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					Syllabus for Actuarial Mathematics
 Instructor (黄泓智),

Jerry Hong-Chih Huang

Associate Professor, Dept. of Risk Management and Insurance Ph.D. in Actuarial Mathematics, Heriot-watt University, UK Master in Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Iowa, USA  Aim The course is designed to provide undergraduate students the fundamentals of actuarial mathematics that includes pricing and reserving for life insurance products.
This material develops the student’s knowledge of the theoretical basis of certain actuarial models and the application of those models to insurance and other financial risks. A thorough knowledge of calculus, probability and interest theory is assumed. In addition, this course will ask

students to design an insurance product in order for them to understand the use of actuarial mathematics in practice.

Course Time:

Tuesday 10:10-12:00

Office Hours: By appointment. 商學院十二樓 14 室.
Tel: 2939-3091 ext. 81214 e-mail:


Presentation 30% Midterm exam: 40 % Final exam: 40%

Textbook: 1. Actuarial Mathematics by Newton Bowers, Hans Gerrber, James Hickman,
Donald Jones, Cecil Nesbitt  1. Reference 實用壽險數理, 李家泉著, 華泰出版


基礎壽險數學, 余清祥及鄭和憲著, 學富出版

Tentative Course Schedule Class 9 月 23 日 9 月 30 日 10 月 7 日 10 月 9 日 10 月 14 日 10 月 21 日 10 月 28 日 11 月 4 日 11 月 11 日 11 月 18 日 11 月 25 日 12 月 2 日 12 月 9 日 12 月 16 日 12 月 23 日 12 月 30 日 1月6日 1 月 13 日 Introduction Survival Distributions and Life Table I Survival Distributions and Life Table II Assurances I Assurances II Annuities I Annuities II Premiums I Premiums II Midterm Examination Premiums III Reserves I Reserves II Reserves III Presentation 1 Presentation 2 Presentation 3 Final Examination Topic

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