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									        Using Of Eco Friendly Ant Control Columbus and Pest Control Techniques

The dangers of modern household chemicals and pesticides are a matter of public record.
According to a recent study, every year, thousands of people are poisoned by household cleaners,
including bleaches, disinfectants, oven cleaners and drain cleaners. Such dangers also have an
economic cost. The air we breathe inside our homes is a potent cocktail of pollutants, costing
billion dollars a year in medical bills and sickness. Although some Ant Control Columbus
treatments are relatively safe when used as directed, others are very toxic and damaging to
health, even in small doses. You may be affected either by multiple small exposures or a massive
single exposure. Symptoms may include headaches, rashes, allergies, miscarriages, birth defects,
diarrhoea or breathing difficulties; or may lead to the breakdown of the immune system or

Some pesticides persist in fatty tissue, affecting the central nervous system in particular. In
extreme cases, cancer and death may result. Symptoms may not develop for some time. By
mixing and storing pesticides incorrectly, many people create hazards both to themselves and the
environment. Many pesticides are highly toxic and persist in the environment for long periods,
damaging all forms of life for years or decades after application. DDT is the most widely known
example of the hidden hazards of pesticide use. Pesticides kill beneficial insects as well as pests
because they are rarely specific to just one kind of pest. It is important to use eco friendly Ant
Control Columbus techniques and methods in order to eradica6te the unwanted creatures inside
the buildings.

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