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					TaxWise Online (TWO)

  Practical Notes and TWO Wireless

           NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010
To Be Considered

    User IDs and Passwords
    TaxWise Online Setup
    Networking & Internet Access
    Printing
    Performance
    Wireless for TWO - Restrictions

              NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   2
User IDs and Passwords

 TWO setup requires individual IDs and
 Passwords: Min 8 characters, upper and lower
  case, numbers, and special characters – forced
  change after 3 months
 Last season most users locked themselves out
  of their accounts many times
   3 attempts and an account is locked
 Significant administration burden for “Admin”
   multiple IDs for Volunteers at multiple sites

                   NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010     3
User IDs and Passwords

 Recommend common format for IDs,
  e.g. with some form of volunteer name
 Generic user IDs at each site, if needed
   Substitutes
 Have multiple Superusers per site
 Users can reset their own password
   but often run into issues doing it
 Some districts took the traditional
  desktop approach of 1 user ID per site
  to get around all the issues
   Not Recommended

                  NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   4
User IDs and Passwords

 Good Security and User ID
  management critical for TWO
 Particularly, must remember to disable
  “no longer active” user IDs
 Prior year tax returns remain “forever”
 The idea of “Clear Taxpayer Data” is not
  needed in TWO unless reports are saved

              NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   5
User IDs and Passwords

 Have the preparers write down their
  Client IDs, User IDs, and passwords -
  List to be kept away from computers

 Historically regarded as bad practice

 BUT – in general people are good about the
  security of wallets or pocket books

 Our volunteers, in general, will not
  remember passwords, client IDs, and user
  IDs particularly for multiple sites
                NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   6
Admin User

 Root user on each EFIN
 Senior site person
 Each EFIN should have an additional
  Admin person
 Splitting workload is recommended
   Tax form setup and defaults
   User setup, administration
   User help (never ending)

              NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   7
TaxWise Online Setup

 Each EFIN (or site) has a single list of users
  but several different websites
         (current year)
   (08,07 etc)

 Each of these websites maintains its own
  tax defaults and print packets
   Each year the training and regular site have to
    be manually setup for each EFIN

                 NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010         8
TaxWise Online Setup

 Each EFIN/Site User ID list and permissions
  have to be setup individually
   Return preparer, super user, admin, etc.
   Choose lowest possible permission level
   May assign multiple roles

 Requires on-going maintenance
 See the TW CD, Pub 3189 and TaxWise
  Online Help for additional instructions on

                NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   9
TaxWise Online Setup

           NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   10
Desktop usage

 A TWO EFIN/Reg Code cannot be used in
  Desktop Taxwise for Tax return prep

 National recommends each TWO district
  maintain 1 desktop EFIN (e.g. for shutins)

 Training Scenarios
   Prefilled returns
   State return training

                 NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   11
Networking & Internet Access

 Internet Access from hosting Organization
 Use a router to isolate AARP Tax-Aide
  systems from host’s network
   Switches only used on the Tax-Aide side of the router
 Do NOT use a switch to connect to the
  host’s network
   This would allow all the AARP Tax-Aide systems
    to be visible on the host’s network
 Start working connection issues early
   Most City or library networks have idiosyncrasies
    requiring local IT intervention

                  NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010          12
Networking & Internet Access

 Windows
   Make sure the Windows Firewall is started on all
   Remove all file and printer sharing – particularly
    important if the system has been used in
    TaxWise Desktop networks
   Up-to-date with regard to Windows updates

 Anti-Malware
   These systems are on the internet
      Their anti-malware software must be up to date and
       regularly updated during tax season

                  NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010          13
Networking & Internet Access

 Windows User
   Consider configuring the windows user (e.g.
    Volunteer) as a “limited user”
      TWO works just fine
      Limited users (and therefore any malware) cannot
       install or update any software on the system

   Doing this requires that there be another
    Windows Admin user on the system
      If volunteer is running as a limited user the admin
       user password has to be entered whenever updates
       are done

                  NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010               14

 Network Printing is best
 Printer directly attached to network is best
   Purchase a used print server if printer has no
    internal print server
   Using Windows shared printers opens (a
    potential) security hole
 For sites that use separate system/person
  for QR and printing, a printer attached to
  the QR station works well

                NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010    15

 The 800 Kb/s requirement is realistic

 Much below this and productivity seriously
  suffers, although returns can be done

 If the internet access has a significant “lost
  packet” rate it will be impossible to do returns
   Due to lost connections
   Due to returns that do not get saved properly

                NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010        16
Performance TY 2009

 CCH had serious issues
   Slowdowns during peak periods
   Lost connections

 Symptoms from Tax Preparer viewpoint
   Having to start a mostly completed return over
   Having to wait an interminable time for saving
    and/or new form opening
   Usual fix was “refresh (F5)”, restart the browser,
    or wait 5 to 10 minutes

                 NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010        17

 TWO does not require an initial computer
  setup and TW updates as required by
  Desktop TaxWise

 TWO is different and requires different setup
  procedures than desktop TaxWise

 Despite differences and issues
     Very few who have tried TWO want
     to go back to TaxWise Desktop

               NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   18
TWO Wireless Restrictions

 Can use Site Wireless, but separate router
  recommended – Needs cable to Site router
 AARP router should have firewall and WPA2
  encryption. Default SSID (Service Set IDentifier)
  should be changed and not include AARP, TCE, IRS,
  or tax preparation.
 Can use AARP Purchased and IRS computers, but
  most IRS computers are not wireless
 File and printer sharing off – A network printer
  works best
 AARP can not buy wireless cards for IRS laptops

                 NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010     19
Wireless TWO for TaxWise 2010

   NEW: Personal, donated and site provided computers require two
    simple on-line security scans to qualify for use.
       Symantec Security Scan (scans for malware & general
        vulnerability to hackers) - Do not
        download Norton Security Scan

        You must capture an image of this scan result and register
        each computer on a web site to be established

       Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI), (ensures that
        security related programs are up to date)
   Symantec installs a “Security Check component”. It does not
    recognize Microsoft Security Essentials as anti-virus.

                       NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010                  20
Wireless TWO for TaxWise 2010

           NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   21
Wireless TWO for TaxWise 2010

           NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   22
Wireless TWO for TaxWise 2010

                                          This is a draft layout
                                          for the web page to
                                          register each

           NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010                      23

 NTC TCS Training Dallas 2010   24

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