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January - Bloomington-Normal Alumnae Chapter by zhouwenjuan


									                                             Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
                                          Bloomington-Normal Alumnae Chapter
                                       Bloomington Police Department Osborn Room
                                               Saturday, January 10, 2008

                                                       Meeting Minutes

       Sorors Present (in bold):

       Celeste Allen                 Angela Davenport               Jaqui Jones                     Heather Taylor
       Cynthia Ashby                 Mona Davenport                 Meta Mickens-Baker              Tonjaneeka Thigpen
       Zonya Autmon                  Cheryl Fluker                  Jaja Moore-Johnson              Debra Thomas
       Kathy Banks                   Tasha Ford-McCarter            Monica Overton                  Kristal Thomas
       Brigette O. Beasley           Monica Gillespie               Angela Parker                   Nancy Tolson
       Rose Buchanon                 Quanisha Hawkins               Jennifer Shaw                   Tonya Lee Webb
       Ursula Crooks                 Marnita Horton                 Rhonda Smith                    Valerie Winters
       Janice Croom                  Cheryl Jackson                 Corsandra Stallworth            Cavell Walcott
       Consuelo                      Etascha Johnson                Takesha Stokes-                 Doriane Woods
       Cunningham                    Justine Johnson                Dorsey

       Visiting Sorors:

  I.       Ritualistic Opening – meeting was called to order by Soror Etascha at 9:45 a.m. – quorum

 II.       Adoption of Agenda – Soror Cynthia moved to adopt the agenda; Soror Angela D. seconded; 18 (yes) – 0

III.       Ritual and Ceremonies Committee (Soror Angela/Heather)

              Chapter Properties – Updating the list of properties – several items are missing because of them being
               loaned out and not being returned. Due to this, the chapter has had to repurchase properties. From now
               on, all sorors will need to sign out any property for use. Recommendation: Starting 1/1/09, all sorors
               must sign property out and back in. If the property is lost, damaged, or not returned, the soror who
               signed the property out will be ultimately responsible and need to replace it.
              We will be singing songs after the Jan. and Feb. chapter meetings to prepare for Membership Intake and
               Gospel Brunch
              60 second soror salutation

IV.        Approval of Minutes –
            December 2008 minutes – Soror Debra moved to adopt the minutes with the following corrections; Soror
              Monica G. seconded; 21 (yes) – 0 (no)
               Under the “Political and International Awareness and Involvement”, the word “chapter” is misspelled.
                 Under “Announcements”, is ISU is hosting “An Evening with Martin and Langston” not a Martin Luther
                 King dinner
                Under “December Birthdays” – Soror Tonya’s name needs to be added

V.         Communications (National/Regional/State/Local) (Soror Etascha)
            National
               Our National President, Soror Cynthia Butler-McIntyre sent a letter about the first initiative of Project
                 ART) Actively Redefining Together) supporting the new T.D. Jakes film, “Not Easily Broken”.
               There will be an inauguration commemoration at the sorority’s National Headquarters, Monday, 1/19
                 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sorors, friends, and family are invited. Our National President, past National
                 Presidents, Executive Board Members, and Corporate Officers will be there. Tours and vendors will
                 be available.

              Regional
                    Our Regional Director and Regional Representative, Sorors Matthews and Endalkatchew, sent a
                     holiday greeting to the chapter

                State
                  Don’t forget to register for Statewide Founders befoe 2/1. The maximum amount of sorors is 500; the
                     last communication indicated 222 had registered. You must send a money order or certified check for
                     the registration to be complete.
                  A soror interning with the Chicago Bulls send information about a NPHC Greek outing and fellowship
                     opportunity at a Bulls game. The flyer was blurred- asked that she email dates and costs.

                Local
                  None

VI.       Chapter Reports
       i.     President (Soror Etascha)
               In appreciation of our participation in the Town Hall Meetings in conjunction with the West Side
                  Revitalization project. Our chapter received 6 tickets to Ailey II at the Center for Performing Arts that
                  will take place January 30th. Felicia Shaw, with the State Farm Bank, donated the tickets.
                  Attended the Sigma Gamma Rho New Year’s celebration – all NHPC presidents were given a ticket.
               Today is the Martin Luther King Dinner – Sorors planning to attend: Etascha, Cheryl, Doriane,
                  Takesha, Meta
               Due to changes in the Theta Delta Advisory Team the State Coordinator suggested that Theta Delta
                  align their Membership Intake Program (dates, times and locations) with BNAC’s so that advisory
                  team members with roles on BNAC’s Minerva Circle would be in attendance during their process.
                  This was discussed in Exec Board and at the time Theta Delta had not received approval from the RD
                  to proceed based on a calendar in alignment with ours. Their calendar is approved. However,
                  definitive plans are still up in the air due to location constraints. Recommendation - the location be
                  able to accommodate both chapters in two different rooms.

      ii.        Vice President (Soror Angela P.)
                  No Report

      iii.       Financial Secretary/Treasurer (Soror Doriane)
                  The ending balances per the chapter books are as follows:
                     o Community Account:                         $ 10, 763.05
                     o Operating Account:                         $ 1,556.94
                     o Scholarship Account:                       $ 7,916.12
                  All accounts are now on the same billing cycle.
                  Please be mindful of voucher due dates. In order for you to receive money, it has to go through 3
                     people. We will not longer attempt to rush and get you money ASAP. We will adhere to our
                     schedule, which means that funds are mailed or handed to you by the end of the following week.
                  Two sorors have donated their Good Neighbor Grants to the chapter. Thanks!

      iv.        Recording Secretary (Soror Ursula)
                  Thanks for sending reports in advance.

                 Corresponding Secretary (Soror Valerie)
                  Letter from Drucilla Foundation, supporting brain research – donations in the amounts of $100, $500,
                    or $100 – indicates the chapter has donated in the past. So far $65,000 have been donated.
                  Invitation from the Chicago Alumnae Chapter’s Founders Day celebration on 1/24 at the Hyatt
                    Regency Ballroom. Starts at 10 a.m., lunch at 11:30 a.m. Attire is red – no pants. Cost - $65.
                  Thank you card from BNAC President, Soror Etascha, for the gift card
          New Year’s greeting card from Soror Tracye Bradley, IL State Coordinator
          Holiday greeting card from National Headquarters
          Check from the Coliseum

VII.   Standing Committees

          Delta Academy (Soror Kristal)
             Last session – 12/20 – Kwanzaa celebration at the Bloomington Public Library was very
                successful. The girls practiced Swahili and walked through the Kwanzaa set-up and ceremony.
                Sorors Janice, Janelle Farakhan, and dedicated Delta Academy volunteer, Kristal Shelvin
                provided African inspired clothing and wraps for the girls to wear. One of the Delta GEMS led
                the prayer and all the girls made pillows to coordinate with the blankets made during the 2008
                program. Thanks to all volunteers who helped at the event and behind the scenes.
             Next session – Sat. 1/24.

          Delta G.E.M.S. (Sorors Consuelo and Tonjaneka)
             Last session – 12/20 – participated in the Kwanzaa Celebration with the Delta Gems at the
               Bloomington Public Library with Delta Academy.
             See Delta Academy notes.

          Economic Development (Soror Kathy)
            No Report

          Physical and Mental Health (Sorors Monica O. and Tonya)
            Extra copies of the 11/08 newsletter are available

          Political and International Awareness and Involvement (Soror Janice)
            I Promise to Vote” pledge cards received – Midwest Region submitted 14,101 exceeding the
               object of 10,000 4,101over cards
            Midwest Missile – Articles due 11/30. Soror Janice is writing an article on BNAC voter
               registration and mobilization efforts – will include “I Promise to Vote” activities.
            Delta Days at the Nation’s Capital – 2/28-3/3, 2009. New hotel – Gaylord National Hotel in MD –
               room rates TBD. Registration is $150, but not open yet. Let Janice know if interested. Janice
               Recommends we help Mona go instead of paying for Janice to help save money since they are
               only requesting one member per chaper
            Delta Days at the Nation’s Capital, Sat. 2/28-3/3, 2009. Hotel – Gaylord National Harbor, 201
               Waterfront St., National Harbor, MD 20745. Registration Costs – Alumnae $150; Collegiate
               $100; Collegiate Forum $30; on-site registration for Alumnae and Collegiate - $200
            Soror Mona will represent BNAC at Delta Days in the Nation’s Capital. Let her know if you plan
               to attend.

          Scholarship & Education (Soror Cynthia)
            MAPS
               Last session – Tues. 1/6 – led by Pam Moore and John Eliot – subject was the voting and
                  political process
               Next session – 2/3 at Mt. Pisgah – subject is public speaking – James Joyner presenter

              Scholarships
                Please encourage high school seniors to complete scholarship applications – DST BNAC and
                  all other organizations offering money for college

               Hope for the Future
              No Report
       Jewel Award
         Submit recommendations by 1/31/09

       Community Award
         Submit recommendations by 1/31/09

   ACE Coordinator (Soror Etascha )
     No Report

   Founders’ Day (Sorors Jaja and Heather)
     Sent email to community sorors to determine who will attend Statewide Founders’ Day
     Rooms are reserved under Soror Jaja’s name
     If interested in attending Statewide Founder’s Day, register as soon as possible – the maximum
       number of sorors who can attend is 500

   Fundraising
     Fundraising Dollars raised for this fiscal year - $826.38
     Delta Coin Drop – If you haven’t received a bank for the Delta Coin Drop, please let Soror
       Takesha know. Reminders will be sent via the yahoo group each month. If you have money to
       drop off, see a member of the Fundraising Committee after the meeting.
     US Cellular Coliseum – April 10 will be the next date to volunteer. We need 5-7 volunteers from
       5-10 p.m. Reminders will be sent via the yahoo group. 1/17 volunteer opportunity cancelled due
       to lack of participation.
     E-Scrip Card – We have an opportunity to sign up Delta Academy and Delta GEMS for this
       program at Schunck’s and Macy’s. Program details – cards will be distributed to sorors and other
       people who shop at these days. DST BNAC will receive a percentage of the purchases to
       support Delta Academy and Delta GEMS. Current activity – our application is submitted and
       working to get documentation on of our 501 C 7 status.
     Joint Fundraiser with Omega Psi Phi and Tony Jones – Considering partnering with Omega Psi
       Phi for a fundraiser – a Pre-Valentine’s Day party “Bring Back the Love” on Fri. 2/13 – will also
       serve as a Gospel Brunch marketing effort. Tony Jones will dee-jay for free. Information to come
       via email through yahoo group.
     Gospel Brunch on 3/7 at the Parke Hotel and Suites – Sorors have received tickets to sell –
       asking everyone to sell at least 8 tickets - Prices are $35 for Adults, $20 for Youth, free for
       children 5 and under. Event will start at 10:13 a.m. Goal is to sell a minimum of 200 tickets to
       make a profit. No ticket sales at the door. Attire for Sorors – all red.
     Additional Updates:
        MC – WXRJ radio personality – Clarence J
        Confirmed talent – Mt. Pisgah Praise Dancers, JAM, IYC, Tereva Parham, George Tyson
        Talent pending – Spoken Word artist and Anointed Expressions
        Flyer posted on TheMixOnline
        Ad in the MLK luncheon program booklet
        Six booths available outside the conference room – so far DST BNAC, Physical and Mental
            Health Committee, State Farm Bank (will solicit), Vendor (will solicit) and Artist table
        Splash page to promote Gospel Brunch will launch 1/9 – people will be able to place ticket
            orders online. The Fundraising Committee will follow-up to collect money and distribute
            tickets for the orders placed. The URL will be on Gospel Brunch posters and online
            calendars – includes WEEK and The Pantagraph
        Soror Janice will have flyers and handbills for sorors to distribute next week.
        Presidents of the Pan-Hellenic organizations will receive free tickets and asked to encourage
            their members to attend.
        Each table can seat 8 people.
        Keep a record of tickets sold to children – report back to Fundraising Committee
        Booster seats and high chairs are available – let the Fundraising Committee know if needed
          Chapter members are asked to participate in a processional at the beginning of the brunch
           and sing 2 simple songs. Would like to practice after chapter meeting for approximately 20
       Next Fundraising Committee meeting – 1/27 – Bank of IL Community Room from 6:30-7:30

   Membership Services (Soror Angela P.)
      Jan. birthdays – Soror Valerie
     Alpha Bowl – Fri, 1/23 starting at 9:06. Tickets are available for bowlers and non-bowlers. See
      Soror Kathy and watch for emails with information.

   Minerva Circle (Soror Angela P.)
     Rush was Tues. 1/6. 13 women attended; 12 disks distributed.
     Membership Intake calendar sent via email
     Depending on number of Pyramids, may need to reduce meeting space to save money.
     If writing letters for candidates, it’s ok to ask about potential contributions to sorority, etc. Sorors
       are vouching for that individual so you need to be comfortable.
     Minerva Circle must stay committed to the entire Membership Intake process. We will have
       rehearsals for Pyramid Induction, etc.

   Audit (Soror Kathy)
     No Report

   Finance (Sorors Doriane and Marnita)
        Last Finance Committee meeting – 1/5.
     Recommendation – move $500 from the Membership Services budget to Minerva Circle budget
        to accommodate current expenses for Membership Intake – i.e. Rush materials. This is a
        temporary solution until how many candidates we’ll have for Membership Intake. Will need to
        vote on this today and vote on final Membership Intake budget afterwards.
     Membership Intake cost breakdown: National Initiation $525, Chapter Initiation $250, Chapter
        dues for 2008-09 $200, Chapter dues for 2009-10 $200 – total $1,175 per candidate.
     The chapter is able to use $383.28 per each candidate for Membership Intake costs – this is the
        prorated amount for this fiscal year’s dues and $25 initiation fee.
     Physical and Mental Health Committee won’t be receiving anticipated $2000 grant – committee
        budget adjusted to reflect this.
     Thanks to all committee chairpersons for being good stewards of the chapter’s finances!

   Nominating (Soror Mona )
     Criteria for open positions was emailed to chapter members. Please review the guidelines and
       consider running for a leadership position. Nomination forms will be emailed to interested sorors
     Positions available for 2009-2011 term
        Treasurer – 2 years - Criteria: Must be financial for 2008-2010 fiscal years, familiar with fiscal
           budgetary records, have attended at least 1 Regional Conference and/or National Convention
        Chair, Nominating Committee and Member, Nominating Committee – 1 year – Criteria: Must
           be financial 2008-2010 fiscal years, familiar with Chapter Policies and Procedures, served on
           a chapter committee
        Alternate Delegate: Must be financial members for 2008-2010 fiscal years, available to travel
           from Thurs., 7/8/09 through Sun., 7/12/09
     Timeline
        1/10/09 – Receive application
        2/1409 by midnight - deadline to receive application
        3/3/09 – Receive notification of candidacy
        3/21/09 – Ability to run from the floor – applications due by midnight 3/21
        4/11/09 - Elections
                  Rules of Order/Policies and Procedures (Soror Takesha)
                    No Report

                  Journalist (Soror Janice)
                    No Report

VIII.      Old Business
               None

 IX.       New Business
               DST BNAC Founders’ Day 2009
                  Rededication ceremony proposed after 2/14 chapter meeting – best date due to multiple
                     upcoming chapter activities – i.e. Membership Intake
                  Chapter goal – “Make the chapter more visible and effective: - may be a small chapter but we
                     need to come together for all sorors
                      Soror Heather moved to conduct a rededication ceremony on 2/14; Soror Cheryl seconded;
                        14 (yes) – motion carries
                  Will need to rehearse – will be announced
                  2009 budget adjustments
                      Soror Doriane moved to transfer $500 from the Membership Services budget to the Minerva
                        Circle budget; Soror Cynthia seconded; 16 (yes) motion carries
                      Physical and Mental Health committee budget reduced because grant wasn’t received

  X.       Announcements & Recognitions
               If you received a membership sticker for this year, make sure you initial Soror Etascha’s sheet
               Soror Meta is asking for sorors to sign her petition to support her run for Unit 5 school board
               Issues to be promoted by DST BNAC – Home foreclosures, Education Funding, and pulling troops
                 out of Iraq

 XI.        Adjournment/Ritualistic Closing – Soror Kristal moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:02; Soror Meta
           seconded; 20 (yes)

                                     Please visit the following websites on a regular basis:

        Respectfully submitted by Soror Ursula Crooks

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