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					I Love You Bryan

He almost did not see the old lady who was standing alongside the road, but in the misty light he
could see that the old lady needs help for damage to his car. Then he stopped the car in front of the
car Mecedes bututnya old woman, and then he got out and approached him. Although with a
smiling face, she was worried, because after waiting a few hours no one to help him. Was he really
intends to help or robbed? Men are not very good appearances, he seemed so apprehensive. Looks
like this guy knew what he was thinking, and he said: "I am here for you menbantu bu, mothers
should wait it out in the car, there is not warmer? Oh yes, my name is Bryan" Indeed the mother was
too tired to be that old lady and really heavy. While the mother was sitting in the car, Bryan entered
into under the car to repair her damaged. Bryan finally finished fixing, he looks so dirty and tired.
She opened her car window and spoke to him, he said he was from St. Louis and was passing this
way. He felt that not enough just to say thank you for the assistance given. She said how much he
had to pay, regardless of the amount that he asked not be a problem, as he imagined what would
happen if he did not help him. Bryan just smiled. Bryan did not say how the amount to be paid, for
him to help people is not a job. He said to her: "When mom really wanted to recompense me, so if
one day the mother later saw someone who needed help, so please help these people ... and
remember me!" After thanking the old woman started the car and disappeared from view Byan. A
few miles later, she saw a small cafe, and he stopped there to eat and rest awhile. A waiter greeted
her and gave a clean towel to dry her wet hair. The mother noticed the waitress who was pregnant,
and still so young. Then he remembered to Bryan. After the mother finished eating and when the
waiter was taking money for her return, the mother went out quietly. After the departure of the
waiter returned, the waitress was confused where the old woman went, and he found a piece of
paper on the table and $ 1,000. He was so moved after reading what was written by the woman:
"You do not owe me anything because someone helped me, that's why I helped you. Then here's
what you do: Do not ever stop to give help and love in people Another "Night when the waiter came
home and went to bed, she was thinking about the money and what was written by the mother.
How does the mother know that she and her husband desperately needed money to await the birth
of her baby? She knows how her husband was very worried about this, then she hugged her
husband, who was lying next to him and gave a soft kiss and whispered: "Everything will be fine,
BRYAN .... I Love You!"

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