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									 Fachhochschule Mainz
University of Applied Sciences

  Table of Contents

1.) City of Mainz
     - City of Mainz
     - Sightseeing
2.) School of Business
     - School of Business
     - Study Programs
     - Student Life
City of Mainz
The City of Mainz – 1
• Mainz is the capital of the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate
• Name coined through the Romans & the emperor
• Home of the inventor of the letter press, Johannes
  Gutenberg, and one of the oldest dioceses in Germany
• Famous for social events like the crazy fifth season:
  Fassnacht (carneval)
• Located in the metropolitan area of Rhein-Main and close to
  the Frankfurt Airport
• Very well-known wine region
• Right next door to picturesque scenery of the Mittelrheintal
  with its fabulous castles and vineyards (protected as cultural
  heritage under UNESCO)

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The City of Mainz - 2

• Global players such as Schott Glas have their headquarters in
• Mainz is a media city: tv and radio channels such as Arte, 3sat,
  SWR and ZDF are located here
• Center of science and learning: one of the largest German
  universities – Johannes Gutenberg-Universität – established here

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Sightseeing in and around Mainz

      Binger Mäuseturm                        Cathedral - Mainz

     Christmas                     Historical Old
       Market                           City
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Sightseeing - 2

    Staatstheater, Mainz

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School of Business
School of Business

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            School of Business

“Study programs offer best preparation beyond professional
     qualification for everyday work life in the course of
     applied learning through cooperation with business
   partners, internationality, social competence and applied
              (Survey by CHE, Handelsblatt, # 61, 03/28.-30./2008)

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             School of Business

• More than 50 professors and about 2,400 students – make it the
  largest business school in whole Rhineland-Palatinate
• Cooperation with 450 companies through part-time study

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              School of Business
          Overview of Program Offers

• Full-Time Study Programs
• Part-Time Study Programs

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                              School of Business
                          Full-Time Study Programs
Business Administration                          Business Law
• Bachelor Business Administration               • Bachelor Business Law
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)                 Degree: Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)
• Master in Business Administration              • Master in Business Law
    Degree: Master of Arts (MBA)                    Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M)
• Master in International Business
    Degree: Master of Arts
• Master in International Business
  Degree: Master of Science (Msc)

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                               School of Business
                         Part-Time Study Programs
•   Bachelor Business Administration (BIS-BA)
    Course of study in cooperation with employer
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
•   Bachelor Business Computer Sciences (awis)
    Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
•   Master Business Administration (WIN-MBA)
    Master studies for engineers and non-economists
    Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
•   Master Business Law
    Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M)
•   Master Public Private Partnership (PPP) LL.M
    Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M)
    scheduled Wintersemester 2009/ 10

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Example: Study Program
Master in International Business (MA.IB)

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Student Life – Accomodations

DORMITORY – 2,640 units are administered by
Student Housing Agency
  single-/ double rooms
   single-/ double-units
   single-rooms in shared apartments
   for further information see link below:

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Student Life – Free Time
• ASTA organizes seasonal FH-Parties – all students party
  on campus
• Clubbing: in and around Mainz are numerous
  possibilities for clubbing, bars, yearly festivals, fairs
• Cultural events: museums, historical sites, opera,
  classical music, cabaret, modern theater productions,
  exhibitions offered throughout Mainz
• Sports: Gutenberg Marathon and other large sports
  events, fitness studios and university sports located in
  the city
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New Building and Campus

• The three departments of the FH will finally be united under one roof
• Move to the new building and campus location starts in February 2009

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Thank you for your attention.

We are looking forward to
  welcoming you at our

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