United States Cultural Regions by hcj


									United States Cultural Regions
• New England
• The six states of New England are Maine, New
  Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island,
  Massachusetts and Connecticut. These states
  are defined by their colonial history, town
  meeting governance, and the location of some
  of the most renowned schools and universities
  in the world.
– Mid-Atlantic
– The five states of the Mid-Atlantic include New
  York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and
  Delaware. This region also includes the U.S. capital
  of Washington, D.C. These states are known for
  their centers of industry, business, history and
  government. New York City, the largest city in the
  United States, is located in this region.
– The South
– The South is defined by 12 states. Alabama,
  Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina,
  Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky,
  Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi make up the
  Southern cultural region. The region is known for
  its history, agriculture, new industries and
  generally warm weather.
– Midwest
– The states located in the Midwest include North
  and South Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota,
  Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri,
  Nebraska and Iowa. These states are known for
  their large agricultural industries. The third largest
  city in the United States, Chicago, is located in
– Southwest
– The states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and
  Arizona make up the Southwest. The Southwest
  United States is known for its large Native American
  and Spanish American populations. Many of these
  states belonged to Mexico and became part of the
  United States after many land disputes and wars with
  Mexico. These states have seen a larger than average
  population growth during the 2000s.
– The West
– The Western United States includes California,
  Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Utah,
  Wyoming, Idaho and the two non-continental states of
  Alaska and Hawaii. The Western United States was an area
  that saw a history of expansion and exploring across the
  19th century. Since the post-war era, the region has
  become one of the major population centers of the
  country. The region is known for its strong
  environmentalism and technological industries. Los
  Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, is
  located in California.

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