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					How special New National Packers Movers than Other service providers

Relocation has always been a tiresome and hectic task, may it be residential relocation or
commercial. You need to plan months before actual shifting which is quite frustrating and
makes you mentally uncomfortable. There are lots of things that you need to plan such as
packing, transportation, loading, unloading, unpacking and then the tension of safety of your
goods. All these tasks drain off your comprehensive energy. The entire experience becomes
very stressful.

These days people are in no mood of accepting such encounters tongue-tied. With the world
progressing in every sphere every nanosecond, there have been companies coming up who
task to make your shifting encounter a memorable one rather than a headache. One such
company that has come into being is packers and Movers. In order to make sure that the
entire relocation process is not distressful for you. They boast of offering full services of a
professional packers and movers. They offer full moving services within the country as well
as internationally. They take care of every single tit and bits of your house hold and office.
From packing, loading to unpacking, they do everything for you. No matter what it is…your
car, furniture, clothes, porcelain dinner set. They have exclusively designed containers for
goods of every form and size like dry cargo pots, perfect box, coat cartoons, car carriers, etc.

Packers and Movers Pune is a well-established and an experienced moving company that can
assist you in shifting in many ways offering services like packing, moving, loading,
unloading, unpacking, car carrier, transportation, etc. the company has a team of experienced
staff. The team is picked from ‘DRS Institute for Road Transport and Logistics’. They try to
save you useful items from each and every achievable damage. The company has a self
owned fleet of 1000 plus vehicles. Their services are not only meant for national relocation
but also international. They take care of the custom approval as well as all the documentation.

New national Packers and Movers are leaders in the industry and have devoted many years in
facilitating easy and comfortable relocation. Over the years, It has grown from a small firm to
a expert corporate. New national Packers and Movers realizes its responsibility towards the
society and endeavors to contribute in the development of the nation. In its efforts towards
the betterment of society, New national Packers and Movers has recently recruited inmates of
pune, maharashtra.

In a campus placement Camp structured by the authorities of Tihar Jail, Delhi, Ne national
Packers and Movers recruited talented inmates who have undergone educational training at
the Jail. These prisoners are proud recipients of graduate and post graduate degrees. The
candidates were shortlisted by the authorities on the basis of their qualification and good
conduct. The recruitment drive was organized by the purpose of providing employment to the
jail convicts who are unable to make a living because of their criminal qualifications. Many
well known companies participated in the initiative and New national Packers and Movers in
pune was one of them. This social initiative of New national Packers and Movers has been
recognized and appreciated by the media and people all around. This act is indicative of the
efforts of this corporate organization in creating job opportunities for jail inmates thereby,
preventing them from committing crime in future. New national Packers and Movers takes
full responsibility of its employees and provides them with warm working environment and
now these socially responsible inmates will be a part of this family.

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