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mardi gras giving tree - Church of St. Stephen


									   St. Stephen’s Catholic Church

13th Annual
Mardi Gras
  Saturday, FEBruary 18, 2012


                    The Year
                 o f the Masq
    Check in at the Registration Table beginning at 5:15 p.m.

    You will receive your nametags, bid number and auction catalog and addendum at that time.

    For your convenience, please remember to have some cash on hand to take part in our Iced
    Martini Luge, Hurricane or other beverages and exciting games throughout the evening. Heads
    or Tails necklaces may be purchased for $10.00. Chances for the Mardi Gras Safe Sparklers
    Game may also be purchased for $20.00. Take part in the Best of the Live Raffle and choose
    your Live Auction prize for a $20.00 ticket.

    Check out the new Giving Tree and help fulfill the parish and school need items. See page 7 of
    the catalog for all the details.

    All ‘tips’ from the bars and coat check this evening are being donated to the ‘Teen Mission
    Trip,’ to help defray the cost of the trip for the teens. Many of the teens that are signed up for
    the trip are working tonight, checking coats or selling necklaces.

    An invoice of your silent and live auction winnings will be delivered to your table immediately
    following the Live Auction.

    Upon completion of the evening, your invoice should be taken to the “Check-Out” room
    (Archbishop Romero Room), where you can pay for your items.

    Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card.

    After receiving your receipt, you may pick up your auction items at the registration tables.

                         Please bring this catalog with you
                         the evening of February 18, 2012.

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Mardi Gras 2012! Tonight promises to be a gala affair! It is one of our last chances to
whoop it up before beginning the discipline of Lent. The room is festively decorated for you. There
will be lively entertainment and fine food. Wine and other adult beverages are available, and as
Scripture says, when taken freely at the proper time, they bring joy to the heart, and good cheer and
merriment (Sir 31:28). Grab ahold of this opportunity to visit with family and friends, and enjoy the
music and dancing. Plan to have a great time!

Thank you for coming to Mardi Gras tonight. And a special thank you for all that you are doing to
strengthen the fabric of the St. Stephen’s faith community and support the many ministries of the

Two of the featured events this evening will be the silent and live auctions. This is all possible because
of the exceptional generosity of the many donors who have shared a wide array of valuable goods and
services. Thank you to all who contributed something for the auctions.

Now, I invite you to take advantage of this golden opportunity. Please, look over the displays. Maybe
there is something there that you will eventually need. Maybe you would like to treat yourself with
something a little extra. Please, make some bids. It’s fun and exciting. Who knows what you will
take home? And you will be supporting a great cause in the process!

I would also like to extend my deep and sincere gratitude to all those on the Mardi Gras Committee
who have planned so well and worked so hard to make this night possible. And, of course, we are all
indebted to the many volunteers who have given so freely of themselves to insure that we would have a
fantastic evening together tonight!

Good cheer and God bless!

Fr. Michael A. Van Sloun

                  We hope you will support the businesses
             that support our church and school through this event.

In addition to all the businesses and individuals who donated items for our silent and live auctions,
there are folks who have given either financial support or donations of services.

                                       Pam and Jim Deal
                                  Central Bank, Coon Rapids
                                 Aaron Jacobs Brass Ensemble
                                     Miller Brothers Band
                                      Dan Gould Jewelry
                                  Rob and Rosemarie Donlin
                                  Pixie Liquors, Brian Taaffe
                                           Julie Luck
                                   Phillips/Johnson Brothers
                                         Mary Hays 
                                        Shirley Curbow
                                         Joan Blaska 
                                         Katrina Butz 
                                     Phyllis Prokopowicz

                                                     And Anonymous Donors

                           Denotes St. Stephen’s School Alumni

                                      SCHEDULE FOR THE EVENING
       Cocktails and Silent Auction…………………………………………………5:15 p.m.

       Seating Begins…………………………………………………………………6:45 p.m.

       Prayer and Dinner…….………………………………………………………7:00 p.m.

                                               Hors D’Oeuvres
                            Imported and Local Cheese, Olives and Fruit Presentation

                                           Smoked Turkey, Andouille Soup
                                      Roasted Corn, Okra, Sweet Onions, Parsley
                          Spinach Salad with Mustard Yukon Potatoes, Sweet Onions,
                           Crispy Bacon Finished with Herb Champagne Vinaigrette
                                            Creole Rubbed Pork Roast
                             Set on Paprika Roasted Tomatoes - Black Eye Sauté and
                                          Spiced Melted Sweet Potatoes
    Towered Cream Cheese - Spiced Cake with a Maple Custard and Drizzled with Brandy Caramel
                                                            Decaf coffee
       Close of Silent Auction ........................................................................................ 8:45 p.m.

       Heads or Tails Game, Mardi Gras Safe Sparklers Game,
       Drawings for Pandora Bracelet and “Best Of The Live” Raffle ..................... 8:45 p.m.

       Live Auction ......................................................................................................... 9:00 p.m.

                          Following the Live Auction, enjoy live music and dancing
           and a visit to our own “Café Du Monde” (a.k.a The Refuge) for coffee and a beignet.

                                   CATALOG CONTENTS
    Welcome Letter from Fr. Mike                                           Page 1
    Donor Recognition                                                      Page 2
    Schedule for Evening/Menu                                              Page 3
    Catalog Contents                                                       Page 4
    Theme Baskets, Games, and Raffle                                       Page 5
    Live Auction Instructions                                              Page 6
    Mardi Gras Giving Tree                                                 Page 7

    Live Auction Items                       #1 - 26                       Page 8
    Silent Auction Instructions                                            Page 12
    Silent Auction Items                                                   Page 13
            Almost Live                      #51 - 55                      Page 13
            Art and Collectibles Court       #101 - 138                    Page 13
            Body, Mind and Spirit Street     #201 - 214                    Page 17
            Entertainment and Leisure Lane   #301 - 305, 351 - 364         Page 18
            Food and Dining Drive            #401 - 420, 451 - 467         Page 21
            Home and Garden Trail            #501 - 541, 551-563           Page 24
            Kids and Baby Boulevard          #601 - 609                    Page 29
            Men’s Alley                      #651 - 657                    Page 30
            Religious and Priest Pathway     #701 - 715                    Page 30
            School Baskets Boulevard         #751 - 761                    Page 32

            School Projects                  #762 - 772                    Page 32
            Sports Arena                     #801 - 806, 851 - 852         Page 34
            Women’s Boutique                 #901 - 918                    Page 35
            2012 Mardi Gras Committee                                Inside back cover
                           PANDORA CHANCE BASKETS!
                                      This year’s Theme Baskets

Twenty-five beautifully wrapped baskets are available to purchase for $20.00. Each basket contains a
bottle of wine, mini box of chocolates, bag of cookies and aromatic reed diffuser. Returning this year
is the chance to win a Pandora Bracelet with an angel charm! Every basket has a number. The winning
number will be drawn prior to the Live Auction. Baskets are sure to go quickly, so buy early! Pandora
Bracelet donated by Dan Gould Jewelry.

                        MARDI GRAS SAFE SPARKLERS GAME
One hundred twenty-five specific Mardi Gras Masks will be sold for $20.00 each. Each mask will have
a safe combination secured to it. When the game starts you will be asked to stand and remove your
combination from your mask. The correct combination numbers will be announced one by one except
for the last number set. If your numbers do not match you will be asked to sit down. The five players
that are left standing will be asked to come to the stage to have their combination entered on the safe.
The winner will have the combination that opens the safe. This year’s sparklers are a pair of diamond
earrings (.25 FG color SI 1 Clarity) from Dan Gould Jewelry.

                              2011 BEST OF THE LIVE RAFFLE
    Raffle tickets are $20.00 each.
    Select from the Live Auction items listed on the ticket. The letter of the item and the bold word
    describing the item must be written on the raffle ticket to be valid.
    Choose the prize you would want if you won from: A. 32” Sony LCD TV and Sony Blu-Ray
    Home Theater Value $850.00, B. Children’s Soccer Bedroom Value $850.00, C. Dan Gould
    Diamond Necklace Value $2850.00, D. Jim Bowie Pellet Grill Value $1514.00,
    E. Whirlpool Bathtub Value $1400.00.
    If the winner is not present at the event, he/she will be contacted by phone.

                                    HEADS OR TAILS GAME
    Participants must be wearing a special Heads or Tails necklace available for purchase for $10.00.
    Each participant may wear only one necklace.
    Immediately before the Live Auction, everyone wearing a Heads or Tails necklace may stand and
    indicate their prediction of the coin toss by placing their hand on their head or on their “tail”.
    A coin will be flipped. Those players who incorrectly predicted the result of the coin toss will be
    eliminated from the game and will be asked to be seated. Once eliminated, the player is out for the
    remainder of the game.
    Play will continue in this manner until only one player is left standing.
    The last remaining player will receive a $500 cash prize!

         Note: Participants must be 18 years or older to play games or purchase raffle tickets.
                           LIVE AUCTION INSTRUCTIONS
    1) A slide show of all the fabulous live auction items will be shown throughout the evening in the
       FCC near the Live Auction stage. More details for each item can be found in the Live Auction
       Item section of this booklet.

    2) Conny Rieme will be introduced as the Live Auctioneer and will explain the rules of live
       auction bidding.

    3) The Best of the Live winner’s prize selection will be removed from the Live Auction list.

    4) Live Auction will begin at 9:00 p.m. in the FCC on the Live Auction stage and continue until
       all live auction items have been successfully awarded.

    4) Please raise your bid card high to signal your intention to bid.

    5) Pay close attention to the bid amounts called off as live auctions can move very quickly.

    6) Successful bids will be added to the Mardi Gras guest’s final invoice for the evening.

    7) An invoice listing all of your successful bids will be delivered to your table after the
       completion of the Live Auction.

    8) Please take your invoice to the check-out room to pay for your bids with cash, check, or credit
       card prior to 11:30 p.m.

    9) All sales are final. All items are sold “as is”. Unless specified, donors will not make exchanges
       or accept returns. Please note any expiration dates on items. All items must be removed from
       the display area the evening of the auction unless other arrangements are made.

                                    Best of luck tonight with
                                   your Live Auction bidding!

                         MARDI GRAS GIVING TREE –
                    A.K.A. THE LIVE AUCTION NEED ITEM!
Introducing THE GIVING TREE - an opportunity to give to the Church and School Need Items
throughout the night! It is still important to have your help in filling these needs. By pooling all our
donations we can fill some of the larger specific needs for the parish and the school. In the past the
attendees of Mardi Gras have given through a Need Item Live Auction. Many needs have been fulfilled in
previous years thanks to the generosity of parishioners and guests. A list of those items may be found at
the bottom of this page.

Instead of raising your hand to bid you can raise your hand and choose a mask off our giving tree
with a designated amount and what item you would like to “buy” with your donation. Purple Masks
will be a $25.00 donation. Green Masks will be a $50.00 donation. Gold Masks will be a $100.00
donation. There will be a few Feather Masks for $500.00 and $1000.00 if the mood strikes you. Each
mask will have an attached card, add your bid number and place in the container. If you would like to
donate a different amount (larger or smaller) towards an item, we would be very grateful for your help, and
there will be some cards where you can fill out the amount.

The cards that are turned in will be added to your invoice. If you are busy bidding and enjoying the evening
and forget to turn in your card, you can bring it with your invoice and it can be added on to your total when
you pay. The need item is a great way to donate during the night if you did not win the bid on an item you
were trying for or you did not find the one thing you were looking for.

This Year’s Parish Need Items: LCD Projector for the St. Paul Room, Panini Maker, Small Refrigerator
and Wall Bookcase for The Refuge. $2,000.00 plus.
This Year’s School Need Item: New Furniture for the Welcome Lounge across from the Gymnasium.
$5,000.00 plus.

We look forward to being able to help fill these needs this year. Thank you for your continued support! We
hope you enjoy this year’s GIVING TREE!

                               History of Mardi Gras “Need” Items
Our parish and school have been greatly blessed by the generous responses to the “Need Items” of the past.
2006    Bleachers for St. Stephen’s School                 2009    Tables, chairs, and teaching supplies for
        Goal $1,000                                                new St. Stephen’s Preschool
        Church and School                                          Goal $10,000
        Automated External Defibrillators                  2010    St. Stephen’s School “Netbooks All
        Goal $3,000                                                Around”
2007    Kiln for St. Stephen’s School                              Goal $15,000
        Goal $3,000                                                Mobile Presentation Cart for FCC
        Records Vault for Parish Office                            Goal $3,000
        Goal $3,000                                        2011    Refuge Extreme Make-Over
2008    St. Stephen’s School Gym Sound System                      Goal $3,000
        Goal $10,000                                               St. Stephen’s School Whiteboards
        Parish Office Reception Area Furniture                     Goal $6,500
        Goal $3,000

Maybe you didn’t win the bid on the item of your choice, or budgeted more than you bid so far. Please
consider a bid now to help us meet our St. Stephen School and Parish Need Item goals for 2012! Thank you
for your generosity.
                                                       4       Soaker Tub
                                                       Soak in the tub with bubbles up to your chin in
                       Live                            this 3' x 6' white drop-in soaker tub with tiling

                                                       Donor: Terry Overacker Plumbing, Inc.
                                                                                 Donor Value: $800.00
1       Custom Crafted Fishing Rod
                                                       5       Whirlpool Tub
Six foot spinning rod with Spalted Maple handle
and St. Croix rod blank. The creator of this rod       What a way to unwind after a hectic day!
states that it is so effective that it is banned in    Upgrade your bathroom with a white, five foot,
seven states (not MN) and four foreign countries!      whirlpool drop-in tub with drop deck.
Includes reel. Perfect rod for pan fishing!
                                                       Donor: Terry Overacker Plumbing, Inc.
Donor: Donald Kjonaas                                                          Donor Value: $1,400.00
                            Donor Value: Priceless!
                                                       6       George Sawyer Earrings
2       Handmade Rosary from
        Venezuela                                      Inspired by ancient Japanese swordsmiths and
                                                       the traditions of sculpture, these George Sawyer
Using lavender amethyst stones indigenous to the       earrings are truly fantastic! The mokume gane
Venezuela region, this handmade rosary will be         original design is made using sterling silver, 14
cherished for years to come and can be passed          karat palladium gray gold, and 18 karat yellow
down for generations. Gift to us from Fr. Greg         gold including the ear wires. Made locally by
Schaffer of Jesucristo Resucitado Parish.              George, his collections are sold internationally.

Donor: Fr. Greg Schaffer and                           Donor: George Sawyer Design
Fr. Michael Van Sloun                                                         Donor Value: $1,500.00
                          Donor Value: Priceless!
                                                       7       Sony Entertainment Package
3       Pizza Party with "Thyme to
                                                       Bring your home theater experience to a new
        Entertain" Firetruck                           level! View your favorite movies, shows, videos
                                                       or pictures on your new Sony 32" LCD digital
Your guests will be delighted with this summer         color TV with a Sony BDVE280 3D Blu-Ray
event! Thyme to Entertain, our event caterer,          disc home theater system with digital noise
will pull up in their vintage fire truck and prepare   reduction and PC input USB port.
gourmet pizzas for you and 30-40 of your guests.
The converted back end of the fire truck holds         Donor: Advanced Imaging Solutions (TV)
the brick oven, but the front end still has all the    Electric Systems of Anoka (Home Theater)
bells and whistles! Schedule with Thyme to             and Advance Companies (Home Theater)
Entertain on a mutually agreed upon date during                                   Donor Value: $615.00

Donor: Thyme to Entertain
                        Donor Value: Priceless!

8       Kissimmee Florida Resort Villa                12     Green Mountain Pellet Grill
        for Sixteen
                                                      Cook and eat safely with clean, earth-friendly
Keep yourself busy from dawn to dusk or simply        hardwood pellets. The stainless steel lid on this
bask in the Florida sunshine. This resort villa       pellet grill covers the 600 square inch porcelain
sleeps sixteen with a walk out directly to the        grate for grilling perfection every time! Included
pool. Numerous amenities include swimming             are two 28 pound bags of Premium Gold Pellets,
pools, children's pools, planned activity schedule,   Jim Bowie Thermal Blanket, Jim Bowie front
fitness center, game room, basketball, 18-hole        shelf, and Jim Bowie stainless steel smoke shelf.
Jurassic Miniature Golf Course, tennis courts,        Bring your appetites!!
mini mart, Disney Movie Theater, and more.
Only one mile to Disney World! Valid March 30         Donor: Gary and Gerri Rose, Carol and
- April 6, 2013. No location or date                  Dr. Duane Michaelis, Jeff and Mary Smith,
substitutions.                                        Joan and Tom Cebulla, Gary and Bev Dehn and
                                                      Leonard and Bev Dehn and Pellet Grills of
Donor: Rob and Rosemarie Donlin                       Minnesota
                       Donor Value: $2,749.00                                   Donor Value: $1,514.00

9       MN Wild Tickets, Parking Pass,                13     Lunch for Eight with Ron Schara
        Jerseys and T Shirts                                 and Raven at Game Fair 2012

Go wild watching the Minnesota Wild take on           Dine with TV personality Ron Schara and his
the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday, February 28,        trusted companion Raven at Game Fair 2012.
2012 at 6:30 p.m. This package includes four          This unique package includes eight passes to the
tickets with club level seating at the Xcel Center    Fair, VIP parking, and a guide to greet you for
and a parking pass in the RiverCentre Ramp.           the start of your fun day. Photo opportunities
Dress for the occasion! Includes two MN Wild          and autographs with Ron and Raven will be
sweatshirts and two MN Wild T-shirts, all size        available. Game Fair runs August 10, 11, 12, 17,
XL. Gift receipts included.                           18 and 19, 2012.

Donor: Rose and Tim Talbot (Tickets and               Donor: Gamefair
Parking), Jerome and Betty Fenna (Apparel)                                       Donor Value: Priceless!

                             Donor Value: $455.00     15     Breezy Point Resort Golf
                                                             Weekend and Dining Gift Card
11      Diamond Cross Necklace
                                                      Enjoy two nights' lodging at Breezy Inn & Suites.
Treasure this piece for years!! This 18 karat,        Includes two days of unlimited golf with cart on
white gold cross boasts 87 round diamonds (.43        either of two Breezy Point golf courses. Valid
CT.T.W.). The diamond-cut 18" chain is 14             Monday-Thursday. Expires September 30, 2012.
karat white gold. Elegant enough for special          Also includes a gift card for $100 to enjoy dining
occasions but perfect to share your faith             at Breezy Point's Antlers or Marina.
                                                      Donor: Breezy Point Resort and
Donor: Dan Gould Jewelers                             Drs. Rensch & Becker Orthodontics (Gift Card)
                       Donor Value: $2,850.00                                   Donor Value: $500.00

16     Sushi Making and Tasting with               19      Timberwolves Game with Fr.
       Fr. Nathan in Mega Homes Oasis                      Mike
       Model Home
                                                   Be up front and close to the action with Fr. Mike
Fr. Nathan will share his Sushi-making skills in   as Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, and the rest of the
the beautiful Mega Homes Oasis model. Up to        Timberwolves take on the Denver Nuggets on
ten people or three families will be treated to    Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. These four
lessons and tasting. You will take home the        plush seats are only three rows behind the
Japanese table wear and can treat your friends     Timberwolves bench with wait service and entry
with your new skills. To be used by April 2012.    to the VIP lounge! Be sure to set your DVR
                                                   since these seats are shown on TV every time
Donor: Father Nathan LaLiberte and                 they show the Timberwolves bench.
Mega Homes
                        Donor Value: Priceless!    Donor: Egan Company and
                                                   Fr. Michael Van Sloun
                                                                                Donor Value: $800.00
17     United States Flag Flown over
       U.S. Base ALSA Kuwait
                                                   21      Landscape and Hardscape
This United States Flag proudly flew over the              Package
United States Base ALSA in Kuwait from
November 26, 2011 to January 5, 2012. This flag    Wouldn't you love a brick paver patio, sidewalk
is presented at the request of the 134th Brigade   or driveway? A $500 certificate good toward the
Support Battalion and SFC Christian Hudson in      installation of your paver project or retaining wall
appreciation and gratitude for your patriotism.    from J.T. Construction of Elk River, Inc. May
Includes Certificate of Authenticity.              also be used toward renovation of existing
Donor: Laura and Chris Hudson
                        Donor Value: Priceless!    Pick your favorite paver or block and use the
                                                   $500 certificate from Beberg Landscape Supply
18     An Italian Good Night at Buona              of Andover toward landscape project supplies.
       Sera                                        Donor: J.T. Construction of Elk River, Inc. and
                                                   Beberg Landscape Supply
You and seven other guests will enjoy an evening                            Donor Value: $1,000.00
at Buona Sera Ristorante & Wine Bar in the
LaFamilia dining room. The chef will prepare an
amazing five-course meal that would even make      22      Two Maple Trees from Nowthen
his Nonna proud. Arrange at least one week in              Nursery
advance. Valid Sunday-Thursday (closed
Mondays). Expires February 2013. Wine, tax,        Make your selection of two 2-2 1/2" x 12-14' tall
and gratuity not included.                         Sugar or Red Maple trees; balled and burlapped
                                                   and ready to go into the ground. Choose from
Donor: Buona Sera Restaurant                       hundreds in growing range by May 1, pickup by
                          Donor Value: $500.00     May 15 at Nowthen Nursery. Treasure the shade
                                                   and beauty of your new Maple trees for years to

                                                   Donor: Nowthen Nursery
                                                                                Donor Value: $600.00

23     Filipino Dinner for 12 with                   25      Elementary School Basket
       Fr. Nathan
                                                     One and only this year! Package includes
Gather your friends and be treated, along with       'Principal for the Day'; five 'Out of Uniform'
Fr. Nathan, to an array of Filipino fare by          passes; front row seating at Christmas Program
parishioner and school parent Catherine Gable in     and Spring Concert; preferred conference signup
her Andover home. On the menu: Wonton                time; choose the lunch menu for your birthday;
Soup, Lumpia (Filipino Eggrolls), Kare-Kare,         choose an 'Out of Uniform Day' for the entire
Pancit Bihon, Chicken Adobo, White Jasmine           school; choose a popcorn party day for your
Rice, Fruit Salad and a dessert to be determined     class; read the morning and afternoon
by the winning bidder. Wine included.                announcements for a day; be the teacher's helper
                                                     for the day; one personalized Spirit Wear
Dates and times available to choose from are:        sweatshirt, bowling outing with Mrs. Cherney,
March 4, 2012 from 1-4 p.m.,                         Mrs. Haenel, Mrs. Tjosaas, Mrs. Tyminski and
April 21, 2012 from 5-9 p.m. or                      Mrs. Wesp and bring two friends per teacher;
April 22, 2012 from 1-4 p.m.                         open gym time for you and eleven friends with
This is a great group purchase!                      Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Toenjes; and a SURPRISE
                                                     field trip with Mrs. Taggart and Ms. Geis.
Donor: Gregory and Catherine Gable
                         Donor Value: $500.00        Donor: St. Stephen's School Teachers
                                                                              Donor Value: Priceless!
24     Children's Soccer Bedroom
                                                     26      Middle School Basket
Share their love of the game not only on the field
but in their bedroom! This ensemble includes a       One and only this year! Be the sole winner of
soccer ball twin-sized headboard, child's swivel     this basket full of middle school treats! Includes
soccer ball chair with ottoman, 39" soccer ball      'Principal for the Day'; five 'Out of Uniform'
rug, wall decals, and large soccer ball fleece       passes; five 'Oops' passes; front row seating at
blanket.                                             Variety Show and Graduation; preferred
                                                     conference signup time; choose the lunch menu
Donor: Anonymous                                     for your birthday; choose an 'Out of Uniform
                            Donor Value: $850.00     Day' for the entire school; choose a popcorn
                                                     party day for your class; read the morning and
                                                     afternoon announcements for a day; be the
                                                     teacher's helper for the day; lunch at Hardees' for
                                                     you, two friends and two middle school teachers;
                                                     and one personalized Spirit Wear sweatshirt.

                                                     Donor: St. Stephen's School Teachers
                                                                              Donor Value: Priceless!

                          SILENT AUCTION INSTRUCTIONS

     1) All auction items on display – or represented on display – will correspond to the auction item
        numbers in this catalog.

     2) There is a bid form for each silent auction item – also with the item number referenced. The bid
        form will list a minimum bid and a minimum bid increase increment amount. Bids must follow
        these increase increments in order to be considered valid bids. You are welcome to bid a higher
        amount if you wish. The item will be awarded to the highest valid bid.

     3) Write your bidder number on the bid form as well as your bid amount.

     4) Bidding for all Silent Auction items will close at 8:45 p.m.

     5) Once the bidding area is closed, all guests will be asked to leave the area and return to the FCC
        space for the Heads or Tails Game. NO ADDITIONAL BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER

     6) An invoice of your auction winnings will be delivered to your table immediately following
        the Live Auction.

     7) All payments are due at the close of the Live Auction. Payments may be made by cash, check,
        or credit card. Cashiers will be located in the Donovan/Romero Rooms for your convenience
        until 11:30 p.m.

     8) All sales are final. All items are sold “as is”. Unless specified, donors will not make exchanges
        or accept returns. Please note any expiration dates on items. All items must be removed from
        the display area the evening of the auction unless other arrangements are made.

     9) Values shown in the auction catalog are not guaranteed by the Church of St. Stephen.

     10) The Mardi Gras Co-Chairs will settle any disputed or illegal bids. All decisions are final.

                                      Best of luck tonight with
                                   your Silent Auction bidding!
                               Please support our generous donors by using
                           the certificates and gift cards you purchased tonight
                                                          55      Tivo Box and Subscription
                                                          Hate to miss your favorite shows? Enjoy this new
                                                          Tivo Box and about 23 months of service!
                 Almost Live
                                                          Donor: Rose and Tim Talbot
                                                                                            Donor Value: $360.00

51      Rum River Dinner Cruise
Enjoy a summer pontoon ride on the scenic Rum
River while enjoying a festive feast created especially
for the people who choose to bid on this event.
Board the pontoon at James and Jacqueline Neilson's
home in Andover and cruise several miles enjoying
the scenery and wonderful sunset. For six people.

Donor: James and Jacqueline Neilson                       101     Bryce Canyon Print
                              Donor Value: $250.00
                                                          Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of this 13" x
52      HeartView CT Scan                                 40" print of Bryce Canyon by Blakeway Productions.

Be heart smart with Coon Rapids Suburban Imaging!         Donor: Mary Smith
This quick and non-invasive CT scan will assess and                                          Donor Value: $50.00
measure the amount of calcium in your coronary
arteries, an indicator of heart disease.                  102     Monument Valley Print
Donor: Dr. Mike Heaney, M.D., Suburban Imaging            Get a feel of the Southwest with this 13" x 40"
                              Donor Value: $275.00        panoramic print of Monument Valley by Blakeway
53      Foosball Table
                                                          Donor: Mary Smith
Update your game room with a gently used foosball                                            Donor Value: $50.00
table donated by our very own St. Stephen's Church.
Add an extra activity at home to entertain your           103     Asian Peacock Art
friends and family!
                                                          Professionally framed in antique gold, this beautifully-
Donor: St. Stephen Church                                 colored asian peacock may become your family's new
                                 Donor Value: $150.00     heirloom.

54      Crowne Plaza Northstar                            Donor: Betty Stiff
                                                                                            Donor Value: $250.00
Take a vacation without the airfare! Relax in your
deluxe guest room with complimentary Executive            104     "So Far from the City"
Level access at the Crowne Plaza Northstar Hotel in               Framed Art
Minneapolis. Valid for a weekend two-night stay.
Expires 1/31/13.                                          Long for the days when you can be "So Far Removed
                                                          from the City" with this #18/350 original piece of
Donor: Crowne Plaza Northstar Hotel                       artwork by K. Amisson.
                              Donor Value: $300.00
                                                          Donor: Betty Stiff
                                                                                            Donor Value: $250.00
105     Green Trees and Hills                            110      Wintry Gust
Original art by St. Stephen's parishioner Gina Chase.    Original art by St. Stephen's parishioner, Gina Chase.
Framed 14.5" x 18.5" pastel in green shades. Sure to     Framed 14.5" x 11.5" pen and ink drawing. Unique
freshen up a special wall space.                         drawing that will bring out your inner whimsy!

Donor: Gina Chase                                        Donor: Gina Chase
                                 Donor Value: $150.00                                       Donor Value: $150.00

106     A Southern Michigan Autumn                       111      Misty Pines
Original art by St. Stephen's parishioner Gina Chase.    Original art by St. Stephen's parishioner, Gina Chase.
Framed 18.5" x 14.5" pastel in warm tones. Great         Framed 11" x 9" watercolor painting in blues and
compliment to your decor.                                greens. Perfect cabin decor!

Donor: Gina Chase                                        Donor: Gina Chase
                                 Donor Value: $150.00                                        Donor Value: $80.00

107     Birches at Palisade Head, MN                     112      Waterworks
Original art by St. Stephen's parishioner Gina Chase.    Original art by St. Stephen's parishioner, Gina Chase.
Framed 16.5" x 13.5" watercolor painting. Inviting       Framed 10.5" x 8.5" acrylic painting on canvas. Vivid
earth tones draw you into the wilderness.                colors to brighten up a small space!

Donor: Gina Chase                                        Donor: Gina Chase
                                 Donor Value: $150.00                                        Donor Value: $90.00

108     Manhattan Meditations:                           113      The River
        Jeweled Sky
                                                         A beautiful, serene setting depicted in this original art
Original art by St. Stephen's parishioner Gina Chase.    by St. Stephen's parishioner, Gina Chase. Framed
Framed 16.5" x 12.5" digital photograph. Rhinestones     8.5" x 8.5" watercolor painting.
and beads accent the close up city view.
                                                         Donor: Gina Chase                   Donor Value: $80.00
Donor: Gina Chase
                                 Donor Value: $100.00    114      The Artist's Hands

109     Birch Path,                                      Unique way to display a working artist! Original art by
        Wild River State Park, MN                        St. Stephen's parishioner, Gina Chase. Framed 11.5"
                                                         x 14" watercolor painting.
Original art by St. Stephen's parishioner, Gina Chase.   Donor: Gina Chase                   Donor Value: $90.00
Framed 15.5" x 12.5" watercolor. Follow neutral
tones down a winding path.
                                                         115      Guardian Angel Prayer
Donor: Gina Chase
                                 Donor Value: $150.00    Framed 11" x 9" Guardian Angel picture and Angel of
                                                         God prayer. Just right for a religious occasion gift.

                                                         Donor: Beverly Wolters
                                                                                             Donor Value: $20.00

116     "Reflections of Freedom"                         122     "Reflections of Freedom"
        by Rick Kelley                                           by Rick Kelly
7" x 13" unframed print of a soaring American bald       Unframed 13" x 25" print of a soaring American bald
eagle against scenic mountains.                          eagle against scenic mountains.

Donor: John Roberts Co.                                  Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                  Donor Value: $40.00                                     Donor Value: $80.00

117     "On Freedom's Wing"                              123     "On Freedom's Wing"
        by Rick Kelley                                           by Rick Kelley
7" x 13" unframed print of a soaring American bald       Unframed 13" x 25" print of an American bald eagle
eagle against scenic mountains.                          soaring in a mountain scene.

Donor: John Roberts Co.                                  Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                  Donor Value: $40.00                                     Donor Value: $80.00

118     "Liberty's Flight"                               124     "Reflections at JR Point"
        by Rick Kelley                                           by Rick Kelly

7" x 13" unframed print of a soaring American bald       Unframed 17" x 25" print of loons and a canoe on a
eagle.                                                   scenic lake.

Donor: John Roberts Co.                                  Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                  Donor Value: $40.00                                    Donor Value: $100.00

                                                         125     "Reflections at JR Point"
119     "Cardinals" by Rick Kelley                               by Rick Kelley
10" x 17" unframed print of cardinals in a garden bird
bath.                                                    Unframed 17" x 25" print of loons and canoe on a
                                                         scenic lake.
Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                  Donor Value: $60.00    Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                                                                         Donor Value: $100.00

120     "Buck" by Rick Kelly                             126     "Callin 'Em Out"
                                                                 by Greg Alexander
Unframed 10" x 17" print of a single buck in a forest
                                                         Unframed 28" x 23" print of wild turkeys in a marsh
Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                  Donor Value: $60.00
                                                         Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                                                                         Donor Value: $125.00
121     "Wolf" by Rick Kelley
                                                         127     "Big Horn Rams"
Unframed 10" x 17" print of a lone wolf in a forest
setting.                                                 Unframed 30" x 24" signed limited edition print of
                                                         big horn rams on a mountain side. #212/950
Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                  Donor Value: $60.00    Donor: John Roberts Co.
                                                                                         Donor Value: $125.00
128     "Twilight Visitors"                              133     Seraphim Classics
        by Greg Benson                                           Heaven on Earth - Sabrina
Unframed 24" x 36" press proof #19/200 print.            Sabrina, "Eternal Guide". Item #78046. 1997 figure
Snowy scenery of a deer with a beautiful lake in the     of angel holding a lantern lighting the way for
background.                                              someone facing darkness. Gently cared for.

Donor: John Roberts Co.                                  Donor: Margaret Muylaert
                                 Donor Value: $125.00                                       Donor Value: $65.00

129     Seraphim Classics                                134     Seraphim Classics
        Heaven on Earth - Rosalie                                Heaven on Earth - Josephine
Rosalie, "Nature's Delight" Angel. Item #74105.          Josephine, "Celebration of Peace" 1999 Club
Start a new or add to your collection! This female       Members Only Figure. Animal lovers wanted! Angel
angel is standing on a bed of roses looking down at      with lamb and puppy. Gently cared for.
natures creation. Gently cared for.
                                                         Donor: Margaret Muylaert
Donor: Margaret Muylaert                                                                    Donor Value: $65.00
                                  Donor Value: $55.00
                                                         135     Seraphim Classics
130     Seraphim Classics                                        Heaven on Earth - Charisse
        Heaven on Earth - Chelsa
                                                         Charisse, "Bloom from Heaven". Item #81500.
Chelsa, "Summers Delight" Angel. Item #78048. A          Member of Heavenly Reflections Collection 1999
gorgeous red haired angel depicts the summer season      Dealer Set. Calling all gardeners for this angel next to
with ribbons of flowers. Gently cared for.               a rose bush looking at a flower in bloom. Gently
                                                         cared for.
Donor: Margaret Muylaert
                                  Donor Value: $55.00    Donor: Margaret Muylaert
                                                                                            Donor Value: $65.00
131     Seraphim Classics
                                                         136     Seraphim Classics
        Heaven on Earth - Grace
                                                                 Heaven on Earth - Vanessa
Grace, "Born Anew". Item #78089. Perfect for a
new parent. Angel looks lovingly at and cradling an      Vanessa, "Heavenly Maiden". Item #76600. Perfect
infant. Gently cared for.                                purity. This angel would be wonderful for a young
                                                         woman or bride. Gently cared for.
Donor: Margaret Muylaert
                                                         Donor: Margaret Muylaert
                                  Donor Value: $55.00
                                                                                           Donor Value: $150.00

132     Seraphim Classics                                137     Seraphim Classics
        Heaven on Earth - Katherine                              Heaven on Earth - Ariel
Katherine, "Angel of Knowledge". Item #81481.            Ariel, "Heaven's Shining Star". Item #78051. 1997
Perfect for a teacher, parent or student. Angel with
                                                         Limited Edition Closed. For the extra special
bird on wrist and books at her feet. Gently cared for.
                                                         someone, this angel is sure to delight. Gently cared
Donor: Margaret Muylaert
                                  Donor Value: $59.50    Donor: Margaret Muylaert
                                                                                           Donor Value: $159.00
138     Seraphim Classics                               204     Pamper Me in Purple
        Heaven on Earth - Avalon
                                                        Relax your body and mind with a lilac candle, Peace
Avalon, "Free Spirit". Item #78108. 1998 Limited        of Mind bath soak, manicure set, olive oil soap,
Edition. We either are one or we know a free spirit!    lavender candle, raspberry body splash, and flowering
Angel walking over the water. Gently cared for.         herbs body splash. Awaken your spirit with the
                                                        vintage mug and lavender hand-made prayer shawl
Donor: Margaret Muylaert                                from the St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group.
                                 Donor Value: $175.00
                                                        Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                                                                                         Donor Value: $40.00

                                                        205     Live, Laugh, Love Basket
                                                        Live simply, laugh often, and love always is the theme
                                                        of this basket and a verse to live by. Candles and
                                                        holders display this verse; aromatic reeds, cards and
                                                        tray add to the spirit. The tan rectangular prayer
                                                        shawl was hand-made by the St. Stephen's Prayer
                                                        Shawl Group.
201     Contact Lens Package                            Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                                                                                         Donor Value: $40.00
See clearly with an eye exam, one pair of disposable
lenses, and fitting with Dr. Jeff Smith at Andover
Optical. Expires 12/31/12.                              206     Shades of Green Basket

Donor: Dr. Jeff Smith, Andover Optical                  Feel as cool as a cucumber with cucumber melon
                               Donor Value: $160.00     body splash and body relaxing & stress relieving
                                                        mineral salts. Then renew your spirit with green
                                                        votive candle, vintage pitcher, dish scrubbies, green
202     Dental Teeth Whitening System                   rosary and a daily devotion book. The two green
                                                        prayer shawls were hand-made by the St. Stephen's
Make your teeth sparkle with an upper and lower tray    Prayer Shawl Group.
system to whiten and brighten your teeth. Expires
2/1/13.                                                 Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                                                                                         Donor Value: $60.00
Donor: Fifth Avenue Dental
                                 Donor Value: $300.00
                                                        207     Me Time Basket
203     Gold Canyon Candles                             Take some time out to renew yourself. This pink
                                                        feminine basket includes a pink eye mask, vintage tea
Relax your mind and awaken your senses with two         cup with saucer, lacy picture frame, box of get well
Gold Canyon candles in lavender and lemon ice           cards, Jesus Loves Me purse holder, ocean tide body
scents.                                                 cream, apple hand soap, and "Wit and Wisdom"
                                                        book. The pink rosary, pink slippers, and pink prayer
Donor: Gold Canyon Candles                              shawl were all hand-made by the St. Stephen's Prayer
                                  Donor Value: $38.00   Shawl Group.

                                                        Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                                                                                         Donor Value: $70.00

208     Warm the Heart Basket                             213     Friendship Basket
Warm your heart and soul with travel mugs,                Show your best friend how much you appreciate
cappuccino, chocolate bars, Tigi shampoo, lotion,         them! The shades of blue prayer shawl and slippers
note cards, apple cinnamon votives, candles, rosary,      were hand-made by the St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl
"The Mass" book, and devotional books.                    Group. Also included is a bottle of Bree Riesling
                                                          wine, two etched St. Stephen's wine glasses,
Donor: St. Stephen's Women of Wonder                      "Something Worth Leaving Behind" book and CD,
                               Donor Value: $65.00        and a "best friends" covered candle.

209     Blessings Basket                                  Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                                                                                          Donor Value: $50.00
Count your blessings while sipping on hot cocoa
from two hand-painted mugs. Basket also includes          214     Shades of Blue and Red Basket
"Awesome Mercy of God" book, framed picture of
Mary, candles, chocolate, notepad, note cards, lotions,   Women will love the treats in this one! Included is a
and shower gel.                                           Tea Rose Scentsy warmer, Clean Breeze Scentsy bar,
                                                          red journal with pen, "If I Had My Life to Live Over"
Donor: St. Stephen's Women of Wonder                      book, "God's Promises for Women of Faith" book,
                               Donor Value: $75.00        greeting cards, and picture frames. Two multi-
                                                          colored prayer shawls were hand-made by the St.
210     Serenity Basket                                   Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group.

Enjoy a sense of serenity with puzzles, body lotion       Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
travel pack, candles, handmade cross, chocolate bar,                                       Donor Value: $50.00
and serenity journal.

Donor: St. Stephen's Women of Wonder
                               Donor Value: $65.00

211     Fight Breast Cancer Basket
Show your support with a reusable "to-go" cup, pink
Kitchen Aid cutting board and knife, pink napkins,
body soak, Sandra Magsamen Hope pin, breast cancer
holiday ornament, pink candle, pink cross, and two
pair of booties. The three chemo caps and pink
prayer shawl, with breast cancer ribbon interwoven,
were hand-made by the St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl          301     Compact DVD Player
                                                          HarmonTec DV-202 Super Compact Design DVD
Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                               Donor Value: $100.00
                                                          Donor: Beverlee Steffy
212     Sunny Yellow Basket                                                                Donor Value: $50.00
Radiate your sunny side with a reed diffuser set,
vintage cup and saucer, mineral bath salts, and an        302     Compact DVD Player
"Expect Good Things" book. The creamy yellow
prayer shawl was hand-made by the St. Stephen's           HarmonTec DV-202 Super Compact Design DVD
Prayer Shawl Group.                                       Player.

Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group                   Donor: Beverlee Steffy
                                 Donor Value: $40.00                                       Donor Value: $50.00
303     At Home Entertainment                           353     USA Inflatables and Moonwalks
                                                        Make 'em smile and giggle with a $75.00 gift
Here's a bucket of fun!! Includes large movie theatre   certificate towards the rental of any item. Your party
boxes of candy, microwave popcorn, two colorful         could include inflatables, moonwalks, bouncehouse,
glasses and five one dollar bills for the Redbox        mechanical bull, photo booth, games, or concessions.
machine.                                                Expires 10/31/12.

Donor: Cheryl Anderson                                  Donor: USA Inflatables
                                  Donor Value: $35.00                                      Donor Value: $75.00

304     Harry Potter Movie Set of Six                   354     Powder Ridge
                                                                Lift and Ski Rental
Have a movie marathon! This set includes DVD or
Blu-Ray discs of the Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of       Guest pass for one day of free skiing at Powder Ridge
Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order     in Kimball, MN includes ski equipment rental
of the Phoenix, and Half-Blood Prince.                  package. Good anytime during the 2012-2013 ski
Donor: Beverlee Steffy
                                  Donor Value: $50.00   Donor: Powder Ridge Winter Recreation Area
                                                                                      Donor Value: $58.00
305     Movie Night Basket
                                                        355     Theatre in the Round Players
Your home movie night will be more comfortable
than the theater. This basket includes movies, candy,   Enjoy a show at Theatre in the Round with a friend.
popcorn, and bowls.                                     Not valid on Saturdays or for musicals. Expires
Donor: The WHO Group
                                  Donor Value: $30.00   Donor: Theatre in the Round
                                                                                           Donor Value: $44.00
351     Plymouth Playhouse Gift
        Certificate                                     356     Old Log Theater Tickets

Laugh until it hurts at a Plymouth Playhouse            This gift letter is good for two tickets at the Old Log
performance. Valid for two tickets Sunday through       Theatre. Not valid on Saturdays or New Year's Eve.
Friday. Expires 2/18/13.                                Does not include meals.

Donor: Plymouth Playhouse                               Donor: Old Log Theater
                                  Donor Value: $65.00                                      Donor Value: $58.00

352     Lyric Arts Night                                357     Bunker Beach Water Park Passes

Share an evening of magic with two tickets in Section   Bunker Beach is one million and one gallons of fun!
C to any opening weekend at Lyric Arts. Expires         Includes two certificates for two guests each during
12/1/12.                                                the 2012 summer season.

Donor: Lyric Arts Main Street Stage                     Donor: Bunker Hills Corporation
                                 Donor Value: $43.00                                       Donor Value: $56.00

358     Anoka Aquatic Center Swim                       363     Game Fair 2012 Tickets
                                                        Experience the outdoor life at Game Fair 2012. View
Get comfortable in the water with two free swim         exhibits, listen to seminars or participate in many
lesson sessions during the 2012 season. Expires         outdoor activities with a pair of tickets. Game Fair
8/21/12.                                                dates are August 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19, 2012.

Donor: City of Anoka, Public Services Dept.             Donor: Sherry and Eric Miller
                                Donor Value: $96.00                                     Donor Value: $20.00

359     Anoka Aquatic Center Swim                       364     Game Fair 2012 Tickets
        Lessons                                         Experience the outdoor life at Game Fair 2012. View
                                                        exhibits, listen to seminars or participate in many
Give your children or grandchildren the life skill of   outdoor activities with a pair of tickets. Game Fair
swimming. Two certificates are included for two free    dates are August 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19, 2012.
swim lesson sessions during the 2012 season. Expires
8/21/12.                                                Donor: Sherry and Eric Miller
                                                                                        Donor Value: $20.00
Donor: City of Anoka, Public Services Dept.
                                Donor Value: $96.00

360     Brunswick Zone Gift Card
Whether you get a strike or spare, have a ball with
two $25 gift cards to Brunswick Zone.

Donor: Greg and Angela Burnes
                                  Donor Value: $50.00

361     Chanhassen Dinner Theatre
Be entertained in the unique Chanhassen Dinner
Theatre setting. This pass is valid for two
complimentary show-only tickets on Tuesday,
Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Expires 6/20/13.

Donor: Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
                            Donor Value: $106.00

362     Game Fair 2012 Tickets
Experience the outdoor life at Game Fair 2012. View
exhibits, listen to seminars or participate in many
outdoor activities with a pair of tickets. Game Fair
dates are August 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19, 2012.

Donor: Sherry and Eric Miller
                                  Donor Value: $20.00

                                                         406     Jack Daniels Gift Set
                                                         Jack Daniels Gift Set with two glasses.

                                                         Donor: Valu Plus Liquors
                                                                                           Donor Value: $20.00

                                                         407     Jack Daniels Gift Set
401     Vodka Pair                                       Jack Daniels Gift Set and two glasses.

Infuse some flavor to your favorite drink with Ciroc     Donor: Valu Plus Liquors
Peach Vodka and Absolut Mandarin Orange Vodka.                                             Donor Value: $20.00

Donor: Serum's
                                   Donor Value: $40.00
                                                         408     Santa Wine Set
                                                         Two bottles of wine in unique santa pants, plus
402     Clos de la Siete Wine                            napkins and gingerbread houses in a fancy sleigh.
A lovely blend of red wine from the foothills of the     Donor: Eleanor Gerster
Andes Mountains, this 1.5 liter bottle is a 2007                                           Donor Value: $50.00
vintage from Argentina.

Donor: Surdyk's Liquor Store                             409     Cub Food Gift Bag
                                   Donor Value: $50.00
                                                         Reusable Cub shopping bag with essential everyday
403     Taste of Greece                                  products and a $40 gift card.

Get a taste of Fr. Mike's pilgrimage to Greece with      Donor: Cub Foods, Coon Rapids
this basket of red wine, white wine, olive oil, mixed                                      Donor Value: $50.00
olives, silk scarf, mythos body lotion, pistachios,
halva, shopping bag, napkins, and chocolate bars.        410     Cub Food Gift Bag
Donor: Rob and Rosemarie Donlin
                              Donor Value: $80.00        Reusable Cub bag with essential everyday Cub
                                                         products and a $40 gift card.
404     Watkins Basket
                                                         Donor: Cub Foods, Coon Rapids
                                                                                           Donor Value: $50.00
One Vanilla, Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic
Powder, Ground Mustard, Dill Weed, Chili Powder,
Cinnamon, Almond Extract, Barbecue Sauce. Two            411     Zig Zag Zin Bottle
pizza doughs, refrigerator towels, dish cloths.
                                                         Gather your friends to share this flavorful 2005
Donor: Don and Sue Malafa                                Mendocino County three liter bottle of Zig Zag Zin.
                                   Donor Value: $83.00
                                                         Donor: Vintage 1 Wine
405     Wine Package                                                                       Donor Value: $75.00

Be ready to entertain with three bottles of wine, cork
cage, Red Neck wine glasses, appetizer spreaders, and
stainless steel cork.

Donor: Gary and Chris Gorham
                                   Donor Value: $95.00
412     Rolling Stones 40 Licks Merlot                      418     Picnic in the Park Basket
You don't have to have a mouth like Mick Jagger to          Share a special moment with this wine basket. Perfect
enjoy this one! This three liter bottle of 2008             for a romantic picnic in the park. This includes wine,
Mendocino County Rolling Stones 40 Licks Merlot             wine glasses, wine opener, candy, peanuts, cheese,
will entertain your guests in taste and appearance.         salami, bread board, knife, and more!

Donor: Vintage 1 Wine                                       Donor: The WHO Group
                                   Donor Value: $75.00                                        Donor Value: $40.00

413     Home Crafted Wines                                  419     It's Pasta Night!
Savor the flavors of these homemade wines including         Just dream of the great aromas wafting through your
Pinot Noir, Raspberry and Apple Dessert.                    kitchen with this pasta bowl full of pasta sauces,
                                                            pepperoni, and more!
Donor: Steve Jankowski
                                   Donor Value: $40.00      Donor: The WHO Group
                                                                                              Donor Value: $30.00
414     Flavorful Schnapps
                                                            420     Wine Basket
Tempt your taste buds with two bottles of Mother's
Caramel Apple Schnapps and one bottle of Mother's           Throw a casual happy hour with wine, wine opener,
Raspberry Schnapps.                                         candy, candle, peanuts, cheese, salami, and more.

Donor: Midwest Promotional Marketing                        Donor: The WHO Group
                             Donor Value: $25.00                                              Donor Value: $40.00

415     Orange Curacao                                      451     Culver's Basket Meals
Mix it up with Orange Curacao by Gionelli!                  Take the family for dinner and treats. Certificates
                                                            include four value baskets, two single scoop frozen
Donor: Midwest Promotional Marketing                        custard, and two 2-scoop sundaes. Valid at Anoka
                             Donor Value: $10.00            location only.
416     Metropolitan Martini                                Donor: Culver's - Anoka
                                                                                              Donor Value: $40.00
It doesn't get any easier than this! Enjoy two pre-
made vodka martinis in this unique set by
Metropolitan Martini Co.                                    452     County Market Gift Card

Donor: Midwest Promotional Marketing                        Stock up with a $25 gift card to County Market.
                             Donor Value: $15.00
                                                            Donor: County Market
417     Trader Joe's Pasta Night                                                              Donor Value: $25.00

Have an Italian night Trader Joe's style. The red           453     Panera Gift Card
reusable bag is sectioned into six compartments
containing pasta, marinara sauce, extra virgin olive oil,   Enjoy scrumptious soups, salads, sandwiches or treats
basil pesto, grated cheese, and sparkling mineral           with a $50 gift card to Panera.
                                                            Donor: Keith and Pat Hesli
Donor: Trader Joe's                                                                           Donor Value: $50.00
                                   Donor Value: $18.00
454     Lobster Dinners                                 460     Billy's Bar and Grill
                                                                Gift Certificate
Any night will be a special occasion when you enjoy
two lobster dinners at Dehn's Country Manor.            Stop for a bite in historic downtown Anoka with
                                                        these four $5 gift certificates. Expires 1/12/2013.
Donor: Dehn's Country Manor
                                  Donor Value: $75.00   Donor: Billy's Bar and Grill
                                                                                           Donor Value: $20.00
455     Truffles & Tortes
                                                        461     Acapulco Gift Card
Tempt your taste buds at Truffles & Tortes in
downtown Anoka with a $25 gift card.                    Chips and salsa anyone? Enjoy Mexican dishes and
                                                        beverages with these two $10 gift cards to Acapulco
Donor: Truffles & Tortes                                at Riverdale in Coon Rapids.
                                  Donor Value: $25.00
                                                        Donor: Acapulco Restaurant
                                                                                           Donor Value: $20.00
456     Boston's Gift Certificate
                                                        462     G's Cafe Gift Certificate
Enjoy lunch or dinner at Boston's in Coon Rapids
and receive $25 off your check. Valid for dine-in,      You might treat the whole family to a meal with this
curbside, or delivery. Expires 2/18/13.                 $50 gift card for G's Cafe in downtown Anoka.
Donor: Boston's Gourmet Pizza                           Donor: G's an Irish Cafe
                                  Donor Value: $25.00                                      Donor Value: $50.00

457     Chili's Gift Card                               463     Holiday Treats
Treat yourself to something good! This gift card is     No need to fuss with making Christmas cookies this
worth $50 at Chili's or Macaroni Grill.                 year! This certificate is good for ten dozen cookies
                                                        baked with butter and liqueur. Homemade by Clara
Donor: Northeast Bank                                   Lehn. Cookies will be delivered to the parish office
                                  Donor Value: $50.00   on 12/14/12.

                                                        Donor: Clara Lehn 
458     TGIF Gift Card                                                                     Donor Value: $40.00

Thank Goodness It's Friday! Use this $12 gift card to   464     Green Mill Gift Card
take a friend out to celebrate with an appetizer or a
                                                        Enjoy pizza, pasta, or any other delicious menu item
                                                        with a $25 gift card to Green Mill.
Donor: Greg and Angela Burnes
                                  Donor Value: $12.00   Donor: Green Mill Restaurants
                                                                                           Donor Value: $25.00
459     Bennigan's Gift Card
                                                        465     Benihana Gift Certificate
Enjoy some Irish fare at Bennigan's in Coon Rapids
with these two $10 gift cards.                          Not your average restaurant! Use these two $20 gift
                                                        certificates at the Maple Grove location and have a
Donor: Bennigan's                                       front seat observing creative chef skills. Reservations
                                  Donor Value: $20.00   required one week in advance.

                                                        Donor: Benihana
                                                                                           Donor Value: $40.00
467      Running Aces                                        505     6-Piece Knife Set
Enjoy the seafood buffet for two at Running Aces in          8-inch chef's knife, 8-inch carving knife, boning knife,
Harness Park! Gift Certificate is worth $40.                 utility knife, paring knife and sharpening steel.

Donor: Dan and Kathy Erhart                                  Donor: Beverlee Steffy
                                    Donor Value: $40.00                                         Donor Value: $15.00

                                                             506     Kuchenstolz Knife Set
                                                             8-inch chef's knife, 8-inch carving knife, boning knife,
                                                             utility knife, paring knife, 3-in-1 kitchen peeler and
                                                             sharpening steel.

                                                             Donor: Beverlee Steffy
                                                                                                Donor Value: $25.00

501      Burgundy and Tan Quilt and                          507     6-Piece Knife Set
                                                             8-inch chef's knife, 8-inch carving knife, boning knife,
                                                             utility knife, paring knife and sharpening steel.
With an "up north" motif, this burgundy and tan quilt
measures 86" x 61". The matching pillowcase
                                                             Donor: Beverlee Steffy
measures 30 1/2" x 19 1/2".
                                                                                                Donor Value: $15.00
Donor: Vernon and Jane Rausch
                             Donor Value: $100.00            508     Blueberry Quilt

502      Cookie Jar                                          Wonderful colors perfect for the top of a bed, across
                                                             your favorite chair or as a wall hanging! Yum!
It'll be tough to keep their fingers out of this brightly-
                                                             Donor: Joanne Case
colored, floral hydrangea cookie jar!
                                                                                                Donor Value: $40.00
Donor: Cheryl Hanks
                                    Donor Value: $25.00      509     Floral Lap Quilt

503      Quilt Rack                                          In modern blue, green and brown fabrics, use or
                                                             display this machine-quilted blanket anywhere.
Use this like-new green metal rack to display your
                                                             Donor: Rheanna Mickelson
favorite quilt.
                                                                                                Donor Value: $90.00
Donor: Monica Swieringa
                                    Donor Value: $50.00      510     Fix Your Computer Problems

504      Compact Photo Printer                               Get your first two hours of service for free with your
                                                             winning bid. This package also includes a wireless
                                                             router (WiFi). Service offer is valid through 8/31/12.
Print your memories with the push of a button! The
Canon SELPHY ES 40 printer is compact and simple
                                                             Donor: Donnal Group Inc.
to use.
                                                                                               Donor Value: $280.00
Donor: Betty Stiff
                                    Donor Value: $65.00
511     USA Nylon Flag                                     517     Handmade Afghan
Wave your stars and stripes with pride with this 3' x 5'   Perfect for curling up with a good book. Handmade
nylon flag with embroidered stars.                         afghan in pink, mauve and off white.

Donor: Twin Cities Flag Source                             Donor: Gayle Bassett
                                   Donor Value: $29.00                                       Donor Value: $50.00

512     Southwestern Table                                 518     Honeywell
        Covering/Wallhanging                                       Programmable Thermostat
Add to your Southwestern motif or redecorate in a          Keep tabs on your heat with this Vision Pro 8000
new theme with this beautiful 32" x 40" table              model touch screen, seven day programmable
covering or wall hanging.                                  thermostat. Installation not included.
Donor: Eleanor Gerster                                     Donor: West Air Heating and Cooling
                                   Donor Value: $30.00                                       Donor Value: $75
513     Southwestern Table Square and
        Napkins                                            519     Decorative Metal Deer
                                                           Perfect for the winter season. Metal deer wall
Perfect for a Mexican theme night. Decorate your           hanging with colorful berries and greenery.
table with this 29" square and two napkins.
                                                           Donor: Eleanor Gerster
Donor: Eleanor Gerster                                                                       Donor Value: $40.00
                                   Donor Value: $30.00

514     Ralph Lauren Floral Pillow                         520     Christmas Table Runner

Large Ralph Lauren floral decorative pillow. Spruce        The spirit of the season is sewn right through this
up any setting in your home.                               Christmas table runner. Perfect size for an end table
                                                           at 24" x 14".
Donor: Eleanor Gerster
                                   Donor Value: $50.00     Donor: Joanne Case
                                                                                             Donor Value: $25.00
515     Tupperware Set
                                                           521     Blue, Pink and Beige Table
Replace your old Tupperware or give a gift to the                  Runner
newlywed! This brightly-colored package includes a
10-piece bowl set, a 4-piece bowl set, a Fix-N-Mix
                                                           Table runner in blue, beige and pink. Great size at
bowl, a large modular bowl set, and a cake taker.
                                                           31" x 12".
Donor: Nancy Furch
                                                           Donor: Joanne Case
                                  Donor Value: $150.00
                                                                                             Donor Value: $25.00

516     Angel Pillow                                       522     Floral Table Runner
Beautiful hand embroidered angel in cream and pink
                                                           A splendid sight with multiple bright garden colors in
tones. Display proudly in your home.
                                                           a floral print. Size 27" x 15".
Donor: Gayle Bassett
                                                           Donor: Joanne Case
                                   Donor Value: $30.00
                                                                                             Donor Value: $25.00
523     Nachtmann Crystal Bowl                            529     Baker's Delight
                                                                  Prayer Shawl Basket
This bowl is pure elegance alone or filled with candies
or decor.                                                 All you need to add to this basket is that extra
                                                          necessary ingredient: Prayer! Cream colored prayer
Donor: Joan and Peter Bednarczyk
                                                          shawl with teal stripes, two cookie sheets, two 9"x13"
                               Donor Value: $50.00
                                                          cake pans, oven mitt, two pot holders, two kitchen
                                                          towels, measuring cups, cake mix, cookie mix,
524     Photo Fringe Basket                               measuring spoons, red rosary, vintage tea cups, and
                                                          dish scrubber!
Use this fun assortment of items as you reminisce
over photographs. Included in the striped beverage        Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
cooler container is a photo file box, photo coasters, a                                    Donor Value: $50.00
Gorham crystal bowl, vanilla candle, and flowered
pen. The red fringe prayer shawl was hand-made by
the St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group.                     530     Springtime Table Top
Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group                   This spring table top setting is ready to transfer to
                                 Donor Value: $50.00      your table for that next special occasion! Complete,
                                                          gently used setting for eight includes white china with
525     Baker's Basket                                    silver trim and white embossed floral filigree, "Always
                                                          Superb" cookbook, black table cloth, bright green
Fill your kitchen with sweet aromas with Pensey's         lace table cloth overlay, black napkins, clear glass
spices, muffin mixes, and baking chips.                   rabbit napkin holders, wooden chest with silverware,
                                                          wine glasses, and more!
Donor: Clara Lehn
                                   Donor Value: $70.00    Donor: Bruce and Ruth Gilbertson
                                                                                       Donor Value: Priceless!
526     Triple Burner Buffet Set
                                                          531     Rose Table Top
Entertain with ease using this Command
Performance 7-piece triple burner buffet server.          How romantic! Take home this gorgeous table top
                                                          for twelve complete with gently used, rose detailed
Donor: Anonymous                 Donor Value: $150.00     and gold rimmed dinnerware and serving pieces.
                                                          Also included is tan tablecloth, napkins, wine glasses,
527     Hobby Farmer's Delights                           rose napkin holders and centerpiece.

Get garden freshness with these sweet chunks,             Donor: Anonymous
pickled beets, and bread and butter pickles.                                              Donor Value: Priceless!

Donor: Hobby Farmers Canning Company
                             Donor Value: $20.00          532     Aaron Rain Barrel

528     Princess House Crystal                            Be Green! This 58 gallon rain barrel of 100% food
                                                          grade recycled plastic has a down spout adapter for
                                                          direct connection to any gutter. Solid brass spigot is
Impress your luncheon or dinner guests with these         threaded for a garden hose.
signature pressed glass serving pieces taken directly
from the oven to table. The Fantasia rectangular and      Donor: Marie Chouinard
square baker dishes are made by Princess House                                              Donor Value: $150.00

Donor: Nancy Furch
                                   Donor Value: $90.00

533     "It's Never Too Late..."                            539     S'more Fun Fire Pit
Framed 8" x 4.5" stitched canvas wall hanging.              No need to go any further than the backyard for
                                                            s'more fun. This 35" slate fire pit will provide hours
Donor: Mark Johnson                                         of enjoyment and you'll get a head start with all the
                                   Donor Value: $10.00      makings for s'mores.
                                                            Donor: Nancy and Gary Rodgers
534     "Where Thou Art..."                                                             Donor Value: $110.00

Framed 14.5" x 8" stitched art on canvas.                   540     Think Spring!
Donor: Mark Johnson                                         Get growing with a garden themed storage box,
                                   Donor Value: $20.00      Home Depot gift card, journal, note cards, planting
                                                            container, seeds, garden tools, and gloves.
535     "Apple Tree"                                        Donor: Nancy and Gary Rodgers
                                                                                               Donor Value: $42.00
Framed 11" x 11" stitched art on canvas.
                                                            541     Quilted Christmas Wall Hanging
Donor: Mark Johnson
                                   Donor Value: $20.00      Enjoy that Christmas spirit all year long with this
                                                            beautiful quilted wall hanging.
536     "Mother Nature"                                     Donor: Anonymous
                                                                                              Donor Value: $100.00
Framed 14.5" x 14.5" stitched art in white washed
frame.                                                      551     Redmann's Gift Certificate
Donor: Mark Johnson                                         Update your home with a $100 gift certificate to
                                   Donor Value: $30.00      Redmann's Floorcovering and Design. Expires
537     Handy Tools Basket                                  Donor: Redmann's Floorcovering and Design
                                                                                         Donor Value: $100.00
There will be no more broken or squeaky items
around your house with this package which includes a
29-piece screwdriver set, paint brushes, tape measure,      552     Redmann's Gift Certificate
lubricant spray, mini pry bar, utility knife, flashlight,
drill bits, and paint edger.                                Update your home with a $100 gift certificate to
                                                            Redmann's Floorcovering and Design. Expires
Donor: The WHO Group                                        3/1/13.
                                   Donor Value: $30.00
                                                            Donor: Redmann's Floorcovering and Design
                                                                                         Donor Value: $100.00
538     Nuts and Bolts Basket
                                                            553     Border Line's Pavement
No more excuses for not getting the job done with
these new tools including a drill bit set, 6" and 8"                Certificate
pliers, long nose pliers, drywall saw, wrench, tool
                                                            Improve the look of your property with a $250 gift
band, nut driver set, saw, and level.
                                                            certificate towards your residential driveway sealcoat
                                                            and crackfilling services from Border Line's Pavement
Donor: The WHO Group
                                                            Maintenance. Expires 10/1/12.
                                   Donor Value: $40.00
                                                            Donor: Border Line's Pavement Maintenance
                                                                                          Donor Value: $250.00
554     A Perfect Choice Carpet                          559      WHO Can Help!
                                                         The WHO Group will clean your home, paint a
Refresh your home with a $100 certificate to A           room, perform spring clean-up, or do anything which
Perfect Choice Carpet Cleaning. Use towards three        does not require a permit or license. Limited to any
rooms of carpet cleaning or, if you prefer, clean your   Wednesday from 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. except the first
couch and chair.                                         Wednesday of the month. Expires 6/30/12.

Donor: A Perfect Choice Carpet Cleaning                  Donor: The WHO Group
                              Donor Value: $100.00                                          Donor Value: $250.00

555     Lawn Fertilization Program                       560      Underground Sprinkler
Make your neighbors jealous with your plush lawn!
This certificate is good for spring, summer and fall     Make sure your grass will be watered this summer!
applications of granular fertilization during April-     This certificate includes a service call to pressurize
November. Valid for 15,000 sq. ft. within 15 miles of    your system, set the clock, and identify any issues.
St. Stephen's.                                           $65 service call fee waived. Expires 9/18/12. All
                                                         parts and labor are extra.
Donor: Neat to the Street
                                 Donor Value: $125.00    Donor: Labor, Lawn, and Landscapes 
                                                                                       Donor Value: $65.00
556     Garage Door Torsion Springs
                                                         561      Armstrong Ranch Kennels
Make getting home easier with the replacement of
two torsion springs for your garage door. Includes       Feel comforted knowing that your pet is safe and
springs and labor.                                       secure while you are away. This certificate is good for
                                                         $100 for boarding your dog or cat at Armstrong
Donor: Mike's Anoka Garage Doors Inc.                    Ranch Kennels.
                            Donor Value: $133.00
                                                         Donor: Armstrong Ranch Kennels
557     Baland Legal Services                                                       Donor Value: $100.00

This certificate is good for a 10% discount on legal     562      Minuteman Press
services from Baland Law Office, P.L.L.C. Maximum                 Printed Materials
discount equals $100. Discount on attorney fees
only, and not costs and expenses. Attorney has sole      Ready for your next project or event? This certificate
discretion to determine how discount will be             is good for letterhead, envelopes, business cards,
applied/calculated. Expires 12/31/12.                    postcards or brochures.
Donor: Baland Law Office, P.L.L.C.                       Donor: Minuteman Press
                              Donor Value: $100.00                                          Donor Value: $150.00

558     Legal Consultation with Twin                     563      Wedding Printing
        City Attorneys
                                                         Printing for all your wedding needs! Good for
Receive a free, 30-minute legal consultation with        invitations, announcements, programs, thank you
Twin City Attorneys valued up to $100. Expires           cards or stationery.
                                                         Donor: ABC Newspapers
Donor: Twin City Attorneys                                                                  Donor Value: $100.00
                                 Donor Value: $100.00
                                                         606      Blue is for Boys Basket
                                                         Bless the baby boy in your life! This basket contains
                                                         a 3-month sleeper with matching hat, bib and booties.
                                                         He'll grow up with his very own teddy bear, "Lion
                                                         King" book, "My First Bible" book, flatware set and
                                                         sippy cup. The baby blue afghan was hand-made by
                                                         the St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group.

601     Wooden Horse Swing                               Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                                                                                          Donor Value: $60.00
Your favorite child will enjoy this hand-crafted
wooden horse swing for hours.
                                                         607      Pastel Baby Afghan
Donor: James Masteller
                                  Donor Value: $50.00    Beautifully crafted baby afghan in pastel colors. Size
                                                         is perfect for wrapping up for Baptism and beyond!
602     Crib Quilt
                                                         Donor: Lorraine Schoeppach
Perfect overlay for a crib when guests arrive to check                                        Donor Value: $30.00
out the baby's room! Pinks, blues, greens and white.
Donor: Joanne Case
                                                         608      Ink Monsters St. Stephen's
                                  Donor Value: $40.00             School Uniform Package

603     Anoka Sport Shack Bundle                         Replace those dingy uniforms for this year or wait for
                                                         new duds for next school year. Package includes two
Outfit that Angel! Basket includes two $50 gift cards,   t-shirts (navy or white), one navy sweatshirt, one long
a long sleeved white uniform shirt, a gold short         sleeve t-shirt (navy or white), one short sleeve polo
sleeved uniform shirt and a uniform sweatshirt. All      (gold, navy or white), one long sleeve polo (gold, navy
size youth large. Expires 1/2013.                        or white) and one spirit wear t-shirt. Expires
Donor: Anoka Sport Shack
                                 Donor Value: $150.00    Donor: Ink Monsters Inc.
                                                                                              Donor Value: $70.00
604     Panda Basket
                                                         609      Totino Grace Basket
Bless the smallest among you! This basket includes a
panda baby afghan with matching bear, hat, booties,
                                                         Show your school spirit with a hooded sweatshirt,
and rosary. All hand-made by the St. Stephen's
                                                         long sleeve t-shirt, short sleeve t-shirt, flannel shorts
Prayer Shawl Group. Extra treats include picture
                                                         (all size medium), stocking cap, metal water bottle
frame, pacifiers, rubber duck, and a variety of books.
                                                         and pom poms.
Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                                                         Donor: Totino Grace High School
                                 Donor Value: $75.00
                                                                                      Donor Value: $100.00
605     Meal Time Fun with Mickey
Make meal time fun with this Mickey Mouse fork and
spoon set, three fun food containers and bowl. Then
cozy up for an afternoon nap with a soft fleece
Mickey throw.
Donor: Doug and Laura Jaeger
                                  Donor Value: $35.00
                                                          656     Thorogood Work Boots
                                                          These size 11, black, steel toe work boots by
                                                          Thorogood Shoes are slip and electric shock resistant.

                                                          Donor: G & K Services
                                                                                            Donor Value: $75.00

                                                          657     When I Am an Old Man Basket

651     Budweiser Clock                                   This masculine basket will put a smile on his face
                                                          with the "When I Am an Old Man" book, a "Max
Place this classic red Budweiser clock in your favorite   Lucado" book, brown rosary, candle, cup and saucer
man cave and you'll never be late again!                  with coffee, masculine fragrance soap, and a Rosetti
                                                          coin holder. The shades of brown prayer shawl was
Donor: Brian Taaffe                                       hand-made by the St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group.
                                   Donor Value: $60.00
                                                          Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
                                                                                           Donor Value: $50.00
652     Budweiser Clock
It's always "Bud" time! Display this classic red
Budweiser clock in your favorite hangout.

Donor: Brian Taaffe
                                   Donor Value: $60.00

653     Fat Tire Neon Sign
Spruce up your bar with this signature, small bike
neon sign of your favorite Fat Tire beer.                 701     Gold Cross Necklace
Donor: Brian Taaffe                                       Wear or display this beautiful gold cross with pearl
                                 Donor Value: $125.00     inset and leaf adornment.

654     Carhartt Hooded Sweatshirt                        Donor: Anonymous
                                                                                            Donor Value: $20.00
This men's XL black Carhartt hooded sweatshirt will
keep you warm on those cold work days.                    702     Lavender Rosary
Donor: G & K Services                                     Treasure this Italian-made Ghirelli rosary with
                                   Donor Value: $54.00    lavender beads set in silver.

655     Dickies Steel Toe Boots                           Donor: Anonymous
                                                                                            Donor Value: $20.00
Moisture-wicking performance fabric and oil resistant
rubber outsole are just a couple of features of these     703     Golden Last Supper Scene
size 11 black, Raider steel toe work boots by Dickies.
                                                          This Last Supper hanging frame is created in brilliant
Donor: G & K Services                                     gold with a glass background.
                                   Donor Value: $80.00
                                                          Donor: Anonymous
                                                                                            Donor Value: $20.00
704      Stone Cross Frame                                  710     Corpus Christi Procession Print
Display your favorite picture in this faux stone frame      Captured on June 26, 2011, this glossy photo of the
with an oil-rubbed bronze cross.                            Corpus Christi procession is placed in an 11" x 14"
                                                            landscape-style wooden frame. Also included is a
Donor: Anonymous                                            DVD with additional photos.
                                     Donor Value: $20.00
                                                            Donor: Keith Lilly
705      Mary Coronation Dish                                                                  Donor Value: $25.00

Certified by The Franklin Mint, The Coronation of           711     Corpus Christi Procession Print
Mary plate is an original work of art; bordered and
individually hand-numbered in 24 karat gold.                A variety of photos are blended together to capture
                                                            the importance of our Corpus Christi procession
Donor: Anonymous                                            which occurred on June 26, 2011. This 11" x 14"
                                     Donor Value: $20.00    portrait wooden frame also includes a DVD with
                                                            additional photos of the celebration.
706      Jesus Statue
                                                            Donor: Keith Lilly
Instill quiet reflection with this statue of Jesus in                                          Donor Value: $25.00
                                                            712     Here Comes the Bride Basket
Donor: Anonymous
                                     Donor Value: $45.00
                                                            Great as a shower gift! This basket contains two St.
                                                            Stephen's etched wine glasses, Just Married sign for
707      Stained Glass Panel                                car, frozen cocktail fusion, bride's garter, and bottles
                                                            of Conquista and Chateau Ste. Michelle wines. The
Colorful beams of light will shine when you hang or         white prayer shawl with face of Mary was hand-made
display this beautiful beveled cross surrounded by          by the St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group.
blue and frosted stained glass.
                                                            Donor: St. Stephen's Prayer Shawl Group
Donor: Walter and Jeanne Bloch                                                              Donor Value: $75.00
                              Donor Value: $120.00

708      Rosary Blessed by                                  713     "The Ten Commandments"
         Pope Benedict XVI                                  Framed 10" x 20" stitched art numbering all Ten
Treasure this silver St. Benedict rosary blessed by
Pope Benedict. Ornate wooden heart box contains a           Donor: Mark Johnson
pamphlet describing the origin and detail of the                                               Donor Value: $20.00

Donor: Anonymous                                            714     "Now I Lay Me..."
                                  Donor Value: Priceless!
                                                            Complete prayer into this framed 20" x 22.5" wall
709      Hand Painted Triptych                              hanging.

Use this triptych for special religious occasions or        Donor: Mark Johnson
even daily with its earth-toned hand-painted scene of                                          Donor Value: $50.00
Madonna and child.

Donor: Kathy Kempf
                                  Donor Value: Priceless!
715     The Saint John's Bible                           756     Kreative Kids Basket
A hard bound reproduction of the Gospels and The         Donor: Mrs. Toenjes and Mrs. Penn's
Book of Acts of the Saint John's Bible. This is the      Fourth Grade Classes
first illuminated, handwritten Bible of its size to be                                Donor Value: Priceless!
commissioned by a Benedictine monastery in five
hundred years. It was commissioned by St. John's
Abbey and University and took ten years to complete.
                                                         757     Aveda Basket

Donor: Kim and Cecelia Jensen                            Donor: Ms. Geis and Mrs. Taggart's
                                  Donor Value: $70.00    Fifth Grade Classes
                                                                                      Donor Value: Priceless!

                                                         758     At Home Movie Night
                                                         Donor: Sixth Grade Advisories: Mrs. Kocher,
                                                         Ms. Hyrkas, Mrs. Verkuilen and Mrs. Hefel
                                                                                       Donor Value: Priceless!

                                                         759     Heat Yoga Basket
                                                         Donor: Seventh Grade Advisories: Mrs. Miller,
751     Mother's Day Basket                              Mrs. Brown and Mr. Werk
                                                                                     Donor Value: Priceless!
Donor: Mrs. Tjosaas's Preschoolers
                             Donor Value: Priceless!     760     Backyard BBQ Basket
752     Make Room for Baby Basket                        Donor: Eighth Grade Advisories: Mrs. Radcliff,
                                                         Mrs. Lysdahl and Mrs. Hansen
Donor: Mrs. Cherney and Mrs. Wesp's                                                   Donor Value: Priceless!
Kindergarten Classes
                             Donor Value: Priceless!     761     Kindle Fire Basket
753     Pampered Dog Basket                              Donor: St. Stephen's School Families
                                                                                       Donor Value: Priceless!
Donor: Mrs. Tyminski and Mrs. Haenel's
First Grade Classes
                            Donor Value: Priceless!

754     Afternoon Tea Basket
                                                                        School Projects
Donor: Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Applen's
Second Grade Classes
                             Donor Value: Priceless!
                                                         762     Children's Ladybug Rocker
755     Scrapbooking Basket
                                                         One-of-a-kind children's hand painted rocker detailed
Donor: Mrs. Diederichs and Mrs. Kowalski's               with the Preschoolers thumbprints-turned-ladybugs
Third Grade Classes                                      in a garden.
                            Donor Value: Priceless!
                                                         Donor: Preschool Art Class
                                                                                       Donor Value: Priceless!

763     Garden Wagon                                        768     Garden Chair Planter
Get ready for that garden with this adorable red radio      Fresh green colored chair transformed into a
flyer wagon. Wooden sides have been decorated by            beautiful planter with plaster detail accents by the
the Kindergartners. Included is a garden wall               Fifth Graders.
hanging, garden tote, bug lotions and sprays, garden
tools and garden boots.                                     Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Fifth Grade Art Class
                                                                                         Donor Value: Priceless!
Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Kindergarten Art Class
                            Donor Value: Priceless!         769     Decorative Plant Stand
764     Toy Box                                             Old is new again! Painted in a neutral tone and
                                                            seashells applied to the top by the Sixth Graders.
Hide the mess and store all those toys in this hand-
painted blue-grey, toy box detailed with multi-colored      Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Sixth Grade Art Class
stamped blocks. Painted by the First Graders.                                            Donor Value: Priceless!

Donor: Mrs. Kocher's First Grade Art Class
                             Donor Value: Priceless!
                                                            770     Dragonfly Lounger
                                                            Inside or out, this blue toned lounger with decorative
765     First Communion                                     pillows will brighten up any spot.
        Lace Table Runner
                                                            Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Seventh Grade Art Class
Display this table runner at a First Communion                                           Donor Value: Priceless!
celebration or other special occasion. Detailed with
colorful handprints of the Second Graders.                  771     Treasure Trunk
Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Second Grade Art Class                 Pack up all your treasures in this metal trunk with a
                            Donor Value: Priceless!         shelf that lifts out. Splatter painted by the Eighth
766     Metal School Desk
                                                            Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Eighth Grade Art Class
Brightly painted in yellow and blue, this metal desk is                                  Donor Value: Priceless!
perfect for homework or playing school. Scribble
details placed on the top by the Third Graders.             772     Bird Cages
Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Third Grade Art Class                  Set of two weathered bird cages that are decorated
                            Donor Value: Priceless!         with accents of nature by the Eighth Graders.

767     Garden Chair Planter                                Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Eighth Grade Art Class
                                                                                         Donor Value: Priceless!
Spruce up your favorite plant by putting it in this rich,
red colored chair-turned-planter with plaster detail by
the Fourth Graders.

Donor: Mrs. Kocher's Fourth Grade Art Class
                            Donor Value: Priceless!

                                                       805     NFL Coors Light Neon Sign
                                                       Light up your entertainment area or man cave!

                                                       Donor: Northgate Liquor
                                                                                         Donor Value: $175.00

                                                       806     Percy Harvin Photo
                                                       See the strength and agility up close in this glossy
801     Golf Greats                                    official photograph of Minnesota Vikings #12, Percy
Inspire your golf game with this 11" x 35" black
matted frame with autographed pictures from the 3M     Donor: Minnesota Vikings Football Team
Greats of Golf Challenge including Arnold Palmer,                                  Donor Value: Priceless!
Lee Trevino, Chi Chi Rodriquez, Billy Casper, Miller
Barber, and Don January.
                                                       850     Three Rivers Driving Range Pass
Donor: Jeff and Mary Smith
                               Donor Value: $300.00    One driving range pass for Baker National Golf
                                                       Course, Cleary Lake Golf Course, Eagle Lake Golf
                                                       Course or Chalet Drive Golf Practice Center. Valid
802     Lee Trevino Shadow Box                         during the 2012 golf season

Autographed picture of golf legend, Lee Trevino,       Donor: Three Rivers Park District
from the 3M Golf Challenge with 3M Championship                                         Donor Value: $40.00
golf ball displayed in 8" x 10" wood shadow box.

Donor: Jeff and Mary Smith
                                                       851     Golf and Cart
                               Donor Value: $150.00
                                                       Certificate good for four rounds of golf and cart
                                                       rental. Valid Monday through Friday anytime or after
803     Arnold Palmer Shadow Box                       1:00 p.m. on weekends. Expires 2/18/13.

Autographed picture of golf legend, Arnold Palmer,     Donor: The Links at Northfork
from the 3M Golf Challenge with 3M Championship                                          Donor Value: $250.00
golf ball displayed in 8" x 10" wooden shadow box.

Donor: Jeff and Mary Smith
                                                       852     Daytona Golf Club Certificate
                               Donor Value: $150.00
                                                       Hit the greens with this gift certificate for two 18 hole
                                                       green fees and cart! A hole in one!
804     Skate Boarder Apparel
                                                       Donor: Daytona Country Club
Top to bottom! Men's size medium RipZone red                                             Donor Value: $100.00
hoodie, men's size 8.5 men's black Dayak shoes and
men's size large Access snowboard belt.

Donor: Pinewski Ski and Board Shop
                              Donor Value: $125.00

                                                          906     Reebok NFL Polo Shirt
                                                          Look official in this black polo shirt sporting the
                                                          Coor's Light logo as the official sponsor of the NFL!
                                                          Made of polyester and spandex. Size Small.

                                                          Donor: Midwest Promotional Marketing
                                                                                       Donor Value: $20.00

                                                          907     Martini T-Shirt
901     Infinity Sling Scarf
                                                          Be ready for the next Girl's Night Out in this black,
Be a fashionista in this blue and white sling scarf!      rhinestone-embellished, martini glass t-shirt!
                                                          Size Large.
Donor: Clara Lehn 
                                    Donor Value: $15.00   Donor: Midwest Promotional Marketing
                                                                                       Donor Value: $15.00
902     Infinity Sling Scarf
                                                          908     Red Flowered Visor
Dress to impress with this blue toned scarf!
                                                          All set for a red hat party, the beach, or both with this
Donor: Clara Lehn                                        red and purple visor.
                                    Donor Value: $15.00
                                                          Donor: Eleanor Gerster
                                                                                             Donor Value: $30.00
903     Infinity Sling Scarf
This black and gray scarf with button detail will work    909     Hand Knit Scarf in Red Tones
nicely into your wardrobe.
                                                          Bundle up in this beautifully made scarf with
Donor: Clara Lehn                                        variegated shades of red!
                                    Donor Value: $15.00
                                                          Donor: Lu Dene Kommers
                                                                                             Donor Value: $15.00
904     Ultra Suede Coat
Simple elegance! This custom made ultra suede coat        910     Think Spring Scarf
can be worn dressed up or down! Size 6.
                                                          Keep warm in this spring colored hand knit scarf.
Donor: Eleanor Gerster                                    Purple, pink and green colored.
                                    Donor Value: $50.00
                                                          Donor: Krista Koep
                                                                                             Donor Value: $15.00
905     CozyMittz Mittens
A break from the cold for your hands! These               911     Hand Knit Irish Sweater
beautifully crafted, fleece-lined mittens are made from
recycled wool.                                            Get cozy in this unique multicolored Lorry Marshall
                                                          sweater with wooden buttons. Size Medium.
Donor: CozyMittz Mittens
                                    Donor Value: $25.00   Donor: Eleanor Gerster
                                                                                            Donor Value: $100.00

912     Silver Colored Square Earrings                  918     Amethyst and Two Diamond
Goes with everything! Basket weave design
post earrings.                                          Purchased in India! This size 6.5 or 7 ring boasts a
                                                        9.5 mm synthetic amethyst, 2-point diamonds and 18
Donor: Eleanor Gerster                                  karat yellow gold.
                                  Donor Value: $10.00
                                                        Donor: Betty Stiff
913     Pearl and Gold Colored Earrings                                                 Donor Value: $250.00

Pearls are a classic touch! Post round earrings with
large pearls embedded in a gold colored ring.

Donor: Eleanor Gerster
                                  Donor Value: $10.00

914     Special Event or Dress Up
Just like finding that treasure in Grandma's jewelry
box! Clip-on, faceted crystal beaded earrings.

Donor: Eleanor Gerster
                                  Donor Value: $10.00

915     Love to Knit?
How about a pair of wool, cashmere, and mohair
boots for the cold Minnesota days? Size medium
boot kit.

Donor: Shepard's Choice
                                  Donor Value: $40.00

916     Chain Reaction Jewelry Combo
Be a trend setter in these dangle earrings of
intertwined metal squares and coordinating multi-
chain necklace with flower detail.

Donor: Simple Expressions by Amy
                             Donor Value: Priceless!

917     Amethyst and Four Diamond
Purchased in India! This pendant boasts a 9.5 mm
synthetic amethyst, 2-point diamonds and 18 karat
yellow gold.

Donor: Betty Stiff
                                 Donor Value: $250.00

                                      A Special Welcome to You!!

     It is with great joy that the 2012 Mardi Gras Committee welcomes you to our 13th annual Mardi
     Gras celebration!! This is the Year of the Masque and we planned a special evening with each of
     you in mind. We hope that this night is full of great fun, many laughs, and wonderful fellowship.

     We would also like to extend a special thank you, in advance, to each and every one of you for
     helping to make our annual Mardi Gras celebration so successful. We hope that you find many
     items that you ‘just have to have’ tonight, and that your bids are made from your heart.

     This year you may participate in the parish and school need items by purchasing a mask from our
     Giving Tree. We hope you will enjoy this fun way to fulfill wishes!

     Each year, Mardi Gras is supported by many generous donors from the parish, the school, and
     the community around us. It is from this wonderful generosity that we are able to provide
     support to the parish, the school, and the many programs that are supported by the parish. And,
     we sincerely thank you!!

     Mardi Gras takes many months of planning and numerous hours of work behind the scenes
     before the actual event. I would like to thank these special committee members for their
     unending dedication to Mardi Gras 2012. If I missed someone by name, it was inadvertent, and
     does not go without appreciation.

     This evening happens because of you…Thank YOU!

            Chris Bassett                    Kristin Gustafson *           Rachel Mouser
            Gayle Bassett *                  Julianne Haenel               Barb Novinska *
            Mary Jane Beberg *               Patty Hartwig *               Jill Robinson *
            Jackie Bortnem *                 Jackie Hoppenrath *           Nancy Rodgers *
            Bev Dehn *                       Laura Hudson *                Guillermo Schroeder
            Gary Dehn *                      Laura Jaeger *                Mary Smith *
            Meg Dehn                         Phil Jorgensen *              Michelle Smith *
            Karina Fabrizzi *                Lynelle Kocher                Elizabeth Talbot *
            Dan Gould                        Kelly Matter                  Angela Tjosaas
                                                                           Mona Wigen *

The Mardi Gras Committee would also like to thank the parish staff for the special attention that they
have provided to Mardi Gras and to the committee members. Without your creative energy and
boundless support, Mardi Gras would not be as successful in its endeavors. Thank you to each and
every one of you for being there for us.

         Angie and Greg Burnes
         Mardi Gras 2012 Chaircouple
                                      *Denotes Committee Member
St. Stephen’s Catholic Church

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