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									Parallel Structure
Using parallel structure correctly can make writing memorable. Look at the following example
from a famous source:

Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. ---Julius Caesar.

Parallel structure refers to the matching of grammatical elements within a sentence. A sentence
structured with grammatically parallel elements will most likely be clear, stylish and balanced.

Listen for the pleasing rhythm of the sentence, the logical balance of ideas and the repetition of
form. Simply "match" the appropriate structures to create a strong sentence!

Practice exercise:

The following sentences are incorrect. Re-write using proper parallel structure.

Remember you might have to totally re-cast the form of the sentence to make it read correctly.
Don't be afraid of re-writing!

1. Dante became lost in the woods, was threatened by three animals and he felt overcome with

2. The leopard represents malice, the lion represents violence, unchecked passions are
symbolized by the she-wolf.

3. Dante was terrified of the dark wood, the three beasts, and to see the swarming insects.

4. Virgil is a symbol of reason and Beatrice has the function of representing divine love.

5. The sinners in the Vestibule are pursued by wasps, maggots and a lot of bees follow them.

6. Dante also employs the character of Beatrice in the poem. She symbolizes the divine love of
God, the power of faith, and hoping.

7. The sinners in the Vestibule are tortured by insects who chase them, sting them, and are
sucking the pus out of their sores.

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