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					    SGS Quality IT Solutions

                                         IT consulting services – SGS Technologie

                                  Hunting for business ideas? If you're starting a business related
                                  to information technology, businesses need to understand what
                                  consultants are. A survey reveals that "IT consulting industry in
                                  U.S. generates nearly $100 billion in revenue by each year."
                                  Nothing more, nothing less- the IT consultants job is to consult,
                                  also there are no secrets or magic over IT consultants about
                                  their success than others. IT consultant makes work easy for
                                  clients by a good reputation within their community. SGS, a
leading IT consulting service provider capable of supporting clients for their needs, also a team
of IT professionals support to fulfill business goals whether to increase revenues, support or
meet objectives by full outsourcing solutions. IT consultants in SGS, identify, screen and place
skilled IT professionals in their respective area of expertise. SGS has experience on processing
h1b visa for candidates under US government H1B visa program. For IT staff augmentation,
SGS can provide an effective solution to fill client's requirements. In addition, SGS offers IT
training programs using latest training technologies.

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SGS Technologie has talented and experienced IT consultants who are capable to provide
quality resources to fill any technology needs. Also, SGS will prove i.e. a successful IT
consulting service provider needs more technical skills than qualifications. All skilled IT
professionals of SGS have ability to manage a heavy workload and to work independently.


Description: #1 Jacksonville IT consulting service provider and IT staff augmentation, IT staffing, IT training programs by SGS Technologie LLC. We do job offers by placing IT professionals in different IT fields for excellence based on their qualification and technical skills. For more information visit our official page.