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JUL - Sierra Club_ Cumberland Chapter


Volume 35, Issue 7                                                                                                                                                July 2002

                     S I E R R A                          C L U B                   •             K E N T U C K Y

  Canine Search and Rescue 101
  An Outing That Went to the Dogs
  — by Janet Worne                     the source.
       magine that all lost people,        But this trail is as invisible to

  I    dead or alive, leave behind a
       trail of neon signs pointing
       the way to find them. Imag-
  ine how easy they would be to
  locate. And if that were the case,
                                       us as neon signs are to blindfold -
                                       ed searchers.
                                           Consider the search dog. On
                                       average dogs have 44 times the
                                       scent receptors that humans do
  can you imagine anyone even          and a larger portion of their
  attempting to find them blind-       brains are devoted to interpret-
  folded?                              ing the data collected. It would
      Just as obvious to dogs is an    take 48 trained ground
  airborne scent trail consisting of   searchers to clear an area in the
  dead skin cells known as rafts,      same amount of time it takes
  which are discarded by humans        one dog and handler. Why would          Janet Worne helped Steve Fisher’s dog, Chama, with a puppy runaway during her search and res-
  at the rate of 40,000 per minute.    anyone attempt to find a person         cue dog outing.
  These rafts are carried on the       lost in the wilderness without a
                                       trained search dog?                     ing to face grieving families                        The process of training a
  wind from a victim in a cone                                                 while they wait for us to find
                                           Dakhota and I have been a                                                            search dog is a load of fun if you
  shape with the narrow end at                                                 their loved ones. It’s also five
                                       search team for five years.                                                              enjoy being with your dog. And
                                       That’s five years of calls at two       years of playing games with my                   the beginning exercises are real-
                                       in the morning, dodging snakes,         dog, which brings me to the sub-                 ly nothing more than playing
                                       briars and poison ivy, and hav-         ject of my recent dog outing.                                        (continued on page 4)

                                       Clean Water Act: Time for the Lawyers
                                                                               tucky River. Subject to comment                  $25,000 to the Nature Conser-
                                       — by Hank Graddy                        from the DOJ, if all three are                   vancy in Kentucky to support
                                                  ithin the last               approved as submitted, these                     their efforts to preserve and pro-

                                       W          30 day s the Sierra
                                                  Club has sent three
                                       settlement agreements
                                       to the court and to the
                                                                               settlements will 1) end a long
                                                                               series of water discharge permit
                                                                                                                                tect the Kentucky River Pal-
                                                                                                                                          One additional benefit
                                                                                                                                      resulted when one defen-
                                                                                                                                      dant tried to dismiss the
                                       United States Depart-                                                                          lawsuit with a challenge to
                                       ment of Justice (DOJ)                                                                          Sierra Club standing. Judge
                                       for comment and                                                                                Joseph Hood found that the
                                       approval. These three                                                                          Sierra Club had standing to
                                       settlement agreements                                                                          pursue the Clean Water Act
                                       were reached with the                                                                          enforcement case, based
                                       Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frank-      violations from all three facili-                upon, in part, our members’
                                       fort, the City of Eminence, and         ties, 2) provide stipulated penal-               well-documented interest in
                                       the City of Carrollton, all facili-     ties if permit violations persist,
                                       ties discharging into the Ken-          and 3) result in payments of                                          (continued on page 4)
page 2                                                                                                                                                                                          The Cumberland July 2002

Group News
          GROUP LEARNS                                           A LOCALLY-PRODUCED
          ORIENTEERING                                                POTLUCK

        o one disappeared on Gary

                                                                      he Pennyrile Group had a spe-
        Calery’s farm, so his orienteer-                              cial meeting/potluck program
        ing day can be labeled a grand                                on June 15 in Owensboro at the
success. On May 25, fourteen folks                             home of member Chester Ward. We
   M A M M O T H C A V E learned com-                              PENNYRILE              enjoyed
                          pass and ori-                                                   grilled burg-
                          enteering                                                       ers      from
                          skills while                                                    grass-fed beef
                          navigating on                                                   raised and
       Donna Leach        Gobbler’s                                  Mary Kay King        processed by                        Danaena Rue and Oscar Geralds at Sierra Club booth at Arbor Day for Lexington/UK Arboretum.
       270-725-8581                                                  270-691-0822
                          Knob, a high                                                    Ohio County
overlook on the Calery farm. Gary                              farmer Larry Sansom, who does not                                                                               ed parties to attend this meeting and
said that he was pleased with both the                         use feed antibiotics or synthetic hor-                            I LOVE A PARADE. . .                          learn more about the issues. Recent
turnout and with the orienteering                              mones. Many thanks to Chester for                                                                               discussions have involved the Daniel

course. Those that know Gary well                              supplying the burgers for the June                                   how your patriotic side and have           Boone Forest Plan Revision, Kentucky
find it rather amusing that he chose                           meeting; potluck side dishes were                                    lots of fun in downtown Lexing-            Tri-Modal Transpark, newly proposed
to teach orienteering, since he is                             contributed by other members.                                        ton on July 4th. Volunteers are            power plants in Kentucky and much
notorious for getting himself lost. In                              Chester also presented the pro-                           needed to march in th e parade                   more. Our next meeting will be
fact, his Boy Scout Troop members                              gram on organic gardening and land-                               B L U E G R A S S behind our                  Wednesday, July 31, 7:00 p.m. at the
used to make up stories and songs to                                      scaping, using his yard for                                                  Sierra Club             home of Hilary Lambert, Co-Conserva-
commemorate their fearless leader’s                                        demonstration and show-                                                     banner that             tion Chair. If you are interested in
directional mishaps in the woods.                                           and-tell. Since May’s                                                      afternoon               attending, please contact Hilary at
     Summer outings for the Mam-                                             meeting featured mem-                                                     and/or to run           (859) 255-8216, or Patty Draus, Co-
                                                                                                                                     Amy Stawicki      the Bluegrass
moth Cave Group include Car-                                                   ber Aloma Dew leading                                859-225-9976                               Chair at (859) 299-5669, for more
olyn McMillan’s sailing trip on                                                 a discussion on “Eating                                                Group infor-            information. Meetings are open to
the Barren River on July 13-14                                                   as a Moral Choice,”                          mation booth for a shift between 9:00            members and non-members alike.
and Barbara Pinson’s whitewa-                                                     facilitated by essays                       a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Please contact Jay                 Bluegrass Book Group
ter rafting trip on the Nanta-                                                  from writer/farmer/                           Taylor, Group Chair, at (502) 867-                    The book for July is “Far Appalla-
hela River in North Carolina, on                                              agrarian Wendell Berry,                         1899 to sign up!                                 cia” by Noah Adams. Literature lovers
July 26-28. Barbara is also leading a                          we tried to plan the June potluck                                   Meeting Updates                             are invited to join this friendly gather-
canoe trip on the Red River, in Adams,                         around locally produced foods.                                      If you would like to see the Blue-          ing and you don’t have to read the
Tennessee on August 10. For more                                    The Pennyrile Group meets on the                          grass Group’s decision-making                    whole book to enjoy the lively conver-
information on these outings or to reg-                        2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.                          process, then we invite you to attend            sion. The next book Sierra Club book
ister, call Carolyn at 270-598-0588 and                        in Room 151 of the Ralph Center,                               our monthly Business Meeting (also               discussion will be 7:00 pm Thursday,
Barbara at 270-725-9652.                                       located at the corner of South Griffith                        known as “ex comm”). These are usu-              July 18, at the home of Ray and Mary
     July’s program topic is caving.                           Avenue and College Street on the cam-                          ally held on the first Monday of each            Barry. Contact Ray & Mary at (859)
Regular meetings of the Mammoth                                pus of Kentucky Wesleyan College. We                           month. Our next meeting will be July             223-0180 or Katherine Ginting at
Cave Group are held the third Thurs-                           are trying to schedule a special “field                        1, 7:00 p.m. The location is the Faith           (859) 299-7446 for more information.
day of each month, at 7 p.m. in the                            trip” for the July or August meeting in                        House, 836 Melrose Ave. Please con-
                                                                                                                              tact Jay Taylor, Group Chair, at (502)
Basil Griffin Park’s Educational Build-
ing, Bowling Green. The group wel-
                                                               lieu of the regular meeting location, so
                                                               check with Mary Kay King about a                               867-1899. As always, the meeting is                  IT’S SUMMER:
comes all newcomers.                                           meeting change.                                                free and open to the public.                     TIME TO MEET AND EAT
                                                                                                                                   Our General Meeting is always the

                                                                                                                              third Monday of each month. The next                     n Saturday, July 6th, Con-
The                                                                                                                           one will be held on Monday, July 15,                     gressman Kucinich will speak
       Cumberland                                 A monthly publication of the Cumberland
                                                  Chapter of the Sierra Club, Kentucky                                        7:30 p.m. at Shriner’s Hospital, 1900
                                                                                                                              Richmond Rd. in Lexington (one mile
                                                                                                                                                                                       at the Kentucky Center for the
                                                                                                                                                                               Arts, after a 5:30 cookout on the
259 West Short Street, Lexington, KY 40507, 859-255-7946, Fax 859-233-4099, E-Mail OGeralds@lexkylaw. com
Editorial Committee                     Change of Address                         Contributors’ Guidelines
                                                                                                                              inside New Circle Road). Check the                GREATER LOUISVILLE Belvedere
Betsy Bennett        Lane Boldman       Send old and new addresses with           Please submit articles typed, on disk, or   Herald-Leader ‘Community’ section on                                     sponsored by
Oscar Geralds        Steve McCallum     mailing label (or member number) to:      e-mailed to address above, according to                                                                              EarthSave for
Monica Stoch         Janet Worne        Sierra Club                               the following:                              the Wednesday prior for more infor-
Mary Nell McGary     Carol Von Lanken   P.O. Box 52968                            1. Double-spaced, not to exceed 700         mation, or call Program Chair Lewis                                      a meat-based
Susie Catchen                           Boulder, CO 80322-2968                       words (3 double-spaced pages.)
                                                                                  2. Author’s first and last names, day and   Warden for directions and program                                        planet.
Advertising Coordinator:                Deadlines                                    evening phone numbers at the top.                                                                Joan Lindop          Dennis
Lane Boldman                            The deadline for all materials is the     3. Articles on disk should be accompa-
                                                                                                                              details, (859) 312-5622. Our meetings                 502-228-0016
114 Woodford Village Drive              first Thursday of the month. Due to          nied by double-spaced hard copy.         are free and open to the public.                                         Kucinich (D-
Lexington, KY 40504
859-252-3422                            the holiday, the deadline date for sub-
                                        mission of articles to
                                                                                     If e-mailing, please send a copy to
                                                                                                                                   Our Conservation Committee                  OH) will speak at 7:30 in the Bomhard
Outings Coordinator:                    the August 2002                           The editor reserves the right to trim or    meets on the last Wednesday of the               Theater. He is the dynamic leader of
Darren Payne                            issue of The Cumber-                                                                                                                   the Progressive Caucus of the Democ-
P.O. Box 533                            land is July 3, 2002.
                                                                                  revise for reasons of clarity, space or     month. We invite you to join us and
Mount Sterling, KY 40353                                                                                                      increase support from our volunteer              ratic Party. He combines a powerful
606-498-5894                                                                      The Cumberland is printed on                base. We welcome any and all interest-           activism with a spiritual sense of the
                                                                                  recycled paper.
Visit us on the web at                                                                                                                                                 (continued on page 3)
The Cumberland July 2002                                                                                                            page 3

                                                                                        required by federal law to revise the
The Northern Kentucky Sentinels Report                                                  permit when violations occur. This has
— by Heather Mayfield                                                                   not happened. In fact, even though
                                            Northern Kentucky International Air-        state monitoring reports have con-

      he Northern Kentucky Water            port. The Sentinels think that this pol-    firmed numerous discharge violations
      Sentinels have been busy final-       lution is a direct result of the Kentucky   in the past five years for which the air-
      izing their goals for 2002-2003       Division of Water’s failure to enforce      port was never cited, the KDOW is
since receiving the good news that          federal water quality standards. For        ready to re-issue the exact same “pol-
their project is funded for another         example, a permit enforced by the           luting” permit to the Kenton County
year!                                       KDOW in 1997 to “clean up” the two          Airport Board that it issued in 1997.
     One campaign that the Sentinels        creeks allows the airport to discharge      This is unacceptable, especially since
will continue pursuing involves Gun-        pollutants that often exceed EPA guide-     pollution in Gunpowder Creek spread
powder and Elijah’s Creeks, which           lines. Ironically, deicing fluid is not     the farthest it had ever been in nine
have been severely polluted by deicing      even listed as one of these pollutants!     years in May 2001. The Sentinels,
fluid from the Greater Cincinnati                Furthermore, the KDOW is               along with Licking River Watershed
                                                                                        Watch, opposed the proposed “pollut-
                                                                                        ing” permit at a public hearing on May
                                                                                        7. The hearing received some excellent
                                                                                        local media coverage, which has
                                                                                        prompted some residents who live
                                                                                        close to Gunpowder Creek to come for-
                                                                                        ward with their concerns.
                                                                                             The Sentinels are trying to coordi-
                                                                                        nate a monitoring taskforce comprised
                                                                                        of these concerned citizens, and will
                                                                                        use the data they collect to show that
                                                                                        Gunpowder and Elijah’s Creeks are still
                                                                                        severely polluted because the Division
                                                                                        of Water has failed to enforce the Clean
                                                                                        Water Act. v
Gunpowder Creek.

Group News...                               duction on our panel, including chem-
                                            ical vs. organic, use of hormones and
                                                                                        fun! A special invitation goes out to
                                                                                        members who’ve joined or become
(continued from page 2)
                                            antibiotics, genetic modification, small    active in our group over the last year.
interconnectedness of all living things.    vs. large farms and fast food vs. slow.     The annual picnic is a perfect oppor-
His holistic world view is expressed in     On our panel are Dan Franz, a local         tunity for long time members to get
terms of the environment, peace, pub-       organic farmer; Stephen Bartlett, Latin     reacquainted with fellow Sierrans.
lic service and human rights.               America Liaison for Agricultural Mis-       Please reserve by calling Ron Lusby at
     On Tuesday, July 16th, our             sions, National Council of Churches;        (859) 635-9221.
monthly meeting will feature Sarah          Patrick Henry, chef at Artemisia, and           Gearing up for your next backpack
Lynn Cunningham’s slides of wildflow-       a representative from Kroger. Greg          into the woods? Then you won’t want
ers blooming in the Alpine and sub-         Gapsis of the Floyd County Planning         to miss our Northern Kentucky Group
Alpine regions of the Colorado Rockies.     Commission will moderate.                   Meeting on Monday, July 22, at 7:00
     On, Saturday, July 20th, come to            The doors of the Hoosier Room          p.m. at Thomas More College. One of
our social dinner for a taste of the Mid-   will open at noon for an indoor farm-       the most important lessons to learn
dle East at Babylon, a new South end        ers’ market and refreshments. The           about backpacking centers around
restaurant. Then we’re off to enjoy the     panel discussion will start at 1:30 p.m.    food. So we’ll start our evening with a
Kentucky Music Fest at nearby Iro-          For more information, call 923-9700         backpacking style potluck. Partici-
quois Park. For information call Vir-       or 944-6290.                                pants should bring a “simple” dish to
ginia at (502) 380-3833.                                                                share (along with the recipe if there is
     Food: The Rural/Urban Connection         DON’T MISS THE                            one). Also bring your backpack filled
     Sunday, August 11, at noon at                                                      with your gear and other items like
Indiana University South, Hoosier
                                            ANNUAL GROUP PICNIC                         photos and books for sharing and dis-
Room. Buy fresh local produce and                                                       cussion. Soft drinks and dessert will be

                                                   he Annual Northern Kentucky
meet farmers from all over the Ken-                                                     provided.
                                                   Group Picnic will be on Thurs-
tuckiana area and listen to a panel dis-           day, July 11, at Tower Park in
cussion of experts on various aspects                                                                   •••
                                            Fort Thomas. The picnic starts at
of food production and distribution.                                                        No news was received from the
                                                NORTHERN             7:00     p.m.
     Trash Force, Inc. of New Albany is                                                 Great Rivers Group. Call Bob Lewis at
                                                                     with        a
proud to present the first in a series of                                               (270) 388-5697 for information.
                                                                     potluck din-
public education programs on environ-                                ner, followed
mental issues. Have you ever won-                                                                      •••
                                                                     by an easy
dered what happens to your food from             Claudia Hilligoss                          The Highlands Group is presently
                                                                     hike on Fort
the time the farmer plants the seed to            859-689-5706                          inactive.
                                                                     Thomas’ His-
the time it reaches your plate? We’ll                                                                   v
                                            torical Tree Trail. All members and
be exploring many issues of food pro-       their guests are invited to join the
page 4                                                                                                                                           The Cumberland July 2002
                                                                                                                                     with lots of praise, reward and
dog-gone..!                                                                                                                          excitement.
(continued from page 1)                                                                                                                  When the dog masters this he
                                                                                                                                     graduates to running after some-
hide and seek, runaway, and bal-                                                                                                     one other than the handler.
ancing on logs.                                                                                                                      Eventually the dog learns that
     Including Dakhota we had                                                                                                        the object of the game is to find a
eight dogs on the outing. We                                                                                                         person and if you make sure that
hiked the Rock Bridge Trail in                                                                                                       the wind is taking the victim’s
the Red River Gorge, which by                                                                                                        scent toward the dog, he soon
the way, is the perfect trail for                                                                                                    learns to find by smell rather
dogs because there are plenty of                                                                                                     than by sight. Other games can
opportunities for the dogs to                                                                                                        be made of finding an object that
cool off in the creek. Then we                                                                                                       has your scent on it, a talent that
found a nice spot to eat lunch                                                                                                       pays off when you drop your
and play games.                                                                                                                      keys or cell phone in tall grass.
     We started with agility exer-                                                                                                       Obviously there is a lot more
cises. The forest obliged us with                                                                                                    to training a search dog than
plenty of fallen trees to walk on,   Lucas Stone and Donna DePenning helped their dog, McKenzie, with an agility exercise on a dog   puppy runaways, but it’s a begin-
jump over and sit/stay on. Then      outing in the Red River Gorge.                                                                  ning and it’s fun even if search
we took the first step in search                                                                                                     and rescue is not your goal. All
dog training — the puppy run-        favorite toy or treat. A helper                  anxious to follow, is released                 the participants seemed to enjoy
a w a y. First the handler plays     restrains the dog while the han-                 with the command “Go find”                     themselves, which made the out-
with his dog, building excite-       dler runs away and ducks                         and he runs to where the han-                  ing a success because that was
ment by teasing the dog with a       behind a tree. The dog, by now                   dler disappeared. The dog is met               the whole point. v

                                     ject to a court ordered stay,                    final compliance date of Decem-                Division of Wa t e r, seeking to
clean water...                       based on representations made                    ber 1, 2004.                                   prevent the Sierra Club from
(continued from page 1)
                                     by the city to the court.                            These cases are significant                having jurisdiction to prosecute
                                         Over a three and a half year                 victories for clean water and the              these actions. These steps were
using and cleaning up the Ken-       period from late 1997 through                    Clean Water Act. In addition to                not successful.
tucky River.                         early 2001, we alleged, based on                 the finding that Sierra Club had                   The law firm of Terris, Prav-
    These agreed settlements         U S E PA records, that Buffalo                   standing to enforce the Act,                   lik & Millian, LLP, with offices in
r esult ed from enforcement          Tra ce committed 3,0 58 dis-                     another benefit resulted. In both              Washington, D.C., one of the
actions that the Sierra Club and     charge violations and four                       the Eminence action and Car-                   nation’s premier environmental
the American Canoe Association       reporting violations. Most of                    rollton action, after the 60-day               law firms, represented the Sier-
commenced on March 19, 2001,         these were from one outfall,                     letter was sent, both cities                   ra Club and American Canoe
when we mailed letters giving        #007. On September 19, 2001,                     quickly entered into settlement                Association. v
these defendants 60 days notice      Buffalo Trace ended all dis-                     agreements with the Kentucky
of our intent to sue. In addition    charge from outfall # 007 by
to the above three defendants,       connecting to the Frankfort
letters were also sent to Pontiki
Coal Corporation (alleged 3,128
                                     sewage treatment plant. We
                                     alleged that these records docu-                   MOVING?
discharge violations in Martin       mented that Eminence commit-                       Please take us along!
County), US Corps of Engi-           ted 3,074 discharge violations
neers/Lake Barkley Canal Camp-       and 32 reporting violations in
ground (alleged 2,113 discharge      that same period. Based upon                                            Attach current mailing label
violations in Lyon County), Tur-     modifications made in the oper-
fway Race Track (alleged 3,130       ation of the Eminence plant, we
                                                                                                                  here and write in
discharge violations in Boone        believe these violations will end,                                          new address below.
County) and the City of Louisa       and there are stipulated penal-
(alleged 5,968 discharge viola-      ties if they do not. We alleged                   Name        ________________________________________________
tions). Three of these facilities    that Carrollton commit ted
promptly ended their discharges      1,883 discharge violations and                    Address ________________________________________________
by ceasing operations or by con-     12 reporting violations in that
necting to a publicly owne d         period. The consent decree rec-                   City        ________________________________________________
sewage treatment plant, and          ognizes that Carrollton is con-
these facilities were not sued       structing a new waste treatment                   State __________________ Zip ______________________________
after the 60 day period. The liti-   facility, and includes milestones
gation against the City of Louisa    and performance requirements                              Sierra Club • P.O. Box 52968 • Boulder, CO 80322-2968
is still pending, but is now sub-    and stipulated penalties, with a
The Cumberland July 2002                                                                                                                                                           page 5

Sierrans Prove to be Stewards of the Land

       ear Sierrans: I just want to               group’s “can-do” attitude. Consid-
       thank you again for your                   ering the weather that Friday night
       help building the spur trail               and Saturday morning, your
from our proposed parking lot                     cheerfulness is testament to posi-
site and for giving the existing                  tive thought. I get such a boost
trail a good going over at                        working with all and the Commis-
Brigadoon State Nature Preserve.                  sion certainly benefits too.
Now that the trail is ready, we                       Looking forward to our next
only have to get the parking lot                  adventure... surely we are due a
built and we can open the pre-                    dry day!
serve to the public.
    As always, I am impressed with                Sincerely,
the work ethic and determination                  Joyce Bender
of the Sierra Club. Lane Linnen                   Branch Manager, Kentucky State
Kohl got a good introduction to the               Nature Preserves Commission

                                                                                        Dave Kanapell (L) and Chris Smigell (R) are ready to hit the trail on Carol Von Lanken and Darren
                                                                                        and Martha Payne’s Brigadoon service trip.

Diane Furry and Jay Taylor clear out overgrowth along the Sheltowee Trace.

                                                                                        Jay Taylor and Nicholas Braden clean out an overgrown section of the Sheltowee Trace for Trails Day.

Dave Kanapell and his chainsaw cleared the trail at Brigadoon Nature Preserve.
page 6                                                                                                                           The Cumberland July 2002

                                                                                                                         Here are some things we can
Life After the End of the Oil Age                                            sucking air there will be unimag-
                                                                             inable chaos in America, more           do as a community: localize our
                                                                                                                     food production and return to
                                                                             than in other countries because
— by Jerry Redden                                                            we are terribly addicted to oil.        using more human labor. We
                                                                             The question is, what are we            must resist the rising cry for
         emember back around         be sooner. There are signs that

R                                                                            going to do about it? How are we        more nuclear power.
         1970 when we were told      it’s happening right now: climb-
                                                                             going to prepare for the next               Here are some things we can
         that Planet Earth’s oil     ing gasoline prices, electricity
                                                                                  age? The people who sur-           do as an individuals:
         well was near empty?        shortages, and skyrock-
                                                                                      vive the transition to           • Get physically and mentally
We turned off lights, insulated      eting heating bills.
                                                                                         the next age will be            fit — when the going gets
houses, and reordered our trans-     Some think our
                                                                                          the ones who ar e              tough the tough get goin’.
portation system. The results        present warring
                                                                                            living closer to           • Downsize; strive to live clos-
were remarkable: energy use,         times is a lot                R.I.P.                                                er t o the earth. Don’t let
especially gasoline, dropped         about oil.                                             nat ure.       Ye s ,
                                                                                             humanity will be            motors and engines do all
markedly. But then Ronald Rea-            I see it as
                                                                                             thinned but let’s           your wor k for y ou; they
gan barreled into the White          “good news”
                                                                                            face it, “there are          cheat you out of a healthy
House and convinced us there         that the Oil Age
                                                                                           too many humans.”             and happy lifestyle.
was nothing to worry about.          is co ming to a
                                                                                              I’ll not wait for        • Use good judgment in dealing
    lt seems the attitude of the     close when I factor
                                                                                       our leaders to tell me            with the one eyed monster;
general public is that we have an    in global warming. I
                                                                                    to get braced for an oil             through repeated advertise-
unending supply of oil. Our lead-    ask you, is there any-
                                                                               shortage. They will be too busy           ments and the power of sug-
ers encourage us to burn more        body out there, who doesn’t
                                                                             fighting a hard and dirty war,              gestion, the humans with the
gas and travel more in an effort     believe we humans are influenc-
                                                                             right down to the last greasy               most dollars program the
to crank up a sick economy.          ing the Earth’s climate? The
                                                                             drop. Have you ever stopped to              masses to follow like a flock
    Common sense tells me the        only thing worse than running
                                                                             think what it would be like to              of sheep. v
Oil Age will pass just like the      out of oil might be not running
Stone Age, Bronze Age and the        out of oil. The carbon dioxide we       run out of oil? Here’s a line from
Iron Age. The experts are pre-       create by burning oil continues         an article I read lately “trans-
dicting the Oil Age will come to     to heat the planet.                     portation is the weak link in any            See Scenic
an end around 2012. That’s only           It is reasonable to believe        economy: choke off the oil and a            w w w. ke n t u c k y .
ten years from now and it could      that when the oil pumps begin           country quickly seizes.”                    s i e r r a c l u b. o r g

Until Then, Watch Your Speed...                                              national and local pedestrian
                                                                             fatality statistic. Locally, we
                                                                             average one pedestrian hit by a
— by Jackie Green
                                     son, she wanted to cross the            car per day.
                                                                                 As I approached on my bicy-

       he other day I watched an     road at that intersection.
       elderly lady with a walking        Nat ional statistics ran           cle, I tried to estimate the speed
       cane try to cr oss Bard-      through my head. Cars and               of the cars passing on my left —
stown Road in Louisville. Her                    trucks kill about 5,000     too fast for a three-legged lady.
pace was measured and                                  American              According to a U.S. Department
careful, but mo stly,                                      pedestrians       of Transportation study, raising
just slow — too slow                                          per year.      average traffic speed limits 10
for a four- l a n e                                             Mea-         miles per hour doubles the
road. She was at                                                  sured      pedestrian death rate.
a minor inter-                                                     by col-       H a p p i l y, a car slowed as it
section with no                                                    lision    approached and then stopped. I
traffic light, no                                                  deaths    too, stopped. With half of the
crosswalk. The                                                     per       lanes blocked, she stepped off
nearest traffic                                                   mile       the curb and began to make her
light and crosswalk                                             traveled,    way across the p avement in
were four blocks                                              it is 36       faith. Other cars slowed to a
away. At her pace, four                                    times more        stop, and once again the chicken
blocks down to the light                              dangerous to           proved to the possum that it
and then four blocks back up                    walk than to be in a         could be done.
would have taken thirty min-         car.                                        If you are still driving, slow
utes. Perhaps she didn’t have             Twenty-one percent of those        down, stop for pedestrians, don’t
the time to walk the eight           who died in urban traffic acci-         force pedestrians into the street
blocks, maybe she lacked the         dents were pedestrians. I knew          by parking on the sidewalk.
strength, but for whatever rea-      this lady was going to become a         v
The Cumberland July 2002                                                                                                                                     page 7

Spirituality: Technological advances are not the same as wisdom
— by Dan Trabue
                                           thinking more visible than in our         we will buy simplicity only if it has   ion paradigm is more popular than
     long for a wis do m that

                                           relationship to the land. We per-         been properly marketed by the           the ideal of sustainability, we are
     stands distinctly apart from          haps realize, intellectually, that        right high-profile athlete in a pair    likely to end up with ever-increas-
     the effluence of knowledge            our food, clothing and                          of rather stylish simulated-      ing knowledge and ever-decreasing
     that pervades our Technolo-           goods come (somehow                                 leather tennis shoes.         wisdom to know how to handle it.
gy Age. We need to rediscover              or the other) from                                     Given these sets of con-        We, the people of this planet,
old and reliable tenets — wis-             the land, but when                                      ditions, I despair that   need the wisdom to live in harmo-
dom that counts time in seasons,           you get right down                                       a corporate re-educa-    ny with the world and not in
not in nanoseconds.                        to it, we believe                                         tion of our place in    dominion. We need to emulate the
     With the explosion of knowl-          that all of our                                            the world could be a   Amish who neither embrace nor
edge we’ve experienced since               stuff comes from                                           rather long, drawn-    reject technology, but who keep
entering the computer age has              the store, double-                                         out process.           technological advances firmly at
come a specialization of thinking.         wrapped in plas-                                               Educating our      arm’s length. We need to be ready
We’ve lost hope of being a Renais-         tic. As We n d e l l                                      society to look at      and willing to investigate new
sance society and have settled on          Berry said in his                                        the big picture envi-    technological breakthroughs and,
knowing one or two things without          book, “A Continu-                                       ronmentally could be      only after careful deliberations, be
exposing ourselves to an assort-           ous Harmony”: “Our                                    something akin to the       prepared to answer the question:
ment of the wonders that are there         model citizen is a                                 centuries it took to con-      Does this meet the criteria of long
for us to explore, if we only would.       sophisticate who before                        vince white Americans that         term sustainability?
The problem with this specializa-          puberty understands how to pro-           black Americans should not be                If not, then we as a people
tion of knowledge is that it can too       duce a baby, but who at the age of        enslaved and that they are,             need the fortitude and discipline
easily lead to a narrowness in             30 will not know how to produce a         indeed, humans worthy of respect        to state, “No! We will not accept
thinking.                                  potato.”                                  and equal rights (and, of course,       any discovery, any legislature or
     We already have too many                   We have removed ourselves            we have yet to arrive to where we       any labor-saving device that
specialists who are quite capable          from the land to focus on our             need to be in that area).               inhibits our ability to sustain the
of inventing a new and deadly pes-         work, whatever that may be, and it             What we need is a revival-like     land to meet the needs of those
ticide but who are unable or               has been to our detriment. Were           conversion; a call to personal          who come after us.”
unwilling to calculate the long            we to repent of the sin of separat-       accountability, to own up to envi-           In the end, this is the only log-
term, wide-ranging effects of the          ing ourselves from the land,              ronmental problems and not pass         ical, morally correct and wise road
use of their chemicals. This spe-          changes could occur. However, I           them off only to “those smoke-          to travel. Lord, grant us wisdom.
cialization of thinking has caused         fear that there is little desire in the   belching, stream-polluting facto-
us to not question basic tenets of         Western world to even acknowl-            ries,” as I think many are wont to            Reprinted from Leo with the
the Popular Religion (that which           edge it as sin.                           do. We are in trouble environmen-       a u t h o r ’s permission. Dan is a
most of us believe and practice)               We like our veggies pre-cooked        tally precisely because we like our     computer cartographer and free-
that should be questioned. Not             and shrink-wrapped; we take com-          veggies pre-cooked and shrink-          lance writer. He lives in Louisville
only do we not question it, we can-        fort in knowing that all we have to       wrapped, our garbage to neatly          with his wife, two children and a
not think of any intelligent ques-         do to get rid of our garbage is to        disappear and our simplicity mar-       dog. Contact the writer at payne-
tions to ask.                              own enough garbage cans and set           keted just so.                 v
     Nowhere is this breakdown of          them out front each Tuesday; and               However, as long as the domin-

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page 8                                                                                                                                                   The Cumberland July 2002

Legislative Session Produces Positive Results
— by Ray Barry
                                            Advances                                    dogged the power plant siting legis-                a plant. If an approved facility
         lthough contentious, the

                                             Solid Wa s t e . Rep. Stumbo               lation and deserves credit for mak-                 d o e s n ’t obtain all permits and
         2002 legislative session       finally succeeded in his third ses-             ing it one of the most comprehen-                   begin construction within two
         was one of the best in         sion of trying to pass solid waste              sive laws in the nation.                            years, the siting approval expires.
         recent years. Of the bills     bill. HB 174 didn’t include contain-                 Introduced by Rep. Draud as                         Tire Disposal and Hazardous
we tracked (i.e. Sierra Club as         er deposits and the advanced dis-               HB 540, Ernie Harris strengthened                   Waste Fees: The state waste tire
part of the Kentucky Conserva-          posal fees on fast food and bever-              it in the Senate. It returned to the                fee, set to expire this year, was
tion Committee), 12 favorable           age containers were dropped in                  House as SB 257, where further                      renewed. This dollar per tire fee is
and two unfavorable became law.         negotiations with the Senate,                   improvements were added.                            used to clean up waste tire dumps.
     Being an even numbered year        which dramatically reduced fund-                     This law requires a siting                          The state hazardous waste
it was longer than last year but saw    ing. Nevertheless, it is a positive             review for all new power plants                     assessment fee was also renewed
fewer bills. The percentage of bills    step forward.                                                                                                for two more years. Sierra
we rated “support” was unusually             We now have a dedi-                                                                                     Club had sought permanent
high: 40 support to 15 oppose. The      cated source of funding to                                                                                   authorization as opposed to
power plant siting bill was proba-      deal with a limited set of                                                                                   the biennial battle for
bly the most significant environ-       solid waste issues. The                                                                                      renewal that has been its
mental bill passed in recent years      $1.75 per ton increase in                                                                                    l e g a c y. The fees are
as well.                                tipping fees at the state’s                                                                                  imposed on generators of
     The session saw much partisan      landfills will yield 8-9 mil-                                                                                hazardous waste and are
bickering exacerbated by tight          lion dollars a year starting                                                                                 used to clean up state prior-
budget constraints. It began with a     January 2003.                                                                                                ity hazardous waste sites
protracted redistricting battle,                                                                                                                     where the cleanup costs
which may be responsible for the            This money will be                                                                                       cannot be recovered from
lower number of bills. It ended in      used for the following pur-                                                                                  the responsible party.
an unfinished battle over public        poses:                                                                                                             Underground Storage
funding of gubernatorial races. The       • To fund the environ-                                                                                     Tanks: Senate Bill 193,
Republican controlled Senate was            mental education mas-                                                                                    extending the underground
in no mood to pass anything com-            ter plan so it can finally                                                                               storage tank program for
ing out of the Democratic con-              begin implementation                                                                                     two more years was signed
trolled House.                              of the environmental                                                                                     into law. This program
                                            education centers                                                                                        helps fund the cleanup of
   It Pays to Advertise in                  across the state. (This                                                                                  sites with leaky under-
                                            was one of our top ten                                                                                   ground storage tanks, gener-
 The Cumberland                             priorities.)
                                          • To finance a $25 mil-
                                                                                                                                                     ally former gas stations.
                                                                                                                                                           As originally intro-
                                            lion bond issue to                                                                                       duced, the bill would have
         only $5.00 / column inch           begin closing the high-                                                                                  severely limited eligibility
      (Minimum ad size is 3 inches.)        est priority abandoned                                                                                   and created a study to be
                Column sizes                or formerly permitted                                                                                    done by the University of
                                                                         This bridge across the Little Miami river is on the bike trail recently
  1 column = 2.29” 3 columns = 7.20”        landfills.                   traveled on a Sierra Club outing.
                                                                                                                                                     Kentucky to set new
  2 columns = 4.75” 4 columns = 9.66”     • To prioritize the hun-                                                                                   cleanup standards. As
            Depth of page = 11”             dreds of old landfills for future (with minor exceptions). A panel improved and passed by the
                  Deadlines                 cleanup.                                comprising permanent and ad hoc House, it retains the Environmen-
      Camera ready ad or digital file     • To provide matching funds for public membership will do the tal Protection Cabinet’s authority
         must be submitted by the           local efforts to clean up road- review. The law also authorizes to set appropriate cleanup stan-
        first Thursday of the month         side dumps.                             the Natural Resources Cabinet to dards.
        for the next month’s issue.       • To help local governments review and impose permit condi-                                            Cell Tower Siting: The Passage
      For advertising info contact          clean up roadside litter.               tions addressing cumulative of Rep. Steve Riggs’ cell tower sit-
                Lane Boldman                Leadership of both political impacts of power plant permits.                                    ing reform bill improves local con-
            114 Woodford Drive,         parties recognize the $25 million                The reviews apply to all pro- trol over the placement of cell
            Lexington, KY 40504         bond issue addresses only the top posed sites where actual construc- phone towers. Under the old law,
               (859) 252-3422           few most urgent landfill closures. tion (not just earth-turning) has the Public Service Commission
                      or                Funding closure of the remaining not commenced. Merchant power could override a local planning
             Oscar H. Geralds, Jr.
        Cumberland Editorial Board
                                        sites awaits future legislative plants must comply with any local and zoning body’s denial of a pro-
             259 W. Short Street,       action.                                     planning and zoning rules. The sit- posed cell tower. Objectors must
            Lexington, KY 40507             Power Plant Siting. As with ing board must consider the past now go to state court to override
           Phone (859) 225-7946         the Brownfields bill last session, environmental history of the com- such decisions.
             Fax (859) 233-4099         Kentucky Resources Council pany and its capability to manage                                                             (continued on page 9)
The Cumberland July 2002                                                                                                                                           page 9

                                                                                          Kentucky Watershed Task Force to
Legislature...                         sage of SB13 is intended to help
                                       create markets.                                    study the need for managing the
                                                                                                                                     3.) Projected completion date;
                                                                                                                                     4.) Recommendations on entities
(continued from page 8)
                                           It encourages public institu-                  state’s water on a watershed basis;            best suited to develop the trail
    Pine Mountain Trail State          tions to purchase Kentucky grown                   the need for agreements with bor-              and best suited to administer
Park: HB556 creates a 120 mile         products, primarily by giving them                 der states on managing shared                  the trail, both short and long
long trail dedicated to non-motor-     a 5% cost advantage in the com-                    watersheds; and the possibility of             term.
ized use as part of a state park       petitive bidding process. It also                  agreements with the owners of                  Organic Certification: HB 350
atop the crest of Pine Mountain        sets up a pilot project within the                 impounded waters to manage                 requires the Office for Agricultural
from Breaks Interstate Park to         State Parks to purchase Kentucky                   them to further state and local            Marketing and Product Promotion
Cumberland Gap National Park.                                                                                                        to establish an Organic Agricultur-
    The legislation started out to                                                                                                   al Product Certification Program.
define a 1000 ft wide corridor but
was limited to 250 ft between Bad                                                                                                        Retreats
Branch Nature Preserve and Pine                                                                                                           Secret Pollution: Rep. Gooch’s
Mountain State Resort Park and                                                                                                       HB 367 makes documents submit-
from 100 to 250 ft continuing                                                                                                        ted to any state agency under the
from there to Cumberland Gap.                                                                                                        Agricultural Water Quality Act
The change was made in response                                                                                                      confidential. Under the act, all
to concerns from local land own-                                                                                                     farms must submit a water quality
ers. It’s important because,                                                                                                         plan. These plans can now only be
although it is designated as a                                                                                                       viewed by the Ag. Water Quality
scenic trail, the viewshed is                                                                                                        Authority, not the general public.
defined to end at the park bound-                                                                                                    Documents applying for financial
ary. The legislation forbids using                                                                                                   assistance are exempted. The
the actual view from the trail to                                                                                                    courts must decide to waive confi-
control activity outside the park                                                                                                    dentiality where there is evidence
boundaries. The Parks Dept. is not                                                                                                   of noncompliance.
prohibited from purchasing, leas-                                                                                                         Emissions Te s t i n g : HB 618
ing or obtaining easements of land                                                                                                   effectively eliminates Ve h i c l e
outside this corridor, however.        Cyclists dry off after an impromptu thunderstorm while riding along the Little Miami River.   Emissions Testing (VET) in Jeffer-
    Other concerns of local                                                                                                          son County by Nov 2003. The
landowners were addressed. For         grown food and horticultural                       goals. While not earth shattering          VET program was initiated
example, the law also allows for       items.                                             progress, it is a sign that the legis-     because Louisville was not meet-
the Parks Dept. to establish side          At the eleventh hour, in                       lature may one-day understand the          ing EPA established air quality
tails for access to the trail and      House-Senate negotiations, provi-                  importance of the watershed                standards. If Jefferson County falls
points of interest, but prohibits      sions were added which ban the                     approach to managing water                 out of compliance again, which is
the use of eminent domain to           use of the additive MTBE in gaso-                  resources.                                 likely, the urban-county govern-
acquire the land. The use of emi-      line after January 1, 2006 and                         Big Sandy Trail: SCR92 cre-            ment must decide how best to
nent domain is limited to land         encourages the use of ethanol in                   ates a task force to study the Lex-        attain compliance before reinstat-
inside the park borders that           its place. MTBE reduces the                        ington/Big Sandy Rail Trail and            ing the VET.
doesn’t have an existing permit to     amount of unburned gasoline                        suggest a strategy for its comple-              The immediate effect of the
mine or drill wells. Adjacent prop-    emitted by cars, which combines                    tion. The proposed trail would use         bill is unclear. The Federal High-
erty owners are also assured           with sunlight to create ground                     109 miles of abandoned rail corri-         way Administration indicates the
access to their property and/or        level ozone, a lung irritant. While                dor between Lexington and Ash-             lack of a VET program may cause
mineral rights. Regardless of how      it cleans the air, MTBE is very                    land. The report is due December           an interruption in federal highway
the property is obtained, the pre-     toxic and water-soluble so that                    15, 2002 and must include:                 dollars.
vious landowners retain the rights     when it escapes into the environ-                  1). Solutions for overcoming exist-             Thanks to Tom FitzGerald for
to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest       ment it travels quickly with rain                      ing barriers to the trail’s devel-     help in analyzing results.
natural plants unless they specifi-    or ground water movements.                             opment;                                    v
cally waive them.                      Leaking underground storage                        2.) Potential funding sources;
    The Parks Dept. is given until     tanks are thought to be the prima-
July 2003 to define the borders of     ry source of contamination.
the Park and is instructed to avoid        Other last minute additions to
any cemeteries and private             HB13 encourage the use of
dwellings. The Dept of Fish and        biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel is a mix-
Wildlife will define hunting regula-   ture of regular diesel fuel and veg-
tions in consultation with the         etable fats. Both ethanol and
Parks Dept.                            biodiesel can be created from Ken-
    Farms and Alternate Fuels:         tucky agricultural products, which
One of the barriers to diversifica-    is perhaps why these alternative
tion of Kentucky agriculture away      fuels were included in this bill.
from tobacco is the dearth of mar-         Watershed Management:
kets for other products The pas-       Approval of SCR17 creates the
page 10                                                                                                                           The Cumberland July 2002

Flower Power                          who say the finding is strong evi-
                                      dence that global warming is
                                      changing biology.”
                                                                             temperature trends in the same
                                                                             area over four decades.
                                                                                 Alastair Fitter said that
                                                                                                                       100 years. This may not sound
                                                                                                                          like much until one realizes
                                                                                                                              the last Ice Age was
                                          The article goes on to say that,   the mean tempera-                                    brought on by only a
 — by Gary Watrous
                                      “In a study appearing in the jour-     tures for January, Feb-                                 4 degree reduc-
                                                                             ruary and March —                                      tion in Earth’s

   s it just coincidence that         nal, Science, the researchers
   President Bush announced           report that the first flowering in     critical months for                                   temperature.
   that Global Warming (Climate       the spring of 385 species of British   spring flowering plants                                  While it is good
Change) is real just after the        plants has advanced from 4 1/2         — has warmed in the                                 to hear our President
article on the abnormal bloom-        days to 55 days in a decade, when      study area by 1.8 degrees                          acknowledges the reali-
ing of flowers appeared?              comparing the flowering date of        since the 1960s.                                  ty of Climate Change,
    Is it possible that a president   the species over the previous four         Some predictions of cli-                      even though he has no
with a herbaceous last name might     decades.                               mate warming are 4 to 5 degrees                   meaningful solutions,
be sensitive to a message from            ‘These data revel the strongest    Celsius (7.2 to 9 degrees Fahren-                 and though there is
plants? For certainly the flowers     biological signal yet of climate       heit), which would mean that                      much debate about the
are sending us a message.             change,’ wrote Alastair H. Fitter of   these effects are only the begin-                 potential effects of burn-
    A May 31st article in the         the University of York and his         ning of a major shift,’ he said.”                ing fossil fuels causing
Louisville Courier Journal titled     father, R.S.R. Fitter, a naturalist        According to the United                    Climate Change, no one
“Study Cites Earlier Blooms on        and author. Starting 47 years ago,     Nations Intergovernmental                    can deny that we humans
Plants as an Indication of Global     the senior Fitter recorded the first   Panel on Climate Change (the               are performing a great experi-
Warming,” states, “Rising temper-     flowering date of plants in south-     best authority on this issue) we          ment on ourselves and other
atures are causing plants to bloom    central England. In the new study,     humans will raise the earth’s           species with unknown conse-
weeks earlier in the spring,          the researchers compared the           average temperature by 3 to 11          quences.
according to British researchers      changes in first flowering date with   degrees Fahrenheit over the next           v

                                                                             be in the September and October
Executive Committee Action                                                   Cumberlands.
                                                                                    The Water Sentinels program
                                                                                                                     McConnell. Responses will be
                                                                                                                     printed in the Cumberland.
                                                                                                                           The recent legal decision on
                                                                             is progressing well. Testimony had      the mountaintop removal, valley
                                           Comments are being submit-        been presented against a permit         fill issue was discussed. We intend

       he Cumberland Chapter
       Executive Committee met        ted on the Fort Knox Environmen-       for the Northern Kentucky Airport.      to coordinate with Dave Cooper,
       June 8, 2002, at Burnheim      tal Impact Statement.                  A conflict seems to be developing       who is now working in West Vir-
Forest. All Executive Committee            Leslie Barras reported on the     between the Water Sentinels and         ginia.
members were present, and all         Trimodal Transpark proposal. Fall      the Northern Group Excom. The                 We intend to comment on the
Groups were represented with          elections may have an impact on        Sentinels will report directly to the   Muhlenberg County power plant
the exception of Mammoth Cave.        the issue. The proposed I-66 High-     Chapter Excom for the time being.       proposal.
    The Treasurer’s Report                      way will be included on            A Committee of Excom mem-               It was authorized that the
was received. This                                   the Sierra Club         bers was appointed to respond to        Chapter could sign on to a letter
indicated         an                                     national map of     the national campaign priorities        concerning the safe disposal of
increase        in                                         bad sprawl        list.                                   chemical weapons in Kentucky
receipts from                                                issues.               Hank Graddy reported on           which had been previously sub-
the      March                                                    The        pending legal matters. It was reaf-     mitted to the Bluegrass Excom.
appeal over                                                    recent        firmed that authority had been                The third “Old McDonald’s
previous                                                       “Unsettling   given to file an administrative         Conference” will be held October
years, and a                                                   of Ameri-     appeal on the “Answers in Gene-         25 and 26. Support in the sum of
possible bud-                                                  ca” confer-   sis” matter. Authority was also         $2,500.00 was authorized to come
get overrun                                                  ence       in   given, if needed, to pursue admin-      from Foundation monies which
with the Cum-                                              Georgetown        istrative appeals on the Greater        would amend the current budget.
berland.                                                 was a great suc-    Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky                   The Committee considering
    The Nominating                                    cess, was well         International Airport application.      the possibility of employing staff
Committee is seeking sug-                        attended. All organic       Details of these matters were           will meet soon. Thoughts and sug-
gestions for ExCom nominations.       food was served, and a number of       referred to the Legal Committee.        gestions are solicited.
Any suggestions should be submit-     books were sold. Others will be dis-         It was noted that three law-            Lane Boldman reviewed the
ted to the Committee soon.            tributed to the Groups.                suits in which the Sierra Club is       relationship between Chapter,
    Tom House is now the Mem-              Group reports were received       involved along with the American        Group, staff and other entities,
bership Chair, and will be working    and current activities noted.          Canoe Association, had been set-        emphasizing the need for team-
on membership promotion.      Ray          The Annual Meeting is sched-      tled favorably.                         work.
Barry gave a report on the recent     uled for November 8 - 10. Leslie             The Chapter has endorsed                The next Chapter Executive
legislative session, which for the    Barras is coordinating workshops       John Conway in the House race           Committee meeting will be held
Kentucky legislature was not as       to be presented by each Group.         this fall. Questionnaires have also     August 3.
bad as we usually fear.               These are to be finalized in time to   been sent out to Weinberg and              v
The Cumberland July 2002                                                                                                                                                                                          page 11

                                                                                                                                                                            creeks and playing in the water. Rating:
                                                                                                                                                                            Moderate, suitable for beginners.
                                                                                                                                                                            Leader: Barbara Pinson 270-725-9652.
                                                                                                                                                                                    AUGUST 2002
               JULY 2002                                                                                                                                                Aug. 3 (Sat.) Chapter Excom Meeting:
                                                                                                                                                                          location TBA. Did you ever wonder
July 4-7 (Thurs. - Sun.) Canoe Trip: Cur-                                                                                                                                 how all those issues were discussed,
   rent River, Eminence, Missouri. Join                                                                                                                                   meetings planned, strategies consid-
   us for two days of canoe floating on the                                                                                                                               ered, decisions made and various other
   crystal clear swift moving Current                                                                                                                                     Sierra Club business was conducted at
   River located near Eminence, Missouri.                                                                                                                                 the state level? Well, this is your
   We will car camp near the river at                                                                                                                                     chance to find out! All interested mem-
   Round Springs and from there, shuttle                                                                                                                                  bers are encouraged to attend the bi-
   service will be provided. On the river                                                                                                                                 monthly meeting of the Chapter Execu-
   we will visit gushing blue water springs,                                                                                                                              tive Committee.For details, call: Lane
   interesting caves, swim in cool clear                                                                                                                                  Boldman 859-252-3422 (home) or 859-
   water, and lounge on warm river rocks.                                                                                                                                 552-1173 (cell phone).
   A fee is required for the group camp,                                                                                                                                Aug. 3-4 (Sat.-Sun.) Canoe Trip &
   shuttle service, and canoe rental (if                                                                                                                                  Optional Dayhike: Green River, Butler
   canoe rental is desired). Visit                                                                                                                                        County near Morgantown, KY. Come for park informa-                                                                                                                                    join us for this late summer flat-water
   tion. July 4 and July 7 are travel days                                                                                                                                canoe trip down the Green River in
   and we will paddle on July 5 and July                Beth Peterson and Barbara Thompson led this group on a 6.5 mile hike on the Millenium Trail on                    Butler County. Water levels should be
   6. Rating: Easy, suitable for beginners              April 6, 2002.                                                                                                    low, enabling us to see some remnant
   with some canoe experience.Leader:                                                                                                                                     mussels, as well as effects of bank ero-
   Charlie Holley, 859-263-3657 or cur-                                                                                                                                   sion. Camp Saturday night at historic                                    the breezes will be favorable to power                  Louisville Extreme Sports Park. Rating:                Carson’s Landing (Tichenor farm). A
July 11 (Thurs.) Picnic & Dayhike: Tower                   our two boats. Participants are invited                 Easy, suitable for beginners. Leader:                  Sunday morning hike around the farm
   Park, Ft. Thomas, KY. We will hike the                  to stay and car camp on Saturday night                  Martha Berner 502-459-7773, before 9                   will be possible if you’re interested.
   landmark Tree Trail, a 1-mile long trail                with a leisurely departure Sunday                       pm; Assistant Leader: Don Filmer 502-                  Rental canoes are available, but reser-
   situated along a wooded hillside above                  morning. Rating: Easy, suitable for                     451-8941.                                              vations are needed. Rating: Moderate,
   the Ohio River. This unique trail has                   beginners. Leader: Carolyn McMillan,                 July 20 (Sat.) Family Outing – Dayhike:                   class I water, 13 miles, suitable for
   over a dozen trees ranging in age from                  270-598-0588; Asst Leader: Marge                        Mammoth Cave Nat’l Park, KY. Bring                     beginners; Limit: 8-10 canoes.Leaders:
   100-200+ years old. Most are huge oak                   Deller, 270-781-6059                                    your children and hike the Wet Prong                   Carroll & Doris Tichenor 270-728-
   trees. We will have a potluck picnic                 July 19 (Fri. Eve.) Urban Outing: Dinner                   Trail with us. The five miles include                  2561; Assistant Leader: Roger Hankins
   meal at 6:30 prior to the walk. Rating:                 & Walk, Louisville Waterfront,                          ridge walking, going down in the valley,               270-843-1381.
   Easy, suitable for beginners. Leader:                   Louisville, KY. Come join us for dinner                 crossing creeks and hiking back up to                Aug. 10-11 (Sat.-Sun.) Canoe Trip/Day-
   Ron Lusby, 859-635-9221.                                and an evening walk along the                           the top of the ridge. We will stop and                 hike: Adams, TN. Canoe the Red River,
July 12 (Fri.) Bicycle Trip: River Walk,                   Louisville waterfront. The walk will fea-               play at stream crossings. Bring lunch.                 hike, visit the Bell Witch’s Cave, and if
   Louisville. End your week with a relax-                 ture the Waterfront Park and the new                    Wear shoes and clothing for crossing                   interested, car camp with us. Rating:
   ing ride along the Ohio from the his-                                                                                                                                  Easy, class I water, suitable for begin-
   toric wharf, past the locks, and down                                                                                                                                  ners. Leader: Barbara Pinson 270-725-
   the streets of old Portland. Wind                                                                                                                                      9652.
   through a grove of hundred-year-old                                                                                                                                  Aug. 24 (Sat. Evening) Bird Identification
   cottonwoods to the famous Lily Pond                                                                                                                                    Walk: Oxbow, near Lawrenceburg, IN.
   at Shawnee Park. Rating: Easy, suitable                                                                                                                                A volunteer from Oxbow will join us to
   for beginners. Leader: Greg Zahradnik,                                                                                                                                 point out special features at this area.
   502-429-6299.                                                                                                                                                          The Oxbow is a unique wetland area at
July 13-14 (Sat.-Sun.) Gourmet Canoe                                                                                                                                      the confluence of the Great Miami and
   Trip: Licking River, Butler, KY. The                                                                                                                                   Ohio rivers and is the site for seasonal
   16th Annual “Licking Your Chops on                                                                                                                                     migrations of waterfowl. Bring binocu-
   the Licking” Gourmet Canoe Trip. The                                                                                                                                   lars and your field guide. This will be a
   dam-fed Licking river is runnable                                                                                                                                      joint event with the Northern Kentucky
   throughout the summer, even when                                                                                                                                       Bird Club. Rating: Easy, suitable for
   most other streams have gone dry. The                                                                                                                                  beginners. Leader: Ron Lusby 859-635-
   vehicle access to the campsite means                                                                                                                                   9221.
   that you can forget about the freeze-                                                                                                                                Aug. 24 (Sat.) Night Hike: Louisville (sur-
   dried food and Sierra cups. So get out                                                                                                                                 rounding area), KY. Enjoy the beauty
   your crystal and do it up right! Rating:                                                                                                                               and peace of the night as we quietly
   Easy, class I, 18 miles. Leaders: Mary                                                                                                                                 make our way along a trail under a full
   Carol Cooper, 859-277-0656 and Herb                                                                                                                                    moon. Enjoy yourself out in the woods
   Pettijean, 859-236-5573.                                                                                                                                               at night. Rating: Easy, suitable for
July 13-14 (Sat.-Sun.) Sailing: Barren                                                                                                                                    beginners. Leader: Greg Zahradnik
   River Lake, Lucas, KY. Join us on Sat.                                                                                                                                 502-429-6299.
   July 13 at Bailey’s Point for a day of               A group of hikers relax under Gray’s Arch during an outing to Red River Gorge.                                    v
   sailing on Barren River Lake. Hopefully

      The Cumberland Chapter’s Outings Program exists primarily to make participants aware of the natural areas and resources the Sierra Club works so hard to preserve. Outings provide a valuable source of fun and
relaxation. The Cumberland Chapter’s Outings Program is managed by the chapter and asks for a donation of $1/day/member or $2/day/non-member. This helps defray the cost of our Outings Book and covers the out-
ings leaders for liability and insurance reasons. Meetings, urban/social outings, service trips, etc. are excluded from collection of fees. Each leader serves in a volunteer capacity. Each participant must get permission
from the trip leader to attend the trip. Outings will take place regardless of weather unless otherwise specified. If you are unable to attend an outing which you have signed up for, please have the courtesy to inform
the outings leader as soon as possible. Pets, smoking, radios and handguns are not allowed on trips. Guests and children are always welcome. If you have any questions about our outings program, or publicizing any
outings, please contact the Cumberland Chapter Outings Chair Darren Payne at 859-498-5894 or Happy Trails!!!
page 12                                                                                                                                The Cumberland July 2002

                                                                                 the tops of mountains, then and wilderness areas. DOD is

Around the Nation                                                                dump them
                                                                                 into Ameri-
                                                                                 c a ’s rivers
                                                                                 and streams.
                                                                                                       “The Bush administration
                                                                                                                                                 pushing a bill
                                                                                                                                                 to give it
                                                                                                                                                 carte blanche
                                                                                                                                                 to ignore the
      Compiled from National Reports by Steve E. McCallum                                              is choosing the mining
                                                                                       The                                                       Endangered
                                                                                                       industry over water for                   Species Act,
New Hampshire First State to Tackle Global Warming;                              ment came             drinking, recreation, and                 even though
                                                                                 when it was           wildlife.”                                the       Act
Would Regulate Acid Rain, Smog, Air Pollutants                                   hoped that the                                                  already
                                                                                                       — Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive
    New Hampshire lawmakers became the first in the country to pass a            press and pub-        Director, on the decision to allow        allows
law to reduce global warming. The measure is aimed at reducing emis-             lic wouldn’t be       mountaintop removal mining                exemptions
sions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide--thus address-        paying atten-                                                   on a case-by-
ing global warming, acid rain, smog and airborne mercury poisoning by            tion. No won-                                                   case basis.
coal and other fossuil-fueled power plants.                                      der the EPA wanted to keep the For more information on this
                                                                                 decision quiet--it’ll mean millions threat to wildlife and wilderness,

       he New H ampshire law           emissions pale in comparison to           of tons of mining waste will end up contact Bart Semcer at bart.sem-
       calls for drastic cuts in       the Kyoto Protocol, the measure           in America’s waterways, doing
       local emissions of pollu-       could serve as a model for ken-           irreparable damage to streams,
tants by 2007. Although some           tucky and other states and for the        rivers, wetlands, and drinking Court Rules Against
environmentalists have opposed         federal government to follow New          water. That’s something that could
a part of the bill that allows cred-   Hampshire’s initiative and take           be hard to hide for too long.             Mountaintop Removal
it-trading with out-of-state utili-    action in curbing our role in cli-              To see the Sierra Club’s

                                                                                                                                   federal court in West Vir-
ties for those unable to cut local     mate change.                              response to the EPA’s decision, go                ginia ruled that mountain-
emissions by 2007, others sup-              “This is an action that hopeful-     to                   top removal violates the
ported the plan and called the         ly the Kentucky Administration            SCRIPTS/WA.EXE?A2=ind0205&                Clean Water Act. The EPA used
compromise a major step for-           and eventually the Kentucky legis-        L=cescnewsreleases&D=1&T=0&               semantics, by terming the waste
ward.                                  lature will carefully study,” said        H =1&O=D&F&S=&P=626                       “fill,” to argue that mountaintop
     Even though the new rules for     Oscar Geralds, editor of The Cum-               If this link does not work for removal mining was legal. But
                                       berland, the monthly newspaper            you, click on the link for Bush the court rejected the argument,
                                       published by the Kentucky chapter         Administration Allows Wa s t e and slammed the EPA for acting
                                       of the Sierra Club.                       Dumping in America’s Rivers and beyond its authority in trying to
                                            “Positive action by each state       Streams at http://lists.sierraclub. change the rules. Mountaintop
                                       of the union will encourage shy           org/SCRIPTS/WA.EXE?A1=ind020 removal mining is currently ille-
                                       and over-conservative U.S. Con-           5&L=ce-scnews-releases                    gal, but mining companies con-
                                       gressional members to face up to                                                    tinue the practice with impunity.
                                       shameless corporate greed that            Rally for Railroad                        It involves blasting off the tops of
                                       continues to wreak ever continu-                                                    mountains, then dumping thou-
                                       ing destruction of the world’s envi-

                                                                                         ince lawmakers refused to sands of tons of waste into sur-
                                       ronment--our forests, our water                   take meaningful action to r ounding waterways, doing
                                       and our very air,” said Geralds.                  clean up gas-guzzling SUVs, irreparable damage to water
                                           To read more about New                public transportation is more sources, wetlands, and the
                                       H a m p s h i r e ’s initiative, go to:   essential. maybe it’s time to start wildlife which depend on them.
                                       <          thinking about transportation                  For more information go to:
                                       2002L-04-22-06.html and to:               alternatives. But Amtrak is
                                       under-funded, and may have to ion/2002/05/09/mining.htm
                                       cal2002/clean_air_law7466_2002.s          discontinue large parts of the
                                       html                                      national system. To reduce glob-
                                                                                 al warming pollution from cars Wild Forests Threat
                                       Bush Now Approves                         and trucks — and at the same Again
                                                                                 time improve the quality of life
                                       Mountaintop Removal
                                                                                                                                   he Bush administration is
                                                                                 Congress should step up its fund-
                                                                                                                                   considering opening up the
                                                                                 ing for Amtrak, and commit to

                                             hanging the wording of                                                                last wild forests, including
                                             “mining waste” to “fill”            preserve the national rail system.
                                                                                                                           Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest, to
                                             sounds harmless enough.                                                       devastating development. This
                                       But the consequences for clean            Military Threatens,                       goes against a popular rule,
                                       water and the people of West Vir-         Tramples Wilderness                       drawn up with the help over 2
                                       ginia and other mining regions                                                      million public comments, which
                                       are anything but harmless. An

                                                                                          he Department of Defense would make wild forests off-lim-
                                       E PA announcement last week                        is using the national secu- its to logging and road-building.
                                       confirmed that polluting mining                    rity rallying cry to erode            v
                                       companies can legally blast off           protections for America’s wildlife

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