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					Sarnia computer users’ group                                 APRIL 2009 - Vol. 26     Issue 7

SCUG REPORT                              Award
                                    Winning Computer
                                    Magazine That Goes
                                     ‘Outside the Box’

                                 SCUG is a proud member of APCUG. It is a worldwide
                                 organization of computer usersʼ groups who share
                                 common interests in computers and many other areas of
                                 technology such as computers, software, hardware, and
                                 so much more. Today, with the advent of “Cloud
                                 Computing”, APCUG offers a new service for their
                                 member groups: Live Meetings and Live Training.

              Members of SCUG can now access the APCUG data base. You have access
              to amazing computer and other technology information. You have instant
              access to training archives. Check out the “Live” Training Schedule to see
              when the next session is presented “Live” over the Internet. I tried a training
              session this month on Live Meetings using MS SharePoint servers and it was
              excellent. Also, check out the Live calendar other User Groups now post
              for when they present their SIGs and General meetings Live Online.

              Sign up today for a Free membership access to APCUG invaluable data base
              now implemented by Microsoft's SharePoint Server by going to:

              For an article on APCUGʼs Live Demonstrations...Please go to page 4...

                                                       For more We go to page 2.
              NOTICE: Please wear your name tags at all meetings. info have always have
              guest and there are several new members who would like to get to know you.
              Thank you.

              How to Join SCUG              p 2                Explorer SIG              p 11
              Presidentʼs Perspective      p 3
                                                         A     Genealogy                 p 12
              Editorʼs Korner              p 4                 Hidden Talent             p 13
              Secretaryʼs Notes            p 6                 Computer Tutor            p 14
              International SIG            p 8           P     Prize Winners             p 15
              Norm Does it Again           p 8           E     Classified Ads             p 16
              Free Computer Lessons        p 8                 HELP WANTED               p 18
              Digital Photography SIG      p 9           E     Financial Report          p 19
              VISTA Review                 p 10          K     Meeting Schedule          p 20
              Windows SIG                  p 11
                                                              FREE 3 MONTH TRIAL
                                                              CONTACT US TODAY...
                                                              Dorothy Alexander

On the right side of this page is a complete listing of all   Vice President
the SCUG executive members. To join SCUG or to get            Bill Colotelo
complete details about the group, please contact our
Membership Secretary, Jim Lapointe via email:                                            Treasurer
                                                              Ed Ginn
        Each month we have a general meeting wherein
     a tad of business is conducted, then we have guest       Recording Secretary
     presenters on a slew of computer-related topics.         Tom Deeprose
        Within SCUG there are sub-groups that include:
     Windows/Computer/Tech presentations. This is             Membership Secretary
     where a presentation is made on a computer topic
                                                              Jim Lapointe
     and the best part is our Question & Answer session.
     Another sub-group is our most-popular Digital  
     Photography group. This is where you learn all
     about this amazing technology, from how to turn          Shareware Librarian
     your camera on, to editing video clips, to learning      Pierre Houle
     new editing software, or simply how to take better
These sub-groups are called SIGs, short for Special
Interest Groups. These groups are included in the $35         Gregory West
yearly membership fee.                              

Along with that fee you also get a monthly copy of our        Public Relations
infamous newsletter: SCUG Report - that is filled with         Ian Hunt
reviews, articles, and lots of how-to.              
Members get to place free “want ads” in SCUG Report
and there is no limit.                                        Program Coordinator
                                                              Norm Lamoureux
At each monthly general meeting our Shareware       
Librarian demonstrates a new and FREE program that is
available afterwards on the SCUG website:         Webmaster
                                                              Dick Carpani
Contact Jim today as we offer much, much more for you.

                                                                        Dorothy Alexander
                                                                         SCUG President


                          Recently I went to a birthday party for a lady who was celebrating her 100th birthday. Her
                          mind was amazing, recalling dates that ever her daughter did not remember. After dinner,
                          each evening this lady plays mahjong on her computer for an hour, then she does crossword
                          puzzles for yet another hour followed by reading one of the new current novels and turns in for
                          the night between 11 and 11:30. Is she sharp - yes? She credits her fabulous memory to the
                          fact that she keeps active doing the above things.

                          There is nothing that we cannot learn from using our computers. And at no age does this stop.
                          The proportion of adults online tripled between 1995 (9%) and 1997 (30%), and kept on
                          climbing rapidly to 63% in 2000. Since then growth has been slower, reading 73% in 2004 and
                          81% now. Senior citizen population may be near max for Internet use; 4 of 5 adults of all ages
                          are now online. 184 Million U.S. adults are online from their homes, offices, schools or other

                          A new Harris Poll, done on November 18, 2008 found the U.S. citizens Online are beginning
                          to look more like the population of the country. Although senior citizens age 65 and older still
                          lag, they are catching up and the difference is not so dramatic. While Baby Boomers (age 50
                          through 64) make up 24 percent of the population, they are 23 percent of the online audience.

                          Seniors who become adept at and use a computer appear to have fewer depressive
                          symptoms than those older adults who aren't so technologically connected. That's the
                          findings of a research study, “Depression and Social Support among Older Adult Computer
                          Users”, presented August 18 at the 113th Annual Convention of the American Psychological

                          So SCUG members keep on using your computer, even if it is just a game of mahjong!

                          For our April presentation we have as our guest, Larry Mobbs, president of COMP. He will
                          show us Apple MobileMe and how it works to allow access to your computer worldwide.

                          Until next time,
                          Dorothy Alexander,
                          President, SCUG.                      [3)
                                  Editor’s Korner
                                                        Gregory West

                                    RECYCLE NOTICE
   PLEASE give this copy of SCUG Report to someone...It helps save landfills.
         and it just might encourage new members to attend our meetings.
I may be speaking out of turn here, albeit, it is time...

Did you know that many Computer User Groups, like SCUG, who belong to the Association of
Computer Usersʼ Groups (APCUG) are advancing with technology faster than some? Including
SCUG. We are starting to lag behind in presenting the world of technology:

Soon, you will be using an operating system that does not reside on your computer, but is on the
Internet. All your programs will be on the Internet. You will only need a web browser to get onto the
Internet to enjoy all these programs.

If SCUG doesnʼt embrace this technology soon, we will lag far, far behind. We may even start to lose
members; members who have shown interests in the last survey that they want more of what
technology has to offer. Letʼs join in with what other Computer User Groups are doing worldwide.

This is the future of computing. The future is right at our door step. We must either embrace this
technology or we will remain in the 1990ʼs technology, still using Windows 98 or XP and wondering
where everyone went.

                         LIVE CALENDAR:
                               We need to explore the newer technology that is soon to become
                               common use. The SCUG Executive, along with the SCUG
                               Membership, needs take a good look at some of this new technology
                               that is fast becoming the norm for computer users. SCUG is lagging
                               behind and we need to explore what is happening all around us in the
                               real world of computing and technology. SCUG needs a technology
                               committee to explore what is new and what other User Groups are
                               doing with this new technology.
                              Cloud computing is here to stay, new technology is where we should
and must be headed. To do otherwise could set us in the wrong direction and will keep us, as a
group, from learning what is really happening out there in Cyberspace.
                                                     [4)                       Continued on page 5
Continued from page 4

APCUG is conducting FREE seminar demonstrations for User Groups to learn how to use the free
software provided by Microsoft that enables groups to conduct and present live demonstrations via
the Internet. You can also sign on as a member of SCUG:
Go to the bottom of the webpage and click on: Create a new User Account.

Do you wish you could see how meetings and live demonstrations will be conducted in the future?
You donʼt have to wait till the future arrives...The future of meetings and LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS
are here now.

Have you ever wondered how meetings are
conducted via the Internet? Today, many User Groups
are now offering this FREE service. They run their
General Meeting demonstrations, or their SIGS live
via the Internet. With all the talk about cutting back,
high costs of meetings due to travel expenses, and
wasted time, Microsoftʼs software: Microsoft Office
Live Meeting 2007 is a very popular alternative for
most businesses.

Just think of the potential, even for Computer User Groups.

Last week Jim Lapointe, SCUG Membership Secretary sent all SCUG members a notice on my
behalf announcing the live APCUG demonstration, online, on how to use Microsoft Office Live
                                                     Meeting 2007. The Association of
                                                      Computer Usersʼ Groups (APCUG) -
                                                      (, serves User Groups
                                                      world wide, of which SCUG is a proud

                                                               If you missed out you can catch up on
                                                               the training session they taped from the
                                                               APCUG spring conference, held for
                                                               members from Computer Usersʼ Groups
world-wide, including Pam from the Port Huron group, COMP ( These members
were given the demonstration that would later be given to member groups such as SCUG, via the
Internet. To view this demonstration go to this website:

Think of the potential for using this free technology that APCUG makes available for itsʼ member user
groups like SCUG. We need to get more involved with the outside world and work with other User
Groups to see what they are doing and what we can do to provide the best quality meetings for
SCUG members. We need to explore new technology that now surrounds us.

One start would be to rename the old Windows SIG. More and more, these Window SIG meetings
are not just about Windows. In fact, we are slowly beginning to bring in other technology that is
outside of Windows 98, XP, or Vista. For instance, at these SIGs we are exploring what the Internet
has to offer, what new software is available online that can be utilized by most operating systems. We
are exploring new web browsers that also work on all operating systems including Mac and Linux.

Is it time to rename the old Windows SIG and move on into the future? I think it is time...

Is it time to get more involved? Others believe it is time...
                                             S C U G                    Mayʼ-Pamela the Computer Tutorʼ on an interactive Q & A
                  Secretaryʼs                Executive                  plus Dick on a Website boosting mission.
                    Report                   Meeting March              June-We have a commercial option in view. Staples have
                Tom Deeprose                 30, 2009 at the            offered a technology update and Dorothy will follow up
                  Super Centre               regarding their plan.
                                             Regrets from
                                             Norm.                      12. Old Business:

                                                                               - The presentation by Digital Friends discussing their
1. Approval Of Minutes of March 2nd 2009: Accepted as                   recycling and disposal methods was a revelation to most
written.                                                                Members and was very well received, with lots of questions
                                                                        and informative answers.
2. Membership Input: Jim reported that, as of Mar. 09 end,              Of the redundant equipment, the wooden stand is still being
membership stood at 94 (64 Members & 30 Associates),                    kindly stored by the ALC Janitor. Any takers?
with three Members and one Associate renewing and six                   Problems with the email list of Members tidied up by Jim-
new Guests, leaving Guests                                              there should be no more missing recipients
on record to fifteen plus.                                              Norm needs volunteers for Hobbyfest - July
Fifty six attendees for the presentation by Joe Black and               It was decided that redundant software that belonged to
Pam VanDeWeghe of Digital Friends.                                      SCUG should be stored in the cabinet and a list prepared
The number of newsletters for the April GM to be 70 (64 + 6             and kept by the Recording Secretary-TOM
spares)- GREG                                                           Lotus Smart Suite 9.7.9 delivered to Jim, duty free.
3. Vice President's Input: Ian, for the coming election, has            13. New Business:
listed all the positions on the Exec. in the NL and suggests                   - The survey results were received and are being
that any Members interested in running contact the                      digested for a report in the NL.
incumbent for details of the work involved. The Exec.                   Dick suggested that there should be no Privacy Issues on
Committee was quizzed on their plans and all but Pierre,                the SCUG Web or in the NL. No personal data is ever
who is relinquishing his DOM obligations but staying on as              recorded, in contrast to what one can pick up from, say,
Past President, responded positively but indicated that some            Face Book etc.
job switching might be necessary.                                         A standard ʻDisclaimerʼ should be published for both the
                                                                        Web and every issue of the NL.
4. Secretary's Input: Tom-Secretarially & Accommodation                 The larger ALC room was used for the March 19th SIG.
wise, nothing has changed.                                              Members in the back of the room adjudged the extra
                                                                        speakers to be an improvement.
  5. Treasurer's Input: Input: Ed's financial report for March          Back up in case of last minute loss of Presenter for a SIG.
end was accepted as written. It was noted that the Samsung              Jim and Pierre, depending on notice and availability,
Printer Compuprize draw was popular and very successful                 volunteered their services.
financially.                                                            In future, any printing will be done in the far room to avoid
                                                                        distracting Members.
6. Software Librarianʼs Input: Pierre reported that he has              Advertising in NL, other than paid ads. OK if seen as a
several items in mind but has yet to decide on the DOM.                 public service to Members. Needs more definition before a
                                                                        decision: tabled.
7. Newsletter Editorʼs Input: Greg stated that all is under             Proposed by Jim that Memberships be standardized to start
control and therefore nothing to report.                                on opening day in September instead of the anniversary
                                                                        date of joining. Would be chaotic the first time but would
8. Program Coordinatorʼs Input: Norm reported by email that             ease the monthly problem of who was due etc.
we have five reviews in process.                                        Considerable discussion ensued. Would increase the
                                                                        Treasurerʼs task, would require a change to the Constitution
9. Public Relations Input: Ian reported that the Compuprize             and the benefits to the Membership Secretary not obvious.
for April will be a 50/50 Draw with                                     Voted to leave as is.
a second prize of an 8 gig Thumb Drive. He is looking for a
major prize for the June GM.                                            Suggested that potentially delinquent Members be emailed
It is planned that all guests would get a copy of the new flyer         rather than listing them in the GM Meeting Notice as it could
in future. It was recorded and that the Mall Administration             be easily overlooked.
Office has approved the flyer for Lambton Mall.
                                                                        An email reminder with a Received Notification requirement
10. Webmaster's Input: Dick reported normal maintenance                 would be like a Registered Letter
                                                                        Next Exec. Meeting –Monday, May 4th @ 7 p.m. Super
11. Meetings: 
April-Larry Mobbs from COMP on a “Dot Mac” demo
The SCUG Election is Coming - by Ian Hunt,
Acting Vice President for SCUG                                Maintain an up-to-date database of all Members,
                                                              Associates and Guests containing freely given
We will be asking for nominations at the May                  information required by SCUG. All information is
meeting and elections will take place at the June             exclusive to SCUG and is not divulged to any
general meeting. Some of the current executive                outside agency. Membership lists and labels will
will NOT be running for their position next year,             be produced as required.
so we are in need of candidates. In order to do
most of the jobs of the executive, you donʼt need             Treasurer
to be an expert in computers, you just need to be
able to send and receive email.                               Assume responsibility for the receipt and
                                                              disbursement of all monies as directed by the
Being on the executive is a rewarding experience              Executive. The Treasurer has the authority to pay
and the club will benefit from having you on the              any true debts of SCUG as they become due and
executive. All the executive positions are open for           shall have joint signing authority with either the
nominations, so give it a try. The term is one year           President or Vice-President, at the direction of the
and if you are on the executive, your membership              President. The Treasurer will also be responsible
fee is waived for the length of your term.                    for preparing an annual budget

Here are the positions and their description:                 Software Librarian

President                                                     Prepare, test and demonstrate software that may
                                                              be legally distributed to the Members at the
Chair all General and Executive meetings, receive             General Meetings and prepare and distribute the
correspondence to the club and reply where                    Disk of the Month.
appropriate, report on matters arising to the
membership, prepare agendas for General and                   Newsletter Editor
Executive Meetings, liaise with user groups,
media, manufacturers, distributors and with                   Produce and distribute to the general membership
organizations able to provide speakers for                    a monthly newsletter containing all information
General Meetings, organize accommodations for                 pertinent to the functioning of SCUG such as
all General and SIG meetings, organize and run                minutes of the most recent Executive meeting,
monthly Compuprize draws. (The Compuprize                     Treasurer's financial summary and other items of
draws are currently delegated to the Public                   interest to the membership.
Relations Coordinator)
                                                              Public Relations Coordinator
                                                              Prepare and place all advertising required by the
Assume the duties of the President if the                     Executive and will maintain a current list of all
President is unable to fulfill them and to assist the         pertinent media contacts and deadlines. Currently,
President in any and all of the President's duties            the Public Relations Coordinator organizes and
as directed by the President. The Vice-President              runs monthly Compuprize draws as delegated by
is responsible for a committee of Executive                   the President.
Support persons who may be required to manage
special functions such as elections and meeting               Review Coordinator
set-ups and dismantling.
                                                              Acts as a liaison between the supplier and
Secretary                                                     reviewer and insures adherence to the Review
Record, distribute and archive minutes of all
Executive Meetings. Minutes of the Executive                  Webmaster
Meetings must be readily available to the Editor of
the Newsletter for publication in the next                    Prepare and maintain SCUGʼs Website and any
newsletter. The Secretary will record and archive             associated files and services and is responsible
all external correspondence.                                  for domain name issues such as renewal;
                                                              insuring registration information is up to date.
Membership Secretary
                                                                                Computer - Internet &
                                                                               Technology SESSIONS
                          Norm does it
                          again.                            WHERE: Central United Church
                                                            WHEN:      Every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m.
                                                            TOPICS: Everything computer related for
                                                            Windows XP, VISTA, and Mac, including digital
                                                            photography and audio technology.
                                                            WHO: For new and basic computer users. This
They Love Him...                                            is open to the public and anyone can attend
                                                            these sessions free of charge. Check us out.
Norm Lamoureux, SCUGʼs Program Coordinator,                 Several SCUG members attend as well. Come
is a huge hit at Central United Church.                     out and see what all the talk is about.
                                                            This group is free and open to the public.
On Wednesday 15, April (see notice on right side            For more info go to this website:
of this page) Norm led, once again, the computer  
users who attend the free Computer & Internet               or email Greg West:
Sessions through a live demonstration on how to
burn VHS to DVD. Here is Normʼs report that is
also posted on                           International
                                                                Dreamweaver Website SIG
VHS Video to DVD                                             On April 10 we met at Pam Raisanenʼs home in
Norm Lamoureux, SCUG                                         house. In the last several meetings we
                                                             constructed the website, getting all files and
Do you have old VHS and beta tapes lying                     folders set within the main folder of the new
around the house ? You should transfer them to               website. This week we set all the data to
dvd before they rot away. With a TV tuner or                 connect to the remote 1and1 server and tested
other device it is real easy to do.                          the connection.

There are many TV tuners out there, my nephew                The next stage with the website design was to
at college does not have a TV, but he does have              insert the header. The header was pre-
cable, he plugs it into his tuner on his laptop and          designed using PhotoShop, sized in the exact
voila v to watch. Most are just like a VCR, you              pixels to run across the top of the site. The
can record from cable or a video signal onto your            CSS style sheets were set in absolute
computer then burn the files onto a dvd.                      positioning.

Some programs like Media Centre and Pro Show                 In plain english CSS allows you to change the
Gold can render many files and author a dvd in                colour and text and anything else in the header
one swoop. Other programs like DVD Flick can                 from the master. Once you make a change to
create a dvd image, but you will have to use                 the master header CSS will automatically
another program to write it to a dvd.                        change every webpage within the site to the
                                                             same new style.
Another option, get a dvd recorder. Instead of
recording TV to a VHS tape, record it to DVD                    For more information about the next SIG
directly, no computer is necessary.                             contact COMP President Larry Mobbs at
                                                       or SCUG's Editor                                         Gregory West at

S            Digital Photography
    I                  Special Interest Group
      G                                     Pierre Houle


          There was a packed room at the ALC this month with an estimated 30
          members and guests in attendance. Pierre led the meeting with a talk
          on portraiture. He emphasized using natural light whenever possible
          and to interact with the subject to make them feel at ease.

          Pierre focused on lens selection, backgrounds, types of light and what
          makes good portrait light. For more information and the meeting notes,
          checkout the SCUG website.

          The next Digital Photography SIG is Wednesday May 13th, 7:00 P.M., at
          the ALC. The topic will be photo manipulation, with emphasis on removing
          objects from a photo, changing colours and general editing.

          We will explore Adobe Elements 6 and The GIMP.

*   A SIG is a Special Interest Group within the Sarnia Computer Users’ Group

A SCUG Review - by Gregory West, SCUG Editor

Windows Vista Accelerated

Author:    Guy Hart-Davis
Published: 2007
ISBN: 978-89-314-3438-5
Pages: 314
Versions of Vista covered in this book:
Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate Editions.
US $24.99 CAN $24.99

A must have for all Vista users.

Even though you may be quite proficient with Windows XP and can manage Vista enough to get things
done, Vista offers so much more. This book guides you from start to finish as you learn all about Vista in
plain language. The book progresses you in a series of steps from “Getting Started” to Networking,
Hardware Management, Security, and “Using the Windows Vista Ultimate Features”. In between, the
usual topics such as: emailing, connecting to the Internet, customizing, and music-video-DVD and TV
are all discussed in full detail.

One of the things I truly enjoyed while working with this book is the unlimited amount of screen shots.
You are shown exactly what you should see when you click where the book instructs you. For example,
most people get Vista already installed on their computers, but if you are like me and have to have the
next new operating system you will need to know how to do the upgrade. This is covered at the onset of
this book.

These step-by-step lessons, with coloured screenshots, found from cover to cover, takes the sting out of
the learning process. You see what is supposed to be on your computer screen before you click to the
next command. Each screenshot is fully explained in concise, short, detail, in plain english so you do
not need a computer dictionary on standby.

The book is laid out in 12 chapters. Each chapter leads into the next chapter, thus taking you a text and
visual tour and a complete “how-to” with your new Vista. I suggest following along from start to finish,
covering all 12 chapters to get a complete overview of the Vista operating system. After that you can go
back and fine tune any parts of Vista with the assistance of the steps and screenshots. Using the book
in this manner affords you some of the very helpful inside tricks and tips that Vista users are offered. You
will also see how much this operating system has improved over Windows XP in its security. In fact,
Chapter 10, “Securing Your PC and Windows” covers all you need to know about using your new
operating system safely.

If you need to set up your Internet (Chapter 5) or configure a Network (chapter 8) it is all here. Chapter
11 has some very interesting and most helpful troubleshooting helpful items that everyone should
read...This section will definitely help you out of jam and certainly help you save money on needless
tech calls.

The tutorials in this book are easy to follow, the screenshots help guide you along without feeling lost at
anytime in this book, and both the beginner and expert can benefit from a copy of Windows Vista
Accelerated. I thoroughly enjoyed going through this book and will keep my copy on my desk for
reference.                                          [10)
   Program of the month

    Tonight we have a guest presenter: Dave
    Bartlett, a SCUG Member. The program is
    Jalbum that consists of free album software,
    free hosting and a creative community. With
    Jalbum it's easy to create your own photo
    album site. Just the way you want it.
    Jalbum has won lots of awards

              Window SIG
 The Windows meeting on April 16 was well attended. Dick Carpani showed us the contents of a
 CD full of PC World Magazine tips and links to the PC World website which gave further
 information. The CD was given to Dick as a gift when he subscribed to PC World. The meeting
 was a good one with participation and interaction between members as we discussed various
 topics and questions. Thank you Dick.

 At the next Windows meeting on May 21, Norm Lamoureux will show us how Magic Jack works
 and how he scans photo slides.

COMP SIGS - click on SIGS
SCUG members can attend meetings of the Computer Operators of
Marysville and Port Huron usersʼ group, included with the SCUG

On April 23rd, I attended COMPʼs Explorer SIG. COMPʼs past
president, Ron Walters gave an fabulous presentation on “How to put
several operating systems on your PC”. Ron, a computer shop owner
and trainer, did an excellent job of explaining the “how-to” aspect in
plain ole English.

Ron uses a new and FREE program by Microsoft called: Microsoft
Virtual PC 2007. Check it out here:

Ron loaded a new copy of Windows 7 on a laptop that has Windows
XP and therefore can use both operating systems on the one laptop.
Amazing eh? Another good reason to be a SCUG member.
                                        tree                                      by Val Conway
                                                                                  SCUG Member

                                  "No Man is an Island"
"No Man is an Island" and this is also true of our ancestors. One of the best ways to learn what shaped
their lives is create a chronological list of events called a Timeline. With this tool you can discover
reasons for immigration, choice of occupations, living situations and traveling details. The more
research you are willing to do the more you will understand how their relationships and history molded

Creating a good timeline should include every dated record of the person(s) you are researching.

National, regional and local historical references are also needed to reflect the history of where your
ancestor was living. For instance if your ancestor came from Europe and a war was looming or their
race was persecuted this could have been a factor in the decision to emigrate. The immigration rules of
different countries at that time would have also effected their decision on their destination. You can
Google "[county name] Historical Timeline" and find many historical references to create your particular

While Family Tree software is excellent for showing the overall structure of the family unit, the timelines
they produce are limited. I use a spreadsheet for making a Timeline because of the flexibility to sort
records and the ability to expand. Word Processors, Timeline Programs and even a simple pen and
paper will also work. Start simply with names and personal events then continue adding personal and
historical events as you go. Columns and lines are so easy to add and move in a spreadsheet that not
much planning ahead is needed. I wish I could say I'm diligent in entering my data but I often fall
behind but it isn't a serious problem. As I prepare to write a story about a particular ancestor I go back
to the spreadsheet and make additions. I'm always amazed at the things I learn to add life to the lives of
my ancestors.

Interested in Timeline Software? Google "Genealogy Timeline Software" (without quotes) and if you find
a program you would like to try FREE contact Norm Lamoureux, <> who will ask
the publisher for a copy. You will get the copy free in exchange for writing a review for the SCUG
Newsletter. This is a great way of helping your SCUG genealogy friends while you acquire new piece of
software free.

See you next month under the Crooked Tree.

                                                by Dorothy Alexander
                                                       The month of April is traditionally Cancer recognition month so who
                                                       more fitting to introduce than Tom Deeprose, secretary for SCUG and
                                                       volunteer at the Cancer Society for 19 years.
                                                       “I was born in Bermondsey, a very grubby working class borough of
                                                       London UK, an ancient centre of the stinking tanning industry plus
                                                       many other smelly factories. My sister & I spent the war years with my
                                                       paternal grandmother in a tiny village well away from the Blitz. When I
                                                       finished high school I joined Esso in their laboratory and took chemistry
                                                       part time at the local Polytechnic. I also started riding a bike in earnest
                                                       and joined a racing club where I met my future wife June.

                                                       “We both competed, quite successfully, until 1956 when I finished my
                                                       studies and thought to try Canada for a couple of years. I was offered a
                                                       job by Imperial, but my only view of Sarnia was the desolate cab ride
                                                       between the railway station and the refinery laboratory.

                                                       “The smell on a hot spring day was overpoweringly crude oil and I
                                                       thought the whole place was worse than Bermondsey! I decided to try
                                                       elsewhere. I finally took a job with Chemcell in Edmonton, where we
                                                       built a house and produced two sons. In 1968 I was offered a job in
                                                       Cape Breton at what became the corrosion ridden non-heavy water
                                                       plant that shut down in a few weeks. I then successfully replied to an
                                                       ad for Polymer in Sarnia. I was given a tour of the downtown, the lake,
                                                       Canatara etc. and my impression of Sarnia took a giant upgrade.

                                                      “We moved in Dec.'69 and have been here ever since, working at
                                                      Polysar, Petrosar & Nova until downsized in '89. I then joined a St.
                                                      Louis training company for 18 months, working in both Japan and
                                                      Labrador City, both memorable experiences. Dec. 1990 and I was back
                                                      in Sarnia twiddling my thumbs for a couple of weeks when an old
Petrosar buddy asked if I could help out at the local Cancer Society and run their April Door-To-Door Campaign. Everything
was done by hand and then, after a couple of years, on the “new PC” and all was speeded up. I have been helping out for
the last 19 years, putting in about 5-600 hours/year up until the last couple, when the staff was expanded and now I'm just
the old fogie that interferes. We raised over $200K/April so I can say I had a hand in gathering over $3.5 million in donations.
“My exposure to the computer started at Polysar where my group used the central IBM/punched cards etc. but I didn't get
any hands-on till the early 80's when my boss bought several luggable table tops (definitely not lap tops!) to rotate around the
company to encourage the technique, gradually moving to real laptops. I used 'Supercalc' for all my spreadsheets before
graduating to Lotus. In St. Louis I was introduced to the Mac where I first got to use icons, and then on to the PC at the CCS
where Excel was the most useful.
“I help out as SCUG Secretary, a minor job, as a little payback for the assistance I have received from the club’s more
technically able. I’m not very computer able, my home unit used mostly for email, world news, storing and printing photos, a
little surfing and games and is only put through its paces by a visiting grandson, a Flight Sim nut.”
Do you know someone in SCUG that has HIDDEN TALENTS? Please contact me at president@scug.

  Computer                                                       Email:

             Pamela Tabak

       Pamela Tabak receives numerous computer-related questions via e-mail and during
       classroom presentations. She selects those she feels are of common interest to most
       computer users and forwards them to us for publication in this newsletter. Apr. 2009

 QUESTION: How can I print just part of a web page?

 ANSWER: When you need to print just part of a webpage follow the steps below:

 HIGHLIGHT the paragraph that you wish to print. Hold down the CTRL key and tap the “P” key.
 This will bring up your PRINT selection box immediately without having to use your mouse to go to
 the FILE menu. When the PRINT OPTION box appears you will find that the “Selection” option is
 available. Mark this selection by clicking into it and then click OK. Your printer will then produce
 only the part of the webpage that you require. Note that the “Selection” feature will be grayed out
 and not available if you do not highlight the paragraph first.

                                LOOKING FOR HELP WITH THE                                         S CU
                                   MEETING SETUP etc...
                                PLEASE EMAIL:

                    COMPUTER TUTOR LIVE @ SCUG
                           MAY 27 - 7 PM
                         BRING YOUR COMPUTER QUESTIONS PLEASE...
                           WE NEED THEM FOR THIS PRESENTATION...

                   Pamela is doing a live presentation for us from Toronto...She will
                   give an overview of how she teaches seniors and how she uses
                   remote access for meetings and training.

                   What Pamela Live Onscreen at SCUG...Ask questions in real
                   time and you will actually see your answers demoed on the 10                      SCUG
                   foot screen at this meeting.                                                       LIVE

                   Come out on May 27 at the SCUG General Meeting.

 Compuprize Winners
                                                                Tonightʼs Winning Tickets R4:

                                                                    1) 50/50 draw

                                                                    2) USB thumb drive
  Laser printer                          Gerry Taylour
   Ian Hunt
                                                                       Tickets $2
                                                                        3 for $5    .

            DVD Spindle - Lucy Duncan

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1. The viewpoints found inside
   SCUG Report are not necessarily
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   nor of the SCUG Membership,                           will be hosting a live event from
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   articles and reviews.
                                                         Pamela Tabak, Computer Tutor is our
2. Disclaimer: (SCUG Report) "The                        special guest. Pamela is
   SCUG accepts no responsibility                        demonstrating how she conducts
   for errors or omissions in the                        meetings and training over the
   Newsletter. Advertisements are                        Internet by remotely connecting to a
   paid for and should not be                            studentʼs computer.
   considered as endorsements by
   SCUG ."                                               Pamela will conclude this
                                                         demonstration with a LIVE Q&A with
3. Advertising Guidelines”                               all SCUG Members. So please bring
   Advertising in the Newsletter is                      along those nagging computer
   subject to the approval of the                        problems and let Pamela answer
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   at the current published rate.

SCUG Classifieds

Basic Computer & Internet Training

           Gregory West
     Computer - Internet Consultant
   Phone: (519) 331-5067

  Slide & Film Scanning 35 mm
         High Resolution
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                                                 can advertise sale
   Call Pierre for a free quote                items at no charge as
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       We need new ideas for meetings...
       We need reviewers for software...
       We need reviewers for books...

       We need “home grown” material for this
       newsletter. In the last survey there was
       quests for more “technical” topics and demos
       and advances. Of course, there were many
       excellent requests for basic and “just above”
       basic material, of which is a must.

       We plan on providing all of this and more.
       We are entering a new zone in computing
       called: Cloud Computing. The way we “used”
       to do things on a computer is ever-changing.

       We must keep on top of the “new stuff” in
       Cyberspace as that is where computing is
       now headed.

       Please give some serious thoughts in helping
       out your computer group by volunteering at
       meetings and suggesting & doing new stuff.
       Email us with ideas etc.
                                   SCUG EDITOR

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                                 “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
                                 BEFORE CLOUD COMPUTING
                                 I OWNED ONE OF THESE

            Please check your email before each SCUG meeting.
               Cancellation notices are emailed, if time permits.
            Please check your email before each SCUG meeting.
               Cancellation notices are emailed, if time permits.

                        What is APCUG?         The Association of Personal Computer User Groups
                        (APCUG) is an organization dedicated to helping member computer user
                        groups succeed. The APCUG helps to foster communications by operating as
                        an informal network between user group organizations and also with
                        companies that provide computer related and Internet related goods and
                        services. The APCUG also assists member groups in the fulfillment of their
                        educational missions and activities by sharing with officers of member user
                        groups, the knowledge of what it takes for user groups to better serve their
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