Unit V_ Cultural Influences

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					  NURS 2210 Roles II
Nancy Pares, RN, MSN
   Cultural diversity
    ◦ Skin color, religion, geography
    ◦ Confront self deception, bias and acknowledge
      one’s own cultural influences

   Cultural competent care
    ◦ Effective individualized care that demonstrates
      respect, personal rights, preferences, beliefs and
      practices of the client
    ◦ Dynamic process the requires sensitivity and
      cultural specific care
   Learned from birth thru language
   Shared by members of the same cultural
   Influenced by conditions related to
    environmental and technical factors and
    availability of resources
   Dynamic and ever changing
   Madeline Leininger
    ◦ Sunrise model pg 130 of Brunner
    ◦ Stresses the importance of providing culturally
      congruent care
    ◦ Culture care accommodation
      Professional actions to satisfy healthy outcomes
    ◦ Culture care restructuring
      Professional activities to help clients change behaviors
       toward healthier life patterns
   Aculturation

   Cultural blindness

   Cultural imposition

   Cultural taboos
   Space and distance

   communication

   Time

   Social organization

   Environmental control

   Biological variations
   Folk medicine
    ◦ Table on pg 102 Daniels
   Biologic effects
    ◦ Table on pg 103 Daniels

   Food preferences
    ◦ Table on pg 103
   Cultural Assessment
    ◦ Systematic appraisal of beliefs, values and
       See chart 8-3 pg 131—questions to ask
       Cultural assessment interview guide-
         Daniels pg 106
Culturally inappropriate/biases
    Noncompliance
    Impaired verbal communication
    Impaired social interaction
    Deficient knowledge
    Disturbed thought processes
    Powerlessness
   Nurses need to know
    ◦   Cultural group perspectives on life processes
    ◦   How the culture defines health
    ◦   How the culture maintains health
    ◦   Use of healers
    ◦   Own influence
   Self awareness

   Non judgmental approach

   Client education
    ◦ See strategies pg 108

   Nurse must view client as part of health team

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