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					                           Tri State Elite League(TSE)

   The Tri State Elite League was formed to provide a high level of competition for
    area baseball players.
           o Age groups range from ages 8 to 18 years of age.
           o There are a large number of teams that participate in each age group.
           o Each team is required to rate themselves based on set criteria allowing
             for teams of similar ability to schedule games together.

   Sewell has enrolled teams in the Tri State Elite League since the league's
    inception in 2008.

   Sewell offers the opportunity to play in the Tri State Elite League to all registered
    in-house players.

   Teams will be determined by the ages and number of players registering. In prior
    years the age groupings have been, but are not limited to (9-10),(11-12),(13) &
    (14-15). If for example enough 11 and 12 years old register there is the ability to
    have separate 11 yr old and 12 yr old teams.
           o Rosters for each team will be determined by each coaching staff with
             the approval of the Sewell Baseball & Softball Board. Tryouts may be
             conducted depending on the number of interested players.

   The schedule will consist of 10-20 games, plus playoffs if eligible.
           o All or most games would be held on weekends. Weekday games are
             possible, but limited since in-house games are designate for
           o In the past most games have been played at the Sewell Complex due
             to the fact that other organizations have not secured a home field.

   Once teams are selected, a separate registration fee of $250 will be assessed.

   For more information
           o email
           o Visit the TSE website or click on the link at the Sewell

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