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									Woodland Heights Elementary School Emergency Plan

Contents of Emergency Folder
1. Student Stickers: To put on students in the event of an emergency; student name is highlighted in yellow if they CANNOT take the potassium iodide pills. 2. Class List: The list will have the student name with their NCWISE number and space to write any other any important information; such as who can NOT take the potassium iodide pill. 3. Information pamphlet from Duke Power: This pamphlet has been provided by Duke Power and should be review by the staff member. 4. Woodland Heights Elementary School Emergency Plan: After reading it, each staff member will be asked to sign stating that he/she has been informed and trained for WHES’s McGuire Evacuation Plan. 5. Evacuation Plan/Bus Assignments: Lists the bus that each class will ride in the event of an evacuation. 6. School Map: Route of evacuation 7. Directions for dispersing Potassium Iodide (see below) 8. Other: Teachers should include card games etc. inside folder to have to help students remain clam after arriving at the evacuation center. NOTE to TEACHERS Please read over the materials in this folder to assure that information is current. When new students are enrolled please add them to your folder. Potassium iodide will be stored in the office. In the event of a nuclear evacuation, potassium iodide tablets will be distributed according to the directions. You should write on your class list the students who are NOT allowed to take the tablets and ALSO HIGHLIGHT his/her student label. Directions for dispersing Potassium Iodide: Important – The tablets will only be given when and if public health officials let the school system know that they are necessary. Students who have parent permission to take potassium iodide will be given one tablet either in route or upon arriving at the evacuation site. A second tablet is to be kept for the student to be used 24 hours after the first tablet is taken. This emergency folder should hang behind the classroom door at all times.

Woodland Heights Elementary School Emergency Plan
The School Emergency Plan (SEP) for protective actions to be taken in the event of a radiological emergency has been developed by the NC Division of Emergency Management in conjunction with Duke Power Company. Upon notification that an incident has occurred at the nuclear facility, the school principal or designee shall activate an emergency response plan to ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff. Protective actions include sheltering and evacuation. Staff will be notified on the Intercom.

Procedures for Staff: Keep Emergency Packet with you at all times.
1. Stop all outside activities and return indoors immediately. 2. Students in enhancements or cafeteria will go quickly to classrooms 3. All students will remain in classrooms under teacher supervision until notified that it is safe to leave the building. 4. Close all doors and windows 5. Upon notice to evacuate, an announcement will be made for drivers to report to buses. 6. Teachers should place emergency labels on students’ backs and line students up and prepare to leave. 7. Teachers should refer to the Emergency Evacuation Chart (see attached yellow sheet) to determine which bus to load. 8. Listen carefully for announcements telling the order that the classes will load buses. All buses will leave campus as soon as they are loaded and will proceed as a convoy. The convoy will be escorted and followed by a law enforcement officer. 9. Classroom teachers will ride the school buses with their children. 10. Once students are boarded, Principal and designee will scan buses for “green/red” placards. 11. Buses will proceed directly to the reception center. (Troutman Middle School) 12. All other staff members should ride in private vehicles to the reception center to assist in the accountability of students. 13. Parents should not attempt to go to the school for pick-up but should proceed to the reception center. 14. At the reception center, classes will remain together to create a more comfortable atmosphere for students and reduce the fear and excitement that they may be experiencing. 15. Enhancement teachers and other staff members will be assigned classes to assist during the evacuation process and while at the reception center. 16. Potassium Iodide Pills will be administered upon arrival to the reception center.   TEACHERS should take the Emergency Packet with them to the Evacuation Center Contents of packet: class roster, bus assignment, and student label

A Note to Parents:


Each school has developed an Emergency Evacuation Plan in the event of a threat to national/local security. We want to assure you that we have a plan in place, and let you know how it would work in the event of an evacuation. Each classroom is assigned to one of our sixteen school buses. Upon an alert, the teachers will load students on their assigned bus, and they will travel to our reception center, Troutman Middle School. Parents should not attempt to pick up students at Woodland Heights Elementary, but proceed to Troutman Middle School to pick up their children. Classes will stay together while at Troutman Middle School in order to create a comfortable atmosphere and reduce fear. Once the parents have arrived to our reception center, s/he will be directed as to where their student(s) will be signed out for their release.

Directions to Troutman Middle School: Take HWY 150 West, turn right on Perth Road, go to Troutman and turn right at the first stop light onto HWY 21. Turn right onto Rumple St. (located beside Troutman Elementary). The Middle School is located on the left.

Fact Sheet on Potassium Iodide

*What is potassium iodide (KI) and why should it be used in the event of an emergency at the nuclear power plant (NPP) ?

Potassium Iodide is a type of salt that is added to table salt in small amounts so that people have sufficient iodine in their diet to maintain normal healthy thyroid function. It often is identified by its chemical symbol, KI. KI is also made into a non-prescription, over-the-counter medication. It may be used to protect the thyroid during a NPP emergency involving a release of radioactive iodine (RAI). If KI is taken prior to or soon after exposure to RAI, it saturates the thyroid with stable iodine, thereby blocking uptake of harmful radioactive iodine. Blocking uptake of RAI greatly reduces an exposed person’s risk of developing thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases later in life.

* Does taking KI mean that I don’t have to evacuate in a NPP emergency? NO! Taking KI is NOT a substitute for evacuation. It is very important that you leave the area immediately and proceed to the designated relocation school or other facility if you are instructed to do so. KI will protect only the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine (RAI). There are many kinds of radioactive materials besides RAI that could pose a threat in a NPP emergency, and it is important that you protect your whole body from radiation by leaving the area as soon as possible.

Bus Assignments for Evacuation

Bus #
31 61 64 77 91 92

72 72 66 72 72 72

Stutts Mack Dorsett Rennolds Wright Ratcliff

Rogers, Wagner Freshwater Dunlap, Thaxton, Mason Pate, Martin, R. Miller Dixon, Dillon, Burry Culhane, S. Miller, Thomasson Berringer, Goodnight, Lucchino Miller, Schaab, Giano Phelps, Kuschke, Robinson Kubera, Bradfeldt, Bice Costilow,Davis, Griffith Bailey, Smith, Garver, Mullen, Rush Banister, Weber LaConti, Clark Kinsey, Palma, Munksgard Fairchild, Kay, Kennett

K K-1 K-1 1 1-2 2

Assisting Adult
McClure Baker McNamara Steele Cline Woodruff

93 100 126 143 182 197 192 300 322 276

72 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 72 66

Malone Stires Lortz Rickenburg Saleeby Ellis Crafton Chaaban McElveen James

2 2-3 3 3-4 4 4 5 5 5 3

Art Music Hudson Dodd Trotter Burnette Gibson Flanagan Wright Scruggs

WHES Staff Responsibilities during an Evacuation Drill
Principal and Assistant Principal: 1. 2. 3. 4. Supervise evacuation and check for injuries Assign roles to auxiliary persons as needed. Keep access roads open Administer first aid if necessary

Secretaries: 1. 2. 3. 4. Lock all front doors (Mrs. Brown) Phone superintendent (Mrs. Parker) Take PI pills to evacuation site (Mrs. Parker) Take emergency card file to evacuation site (Ms Johnson)

Custodians: 1. Report to principal or assistant principal 2. Shut off HVAC units 3. Keep access roads open

Teachers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Evacuate Students Make sure classroom windows and doors are shut. Follow evacuation plan Notify Principal or assistant principal of any missing students Assure students and keep them calm

All Other Staff: 1. Assist with evacuation 2. Report to principal or assistant principal for assignments 3. Check bathrooms and other spaces for students or other people

Woodland Heights Elementary School Fire Drill
Each teacher must have an evacuation plan (school map) posted in the classroom. 1. The fire alarm will be sounded by the Principal or designee for monthly fire drill 2. Classroom teachers should exit students according to the evacuation plan; the last student should close the classroom door 3. Students must remain quiet at all times 4. Once the teacher has students at the designated area, green/red placard should be displayed based on reconcile of student roster 5. If students are in enhancement, that teacher will be responsible for the drill of these students 6. An “all clear” announcement will be made to enter the building In the event of a fire with the school building: The Principal or designee will sound the fire alarm immediately Classroom teachers should exit and follow Fire Drill procedures Ms. Johnson will call 911 Mrs. Parker will call the Superintendent Access roads will be kept open for emergency vehicles by the custodial staff under the direction of the principal or assistant principal 6. Students and staff members will be allowed to return to the building at the direction of the principal only upon the recommendation of the fire department 7. Decisions regarding school dismissal or other further actions are the prerogative of the Superintendent/Principal 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Staff Roles and Responsibilities during a School Fire Drill

Principal and Assistant Principal: 5. 6. 7. 8. Supervise evacuation and check for injuries Assign roles to auxiliary persons as needed. Keep access roads open Administer first aid if necessary

Secretaries: 5. Phone 911 for emergency assistance (Mrs. Brown) 6. Phone superintendent (Mrs. Parker) 7. Take emergency card file to evacuation site (Ms Johnson) Custodians: 4. Locate fire and report to principal or assistant principal 5. Shut off natural gas or propane 6. Keep access roads open

Teachers: 6. Evacuate Students 7. Make sure classroom windows and doors are shut. 8. Take roll 9. Notify Principal or assistant principal of any missing students 10. Assure students and keep them calm All Other Staff: 4. Assist with evacuation 5. Report to principal or assistant principal for assignments 6. Check bathrooms and other spaces for students or other people

Woodland Heights Elementary Bomb Threat/Incident Plan
** Portable radios must NOT be used during a bomb threat incident. ** Announcement will be made by school Principal or designee: “At this time, all teachers are asked to follow the BOMB THREAT/INCIDENT PLAN.” 1. Move the students to a safe area (ball fields). Scan the hallway for students returning from restroom, enhancement, etc. Account for every student by using the class roster. Red/green placards should be displayed at the safe area. 2. Teachers/staff should look and report any unusual or suspicious noises, devices or disturbances during evacuation but do not touch anything that looks suspicious. 3. Exit the building quickly and orderly. Students should take backpacks and jackets with them if they are in their homeroom and can get these items. 4. If students are in enhancements, that teacher will assume responsibility to follow these procedures with the class and remain in that particular class until an “all clear” signal is heard. 5. Teachers should take class roster and green/red placards and move students to the Ball Fields outside their halls, beyond the building. 6. Exit the building according to Fire Drill exit schedule. 7. Principal and designee will scan for green/red placards. 8. Consider safety and comfort of students for extended periods of time. 9. Consider students and employees with special needs and disabilities. 10. In case of explosion, protect your face and head from flying debris with arms, books, coats, etc. and stay in the position until flying debris ceases. 11. If a search produces negative results, we must wait at least 30 minutes after which the bomb was supposed to be detonated to return students to the building/classroom. 12. The actual search and the decision to evacuate/return students to the building is the responsibility of the school, not law enforcement. 13. Woodland Heights administration responsibilities are to call the Central office, Police, Sheriff Department, call together the Threat Assessment Team, and alert all school personnel for evacuation procedures to begin. 14. An ALL CLEAR signal will be given to return to the building. 15. Talk to students and assure them they are SAFE!

Woodland Heights Elementary School Injuries

Anytime a staff member or student is injured at school, please advise the office so appropriate measures for health and well being of the individual may be taken. A School Accident Report must be filed. If a student is bleeding, anyone dealing with the child should be wearing gloves. Only adults should accompany injured children to the office. Please do not allow another student to walk the student to the office. Parents must be contacted, even if the injury is not serious.

Woodland Heights Elementary Lockdown Procedures
 Each teacher will be issued a yellow Emergency Evacuation Folder. Please review these procedures and place close to your door within clear view so you may grab it in the event of an emergency evacuation alert.

All visitors should report to the office and sign in on designated books before proceeding anywhere in the building. ISS staff members, who are not member of Woodland Heights Elementary School, should wear an ID badge. All visitors should be wearing a “Visitor” or “Volunteer” badge or be accompanied by a school staff member. School staff should stop unidentified strangers on campus and inquire as to their business in the building and then escort them to the office to register. * Talk with your students. Stress the importance of knowing what to do if a situation should arise. When we have a practice lockdown, assure them that this is ONLY a practice.

In the case of a threat, a “lockdown” procedure will occur: 1. WHE administration will evaluate the nature of the threat 2. If a lockdown is necessary, you will hear an announcement, “Staff members please follow Lockdown Procedures at this time.” 3. Teachers should lock classroom doors and turn off lights 4. Move students to one corner of your room where they will NOT be visible from the window in the door. 5. Students should remain quiet at all times 6. Close blinds

7. If your classroom is not in danger, place the green placard under the classroom door and in exterior window 8. If your classroom is being threatened, place the red placard under the classroom door…if NO placard is noted, law officers will also note your classroom to need immediate attention 9. If your class, or some students from your class, are in another classroom with another teacher (enhancement, resource, media, speech), that teacher assumes responsibility for lockdown procedures 10.All mega unit classrooms should secure their rooms following the guidelines. The custodians/administrators will lock end doors in all buildings. 11.When the threat has been neutralized you will hear, “Staff we are all clear. The Lockdown Procedure is over at this time.”

Staff Roles and Responsibilities
Principal and Assistant Principal: 1. Determine need for evacuation and notify staff accordingly 2. Gather information from staff on anything suspicious. 3. Assess injuries Secretaries: Mrs. Parker 1. Radio/Nextel communication between Principal and Assistant Principal 2. Phone superintendent Mrs. Brown 1. Phone 911 for emergency assistance 2. Lock front door and 4 doors to office 3. Close blinds leading to hallway 4. Monitor phone communication and feed necessary information to Mrs. Parker Ms. Johnson 1. Telecommunications with outside sources 2. Briefs Principal/Assistant Principal on any pertinent developments 3. Documents times of events that unfold IF/AIG/Custodians: 1. Report to principal

Nurse: 1. Standby for possible triage, phone support Counselor: 1. Student support as needs arise Teachers: 1. Lock classroom door and follow Lockdown Procedures 2. Take roll 3. Notify principal or assistant principal of any missing students 4. Assure students and keep them calm

Tornado Warning/Severe Weather
Severe weather/tornado warnings can occur at any time, sometimes with little or no warning. It is very important that faculty/staff and the entire student body be aware of proper procedures should the need arise. In the event the student body needs to follow procedures, an announcement will be made: “Students and staff should follow the Tornado Warning/Severe Weather Drill at this time.” The students should line up in the main hallways (away from all windows and doors). Windows and doors should be closed. Students and staff should be in the “TUCKED” position. Teachers are asked to please model/discuss with your students the correct “tucked” position, and the need to be quiet which will enable everyone to hear important announcements. These instructions are per the school system safety inspector. The importance of knowing where to go, what to do, and remaining quiet and orderly should the need arise, is of the utmost importance. Instruction announcements may be made and students/teachers need to be able to hear and understand the message.

If students are in enhancements, that teacher will assume responsibility to follow these procedures with the class and remain in that particular class until an “all clear” signal is heard.

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