities. More information on this and a copy of the guidelines is available from the HR Division, telephone 0207 833 7021. If you currently hold, or are intending to stand for local or national party political office, we will expect you to tell us about this if shortlisted for interview. 13. LOCATION

This post is based in one of our regional offices in England and Wales 14. EMPLOYMENT STATUS

Permanent 15. FLEXIBILITY

Our roles are open to discussion about flexible working, which may include arrangements such as part-time working, formalised flexitime, fixed (non-standard) working hours, working from home and job-sharing. 16. HOURS OF WORK week 36.25 hours per

Normal full time working hours are 9-17.15, Monday to Friday, although these hours may vary from week to week to meet the needs of the job. Staff may be able to agree a different working pattern with their manager.

Citizens Advice is an operating name of The National Association of the Citizens Advice Bureaux.