Retailer Handbook - Madison Realty Partners by jianghongl


									                                   J oint Base Lewis McChord

DATED: 12/28/2011            WASHINGTON

          Project Directory..................................................................................................................3
          Project Location Map...........................................................................................................4
          Project Site Plan...................................................................................................................5
          Glossary & Acronyms..........................................................................................................8
          Section 1: .................Storefront Design .............................................................................11
          Section 2: .................Design Control Zone........................................................................26
          Section 3: .................Signage Criteria ...............................................................................29
          Section 4: .................Signage Types..................................................................................31
          Section 5: .................Grand Hall Food Court Criteria .......................................................34
          Section 6: .................Interior Design Criteria ....................................................................37
          Section 7: .................Interior Lighting General Requirements..........................................40
          Section 8: .................Additional Store Interior Requirements...........................................41
          Section 9: .................Landlord’s Building Components....................................................42
          Section 10: ...............Fire Protections ................................................................................43
          Section 11: ...............Plumbing Service .............................................................................44
          Section 12: ...............HVAC Systems................................................................................45
          Section 13: ...............Exhaust Systems ..............................................................................46
          Section 14: ...............Electrical Systems............................................................................47
          Section 15: ...............Telephone Systems ..........................................................................48
          Section 16: ...............Fire Alarm Service...........................................................................49
          Section 17: ...............Food Service Criteria .......................................................................50
          Section 18: ...............Outdoor Seating Criteria ..................................................................52
          Section 19: ...............Drawing Submission & Approval....................................................55
          Section 20: ...............Store Construction ...........................................................................61
          Section 21: ...............Division of Responsibilities.............................................................67
          Section 22: ...............Exhibit “B” Rules & Regulations ....................................................75
          Section 23: ...............Applicable Codes .............................................................................78
          Section 24: ...............Sustainability Practices & Requirements.........................................79
          Section 25: ...............Appendix – Submittal Forms ...........................................................81

The Landlord reserves the right to amend or supplement any of the provisions in the handbook as the Landlord deems necessary or appropriate.

                                                                                                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                                                                                                   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
                                                                                                  Joint Base Lewis McChord

OWNER/LANDLORD                        DEVELOPER FIELD TEAM                                    ARCHITECT OF RECORD

Army & Air Force Exchange Service     Steven Knighton Sr., Project Manager                    RSP Architects
The Exchange                          M.A. Mortenson Company                                  1220 Marshall NE
3911 S. Walton Walker Boulevard       9057 Gardner Loop Road                                  Minneapolis Minnesota 55413
Dallas, Texas 75236                   JLBM Lewis McChord, Washington. 98433
                                                        Robert Lucius, Principal
Michael Mc Donald                     P: 425-497-7033                                         Courtney Kuch, Project Manager
Chief, Privatization Development                                                    
Army Air Force Exchange Service                                                               P: 612-677-7100
3911 S. Walton Walker Blvd            PROJECT LEASING
Dallas, Texas 75236
                                      Madison Realty Partners                                 GOVERNMENTAL

DEVELOPER                             Keith Anderson                                          Joint Base Lewis - McChord Military Installation
Mortenson Development Company         P: 312-925-5926                                         FREEDOM CROSSING ARCHITECTURAL
700 Meadow Lane North                                                                         CONTROL COMMITTEE at JOINT BASE LEWIS-
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422          Dale Everson                                            McCHORD
Tom Lander, Vice President            P: 612-840-4121                                         John C. Gilkinson                                                                      Industrial Engineer/Security Manager/ Public Works
P: 763-522-2100                       Jean Schlemmer                                
Mark Alexander Sr., Project Manager   P: 312-560-7630
M.A. Mortenson Company
1621 Eighteenth Street S 400
Denver, Colorado 80202                RETAILER COORDINATOR
P: 720-259-4821                       Dale Everson
                                      P: 612-840-4121

                                                                                      PROJECT DIRECTORY
                                                                                      RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
                                                           Joint Base Lewis McChord
                           PROJECT LOCATION MAP
                           RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
Joint Base Lewis McChord
                           PROJECT SITE PLAN
                           RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
Joint Base Lewis McChord

The United States Military and The Exchange are         and outdoor public spaces where commerce, social             Simple brick detailing, architectural emphasis
transforming the quality of life on post by creating    interaction and leisure activities mix easily. Ample         on window trim and entry doors, and gabled
a true gathering place in a central location where an   parking on the main street and conveniently                  roofs and dormers are elements of this style.
active and diverse military community comes to          connected parking fields provides easy access to
work, shop, be entertained and relax. Welcome to        the diverse mix of retail, dining and entertainment          To define the Lifestyle Center as a unique and
Freedom Crossing Lifestyle Center at Joint Base         venues.                                                      distinct retail district, Retailers are encouraged
Lewis-McChord, the new heart of a community                                                                          to design their storefronts with historic
rich with tradition.                                    Historic Fort Lewis                                          references and regional characteristics.
                                                        Fort Lewis began as a military training camp for
Freedom Crossing at Joint Base Lewis-McChord is         World War I soldiers in 1917 and was named after          Freedom Crossing Lifestyle Center is designed
located at the heart of two dynamic and growing         Captain Meriwether Lewis. In 1924 design and              with LEED Silver Core and Shell criteria as
military posts; U.S. Army Fort Lewis and McChord        permanent construction of facilities began with           defined by the United States Green Building
Air Force Base. The installation is a training          design principles of landscape architects Frederick       Council. The LEED Silver criteria, certifies the
facility for troops being deployed overseas and is      Law Olmsted, Jr. and George B. Ford. These                project has been designed to support and enhance
home to more than 39,800 active duty military and       principles included:                                      the surrounding environment. Sustainability is a
supports over 178.00 military, family and military                                                                cornerstone initiative of the United States Military
retirees. Joint Base Lewis-McChord is rapidly              Law of unity- a single design theme.                   and the “green” design of this project aligns with
expanding with active duty soldiers and supporting                                                                the Joint Base Lewis-McChord lifestyle. Retailers
                                                           Law of Consonance- recurring geometric
them by adding a variety of housing and lifestyle                                                                 are encouraged to design with LEED guidelines.
amenities. The Freedom Crossing Lifestyle Center
strengthens and engages the mission to bring value,        Law of Natural Beauty- geographic location and
service and support to military personnel and their        diversity.
families with this development.                            Law of Balance-symmetry on axis.
Freedom Crossing Lifestyle Center is a two-story           Law of Radiation-design to a common center.
mixed-use development offering a contemporary
retail experience and a memorable public realm          Retailers in Freedom Crossing Lifestyle Center
featuring dynamic entertainment, dining and             should be familiar with these design principles
shopping. National, regional and local shops and        when designing storefronts.
restaurants are mixed with entertainment venues,
office space and indoor and outdoor gathering           Historical Architectural Detail
places. These features are organized along a            The buildings of the Lifestyle Center have been
walkable main street anchored by the popular            designed with local and regional character
Exchange and a first run multiplex theater.             references.

Easily accessible by car, bus, bike and pedestrian         The historic downtown of Ft. Lewis, the
routes, Freedom Crossing features a main street            garrison, parade field and housing area was
with wide sidewalks, landscaped pedestrian paseos          designed with Neo-Georgian characteristics and

                                                                                                           RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
                                                                                Joint Base Lewis McChord
Introduction Cont’d.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord is located in Pierce and
Thurston counties near the city of Tacoma and
covers 87,200 acres in western Washington State.
The installation is divided by Interstate 5, the main
transportation corridor of the Puget Sound region.
It is bordered on the east and south by rural areas,
forested land, several small communities and on the
west by Puget Sound and Nisqually Wildlife area.
Dynamic views of Mt. Rainier provide a dramatic
backdrop for the freedom Crossing Lifestyle

Although temperate in climate, this area receives an
abundance of rainy weather and Retailers will be
required to design pedestrian weather protection in
their storefronts with awnings and canopies.

By following the design criteria outlined in this
handbook, retail Retailers will be successful and be
at the center of the dynamic community of
Freedom Crossing Lifestyle Center, a destination
where active duty military, retired military
personnel, family and friends can come together to
shop, dine, play and relax.

                                                                                   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
                                                        Joint Base Lewis McChord

                                                              inspections during the process. Any reference in JBLM         DoD
                                                              documents to the Building Department incorporates the         Acronym for DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
                                                              definition of Retailer Coordinator.                           An executive department of the United States
AAFES is an instrumentality of the United States                                                                            Government that is charged with coordinating and
Government that provides products and services, other         COMMON AREA                                                   supervising the functions of the government relating
than groceries, to military families worldwide and            All areas of JBLM, pedestrian streets, arcades,               directly to the military, which includes Joint Base
generates earnings to supplement military Morale,             walkways, stairs, escalators, elevators, service corridors,   Lewis - McChord and The Exchange.
Welfare and Recreation (MWR) quality of life programs         restrooms, food court, etc. that are enjoyed in common
for the Army and Air Force. AAFES operates the Post           by all Retailers and the public, and that are not part of     DPM
Exchange (PX) on Army installations and the Base              any Retailer’s leased premises.                               Acronym for DEPARTMENT OF
Exchange (BX) on Air Force installations in addition to                                                                     PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE
food courts, fast food restaurants, shops, and other retail   CONTRACT DOCUMENTS                                            On Post division of the U.S. Army Medical Department
uses and services on military installations.                  Working drawings and specifications of a physical             (AMEDD) that essentially acts as the Health Department
                                                              project as part of a contractual agreement directed           on Post. A separate submission for restaurants and food
                                                              toward the construction and subsequent completion of          services will need to be made to this DPM. TB MED 530
                                                              the Project.                                                  is the criterion document used for plan reviews and
ACT ACCESSIBILITIES GUIDELINES                                                                                              inspections by this Department. Any reference in the
                                                              DeCA                                                          JBLM documents to the Health Department herein
AS - BUILT SURVEY                                             Acronym for DEFENSE COMMISSARY AGENCY                         incorporates the definition of the Department of
Document showing completed physical conditions and            Agency of the Department of Defense (DoD) that                Preventative Medicine.
improvements to the project.                                  operates a worldwide chain of commissaries providing
                                                              groceries to military personnel. The commissary on Post       DESIGN CONTROL DRAWINGS
                                                              is planned for expansion; however, that project is being      Landlord supplied drawings containing architectural,
                                                              developed by parties other than The Exchange.                 mechanical, plumbing and electrical details and
Overall project envelope of construction, including
                                                              Eventually DeCA’s expansion along with The Exchange           specifications that must be incorporated into the
Common and Service Areas, excluding all work that is
                                                              expansion will become a cohesive development                  Retailer’s construction documents.
the responsibility of any Retailer. Bulkhead, Landlord’s
walls, fascia, soffit or ceiling immediately above the        connected by a main street theme known as JBLM.
                                                                                                                            DESIGN CONTROL LINE
Retailer’s Storefront built and controlled by the
Landlord, and defining the maximum permissible height         DEMISING WALL OR PARTITION                                    A line, typically five feet (5’-0”) behind and paralleling
                                                              A common wall or partition between two adjoining              the storefront Lease Line, indicating the limits of the
and extent of the Retailer’s storefront.
                                                              premises or between a premise and a Common Area.              Design Control Zone.
                                                              Demising walls or partitions typically extend back from
                                                              a Neutral Pier.                                               DESIGN CONTROL ZONE
                                                                                                                            Area between the Lease Line and the Design Control
The Retailer Coordinator (RC) will essentially act as the
                                                                                                                            Line in which the Landlord controls and must approve all
Building Department for JBLM. The RC will administer
                                                                                                                            aspects of design, materials, finishes, lighting, etc. The
the plan approval process from Permit Application
                                                                                                                            Design Control Zone is typically the forward most four
through Certificate of Occupancy. The RC will review
                                                                                                                            feet (4’-0”) of the leased premises, paralleling the
all plans for code compliance and make appropriate
                                                                                                                            storefront Lease Lines.

                                                                                                                    GLOSSARY & ACRONYM
                                                                                                                    DEFINITION                                                           8
                                                                                        Joint Base Lewis McChord    RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK               12/28/2011
Glossary & Acronyms Cont’d.

DES                                                           DPW
Acronym for DIRECTORATE OF EMERGENCY                          Acronym for DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC                           JBLM
SERVICES                                                      WORKS                                                       Acronym for JOINT BASE LEWIS MCCHORD.
(DES) provides 24-hour force protection, law                  On Post department of public works in charge of all
enforcement, fire protection, and community assistance        public works projects including those related to JBLM.      KITCHEN AREA
to the soldiers, family members and civilians of Joint                                                                    Portion of a food service Retailer’s premises used for
Base Lewis - McChord. The Fire and Emergency                  JBWSC                                                       food preparation, storage and clean-up.
Services Division (FESD) is a member of the DES.              Acronym for JOINT BASE LEWIS - MCCHORD
FESD, formally known as the Fire Department, is               WATER SERVICE COMPANY                                       LANDLORD
obligated to provide the most efficient, cost effective,      On Post utility company serving the Post and that will be   Represents AAFES and/or The Exchange.
and safest fire protection and prevention to Joint Base       serving JBLM with water and sewer. JBWSC operates
Lewis - McChord soldiers, their families, and civilian        through the contract services of American States Utility    LANDLORD’S DESIGNATED
work force. FESD will review all plans and                    Services, Inc (ASUS). ASUS contracts with                   CONTRACTOR
specifications related to fire suppression and Force          municipalities, the U.S. Government and private entities    A specific competitively bid contractor designated by the
Protection as related to the Mass Notification System         to provide billing and water meter reading and operation    Landlord to perform work where consistency and
(MNS) for all JBLM Retailers.                                 and maintenance of water and wastewater systems at          uniformity of materials, finishes, color, and quality of
                                                              various military installations throughout the United        workmanship are essential, or where overall control of
DOIM                                                          States. ASUS is a subsidiary of American States Water       critical construction is necessary.
Acronym for DIRECTOR OF THE                                   Company, a publicly traded utility headquartered in San
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                                                                LANDLORD PIER
                                                              Dimas, California. ASUS regional headquarters are in
DOIM is responsible for providing Information                 Costa Mesa, California.                 Any architectural pier, etc. that is part of the Landlord’s
Technology to all Joint Base Lewis - McChord activities                                               building facade at the Storefront Lease Line and that
to ensure readiness and quality of life are sustained.        FESD                                    must be maintained with Landlord finishes within the
Support includes sustainment of Communications                Acronym for FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES Retailer’s storefront design.
Systems and Telephone Services, Visual Information,
Information Assurance, and Automation Services. DOIM          FREEDOM CROSSING AT JOINT BASE LEWIS -                    LEED
controls all communication on Post as it relates to the       MCCHORD                                                   Acronym for LEADERSHIP IN ENERGY AND
military function in conjunction with the Information         The mixed-use project proposed on Post developed by       ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN
Systems Engineering Command (ISEC). ISEC provides             Mortenson Development Company.                            LEED also referred to as the Green Building Rating
systems engineering worldwide for the Army. Any and                                                                     System as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council
all commercial phone services, and cable (for instance        FCACC at JBLM                                             (USGBC), with the Silver Certification level being
Comcast or Quest), will have to be coordinated through        Acronym for FREEDOM CROSSING ARCHITECT- sought for the Project. LEED certification provides
DOIM. DOIM is also responsible for Quality Assurance          URAL CONTROL COMMITTEE at JOINT BASE                      independent, third-party verification that a building
Inspections as they relate to security intrusion into these   LEWIS – McCHORD                                           project is environmentally responsible, profitable and a
systems.                                                                                                                healthy place to live and work. Initially LEED
                                                              GRAPHICS                                                  certification will be sought for the Core/Shell scope of
                                                              Lettering, symbols, logos, and other visual elements used work only. JBLM is currently registered with LEED
                                                              for signage or brand identification at the storefront and under Project Access ID #688714952165419.
                                                              throughout the interior of the premises.

                                                                                                                  GLOSSARY & ACRONYM
                                                                                                                  DEFINITION                                                       9
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK              12/28/2011
Glossary & Acronyms Cont’d.

LEASE LINE                                                 SERVICE COURT                                                  STORE NAME
The line shown on the lease outline drawings defining      The secured courtyard adjacent to, or connected via a          The official trade name of the store or Retailer’s
the extent of the Retailer’s premises.                     corridor to, the Retailer’s premises. Not generally visible    operation as set forth in the Retailers Agreement
                                                           or accessible to the consumer this area is the designated      documents; also referred to as the DBA, or the name
LOD                                                        area for receiving all deliveries, for the storing and         which the operation is “Doing Business As”.
Acronym for LEASE OUTLINE DRAWING                          hauling of all trash, and for accessing the building utility
The design drawing(s) produced by the Landlord             connection points. This area may serve as a means of           TB MED 530
pertaining to an individual Retailer space that show the   entering and exiting the premises for employees and as a       Acronym for TECHNICAL BULLETIN, MEDICAL
premises as it will be delivered by the Landlord.          second means of exit in case of emergency.                     #530
                                                                                                                          Document produced by the U.S. Army Medical
NEUTRAL PIER                                               SERVING AREA                                                   Department in conjunction with U.S. Army Corps of
Any architectural element, pier, etc. separating two       All elements of a food service Retailer’s premises that        Engineers, prescribing procedures from Occupational and
adjacent storefronts or separating a storefront from a     can be seen from public area, including counters,              Environmental Health Food Sanitation to Construction
service corridor, controlled and maintained by the         demising partitions, ceilings, walls, doors, menu boards,      and Maintenance of Food Establishments. This will be the
Landlord.                                                  equipment, lighting, signage, etc.                             controlling document on Post for restaurants and food
POST                                                       SHOP DRAWINGS
Joint Base Lewis - McChord Military Installation.          Detailed drawings showing dimensions, materials, color,        TIP
                                                           finishes and construction of fabricated items. Generally       Acronym for TENANT (RETAILER)
REVEAL                                                     prepared by the component’s fabricator.                        INFORMATION PCACKAGE
Recessed separator strip between two different adjacent
materials. Reveals may also separate two storefronts       SHOP WINDOW, DISPLAY WINDOW, DISPLAY                           PSE
from Neutral Piers or Landlord Bulkheads.                  Transparent or translucent portion of a storefront used        Acronym for PUGET SOUND ENERGY
                                                           for the display of merchandise or services, including all      Utility company serving the Post and that will be serving
POWER COMPANY                                              appurtenant Retailer accessories.                              Joint Base Lewis - McChord with natural gas.
Primary electrical systems on base are government
owned. DPW Electrical Systems manager will invoice         STORE CLOSURE, CLOSURE LINE                                UFC
AFFES or property manager who will be responsible for      Line at which a Retailer’s leased premises are closed for  Acronym for UNIFIED FACILITIES CRITERIA
meter reading and Retailer billing.                        security after hours.                                      Documents that provide planning, design, construction,
                                                                                                                      sustainment, restoration, and modernization criteria that
                                                           STOREFRONT                                                 apply to Military Installations including Force Protection
                                                           The facade(s) of the Retailer’s leased premises, generally as it relates to Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings.
                                                           the front face or faces directed toward the public area.   Additional references are made to various Technical
                                                                                                                      Bulletins (TB) and Technical Manuals (TM).

                                                                                                                          All UFC documents are available at the following

The Landlord reserves the right to amend or supplement any of the provisions in the handbook as the Landlord deems necessary or appropriate.

                                                                                                                GLOSSARY & ACRONYM DEFINITION
                                                                                                                RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                       10
                                                                                     Joint Base Lewis McChord

                                                              elements - enclosure, glazing, signage, lighting, and         The Storefront design shall be a blast resistant storefront
                                                              merchandising - should contribute not only to the             meeting UFC 4-010-01, ASTM F2248, Standard Practice
The success of JBLM hinges on the high level of design
                                                              Retailer’s identity but express the evolution and             for Specifying an Equivalent 3-Second Duration Design.
quality of each Retailer’s premises as a contributor to the
                                                              sustainability of JBLM and the Post, their diversity,         It is strongly advised that Retailer contract with
physical and visual character of the community. Each
                                                              history, and future. The following general criteria shall     storefront contractor a minimum of three (3) months
Retailer, Retailer’s architect, and Retailer’s engineer
                                                              apply to all prototypes.                                      prior to installation as not to delay store opening.
shall familiarize themselves with the design guidelines
contained in this Retailer Criteria Handbook, and shall
develop store designs that embrace and enhance their          GENERAL DESIGN CRITERIA                                       Loading for Blast Resistant Glazing Fabricated with
intent. The Landlord strongly encourages individuality of                                                                   Laminated Glass and ASTM E 1300 Standard Practice
                                                              Retailer, at its sole cost and expense, shall design and      for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings,
expression and diversity of style, within the overall
                                                              install the Retailer’s Storefront which shall be subject to   as mandated by the DOD on a military installation. See
design context of JBLM.
                                                              approval by the Landlord and the Freedom Crossing             drawings that are incorporated as part of this Handbook.
                                                              Architectural Control Committee at Joint Base Lewis-
                                                              McChord (FCACC at JBLM). The design should provide            Acceptable Storefront systems shall be equal to: Product
                                                              amenities that relate to the climate of Fort Lewis, with      BR606, Blast Resistant System, Center Glazed for 1”
Unless otherwise set forth in a Retailer Lease, Landlord awnings, canopies and other shading devices.                       glass with internal Mullion Reinforcing, and Series
shall provide a complete shell building including the         Incorporated in the This Criteria Handbook are canopy         BR606 Medium Stile Single and Pair of Doors.
basic structural building components, roof, concrete floor zones. When Retailers receive detailed LOD‘s their zone
slab (except for food operators and slab leave-out areas), will be defined. Regional and local materials should be          Safety Laminated Glass shall be fully tempered with
all exterior wall framing and exterior finishes, exclusive used, together with local suppliers and manufacturers as         horizontal tempering, laminated with 0.030 inch thick
of the individual Storefront in-fill openings for Retailers’ much as possible. The Storefront design shall work in          plastic interlayer and must comply with ASTM C 1172,
use.                                                          concert with the Landlord’s building facade, thematic         ASTM C 1036, Type I, transparent flat, Class 1 clear,
                                                              architectural expression, and landscaping. Landlord piers     Quality Q3 (glazing select), and ASTM C 1048. Glazing
Utilities will be provided subject to the provisions of the or columns in the Retailer’s Storefront that are clad or        must also comply with 16 CFR 1201 test requirements
Retailer Agreement (see Sections 10 through 16).              otherwise designed as part of the Landlord building           for Category II, 6mm minimum thick.
                                                              architecture shall be preserved and maintained without
STOREFRONT                                                    alteration by the Retailer. Piers or columns in the           All Retailer Storefronts and floors shall be watertight and
                                                              Retailer’s Storefront shall be incorporated into the          must properly slope to drain and meet flush with the
Storefront as defined herein refers to the Retailer           Retailer’s Storefront design.                                 Landlord floors and or pavements at the Storefront. All
constructed elements (entry doors, display windows,                                                                         Retailer Storefront materials shall be suitable to outdoor
canopies, signage, exterior lighting, etc.) that are inserted The Retailer’s Storefront design shall incorporate the        weather, use and wear. The complete UFC requirements
or applied to the prototype building facades. Each            architectural character and design elements of JBLM.          can be found on the JBLM web site with proper access
Retailer shall provide quality design, construction, and      Retailers are encouraged to review the design examples        code.
maintenance of its store and Storefront. Storefronts          provided later in this Handbook for inspiration.
should be innovative, well integrated, and constructed of
quality materials. Lighting, Signage and Graphics should All Retailer construction, including Storefronts, shall be
reinforce the character and quality of the store design and of non-combustible materials.
enhance the merchandise presentation. All Storefront

                                                                                                                  SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                       11
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.


Landlord building facades and incorporated columns and        and shall complement the Retailer’s Storefront design.    All deviations from these requirements must be approved
piers are provided and maintained by the Landlord, and        See storefront base details that conform to the blast     in writing by the FCACC at JBLM.
shall not be altered in any way by the Retailer. Repairs to   protection requirements.
such elements made necessary by Retailer action shall be
at the Retailer’s expense.                                    STORE FAÇADE TRANSPARENCY

STOREFRONT ENTRANCE                                        Retailers shall maximize the use of glass to maintain a
                                                           show window concept. Opaque wall areas are limited to
The Storefront elements, including the entrance,           twenty percent of the individual opening width, up to a
awnings, canopies, (see Canopy Zone Drawings)              maximum of four feet (4’-0”) within each storefront
decorative doors, lighting and signage, should             opening. Notwithstanding this limitation, the use of
complement each other in order to achieve an overall       intermediate piers or strengthened mullions that divide
cohesive design within each prototype.                     large areas of aluminum storefront glazing systems is
                                                           required. The Retailer shall not have more than fifteen
RECESSED ENTRY AREA FINISHES                               feet (15’-0”) of uninterrupted aluminum Storefront
                                                           glazing system in any one Storefront opening.
The Landlord shall provide, at the Landlord’s expense,     Intermediate horizontal window mullions (false mullions
exterior paving to the Retailer’s Lease Line. Where the    are not permitted) are encouraged to break up larger
entry door is recessed, the Retailer is required to        window areas. The Storefront windows shall extend the
implement paving, extending from the Lease Line up to full height of the opening except at signage, Storefront
the door Closure Line, which is complementary to the       base, or other special design features that Retailer may   STOREFRONT CANOPY ZONES
Storefront and constructed of Landlord approved            propose, and that Landlord may consider at Landlord’s
materials.                                                 sole discretion.                                           It is the intent of Freedom Crossing to provide a
                                                                                                                      comfortable pedestrian scale with weather protected
The ceiling at the exterior recessed entry area shall be   When a Retailer has more than one exterior facade          storefronts and allow for each Retailer storefront to
weatherproofed finished material such as metal panel or elevation, the Retailer is required to place windows in       engage the street with fenestration, materials, awnings
stucco. The Retailer shall provide exterior-rated recessed each facade’s Storefront in-fill opening(s). Exceptions to and store signs and lighting.
lighting in the ceiling to accent the entry.               these requirements will be made for some Retailers, such
                                                           as jewelry stores, and the Class Six store whose           The temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest produces
STOREFRONT BASE                                            particular merchandising strategy relies on focused        frequent rainfall requiring storefronts to provide weather
                                                           Storefront window openings. In these cases, the            protection for customer comfort entering and exiting
It is required that the Storefront base be of 24 inches    surrounding Storefront material must be designed to        stores. Freedom Crossing requires all Retailers to
(24”) see drawings on page 25. Storefront base may be accentuate the smaller window openings. Blank expanses provide awnings or canopies along their entire
of stone, brick, wood, metal, tile, or other Landlord      of finish surfaces are discouraged.                        storefronts within the designated canopy zones as
approved material suitable to wet exterior conditions,                                                                illustrated on the canopy zone plan.

                                                                                                                 SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                  12
                                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                        SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                        RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     13
                             Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                        SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                        RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     14
                             Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.


Storefronts designated as Canopy Zone 1 occupy
particularly important visual corners of Freedom
Crossing. These corners are architecturally important
and set the scale and design image for the lifestyle
center. The Retailer storefronts and canopies are
intended to be integrated with the base building
architecture and become the focus for pedestrians and
auto traffic. These canopies should be mounted at the
top of the storefronts to allow prime visibility into the

Retailer storefront canopies in Canopy Zone 1 should:

   Be structured with a hard edge such as a metal
   channel, and secured to the base building with cables
   at the designated area.
   A flat canopy, of glass or metal, is recommended to
   allow for the base building architecture to be visible
   and coordinated with the storefront.
   Retailer signs can be mounted on the face of the
   Retailer blade signs can be mounted below the
   Lighting is particularly effective in creating an
   attractive night time public realm. Under canopy
   lighting to illuminate the sidewalk area is required.
   Canopies in this area are encouraged to flow around

                                                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     15
                                                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.


Storefronts designated as Canopy Zone 2 occupy
corners along important pedestrian paths from parking
areas and it is intended that these storefronts are highly
visual as an architectural focus for pedestrians as they
enter the retail street. Canopies in this zone are intended
to be compatible with the base building architecture but
allow for branded Retailer identity.

Retailer canopies in Canopy Zone 2 must:

   Provide a structured edge, such as a metal channel,
   secured to the Retailer storefront.
   Sloped fabric, metal, glass, is encouraged. Flat
   canopies as in Zone 1 are allowed.
   Retailer signs can be mounted on the face of the
   Retailer blade signs can be mounted below the canopy.
   Lighting is particularly effective in creating an
   attractive night time public realm. Under canopy
   lighting to illuminate the sidewalk area is required.
   Lighting of the sloped surface is recommended.
   Canopies in this area are encouraged to flow around

                                                                                         SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                                                         RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     16
                                                              Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.


Storefronts designed at Canopy Zone 3 occupy interior
storefronts and storefronts along pedestrian paths
between building connecting parking areas. These
canopies are intended to provide Retailer branding and
weather protection with a variety of style, scale and
detail along the street front.

Retailer storefront canopies in Canopy Zone 3 should:

  Canopies should be integrated and mounted to the
  Retailer storefront and can be mounted at various
  Sloped fabric, metal, glass, is encouraged. Flat
  canopies as in Zone 1 are allowed.
  Retailer signs can be mounted on the edge of fabric
  Lighting is particularly effective in creating an
  attractive night time public realm. Under canopy
  lighting to illuminate the sidewalk area is required.
  Lighting of the sloped surface is recommended.
  Open side panels are required.

                                                                                     SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                                                     RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     17
                                                          Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     18
                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     19
                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     20
                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     21
                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     22
                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     23
                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     24
                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
Storefront Design Cont’d.

                                                       SECTION 1: STOREFRONT DESIGN
                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     25
                            Joint Base Lewis McChord

DESIGN CONTROL ZONE GENERAL                                   walkway. Sprinkler heads in the ceiling must be flush or     Out-swinging or pivoting doors shall be recessed to
REQUIREMENTS                                                  fully recessed. The cover plates are to be chrome            prevent the door swing or pivot from extending beyond
                                                              finished or painted to match the ceiling color. Acoustical   the Storefront Lease Line. All Store Closure doors shall
For the purposes of the following criteria, the Design        tile will not be allowed in the Design Control Zone,         be weather-stripped.
Control Zone extends into the store a minimum of four         unless a special written exception has been granted by
feet (4’-0”) from the Storefront Lease Line. All Retailers    the FCACC at JBLM.                                           Retailers may incorporate a vestibule into their
must comply with these requirements and receive                                                                            Storefront design.
approval, in writing, from the Landlord.                      STORE DISPLAY AND DESIGN CONTROL
                                                              ZONE MERCHANDISING                                       STOREFRONT SECURITY SYSTEMS
Retail Retailers are encouraged to express their                                                                       Storefront security systems must be unobtrusively
individual identity with a variety of shop front heights,     The area extending four feet (4’-0”) back from the       incorporated into the Retailer’s Design Control Zone.
shapes, materials and textures. Retailer facades should       Storefront glazing, the sidewalls and show windows shall Free-standing tower systems are not allowed except in
use a variety of materials including face brick, burnished    be dedicated for use as a high quality show window       Anchor Retailer spaces. Storefront security system
block, stone, metal siding, stucco, and Exterior Insulation   display. A creative display is required - standard       design and installation details shall be included in the
Finishing System (EIFS) on the main portion of the            merchandise racks, wall finishing materials such as      Retailer Storefront design and drawings submitted to the
facades.                                                      slatwall and pre-packaged wall-mounted grid systems are Landlord for approval prior to installation.
                                                              subject to Landlord review.
                                                              Distinctive, high quality and appropriate display            MISCELLANEOUS STORE DISPLAY AND
Floor finishes in the Design Control Zone shall be hard,      techniques which best showcase the Retailer’s                DESIGN CONTROL ZONE REQUIREMENTS
high quality, durable materials. At the entry, the floor      merchandise must be used.
finish shall be a non-slip material. Carpeting is not                                                                      Television monitors to be installed at the Storefront or
allowed in the Design Control Zone.                           At the Storefront entry, display fixtures or merchandise     within the Design Control Zone require specific approval
                                                              must be placed at least three feet behind the Retailer’s     by the Landlord. Monitors shall be incorporated into the
The finished elevations at the store entrance must align      entry door. Merchandise racks and display features must      overall storefront design and are to be encased within
flush and form a smooth level transition with the             not block customer traffic flow in and out of the store.     attractive display fixtures to conceal all surfaces except
Landlord exterior walkway elevation. Retailer’s entrance                                                                   for the screen surface. The monitors, if allowed, may not
shall incorporate a weatherproofed threshold of minimal STORE CLOSURE                                                      emit any sound.
thickness (not to exceed 1/2”) provided at the doors. The
use of vinyl or metal reducer strips is prohibited.       Store Closure is limited to hinged or pivoting doors only. No speakers will be allowed in the Storefront or store
                                                          Coiling grilles and shutters are prohibited, exceptions    interior which would permit sounds to be heard in the
CEILINGS                                                  may be granted on a case by case basis for Retailers       common walkways.
                                                          located in the Marketplace. Tall entrance doors of eight
Ceiling surfaces within the Design Control Zone shall be feet (8’-0”) height, or higher, are required; standard
gypsum board, wood, or other hard surface material.       height doors with overhead transoms are not permitted.
Exposing the structural system is also acceptable. The
ceiling height shall be a minimum of twelve feet (12’-
0”). Store exit signs must be hidden from the common

                                                                                                                  SECTION 2: DESIGN CONTROL ZONE
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                      26
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Design Control Zone Cont’d.

STOREFRONT LIGHTING                                            FINISHES                                                    UNACCEPTABLE STOREFRONT
Lighting in the Design Control Zone shall be designed to       Storefront materials and finishes shall embody quality,
provide a dramatic, high impact on merchandise displays        craftsmanship, and character. Innovation and creativity        Simulated versions of brick, wood or stone.
using high efficiency light fixtures. All Retailers are in a   are encouraged within the established architectural
                                                               themes of JBLM.                                                Wood siding or shingles.
canopy zone and are required to provide canopy lighting,
see Canopy Zone Plans (Pages 13 and 14).                                                                                      Plexiglas or translucent plastic panels.
                                                               ACCEPTABLE STOREFRONT MATERIALS
The temperature range for storefront lighting shall be                                                                        Plastic laminates.
3,000 to 3,500 Kelvin with a rendering index of 82 CRI.          Stainless steel - brushed or matte finishes.                 Painted gypsum board.
Light sources and track lighting shall not be visible from
                                                                 Solid brass or copper accents.                               Chrome.
the adjacent sidewalk or street scene areas. Sodium
lamps are prohibited in Storefront areas.                        Wrought iron.                                                Vinyl tile, vinyl base, or sheet vinyl.
Show windows and display areas shall be adequately               Cast iron and steel.
                                                                                                                           A painted finish on plywood, moisture resistant gypsum
lighted and ventilated. Exposed fixture lamps are                Galvanized or powder coated metal.                        board or other similar basic sheathing product shall not
prohibited, without prior Landlord approval; no lamp
                                                                 Sandblasted, frosted, etched, textures or leaded glass.   be allowed as a finish Storefront material.
shall extend below the ceiling or below the display
window heads in the Design Control Zone. Displays,
                                                                 Marble, granite, limestone and other suitable exterior    Other prohibited materials include the following: thin
show windows, and entrances shall be illuminated during
                                                                 stone.                                                    gauge metal sheet goods, metal laminates or mirror
JBLM’s hours of operation, and shall be controlled by an
automatic time clock or control system connected to the          Glass fiber reinforced concrete with a sealed natural
Retailer’s power supply.                                         finish.                                                   Fake “natural” materials such as faux wood products are
                                                                 Finished and protected hardwoods of premium grade         not permitted. However, it is understood that many
                                                                 quality.                                                  simulated materials look authentic and may actually
                                                                                                                           reinforce the theming goals of the Project better than a
                                                                 Architectural precast concrete or cast stone.             poor application of a natural material. Please submit
                                                                 Brick and textured masonry; decorative coursing is        high-quality simulated materials for Landlord review and
                                                                 encouraged.                                               approval if they are considered to support the theming
                                                                                                                           goals of the Project, (i.e. high quality faux stone
                                                                 EIFS or Stucco, integrally colored and waterproofed.      materials). Provide material data that evidence that the
                                                                                                                           application of the product is appropriate in an outdoor
                                                                 Fluoropolymer painted aluminum Storefront system.
                                                                 Composite metal panels.
                                                                 Premium grade ceramic tile.
                                                                 Anodized aluminum, pending color.

                                                                                                                   SECTION 2: DESIGN CONTROL ZONE
                                                                                                                   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                       27
                                                                                        Joint Base Lewis McChord
Design Control Zone Cont’d.


The purpose of JBLM Retailer signage is to enhance its      Public art, including building murals and sculpture as       SIGNAGE SIZE AND QUANTITY
streetscape character, and to complement the design of      well as installation art, seasonal displays and/or holiday
the overall facade and general building design through      decorations that are sponsored by the Landlord, a            The size and shape of the sign shall be in keeping with
strict adherence to this Sign Criteria.                     Retailer or third party shall not be considered signage.     the Storefront design and available sign area, but shall
                                                            Public art and building murals with content whose            not exceed two-thirds of the linear Storefront width.
The Sign Criteria will ensure that signage used by          primary purpose is to advertise products, goods and / or
individual businesses will contribute to the vitality and   services shall be considered signage and required to         Store names, logos, etc. used as safety bands on glass
interest of JBLM, while respecting the variety of the       comply with this Sign Criteria.                              shall not exceed four inches (4”) in height.
architecture, creating a lively and provocative
atmosphere. Signs will work with other street amenities     Outdoor dining signage shall be included as part of the      SIGNAGE MESSAGE
in establishing the character of the street on which they   Storefront design approval process and must be directly
front, while clearly identifying businesses, encouraging    linked to the signage design and area calculation for the    The Retailer’s Name and registered trademark logo will
window shopping, and enhancing the pedestrian               Retailer Storefronts.                                        be the primary message allowed on the signs.
                                                            All signage is to be of the highest quality construction     Tag lines and business description are not permitted on
This Sign Criteria shall govern all signage within the      and must be shop fabricated and painted. All                 any signage unless they form an indivisible part of the
confines of JBLM. All signs which are visible from the      attachments, labels, fasteners, mounting brackets, wiring,   Retailer’s registered trademarked name and/or logo. Any
common walkway or parking areas shall require specific      clips, transformers, disconnects, lamps, and other           tag lines or business description submitted as part of the
approval in writing by the Landlord.                        mechanisms required must be concealed from view.             Retailer’s signage will be reviewed and approved at the
                                                                                                                         sole discretion of the FCACC at JBLM and strictly on a
For the purposes of this Handbook, “Retailer” shall         All electric signs and installation methods shall meet       case by case basis.
mean, unless otherwise specified, any retail, commercial,   U.L. standards and be U.L.-listed. All illuminated signs
office or institutional business operating from a space,    shall remain on during the normal evening operating          DEFAULT
building, kiosk or cart within JBLM.                        hours for JBLM, and shall be connected to the
                                                            Landlord’s provided common sign circuits.                    Violation of any of the requirements herein or of the
Retailer signage should be oriented to the pedestrian and                                                                FCACC at JBLM and/or Landlord’s decisions and
can be mounted on the building, canopy or be              In order to meet the night sky requirements up-lights          approvals related to signage shall be considered as a
perpendicular to the building as banner signs. All sign   may not be used on any sign or building.                       material default under the Lease.
designs must be submitted to the Freedom Crossing at
Joint Base Lewis - McChord Architectural Control
Committee (FCACC at JBLM) in the Design Documents
submittal phase for review and approval.

                                                                                                                 SECTION 2: DESIGN CONTROL ZONE
                                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                         28
                                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord

A: MAJOR RETAILER SIGNAGE                                  The top of wall-mounted signs shall be mounted no              b Calculation of area of sign: For purposes of
                                                           closer to the top of the parapet than two (2’) feet unless       calculating permitted sign area, the area of a sign
Stores exceeding 20,000 sq. ft. but less than 80,000 sq.   exception is approved by the FCACC at JBLM.                      shall be the smallest three contiguous rectangles,
ft. are considered Major Retailers. Major Retailers are                                                                     triangles, or circles which will encompass all
allowed the following signage and must adhere to the       No sign shall be installed on the roof of any building.          elements of the sign.
following criteria.
                                                           Special exceptions will be granted, at the discretion of   3) PERMITTED SIGN TYPES
The Major Retailer may install the following signs on      the FCACC at JBLM, to Movie Theatre, Entertainment,
facades directed toward or intended to be viewed from      or other specialty Retailers, who fall within this store      PRIMARY SIGNAGE DESCRIPTION
the parking lot, pedestrian promenade or public streets    size category, to allow for marquis and/or iconic signage.    The total sign length may not exceed 75% of the
(assume three (3) sides):                                                                                                Retailer’s Storefront frontage. The Retailer’s letter
                                                           B: IN-LINE RETAILERS & RESTAURANT                             height and logo may not exceed thirty inches (30”) in
   One major identification sign with a maximum letter     RETAILERS                                                     height, and no supporting structure may project more
   height of six feet (6’-0”) and a maximum square                                                                       than 10” out from the wall. Signs may also be
   footage of two hundred square feet (200 sq. ft.).       In-line and restaurant Retailers less than 20,000 sq. ft.     mounted on or above a structural canopy or building
                                                           located on the perimeter of the retail buildings with         projection, but may not be mounted on or above a
   Awning signage applied directly to awnings mounted      Storefront and customer access facing a primary               building roof. Retailers may choose from options A,
   on the exterior of the building. Letter height          roadway, a pedestrian promenade, or the parking lot side      B, C or D below.
   maximum of eight inches (8”) with a maximum             of such buildings will be allowed the following signage
   square footage of 4 sq. ft. per awning.                 and must adhere to the following criteria:                 Option A: Internally Illuminated Letters
   An additional sign facing the interior pedestrian                                                                  Materials: Individual Pan Channel Letters with opaque
   promenade may be permitted as part of the               1) PERMITTED NUMBER OF SIGNS                               metal returns and open faces. Translucent acrylic faces
   comprehensive signage program.                             a In-line retail and restaurant Retailers are allowed   are permitted when maximum creativity of design and
                                                                 one (1) primary building identification sign and     the highest quality of materials and fabrication is used.
Signs shall be internally illuminated individual channel         two (2) secondary identification signs as            Restrictions: Letterforms may not exceed two feet (2’-
letters or may be halo illuminated pan-channel letters.          hereinafter defined and described.                   0”) in height and a return thickness of eight inches (8”).
Exposed raceways are not permitted. Signs shall be
properly proportioned in relation to the surface upon         b Restaurant Retailers are allowed a maximum of            Option B: Silhouette or Halo-Illuminated Letters
which the sign is mounted. No sign or supporting                two (2) primary building identifications signs (1        Materials: Fabricated metal with polished, brushed or
structure shall project more than twelve inches (12”) t         per facade), and two (2) secondary identification        baked enamel painted finish, backlit with warm neon or
from the wall of the major building.                            signs as hereinafter defined and described.              LED (provide specs).
                                                                                                                         Restrictions: May only be used against solid sign panel
Calculation of area of a sign: For the purpose of            2) ALLOWABLE SIGN AREA                                      or building fascia. Letterforms may not exceed two feet
calculating permitted sign area, the area of a sign shall be                                                             (2’-0”) in height and must have a return thickness of
the smallest three contiguous rectangles, triangles, or         a The Retailer’s total signage areas may not exceed minimum three inches (3”) to a maximum of eight inches
circles, which will encompass all elements of the sign.           sixty (60) total sq. ft. Total allowable area includes (8”) in depth.
                                                                  both primary and secondary signage.

                                                                                                               SECTION 3: SIGNAGE CRITERIA
                                                                                                               RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                    29
                                                                                    Joint Base Lewis McChord
Signage Criteria Cont’d.

Option C: Mixed Media                                                                      SECONDARY SIGNAGE DESCRIPTION
Materials: Option A or B in combination, with non-
illuminated letters or graphic forms.                                                      In addition to the primary sign, each Retailer in this
Restrictions: Minimum of two (2) colors shall be used.                                     category is allowed a secondary message or
                                                                                           identification signage as described under options A, B,
Option D: Internally Illuminated Sign Cabinet                                              C, or D below. Retailers may elect to provide one or all
Materials: Opaque metal sign face with routed letters                                      of the options.
with push-through acrylic type. Backlit with warm neon
or LED.                                                                                    Option A: Awning Sign
                                                                                           If the Retailer elects to install an awning as part of its
Restrictions: Regularly shaped sign cabinets are not                                       Storefront, the Retailer may apply Graphics to the
allowed and are considered as Box signs. Acrylic must                                      awning. Awning Graphics shall not exceed 40% of
project a minimum of one inch (1”) from sign face. Sign                                    awning surface area.
cabinet may have a return thickness of a maximum 8”
depth. Metal face to be minimum .090” thick.                                               Option B: Applied Letters
                                                                                           Applied letter Graphics may not exceed twenty square
                                                                                           feet (20 sq. ft.). If applied to glass it must be applied to
                                                                                           the back of the glass, be located a maximum of four
                                                                                           feet (4’-0”) above the floor and be no more than twelve
                                                                                           inches (12”) in height.

                                                                                           Option C: Blade Signs
                                                                                           Retailers may elect to install perpendicular blade signs.
                                                                                           Restaurant Retailers are allowed two (2) blade signs (1
                                                                                           per facade). In-line Retailers are allowed one (1) blade
                                                                                           sign. Blade signs shall be one of the following types:

                                                                                           a. Dimensional panel type sign externally illuminated
                                                                                              by fixtures specified or approved by Landlord.

                                                                                           b. Perpendicular sign box or panel with neon lettering
                                                                                              or neon highlights to accentuate the Retailer

                                                                                           c. Landlord to provide standard blade sign bracket that
                                                                                              will incorporate lighting. Retailer is to mount on
                                                                                              storefront and provide the power for lighting.

                                                                                     SECTION 3: SIGNAGE CRITERIA
                                                                                     RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                     30
                                                          Joint Base Lewis McChord
                                                            layered to give the fascia more visual interest and a     SIGN TYPE B - CANOPY SIGN
                                                            three-dimensional quality.
SIGN TYPE A - WALL MOUNTED SIGN                                                                                       Canopy signs are panels and/or letter forms that are
                                                            Reverse pan-channel letter and logos with halo            attached to or project above a vertical surface of an
Wall-mounted signs are located above the Storefront
                                                            illumination: These letters and logos will be             architectural marquee /canopy. They provide the main
display windows and / or entry doors parallel to the
                                                            fabricated using similar materials and finishes as the    identity for Retailers who occupy spaces where an entry
building facade and project no more than ten inches
                                                            dimensional letters listed above.                         canopy is part of their base building facade.
(10”). Wall-mounted signs consist of letter and logo
forms attached to a panel or directly to the building
                                                             Open pan-channel letters with exposed neon               Canopy signs are permitted on building marquees,
fascia. Generally, the colors, finishes and materials for
                                                             illumination: These letters and logos give               canopies or balconies. Colors, finishes and materials
building wall-mounted signs are an extension of those
                                                             establishments an entertainment quality that adds        used for canopy signs shall be complementary to the
used for the Retailer or building identity. In the case of
                                                             diversity of expression.                                 Retailer facade and an integral part of the canopy or
retail Retailers, contrasting designs and materials may be
                                                                                                                      architectural element. These signs can be mounted above
used to convey the Retailer’s unique identity provided
                                                           Types of wall-mounted signs that are discouraged or        and / or be attached to a vertical surface of the marquee /
that the entire ensemble of the wall-mounted signs and
                                                           not allowed include among others:                          canopy.
storefront demonstrate unified design intent.

                                                            Internally illuminated pan-channel letters with acrylic
                                                            faces- Although these types of signs are not the most
                                                            desirable, Retailers who demonstrate that they will
                                                            use this sign type with maximum creativity of design
                                                            and the highest quality of materials and fabrication
                                                            will be allowed to use this sign type. Some of the
                                                            minimum requirements are as follows:                      Types of canopy signs to be encouraged include:

Types of wall-mounted signs to be encouraged                The attachment of acrylic faces to the metal channel         Dimensional letters and logo forms fabricated from
include:                                                    of the letter form must be clean, flush and discreet         suitable materials that have a painted, gilded or metal
                                                            with concealed fasteners.                                    finish- These letters should be illuminated with point
  Dimensional letters and logo forms fabricated from                                                                     source, bracket mounted light fixtures that accentuate
  suitable materials that have a painted, gilded or metal                                                                the form of the letter and logo forms. The character of
                                                            The acrylic face of the letter forms must have a matte
  finish- These letters should be illuminated with point                                                                 the fixtures should be consistent with that of the
                                                            finish to avoid reflections in the face when not
  source, bracket mounted light fixtures that accentuate                                                                 overall facade and marquee / canopy design. Lamps
  the form of the letter and logo forms. Color                                                                           used in the fixtures should be of a warm color
  temperature of lamps used in the fixtures should be of                                                                 temperature between 2,500 and 3,000 degrees Kelvin.
                                                            All Raceways connecting letter forms must be
  a warm color temperature between 2,500 and 3,000
                                                            concealed within the storefront construction.
  degrees Kelvin.                                                                                                        Letter and logo forms painted, gilded or screen
                                                                                                                         printed onto continuous or individual wall mounted
                                                            Box signs with acrylic faces: These signs and logos
  Letter and logo forms painted, gilded or screen                                                                        panels- These panel signs will be illuminated in the
                                                            are strictly prohibited.
  printed onto continuous or individual wall-mounted                                                                     same manner as described above and are mounted
  panels- These panel signs will be illuminated in the                                                                   above or onto the vertical surface of the marquee
                                                            Individual pan-channel letters mounted on an exposed         canopy. Panels must be layered to give the fascia a
  same manner as described above. Panels may be
                                                            raceway: These signs and logos are prohibited.               more three-dimensional quality.

                                                                                                              SECTION 4: SIGNAGE TYPES
                                                                                                              RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                        31
                                                                                   Joint Base Lewis McChord
Signage Types Cont’d.

  Reverse pan-channel letter and logos with halo            SIGN TYPE C - PROJECTING BLADE SIGN                          Blade signs for retail Retailers are permitted to have
  illumination: These letters and logos will be                                                                          external light fixtures to illuminate their signs or
  fabricated using similar materials and finishes as the    Projecting blade signs are mounted perpendicular to the      Retailers may choose to have integral illumination as
  dimensional letters listed above.                         building facade. Projecting blade signs provide visibility   part of their blade signs. The color temperature of
                                                            from a distance along the pedestrian sidewalk. They          external lamps used will be warm in color, between
  Open pan-channel letters and logos with exposed           provide identity for the Retailers and are intended to       2,500 and 3,000 degrees Kelvin. Retailers may elect to:
  neon illumination: These letters and logos will be        convey the personality of the Retailer with text, logo or
  fabricated using similar materials and finishes as the    three-dimensional objects. See note regarding blade sign       Have letter and logo forms rendered in exposed neon
  dimensional letters described above.                      brackets provided by Landlord.                                 applied to the sign panel.

  Internally illuminated pan-channel letters with acrylic   The details and materials used for Retailer blade signs        Attach reverse pan channel letters with halo
  faces: Although these types of signs are not the most     should display the unique character of each individual         illumination to the sign panel.
  desirable, Retailers who demonstrate that they will       Retailer. All projecting blade signs will be mounted
  use this sign type with maximum creativity of design      perpendicular to the building facade and will project          Attach open pan channel letters with exposed neon
  and the highest quality of materials and fabrication      forty-three inches (43”) from the building surface. The        illumination to the sign panel.
  will be allowed to use this sign type. Some of the        signs will be no greater than twenty-eight inches (28”) to
  minimum requirements are as follows:                      thirty six inches (36”) in their vertical dimension          Blade signs must be mounted on storefront.
                                                            including all mounting (provided by Landlord) brackets
  The attachment of acrylic faces to the metal channel      and apparatus. Blade signs must maintain a minimum           SIGN TYPE D - AWNING SIGN
  of the letter form must be clean, flush and discreet      clearance of eight feet (8’-0”) above the sidewalk. All
  with concealed fasteners.                                 Retailers will be encouraged to install blade signs, where   Awning signs used as secondary identification signage
                                                            appropriate.                                                 consist of identity graphics applied to the primary
  The acrylic face of the letter forms must have a matte                                                                 surface and/or valance of the awning.
  finish to avoid reflections in the face when not
  illuminated.                                                                                                          Awning signs add to the overall identity of the Retailer’s
                                                                                                                        facade through the use of logos and/or letters on the
  All Raceways connecting letter forms must be                                                                          external surfaces of the awning. Logos, letters, and
  concealed within the storefront construction.                                                                         graphics are sewn or screen printed onto the awning
                                                                                                                        surfaces. Awning signs are permitted on all levels
                                                            A wide variety of sign types will be available to Retailers occupied by a Retailer up to the total maximum
Types of canopy signs that are discouraged or not
                                                            when designing the body of their signs, Including:          allowable sign area.
allowed include among others:
                                                               Object signs of logo or primary sales product(s)
  Box signs with acrylic faces: These signs and logos
                                                               fabricated/sculpted from suitable materials.
  are strictly prohibited.
                                                               Dimensional letters/logos attached to sign panels.
  Individual letters mounted on an exposed raceway:
  These signs and logos are prohibited.
                                                               Painted, screen printed or gilded sign panels.

                                                               Stretched fabric signs with sewn or applied graphics.

                                                                                                                 SECTION 4: SIGNAGE TYPES
                                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                      32
                                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord
Signage Types Cont’d.

SIGN TYPE E - WINDOW SIGN                                     SIGN TYPE F - FEATURE SIGN

Window signs are Retailer Graphics that are placed            Feature signs are large format, multi-sided, illuminated
directly on the interior of the glass of windows and/or       projecting signs. These signs are permitted to be
doors. They can provide additional identity or be graphic     mounted perpendicular to the building facade and/or
elements that add interest to the Retailer’s space.           diagonally on a corner, providing visibility from multiple
Retailers are encouraged to add more interest and
identity to their facades with signs placed directly on or    These large vertically oriented signs will be
behind the glass of windows and/or doors. These may           multidimensional and mounted projecting perpendicular
include:                                                      to the building face or diagonally from the building
   Screen-printing, gilding and cut-vinyl: These may be
   applied to the surface of the glass. Logos, letter forms   Feature signs are permitted to extend vertically up to the
   or other supplemental graphics that contribute to the      building parapet. Feature signs are allowed to display
   Retailer’s identity may be displayed with store logo       subtle animation, subject to the sign being primarily
   on window or store logo on door window.                    visible only within JBLM. A minimum clearance of
                                                              twelve feet (12’-0”) will be maintained under these signs.
   Skeletal frame neon depicting the Retailer’s identity
   or artistic product graphic: The area described by the     Encouraged methods of displaying identity through
   outline of the neon will be calculated for allowable       feature signs include but are not limited to:
   square footage.
                                                                 Letter and logo forms painted, gilded, or screen
Individual dimensional letter forms and/or logos applied         printed onto sign panel: Surface mounted fixtures
directly to the glazing or pin-mounted within three              appropriate to the Retailer facade design will
inches (3”) of the window surface.                               illuminate these elements.

                                                                 Sign elements may be layered to give the fascia more
                                                                 visual interest and a three-dimensional quality with
                                                                 the potential for silhouette lighting.

                                                                 Reverse pan-channel letters and logos with halo

                                                                 Open pan-channel letters and logos with exposed
                                                                 neon illumination.

                                                                 Exposed neon letters and logo forms.

                                                                 Three-dimensional, artistically sculpted object signs.

                                                                                                                   SECTION 4: SIGNAGE TYPES
                                                                                                                   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK   33
                                                                                        Joint Base Lewis McChord

In keeping with the spirit and quality of the design     f. Prefabricated manufacturer’s food display cases             Flooring in back kitchens containing cooking
of JBLM, Grand Hall Food Court Retailers must               may be incorporated in the construction of the              equipment may have an epoxy type flooring with
create an exciting, updated storefront image.               continuous front counter. However prefabricated             a continuous covered base with a minimum of
                                                            manufacturer’s food display cases may not be                four inches (4”) high. Vinyl base is not
Retailer designs are encouraged to be unique while          used in lieu of the front counter or as the only            permitted.
complementing and enhancing the architecture of             mean of separating the customer from the service
the Grand Hall Common Area. Front counters,                 area.                                                    WALLS
service area, signage, color, material selection, and                                                                 All grout shall be sealed in areas of moisture or
food service equipment are subject to the Landlord’s     g. Concealed cove lighting incorporated at the front         grease producing equipment.
review and approval.                                        edge of the service counter to add sparkle and
                                                            dimensional interest to the counter’s design is             All walls visible to the public are to have ceramic
FRONT COUNTER                                               highly recommended. Lighting must be                        tile full height to the ceiling.
                                                            continuous - hot spots are not permitted.
Food service counter design plays an important role                                                                  CEILINGS
in the overall perception of the Grand Hall.             h. The counter’s base material must match Retailer            Service area ceilings should be consistent with
                                                            counter and flooring. Toe kick space will be               the overall store design.
a. The front service counter shall continue the entire      reviewed on an individual basis and may be
   width of the store and must align with the Lease         required dependent upon Retailer’s counter edge             A minimum of one access panel is required in the
   Line, terminating at the Neutral Pier.                   configuration for queuing comfort.                          Retailer’s ceiling behind the soffit for access to
                                                                                                                        the Retailer’s signage. Panels must be concealed
b. Access through the counter to the Grand Hall          SERVICE AREA                                                   from public view. Locations of neon sign
   Common Area is not permitted.                                                                                        transformers should be coordinated with panel
                                                         The service area is a backdrop for the design                  locations.
c. Front counter emphasis is for specialized or the      identity presented at the counter. Wall graphics,
   theatrical food display.                              murals, tile patterns, sculptural relief or decorative         Prep area ceiling shall be scrubbable and meet
                                                         neon shall be integrated into the back wall design. If         local health code requirements.
d. Cash registers and other equipment must be            cooking equipment is part of the display and is
   recessed so that they extend no more than 9”          visible to the public, it must be incorporated into the     LIGHTING
   above the counter top, or must be 60% concealed       design and reviewed as a whole.                             High quality lighting is required to accentuate the
   from customer’s view.                                                                                             front counter and the presentation of food. High
                                                         MATERIALS                                                   efficiency recessed can lights, pendant lights, LED,
e. Sneeze guards or “deli” cases are limited to 50%                                                                  and track lighting may be used to light the counters
   of total counter length. Larger length may be         FLOORING                                                    and service areas. All light fixtures must be
   granted in writing by the FCACC at JBLM on a            Quarry tile, porcelain ceramic or stone flooring          submitted to the Landlord for approval.
   case by case basis.                                     with a continuous elastomeric membrane,
                                                           continuing eight inches (8”) minimum up the               Retailer may install fluorescent fixtures in food prep
                                                           wall surface in the entire front service area.            or storage areas that are blocked to public view.

                                                                                                           SECTION 5: GRAND HALL FOOD
                                                                                                           COURT DESIGN CRITERIA                                       34
                                                                                                           RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK         12/28/2011
                                                                                Joint Base Lewis McChord
Grand Hall Food Court Design Criteria Cont’d.

FRONT COUNTER VERTICAL SURFACES                           PROHIBITED MATERIALS                                           Retailers are encouraged to provide food displays
                                                                                                                         at the back or side walls. The displays shall be
   Metal: Clear lacquer finish is required on natural     Except as modified below, the general requirements             illuminated and neatly stocked by the Retailer.
   metals other than stainless steel to allow cleaning    for JBLM prohibits the use of:                                 Metal rack or wood / glass shelves are permitted.
   and prevent tarnishing. Metal that may not come                                                                       illuminated and neatly stocked by the Retailer.
                                                            Plastic laminates.
   in contact with the public or food is exempt.                                                                         Metal rack or wood / glass shelves are permitted.
                                                            Wood flooring.
   Stone: Sealant is required on natural stone to                                                                        The placement and handling of photographs of
   prevent staining.                                        Carpet or other absorbent materials.                         food items requires careful consideration. All
                                                            Prefabricated merchandising and food display                 such photographs must be reviewed and
   Glass: Clear, leaded / stained, etched, beveled,         systems used in lieu of a custom made                        approved in writing by Landlord. The
   fritted, crackled or textured.                           continuous front counter.                                    photographs can either be backlit transparencies
                                                                                                                         or mounted directly to a stiff backboard and
   Casework: Quality hardwood, stained and sealed,          Other materials deemed unacceptable by                       either box framed or within separate frames.
   or enamel painted.                                       Landlord.
                                                                                                                         Displays set in front counters are limited to 4’-6”
   Porcelain ceramic tile, terrazzo, glass tile: Glazed   EQUIPMENT AND FIXTURES                                         overall height above finished floor. Low pie
   or natural.                                                                                                           cases and condiment trays are permitted. Front
                                                             No “used” equipment may be installed.                       counter displays shall be protected by transparent
The front counter should not be one single color or                                                                      glass or acrylic guards.
finish for the entire length. Alternating or accents of     No simulated wood grain finish is permitted on
material or colors is recommended.                          equipment within public view.                                All showcases and display cases must be lighted
                                                                                                                         and vented. Direct visual exposure of
Sneeze guards and cooler display units must be              Heating lights are to be horizontal.                         incandescent bulbs and / or fluorescent tubes is
built-in and fully integrated into the counter design.                                                                   not permitted. Display cases must have glass
                                                          DISPLAYS                                                       front (preferably curved glass) with mirrored
COUNTERTOPS                                                                                                              sides and back. Glass must be tempered or safety.
                                                            Movable and/or portable displays are not                     Acrylic plastic is not permitted.
   Marble / granite.                                        permitted on the front counter. No displays are
                                                            permitted beyond the Lease Line.
   Stainless steel.
   “Corian” or equivalent solid surface material.           Plants (live or artificial) are not permitted.

   Ceramic tile.

                                                                                                             SECTION 5: GRAND HALL FOOD
                                                                                                             COURT DESIGN CRITERIA                                      35
                                                                                                             RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK       12/28/2011
                                                                                 Joint Base Lewis McChord
Grand Hall Food Court Design Criteria Cont’d.

SIGNAGE AND GRAPHICS                                         MENU BOARDS                                                   PROHIBITED MENU BOARDS

The intent of the Grand Hall’s identity signage is to        Food Service Retailer menu boards must exhibit a high            Surface mounted ‘can’ or cabinet style.
create a visually appealing, fresh approach to signage       level of design quality and detail consistent with other
with an emphasis on color and form. Signs are to be          signage. Illuminated and framed menu boards are                  Sign panels of advertising transparencies in addition
graphic and imaginative, complementing the Retailer          permitted only at the back wall or soffit of the Retailer’s      to those incorporated with text panels.
Storefront design.                                           premises and are subject to the Landlord’s approval.
                                                                                                                              Food supplier product names or advertisements.
The Retailer shall provide and install signage identifying      Menu boards are to be permanent elements within the
the Retailer’s establishment that complies with the             leased premises. They are to be built into the wall        MISCELLANEOUS SIGNAGE
following criteria. In addition, each Retailer is required      surface and trimmed to enhance the finished
to provide and install a menu board on the back wall            appearance.                                                Many Retailers require signs indicating specific location
between the service and the prep areas.                                                                                    for customers to order and pay for the items. These signs
                                                                Text is to be permanently affixed to its backing           are subject to the following criteria:
GENERAL SIGNAGE REQUIREMENTS                                    through the use of hand lettered or silk-screened paint,
                                                                individual die-cut vinyl letters or etching.                  Sign panels are limited to 8” high x 16” long.
Retailers shall provide illuminated signage attached to
the Landlord’s overhead bulkhead. Signage may be                Some changeable word systems may be permitted                 Sign copy shall not exceed 2” high on a single line
internally or externally illuminated.                           with the Landlord’s approval.                                 and contain only the following messages:
Signs shall not project beyond the Storefront line more         Acceptable backing materials include metal, wood,                            “ORDER HERE”
than 6”. Signs shall be located six inches (6”) minimum         acrylic, glass and the limited use of seamless plastic                        “PAY HERE”
from top of fascia and two feet (2’-0”) minimum from            laminates.
each side of Retailer’s demising wall.                                                                                        Signs are to be suspended from drywall soffit on same
                                                                Creative presentations of prepared food photographs           line as suspended light fixtures with 1/16” stainless
Multiple or repetitive signing on storefronts is not            may be interspersed with text panels.                         steel cable or monofilament. Metal or plastic chains
permitted. Only one sign or graphic treatment is allowed                                                                      are not acceptable.
per storefront elevation. The sign message will be limited      Maximum size: thirty-six inches (36”) high, for a total
to trade name and approved logo only. All signs will be         of 60% of total counter length. Subject to approval
illuminated during the hours the Grand Hall is open.            based on the proportion to the Storefront.

                                                                Limited use of “special” boards, with grease pencil or
                                                                chalk applications, is acceptable when they are
                                                                integral with, and complementary to, the entire
                                                                storefront design.

                                                                                                                 SECTION 5: GRAND HALL FOOD
                                                                                                                 COURT DESIGN CRITERIA                                              36
                                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK             12/28/2011
                                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord

GENERAL PLANNING REQUIREMENTS                               All leveling of the floor slab necessary for installation of   Retailers with any music system or sound generating
                                                            Retailer’s flooring and finishes shall be done by the          device within their premises shall construct perimeter
Retailers are encouraged to provide a high quality, well    Retailer.                                                      and demising walls to deaden the transmission of sounds
detailed, and unique interior environment which                                                                            to adjacent spaces to a non-disruptive level. The Retailer
complements the Storefront design.                          DEMISING WALLS                                                 shall provide any additional items, such as sound
                                                                                                                           insulation blankets or sound deadening panels, to assure
The store layout, fixtures, etc. must be designed to         Demising walls that separate adjacent Retailers, or walls     adjacent Retailers of the quiet enjoyment of their spaces.
comply with handicapped accessible requirements which        adjacent to a common area service corridor, are required      Landlord’s review and approval of Retailer’s drawings
are defined by local, state, and / or national codes or      to provide ratings in compliance with Code but no less        shall not relieve the Retailer from this responsibility.
laws.                                                        than One Hour Rating. The Landlord shall only provide
                                                             metal stud framing at demising walls that separate two        Food service Retailers shall design their demising walls,
The Retailer shall employ an architect, professional store leased premises. At corridor walls, the Landlord will           mechanical and ventilation systems in a manner that will
planner, visual merchandiser, and/or fixturing specialist install gypsum board on the corridor side of the wall only       prevent the transfer of odors to adjacent spaces and to the
in the design and layout of the premises. Retailers          as required by Code.                                          common areas of the Project. The incorporation of
needing assistance in locating such a professional should                                                                  specialized odor removing filters in the ventilation
contact the Landlord for assistance.                         The Retailer shall provide one layer of 5/8” Fire Code        system of Food service Retailers, and the installation of
                                                             Type X gypsum board, taped, spackled, sanded and              roof grease protection pads are mandatory.
INTERIOR FINISHES                                            finished on the Retailer side of the metal studs, and batt
                                                             insulation for sound attenuation within the entire cavity     Retailers attaching shelf standards or other heavy
Interior finishes are to be high quality, long lasting, and  space of the demising wall. The Retailer must install full    attachments to demising walls shall reinforce the wall by
durable. All finishes shall comply with building code and height gypsum board and all firesafing as required by            providing additional steel studs, adequate blocking, or
insurance underwriter requirements for appropriate fire      Code to complete the One Hour rated assembly.                 independent supports.
resistance and flame spread ratings. All trade fixtures
shall be first class new fixtures with durable finishes      PRECAST CONCRETE REAR WALLS                                   The Retailer shall not attach any components, such as
consistent with anticipated public exposure.                                                                               shelving, equipment, etc. directly to exterior metal stud
                                                             To comply with code Retailer spaces that include              or masonry walls without providing adequate furring or
FLOOR SLABS                                                  exterior precast concrete panel walls at the rear of their    stud separation, and maintaining any existing expansion
                                                             Premises, shall install, at Retailer’s expense, 6” 22-guage   joints. The furring or stud separation must be adequate to
Unless otherwise set forth in a Retailer Lease, and except metal stud framing, a vapor barrier, R-19 batt                  allow for support of the attached components.
for concrete slab leave-out areas, floor concrete slabs for installation, and gypsum board on the Retailer’s side of
non-food Retailers shall be installed by the Landlord.       the wall structural columns or cross-bracing in demising
Floor concrete slabs for all food Retailers shall be         walls shall be covered by 5/8” fire-rated drywall as part
installed by the Retailer at the Retailer’s expense, using a of the demising wall, and shall be sealed to the underside
minimum four inch (4”) thick concrete reinforced with        of structure above in the same manner as demising walls.
welded wire mesh. All new concrete slabs must be
doweled into the existing slabs using minimum #4
reinforcing bars at a spacing of eight inches (18”) on
center. A vapor barrier must be installed below any new
concrete slab.

                                                                                                                 SECTION 6: INTERIOR DESIGN
                                                                                                                 CRITERIA                                                         37
                                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK              12/28/2011
                                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord
Interior Design Criteria Cont’d.

ACCEPTABLE STORE INTERIOR ELEMENTS                         Exception may be granted in writing on a case by case     ACCEPTABLE FLOOR FINISHES
                                                           basis, and at the sole discretion of the FCACC at JBLM,
  Hardwoods: all finished wood shall be millwork           after a formal review of the proposed variance from these   Textured or stained concrete with appropriate sealer.
  quality kiln dried wood with a durable protective        requirements is submitted by the Retailer in writing.
                                                                                                                       Marble, other natural stone, or terrazzo with slip-
  finish where exposed to public contact.                                                                              resistant finish.
                                                           EXPANSION JOINTS
  Ceramic tile.                                                                                                        Quarry tile, ceramic or porcelain tile with slip-
  Terrazzo.                                                Where a building expansion joint crosses a Retailer         resistant finish.
  Natural or faux stones.                                  space, the Retailer’s flooring and wall systems shall be    Carpet, commercial grade, no less than thirty-two
                                                           detailed to allow movement along the expansion joint        ounce (32 oz.) per square yard face weight.
  Brick and other masonry.                                 with minimal disruption of finishes. The Retailer shall
                                                           provide a proper expansion joint system, as required, and   Hardwood flooring with proper protective coating.
  Stained or integrally colored but sealed concrete.
                                                           shall maintain access to all in-floor and wall plumbing
  Metals (unfinished metals are allowed where they do      clean-outs and necessary maintenance access panels.       UNACCEPTABLE FLOOR FINISHES
  not come in contact with the public or with food).
  Corian.                                                  FLOOR FINISHES                                                     Carpet extending into the Design Control Zone.
  Carpet (commercial grade).                                                                                                  Vinyl tile, vinyl base or any other sheet goods
                                                           The Retailer is responsible for installing all finished floor      flooring in the sales area.
  Painted gypsum wall board.                               coverings.
                                                                                                                              Simulated materials, such as simulated wood, of any
  2’-0” x 2’-0” fluorescent fixtures.                                                                                         kind.
                                                  All transitions between floor finishes of unequal
  2’-0” x 4’-0” fluorescent fixtures parabolic lens.
                                                  thickness are to be accomplished by gradual transition                      Single color low profile carpeting in the sales area.
  2’-0’ x 4’-0” acoustical ceiling system.        with floor leveling compound to create a smooth and                         All-loop carpeting.
                                                  level walking surface. All flooring transitions shall be
UNACCEPTABLE STORE INTERIOR ELEMENTS accomplished with metal transition strips or butt joining                             The Landlord may allow exceptions to the above
                                                  of materials. No vinyl or rubber transition strips are                   restrictions if the Retailer can show the proposed
  Vinyl flooring or bases in sales area.          allowed. All flooring transitions within the Retailer space              material contributes to an overall high quality indoor
                                                  and from the Retailer space to the Landlord’s common                     design. Low quality or discount store appearances are not
  Vinyl stripping between material floor changes. area shall be level, flush and smooth.                                   allowed.
  Indoor / outdoor carpeting.
  Unfinished metals.                              Carpeting, if used in the sales area, shall be of the highest            WALL FINISHES
                                                  quality. Commercial grade high quality cut pile or
  Acrylic lenses.                                 loop/cut pile combination carpeting is required. All-loop                Interior walls shall be finished in an appropriate manner,
  Strobe, spinner, case, or moving lighting.      carpeting is not allowed.                                                with such finishes as primer plus two coats of paint, wall
  2’-0” x 4’-0” acoustical ceiling system in sales area.                                                                   covering, wood veneer, mirror, finish masonry, or
                                                                                                                           metals. Pegboard and plastic laminates are prohibited.
  Mirrored ceilings.                                                                                                       Toilet room walls shall be constructed with water-
  Slatwall within Design Control Zone, subject to RC                                                                       resistant drywall with a minimum four foot (4’-0”) high
  review.                                                                                                                  non-permeable wainscot finish.

                                                                                                                SECTION 6: INTERIOR DESIGN
                                                                                                                CRITERIA                                                              38
                                                                                                                RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK               12/28/2011
                                                                                     Joint Base Lewis McChord
Interior Design Criteria Cont’d.


Retailers are required to furnish and install a finished          Painted gypsum board ceilings or other high quality
ceiling system throughout the entire space. Retailers with        non-combustible ceiling materials: Retailers are
open-to-deck ceiling systems must install all duct work           encouraged to utilize coffers or coves to provide
wiring, etc, in a neat, clean manner. All such elements           design / lighting detail to the ceiling plane.
including roof deck and structure must be painted (unless
otherwise approved).                                              Open sales area ceilings only where all structural,
                                                                  mechanical, and electrical elements above the sales
Retailers are encouraged to utilize the maximum height            area are painted (unless otherwise approved by
within their premises for any planar ceiling within the           Landlord), and in compliances with code and plenum
sales area. The ceiling shall be a minimum height of              return requirements.
twelve feet (12’-0”) within the Design Control Zone.
                                                               The Retailer shall provide access to all Retailer and
Interior ceilings shall be open, drywall, and / or             Landlord systems and controls within the premises,
acoustical ceiling tiles. Acoustical ceiling tiles are not     including direct access to any fire sprinkler valve, by
permitted for the first five feet of the premises.             means of accessible ceiling tile or flush access panels.
Additional materials may be approved if shown to be            Where a building expansion joint crosses the Retailer’s
integral to the Retailer’s design. Ceiling support systems     premises, the Retailer’s ceiling shall be detailed to allow
shall attach to structural members only and are not            movement along the expansion joint for gypsum board
permitted to be attached to the Landlord’s roof or floor       ceilings or at the nearest penetrating wall for acoustical
decking, bridging or wind bracing.                             ceilings.

CEILINGS PERMITTED                                       Areas above ceilings may be used as Retailer plenums.
                                                         Exposure of plenums may require the Retailer to provide
   High quality lay in ceilings, maximum size            ductwork and other equipment or system components to
   2’-0” x 2’-0” with tegular edge and within a matching maintain affected Landlord or Retailer systems.
   color suspension grid are allowed beyond the five
   front feet of the store.

   2’-0” x 4’-0” Second Look or Illusion series that
   replicate the look of a 2’-0” x 2’-0” tegular edge
   acoustical ceiling tile may be used as a substitute tile.

                                                                                                                    SECTION 6: INTERIOR DESIGN
                                                                                                                    CRITERIA                                  39
                                                                                                                    RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK   12/28/2011
                                                                                         Joint Base Lewis McChord

Lighting within the Retailer’s Premises is to be             b. Luminous ceiling or glitter strips are not              All soffits within recessed entries shall be
designed to accentuate the merchandise and product              permitted.                                              illuminated with recessed down-lights.
display within the Storefront windows as well as the
general sales area.                                          c. Exposed, unshielded neon tube lighting of any
                                                                                                                      3. FLUORESCENT LIGHTING
                                                                kind in a location below eight feet above the
Flat uniform lighting throughout the premises is                floor is not permitted.
                                                                                                                        Fluorescent fixtures, if visible from the common
prohibited. The lighting design shall incorporate                                                                       walkways, shall be recessed and shall employ
different lighting types and effects, such as recessed     2. INCANDESCENT LIGHTING
                                                                                                                        parabolic louvers. White acrylic egg crate or
incandescent, wall washing, uplighting,                                                                                 acrylic prismatic lenses are not permitted.
highlighting, and backlighting, to create exciting           Retailers shall attempt to minimize the use of
and varied lighting environments.                            incandescent lighting in order to meet the                 If fluorescent lighting is used, it must be of a low
                                                             maximum of 1.5 watts per square foot average               brightness type. Acrylic lenses or bare
LIGHTING FIXTURES                                            lighting power consumption requirement, per                fluorescent tubes are prohibited. Lamps with a
                                                             Section 24: Sustainability Practices &                     color rendering index of 82 CRI or higher shall
Lighting fixtures shall be high quality commercial           Requirements..                                             be used.
grade. The fixtures shall be constructed and installed       Practices and Requirements. The light fixtures             a. Bare lamp fluorescent fixtures may not be
to be glare free and shall comply with all applicable        listed below are acceptable alternatives to                   used in areas visible to the public.
code requirements. Specific fixture requirements are         incandescent lighting that will provide high
as follows:                                                  lumen output at a low wattage and are only               4. LED LIGHTING
                                                             referred to here as an aid in meeting the
1. GENERAL LIGHTING                                          maximum 1.5 watts per square foot requirement              LED lighting may be used where appropriate.
                                                             for Retailer lighting. Refer to the TIP for catalog
   High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) lighting shall          sheets on these fixtures.                                  Slow cycling of LED color changes is allowed
   not be used (except for Storefront lighting).                                                                        within the interior of the Retailer’s Premises
                                                             a. Amerilux Imperia T4 Metal Halide                        (excluding the Design Control Zone) when the
   All fixtures within the Retailer’s public areas,             Lighting, 20, 39 and 70 watt fixture.                   light source is not visible from the exterior of the
   unless decorative, shall be fully recessed.               b. Umtobel Tempura LED LEXEL Module,                       Premises.
                                                                70 watts maximum.
   Refer to Section 24, Sustainability Practices and
   Requirements for additional requirements and              Low voltage lighting, recessed or surface track, is
   restrictions on lighting.                                 recommended for high visual impact on
   To retain and protect the visual environment of
   the area for the benefit of all Retailers, each           Pendant-mount track fixtures may be used for
   individual Retailer shall limit the brightness of its     general lighting only if Retailer has established
   lighting fixtures subject to Landlord approval.           an identity based on this theme or motif.
   a. Mercury Vapor or High Pressure Sodium                  Fully exposed bulbs or colored incandescent
      lamps are not permitted.                               bulbs are not permitted except for special
                                                             ornamental lamps approved by Landlord.

                                                                                                             SECTION 7: INTERIOR STORE
                                                                                                             LIGHTING CRITERIA                                           40
                                                                                                             RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK        12/28/2011
                                                                                  Joint Base Lewis McChord

SERVICE / EXIT DOOR                                                                                                       STORAGE FACILITIES

All Retailers serviced by an interior service/exit door      The Landlord recommends that the Retailer install an       A separate room, cabinet or area shall be provided for
corridor shall provide, at the Retailer’s expense, a         audible security device and a door viewer. The Retailer    any storage of cleaning equipment and supplies. Storage
standard minimum 3’-0 x 7’-0” hollow metal service/exit      shall be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the is prohibited within 24” of any ceiling and within 18” of
door and frame, including hinges with non-removable          service/exit door from the time the Retailer’s contractor  any sprinkler deflector or as otherwise prohibited by
pins, a door closer, smoke seal, code required hardware      takes possession of the premises. The Landlord             NFPA 13. Storage in all areas is limited to 12 feet in
and a lockset with removable construction core cylinder,     recommends that the Retailer re-key the lock at the        height per UFC 3-600-01 and NFPA 13. Retailers shall
if not already existing. Such Retailers shall also, at the   completion of construction.                                limit the amount of hazardous or flammable chemicals
Retailer’s expense, demolish any existing demising wall                                                                 stored on-site to only those needed for immediate use.
as required, and construct a recessed service entrance       NON-COMBUSTIBLE CONSTRUCTION                               All chemicals shall be stored in approved containers, as
alcove including walls and ceiling, with ceiling no higher                                                              determined by the Landlord and authorities having local
than 9’-0” above finished floor level, with sprinkler        All Retailer construction, including the Storefront, shall jurisdiction. All construction associated with chemical
head, all complying with the ADA and local code. The         be non-combustible and subject to the approval of          storage areas shall comply with local building code
alcove shall have corner guards and shall be finished to     Retailer Coordinator and the Fire and Emergency Service requirements. No smoking or open flames are permitted
match the Landlord’s corridor.                               Division (FESD). Treated fire-resistant materials are      within the premises of Retailers storing flammable
                                                             permitted only where approved by authorities having        chemicals.
For all Retailer spaces serviced by an exterior building     local jurisdiction. All Storefront and interior finishes
wall, the Landlord, at the Landlord’s expense, to furnish    shall meet all applicable code requirements. Retailers
and install a standard minimum 3’-0” x 7’-0” hollow          may be required to submit a manufacturer’s certification
metal service/exit door and frame including hinges with      of code compliance for all material used in their
non-removable pins, a door closer, weather stripping,        construction.
sealant, and a construction lockset with removable
construction core cylinder. The Landlord will work with      Wood may be used in Storefronts as permitted by code.
the Retailer when installing door, but if Retailer assumes   Interior wood construction and finishes of any kind must
space and the door is installed per the contractor’s         meet Retailer Coordinator’s approval. Testing results or
schedule the Retailer will be responsible to move door if    certificates may be required.
needed and patch wall at their expense, every attempt
will be made to get the door in the correct location.

The Landlord shall affix standard Retailer address
identification, at the Landlord’s expense. The Retailer
shall furnish any additional hardware that may be
required by code or the Retailer.

                                                                                                                 SECTION 8: ADDITIONAL STORE
                                                                                                                 INTERIOR REQUIREMENTS                                        41
                                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK           12/28/2011
                                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord

Under no circumstances shall the Retailer’s contractor       Any damage by the Retailer or the Retailer’s contractor
cut or modify any Landlord’s structural members,             to the Landlord’s building components or fireproofing
expansion joints, wind bracing, columns, beams or            shall be promptly patched or replaced by the Retailer to
bridging, nor disturb the Landlord’s fireproofing            the Landlord’s standard.
material, without prior written approval from the
Landlord. All required structural modifications shall be     Access to the Landlord’s roof for any roof penetrations is
designed by a structural engineer licensed in the State of   restricted to the Landlord’s personnel and the Landlord’s
Washington. All structural design drawings and               designated contractors only. No Retailer contractor or
calculation, signed and sealed by the licensed engineer,     subcontractor shall be permitted on the roof without prior
must be submitted as part of Retailer’s Construction         approval of the Landlord’s representative. The
Drawings. The Retailer shall coordinate any                  installation of any flashing for any equipment or related
modifications directly with the Landlord’s building          components shall be contracted directly with the
engineers, at the Retailer’s expense. The Landlord           Landlord’s designated roofing contractor at the Retailer’s
reserves the right to refuse to permit the installation of   expense.
any roof or wall-mounted equipment detrimental to the
appearance of JBLM. The Retailer shall not modify,
attach to, or hang any loads from the Landlord’s
ductwork, water lines, sprinkler lines, conduit, bridging
or metal deck. All attachments shall extend to the top
chord of structural joists at panel point locations and be
approved by Landlord. No drilling or shooting of any
attachment devices is permitted into any structural
members including the roof metal deck.

Modifications that may be required to Landlord facilities
to allow the Retailer’s design must be approved in
advance by the Landlord, and any redesign and
reconstruction shall be by the Landlord’s appropriate
designated engineer(s) and contractor, at the Retailer’s

                                                                                                                SECTION 9: LANDLORD’S BUILDING
                                                                                                                COMPONENTS                                42
                                                                                     Joint Base Lewis McChord   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK   12/28/2011

                                                               All branch line piping shall be black steel schedule 10 or   Not less than one manual fire alarm box shall be
The Landlord will provide an upright fire sprinkler
                                                               schedule 40. All fittings shall be in accordance with        provided to initiate a fire alarm signal. The manual fire
system throughout all Retailer spaces in each building.
                                                               NFPA 13. PVC pipe is prohibited. Sprinklers in all           alarm box shall be located where required by the
Upright sprinklers will be ordinary temperature, standard
                                                               ceilings visible to the public shall be concealed or semi-   Directorate of Emergency Services (DES), Fire and
response sprinklers spaced at a maximum 130 sq. ft. and
                                                               recessed.                                                    Emergency Services Division (FESD) of Joint Base
located below the roof deck. Each building will have
supervised control valves on a backflow preventer and                                                                       Lewis - McChord.
                                                               Full pendant sprinkler heads are permitted only in stock
one (1) flow switch that will shut-off and monitor all
                                                               rooms and non-public areas. Extended coverage
Retailer spaces within a building. The Retailer shall be
                                                               sprinklers are permitted. The painting of concealed
responsible to design and modify the upright fire
                                                               sprinkler covers is prohibited unless done by the
sprinkler system due to any Retailer improvement work,
                                                               sprinkler manufacturer and documentation of such is
i.e., adding ceilings, full height walls, etc. Work shall be
                                                               provided to and approved by the Landlord. The building
designed and installed in accordance with building/ fire
                                                               design utilizes the United Facilities Criteria (UFC), UFC
codes and NFPA 13, 2002 Edition. The Landlord
                                                               3-600-01, 26 September 2006, Fire Protection
strongly recommends that Retailer contracts with the
                                                               Engineering for Facilities. To the extent the UFC
base building fire sprinkler contractor for all Retailer
                                                               exceeds the requirements of the IBC 2006 Edition, IFC
improvement work, at the Retailer’s expense. The
                                                               2003 Edition or the latest Edition of the NFPA, the UFC
Landlord’s fire sprinkler design drawings shall be
                                                               3-600-01 shall prevail.
available to the Retailer’s contractor, but must be
requested by the Retailer. Fire sprinkler design drawings
                                                               UFC requirements dictate that in addition to a fire
prepared by a certified Fire Protection Engineer (FPE)
                                                               sprinkler system and fire alarm systems, a Mass
must be submitted as part of the Retailer’s Construction
                                                               Notification System (MNS) be installed in every space.
Documents for permit review. Deferred submittal of the
                                                               The Retailer needs to supply and install, at Retailers
fire sprinkler and fire alarm drawings is not permitted at
                                                               expense, additional MNS speakers, fire alarm
JBLM and approval of the Retailer’s fire sprinkler and
                                                               notification appliances and wiring to accommodate same.
fire alarm design drawings must be granted in writing
prior to the start of Retailer’s construction.

                                                                                                                   SECTION 10: FIRE PROTECTION
                                                                                                                   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
                                                                                        Joint Base Lewis McChord

The Retailer shall install complete plumbing facilities,       All hot and cold water lines shall be labeled and             The Plumbing System design shall be certified by a
including toilet room(s), complying with all codes, ADA,       insulated. Expansion capabilities shall be provided at all    professional engineer registered in the State of
and the requirements of all authorities having jurisdiction    areas where piping crosses building expansion joints. All     Washington. The Plumbing System designer must
over the Retailer space. All plumbing fixtures shall be        tank water heaters shall be set in galvanized metal drain     complete all applicable design forms included in the TIP
ultra low flow type fixtures, and no flush valve water         pans with sufficient size to accommodate the tank             or LOD. These forms shall be submitted to the Landlord
closets are permitted. Each Retailer shall provide at least    volume, and shall have pressure temperature relief valves     along with the construction documents.
one employee toilet facility accessible to the                 discharging into floor drains or mop sinks. For water
handicapped. Separate toilet rooms for each gender may         heaters located above ceilings, Retailers shall provide
be required by code. A minimum 3” diameter recessed            access with adequate ceiling hatch. Water heaters shall
floor drain with a trap primer or deep seal trap is required   be electric. All water faucets within toilet rooms shall be
at each toilet room.                                           self-closing.

The Landlord shall provide Retailers a 4" underslab            All plumbing fixtures with hose connectors shall be
sanitary sewer line to be located at the rear of the space.    equipped with an integral vacuum breaker.
The Retailer shall provide sewer line connection, all
piping including vent line and all required clean-outs. All    Retailers shall contact the Landlord’s Retailer
Retailers shall provide connection to the 4” overhead          Coordinator to arrange for gas service and connection to
common plumbing vent line provided by the Landlord.            landlord-designated gas manifold. The incoming gas
                                                               service shall be two pound (2 lb) pressure at the meter.
The Landlord shall provide Retailers up to a 1.25”
overhead domestic water line located within the back 1/3       No gas piping shall be installed within the building,
of the Retailer space. The Retailer shall provide all          except that food service Retailers may install
piping up to a connection point off of the main provided       intermediate pressure gas piping (6” WC) within their
by the Landlord. Retailer will make the final connection       premises (see Section 17: Food Service Criteria).
to the Landlord water line. All Retailers shall be required
to install a water sub-meter, as specified by Landlord in      The pressure at the gas manifold is 2 pound (2 lb.) at the
the TIP, at the first point of connection with the common      meter discharge. The Retailer shall install gas piping,
water line. All sub-meters shall be of the same make and       regulator, and dirt leg in accordance with the gas pipe
brand and shall include a remote reader to be located          details in the TIP. The configuration of gas piping on the
outside the rear wall of the Premises.                         roof and in the vicinity of the meter shall be coordinated
                                                               with, and approved by, the Landlord. The Retailer shall
All water lines shall be run above slab and shall be Type      contract directly with the Landlord’s designated painting
L copper pipe and wrought copper connections. All              contractor to paint all exterior gas piping with
sanitary pipe and vent lines above the base slab shall be      weatherproof epoxy.
‘no- hub’ cast iron. All sanitary and vent lines below the
base slab shall be hub type with compression joints
DWV or PVC piping.

                                                                                                                   SECTION 11: PLUMBING
                                                                                                                   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
                                                                                        Joint Base Lewis McChord

Retailer shall be responsible for all costs associated with   standard finish and permanently and consistently identify The low pressure air distribution system shall include
HVAC work for the Premises. At its sole cost and              them with the Retailer’s store name and space number.     rectangular or spiral rigid sheet metal ductwork
expense, Retailer will be responsible for the                                                                           connected to grills and registers as required to adequately
procurement, installation and distribution of HVAC            All heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems     cover the premises. Fiberglass ductwork is not permitted.
systems (and associated work), including all RTU, roof        shall be based on the applicable ASHRAE design criteria
curbs, and framing for its Premises. Any HVAC                 for Fort Lewis, Washington. Retailers shall design their  Flexible ducts may be used for drops in concealed areas
procurement, installation and distribution shall require      system to be capable of maintaining a minimum of 78       only and may not exceed 5’-0” in length. All ductwork
prior approval of Landlord, meet the minimum HVAC             degrees F and a humidity of 50% RH when the outdoor       shall conform to the latest edition of SMACNA standards
standards set forth in the Retailer Criteria Handbook, and    summer ambient conditions are 84 degrees F dry bulb       and recommendations. All supply and outside air ductwork
must be performed by a contractor certified or authorized     and 68 degrees F wet bulb, temperatures based on 1%       shall be insulated in accordance with applicable codes, but
by the equipment manufacturer to install, maintain, and       cooling data from the Facility Design and Planning,       with no less than a minimum of 1” thick internal duct liner
repair the specific brand of HVAC that Retailer has           Engineering Weather Data (TM5-785). The system shall or 1.5” thick external fiberglass duct wrap.
selected, at Retailer’s sole cost and expense.                be capable of maintaining a minimum of 72 degrees F
                                                              dry bulb when winter outdoor ambient conditions are 24 The area above the ceiling may be used as the Retailer
Rooftop HVAC systems shall utilize gas for heating.           degrees F. Ambient air temperature for selection of air-  return air plenum. Any exposure of this plenum may
Retailer shall install the roof top units in approved areas   cooled equipment shall be not less than 95 degrees F.     require the Retailer to provide ductwork, other
on the roof and shall contract directly with the              Minimum outside air quantity shall be based on            equipment or system components to maintain any
Landlord’s designated roofing contractor for installation     ASHRAE Standard 62.                                       affected Landlord or Retailer system.
of all roof curbs and roof penetrations, at the Retailer’s
expense. Retailer shall install natural gas piping in          All HVAC equipment shall be high efficiency units with The Retailer shall not be permitted to modify, attach to
accordance with the detail in the TIP or LOD. Retailer         an EER of at least 10.1. See Section 24: Sustainability    or hang any loads from the Landlord’s ductwork, water
shall schedule the hoisting of units with the Landlord, at     Practices and Requirements for additional HVAC system lines, sprinkler lines, conduit, bridging or metal deck.
the Retailer’s expense.                                        requirements.
                                                                                                                          All attachments shall extend to the top chord of structural
The Retailer’s HVAC contractor shall be responsible for        The Mechanical System design shall be certified by a       joists at panel point locations. Air balancing of the
the initial start-up of the unit(s), and shall provide testing professional engineer registered in the State of           Retailer’s HVAC distribution systems, as well as any
and balancing reports, as well as a one year installation      Washington. Retailer shall at its sole cost and expense    exhaust or make-up air systems, is the responsibility of
warranty and standard equipment manufacturer’s                 retain the Landlord’s roofing contractor to perform all    the Retailer. The Retailer shall furnish the Landlord’s
warranty to the Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator.               roof penetrations and flashing.                            onsite representative with a copy of certified air
                                                                                                                          balancing report prepared by an independent AABC or
All Retailers shall be responsible for the expense of the      All Retailers shall be responsible for providing their own NEBB certified air balancing contractor.
initial installation of the roof curbs and/or utility sleeves, low pressure ductwork distribution system and terminal
whether new or existing.                                       devices, including roof penetrations and connection to     The Retailer shall paint all exposed HVAC with a color
                                                               the unit as required.                                      approved by the Landlord.
The Landlord’s drawings shall indicate designated
structural bays for Retailer rooftop HVAC equipment            Retailers shall provide and maintain around all roof       The Retailer shall install name plates, with Retailer’s
and the approximate location of the roof penetration           mounted equipment roof protection pads. The.               Suite Number on all RTU’s and all other Retailer
hatches and utility sleeves. The Retailer’s HVAC               specifications for the roof protection pads will be        equipment and systems on the roof.
contractor shall provide all packaged rooftop units in a       included in the TIP.

                                                                                                                 SECTION 12: HVAC SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                      45
                                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord

Retailers shall furnish and install ceiling- mounted toilet   No openings for fans, vents, louvers, grills, or other
room exhaust fans, with backdraft damper and ductwork.        devices shall be installed in any demising partition,
Retailers shall contract directly with the Landlord’s         exterior wall or roof without the Landlord’s written
designated roofing contractor to install the exhaust hood     approval.
roof curb. Exhaust duct and hood installation shall be
performed by Retailer.                                     Access to the Landlord’s roof for any roof penetrations is
                                                           restricted to the Landlord’s personnel and the Landlord’s
Enclosed illuminated show windows shall be ventilated      designated contractors only. No Retailer contractor or
by means of positive air supply or exhaust, discharged     subcontractor shall be permitted on the roof without prior
into the ceiling plenum and directed away from any         approval of the Landlord’s representative. The
return air openings.                                       installation of any flashing for any equipment or related
                                                           components shall be contracted directly with the
Retailers having special exhaust requirements, whether     Landlord’s designated roofing contractor, at the
due to odor, moisture or high heat, shall provide separate Retailer’s expense.
exhaust and make-up air facilities. Any odor deemed
unacceptable by the Landlord shall be exhausted by         Retailers shall provide and maintain around all roof
means of centrifugal blowers above the premises, ducted mounted equipment roof protection pads. The
through Retailer-provided shafts through the roof.         specifications for the roof protection pads will be
                                                           included in the TIP.
Retailers shall be required to exhaust air at the minimum
rate necessary, with make-up air at 90% of exhaust
quantity, or as required by Landlord, to prevent
migration of odors, moisture or heat to other premises or
common areas. No exhaust or sanitary vent shall be
located within 10’-0” of any supply or air intake. The
Retailer shall coordinate vent locations with existing
roof-top equipment of other Retailers and the Landlord.
Locations of exhaust and sanitary vents are subject to the
Landlord’s prior review and approval.

                                                                                                                  SECTION 13: EXHAUST SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK    46
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord

Electrical service is currently 277/480 volt, 3 phase, 4         Distribution and / or branch circuit panels with bolt- appropriate information shall be installed on all panels,
wire provided to a Landlord designated electrical main           on circuit breakers in the Retailer space.             transformers, disconnect switches, motor starters, etc.
service gear location. An empty overhead (size TBD)                                                                     Each circuit breaker panel shall contain a listing of all
                                                                 Dry type transformer for voltages other than 120/208V.
conduit with pull string will be provided by Landlord, at                                                               breakers, clearly typed and permanently attached inside
Landlord’s expense, from the Landlord’s designated               All feed and branch circuit wiring.                    the door of the breaker box.
electrical service gear to the premises (location will be
determined by Landlord).                                      The Retailer shall contact the Landlord’s Retailer           The Retailer shall provide conduit and electric service
                                                              Coordinator to arrange for permanent service and             from its panels to all HVAC and exhaust equipment, and
SERVICE CAPACITY                                              installation of a meter. The Retailer’s entire electrical    shall make all final connections.
                                                              system shall conform to the requirements of the
Electrical service capacity will be based on maximum of       authorities having local jurisdiction, the National          Retailers shall provide the appropriate assembly for
15 watts per square foot of floor area of leased premises,    Electrical Code, and the local utility company (DPW          proper fire and moisture control at any penetrations for
and on the following connected electrical loads:              Electrical Systems). Primary electrical systems on base      utility sleeve access to roof-mounted equipment.
                                                              are government owned. All electric equipment shall be
Load Description                                     KVA      U.L. labeled. The Retailer’s electrical system shall be      No apparatus (including light fixtures, satellite dishes,
100 Amp Meter Service .................................. 25   grounded to the steel structure in accordance with the       antennas, signs, etc.) shall be affixed to the exterior walls
200 Amp Meter Service .................................. 50   National Electric Code.                                      or roof of the Landlord’s building without prior Landlord
400 Amp Meter Service ................................ 125                                                                 and local authorities’ approval.
800 Amp Meter Service (Restaurant) ............ 250          All wire shall be insulated copper conductors, installed in
                                                             metallic conduit or MC cable. MC cable may be used            The Electrical System design shall be certified by a
The Retailer shall be responsible for any modifications to only in concealed locations and must be properly                professional engineer registered in the State of
the size of the electrical service or conduit, provided they supported. All conduit and MC cable must be installed         Washington.
are approved in advance by the Landlord and do not           tightly to structure, parallel and or perpendicular to
exceed the available capacity of the Landlord’s service      beams / joists.                                               The Electrical System designer must complete all
or space within the electrical service gear location. The                                                                  applicable design forms included in the Retailer
Retailer shall provide all electrical facilities for the     All lighting except for exit and emergency lights must be     Information Package. These forms shall be submitted to
premises, from the Landlord’s electrical service gear        operated by a 7-day time clock with battery packs or          the Landlord along with the construction documents.
including, but not necessarily limited to:                   central inverter (to be verified with DPW). Motion
                                                                                                                           Electric service will not be energized until approved by
   Utility meter and distribution equipment required for detectors and manual overrides of 30 minute intervals
                                                             are allowed. The Retailer shall provide electrically          local authorities and JBLM.
   Retailer’s service.
                                                             illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting from
   If required, a utility CT cabinet sized appropriately for battery packs or central inverter (to be verified with        Retailer shall furnish an electrical sub-meter, as specified
   the Retailer’s needs (200 amps and larger).               DPW) to provide at least 1 footcandle throughout the          by Landlord, at the Retailer’s expense. The submeter
   A disconnect switch in the Retailer’s premises sized      premises. Night lighting shall be provided to allow low       must be installed by the Retailer’s contractor, at the
   to provide 125% overcurrent protection of the             level illumination throughout the premises after hours.       Retailer’s expense, only after approval has been granted
   Retailer’s stated cumulative NEC Demand load              Ground fault circuit interrupting (GFCI) type receptacles     by Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator. The Project Property
   according to NEC Article 220.                             shall be provided within 6’ of any sink or other wet          Manager will invoice the Retailer for electrical charges
                                                             location. Reduced voltage starters shall be used for all      based on the sub-meter reading.
   Distribution and / or branch circuit panels with bolt-    motors larger than 25 hp. Engraved nameplates with
   on circuit breakers in the Retailer space.

                                                                                                                  SECTION 14: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                        47
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord

The Landlord shall provide a telephone conduit with pull
string from the Landlord’s telephone distribution
backboard to the premises.

The Directorate of Information Management (DOIM),
located on Post, is responsible for providing Information
Technology to all Joint Base Lewis - McChord activities
including Communications Systems and Telephone

Since all commercial phone and cable services, such as
Quest and Comcast, must to be coordinated with DOIM,
all Retailers are required to contact the Landlord’s
Retailer Coordinator for all telephone and cable service
requests and applications.

The selected telephone provider will bill each Retailer

                                                                                       SECTION 15: TELEPHONE SYSTEMS
                                                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK      48
                                                            Joint Base Lewis McChord

The Landlord shall provide empty conduit to a                Each Retailer needs to supply and install, at Retailer’s
connection point for Retailer’s required systems, to         expense, additional MNS speakers, fire alarm appliances
connect with the building Fire Alarm Control panel           and wiring to comply with the applicable requirements in
(FACP) and Mass Notification System (MSN), as                Section 23: Applicable Codes. Not less than one manual
required by code. The base-wide fire alarm system is a       fire alarm box shall be provided to initiate a fire alarm
radio wireless system installed in each building with        signal. The manual fire alarm box shall be located where
adequate capacity for each Retailer to tie-in their added    required by the Directorate of Emergency Services
devices.                                                     (DES), Fire and Emergency Services Division (FESD) of
                                                             Joint Base Lewis - McChord.
All devices and/or systems required by Retailer or
Retailer’s design must be coordinated with Landlord and
all connections to and programming of the FACP by
tenant must be performed by a contractor approved by
landlord. Such testing needs to be witnessed by the
Base Fire Marshall.

All Fire Alarm Control panel (FACP) must be of the
same manufacturer and/or must be compatible with the
Landlord’s system. All installations shall be in
accordance with NFPA 72, UFC 3-600-01 and UFC 3-
600-02-Fire Protection Engineering for Facilities, and
UFC 4-021- 01-Mass Notification Systems (MSN).

The Retailer shall furnish and install conventional duct
smoke detectors on the return side of all Retailer-
supplied HVAC units greater than 2,000 cfm capacity,
and shall cause the unit to shut down upon detection. The
Landlord shall provide all required addressable modules
for supervision of all alarm and trouble contacts for each
Retailer’s duct smoke detector.

                                                                                                                SECTION 16: FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK       49
                                                                                     Joint Base Lewis McChord

PLUMBING SERVICE                                              permitted. Each Retailer shall provide at least one           shall be interlocked with the hood exhaust fan, so that the
                                                              employee toilet facility accessible to the handicapped.       gas valve cannot be operated unless the exhaust system is
The Landlord shall provide Retailers a 4” underslab           Separate toilet rooms for each gender may be required by      operating.
sanitary sewer line. The Retailer shall provide sanitary      the building and plumbing codes. Separate sinks shall be
connection, all piping including vent line and all required provided for food preparation, hand washing, dish               HEATING , VENTILATING AND AIR
clean-outs. In order to minimize penetration and stub-out washing and janitorial use. Food preparation sinks, three-        CONDITIONING (HVAC) SYSTEMS (REFER TO
through the roof all Retailers shall connect to the           compartment sinks and dishwashers shall be indirectly         SECTION 12 FOR HVAC SYSTEM CRITERIA)
Landlord provided overhead common vent lines.                 drained to a floor sink. Hand sinks shall have
                                                              permanently mounted single-service soap and towel             EXHAUST SYSTEM
Each restaurant Retailer, at the Retailer’s sole cost and     dispensers. Sinks installed next to walls shall have a
expense, shall install a 4” grease line and grease trap to    metal backsplash at least 8” in height, formed as an          Retailers with food preparation shall exhaust air at the
its space. In order to facilitate the installation of the     integral part of the sink. All sinks shall be provided with   minimum rate necessary to prevent migration of heat or
grease lines and the grease interceptor to some of the        hot and cold water through a mixing faucet.                   odors to other premises or public areas, with makeup air
restaurant Retailers in building “B”, Landlord shall have                                                                   at 90% of exhaust quantity. Make-up air shall be
the right, but not the obligation, to install a common        Retailers shall provide condensation lines from               provided for all Retailer exhausts, except those of toilets.
grease line and/or a common grease interceptor and back equipment where appropriate, not exceeding 15’ in
charge each Restaurant Retailer connected to said             overall length, to a floor drain or floor sink within the     Canopy-type hoods shall be no higher than either 4’-0”
common grease line and interceptor its pro-rata share of premises. Refer to Section 11, Plumbing Service, for               above cooking surfaces or 7’-0” above finished floor
the cost of the installation. Restaurant Retailers will be    additional plumbing criteria.                                 level, and shall project 6” minimum beyond cooking
responsible for installing a minimum 4” thick reinforced                                                                    equipment on all open sides. All exhaust hoods and ducts
concrete slab and floor coverings, including any              GAS SERVICES                                                  shall be U.L.-listed and meet NFPA requirements. Hoods
necessary preparation work not limited to floor leveling,                                                                   shall be provided for all ranges, griddles, ovens, deep-fat
patching and grinding, all at each Retailer’s sole cost and Retailers shall contact the Landlord’s Retailer                 fryers, barbecues, rotisseries, convection ovens, high-
expense.                                                      Coordinator to arrange for service and installation from      vapors, temperature dishwashers, and steamers or similar
                                                              the Landlord-designated gas manifold. The incoming gas        equipment, to remove grease, smoke, steam, heat and
The Landlord shall provide Retailers up to a 1-1/4”           service shall be two pound (2 lb.) pressure, at the           odors. Hoods and exhaust systems shall be protected by
overhead domestic water line stub, located within the         Retailer’s metering.                                          Factory Mutual approved fire extinguishing systems,
back 1/3 or the Retailer space. The Retailer shall install a                                                                installed to meet requirements of the Directorate of
water sub-meter with a remote reader at the connection        Gas service piping within Landlord buildings and for          Emergency Services (DES), Fire and Emergency
point and all other plumbing lines from that point.           distribution to Retailer’s equipment and space may not        Services Division (FESD) of Joint Base Lewis-McChord
                                                              be installed in any space without specific Landlord           and the Landlord’s insurance. Hood fire extinguishing or
The Retailer shall install complete plumbing facilities,      approval. Subject to Landlord’s approval, food service        suppression systems shall be interconnected with the
including toilet room(s) with floor drain(s), 4” deep seal Retailers may install intermediate pressure gas piping (6”       Landlord’s Fire Alarm Systems.
traps or trap primers, tank or instant electric water heater, WC) within their premises. The Retailer’s contractor
drainage and venting complying with all codes and the         shall provide a main gas shut-off for the premises at the
ADAAG. All plumbing fixtures shall be ultra low flow          service entry point, and shut-offs at all gas equipment.
type fixtures, and no flush valve water closets are           Gas valves for equipment located under exhaust hoods

                                                                                                                  SECTION 17: FOOD SERVICE
                                                                                                                  CRITERIA                                                          50
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                12/28/2011
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Food Service Criteria Cont’d.

All gas and electrical power serving hoods shall shut          Retailers shall provide and maintain around all roof       ELECTRICAL SERVICE
down upon activation of the fire extinguishing system.         mounted kitchen equipment with roof protection pads.
                                                               The specifications for the roof protection pads will be    Transformers and electrical panels shall not be located
No hood or exhaust system shall be put into operation          included in the TIP.                                       above or immediately adjacent to a food preparation
until the fire extinguishing system has been tested in the                                                                area. Refer to Section 14: Electrical Systems for
Landlord’s and local Fire Marshal’s presence. A portable       Restaurant Retailers shall make a separate construction    additional electrical service criteria.
dry chemical fire extinguisher with a Class K rating shall     documents and equipment submission, with a copy to the
be installed in the vicinity of food preparation areas         Landlord, and to the Department of Preventative          TELEPHONE SERVCE
utilizing heated oils or grease.                               Medicine, which is the on Post division of the U.S. Army
                                                               Medical Department (AMEDD) and which acts as the         Refer to Section 15 for telephone systems criteria.
Filters used in exhaust systems shall be of                    Health Department on Post. The Department of
noncombustible construction and shall comply with              Preventative Medicine will review the plans and
NFPA requirements. All such systems shall be provided          specifications in accordance with TB MED 530.
with access panels and a means of collecting grease            Retailers will have to follow the guidelines in this
drippage from filters.                                         Technical Bulletin (TB), which prescribes procedures for
                                                               construction, maintenance and sanitation of food
Retailers shall document and report to Landlord routine        establishments on installations. The Department of
cleaning and scheduled maintenance, as required by             Preventative Medicine will review the plans, make
manufacturer, of all exhaust hoods, filters, etc., to insure   inspections and issue approvals for restaurants and food
the proper operation of the exhaust system. Exhaust fans       establishments on Post. Contact information for
associated with hoods shall be interconnected to the           submissions will be included in the Retailer Information
cooking equipment such that the exhaust system will            Package (TIP).
operate whenever the cooking equipment is in use.

Kitchen grease exhaust ductwork shall meet state and
local codes, and shall be encased in properly rated shafts
vented through the roof in accordance with the
Landlord’s and code requirements.

All kitchen exhaust fans shall be roof-mounted utility set,
high velocity restaurant duty (minimum 2000 CFM)
commercial kitchen type such as CaptiveAire HRE
models or Landlord approved equal. All kitchen exhaust
fans shall have a built-in grease containment system
adequate to protect the roof. The grease containment
system shall be cleaned and maintained regularly by the
Retailer, at the Retailer’s expense.

                                                                                                                   SECTION 17: FOOD SERVICE
                                                                                                                   CRITERIA                                                     51
                                                                                                                   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK           12/28/2011
                                                                                        Joint Base Lewis McChord


It is intended that outdoor seating associated with
al fresco restaurant dining will help create a superior
street experience an active and occupied sidewalk, and
give the restaurant a defined gathering place.

Seating areas for outdoor cafes and dining with adequate
sidewalk spaces are strongly encouraged at all eating
establishments within JBLM and will greatly contribute
to the overall ambience and appeal of the project.

Outdoor cafe and dining are allowed in specific Landlord
designated areas and each Retailer’s outdoor seating area
shall be clearly identified in the Lease and LOD. These
outdoor seating areas shall be designed in compliance
with the criteria established herein. Retailer shall prepare
all design and construction drawings for its outdoor
seating area as part of its store design and construction
drawings and shall submit same for review and approval
concurrently with all of its store submittals. All
specifications and pictures of all outdoor furniture and
amenities selected for the outdoor seating area shall be
included as part of Retailer’s submittals.

                                                                                          SECTION 18: OUTDOOR SEATING
                                                                                          CRITERIA                                  52
                                                               Joint Base Lewis McChord
                                                                                          RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK   12/28/2011
Outdoor Seating Criteria Cont’d.

                                   SEATING ENCLOSURE

                                   Outdoor seating for al fresco restaurant dining has been
                                   identified at specific locations associated with active
                                   corners or major pedestrian pathways. It is intended for
                                   these areas to impart a sense of permanence with a partial
                                   and/or fully enclosed metal fence system, in locations as
                                   indicated on the plans.

                                   Outdoor seating is seasonal and must be removable.

                                   Outdoor seating enclosures may be used for delineating
                                   outdoor seating areas and shall be designed and installed
                                   at Retailer’s sole cost. Wherever alcoholic beverages are
                                   served or consumed outdoors, the installation of an
                                   outdoor seating enclosure is required.                       DESIGN CRITERIA

                                   All components of the seating enclosure shall meet the       Enclosures may be designed of metal, wood, stone,
                                   requirements of The Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC),       aluminum, or concrete and may incorporate planters.
                                   DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings in         Enclosures shall be designed as decorative barriers and
                                   particular section B-1.2 Standard 2. Unobstructed Space.     not as code compliant safety railing, i.e. with 4”
                                                                                                minimum spacing between vertical members. Although
                                   The design of all outdoor enclosures shall be considered     enclosures need not necessarily be continuous, they must
                                   as part of the Retailer’s store design and must be           clearly delineate the seating area from the other public
                                   considered in the early stages of the design to maximize     areas and discourage customers from walking with
                                   the patron’s dining as well as the shopper’s experience.     alcoholic beverages outside of its limits.
                                   Enclosures must be designed as light as possible to
                                   avoid the creation of a visual barrier between the seating
                                   area and the sidewalks.

                                                                                       SECTION 18: OUTDOOR SEATING
                                                                                       CRITERIA                                                     53
                                                            Joint Base Lewis McChord
                                                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK           12/28/2011
Outdoor Seating Criteria Cont’d.

All enclosures must be either securely installed to the
sidewalk or must be heavy enough to insure that they
may not be moved with ease by customers or staff. They
shall be constructed of durable, finished and
maintainable materials suitable for the local outdoor
environment. When removed, the remaining portion of
the enclosure (i.e. stanchions, sleeves, or plates) shall not
present a tripping hazard and must meet Americans with
Disabilities Act Accessibilities Guidelines (ADAAG)
requirements. Any resulting damage to building or
sidewalks will be repaired by the Landlord at the
Retailer’s expense.

Inclusion of hanging planters on the enclosure and
landscaping in the seating area will be attractive for
pedestrians and restaurant clients, and help promote an         Planter containers used as part of the enclosure shall     When enclosures are removed all holes or inserts in the
active and occupied sidewalk.                                   have live flowers and plants at all times, and shall be    sidewalk or pavers must be plugged to prevent dirt and
                                                                regularly watered and maintained by the Retailer.          debris from entering them and must be flush with the
                                                                                                                           surface to prevent any tripping or hazard.
                                                                Retailer may anchor the enclosure to the sidewalk or
                                                                subsurface with either a permanent anchorage method,    In most cases the Retailer should choose an anchor detail
                                                                sleeved anchorage method, or a surface bolted anchorage best suited for the style of railing used.
                                                                method. These last two methods would allow the
                                                                removal of the enclosure when desired.

                                                                                                                    SECTION 18: OUTDOOR SEATING
                                                                                                                    CRITERIA                                                    54
                                                                                         Joint Base Lewis McChord
                                                                                                                    RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK          12/28/2011

INTRODUCTION                                                                             TYPICAL MILESTONES

To expedite the submission and approval of the
Retailer’s drawings, and speed construction schedules for
the premises, the Retailer shall adhere to the following                                  LEASE EXECUTION
drawing submission procedures. Deviations may result in                                                       IF NOT APPROVED
                                                                35 DAYS                                       RESUBMIT WITHIN
delays in reviews and approvals, and may bring about
                                                                                                              10 DAYS
additional Retailer costs for redesign and delayed
construction.                                                                              DESIGN REVIEW
                                                                                                              IF NOT APPROVED
                                                                25 DAYS                  IF APPROVED          RESUBMIT WITHIN
                                                                                                              10 DAYS
The Retailer shall, at its own expense, enlist an architect                                CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                           IF APPROVED
to prepare complete drawings and specifications for the                                     DOCUMENTS
premises. Retailers needing assistance in locating an                                         REVIEW
architect should contact the Landlord. The Retailer shall                                                     IF NOT APPROVED
promptly provide its architect’s name, address, telephone        15 DAYS                 IF APPROVED          RESUBMIT WITHIN
number, fax, e-mail, etc. to the Landlord. All                                                                15 DAYS
construction documents shall be prepared by an architect                                  BUILDING PERMIT                SIGN PERMIT
and engineer licensed in the State of Washington. The
Retailer shall provide its architect copies of this                                      IF APPROVED
Handbook, the Lease Outline Drawing (LOD), Lease
Exhibits defining construction scopes, schedules, all                                      CONSTRUCTION                    IF APPROVED
other pertinent information and all other controlling
documents. It is the responsibility of the Retailer and                           WHEN PASSES
                                                                               FINAL INSPECTION
Retailer’s architect to obtain, review, and comply with
this Handbook and all applicable codes and regulations.                                    CERTIFICATE OF
The Retailer shall inspect and verify all existing field
conditions within the premises prior to designing the

After receiving the LOD and other controlling
documents, reviewing this Handbook and applicable                                         GRAND OPENING
codes and regulations, but prior to beginning
construction documents, the Retailer’s architect and the
Retailer shall proceed with the design of the Retailer’s

                                                                                                SECTION 19: DRAWING SUBMISSION
                                                                                                & APPROVAL                                   55
                                                                                                RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK      12/28/2011
                                                              Joint Base Lewis McChord
Drawing Submission and Approval Cont’d.

It is the responsibility of the Retailer and the Retailer’s   DRAWING SUBMISSIONS                                         Submission shall include a black line and color set in
architect to allow adequate time for:                                                                                     electronic format (pdf) of all submittal documents. All
                                                              Drawing submissions shall occur in the following            drawings shall clearly indicate the project and store
   review of and adherence to all requirements in this        phases:                                                     name, and lease space number. If the Retailer’s design
   Handbook;                                                                                                              follows a specific prototype, photographs of existing
                                                              1. Design Documents submittal for review approval of        facilities shall be submitted to aid in the review.
   review of and adherence to all applicable codes and           all store and sign designs by the FCACC at JBLM.         However, sample photographs and prototypical drawings
                                                              2. Retailers will be required to fill out Form 4283 as part may not be used as a substitute for the site specific
   preparation and submittal of all design documents to          of the base approval process. The form will be           Design Documents submittal for each Leased Premises.
   the FCACC at JBLM for approval;                               provided to the Retailer as part of the Retailer
                                                                 information package, the completed form must be          The application and requirements for filing are included
   preparation and submittal of all construction                                                                          in the Appendix of this Handbook.
   documents for approval by Landlord;                           submitted at the time the Retailer drawings are
                                                                 submitted for base approval.
   revising and re-submitting design and construction                                                                     Design Documents shall, at a minimum, include the
                                                              3. Construction Documents submittal to Landlord for         following:
   documents if not approved;
                                                                 review and approval.
    completion and submittal of all required documents                                                                      Storefront elevation and section (at 1/2” = 1’-0”)
                                                          4. Building Permit Documents submittal for Plan                   indicating all planes, materials, finishes, details,
    for Building Permit review and issuance to Landlord’s
                                                             Review and issuance of Building Permit.                        graphics and signage. The Retailer’s Storefront design
    Retailer Coordinator.
                                                          5. Sign Construction Documents submittal to Landlord              elevation must also show the surrounding building
The Landlord accepts no responsibility for delays due        for review and issuance of Sign Permit.                        elevation (30 feet minimum on each side);
to the Retailer’s allocation of insufficient time for the                                                                   Floor plan of the premises (at 1/4” = 1’-0”) indicating
complete drawing submission and approval process.         PHASE I - DESIGN DOCUMENTS                                        interior design, locations of fixtures, equipment,
                                                                                                                            partitions, toilet rooms, exits, seating, etc., and
                                                              Immediately after Lease execution; or receipt of the          identifying all materials, finishes and colors;
                                                              LOD; and before proceeding with any Construction
                                                              Documents, Retailer shall cause the Retailer’s architect      Reflected ceiling plan (at 1/4” = 1’-0”) indicating
                                                              to prepare project specific Design Documents for the          soffits, ceiling heights, materials, lighting and HVAC
                                                              Leased Premises. The Design Documents shall be                fittings;
                                                              complete and sufficiently detailed to convey the full         Interior wall elevations (at 1/4” = 1’-0”);
                                                              design intent of Retailer’s Leased Premises. The design
                                                              of the Retailer’s Premises shall comply with all the          Sketches, perspectives, sections or other details that
                                                              requirements under this Handbook and all applicable           clarify the design intent of the storefront;
                                                              codes and regulations.
                                                                                                                            Material, finishes and color sample board(s), properly
                                                                                                                            mounted and fully labeled;
                                                              Retailer’s Design Documents shall be submitted to the
                                                              Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator no later than thirty five     A colored rendering of the proposed Storefront
                                                              (35) calendar days after the later to occur, the Lease        elevation showing the proposed signage;
                                                              execution or the Retailer’s receipt of the LOD.

                                                                                                                  SECTION 19: DRAWING SUBMISSION
                                                                                                                  & APPROVAL                                                     56
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK            12/28/2011
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Drawing Submission and Approval Cont’d.

  Complete sign package submittal, showing the            PHASE II - CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS                           Architectural Storefront and Interior Elevations (at
  location, size, color, materials, and details for all                                                               1/4” = 1’-0”)
  proposed signs;                                        Once Design Documents have been approved in writing             Dimensions, planes, materials, finishes, colors,
                                                         by the FCACC at JBLM, the Retailer’s architect shall            details, lighting;
   Request(s) for deviation from any of the requirements proceed with the Construction Documents. The
   in this Handbook must be in writing with a statement Construction Documents shall incorporate all of the             Signage, including menu boards for food service
   explaining the reasons behind the request.            FCACC at JBLM’S suggestions or comments. The                   Retailers;
                                                         Construction Documents shall also include any                  Electronic format (pdf) file of Retailer’s Exterior
The Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator shall review the     controlling design drawings or other criteria provided by      Storefront.
Design Documents submittal for completeness and shall the Landlord. Within sixty (60) days after Lease
return to Retailer all submittals which are deemed       execution, or Retailer’s receipt of the LOD whichever        Necessary Architectural Sections and Details
incomplete or which grossly violate the requirements of occurred later, Retailer shall deliver to the Landlord’s
                                                                                                                        Longitudinal and transverse sections through the
this Handbook.                                           Retailer Coordinator one set of electronic pdf files of        premises from slab to roof (at 1/4” = 1’-0”);
                                                         such documents for review by Landlord.
FREEDOM CROSSING ARCHITECTURAL                                                                                          Large-scale section through storefront to roof (at 3/4”
CONTROL COMMITTEE at JOINT BASE                          The Construction Documents shall, at minimum, include          = 1’-0”);
LEWIS–McCHORD (FCACC at JBLM) REVIEW                     the following:
                                                                                                                        Store closure details (at 1/2” = 1’-0”);
When accepted, the Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator         Architectural Cover Sheet                                   Details at neutral piers and the Landlord’s bulkhead
shall forward the Retailer’s Design Documents to the         Building plan, site plan, Retailer name and lease space    (at 1/2” = 1’-0”);
FCACC at JBLM for review. The FCACC at JBLM                  number, square footage;
review shall be strictly an architectural design review to                                                             Wall sections and details;
confirm compliance with the requirements and intent of       Use or occupancy classification, construction type
                                                                                                                       Cash wrap counter details.
this Handbook. If not approved, all comments or              classification, occupant load(s);
corrections requested by the FCACC at JBLM shall be in
                                                             Applicable codes and regulations, compliance with       Architectural Schedules
writing and shall be forwarded to the Retailer thru the
                                                             ADAAG.                                                    Room finish schedule;
Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator.
The Retailer or the Retailer’s Architect shall be required                                                             Door and hardware schedules and details.
                                                           Architectural Floor Plan (at 1/4” = 1’-0”)
to re-submit all items amending the original submittal
                                                             Demising wall and interior partition locations and
when approval is not granted by the FCACC at JBLM.                                                                   Kitchen Equipment Drawings for any Food Service
                                                             Door locations, sizes, direction of swing;                Equipment keyed to the architectural floor plan;
                                                             Location of fixtures, equipment, appliances and            Equipment dimensions, materials, and finishes, etc.;
                                                                                                                        Cut sheets of all kitchen equipment.
                                                             Restroom facilities.

                                                                                                               SECTION 19: DRAWING SUBMISSION
                                                                                                               & APPROVAL                                                     57
                                                                                                               RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK           12/28/2011
                                                                                    Joint Base Lewis McChord
Drawing Submission and Approval Cont’d.

Plumbing Floor Plan (at 1/4” = 1’-0”)                           Locations of toilet exhaust and other fans, motors, and       Electrical plans shall show power loads per N.E.C.
   Locations of all plumbing fixtures, all sewer                all HVAC equipment;                                           Electrical plans shall show power and transformation
   connections and routing, all plumbing vent                   All loads shall be assigned to circuits, and an itemized      for voltages, all lighting circuits including emergency
   connections and routing, and all clean-outs, floor           load breakdown shall be included.                             and night lighting and sign lighting, receptacles, toilet
   drains, and sinks;                                                                                                         and other exhausts, and service to HVAC and
   Domestic water connection and distribution system,        Lighting Plan (at 1/4” = 1’-0”)                                  supplementary equipment.
   water meter location;                                        Lighting fixture layout including night lighting,
                                                                emergency, exit and sign lighting;                         Fire Protection Drawings
   Toilet facilities, and water fountain locations, if                                                                     The Retailer shall submit fire sprinkler and fire alarm
   applicable.                                                  All lighting shall be assigned to circuits;                design drawings to Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator for
                                                            Any signs or lights connected to time clock shall be           further review and approval by the Joint Base Lewis -
Plumbing Isometrics / Schematics and Details                indicated.                                                     McChord Fire Department (FESD). FESD requires that
   Domestic water isometric or 2-dimensional schematic                                                                     all blue prints/ drawings of facilities for fire department
   diagram;                                              Electrical Schedules                                              review be Digital Media (CD). The submittal shall
   Sanitary system isometric or 2-dimensional schematic     Electrical panel schedules;                                    comply with UFC 3-600-01 and NFPA 13 requirements
   diagram;                                                                                                                and shall include, at minimum:
                                                            Lighting fixture schedule;
   Water heater detail with relief valve and piping. Gas                                                                      Heights of ceilings, and heights and locations of all
                                                            Symbol legend;
   Piping Plan (at 1/4” = 1’-0”);                                                                                             drops, soffits, etc.;
                                                            Time clock / Contactor Schedule indicating loads and
   Location of all gas operated equipment, and a gas        “ON” / “OFF” Time Schedules;                                      Locations and heights of walls, partitions, lighting
   piping isometric or 2-dimensional schematic diagram;                                                                       baffles, and any other construction that might affect
                                                            Total Load Summary including connected load and
   Location of gas line connections and routing to gas      NEC Demand Load according to NEC Article 220.                     sprinklers;
   meter / manifold.                                                                                                          Locations of any surface-mounted or suspended
                                                             Miscellaneous Details                                            lighting or decorative beams, etc.
HVAC Plan (at 1/4” = 1’-0”)
                                                               Electrical distribution riser diagram;                         Locations of sprinkler heads with main and branch
  Routing and sizing of all distribution ductwork and
  diffusers;                                                    Feeder conduit and wire sizes;                                pipe sizes;
   Location of all HVAC units;                                  Arrangement of panels, transformers, time clock,              Hydraulic information used for design of the system.
                                                                disconnects, meter, etc.;
   HVAC equipment schedule;
                                                                Telephone and conduit locations;                              Retailer’s fire sprinkler and fire alarm drawings shall
   Diffuser schedule;                                                                                                         be prepared by, and signed and sealed by, a certified
                                                                Conduit and wire sizes to HVAC equipment and
   Design load calculations and criteria;                                                                                     Fire Protection Engineer (FPE), and shall comply
                                                                panels, as applicable.
                                                                                                                              with the Landlord’s requirements. The FPE must
   Details and sections.
                                                                                                                              certify in writing that the design is in compliance with
                                                             Electrical Drawings
                                                                                                                              UFC 3-600-01.
Electrical Plan (at 1/4” = 1’-0”)                            Electrical plans shall incorporate all minimum design
   Locations of electrical service, all floor and wall       and construction requirements, including complete
   outlets, all transformers, electrical and phone panels;   calculations and loads for lighting, HVAC, and
                                                             miscellaneous loads.

                                                                                                                  SECTION 19: DRAWING SUBMISSION
                                                                                                                  & APPROVAL                                                       58
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK              12/28/2011
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Drawing Submission and Approval Cont’d.

The Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator shall review the       Plan Review and Building Permit Procedure                      Building Permit Submittals
Construction Documents submittal for completeness and      After Landlord’s approval in writing of Retailer’s             The Retailer shall submit four (4) full sets of Building
shall return to Retailer all submittals which are deemed   Construction Documents, and in compliance with the             Permit Documents Signed and Sealed by State of
incomplete or which grossly violate the requirements of    approved Design and Construction Documents, the                Washington licensed architect and engineers, for each
this Handbook.                                             Retailer and/or its architect shall submit to Landlord’s       discipline, and one set of electronic pdf files of all the
                                                           Retailer Coordinator, all Building Permit Document             submittals on a compact disk.
Landlord shall either approve the Retailer’s Construction submittals together with all Permit Application forms.
Documents or shall provide comments in writing of the      The Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator shall review the           Building Permit Documents are to include at a minimum
necessary changes. Upon receipt of Landlord’s              Building Permit Documents submittal for completeness           the Construction Drawings referenced in: PHASE II -
comments the Retailer or the Retailer’s Architect shall be and shall return to Retailer all submittals which are          CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS of Section 19 of this
required to re-submit, within ten days, all items          deemed incomplete or which grossly violate the                 Handbook, the required Certified Electrical Lighting and
amending the Construction Documents submittal.             requirements of this Handbook.                                 Mechanical Energy Compliance Reports
                                                                                                                          (, Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm
Upon approval of the Construction Documents the               Once the Building Permit is approved, two (2) sets of       drawings, and the required design calculations signed
Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator shall provide written         approved Construction Documents will be couriered to        and sealed by an engineer licensed in the State of
confirmation to Retailer with conditions of approval, if      the Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator for distribution to     Washington. Incomplete submittals will not be reviewed
any.                                                          the Retailer’s representative and the Landlord              and will be returned to Retailer for re-submittal.
                                                              respectively. The permitted set of Construction
PHASE III: PLAN REVIEW AND BUILDING                           Documents delivered to the Retailer and marked              A letter addressed to the FCACC at JBLM and detailing
PERMIT                                                        “Contractor” is to remain on the job site at all times      any deviation from the approved Design Drawings must
                                                              during construction and must be available on-site for all   be included in the Building Permit Documents submittal
Plan Review and Building Permits are required for all         inspections.                                                package if any deviation has been incorporated.
interior and exterior building improvements at JBLM.
Building Permits incorporate all architectural, electrical,   The set marked “City” will be kept on file by the           Plan Review
lighting, plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler and fire alarm       Landlord’s designated representative.                       Plans and documents included in the Building Permit
work. A separate Sign Permit is required for all exterior                                                                 Documents submittal will be reviewed for compliance
and Storefront signs (whether illuminated or not) and all                                                                 with the applicable codes and requirements. Progress of
Storefront graphics.                                                                                                      plan review will be tracked by the Retailer Coordinator.

Per Section 17, Food Service Criteria, food and beverage                                                                  The Retailer or its architect may contact Landlord’s
service establishments are required to secure separate                                                                    Retailer Coordinator at any time regarding the
approval from the Department of Preventative Medicine                                                                     Project at:
located on Post, which acts as the local Health                                                                                    Phone: 612-840-4121

No work is permitted without a proper Building Permit
or for work not incorporated within the set of Building
Permit Documents. Prior to the issuance of a Building or
Sign Permit, all associated fees must be paid.

                                                                                                                  SECTION 19: DRAWING SUBMISSION
                                                                                                                  & APPROVAL                                                       59
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK              12/28/2011
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Drawing Submission and Approval Cont’d.

PHASE IV: SIGN PERMITS                                          DEFAULT

In compliance with the approved Design Documents, the           If the Retailer fails to perform any of the following, the  e. Submit revised Building Permit Documents and/or
Retailer’s licensed sign contractor shall submit to             Landlord may, pursuant to the Lease, give notice that the      additional documents requested by the reviewing
Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator, in duplicates, the Sign        Retailer is in default of the Lease. Such notice shall         entities within fifteen days of such notice to Retailer.
Construction Documents. The submittal must clearly              describe the nature of the default and shall specify a date
indicate all sizes, colors, materials, finishes, construction   by which such default must be cured. If by such date the f. Submit Sign Permit Documents to Landlord, within
details, power, lighting, and attachment methods to be          Retailer fails to remedy the default, the Retailer hall be     seventy five (75) calendar days after Lease execution
used, and must include food service menu board                  deemed incurably in default of the Lease, and the              or receipt of LOD, whichever occurs later.
drawings, if applicable. Variations from the approved           Landlord shall be entitled to all remedies specified in the
Design Documents must first be approved by the                  Lease. Retailer must:                                       g. Promptly submit any additional information and / or
FCACC at JBLM. If approved Sign Permits will be                                                                                shop drawings requested in the review, permitting or
issued.                                                         a. Comment within 10 calendar days of receipt of the           inspection process by Landlord, Retailer Coordinator,
                                                                    Lease Outline Drawing (LOD).                               Fire Department or Department of Preventative
                                                                b. Submit Design Documents to Landlord within thirty
                                                                    five (35) calendar days after Lease execution or        h. Begin construction immediately and only after all
                                                                    receipt of LOD, whichever occurs later. Resubmit           documents have been reviewed, permitted, and a Pre-
                                                                    within ten (10) calendar days, as necessary, after         Construction Meeting has been held with the
                                                                    issuance of FCACC at JBLM comments.                        Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator.

                                                                c. Submit Construction Documents to Landlord within         i. Build out all improvements and signs in strict
                                                                   sixty (60) calendar days after Lease execution or           accordance with the approved documents.
                                                                   receipt of LOD, whichever occurs later. Resubmit
                                                                   within ten (10) calendar days, as necessary, after
                                                                   issuance of Landlord’s comments.

                                                                d. Submit Building Permit Documents, and review fees,
                                                                   to Landlord within seventy five (75) calendar days
                                                                   after Lease execution or receipt of LOD, whichever
                                                                   occurs later.

                                                                                                                    SECTION 19: DRAWING SUBMISSION
                                                                                                                    & APPROVAL                                                      60
                                                                                                                    RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK             12/28/2011
                                                                                         Joint Base Lewis McChord


Construction of the Retailer’s premises shall be in           The Retailer’s contractor shall require that each of its     Certificates of current in-force insurance meeting the
complete conformance with this Handbook, the Lease,           subcontractors, to the extent of their work, be bound to     Landlord’s requirements shall be provided to the
and Retailer plans and specifications approved by the         the complete terms of the agreement between the              Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator prior to the start of
Landlord and permitted by the Retailer Coordinator. The       Landlord and the Retailer, and to this Handbook.             construction. The Landlord shall be listed as additional
Retailer shall provide a copy of this Handbook to its         Additionally the Retailer Information Package (TIP)          insured.
contractor(s). The Retailer’s contractor shall employ a       shall be binding and made part of this Handbook, by
competent, full-time superintendent on site at all times      reference only, upon distribution at or before the pre-      A list of all contractors and subcontractors to be working
during construction, and shall observe safety practices       construction meeting. The Retailer’s contractor shall        on the premises (including any contractors designated by
established by the Landlord and any applicable                acknowledge receipt of the TIP, and their acceptance, by     the Landlord) with contact information such as name,
regulations. All contractors and subcontractors shall be      signing for them prior to the start of construction.         address, phone, fax, etc., shall be provided to the
properly licensed by the state and local authorities.                                                                      Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator. The Retailer’s
Retailers seeking qualified contractors may contact the       Before starting construction, the Retailer’s contractor      contractor shall verify on-site dimensions and existing
Landlord’s representative for assistance.                     shall comply with the following:                             conditions of the premises.

All work performed by Retailer and its contractor and/ or     A pre-construction meeting must be held with the             The Retailer’s contractor shall provide the Landlord’s
subcontractors shall be contracted for and paid for in        Landlord’s representative to define: proper access routes    representative a construction schedule showing the work
compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act (DBA).                    to the premises; designated contractor parking;              progress and anticipated completion of the premises.
Contractors and subcontractors shall not discriminate         designated loading, unloading and storage areas; working
against any person or group of persons due to race, age,      hours; temporary utilities and utility tap-ins; safety       The Retailer shall pay all required fees to the Landlord’s
sex, color, creed, religion, marital status, handicap,        precautions and procedures; rubbish and trash removal;       Retailer Coordinator, including but not limited to:
national origin, or ancestry. All contractors shall be        the schedule of the Retailer’s construction; any Retailer-
capable of performing quality work, shall have good           specific construction concerns; any additional               Construction Utility Fees, including electrical, toilet
labor relations, and shall work in harmony with the           construction guidelines; any other rules and regulations     facilities, and trash removal as hereinafter specified.
Landlord’s contractor(s), other contractors on the job,       governing construction; and any other such matters. The
and any other labor entity at or servicing JBLM. The          Retailer’s contractor shall verify that Final Construction
Retailer shall immediately terminate the services of any      Documents have been approved for construction by the
contractor or subcontractor whose labor relations or          Landlord, and that such Documents incorporate all
actions may cause a work stoppage and/or interference         Landlord comments. Building Permit(s) shall be
with the construction schedule, Grand Opening, or             obtained; original(s) shall be posted at the job site, and
operation of JBLM. The Retailer’s contractor shall            copies shall be provided to the Landlord’s Retailer
cooperate with the Landlord’s representatives and             Coordinator.
contractors to coordinate their work so as to not interfere
with the operations of existing stores, and to not impede
or endanger the safety of the public.

                                                                                                                  SECTION 20: STORE CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                         61
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Store Construction Cont’d.

PERMIT                                                      BOND

Building Permits are required for any structures at JBLM    Any Retailer contractor or subcontractor, if requested      Service/delivery courts are only for immediate loading
to be constructed, altered in any way, or demolished.       by Landlord, shall provide a payment and performance        and unloading. Violators’ vehicles will be towed at their
Permits are also required for electrical, plumbing, and     bond naming the Retailer, Landlord and The Exchange         expense.
HVAC work and signs. Prior to the issuance of permits,      as additional insureds, as their interests may appear.
all associated fees must be paid.                           Prior to construction, evidence of such bond must be         Access for deliveries of material and equipment is
                                                            provided to the Landlord’s representative.                   restricted to a thirty (30) minute period within the
The originals of all permits and a set of approved                                                                       service/delivery court and through the most direct access
building Permit Documents must be kept at the project       ACCESS AND DELIVERIES                                        routes to the Retailer’s premises. No deliveries are
site at all times during construction.                                                                                   permitted through main streets and street side building
                                                            Access to the site and the Retailer’s premises is restricted fronts without express prior written approval from the
All food service Retailers (including any with on-site      to only those employees working on the premises and to Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator. Deliveries to Retailer
preparation, or prepackaged food and/or beverages) shall the Retailer for periodic inspection.                           premises lacking service/delivery courts or rear access
obtain any required approvals and / or food service                                                                      doors may be restricted to off-hours.
permits from the Department of Preventative Medicine        Family members, children and pets are strictly prohibited
on Post prior to start of any construction.                 from the site and the Retailer’s premises during             The use of any Retailer spaces other than the Retailer’s
                                                            construction. Access to the site and the Retailer’s          own premises for deliveries is prohibited. The delivery of
Per Phase IV of Section 19 of this Handbook the Retailer premises at other than normal construction hours must be any equipment, assembly, appliance or fixture large
must obtain a separate permit for all signage and           scheduled in advance and coordinated with the                enough to test the capacity of the service/delivery court
graphics.                                                   Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator and Joint Base Lewis - or access way, or requiring special handling, must be
                                                            McChord security personnel. Since JBLM is located            scheduled in advance and coordinated with the
INSURANCE                                                   within the Joint Base Lewis - McChord Military               Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator. Retailer contractors and
                                                            Installation, the Post has a standardized entry protocol     subcontractors shall protect all pavements, curbs, ramps,
The Retailer’s contractor shall carry and maintain at its   called the RAPID Gate Program. Complete information railings, floorings, buildings, lighting and landscaping
sole cost and expense construction insurance in             and enrollment application for these programs are            when making deliveries. Steel wheel carts and equipment
accordance with Section 902 of the Retailer Agreement. included in the TIP.                                              are prohibited.
Certificates of insurance shall provide that no change or
cancellation of such insurance will be undertaken           Parking is permitted only in designated areas, as defined All Retailer construction materials, equipment, tools,
without thirty days written notice to the Landlord.         by the Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator at the pre-           supplies, etc. shall be stored and secured within the
Original certificates of current in-force insurance must be construction meeting. Parking is not permitted along any Retailer’s premises. The Landlord is not responsible for
filed with the Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator before the street side curb at building fronts, nor in any                loss or theft of any items from the Retailer’s premises.
commencement of construction. Renewal certificates          service/delivery court or trash handling area. The
must be submitted 10 days prior to the expiration of        Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator will designate service/
existing coverage. Insurance must remain in force for       delivery courts and trash handling areas to be used by
one year after completion of the work.                      Retailer contractors and subcontractors.

                                                                                                                SECTION 20: STORE CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                     62
                                                                                     Joint Base Lewis McChord
Store Construction Cont’d.


The Landlord has adopted all state safety rules and the     Public side pavements, construction and finishes shall be Modifications to any Retailer enclosure during
complete Occupational Safety and Health Administration      protected, and the area shall be cleaned after each work   construction are the Retailer’s responsibility, but shall
(OSHA) Safety Standards Part 1926, and any                  period.                                                    have prior approval of the Landlord’s representative.
amendments thereto, to be followed by all persons and                                                                  Advertising or project signs are prohibited on Retailer
companies employed at JBLM. Appropriate work                RETAILER ENCLOSURES                                        enclosures. Enclosures may contain only the Retailer’s
clothing, shoes and safety equipment must be worn at all                                                               name on a professionally prepared sign approved in
times.                                                      During construction, the Retailer will, at its expense and advance by the Landlord’s representative.
                                                            with Landlord’s prior approval, separate its premises
No flammable materials, other than those to be              from public areas by a temporary enclosure, consisting of CONSTRUCTION UTILITIES
consumed during that work day, are to be stored in any      2x4 framing and plastic sheeting. Attachment cannot be
Landlord’s building. The Retailer’s contractor shall        made to any Landlord structures, i.e., sidewalk or base    During construction, and for the sole purpose of
maintain a fully charged fire extinguisher within the       building components.                                       facilitating the build-out of the Retailer’s space, the
Retailer’s premises throughout construction. There is a                                                                Landlord shall provide temporary utilities to the
no-smoking policy.                                          If the Landlord determines that a Retailer is not on       Retailer’s contractor consisting of designated toilet
                                                            schedule to have complete enclosed storefront by the       facilities, water, and construction trash dumpsters, at a
The Retailer’s contractor shall use caution in locating,    Grand Opening, the Landlord may require that a Grand       cost of $1.00 per square foot of GLA. Temporary
stocking and moving materials and equipment so as to        Opening Retailer enclosure be constructed. If the          electrical power shall consist of a minimum of 20 amps,
not overload any floor, ramp or structure.                  Retailer does not comply, the Landlord may construct a     120/208V, three-phase service at locations selected by
                                                            Grand Opening Retailer enclosure for the Retailer, at the the Landlord. The Retailer’s contractor will be
CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE                                       Retailer’s expense.                                        responsible for getting power from the selected point to
                                                                                                                       the Retailer’s space. This temporary electrical service
The Retailer’s contractor shall promptly provide to the     The Grand Opening enclosure shall be at least the height will be provided by the Landlord for a maximum of 6
Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator prior to start of           of the Storefront or 16’-0” high whichever is greater,     weeks at the Retailer’s contractor’s expense of $0.25 per
construction a construction schedule showing anticipated constructed of metal studs with minimum 1/2” exterior         square foot of GLA. The Retailer’s contractor shall
work progress, significant deliveries, and completion of grade plywood, with two coats of flat latex paint to          provide ground fault protection for all power equipment
the premises.                                               match the Landlord’s standard, located no more than 3’     used in the premises. Payment for all utilities must be
                                                            in front of the Storefront Lease Line. The entire          made prior to start of construction.
Should access to adjacent Retailer premises be              enclosure shall be installed so as not to damage public
necessary, it is the Retailer’s contractor’s responsibility area paving. An access door will be permitted in the
to schedule and make arrangements for such access, and enclosure only if there is no other Retailer service/exit
to protect that Retailer’s premises, construction, finishes door.
and/or merchandise. The Retailer’s contractor is
responsible for any damage or loss brought about by its
actions. Work on the public side of the Storefront after
any barricade has been removed is permitted only during
off hours.

                                                                                                               SECTION 20: STORE CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                               RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                    63
                                                                                    Joint Base Lewis McChord
Store Construction Cont’d.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION MEETING & PACKAGE                             flashing for Retailer equipment shall be by the Landlord’s clean-up, demolition and removal, at the Retailer’s
                                                               designated contractor, at the Retailer’s expense.          expense.
At least three (3) business days prior to the start of
construction Retailer and its contractor shall attend a pre-   CHANGES IN DESIGN OR MATERIALS                            Public areas, pedestrian walkways, service / delivery
construction meeting with Landlord’s Retailer                                                                            courts and corridors, adjacent Retailer spaces, and the
Coordinator, at the job site. No less than five (5) business   The Retailer’s contractor shall not deviate from approved exterior of Landlord buildings shall be kept clear of the
days prior to the scheduled pre-construction meeting           Building Permit Documents and specifications without      Retailer’s and Retailer’s contractor’s equipment,
Retailer shall notify Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator, in      prior written permission of the Retailer, the Landlord’s  materials, merchandise, fixtures and trash at all times.
writing, of its intention to schedule the pre-construction     representative, and Retailer Coordinator and/or other
meeting and shall deliver to Landlord’s Retailer               governmental agency having jurisdiction.                  INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE
Coordinator the pre-construction package which shall
include at a minimum:                                          ADJACENT FINISHES                                          The Retailer’s contractor shall schedule inspections by
                                                                                                                          Retailer Coordinator, Department of Preventative
                                                            The Landlord shall provide standard paving material to        Medicine (DPM), and other inspectors as necessary, and
   The Construction Schedule;
                                                            the Lease Line only. The Retailer’s contractor is             shall comply with their requirements, codes and
    The name and contact information for the general        responsible for providing all other flooring materials and    regulations. Inspections will not be made if permits and
    contractor and subcontractors; and                      finishes required. All public area finishes and adjacent      approved stamped construction documents are not onsite.
                                                            Retailer spaces shall be protected from damage and dirt.      A copy of all inspection reports shall be provided to the
    The Retailer and contractor’s insurance certificates.   It is the Retailer’s responsibility to repair all existing    Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator. Inspections shall be
                                                            Landlord or adjacent Retailer construction and finishes       scheduled to allow adequate time for corrections and re-
                                                            damaged as a result of the Retailer’s construction. The       inspections if necessary, prior to the store opening. No
Prior to any concrete coring or saw cutting, the Retailer’s Landlord shall monitor any damages and shall                  Retailer shall open for business without final approvals
contractor shall lay out all proposed penetrations,         appropriately assign responsibility and costs to the          of Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator, the Joint Base Lewis
provide pilot holes and obtain approval from the            Retailer’s contractor for any repairs not properly            - McChord Fire Department (FESD), DPM, and delivery
Landlord’s representative. The Retailer’s contractor is     completed.                                                    by Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator of the Certificate of
responsible for all coordination of the work. The                                                                         Occupancy to Retailer.
Retailer’s contractor is not permitted to modify, attach
to, or hang any loads from the Landlord’s duct work,                                                                      At appropriate intervals and on completion, the
                                                            During construction, the Retailer shall clean daily the       Landlord’s representative may inspect the Retailer’s
water lines, sprinkler lines, conduit, bridging, or metal   premises and surrounding area, and shall remove all
deck. Attachments shall extend to the top chord of                                                                        premises for compliance with Landlord-approved
                                                            construction debris from the premises to the Landlord’s       Construction Documents. Deviations or unsatisfactory
structural joists at the panel point locations. No drilling designated dumpsters. The Landlord shall provide
of or welding to the Landlord’s structural steel is                                                                       workmanship shall be immediately corrected, regardless
                                                            dumpsters for the Retailer’s contractor’s use at a cost as    of their acceptance by either the Retailer or public
permitted without prior written approval of the             listed above in the paragraph on Construction Utilities.
Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator. Roof access is                                                                           authorities. The Retailer’s contractor shall notify the
                                                            On completion of Retailer’s construction, with approval       Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator of completion of the
restricted to the Landlord’s personnel and the Landlord’s of the Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator, the Retailer shall
designated contractors. No Retailer contractor or                                                                         space. The Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator shall inspect
                                                            promptly dismantle, remove and dispose of any                 the premises and issue a punch list if remedial action is
subcontractor is permitted on any roof without specific     temporary Retailer enclosure and any excess materials
prior permission from the Landlord’s Retailer                                                                             required. If remedial work is not completed promptly, it
                                                            from the premises. If the Retailer fails to comply, the       may be completed by the Landlord, at the Retailer’s
Coordinator. Any roof penetration or installation of        Landlord may, on 24-hour notice, provide the necessary        expense.

                                                                                                                  SECTION 20: STORE CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                     64
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Store Construction Cont’d.

Retailer Coordinator Inspection Procedures                       Underground                                     Required Inspection by Joint Base Lewis - McChord
Every effort will be made to accommodate same-day                       Yard Sewer;                              Fire Department
inspections when time frame issues arise. The Retailer                  Water Service;                           (FESD) include at minimum:
Coordinator’s inspector will fill out, in detail, a three part          Plumbing Rough;                                   Fire sprinkler systems;
Inspection Report for each Retailer’s space upon                        Electrical Underground;                           Fire alarm systems;
completion of inspection. The original will be given to                 Mechanical Underground;                           Mass Notification Systems;
the Retailer’s contractor, a copy to the Landlord’s                     Gas Underground;                                  Ingress and Egress requirements;
Retailer Coordinator which will remain with Retailer                    Electrical T-pole.                                Fire Extinguishers;
Coordinator. The inspector will provide results to the           Foundation                                               Kitchen Hoods.
Retailer Coordinator on the same day of the inspection.                 Foundation;                              Required Inspection by Department of Preventative
Each Retailer premises will have a Commercial                                                                    Medicine (DPM) include at minimum:
Inspection Record card on site. Upon completion of the                                                                    Kitchens;
                                                                        Retaining Wall.
inspection, the inspector will update the Commercial                                                                      Food and beverage preparation areas;
                                                                 Frame and Roughs
Inspection Record card. When the Retailer construction
                                                                        Framing;                                          Food storage, preparation, and cooking
is completed, the Commercial Inspection Record card
                                                                        Plumbing Top-out;                                 equipment;
will be delivered to the Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator
                                                                        Mechanical Rough;                                 Water, sewer, and grease plumbing systems and
for filing with the Project documents.
                                                                        Electrical Rough;                                 equipment;
Scheduling: Inspections requested by 5:00 pm Monday –                   Gas Rough;                                        Grease interceptors.
Friday will be performed the next business day.                         Energy Insulation;                       Release of utility meters
Inspection requests can be phoned, e-mailed, or faxed. A                Energy Electrical;                       When electric and gas services have passed inspection,
form will be provided with every permit packet.                                                                  the utility service will be released for meter installation.
                                                                        Energy Plumbing;
Phone: 612-840-4121                                                     Tilt Panel;
Email:                                Veneer;
Fax:   651-351-3551                                                     Construction Electric;
                                                                        Customer Service Inspection.
Required Inspections by Retailer Coordinator                     Finals
Following is a list of the required standard inspections                Gas Final;
(where applicable). However, at the sole discretion of the
                                                                        Mechanical Final;
inspector(s) additional inspections may be required:
                                                                        Electric Final;
                                                                        Plumbing Final;
                                                                        Energy Final;
                                                                        Building Final;
                                                                        Blast Resistant Storefront.

                                                                                                          SECTION 20: STORE CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                          RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK                                       65
                                                                               Joint Base Lewis McChord
Store Construction Cont’d.

VIOLATIONS                                                     WAIVERS OF LIEN

If the Retailer is notified of any violation of codes,         In making progress and final payments to contractors, the
ordinances, or regulations, or of its obligations under this   Retailer must obtain valid Waivers of Lien, indicating
Handbook, either by the Landlord or governing                  payment in full for labor, materials, and subcontractors.
authorities, the Retailer shall correct such deficiencies
within seven (7) calendar days. If the Retailer fails to       The Landlord may request to see evidence of such
comply, the Landlord may, at the Retailer’s expense,           Waivers before permitting the Retailer to open the
correct such deficiencies at actual cost plus fifteen          premises for business. All payments and liens must be
percent (15%) for administration.                              resolved prior to the release of any Retailer Allowance
                                                               and any applicable security deposits.

Once the Building Final Inspection is passed, the
inspector will issue a Certificate of Occupancy to the
Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator, who after his final
walkthrough and punch list review, and his receipt of as-
built drawings from Retailer, will deliver the CO to the
Retailer’s representative.

All Retailers must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy
prior to merchandising and/or opening the premises to
the Retailer’s personnel or the public. The original CO
shall be posted within the Retailer’s premises.

A temporary CO may be issued only for the purposes of
stocking merchandise and training personnel. Inspections
and approvals of sprinklers, fire alarms, and egress must
be obtained prior to the granting of a temporary
Certificate of Occupancy.

                                                                                                                  SECTION 20: STORE CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK       66
                                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord


I. LANDLORD’S WORK                                            c. Telecommunication Service: Landlord shall             B. BUILDINGS
                                                                 install, at Retailer’s expense, conduit for
   The following work is to be performed exclusively             telecommunication services with pull string to the    1. Structure: Subject to the provisions of the Retailer
   by Landlord and, except where otherwise indicated,            Retailer’s premises at a point determined by             Agreement.
   shall be at Landlord’s sole expense:                          Landlord.
                                                                                                                          a. Frame, etc: The structural frame, columns,
A. COMMON AREA                                                d. Gas: Gas service will be available to all Retailers         beams, and roof deck shall be constructed of non-
                                                                 at the designated main incoming service location.           combustible material and shall be designed to
1. Parking areas, Roads and Sidewalks: Subject to                                                                            carry live and dead loads in accordance with the
   the provisions of the Retailer Agreement:                  e. Sprinkler System: Landlord will provide fire                governing building codes.
                                                                 sprinkler system designed for an open building
   Landlord will provide paved, drained and lighted              and with upright sprinkler heads throughout all          b. Space Heights: The Landlord’s bottom of
   parking areas, together with access roads, sidewalks,         Retailer spaces in each building.                           structure will be a minimum of 15’-4” above
   directional signs, and markers.                                                                                           finish floor.
                                                            3. Public Spaces: Subject to the provisions of the
2. Utilities: Subject to the provisions of the Retailer        Retailer Agreement:                                        c. Roof: The roof shall be TPO membrane and
   Agreement:                                                                                                                insulation to provide a “U” factor meeting code.
                                                              a. Common Area: The Common Area shall be hard
   a. Sanitary Sewer, Domestic Water: Landlord shall             surfaced, lighted, and properly maintained at all        d. Rear Exterior Walls: Exterior walls shall be of
      install sanitary sewer line and domestic water line        times.                                                      non-combustible construction, pre-cast concrete
      to the premises at a point to be determined by                                                                         panels in most instances, and a finish of suitable
      Landlord. All taps and connections are to be made       b. Public Spaces and Facilities: Access from                   nature and of appropriate materials having a
      by Retailer at Retailer’s expense. Landlord may,           Retailer premises to the Service Court will be              finished appearance and decorative quality as
      at its option at any time, submeter domestic water         provided where possible.                                    designed by Landlord’s architect.
      and Retailer’s use of the sanitary sewer system.
                                                                                                                          e. Floor slab for non-food Retailers: Floor slab
   b Electrical Service: Landlord shall have the right,                                                                      shall be installed by Landlord except for concrete
     but not the obligation, to install at Retailer’s                                                                        slab leave-out areas. Floor slab for all food
     expense, conduit with pull string to Retailer space.                                                                    Retailers shall be installed by Retailer at Retailer’s
     Per Section 14, Electrical System, of this Retailer                                                                     expense.
     Criteria Handbook, the Conduit shall be sized to
     accommodate a service of 15 watts per square foot
     of floor area of the premises. Electrical service
     shall be 120/208 volt, three- phase, four wire, for
     Retailer’s combined power and lighting

                                                                                                              SECTION 21: DIVISION OF
                                                                                                              RESPONSIBILITIES                                                  67
                                                                                                              RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK              12/28/2011
                                                                                   Joint Base Lewis McChord
Division of Responsibilities Cont’d.

2. Plumbing ventilation: Subject to the provisions of          Work, assuming completion of Retailer’s Work and            place and all materials stored at the site of Retailer’s
   the Retailer Agreement:                                     conditioned that Landlord will be held harmless from        Work, and all materials, equipment, supplies and
                                                               payment of any claim either by way of damages or            temporary structures of all kinds incidental to
   An overhead common plumbing vent line shall be              liens on account of bills for labor or material in          Retailer’s Work, and equipment, all while forming a
   installed at a point determined by Landlord, and            connection with Retailer’s Work.                            part of or contained in such improvements or
   Retailers shall connect all their plumbing vents to                                                                     temporary structures, or while on the Retailer’s
   same.                                                     2. It is understood and agreed between Landlord and           premises or within JBLM, all to the actual
                                                                Retailer that costs incurred by Landlord, if any, as a     replacement cost thereof at all times on a completed
3. General: Subject to the provisions of the Retailer           result of Retailer’s failure or delay in providing the     value basis.
    Agreement:                                                  information as required in this Handbook and in the
                                                                Retailer Agreement, shall be the sole responsibility of 6. In addition, Retailer agrees to indemnify and hold
    Landlord, Landlord’s Retailer Coordinator, an               Retailer, and it will pay such costs, if any, promptly      Landlord and The Exchange harmless against any and
    independent contractor, or an authorized utility            upon Landlord’s demand.                                     all claims for injury to persons or damage to property
    company, as the case may be, shall have the right,                                                                      by reason of the use of the premises for the
    subject to Landlord’s written approval, to run utility   3. All Retailer’s Work shall conform to applicable             performance of Retailer’s Work, and claims, fines,
    lines, pipes, wiring, conduits or duct work where           statutes, ordinances, regulations and codes, all rating     and penalties arising out of any failure of Retailer or
    necessary or desirable, through plenum space or other       bureaus and this Handbook, which contains the basic         its agents, contractors and employees to comply with
    parts of the Retailer’s premises, and to repair, alter,     architectural, electrical, and mechanical information       any law, ordinance, code requirement, regulations or
    replace or remove same, all in a manner which does          necessary for the preparation of Retailer’s Plans.          other requirement applicable to Retailer’s Work.
    not interfere unnecessarily with Retailer’s use thereof.    Retailer shall obtain and deliver to Landlord all
                                                                approvals with respect to electrical, water, sewer,      7. Per Article 9 of the Retailer Agreement, Retailer
II. RETAILER’S WORK                                             heating, cooling, and telephone work, all as may be         agrees to require all contractors and subcontractors
                                                                required by any agency or utility company.                  engaged in the performance of Retailer’s Work to
    The following work required to complete and place                                                                       effect and maintain and deliver to Retailer and
    the Retailer’s premises in finished condition ready to 4. No approval by Landlord shall be deemed valid unless          Landlord, certificates of insurance evidencing the
    open for business is to be performed by Retailer at         in writing and signed by Landlord.                          existence of, and covering Landlord, Retailer and
    Retailer’s own expense. Retailer’s Work includes, but                                                                   Retailer’s contractors, prior to commencement of
    is not limited to, the following:                        5. Prior to commencement of Retailer’s Work and until          Retailer’s Work and until completion thereof. Retailer
                                                                completion thereof, or commencement of the Retailer         shall provide indemnification pursuant to Section 905
A. GENERAL PROVISIONS                                           Agreement Term, whichever is the last to occur,             of the Retailer Agreement.
                                                                Retailer shall effect and maintain Builder’s Risk
    All work done by Retailer shall be governed in all          Insurance covering Landlord, Retailer, Retailer’s        8. Retailer shall be responsible for removal of
    respects by, and be subject to, the following:              contractors and Retailer’s subcontractors, as their         construction rubbish resulting from Retailer’s Work.
                                                                interest may appear, against loss or damage by fire,        Containers for such removal shall be provided by
    1. Landlord shall have the right to require Retailer to     vandalism and malicious mischief and such other             Landlord at Retailer’s expense.
        furnish payment and performance bonds or other          risks as are customarily covered by a standard “All
        security in form satisfactory to Landlord for the       Risk” policy of insurance protecting against all risk of    In the event Retailer does not remove such rubbish,
        prompt and faithful performance of Retailer’s           physical loss or damage to all Retailer’s Work in           the same shall be removed by Landlord at Retailer’s

                                                                                                               SECTION 21: DIVISION OF
                                                                                                               RESPONSIBILITIES                                                 68
                                                                                                               RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK             12/28/2011
                                                                                    Joint Base Lewis McChord
Division of Responsibilities Cont’d.

                                                               designed display of merchandise which shall be             and openings in walls to be filled with appropriate fire
Any additional structural support necessitated by              updated at least seasonally.                               resistant materials.
Retailer’s equipment, fixtures or inventory shall be
provided at Retailer’s expense. Structural review and       C. CEILING                                                    F. DOORS
design shall be by Landlord’s structural engineer at
Retailer’s expense.                                         1. The Retailer’s ceiling shall conform to final              Doors and vestibules to Service Court and Corridors:
                                                               requirements of governing authorities and Landlord.        Where required, a vestibule and a door 3’-0” in width,
B. SECURITY SCREEN OR EXTERIOR                                                                                            with hardware, shall be provided and installed by Retailer
   STOREFRONT FRONTAGE                                    2. The space above the ceiling line, which is not               at Retailer’s expense, between its premises and the
                                                             occupied or allotted to Landlord’s Work (structural          Service Court or between the premises and a public
1. Exterior Storefronts shall be designed and constructed    members, duct work, piping, etc.) may be used for the        corridor leading to the service courts.
   in accordance with the requirements outlined in this      installation of suspended ceiling, recessed lighting
   Handbook. No exterior Storefront shall be constructed     fixtures and duct work.                                      G. INTERIOR PAINTING
   without the written approval of the Landlord.
                                                          3. Retailer shall provide ceiling access panels in the          All interior painting and decoration shall be of high
2. All materials employed in the construction of the         ceiling of the premises as required by Landlord.             quality material and workmanship, with a uniform finish
   exterior Storefront shall be as approved by Landlord                                                                   free of any blemishes or streaks. Changes in materials or
   and defined by applicable building codes, and the      D. INTERIOR DEMISING PARTITIONS                                 colors shall be crisp and neat.
   applicable section of the Unified Facilities Criteria
   (UFC) requirements for blast resistant storefront and  Partitions shall be provided between the premises and           H. FLOOR COVERINGS
   glazing on a military installation.                    other areas at Retailer’s expense, as well as between
                                                          public spaces and the premises. These partitions shall be       Each Retailer shall provide at its expense all floor
3. Exterior Storefront Materials and Colors: Landlord     exposed masonry or exposed studs at Landlord’s option.          coverings and floor finishes including recesses for special
   desires to give the Retailer the greatest practicable                                                                  floor finishes. It is Retailer’s responsibility to join neatly
   freedom in the choice of materials and colors for      E. WALLS                                                        to the common area finish. Floor Tile and Base -- Retailer
   Retailer’s exterior Storefronts, however:                                                                              shall install a flooring and base in accordance with the
                                                          Each Retailer shall provide at its expense all interior         materials and applications specified in this Handbook
   a. Material and colors must harmonize with the color walls within the premises, including all interior gypsum          along the storefront of the premises, the width of which
      scheme of JBLM itself;                              board thereon, and including drywall on Landlord’s              shall be determined by the Landlord.
   b. Material and colors must harmonize with the design exposed masonry walls, concrete, or stud party wall
      scheme of the surrounding materials and finishes.   partitions. Retailer shall install insulation on the exterior   I. SHOW WINDOW BACKGROUNDS
                                                          walls of its premises wherever not provided by Landlord.
4. All swinging entrance doors must be recessed in such Retailer is responsible for installation of insulation in         Each Retailer shall provide at its expense all show
   a manner that the door, when open, will not project    interior demising partition and drywall on the Retailer’s       window backgrounds, show windows, show window
   beyond the Lease Line.                                 side. Dividing walls between premises shall meet code           floors and ceilings and show window lighting
                                                          requirements and be continuous from floor to the                installations. All show windows shall be adequately
5. All non-food Retailers must install a show window      underside of the roof or floor deck. Retailer shall provide     ventilated.
   immediately behind the Storefront within the Design    and install bracing and/or studs and/or blocking as
   Control Zone and must maintain a professionally        necessary to support wall mounted fixtures. Cracks, joints

                                                                                                              SECTION 21: DIVISION OF
                                                                                                              RESPONSIBILITIES                                                   69
                                                                                                              RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK               12/28/2011
                                                                                   Joint Base Lewis McChord
Division of Responsibilities Cont’d.

J. FURNITURE, FIXTURES AND SIGNS                                standards. Retailer shall furnish Landlord with         7. Retailer shall use Landlord’s Design Criteria in
                                                                complete load calculations including information as to      designing systems and controls.
Each Retailer shall provide at its expense all furnishings,     Retailer’s lighting load in watts and Retailer’s
trade fixtures, signs and related parts, including              estimated store population (employees and customers). 8. Retailer shall screen from view all of Retailer’s
installation. Location and design of all signs subject to       HVAC systems consist of packaged Roof Top Units.            outdoor equipment. Any such screening must be done
prior written consent of Landlord.                                                                                          at Retailer’s sole expense and approved in advance by
                                                             2. Retailer’s cooling and heating systems shall be             Landlord.
K. PLUMBING                                                     adequate for maintaining its premises temperatures to
                                                                the specification referenced in Section 12: HVAC        O. MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT
Each Retailer shall provide at its expense all plumbing         Systems.
and plumbing fixtures as required by applicable codes                                                                   Each Retailer shall provide at its expense all mechanical
except utility service to the area, including a properly     3. Retailer’s heating method shall be adequate for         equipment necessary for Retailer’s operation of the
sized water sub-meter with a remote reader as required by       heating the premises to 55 degrees F Dry Bulb during premises and for compliance with the requirements in this
Landlord.                                                       times other than regular business hours based on the    Handbook, including electrical work for these items.
                                                                latest ASHRAE guide outdoor design temperature for
L. HOT WATER HEATER                                             the area as tabulated in the 99% column. Retailer’s     Locations, size and design of roof vents, HVAC
                                                                heating method shall be independent of the central      equipment, units, hoods and caps shall be approved by
Each Retailer shall provide at its expense domestic gas or      cooling system. The Retailer’s lighting system shall be Landlord. Landlord reserves the right of disapproval of
electric hot water heaters, where required, including final     used to heat the sales area during regular business     any equipment to be placed on the roof. Retailer shall
connections.                                                    hours in the heating season. Retailer’s lighting system install equipment at locations where structural
                                                                may be used to maintain the required sales area         reinforcements are provided. All changes in structural
M. TOILET ROOM FIXTURES                                         minimum temperature level during other than regular design caused by Retailer’s equipment shall be made by
                                                                business hours in the heating season.                   Landlord and paid for by Retailer.
Each Retailer shall provide at its expense furnishing and
installation of wiring, lighting fixtures, mechanical toilet 4. Retailer’s exhaust systems shall provide the required   Any roof cuts or openings required to be made pursuant
exhaust systems, towel cabinets, soap dishes, hand driers,      exhaust air capacities.                                 to Retailer’s Plans shall be performed by a contractor
deodorizers, mirrors and other similar items in toilet                                                                  designated by Landlord at Retailer’s expense. In addition,
rooms within the premises or as additionally required by 5. Retailer’s HVAC systems shall be complete with air          all cant strips, base furnishings, and other work necessary
code.                                                           distribution systems, ventilating systems control       to complete permanent weather-proofing of Landlord’s
                                                                systems, insulation and all other components required roof as a result of roof cuts or openings required by
N. HEATING, VENTILATING AND AIR                                 to make a complete system. Retailer’s HVAC system Retailer shall be performed by a contractor designated by
   CONDITIONING                                                 components shall be installed in locations as           Landlord at Retailer’s expense.
                                                                designated by Landlord.
1. Complete HVAC Systems shall be designed, furnished                                                                   P. FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM
   and installed within the Premises by Retailer and at its 6. Retailer’s HVAC installation shall include complete
   expense. The HVAC systems, calculations, designs             access and access panels to all valves, dampers and     The Retailer shall be responsible to design and modify
   and installations shall be as recommended in                 similar service devices (including the Landlord’s)      the fire sprinkler system and upright heads due to any of
   ASHRAE Publications. Retailer’s systems and                  required for testing, balancing and servicing.          its improvement work, i.e. adding ceilings, full height
   ventilation shall meet all codes and ASHRAE                                                                          walls, etc.

                                                                                                              SECTION 21: DIVISION OF
                                                                                                              RESPONSIBILITIES                                              70
                                                                                                              RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK            12/28/2011
                                                                                   Joint Base Lewis McChord
Division of Responsibilities Cont’d.

Work shall be designed and installed in accordance with         4. All conduit for necessary telephone wires in the           U. CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES
all applicable codes and requirements. The Retailer, as            Retailer’s premises.
its sole cost, shall contract with a qualified fire sprinkler                                                                 1. During interior construction of its premises, Retailer
contractor familiar with the requirements and                   5. Feeder conductors from Landlord’s facilities to the           shall use the rear opening to the premises for the
specifications of fire sprinkler systems on a military             premises, including the connections to Retailer’s             moving in / out of materials, for those premises that
installation, and with a minimum of 5 years of                     equipment.                                                    contain a rear door.
commercial fire protection experience, for its fire
sprinkler improvement work. The Landlord’s fire                 6. Retailer’s contractor shall be responsible for the         2. If any roof cuts or penetrations are required by
sprinkler design drawings shall be available to the                feeders and conductors and connections to Retailer’s          Retailer, all curbs, supports, blocking, temporary
Retailer’s contractor at the start of construction, but must       equipment and for supplying proper fuses per serving          flashing, counter-flashing or other work necessary for
be requested by the Retailer. Fire sprinkler design                utility requirements at the time of final connection.         installation shall be provided and installed by Retailer
drawings shall be submitted as part of Retailer’s                                                                                at its expense. Retailer shall promptly notify
Construction drawings for review and approval prior to          R. TEMPORARY SERVICES                                            Landlord, in advance, of the need for such cuts or
the start of Retailer’s construction of the premises. See                                                                        penetrations and shall utilize Landlord’s designated
Section 10, Fire Protection, for additional information.        Any temporary services required by Retailer during its           roofing contractor for this work.
                                                                construction period, including heat, water or electrical
Q. ELECTRICAL                                                   service shall be secured from Landlord or Landlord’s             Retailer’s contractor shall be responsible for
                                                                contractor, as the case may be, at Retailer’s sole cost and      contracting with Landlord’s roofing contractor to
Each Retailer shall provide at its expense:                     expense.                                                         perform this work.

1. All interior distribution panels, lighting panels, power     S. SUBSEQUENT REPAIRS AND                                     3. Retailer shall be responsible for the installation and
   panels, conduits, outlet boxes, switches, outlets and           ALTERATIONS                                                   cost of the temporary storefront or barricade securing
   wires within the premises. Retailer shall provide                                                                             the interior of its premises.
   electric conduit and boxes in the concrete floor slab,       Landlord reserves the right to require changes in
   ceiling and walls, including all electrical service          Retailer’s Work when necessary by reason of code
   panels, pull boxes and equipment.                            requirements or non-compliance with Landlord’s
                                                                requirements and this Handbook.
2. All electrical fixtures, including lighting fixtures and
   equipment, and installation thereof.                         T. SIGNS

3. All systems where required for intercommunication,           In order to assure orderly and aesthetically coordinated
   music antenna, material handling or conveyor, burglar        signage, plans for all Retailer’s signs must conform to
   alarm, vault wiring, fire projection alarm, time clock       the Signage Criteria in Section 3 of this Handbook, the
   and demand control.                                          design must be approved by the FCACC at JBLM and a
                                                                sign permit must be secured prior to fabrication and

                                                                                                                   SECTION 21: DIVISION OF
                                                                                                                   RESPONSIBILITIES                                                  71
                                                                                                                   RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK              12/28/2011
                                                                                        Joint Base Lewis McChord
Division of Responsibilities Cont’d.

      DESCRIPTION                                                                                         RESPONSIBLE PARTY
         Building Permit & Fees                                                                                   R
         Temporary Utilities during Retailer Buildout (Water & Electric)                                          L
         Temporary Toilet Facility & Supply of Trash Dumpsters during Retailer Buildout                           L
         Electric Service                                                                                         R

      Exterior Storefronts
           Storefront and Glazing T                                                                                R
           Floor finish within Retailer Lease Line                                                                 R
           Underground Foundation Wall or Slab Base at Storefront                                                  L
           Retailer Signage                                                                                        R
           Storefront Address Signage                                                                              L

            Floor Slab (Non-Food Retailers)                                                                        L
            Floor Slab (Food Retailers)                                                                            R
            Demising Wall Metal Studs                                                                              L
            Corridor Wall Metal Studs                                                                              L
            Demising Wall/Corridor Wall Gypsum Board, Retailer Side                                                R
            Corridor Wall Gypsum Board, Corridor Side                                                              L
            Storefront Gypsum Board, Retailer Side                                                                 R
            Interior Metal Studs and Insulation                                                                    R
            Gypsum Board at Exterior Walls                                                                         R
            Blocking for Retailer Fixtures                                                                         R
            Interior Partitions                                                                                    R
            Doors, Frames and Hardware, Including Exterior                                                         R
            Exterior Doors, at Storefront and Rear door by Landlord                                               R/L
            Rear Door Address Signage                                                                              L
            Ceiling Systems                                                                                        R
            Floor Finishes                                                                                         R
            Wall Finishes                                                                                          R
            Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment                                                                    R`
            - continued on following page -

                                                                                                                        Chargeback to Retailer
                                                                                                                        Responsible for Payment

                                                                                                 SECTION 21: DIVISION OF
                                                                                                 RESPONSIBILITIES                                 72
                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK      12/28/2011
                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord
Division of Responsibilities Cont’d.

      DESCRIPTION                                                                                          RESPONSIBLE PARTY
            HVAC System                                                                                             R
            HVAC Rooftop Units                                                                                      R
            HVAC Roof Curb, Steel Framing Support and Roof Cut & Flash                                              R
            Temperature Sensor                                                                                      R
            Supply and Return Ductwork, Mains & Distribution Branches                                               R
            Duct Insulation                                                                                         R
            Duct Smoke Detectors                                                                                    R
            Supply and Return Diffusers and Grills                                                                  R
            Testing and Balancing of HVAC System                                                                    R
            Toilet Exhaust System                                                                                   R
            Domestic Water Line, Stub-in, and valve within Retailer Space                                           L
            Retailer Water Distribution System & Connection to Domestic Water Line Stub-in                          R
            Common Sanitary Vent Thru Roof                                                                          L
            Underground Main Sanitary Waste Line within Retailer Space                                              L
            Retailer Sanitary Waste System & Connection to Main Sanitary Waste Line                                 R
            Plumbing Fixtures                                                                                       R
            Pipe Insulation                                                                                         R
            Trenching - Core Drilling (x-ray as required) and Backfilling                                           R
            Floor Drains                                                                                            R
            Toilet Rooms                                                                                            R
            Gas Main to Gas Utility Manifold                                                                        L
            Gas Piping from Gas Utility Manifold to Retailer Space & Rooftop Units                                  R
      Fire Protection
            Sprinkler Main                                                                                          L
            Flow & Tamper Switch in Main Sprinkler Room (as required)                                               L
            Sprinkler System Standard Grid and Standard Upright Heads for an Open Space                             L
            Modification to Standard Grid to Fit Retailer Space                                                     R
            - continued on following page -

                                                                                                                        Chargeback to Retailer
                                                                                                                        Responsible for Payment

                                                                                                  SECTION 21: DIVISION OF
                                                                                                  RESPONSIBILITIES                                73
                                                                                                  RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK    12/28/2011
                                                                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
Division of Responsibilities Cont’d.

       DESCRIPTION                                                                                            RESPONSIBLE PARTY
       Fire Protection (continued)
             Drain Down System                                                                                         L
             Fire Extinguishers                                                                                        R
             Fire Alarm Panel in utility Room L                                                                        L
             Fire Alarm System, Including all Smoke Detectors, Pull Boxes, Strobes & Horns                             R
             Connection to Fire Alarm Panel                                                                            R
             Mass Notification System Panel in Utility Room                                                            L
             Mass Notification System within Retailer’s Space T                                                        R
             Connection to Mass Notification System Panel                                                              R
             Empty Electrical Conduit with Pull String from Electrical Main Switchgear to Retailer Space               L
             Empty Telephone Conduit with Pull String from Telephone Panel to Retailer Space                           L
             Retailer’s Electrical Service Conductors to Retailer Space                                                R
             Retailer’s Service Equipment, Panel, Gear, & Meter Pan at Electrical Main Switchgear T                    R
             Panel Board within Retailer Space                                                                         R
             Transformer within Retailer Space (if required) T                                                         R
             Ground Fault Protection                                                                                   R
             Lighting Fixtures                                                                                         R
             Emergency/Exit Lighting                                                                                   R
             Electrical Outlets                                                                                        R
             J-Box and Conduit for Sign Circuit                                                                        R
             Security System within Retailer Space T                                                                   R
       Restaurant Spaces
             Thermal Exhaust System                                                                                    R
             Grease Exhaust System                                                                                     R
             Grease Waste Line Installation                                                                            R
             Connection to Grease Waste Line                                                                           R
             Grease Interceptor Installation Cost (pro-rated for common interceptors)                                  R

                                                                                                                           Chargeback to Retailer
                                                                                                                           Responsible for Payment

                                                                                                     SECTION 21: DIVISION OF
                                                                                                     RESPONSIBILITIES                                74
                                                                                                     RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK     12/28/2011
                                                                          Joint Base Lewis McChord

Retailer shall comply with the following rules and             must be made with the manager of the Project for        10. Prior to opening for business and thereafter
regulations and all other rules and regulations established    delivery. Merchandise being received shall                  throughout the Retailer Agreement Term, Retailer
by Landlord, in Landlord’s reasonable discretion, from         immediately be moved into Retailer’s premises and           shall have signage installed on the premises in
time to time for the benefit of the Project:                   not be left in the service or receiving areas.              accordance with the Signage Criteria in Section 3 of
                                                                                                                           this Handbook. The sign shall be electrically
1. Retailer shall neither advertise any liquidation,         7. Retailer is responsible for storage and removal of its     illuminated beginning at sunset and ending no
   auction, fire, going out of business or bankruptcy sale      trash, refuse and garbage from the Premises and            earlier than 11:00 p.m., seven (7) days per week.
   in any publication, handbill, by broadcast media or          disposable of same in the Landlord provided and            Landlord reserves the right for the common use and
   otherwise, nor shall Retailer conduct any such sale in       designated trash dumpsters located in the Service          benefit of Retailers of the Project to control the
   or about its premises.                                       Court. Retailer shall not use the plumbing facilities      illumination of Retailer’s sign with a common meter
                                                                for any purpose other than for which such facilities       and timer in order to achieve uniformity in lighting,
2.   Retailer shall not vacate or abandon its premises,         were constructed, and the expense of any breakage,         and include the charge for same in the Project’s
     allow any waste, damage or nuisance on the premises,       stoppage, or damage resulting from a violation of this     Common Area Maintenance Costs.
     or use or permit the use of the premises for any           provision shall be borne by Retailer. Retailer shall not
     unlawful purpose.                                          dispose of the following items in sinks or commodes: 11. Other than as permitted under the provisions of the
                                                                plastic products (plastic bags, straws, boxes); sanitary Signage Criteria in Section 3 of this Handbook,
3.   Retailer shall advise and cause its vendors to deliver     napkins; tea bags; cooking fats, cooking oils; any       Retailer shall not permit or suffer any advertising
     all merchandise before noon on Mondays through             meat scraps or cutting residue; petroleum products       medium to be placed on exterior walls or exterior
     Fridays, not at other times. However, deliveries to the    (gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, lubricating oils); paint   windows, on standards in the Project, on the
     Anchor Store shall be excluded from this requirement.      products (thinner, brushes); or any other item which     sidewalks or on the parking lot areas or light poles.
                                                                the same are not designed to receive. Retailer shall     No permission, expressed or implied is granted to
4.   All deliveries are to be made to designated service or     store all trash, refuse or garbage in proper and         exhibit or display any banner, pennant, sign, and
     receiving areas, and Retailer shall request delivery       fireproof containers outside the premises in areas       trade or seasonal decoration of any size, style or
     trucks to approach their service or receiving areas by     designated by Landlord.                                  material within the Project, outside the Premises.
     designated service routes and drives.                                                                               Retailer shall maintain any approved signs,
                                                             8. Retailer shall allow no activity to take place on its    decorations, lettering or advertising matter in good
5.   Tractor trailers which must be unhooked or parked          premises which shall cause any odor which can be         condition, appearance and repair at all times.
     must use steel plates under dolly wheels to prevent        detected by persons other than those in its premises.
     damage to the asphalt paving surface. In addition,         Any necessary venting shall be done by Landlord, and 12. Retailer shall refer to the Project name adopted by
     wheel blocking must be available for use. Tractor          the costs shall be borne by Retailer.                    Landlord: “Freedom Crossing at Joint Base Lewis -
     trailers are to be removed from the loading areas after                                                             McChord” in designating the location of its premises
     unloading. No parking or storing of such trailers will 9. All of the premises, including vestibules, entrances      in all newspapers or other advertising, stationery and
     be permitted in the Project, except by Landlord’s prior    and returns, doors, fixtures, windows, plain glass, and  all other references to location; and shall include the
     written approval.                                          outside areas adjacent to the premises, shall be         address and identity of its business activity in the
                                                                maintained in a safe, neat and clean condition, free of  premises in all advertisements made by Retailer in
6.   Except for small parcel packages, no deliveries will       insects, rodents, vermin, and other pests.               which the address and identity of the other business
     be permitted through the customer entrance to                                                                       activity of like character conducted by Retailer
     Retailer’s premises unless Retailer does not have a                                                                 within the Fort Lewis, Washington metropolitan
     rear service door. In such event, prior arrangements                                                                area is mentioned.

                                                                                                                SECTION 22: EXHIBIT “B” RULES
                                                                                                                & REGULATIONS                                                75
                                                                                                                RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK           12/28/2011
                                                                                     Joint Base Lewis McChord
Exhibit “B” Rules & Regulations Cont’d.

13. Retailer shall not permit or suffer the use of any           b. Exhibit any sign, placard, banner, notice or other 21. Retailer shall procure and maintain at its sole cost
    advertising medium which can be heard or                        written material, except for activities as approved    and expense any permits and licenses required in the
    experienced outside of its premises, including,                 in writing by Landlord;                                transaction of Retailer’s business.
    without limiting the generality of the foregoing,
                                                                 c. Distribute any circular, booklet, handbill, placard
    flashing lights, searchlights, loud speakers,                   or other material, except for activities as           22. Retailer shall conduct its business in all respects in a
    phonographs, radios or television. No radio,                    approved in writing by Landlord;                          dignified manner in accordance with high standards
    television, or other communication antenna                                                                                of first-class store operations.
    equipment or device or awning is to be mounted,              d. Solicit membership in any organization, group or
    attached, or secured to any part of the roof, exterior          association or contribution for any purpose;          23. Retailer shall keep its premises open during the
    surface, or anywhere outside the premises, unless                                                                         Minimum Store hours set forth in the Retailer
                                                                 e. Create a public or private nuisance;
    Landlord has previously given its written consent.                                                                        Agreement.
                                                                 f. Use any Common Areas for any purpose when
14. Retailer shall not permit or suffer merchandise of              none of the other retail establishments within the    24. Retailer shall not permit parking of any vehicle for
    any kind at any time to be placed, exhibited or                 Project is open for business or employment,               more than twenty-four (24) hours.
    displayed outside its premises, nor shall Retailer use          except for activities as approved in writing by
    the exterior sidewalks or exterior walkways of its              Landlord;                                             25. Retailer shall pick-up the Retailer’s mail from the
    premises to display, store or place any merchandise.                                                                      local Post Office located on Post and immediately
                                                                 g. Throw, discard or deposit any paper, glass or
    No sale of merchandise by tent sale, truck load sale                                                                      North of JBLM. There is no mail delivery on Post.
                                                                    extraneous matter of any kind except in
    or the like shall be permitted on the parking lot or                                                                      Retailers should follow the procedure in the TIP for
                                                                    designated receptacles, or create litter or hazards
    other common areas.                                                                                                       establishing a PO Box.
                                                                    of any kind;
15. Retailer shall not permit any unusual firing,                h. Deface, damage or demolish any sign, light           26. Retailer shall use its best efforts to cause its agents,
    explosion or other damaging or dangerous hazard                 standard or fixture, landscaping materials or other      employees, customers, invitees, licensees and
    within its premises or the Common Area.                         improvement within the Project, or the property          concessionaires to comply with the rules and
                                                                    of customers, business invitees or employees             regulations set forth herein and from time to time
16. Retailer shall not permit or suffer any portion of its          situated within the Project.                             established by Landlord for the benefit of the
    premises to be used for any of the Prohibited Uses                                                                       Project.
    set forth in the Retailer Agreement.                     18. Retailer shall display the certificate of occupancy for
                                                                 the premises and provide Landlord with a copy of
17. Retailer shall not, in or on any part of the Common          the same.
    Area, except from within the Landlord designated
    Mobile Retail Unit (MRU) Area and Outdoor Sales          19. Retailer shall keep all mechanical apparatus free of
    Area (as defined in the CC& Rs):                             vibration and noise.

    a. Vend, peddle or solicit orders for sale or            20. Live music or any other use of amplifiers or
       distribution of any merchandise, device, service,         speakers outside a Retailer’s premises is prohibited.
       periodical, book, pamphlet or other matter

                                                                                                                 SECTION 22: EXHIBIT “B” RULES
                                                                                                                 & REGULATIONS                                                     76
                                                                                                                 RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK               12/28/2011
                                                                                      Joint Base Lewis McChord
Exhibit “B” Rules & Regulations Cont’d.

27. The serving of any food or beverage shall be
    restricted to the Premises and the designated outdoor
    seating area of the Retailer. However, subject to the
    provisions of the Retailer Agreement Retailers
    fronting on the Grand Hall (food court) may be
    allowed to serve food and beverages in the Grand
    Hall. No food operation or catering is permissible
    outside of the Premises or designated outdoor
    seating area. Catering operation may only be
    conducted when specifically allowed and specified
    in the Retailer Agreement or when permission for a
    special event has been granted in writing by

28. In accordance with applicable laws The Exchange
    will regulate and license the sale of alcoholic
    beverages at JBLM. The policies and procedures for
    the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages
    adopted by The Exchange shall mirror those of the
    host State (Washington Alcoholic Beverage

29. Retailer shall reasonably cooperate with local law
    enforcement authorities in their criminal
    investigation and crime prevention efforts at JBLM.

30. The Landlord reserves the future right, and from
    time to time, to amend or supplement any of the
    Rules and Regulations or provisions in this
    Handbook as the Landlord deems appropriate.

                                                                                       SECTION 22: EXHIBIT “B” RULES
                                                                                       & REGULATIONS                             77
                                                                                       RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK   12/28/2011
                                                            Joint Base Lewis McChord

JBLM will be under the jurisdiction of Joint Base            PLUMBING STANDARDS                                     ACCESSIBILITY STANDARDS
Lewis - McChord and the Department of Defense.                 2006 IBC Chapter 29.                                   ADAAG, Americans with Disabilities Act
                                                               International Plumbing Code (IPC).                     Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities.
The following codes will be the basis for review of            TB MED 530, Occupational and Environmental
Retailer plan submittals. It is the responsibility of the      Health Food Sanitation, 30 October 2002.             ENERGY COMPLIANCE STANDARDS
Retailer, Retailer’s Architect, and Retailer’s contractor(s)        Energy Policy Act of 2005.
to verify and conform to the applicable codes and              tbmed530.pdf.                                          International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).
regulations. All building permit submittals will be
reviewed by Retailer Coordinator’s team under the most FIRE PROTECTION & LIFE SAFETY                                FORCE PROTECTION STANDARDS
current editions of the codes and ordinances in question. STANDARDS                                                 Retailers are required to comply with the storefront and
                                                               International Fire Protection Code (JBLM).           glazing blast resistance requirements contained in the
BUILDING CLASSIFICATION                                        NFPA 1, Fire Prevention Code, 2003 Edition.             UFC 4-010-01, DoD Minimum Antiterrorism
   Occupancy: M–Mercantile, B–Business and                     NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers,      Standards for Buildings, including Change 1, 22
   A–Assembly, S- Storage.                                     2002 Edition.                                           January 2007. Refer to Section 1: Storefront Design
   Construction Type: II B.                                    NFPA 13, Standard for Installation of Sprinkler         for additional information.
   Fully Sprinkled.                                            Systems, 2002 Edition.
                                                               NFPA-54, National Fuel Gas Code, 2006.
APPLICABLE BUILDING CODES                                      NFPA-70, National Electric Code, 2005.
   International Building Code (IBC) 2006.                     NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code, 2002 Edition
                                                               NFPA 90A, Standard for the Installation of Air-
                                                               Conditioning Systems, 2002 Edition.
   NFPA-70, National Electric Code, 2005, National
                                                               NFPA 96, Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire
                                                               Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, 2003
   Protection Association.                                     Edition.
                                                               NFPA-101, Life Safety Code, 2006.
                                                               NFPA 220, Standard on Types of Building
   International Mechanical Code (IMC) 2006.
                                                               Construction, 2002 Edition.
   ASHRAE 90.1-89
                                                               UFC 3-600-01 and 3-600-02, Fire Protection
   ASHRAE 62-2001.                                             Engineering for Facilities, 26 September ‘06.
                                                               UFC 4-021-01, Mass Notification Systems, 09 April
                                                               TB MED 530, Occupational and Environmental
                                                               Health Food Sanitation, 30 October 2002.

                                                                                                             SECTION 23: APPLICABLE CODES
                                                                                                             RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK
                                                                                  Joint Base Lewis McChord


JBLM is seeking Leadership in Energy and               Paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets that            Although Retailers are not required to achieve a
Environmental Design (LEED) certification from         contain little to no volatile organic compounds         LEED rating certification, the Owner requires
the US Green Building Council as a Core and Shell      (VOCs).                                                 Retailers to comply with some sustainability
Building. The Landlord recognizes the benefits of                                                              requirements including:
                                                       Site lighting and building mounted lighting that
high performance buildings that are designed and
                                                       is designed to reduce sky-glow to increase night
built to green standards and the carryover it has to                                                              Requirements for Storefront materials used,
                                                       sky access, improve night time visibility through
its Retailers. Green buildings are intended to be                                                                 including the performance glass and wall
                                                       glare reduction and to reduce development
environmentally responsible, economically                                                                         insulation.
                                                       impact on nocturnal environments.
profitable, and healthy places to live and work. The
                                                       A shopping center wide recycling program.                  Enrollment in the No Indoor Smoking and No
benefits of green design measures is to reduce
                                                                                                                  Smoking Within 50 Feet From a Building
operating cost, enhance building marketability,        Using native and adapted plant species in the              Entrance. Policies set forth by The Exchange.
increase worker productivity, provide a better         landscape areas to minimize demand on water for
environment for customers and reduce liability that    irrigation.                                                Enrollment in the Green Cleaning Policy which
can result from indoor air quality problems.                                                                      includes Low Environmental Cleaning System
                                                       Also:                                                      and Low Environmental Pest Management
The LEED Green Rating System is a voluntary,           a. Materials used in the shell building and                System set forth by The Exchange.
consensus-based, market driven building rating             site have been delivered from recycled                 Requirements on Interior Materials used with
system that is based on proven existing technology.        sources.                                               regards to the quantity of VOCs put off by paints,
Good Fulton & Farrell Architects on behalf of the      b.   Construction materials that have been                 carpets and adhesives.
Army and Air Force Exchange Service has designed            purchased, manufactured, and shipped to
a facility that provides the Retailers with a space                                                               No use of CFC or HCFC refrigerants to reduce
                                                            the site from within a 500 mile radius.               ozone depletion.
that offers the following environmental amenities:
                                                       c.   Construction waste will be diverted away              Minimum requirements for HVAC equipment
   Providing preferred parking for use of                   from landfills and directed toward being              efficiency.
   carpooling.                                              reused or recycled.
                                                                                                                  Requirements affecting the total power usage for
   Location of the site near public transportation     d.   Renewable electric power will potentially             indoor lighting.
   access points and near at least 10 basic services        be purchased to offset all of the
   including Post Office, Day Care, a Bank,                 buildings’ metering expenses.                      These requirements as well as other LEED related
   Cleaners, Hair Care, a park, Medical/ Dental,                                                               information is explained in detail in the LEED
                                                       e.   Mechanical systems registered with a
   Pharmacy, several Restaurants, a supermarket,                                                               Retailer Design & Construction Guidelines linked in
                                                            fundamental commissioning program to
   and other services.                                                                                         the Retailer Information Package.
                                                            ensure proper installation and optimum
   The establishment of a center-wide program for           performance.
   no indoor smoking and no smoking within 50
   feet of a building entrance.

                                                                                                     SECTION 24: SUSTAINABILITY
                                                                                                     PRACTICES & REQUIREMENTS                                     79
                                                                          Joint Base Lewis McChord
                                                                                                     RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK         12/28/2011
Sustainability Practices and Requirements Cont’d.

LEED RETAILER DESIGN &                                   LEED-CI sections for sustainable Sites, Water
CONSTRUCTION GUIDELINES                                  Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Material and
                                                         Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality, as
The Exchange encourages the Retailers to build           well as detailed information regarding sustainability
sustainably. Toward this end, we offer a link in the     issues that all Retailers will be required to meet, and
TIP to describe the LEED features incorporated into      suggested methods for meeting these requirements.
the design of JBLM and to make recommendations
for building Retailer interior spaces in an
environmentally friendly way.

The US Green Building Council provides a Green
building rating system for commercial interiors,
known as LEED – CI. Although not specifically
required, the Owner encourages all Retailers to
consider certification under this rating system for
individual spaces. The core and shell program
already in place contributes to achieving a number
of points within the commercial interiors rating
system. Though the LEED Core & Shell and LEED
Commercial Interiors are separate programs, they
are specifically designed and intended as companion
programs to complement one another to culminate
in a sustainable building inside and out. Please refer
to for more information on LEED-
CI Green Building Rating System for Commercial

Retailers interested in pursuing LEED for
Commercial Interiors will have a distinct advantage
in leasing space at JBLM. Many of the measures
taken in the design and construction of this Project
will help Retailers to earn credits under the LEED-
CI system.

Refer to the LEED Retailer Design and
Construction Guidelines link in the TIP which
provides general information for complying with

                                                                                                           SECTION 24: SUSTAINABILITY
                                                                                                           PRACTICES & REQUIREMENTS                  80
                                                                                Joint Base Lewis McChord
                                                                                                           RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK   12/28/2011


                                               SECTION 25: APPENDIX
                                               SUBMITTAL FORMS                           81
                                               RETAILER CRITERIA HANDBOOK   12/28/2011
                    Joint Base Lewis McChord

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