experts-addon by yanyanliu123


									Add-On for
There is an existing website which needs a small additional php/mysql
This concerns functionality to dynamically create the page called Experts.
Experts are people that are consulted by telephone which calls generate earnings for the client
through a telecom-provider.
The add-on will consist of three buttons for each expert which will show on the experts page:
     Present
     Not present
     Calling now
All three buttons will be visible at all times, which changing colour depending status.
Present and Not present has to be set by the expert who need a login for it, this status also will
be linked to the telecom-provider system though a simple link and checking the confirming
Calling now will be pushed by the telecom-provider at regular intervals (through a link to the
add-on script).

Suggested approach:
    Creation of a sub domain containing this Add-On
    Administrator part to maintain users (experts)
    User (expert) login page where only Present/Not-present status can be viewed and
    Expert page will created dynamically or can be included through FrontPage Extentions
      into the current expert-page

Administrator part / database:
   Administrator user / login
   Administrator creation/edit/deletion of users (experts) data (phone+text) and Users
      login data
   Administrator to be allowed to change Present/Not-present status for experts
   Experts phone number (to be formatted like current page)
   Experts text (to be formatted like current page)

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