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									                             FRANKENSTEIN’S BELLY

Gabriel (VAMPIRE), Nicolas (ZOMBIE), Jamal (BOY SCOUT), Andrea (POSSESSED

VAMPIRE: oops! Did that Frankenstein just eat me? Am I in his stomach? No

ZOMBIE: (jumps in. Looks around) BRAINS?

VAMPIRE: You just got eaten by Frankenstein. That was no tea party we were
invited to.


VAMPIRE: yup! He ate us.


VAMPIRE: That.. MONSTER!... (realizes he is one too)

ZOMBIE: BRAINS (meaning “you idiot”)

VAMPIRE: AHHHH! We are trapped in his stomach! TOGETHER!

ZOMBIE: BRAINS (yes. Then looks at vampire like he is delicious)

BOY SCOUT: (pops in) OH MY GOLLY Where am I?

ZOMBIE: BRAINS! (Looking more hungrily at Boy Scout)

BOY SCOUT: Wow! Who are YOU? (to zombie - thrilled)

ZOMBIE: Brains (as if introducing himself)

BOY SCOUT: I don’t think I’ve seen this in my guide book
VAMPIRE: No way! This is awful! I can’t be stuck with you two.

BOY SCOUT: This is GREAT! Let’s see: you look like a Vampire
(VAMPIRE nods – of course! Mere human) And YOU. YOU look like a ZOMBIE!

ZOMBIE: Brains (yes)

BOY SCOUT: This is GREAT! The boys in troop 1421 are going to be SO jealous!

VAMPIRE: we are in Frankenstein’s stomach kiddo! How is this GREAT???

BOY SCOUT: Oh. Well. We’ve got to get out. (matter of factly)

ZOMBIE: Brains (sarcastic – oh now there’s a new idea)

VAMPIRE: Stand back. I will pierce his belly with my fabulous fangs!
(digs into air at front. ALL: GROWL. ZOMBIE shakes head like it won’t work)

BOY SCOUT: I think you are making Frankie mad. I’ll do my karate kick and give
him a tummy ache. BACK UP FELLAS! (ZOMBIE just shakes his head, won’t work.
BOY SCOUT does fancy dance routine ending in an air kick. No effect on

(ZOMBIE slowly goes to his violin and starts to play a familiar tune.)

ALL: (Sing along like it is Frankenstein singing.)

BOY SCOUT: He’s singing! Guys I’m going to jump out of his mouth!

VAMPIRE: Me too!

ZOMBIE: BRAINS! (takes violin and jumps out as well)

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