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News: Eaton network and system protection to VDE-AR-N 4105 P.4 | The Power of One: Eaton
hydraulic and electrical engineering for sophisticated testing machines P.22 | "The Donerbot": Eaton
automation in the Doner kebab slicing robot P.12 | Everything Transparent: SmartWire-DT provides a
neat control solution for poultry processing P.20

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Complete Solutions
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    Nature Pure: Using the Power of Pure Natural Fragrances... 14-15                         E-Mail:
    Eaton automates fragrance diffuser with easy500 control relay
    Complete Solutions for Machine Builders... 16-17                                         Dirk Bolz (v.i.S.d.P)
    Eaton develops automation solutions for highly productive 4-sided planer
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    Full Steam Ahead!... 18-19
    Modular system with SmartWire-DT and "gap programming"                                   Authors:
                                                                                             Henrike Boysen
    Everything Transparent! ...20-21                                                         Christian Bücker
    SmartWire-DT provides a neat control solution for poultry processing                     Thomas Knäple
                                                                                             Paul Knodel
    The Power of One... 22-23                                                                Uwe Fröhlich
    Complete Eaton hydraulic and electrical engineering for sophisticated testing machines   Jörg Heitmann
                                                                                             Matthias Puchert
    Efficiency From a Single Source... 24-25                                                 Robert Röttgen
    Eaton combines hydraulics and electronics in the production of palm oil                  Karen Shaw
                                                                                             Integral Dr. Schumacher
    Fully Automated Savings... 26-27                                                         Martin Wohlgenannt
    Energy management for heat and electricity
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2                SOLUTIONS 25

New Eaton SmartWire-DT Business Partners: Hilscher and
Wöhner Sign Cooperation Agreement
Eaton presented two new Eaton SmartWire-DT business partners at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011: Hilscher, a system
automation company in Hattersheim and a leader in industrial communications systems, and Wöhner in Rödental,
a specialist in busbar system technology.

At the trade show in Nuremberg, Eaton         "The expansion of the SmartWire-DT product       Thanks to its in-house manufacturing and
signed cooperation agreements with Hilscher   range with our business partners makes           worldwide presence, Hilscher will produce
and Wöhner in which both companies            our strategy 'From Lean Connectivity to          these gateways and make them available
declared their intention to integrate the     Lean Automation' even more attractive for        to customers. The SmartWire-DT products
SmartWire-DT interconnection and              our customers." Hans-Jürgen Hilscher,            projected for 2012 are Profinet, Powerlink
communication system from Eaton in their      Managing Director of Hilscher GmbH, said,        and EtherCat gateways.
products. This year, Eaton and Phoenix        "Our netX technology enables connection
Contact, Blomberg, also announced a           of the SmartWire-DT wiring and
business cooperation with the electronic      communication level to traditional               On the cooperation between Wöhner
Contracton motor starter and SmartWire-DT     fieldbuses and real-time Ethernet systems        and Eaton
at the Hannover Messe 2011.                   in a simple manner. This opens the door to
                                              the rapid spread of SmartWire-DT in              The objective is the use of SmartWire-DT
With the philosophy of "From Lean             automation technology." "Using SmartWire-DT,     technology to extend the benefit of lean
Connectivity to Lean Automation", Eaton is    our busbar system technology can                 connectivity to Wöhner busbar systems.
pursuing the objective of both streamlining   communicate globally!" says Frank Wöhner,        "With this development, we are integrating
control cabinets, reducing wiring and         Managing Partner at Wöhner, pinpointing          intelligent energy management in busbar
interfaces to a minimum, and increasing       the benefits of this cooperation. "Our           system technology," says Hubert Lenker,
machine and system transparency. A "lean      intention was always to tread new paths in       Market Manager and Product Developer at
automation" solution comprising               the development of 'our' busbar system           Wöhner. "Simple and reliable recording of
SmartWire-DT and HMI/PLC technology           technology. With an ear for the needs of the     the energy flow and preventive monitoring
reduces the work involved in project          customer and a view to the requirements          of the fuse and switching states of busbar
planning and start-up, boosts performance,    of the future, we want to lastingly ensure       components will in future be ensured. The
cuts costs and ultimately means fewer         our edge in bus bar system technology            SmartWire-DT module on the EQUES
sources of error and greater flexibility on   with this new cooperation."                      adapter enables direct control of the widest
modular machine concepts. Eaton is                                                             range of motor feeder switchgear." However,
cooperating with a range of SmartWire-DT                                                       the advantages of this cooperation are
partners on its vision of "From Lean          On the cooperation between Hilscher              most clear when it comes to Wöhner‘s
Connectivity to Lean Automation", providing   and Eaton                                        CrossLink technology: developing a
their products with both a SmartWire-DT                                                        combination of the CrossLink technology
master and a slave connection. Craig          For broad application in automation              standardized adapter platform with
McDonnell, head of the Eaton Automation       technology, SmartWire-DT requires a              SmartWire-DT technology will result in
Business Unit (IAB) in Eaton‘s Electrical     connection to the existing control level.        benefits for a multitude of applications.
Sector, said, "We are very pleased to have    This is easiest to implement via gateways
gained two new, leading technology            to the various industrial networks. Hilscher‘s
partners in Hilscher and Wöhner. It shows     netX technology enables communication to
that Eaton‘s SmartWire-DT technology has      all fieldbuses and real-time Ethernet
established itself in the market and that     system via a controller. It is ideally suited
customers will enjoy even greater benefit     as the basis for an integrated family of
from our technology." Richard Boulter,        SmartWire-DT gateways. Hilscher has
Senior Vice President Industrial Control      experience with all leading communication
Division, Eaton Industries, commented on      systems and will be able to undertake this
the cooperations:                             development efficiently.

SOLUTIONS 25                                                                                                                             3

Eaton Network and System Protection to VDE-AR-N 4105 for
the Grid Connection of Decentralized Generation Plants

Eaton’s Electrical Sector is launching a ready to connect solution
for protecting the grid and distribution network of photovoltaic
installations from 30 to 100 KVA.

The VDE-AR-N 4105 application guideline in force since 01.01.2012
stipulates that photovoltaic installations larger than 30kVA must be     The NA protection system comes in four rating classes and two
equipped with central grid and network protection at the central         frame sizes:
meter location.

Due to the rapid growth in the number of decentralized power                                                         Frame
                                                                                     NA Protection                              Rating Classes
generation plants in Germany, additional measures have to be                                                         Sizes
implemented in order to further ensure the stability of the grid.            NAS63-CI-1, DILMP63(RAC240)                1        30kVA - 43kVA
The VDE-AR-N 4105 application guideline includes the following
measures: When the low-voltage grid is subject to impermissible              NAS80-CI-1, DILMP80(RAC240)                1        44kVA - 55kVA
voltage or frequency deviations, generator plants must be
disconnected. The new regulations stipulate the use of two coupling      NAS125-CI-1-K95, DILMP125(RAC240)              2        56kVA - 86kVA
switches connected in series that are controlled by a relay that
monitors grid frequency and grid voltage. If the maximum values          NAS160-CI-1-K95, DILMP160(RAC240)              2       87kVA - 100kVA
permitted by the regulations are exceeded, the generation plant is
automatically disconnected from the grid. If the grid voltage or
frequency returns to the permissible range, the installation is          The application guideline stipulates that contactors must no
automatically reconnected. The type DILMP (RAC240) contactors            longer be used as coupling switches for generation plants
used by Eaton are particularly efficient (sealing power 2.1 W) thanks    over 100 kVA, and that in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4105
to their electronic magnet drive, and can also be ordered separately.    circuit-breakers and motor-protective circuit-breakers must be
                                                                         used instead. It should also be possible to combine a circuit-breaker
For installation sizes between 30 and 100 kVA, Eaton has developed       with a switch-disconnector for the basic disconnection of an
a compact solution in a CI enclosure that meets the requirements         installation. The use of two contactors with the appropriate rating
described in VDE-AR-N 4105. The grid and system protection               would technically also be a solution. However, the application
developed by Eaton is installed between the power inverter and           guideline does not provide a clear statement concerning this. It is
grid connection. It provides the installer with an additional solution   therefore recommended that the responsible grid operator should
for wall mounting that can be installed without any major effort.        be consulted.

                                                                             Quicklink ID: ES2501

4                 SOLUTIONS 25 News

PV Fireman‘s Switches: Ready to Install Device Combinations
for Photovoltaic Systems
The sun provides us with an enormous, reliable and free source of           make it possible to isolate each DC cable between the string and
energy that is 15,000 times more than what is needed worldwide.             power inverter in the event of a fire so that fire rescue personnel
Photovoltaic installations convert this valuable energy into electricity.   are not exposed to the risk of electric shock. In order to prevent
With a complete range of mature components, Eaton is one of the             momentary voltage dips in the grid from causing unwanted tripping,
trend-setters for this kind of sustainable and emission-free energy         the undervoltage release has a delayed response and bridges
generation. This includes, for example, the SOL30-SAFETY PV                 momentary mains interruptions of up to 600ms.The MC4 solar
fireman’s switch that de-energizes the cable between the solar              connector system and metric glands are available for different
modules and the power inverter. In addition to this, overvoltage            connection requirements. Although the housings come with
protection modules, specially developed for PV applications, protect        IP65 protection, a weather proof installation is nevertheless
the entire installation from transient voltage surges. Types for            recommended. All generator terminal boxes are provided with a
grounded and ungrounded installations are available. Lighting and           pressure compensation element in order to prevent the formation
overvoltage present a danger to electrical installations and their          of condensation.
operators, and Eaton has included in its portfolio an extensive
range of surge protective devices for this purpose. In addition to
this, attachable auxiliary contacts are available for monitoring the
device functions. If required, the entire installation can also be
de-energized with DC switch-disconnectors.

Eaton is a respected and competent partner for switching and
protection technology in photovoltaic installations: From now on,
however, not only individual components will be available, but also
complete device combinations that are ready to install and connect.
Depending on the number of strings, 2, 3, 4 or 6 PV fireman’s
switches are available in a common housing. The maximum rated
voltage is 1000 V DC. With this, Eaton is responding to a frequently
expressed customer demand for several ready to install PV fireman’s
switches in a housing since most PV installations in practice
consist of several strings. These PV fireman’s switches do not
function as string collectors but

    Quicklink ID: ES2501

                                                                            Electronic Overload Relays:
                                                                            New ZEB Series for 175A
                                                                            Eaton is adding the new 175A       They can be reset manually or
                                                                            series to its range of ZEB         automatically after an overload
                                                                            electronic overload relays. Like   release. They also offer
                                                                            the previous devices of the ZEB    selectable phase loss sensitivity
                                                                            series, the 175A devices ensure    and can be used with imbalanced
                                                                            motor protection for different     loads. A diagnostics LED gives
                                                                            starting characteristics such as   visual warning of an impending
                                                                            CLASS 10A, 10, 20 and 30.          overload.
                                                                            Together with the electronic
                                                                            wide-range overload protection     The variants of the 175A series
                                                                            with a 5:1 ratio, the new series   are available for both direct fitting
                                                                            covers several standard bimetal    on the xStart DILM80…DILM170
                                                                            relays. The type ZEB…-GF           contactors, as well as on the
                                                                            electronic overload relays come    new DILM185A…DILM225A
                                                                            with additional integrated         series. The box terminals on
                                                                            protection from ground fault       the incoming and outgoing side
                                                                            currents and can therefore be      of the ZEB…/KK variant make
                                                                            used as external summation         the relay suitable for universal
                                                                            current transformers without       use in separate mounting
                                                                            any additional accessories.        applications (mounting to a
             Quicklink ID: ES2501                                                                              metal plate).

SOLUTIONS 25 News                                                                                                                                 5

New Residual-Current Circuit-Breaker for the
North American Market
                                                          Eaton is extending the range of residual-current circuit-breakers, combined
                                                          RCD/MCB devices and miniature circuit-breakers for the growing machine
                                                          building market. Eaton is now taking an international approach with its
                                                          residual-current devices, in addition to its already considerably expanded FAZ
                                                          miniature circuit-breaker series. This series stands out for machine builders on
                                                          account of its quality, and offers maximum safety for persons, installations and
                                                          particularly for highly sensitive systems. This high quality and efficient series is
                                                          available to customers under the name xEffect.

                                                          Residual-current circuit-breaker with UL and IEC approval
                                                          for worldwide use

                                                           For the first time, Eaton is introducing a residual-current circuit-breaker with UL
                                                           approval as well as IEC approval and is thus able to now serve the North
                                                           American market. The new residual-current circuit-breaker also complies with
the Canadian CSA standard. The wide range from 16 to 63 A, in both 30 and 300 milliampere versions, is short-time delayed and pulse
current sensitive, whilst the trip indication serves to provide simple identification of the cause of the trip. A circuit-breaker for all world
regions: The compliance with all international standards (IEC61008 and UL1053) means that the residual-current circuit-breaker is ideal
for machine building OEMs with considerable export activities.
                                                                                                                          Quicklink ID: ES2501

Digital Combined RCD/MCB Devices and
Type B+ Digital Residual-Current Circuit-Breakers
After the development of the digital residual-current circuit-breaker,   Type B+ digital residual-current circuit-breaker for special
Eaton is expanding its product range with the digital combined           fire protection
RCD/MCB device and a digital residual-current circuit-breaker with
type B+ tripping characteristics. This top quality, efficient series     The digital residual-current circuit-breaker also shows the actual
will be available to customers under the name xEffect.                   residual current present in real-time – the three LEDs and isolated
                                                                         auxiliary contacts are used for external indication. It detects and
                                                                         reliably disconnects all types of residual current, as well as DC
Digital RCD/MCB for upscale residential and commercial                   residual currents and residual currents in the high frequency range.
building applications                                                    The digital residual-current circuit-breaker thus meets all the
                                                                         requirements for increased fire protection in accordance with EN/
Thunderstorms or temporary faults do not affect the digital              IEC 62423, as well as the residual-current circuit-breaker product
circuit-breaker with the type G short-time delay and optimized           standard IEC 61008. The Eaton residual-current circuit-breaker
tripping threshold. The digital combined RCD/MCB device                  with the type B+ tripping characteristics is therefore particularly
permanently monitors the actual state, registers possible faults         suitable for industrial systems using frequency inverters, and it is
and indicates this on three LEDs. If the current flow in the             also used with sophisticated PV installations, as well as in all
installation moves to ground in the range between zero and 30            sectors involving a
percent of the rated residual current, a green LED indicates the         high proportion of
normal state. A yellow LED indicates a differential current between      electronics, i.e. where
30 and 50 percent of the rated residual current and thus shows           there is the probability
that the combined RCD/MCB device is approaching its tripping             of DC residual
threshold. If the LED is red, the leakage current has already            currents occurring.
exceeded 50 percent of the rated residual current. The installation      Both the digital
is thus in a critical state – the digital combined RCD/MCB device        combined RCD/MCB
trips if the residual current increases any further and the tripping     device and the type
limit is reached.                                                        B+ digital residual-
                                                                         current circuit-breaker
The Service mode helps qualified electricians to determine the           are fitted on DIN rails
level of the residual current present (milliamp increments) in the       (clamp and screw
shortest possible time. If the electrician presses the corresponding     terminals) and when
Service button, the flashing LED will indicate the range of the          installed are protected
residual current level. This enables measures to be taken quickly        to IP 40.
in order to maintain system availability. The circuit-breaker
combines the most advanced safety features in an extremely
compact design (width: two width modules).                                   Quicklink ID: ES2501

6                 SOLUTIONS 25 News

New NRX Circuit-Breaker Series: Small, Flexible, Efficient
With the new NRX circuit-breaker series Eaton is offering versatile      Thanks to its communication capability, the NRX circuit-breaker
circuit-breakers up to 4000 A – for economically optimized solutions.    series offers new options for power distribution: NRX supplies all
The IZMX16 from the NRX series is currently the smallest air             operation-related information and passes this on. This consequently
circuit-breaker in the world. Its innovative concept allows the          increases the transparency of the system, and reaction times to
side-by-side mounting of two withdrawable circuit-breakers in a          events such as overcurrent, phase imbalance and overvoltage are
600 mm wide panel. This makes for economical and space saving            also shortened. Fast process interventions also prevent any
panel design. Furthermore, if switching from a distance is required,     system failures and preventative maintenance is made possible,
a motor for tensioning the spring-operated stored energy mechanism       thus increasing overall system availability.
and magnetic coils for the on and off command are also integrated
in this design volume. In a nutshell, more performance in a minimum      The IZMX circuit-breaker can be expanded through individual
of space.                                                                solutions, increases system safety, improves personal protection
                                                                         in the event of a fault, and significantly reduces the risk of an
The IZMX40 of the NRX series – a circuit-breaker up to 4000 A –          unwanted interruption in operation. The solutions include ARMS,
takes up no more space than a 3200 A circuit-breaker and does            ARCON, zone selectivity, remote switching and Profi protection
not require any cumbersome additional cabling in the terminal area.      with Digitrip 1150.
Integration tests in Eaton switchboards such as Modan, xEnergy,
PowerXpert, Capitol 20 and Capitol 40 confirm the excellent              Eaton offers three software tools for ergonomic project design as
technical benefits as well as the terminal system that can be            well as for easy product selection and documentation. Firstly, the
designed flexibly to meet application requirements. Thanks to its        intuitive software tool called Eaton Configurator Circuit Breaker
modular design, integrated detail solutions and a complete range         enables simple selection and configuration of circuit-breakers and
of accessories and additional functions, users can adapt the             switch-disconnectors with accessories from a database of several
circuit-breaker individually to specific application requirements, if    thousand items. Secondly, the CurveSelect tool enables the
required also directly from the factory.                                 adjustable display of tripping characteristics of several protective
                                                                         devices over the same time and current ranges. Thirdly, the
Circuit-breakers of the NRX series offer different rated currents for    BreakerVisu software is used for monitoring several ACBs and
a wide range of applications from 630 A to 4000 A and switching          MCCBs, and makes it possible to acquire data on circuit-breaker
capacities from 42 kA to 105 kA. Furthermore, optimum protection         currents, switching states and load warnings quickly and clearly,
parameters can be set precisely on the electronic release according      as well as display it dynamically on a web page.
to the application and the equipment to be protected. The main
application areas of the versatile NRX series are the protection of
systems, motors, transformers and generators.                               Quicklink ID: ES2501

An extensive range of practical accessories is available for expanding
the functionality of the circuit-breaker in the application – such as
for signaling, automation, communication. If a system is to be
overdesigned temporarily with
several expansion stages, users
can, for example, precisely set a
1600 A circuit-breaker for
equipment of only 100 A by
simply replacing a rating plug.

SOLUTIONS 25 News                                                                                                                            7

Automatic Transfer Switches for Power Distribution Systems:
ATS-C Microprocessor-Controlled Transfer Switch System
Mains supply failures can lead to critical situations, particularly in
sensitive applications such as in hospitals, IT centers, commercial
or infrastructure buildings, as well as in industrial manufacturing
processes. If faults in the grid occur, the uninterrupted power
supply (UPS) is a top priority in this case for the protection of
persons and in order to secure service continuity. The new ATS-C
microprocessor-controlled transfer switch system from Eaton
ensures here the automatic or manual switching from the main
power supply grid to the standby grid or generator, and thus
ensures the security of the low-voltage supply at all times.

Eaton offers two versions of its ATS-C automatic transfer switch
controller: ATS-C 96 and ATS-C 144. The compact ATS-C 96 can
be used in many applications for rated voltages up to 400 VAC.
With cutout dimensions of 96 mm x 96 mm, the ATS-C 96 only
requires a little space in the panel door. It also comes with an
impressive range of practical functions such as various alarms,
easy to program inputs and outputs, as well as an automatic test
function with or without system transfer. The ATS-C 144 system
offers additional functions and is suitable for applications with high
rated voltages up to 690 VAC: This version also offers a real-time
clock with event/statistics data as well as Modbus connectivity via
an RS485 interface.

Both ATS-C transfer switch systems continuously monitor voltages,
frequencies, phase sequences, battery voltage and several other
parameters. The relevant limit values, including time settings can
be parameterized and analyzed with the intuitively designed ATS-
CSOFT software. This software can be run on all Windows PCs
and is also used for commissioning and remote operation. However,
users can also set and operate both ATS-C versions directly via the
display and front operator panel. All operating states, alarms and
parameters are visualized via (multi-lingual) LCD displays and
LEDs. An event log shows the last 100 events with date and time.

The ATS-C product range is thus the logical extension of the
accessory range of the NZM and IZM circuit-breaker series in
order to increase the supply security of installations.

    Quicklink ID: ES2501

8                 SOLUTIONS 25 News

New Sensor Solutions
                                 Eaton added four new sensor families to the already extensive sensor offering. The inductive proximity
                                 family will be enlarged with the new AccuProx analog sensor, and three new types are added to the
                                 photoelectric family, namely: NanoView Series, IntelliView Series and the E67 Long Range Perfect Prox
                                 Sensor. The AccuProx is a new, high-performance analog inductive sensor from Eaton. The AccuProx
                                 family of analog sensors provides unmatched measurement range, linearity and accuracy in an
                                 affordable and compact tubular package.

                                 Unlike standard inductive sensors, which send an output based on target presence or absence,
Sensors of the AccuProx series   AccuProx analog sensors provide an electrical signal that varies in proportion to the position of the metal
                                 target within their sensing range. This makes AccuProx ideal for applications requiring precision sensing
                                 and measurement. The NanoView Series from Eaton combines true high performance photoelectric
                                 sensing and a robust, miniature form factor at a cost-competitive price point. These tiny but capable
                                 sensors are available in a variety of optical modes including: thru-beam, polarized reflex, diffuse reflective,
                                 fixed focus diffuse, and even specialized versions capable of detecting clear objects.

                                 The IntelliView Series from Eaton is a family of specialty photoelectric sensors adding new technologies
                                 and capabilities to solve the most unique, challenging non-contact sensing applications. The IntelliView
                                 family includes: adjustable background suppression sensors; distance sensors with analog outputs; color
IntelliView                      sensors; contrast sensors and UV sensors.

                                 The E67 Series Long Range Perfect Prox sensor was designed with one thing in mind: solve the most
                                 difficult photoelectric sensing applications. Through the use of patented optics and Perfect Prox
                                 technology, the E67 Series can reliably detect targets regardless of material color, texture, reflectance,
                                 contrast or surface shape while ignoring objects just slightly outside the target range. The standard E67
                                 sensor range can be set at the factory to between 60cm and 240cm (in 10cm increments) to suit exacly
                                 each type of application.

                                     Quicklink ID: ES2501

E67 sensor of the Long Range
Perfect Prox series

Eaton Expands Product Range for
Emergency-Stop Buttons

Eaton is offering emergency-stop buttons for the RMQ-Titan range         The illuminated ring indicates the operating state reliably, even
of control circuit devices for worldwide use. The system expansion       from a long distance. When tripped, for example, three separately
includes emergency-stop palm buttons (45/60 mm), with or without         controllable LED rows can be activated as a running light. The
key, turn and pull to reset, non-illuminated, illuminated, with          possibility of individually labeling the illuminated ring using the
standard LEDs or with mechanical switch position indication              Labeleditor software is also being planned.
(green/red) in the middle of the actuating element.
                                                                         M22 emergency-stop/off buttons with IP67 and IP69K protection
The self-monitoring contact elements ensure full operational             are tamper-proof in compliance with EN ISO 13850 and meet
reliability, even with a faulty installation or after excessively        European and international safety standards in accordance with
forceful actuation. The attachable modular contact elements next         EN60204 and IEC60204. Approval to UL/CSA, as well as approvals
to the emergency-stop NC contact provide a second integrated             for shipboard use from Germanische Lloyd and Lloyd’s Register of
contact for querying the mechanical connection to the emergency-         Shipping are in preparation.
stop/off actuating element. The contact elements are available for
front or bottom fixing, as well as for 1 or 2-channel safety circuits.
The emergency-stop pushbutton actuators can be made even                     Quicklink ID: ES2501
more conspicuous on a machine or plant with an optional
illuminated ring. In this way, the position of the emergency-stop
button is clearly indicated, even in darkened environments.

SOLUTIONS 25 News                                                                                                                             9

Eaton Xiria E: The Extendable Single Panel Version of the Xiria
Medium Voltage Switchgear range

The new IEC switchgear called Xiria E is the new extendable single      All live parts in the available panels are single pole insulated. The
panel version of the internationally successful Xiria switchgear        used materials are shaped specifically to provide optimum insulation
range for medium-voltage distribution networks. The Xiria E is          characteristics combined with excellent thermal characteristics. In
specially developed for distribution substations for utilities and      addition, the insulation is configured to provide effective control
bigger commercial and industrial applications. The Xiria name is        over electric fields around the used components, thereby
known as a SF6-free, reliable and economic solution for ring main       minimizing any risk of internal arcing.
units and industrial switchgear. Xiria switchgear is characterized by
the high level of operational safety and is suitable for applications   With panel dimensions of only 350 mm width (block-type) and
up to 24 kV. Xiria switchgear is one of the most compact switchgear     500 mm width (extendable version) and a provision for cable
systems on the market. The switchgear is currently available as         connection from the front, the Xiria system is economical in its
two-, three-, four- or five-panel block-configurations. There are two   use of valuable floor space, and easy to accommodate in even the
basic panel versions in the Xiria product family: A vacuum load-break   most restricted environments. For locations without a possibility
switch for ring cable connections up to 630 A and a vacuum              to exhaust an internal arc into the cellar, the Xiria system has the
circuit-breaker for protecting transformers and cable connections       possibility to exhaust into the room. This is implemented by
up to 630 A. Xiria E is available for both panel versions and can be    means of a special chimney with integrated arc absorbers.
configured in any desired combination and sequence. For power
consumption metering a special metering panel is developed that         When it comes to the safety of the operating personnel the Xiria
can be connected to the current block type switchgear and the           design leaves nothing to chance. All parts are fully enclosed by an
new single panel Xiria E.                                               internal arc tested safe metal housing. The panels in the Xiria family
                                                                        are also provided with direct visible indication of the integrated
Xiria switchgear is designed around Eaton’s proven vacuum               earthing and ON/OFF position by means of inspection windows in
interrupters, which require no maintenance and are certified for        the front. Xiria E is available Q4 2012.
30,000 operation cycles. The development of the Xiria E provides
a circuit-breaker with a rated normal current of 630 A at 24 kV for
the block-type and single panel versions. This breaker is tested for       Quicklink ID: ES2501
a rated short-time withstand current of 20 kA over 3 seconds.

Both the primary parts of the unit and the mechanisms are housed
in a fully enclosed (sealed for life) housing which protects the
whole system against environmental influences and therefore
makes it maintenance free.

10               SOLUTIONS 25 News

Eaton Beats The Feed-In Tariff Deadline!
Changes to the British Feed-In Tariff

Working to very tight timescales to ensure completion before changes to the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) for solar PV
installations over 50kW were implemented; Eaton’s Electrical Sector has designed, manufactured and supplied
comprehensive turnkey BoS (Balance of System) solutions for major solar energy parks at Howbery Park in
Oxfordshire, Wheal Jane in Cornwall and at a farm site in Cambridgeshire. These sites were developed by Lightsource
Renewable Energy Limited and funded by Octopus Investments and between them, these new solar parks have a
total generating capacity of 7.2MWp.

On all of these prestigious projects, Eaton worked closely with                       the very compressed timescales needed to beat the FIT deadline,
engineering and project management teams from Solarcentury,                           Eaton adopted flexible working practices, which included
one of the UK’s most experienced and best respected suppliers of                      continually refining the design as work progressed.
solar energy installations. For each project, Eaton supplied all
major items of electrical distribution equipment in the form of fully                 The Wheal Jane substation includes equipment from almost every
tested, ready-to-install, custom-manufactured solutions specially                     product group offered by Eaton’s Electrical Sector. Among the major
developed to meet the specific project requirements.                                  items are a dc junction box based on the Modan switchgear system,
                                                                                      Memshield 3 sub-distribution systems, a 3,200A Memform LV
Howbery Park is the UK’s first solar powered business park and                        switchboard, and an 11kV Xiria ring main unit with integral G59
the new 3,000 panel solar PV installation is expected to provide                      protection. Eaton also supplied a 6kVA UPS to support critical
more than one quarter of the park’s energy requirements, resulting                    systems, as well as motor protection and switching equipment.
in a reduction in CO2 emissions of at least 350 tonnes per year.
Eaton supplied all of the LV distribution equipment for this project,                 The most recently completed of the three projects, the farm site,
which included 12 distribution boards customised for PV applications                  is also the largest – it covers 15 hectares and has a total capacity
and a 1,250A switchboard with integrated G59 protection, as well                      of 5MWp. It will generate enough electricity to supply 1,200 homes
as generation/import energy metering and provision for remote                         and, over the next 25 years, it will cut CO2 emissions by more
operation functionality. As part of the same project, Eaton also                      than 55,000 tonnes. The equipment supplied by Eaton comprises
built a customised extension panel and modified an existing LV                        four containerised package substations interlinked with an 11kV
feeder pillar to accept a feed from the solar installation. Despite its               ring main. The substations are essentially similar to the one at
complexity, all of the work was completed on very short lead times                    Wheal Jane, but two have 1.5MW transformers while the other
to ensure that the installation would be operational in advance of                    two have 1MW transformers.
the changes to the FIT.
                                                                                      All three of the solar energy parks were successfully commissioned
Wheal Jane is a former tin mine, which has now been transformed                       ahead of the FIT change deadline and all are now supplying power
by the installation of 5,600 PV panels that will supply electricity for               to the grid, demonstrating convincingly that Eaton’s Electrical
400 homes, saving over 737 tonnes of CO2 emissions in a year.                         Sector not only has the right equipment but also the right expertise
For this project, Eaton supplied a complete containerised substation                  to provide fast deliveries on efficient and cost-effective equipment
incorporating a 1.5MVA transformer. The substation is fed with                        for the hugely important renewable energy market.
600V DC from the solar array at one end and delivers an 11kV AC
supply synchronised with the grid at the other. In order to meet

 Project overview                Installation overview                    Electrical Distribution Products
 1. Howbery Park (Oxforshire)    3000 solar panels                        IP65 distribution boards customized for PV application, 1250A LV switchboard with integrated G59
                                 (350 tonnes CO2 equivalent per year)     protection and generation/import energy metering, customised extension panel with modified LV
                                                                          feeder pillar.

 2. Wheal Jane in Cornwall       5600 solar panels                        Containerised solar substation incorporating 1.5MVA transformer, Modan DC junction box,
                                 (737 tonnes CO2 equivalent per year)     Memshield 3 sub-distribution systems for local power and lights, comms, CCTV and cooling fans,
                                                                          FBA‘s for fan control,
                                                                          Eaton Series Xtra surface metalclad switches & sockets for power & lighting, LV switchboard rated
                                                                          at 3200A,
                                                                          11kV Xiria Ring Main Unit with integrated G59 protection, 9135 6kVA UPS to support critical power
                                                                          motor switching and protection for fan control system and push buttons for emergency stop facility.
                                                                          1.5 MVA transformer, Modan, Memshield, etc.

 3. Farm site (Cambridgeshire)   15 hectare of solarpanels                Four containerised package substations interlinked with an 11kV ring main unit, two 1.5MVA and
                                 (2,200 tonnes CO2 equivalent per year)   two 1MVA transformers.

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"A Device That Never Sleeps"
Eaton automation in the Doner kebab slicing robot
"The Doner Robot": This was the name by which the SCR-Vg 2.1 fully automated doner kebab slicing robot gained
its popularity far beyond the borders of Germany. The inventor of the robot is Duran Kabakyer, general manager of
Alkadur RobotSystems GmbH, and the device was programmed by Günter Huyer from HuyerSolutions. "The Doner
Robot" is controlled and operated via the XV102 touch panel from Eaton.

                                                                                         "The automation solution from
                                                                                         Eaton is ideal for 'the Doner Robot’.
                                                                                         The touch display operation is
                                                                                         child‘s play and the entire PLC is
                                                                                         also integrated."

                                                                                         Duran Kabakyer, general manager
                                                                                         of Alkadur RobotSystems GmbH

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     Company:                         Products: HMI/PLC XV102                        Quicklink ID: ES2510
                 Search: Doner robot

In doner takeaways things are usually hot in the true sense of the       Intuitive operation with large selection range
word: Orders are taken, pitta breads are prepared and in the
meantime, the meat is cut in the heat of the doner grill. This is        The display enables different operating modes to be activated.
mostly done by hand with a knife or with an electric doner cutter.       The left and right arrow buttons can turn the spit for cutting in one
This brought Duran Kabakyer to the idea of developing a fully            direction or the other. If the "Switchoff/knife sharpening" function
automated doner robot: "I have worked as a doner chef myself for         is selected, the Z axis moves right down and the knife can be
many years, and was always annoyed at the fact that, although I          sharpened. The robot is also shut down in this position at the same
have a sausage cutting machine and an electric dishwasher, there         time. The "Start/stop grill" function starts the grilling manually and
is no fully automated doner cutting device. I then came to the idea      the spit moves past the grill. If one of the slicing module buttons
of developing this type of robot myself," Duran Kabakyer explained.      is actuated, the grill starts automatically. If the "Slice strips" button
                                                                         is selected, the operator can program the number of slices and
                                                                         modify the level of the light source via a setting screw – in order
Ready for operation round the clock                                      to thus set the required slice thickness. The robot also offers
                                                                         another key benefit: Whilst conventional doner knives can only cut
The benefits of the doner kebab slicing robot are obvious: As well       up to a certain point on the core of the spit, the new automatic
as simple operation and tremendous flexibility, clean, precise slicing   cutting technology of "the Doner Robot" can considerably increase
is possible – 24 hours a day, if necessary without interruption.         the amount of meat cut from the spit. The spit of the fully
With a daily output of up to 300 kg and a continuous cutting             automated doner robot is designed for meat cones of up to 60 cm
capacity, the doner kebab slicing robot is a valuable assistance for     in diameter and a maximum height of 80 cm - this corresponds to
the daily work. Furthermore: You don‘t have to be a specialist to        a weight in meat of 150 kg. The first doner robots have already
cut the meat properly. This means that time for training is              been delivered to customers – in Hamburg, Bremen, Munich and
unnecessary. In future "the Doner Robot" could also considerably         in Switzerland. Duran Kabakyer is very optimistic about the future:
simplify the work in doner factories since the "fully automatic          "I assume that at least one "Doner Robot" will soon be in operation
slicing" setting enables the meat slices to be cut without the           in every major German city."
operator having to be present.

Clean and precise slicing

The Doner Robot is controlled by four stepper motors. "Brushless
DC motors are used in the device. The drive controllers from
miControl are connected via CANopen to the Eaton XV102 HMI/
PLC. This gave us a lot of flexibility in the configuration," explains
programmer Günter Huyer. The optical detection is also
technological highlight: the integrated optical sensors of the robot
are used to locate the doner spit, position the knife and cut down
the meat with millimeter precision. The development had the
challenge of finding the correct machine setting for cutting, since
the meat changes in heat. However, Günter Huyer and Duran
Kabakyer found a solution for this as well.

Compact and cost optimized

"The technology used is simple and inexpensive. It nevertheless
still offers a high degree of flexibility," Günter Huyer emphasizes
                                                                                        The menu guidance of the touch panel is extremely
the benefits and explains further: "Programming the Eaton XV102
                                                                                        flexible and intuitive
is really easy since the CoDeSys-based xSoft-Codesys-2
programming software enables the program to be implemented
directly in the controller in compliance with IEC61131-3." The HMI/      CONCLUSION
PLC also impressed on account of its small mounting depth, which
ideally suited the limited space available on the left-hand column       Günter Huyer sums up: "We chose the Eaton controller
of the robot. The color touch panel with a 3.5" screen diagonal and      not least because we appreciated the support from the
a smooth front panel is easy to clean and easy to operate. The           company. Moreover, the price performance ratio is absolutely
flexible menu guidance in any required language enables the              outstanding. We have no regrets about choosing the Eaton
machine manufacturer to sell his machines worldwide with just            controller since it is tailor made for our application."
one hardware and software solution. The developer uses Eaton‘s
powerful and comprehensive Galileo project design environment
for creating the visualization. Furthermore: He intentionally did not
use the separate I/Os on the controller: "The controllers of the
stepper motors already feature inputs and outputs onboard.
Everything we need, we get from there, and thus save costs,"
Günter Huyer explains.

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Nature Pure: Using
the Power of Pure
Natural Fragrances

                                                            Eaton automates fragrance
                                                            diffuser with easy500 control relay
                                                            Even long ago in advanced ancient cultures fragrances were used for
                                                            therapeutic and ritual purposes. After all, aromatic fragrances can create
                                                            extraordinary atmospheres that can increase well-being. Even today, more
                                                            and more people are enjoying the benefits of the wholesome and relaxing
                                                            effect of essential oils. However, it is not only in the private sphere that
                                                            people regularly enjoy the experience of pleasing aromatic fragrances. In
                                                            business also, a growing number of companies are discovering the possibility
                                                            of creating a positive mood for customers by using fragrances in conjunction
                                                            with balanced lighting, such as in showrooms and exhibition rooms. Furthermore,
                                                            museums, hotels, hospitals and theme parks are also using the power of
                                                            aromatic fragrances. This is aimed to ensure that the business partners and
                                                            visitors feel just as well as in their familiar environments, where many
                                                            customers are already creating relaxing atmospheres through the use of
                                                            different fragrances.

                                                           However, the professional use of aromatic preparations in commerce,
                                                           catering and industry is not quite as simple as in the private sphere. New
                                                           fragrances based on natural essential oils have to be created and introduced
                                                           directly into large areas in an application-friendly way. This significantly
                                                           improves the atmosphere of the room and reduces the concentration of
                                                           bacteria in the respiratory air. To simplify this process as much as possible, it
                                                           needs to be fully automated, for example, by using the air conditioning system
or via a centrally installed AROTEC2 aromatic fragrance dispenser from Primavera Proair GmbH, based in Oy-Mittelberg, Germany. As
Oliver Schenkmann, managing director of Primavera, explains, there are now a number of well-known companies such as BMW,
Lufthansa or Swarovski that have chosen tailored-made fragrance dispenser solutions from his company.

Schenkmann is convinced that the professional fragrance enhancement of rooms will in future be increasingly important in the marketing
mix of many companies worldwide, in order to create relaxing enhanced moods, as well as ensuring the health and well-being of customers.
Primavera Proair is exclusively active in the B2B sector. The company supplies a new and powerful air dispenser which is operated with
exchangeable cartridges, thus ensuring optimum operator convenience. The device enables the oils to be diffused into microscopic
droplets. Only high quality natural essential oils from Primavera Life are used.

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     Company:                   Products: easy500 control relay            Quicklink ID: ES2511

At the perception threshold                                                without the device having to be connected. Simplifying the
                                                                           working with easy even more is the fact that the easy500/700
From the individual essential oils, fragrance compositions are             automation devices come with a total of twelve menu languages,
created that are especially suited to the fragrance enhancement of         and easy800 even has thirteen.
large areas. In this way, the positive antibacterial effect of essential
oils can also be used efficiently in the business sector. The room
                                      size "served" by this type of        Customized label inscription
                                      fragrance dispenser can be up
                                      to 1,000 square meters. With         With Eaton’s Labeleditor, the label inscription of the easy500
                                      larger rooms, several devices        control relays can be carried out quickly and inexpensively, so that
                                      are used simultaneously as           the user can even create company or project specific labels. The
                                      required. Oliver Schenkmann          display of symbols, images and special characters is also supported.
                                      enthusiastically describes the       After the customer has designed his individual label "with a few
                                      use of the fragrance dispensers      clicks of a mouse", he can send the inscription data to Eaton. The
                                      at the Swarovski "Crystal Worlds"    required marking is then laser inscribed directly on the designated
                                      in Austria, where twelve devices     fields provided on the front of the devices. In this particular
                                      are used. In his view, the over      project, the control relay has the logotype "Primavera Proair".
                                      ten million visitors that come to
                                      exhibitions and events each
                                      year can’t simply be wrong.          Utilizing experience
"We are using our fragrances here just at the perception threshold,"
Oliver Schenkmann explains. "Although the fragrance is metered             Eaton sales engineer Uwe Fröhlich explains: "We were able here
very discretely, it is nevertheless perceived by the visitors since a      to use the experience we have collected from several solutions,
human’s nose never stops working. Whilst a visitor can always              such as in building automation. As in this project, this focuses on
look away from an unpleasant visual impression, ignoring smells            the monitoring, control, regulation and optimization of the technical
on the other hand is not so possible."                                     processes." In each automation solution from Eaton, the functional
                                                                           processes are executed automatically, i.e. in accordance with fixed
                                                                           preset parameters. This simplifies operation. The automatic
Automating the diffusion process                                           fragrance dispensers are manufactured in Olsberg in the
                                                                           Sauerland region of Germany. The company Olsberg Herrmann
To optimally diffuse the right quantity of essential oils into the         Everken GmbH, which has been based there for over 400 years,
room for every occasion and in every conceivable place, the                includes the development of complex system components and
diffusion process must be automated as much as possible. For               complete devices in its range of specializations.
example, the user has to be notified whether a fragrance cartridge
is empty and has to be changed.

The devices are programmed in advance so that the defined
values for the fragrance intensity are observed exactly. If several
dispensers are used, the current operating state of the devices
can be monitored and changed at any time from a central control
unit. The programming of each individual easy500 control relay at          CONCLUSION
the device thus becomes unnecessary.
                                                                           Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Lammers, head of product development
Olsberg Hermann Everken GmbH was awarded the contract to                   at Olsberg Hermann Everken GmbH, summed up: "The
build the dispenser devices. When designing the housing, and               easy500 control relay is exactly the device that provides
particularly when planning the processes inside the device, the            every automation requirement for the AROTEC dispenser
company chose the easy500 intelligent control relay. easy500 is            application. A key factor for choosing easy500 was the
the smallest member of control relay family from Eaton. According          possibility to implement changes quickly via the display
to Alexander Lammers, head of product development at Olsberg,              provided and also the fact that costly system training is not
it is not only the size of the automation device that enables it to        required for operating personnel."
be integrated optimally in the automatic dispenser. Its simple ease
of programming also ensures smooth and continuous operation. It
enables, for example, the user to be notified whether a fragrance
cartridge is empty and has to be changed. The supplied easySoft
software also simplifies the commissioning of the automated
devices and systems: A graphical editor displays the required
circuit diagram.

Selection menus and drag & drop functions support the sequencing
of information and functions in the programs. Any user who is
able to read a circuit diagram can work with the easy500 straight
away. Furthermore, all circuit diagrams can be entered 1:1 via the
display. The device works with N/O contacts, N/C contacts and
coils in the same way as is familiar to all users and operators. All
basic and special functions can be wired together at the push of a
button. In order to ensure that the wiring is correct, the integrated
offline simulation tool checks whether the function required is
working properly. This enables the user to test the correct
functioning of the circuit diagram before commissioning and

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Complete Solutions for
Machine Builders

Designing, programming and commissioning a 4-sided planer
Are you still planing or are you "CUBEing" already? With this           The workpiece sawn beforehand to the maximum rough dimensions
somewhat provoking question the prestigious manufacturer Weinig         of 160 by 260 millimeters is then placed against the rear edge
has got the attention of specialist circles. Its semiautomatic "Cube"   jointing fence of the inclined straightening table. In the next step,
4-sided planer produces precise workpieces in just one run. For         the required height and width dimensions of the workpiece are
the automation of the machine, the developers worked in close           set. Either fixed dimensions are entered on the touch screen or
collaboration with the application engineers at Eaton.                  the planing rollers are moved to the fixed dimensions with an
                                                                        inching function.
Precise manufacturing, short run times and simple operation,even
by untrained personnel – requirements like these also dominate          The Moulder Preview System (MPV) projects the selected
the production plants of the woodworking sector. In order to meet       dimensions automatically with laser beams onto the workpiece;
these market requirements for straightening and planing, Weinig         the laser is mechanically linked to the setting spindles of the
developed the "Cube" semiautomatic 4-sided planer that achieves         planer rollers. The projecting of the finished dimensions on the
outstanding production results with considerably higher quality in      unfinished workpiece optimizes the control of the result before
much less time. The developers of the machine, in close                 feeding into the machine.
collaboration with Eaton, not only used their wide range of
functional components but also their software expertise and             The machine processes the workpiece with four planing shafts
extensive automation know-how. The semiautomatic machine                simultaneously. The feed through the planing shafts has a
now planes workpieces in one run with perfect dimensions, right         considerable effect on the surface quality and can be changed by
angles and parallel lines and with a paintable surface finish.          the operator at any time via the touch screen.

The removal of chippings and the dimensions of the workpiece
can be set at the push of a button on the touch screen installed
directly above the tool support. In Jointing mode or Equalize mode
the operator can set first of all whether all four sides are to be
planed at right angles to each other, or whether only opposing
sides are to be planed in parallel.

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     Company:                         Products: XV102 HMI/PLC,                       Quicklink ID: ES2512
                                                              easy control relay,                                []
                                                              ESR safety relay

Automation enables high productivity

On machine startup, the first task of the controller is to check via the sensor data
whether all safety conditions are fulfilled. A check is also made whether the
protective guard is locked, whether the emergency-stop pushbutton actuator is
functioning correctly and whether the safety lasers and mirrors are in the correct
position. It must also ensure that there are no workpieces orforeign bodies in the
machine and that the required system air pressure is present. If the planer is then
switched on with the hardware start button, the first three spindle drives start up
first of all and then the feed for the workpiece.

The "Wood ready" sensor registers the insertion of the workpiece and activates the
safety laser at the outfeed opening and the mirrors at the infeed opening. The first
feeding arm detects the inserted workpiece and transports it through the processing
area of the four planing shafts, where it is transported further by the second feeding
                                                                                           The controller evaluates the data of several sensors and
arm up to the outfeed opening. The machine is equipped with three LS-Titan safety
                                                                                           actuators, such as measuring lasers, mirror adjusting
position switches from Eaton. The first, opposite the left planing shaft prevents the
                                                                                           drives, parts recognition, feeder mechanisms, planing
feeding in of another workpiece whilst the previous one has not yet been finished.         shaft drives and their position, safety lasers etc.
The second is installed behind the right-hand planer roller and third at the outfeed
opening. Only after the end of the workpiece has passed the outfeed can the
operator insert the next one.

The development and optimization of the automation concept, as well as the
programming and commissioning, was carried out with close collaboration between
the specialists at Weinig and the Automation Support and After Sales Service at
Eaton. The XV-102 color 5.7" touch panel with its powerful 400 MHz Risc processor
can even handle demanding PLC applications. It has a 128 MB onboard memory. It
is connected via an RS485 interface with the four spindle positioning units, with
which it exchanges positioning values, axis states etc. It also communicates via
CANopen with the easy822 control relay which is connected via easyLink to an
easy620. All sensor values are read in via digital inputs and processed by the HMI/
PLC for controlling the individual actuators. easy822 also controls the feeding speed
and defines the setpoint of the pulse width modulation, while easy620 switches the
                                                                                           The XV-102 color 5.7" touch panel with its powerful 400
spindles and the feed on and off.
                                                                                           MHz Risc processor can even handle demanding PLC
The controller processes the data of several sensors and actuators, including the four
measuring lasers, mirror adjusting drives, parts recognition, four feed mechanisms,
four planing shafts and the safety laser at the workpiece outfeed. PKZ high-performance
compact starters and DILM contactors, FAZ miniature circuit-breakers and LS-Titan
safety position switches are used in the application. With their with positively opening
function to IEC/EN 60947 these are also approved for safety-related tasks. The
developers based the safety engineering on Performance Level C in accordance
with the EN ISO 13 849-1 standard, permitting a maximum hazardous failure rate of
one per 333,000 hours. The machine therefore meets the requirements of
exceptionally high safety standards. Safety-related operating functions such as the
manual on/off switching of the machine are implemented in compliance with the
standards using RMQ-Titan pilot devices.

                                                                                           The 4-sided planer produces in just one run perfect
                                                                                           dimensions, right angles and a surface quality that can
                                                                                           be painted.


The new four-sided planer is increasingly replacing straightening and planing machines. A successful interior fitter in South
Germany managed to pay back the investment costs for the machine with just one large order for solid wood. The enormous
time saving is a key benefit. The example of Cube shows that Eaton is a competent partner for the development of customized
solutions – from the concept design to component selection and programming, right through to commissioning and worldwide
after-sales service. Rainer Kurz and Benedikt Schneider, wood technicians at Weinig, emphasize the fact that Eaton automation
systems and functional components offer an excellent price/performance ratio. They also stress the competent support
received in the selection of the most suitable products and the project implementation.

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                                                                               Full Steam Ahead!
                                                                                              Modular system with
                                                                                                SmartWire-DT and
                                                                                               "gap programming"

There are several production processes that require the provision of steam, either continuously, seasonally or on
demand. This ranges from the sterilization or cleaning of tanks such as in large-scale catering kitchens and hospitals,
right through to food processing plants or concrete works. Steam is likewise used for the heating of greenhouse floors,
as well as grass pitches in football stadiums or even for de-icing mooring ropes in the Arctic.

The Krefeld company Certuss Dampfautomaten GmbH & Co. KG               Supplying the steam on demand and energy efficiently
has been developing steam generators for over 50 years and uses
Eaton automation technology with SmartWire-DT for the control          When the high-speed steam generator is started, water is first of
system. Depending on the primary energy used, automatic steam          all pumped into the heating system. As soon as the set flow rate
generators are fired with oil, gas, electricity or with the combined   is reached, the firing is activated. The steam production is then
oil/gas burners. Gas and oil-fired steam generators are "forced-flow   activated according to the temperature measured. The boiler then
once-through" boilers that are also called high-speed steam            runs up to the set pressure which can be selected as required.
generators, since they can supply steam within five minutes.           Previously, steam generators, particularly shell boilers, required a
Certuss builds around 350 units a year in different performance        two-stage circuit for 50 and 100 percent. Today, Certuss produces
classes and sells them around the world.                               high-speed steam generators that generate steam from the first
                                                                       stage, modulating from 50 to 100 percent. This virtually eliminates
                                                                       the need for a steam accumulator even though a permanently
                                                                       uniform steam supply is still ensured. In this way, precise quantities
                                                                       of energy can be produced that are then also taken on demand.

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     Company:                         Products: HMI/PLC XV102,                        Quicklink ID: ES2513
                                                               PKZ motor starter combina-                          []
                                                               tions with SmartWire DT,
                                                               easySafety control relay,
                                                               FAZ miniature circuit-breaker

Designed for the future                                                    Certuss plants also provide a great deal of flexibility for the control
                                                                           cabinet design: The standard type is a control cabinet for gas,
For the electrical equipment of the steam generators, Certuss chose        from which either an oil or a gas-oil combination switch can be
an Eaton XV102 touch display PLC with a 7 inch wide screen, a              produced with a minor modification in the controller. These options
CANopen and a SmartWire-DT interface. The touch display enables            are provided for in the circuit diagrams, and the same applies to
the individual elements such as pumps, blowers, fans, or additional        the software. The customer doesn‘t fix himself to a particular
heaters to be accessed directly. All additional parts can be configured.   version when ordering, but has a system that is future-proof.
The pumps are actuated via PKZ motor starter combinations that             Certuss deals with its circuit diagrams in the same way – at a test
are connected to SmartWire-DT. A special advantage of SmartWire-DT         authority like TÜV Köln, for example, only one circuit diagram has
is the facility for system-integrated slave diagnostics: Faults are        to be approved, which then
indicated in the display in plain text in 15 languages – thus enabling     covers all plant variants. As
them to be localized and rectified quickly.                                SmartWire-DT now supports
                                                                           this modular approach without
An HMI/PLC controls the complete system, and the Galileo                   any problem, Certuss placed
visualization software, as well as the CoDeSys programming                 the order for it since
system, is also implemented. For Certuss customers, this makes             SmartWire-DT also allows for
all the closed-loop and open-loop control functions much simpler           "gap programming".
since they only have to access one unit.
                                                                           A universally designed
In future, Certuss steam generators will also be fitted with remote        SmartWire-DT slave in the
access, either via Ethernet, Profibus or DSL or GSM modules, as            RMQ housing is thus able to
required by the customer. The entire plant can be started or               accommodate the
disabled via an SMS server. Several authorization levels are               requirements of the OEMs:
provided to prevent unauthorized access. In this way, an operator          These companies prefer to use
with the lowest authorization level is only allowed, for example, to       only one PLC program for the maximum configuration of a
switch the boiler on or off, and if required by sending an SMS             machine/plant and for all its variants. The universal modules allow
activation request to the technical or production manager. The             a full expansion to be designed and programmed in the PLC
process is also graphically displayed so that the user is shown via        configuration and in the user program of the PLC. The hardware
a graphic which valves are to be operated and when. Although the           required for expansions does not yet have to be physically present.
plant is fully automated, it must be initialized for safety reasons.       By exchanging the universal slave with the actually designed device,
                                                                           plant sections can be integrated flexibly at any time later, without
All operating hours and error messages are stored with date and            having to change the program or the hardware configuration, for
time. This enables the easy tracing of the power values of a boiler        which only one SmartWire-DT cable is required.
or how often it was switched on or off manually.

To comply with the latest requirements of the Machinery Directive,
Eaton‘s easySafety assigns all pressure and temperature monitoring
circuits individually to one input. The benefit of easySafety is the
simple installation: A safety signal indicates whether wiring faults
or cable breaks are present.

With its new system generation, Certuss places particular
importance on the problem-free integration in any (building) control
system. Plants can be connected remotely via a bus system - also
over large distances. This simplifies the load reduction of a boiler
in the event of a fault or supports the demand for steam with an
additional boiler. A loop system, such as via Ethernet, can then be
used in large plants to distribute the required steam between the

                                                                           Same software – different hardware – "gap programming with SmartWire-DT"


                                                                           Alfred Thomas, head of the development department at
                                                                           Certuss Dampfautomaten GmbH & Co. KG sums up as
                                                                           follows: "Safety has top priority with our steam generators.
                                                                           We only use EN/IEC standards compliant and tested
                                                                           components. UL and CSA approvals are also important for
                                                                           applications in North America / Canada, as well as GOST-R
                                                                           approvals for Russia. Eaton control components meet all
                                                                           these requirements."

SOLUTIONS 25                                                                                                                                    19

Everything Transparent!
SmartWire-DT provides a neat control solution
for poultry processing
Mavitec is a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality systems for processing
animal protein by-products from the food industry, so that they can be readily and efficiently recycled.
The systems supplied by Mavitec are typically complex, often involving well over a hundred drives, and
so have complex control requirements. Around 70% of the company’s systems are exported, with Russia
currently one of its largest markets.
Mavitec designs and builds all of its own control systems, and          The major challenge for this complex project was
takes particular pride in ensuring that these are not only efficient    to develop control systems that would be easy
in operation, but are also easy to modify and have a neat, attractive   to manufacture, test and commission, and that
appearance. Ease of fault finding and maintenance are other key         would subsequently be easy to maintain and, if
requirements because routine work on control systems in the field       necessary, modify to cater for changes in the
is almost always carried out by the end user, rather than by            end user’s requirements.
Mavitec’s engineers.
                                                                        The control system developed by Mavitec for the
Mavitec recently won an order to supply its largest ever system to      Noblesse Proteins plant incorporates drives for
Noblesse Proteins BV of Wijster in the Netherlands, a new               no fewer than 140 motors that power loads
company founded by six major Dutch poultry slaughterhouses.             ranging from pumps and ventilation fans, to
The specification called for a plant that would render, per hour, 7     conveyors and hammer mills. The motors range
tonnes of blood, 13.5 tonnes of feathers and 16.5 tonnes of offal       in size from 0.37 kW to 200 kW, with the
into blood meal, feather meal and chicken oil, primarily for use in     majority in the range 3 kW to 4 kW.
the pet food industry. The plant also needed to be suitable for
continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although it        Approximately 70% of the motors are controlled
would initially operate for around 15 hours a day.                      by direct-on-line (DOL) starters and 20% by
                                                                        variable speed drives. Star-delta starters are used
In addition to supplying the plant and its associated control system,   for the remaining 10% as the Mavitec engineers
Mavitec was also awarded the contract to design and supply the          have not yet found an electronic alternative that
control systems needed for the site’s building services, including      provides sufficient starting torque. Overall
air-conditioning, lighting, automatic doors, bio-filtering and water    control is provided by a programmable controller
treatment.                                                              that incorporates a Profibus interface, and
                                                                        electronic HMI panels are provided to allow the
                                                                        operators to monitor and control the plant.

20               SOLUTIONS 25

     Company:                       Products: PKZ with SmartWire-DT                Quicklink ID: ES2514

                                                                          "One of the really big benefits, however, is one that you might find
                                                                          surprising," continued Vincent Vermeulen, "and that is, with a little
                                                                          effort, panels that use SmartWire-DT can be made very neat and
                                                                          good-looking internally. It may sound a little strange to be
                                                                          concerned about what the inside of a control panel looks like, but
                                                                          we’ve found that end users very much like neat, tidy panels, and
                                                                          that they will make every effort to look after them to ensure that
                                                                          their good appearance is maintained."

                                                                          In fact, Mavitec is so pleased with the internal appearance of the
                                                                          panels it has supplied to Noblesse Proteins that it has, at no extra
                                                                          cost to the customer, fitted the panel doors with full height
                                                                          transparent Plexiglas windows and installed blue LED lighting
                                                                          within the panels. This means that the attractive appearance of
                                                                          the control system can be readily displayed at all times, something
                                                                          which has received a very positive reaction from the end user.

                                                                          Vincent Vermeulen and his customers are very happy with the
The control system for the rendering plant occupies 16 cabinet            benefits they are getting from SmartWire-DT, and Mavitec will
bays, each about 2 m high, which are arranged back-to-back in 2 x         certainly be continuing its long association with the product, using
8 formation, while the control systems for the building services          it on all but the smallest of projects.
occupy a further 7 cabinet bays. With a control system this large
and complex, the choice of components and method of wiring have
a large influence on the time required for its manufacture and its
eventual performance. For all of the direct-on-line and star-delta
starters, Mavitec selected Eaton xStart contactors and motor protection
circuit breakers, which feature fast tool-less plug connections to
reduce wiring time and eliminate the possibility of errors.

Mavitec also had no hesitation in deciding to use Eaton’s
SmartWire-DT system in the panels. A seamless wiring and
communication system, SmartWire-DT replaces conventional
control wiring with standardised cables that have plug-in connectors.

A key benefit is that it works with not only Eaton components, such
as those in the xStart range for which dedicated SmartWire-DT
modules are available, but also with third party products, which are
connected via general purpose interface modules. SmartWire-DT
can also be easily connected to standard bus systems such as
Profibus and Ethernet/IP using convenient bridge modules. In the
Noblesse Proteins system, SmartWire-DT is used to link all of the
motor starters, and is bridged to a Profibus network that links the
system’s programmable controllers, variable speed drives, HMI
panels and field devices. While SmartWire-DT can support up to
127 slave modules per controller, Mavitec chose to limit the
maximum number in this application to 16, as this allowed the design
to be sectionalised so that its operation was easier to understand.

"We’ve used every version of SmartWire since the system first
appeared," said Vincent Vermeulen, Technical Director at Mavitec,         CONCLUSION
"so we were never in any doubt about the benefits it would offer.
In fact, we know from experience that on a typical project it             "For us, SmartWire-DT is one of the factors that gives us an
reduces panel wiring time by about 40% compared with conventional         edge over our competitors," said Vincent Vermeulen. "It’s
wiring, and this was very close to the figure we achieved with the        readily available in all of the export markets we serve, and
Noblesse Proteins panels."                                                our customers around the world love it because it’s so easy to
                                                                          understand and to work with. In short, it’s simply an excellent
"Particularly with such a large system, a saving of this size makes       system that’s very well thought out and implemented."
a big difference to how quickly we can produce the panels. And,
of course, since SmartWire-DT is a plug-in system, wiring errors
are eliminated, which means that testing and commissioning are
also much easier and faster."

Other benefits that were important to Mavitec were the ease with
which panels that use SmartWire-DT can be modified or extended,
should this ever become necessary, and the logical faultfinding
that the system makes possible.

SOLUTIONS 25                                                                                                                                21

The Power of One
Complete Eaton hydraulic and electrical engineering for
sophisticated testing machines
Poppe + Potthoff is a company that specializes in the field of high pressure. From high pressure lines, pipe
components and precision parts, right through to machines and services for testing technology, the group of
companies develops and produces advanced technology solutions for the automotive and utility vehicle sector,
shipbuilding and general industry. An Eaton test system with Eaton hydraulic and electrical components is one of
the latest projects. Over the course of the cooperation, Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH came to value the
partnership with Eaton and the possibility of sourcing components as well as solution know-how for both worlds from
a single supplier.

At its Nordhausen site, Poppe + Potthoff concentrates on test
systems for burst tests, autofrettage, pulse tests and rotating
bending fatigue and for supporting series production and prototype
development. The latest machines include a burst pressure test
stand that is suitable for both testing tube fittings and also
hydraulic hose lines, and which also fully supports the new and
further development of these components. Test sequences can
be programmed flexibly, not only allowing testing with linear
pressure increases and decreases, as well as holding times at a
constant pressure and volume, but also burst pressure tests with
a linear volume flow. In a massive test chamber with a 10 mm
stainless steel safety cage, test objects can be burst tested in a
controlled manner at pressures of up to 4,000 bar, for which data
can be recorded in real-time with an accuracy of 100,000
measured values per second.

The development of the test stand described placed particular
requirements on the design of the system, particularly because of
the different properties of the test objects, fittings and hoses.

In the past, Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH had the
hydraulic power unit manufactured by an outside company,

22               SOLUTIONS 25

     Company:                    Products: Electrics:                             Quicklink ID: ES2515
                                                                  XC200 compact PLC                                    [
                                                                  Hydraulics:                                          electrical]
                                                                  Axial pumps, vane pumps,
                                                                  hydraulic values, hoses,
                                                                  fittings, pressure filters

however, the machine builder decided to pursue a different approach       A commissioning screen created with the XSoft-CoDeSys Target
with this test stand. In partnership with Eaton, an in-house              visualization shows all important parameters at a glance, and thus
hydraulic power unit was developed which is controlled by Eaton           not only noticeably simplifies commissioning, but also supports
automation and switchgear technology.                                     the end user with later optimizations.

                                                                          Poppe + Potthoff also sourced key components from Eaton in
Hydraulics from the drive to the control to the connection                terms of switchgear. These include contactors, motor-protective
                                                                          circuit-breakers, soft starters, power supply units, miniature circuit-
"In order to create the pressure in our plant, the hydraulic power        breakers and residual current circuit-breakers for this burst pressure
unit first of all generates a pressure of up to 350 bar," explains        test stand. In addition to this are the operating elements and
Johannes Montag, responsible for Design Construction at Poppe             safety technology products. The burst pressure test stand is thus
+ Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH. "For the first time we have used            provided with a two-hand control, an emergency-stop circuit and
two pressure amplifiers to create the high pressure. These have           interlocking doors that are switched using Eaton safety relays.
different piston diameters so that we can pre-fill quickly with the
large pressure amplifier and then, particularly for position-controlled
burst pressure testing, very finely regulate the pressure at high
resolution using the small pressure amplifier." The key components
for the precise control of the pressure amplifiers and thus the
pressures in the test chamber are the proportional valves.

Besides the proportional valves for the two pressure amplifiers,
other important hydraulic components for the drive, control and
connection are supplied by Eaton and integrate together
seamlessly. The following components are used: Axial piston
pumps and vane pumps, as well as valves from Eaton‘s Vickers
product series, Aeroquip hoses, tube fittings from the Walterscheid
product series, screw in cartridge valves from the Integrated
Hydraulics brand, as well as Internormen pressure filters and
ventilation filters for the tank system. For the machine builders in
Nordhausen, the service oriented integration of Eaton‘s distribution
arm also played an important role in the cooperation with Eaton.
The Düsseldorf company Hyflexar Schlauch- und Armaturen GmbH
was the Eaton service partner for Poppe + Potthoff, that not only
kept all tubes, pumps and fittings in stock, but also configured and
installed on site with its mobile workshop fluid conveyance
solutions to customer specifications, as well as providing a 24/7
spare parts service. Furthermore, the Eaton Store in the Rastatt
Service Center provides Eaton customers and partners with a
point of contact for components and finishing services.

Fast and uncomplicated programming and commissioning
of the test stand

The proportional valves of this burst pressure stand are connected
to the controller via CANopen. Poppe + Potthoff chose Eaton‘s
modular XC200 for the PLC. "For us, the XC200 offers two major
benefits for this test stand," explains René Karwoth, who is
responsible for software development at Poppe + Potthoff in
Nordhausen. "Firstly, the integrated Ethernet interface allows us to
connect the PLC directly to National Instruments LabVIEW and              CONCLUSION
the network, without having to use MPI or PPI converters as was
necessary before. Secondly, the CoDeSys-based software                    "Thanks to this project and the close cooperation with Eaton,
(SW-XSoft-CoDeSys-2) and the extensive range of functions of the          we are now able to also offer our customers Eaton hydraulic
closed-loop control toolbox enable us to complete programming             power units in future for different test stands," Frank Baudler,
and commissioning faster and more conveniently than before                head of engineering/R&D at Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau
                                                                          GmbH, is delighted. "The fact that we can source both the
"Eaton‘s closed-loop control toolbox contains around 120 ready-to-use     hydraulics and the electrical engineering from Eaton as a
function blocks that make life easier for the developer by providing      single supplier opens up new possibilities for us. By taking
already implemented closed-loop control know-how, so that                 on our suppliers as partners, we can also increasingly give
individual application solutions can be made simply and quickly by        them greater responsibility." In future the specialist for high
combining and cascading standard function blocks.                         pressure test stands will also use Eaton hydraulic power units
                                                                          in different performance classes. Thanks to the broad and
                                                                          comprehensive range of Eaton products a scaling of the unit
                                                                          is easy to implement.

SOLUTIONS 25                                                                                                                                  23

Efficiency From a Single Source
Eaton combines hydraulics and electronics in the production of palm oil

They can be up to 30 meters in height and have bunches consisting of up to 4,000 fruits and weighing a
hundredweight – oil palms are an impressive sight. In addition they supply one of the most important vegetable
oils worldwide: palm oil. This is primarily used in the food industry in several different ways. The so-called "CPO" or
crude palm oil is produced in large processing plants from the fresh fruit, with around 50 % of the world‘s palm oil
production coming from Indonesia. Most of these plants are still operated manually – a labor intensive process that is
not very efficient. PT Hutan Sawit Lestari based in Jakarta, Indonesia, is one of the leading system manufacturers for
industrial palm oil production. As a supplier of complete solutions, Eaton supplies the company with the hydraulic and
electronic components required for the automation.

Palm oil as an economic factor                                          How oil is produced from fruit

Oil palms were originally found in Africa. Nowadays, they are           The production of palm oil involves a multi-stage process. The
widespread in tropical America and particularly Southeast Asia. In      freshly harvested fruit bunches are supplied to the process plant
Indonesia alone, around 6 million hectares, i.e. almost twice the       and firstly sterilized with steam and then threshed. This breaks
area of Belgium, are covered with palm oil plantations. The yield       them down into their individual components. The crude palm oil is
from oil palms is very high: Compared to soybean, rape seed or          then subsequently produced in a screw press. In further process
peanut oil, up to ten times less cultivation area is required per ton   steps this is separated from water and fiber waste, put into an
of vegetable oil. Palm oil production is therefore of great economic    intermediate store and then later refined. The organic waste is
importance to the producing countries: More than 144 million tons       then used for fertilizer or heating once dried. In refineries the
of vegetable oil are produced worldwide every year, of which 47         crude oil is split into several components in order to obtain as
million tons are produced up of palm oil.                               wide a product range as possible. Around 90 percent of the palm
                                                                        oil produced is used in the food industry, for example, for making
                                                                        margarine or deep-frying fat.

24               SOLUTIONS 25

     Company:                  Products: Eaton electrical engineering:        Quicklink ID: ES2516
                                                              RMQ control circuit devices                        []
                                                              with SmartWire-DT
                                                              MFD Titan multi-function dis-
                                                              Eaton hydraulics:
                                                              VMQ V25 vacuum pumps
                                                              ADU41 piston pumps

                                                                         "We have built the entire system using SmartWire-DT as the
                                                                         basis, since SmartWire-DT particularly demonstrates its strengths
                                                                         in complex environments involving a large number of control
                                                                         circuit devices. This is what we mean by ‘Lean Solutions’ – saving
                                                                         time and money through simple wiring, decentralized intelligence
                                                                         and increasing performance. The reduction of error sources and
                                                                         greater flexibility with modular machine concepts are additional
                                                                         benefits," George Hendro further explains. All motor starters are
                                                                         directly integrated in the same way: Conventional I/O modules are
                                                                         unnecessary since with SmartWire-DT the I/O level is directly
                                                                         integrated in the switchgear. The connection to the standard
                                                                         fieldbus level is established using gateways, which, for example
                                                                         integrate the AxisProTM servo/proportional valve system via
                                                                         CANopen. The ‘Lean’ principle from Eaton is also implemented
                                                                         here: With these valves, the servo amplifiers are integrated for the
                                                                         first time directly in the valve itself. This increases safety, reduces
                                                                         the wiring and commissioning effort and thus also the costs. "The
                                                                         highly dynamic properties of the four-way solenoid valves enable
                                                                         us to use this now directly in the closed-loop control circuit,"
                                                                         hydraulic specialist Andrew Aung explains delightedly.
The remaining share is processed in cleaning agents, in the cosmetic
and oleochemical industry. Around 5 % is used for biofuel.

Eaton‘s impressive portfolio: hydraulics and electronics from
a single source

A large palm oil plant processes up to 45 tons of fruit an hour.
Hydraulic and electrical components are installed in mechanically,
thermally and in part also chemically demanding environments.
Robustness is a key issue here: "We only use the vacuum pumps
of the VMQ V25 series and piston pumps of the ADU41 series
from Eaton. The robustness of these pumps as well as their high
flow rates and pressure resistance are impressive," says Jasper Lim
at system integrators PT. Palmas Project Engineering in Jakarta.
The company is building several different palm oil processing
plants in Indonesia in collaboration with Eaton. Eaton showed
itself here to be a partner that could skillfully combine the world of
hydraulics and electronics. "For us this means that we are working
with a single partner, so that the engineering requirements are
considerably less, both for the installation and for the startup,"
Jasper Lim explains enthusiastically. "We see ourselves as full-range    CONCLUSION
suppliers for systems that combine electrical engineering, power
distribution, automation and hydraulics. In this way we help to          The Eaton Electrical and Eaton Hydraulic businesses work
provide competent solutions for the wide range of automation             perfectly together. The direct routes impress the customers:
requirements for industrial plants," George Hendro, sales director       Time and money is saved as well as important resources.
for the industrial sector at Eaton Industries Pte. Ltd. Singapore,       "For us, Eaton is synonymous with competence in industrial
explains the clear direction.                                            automation. We receive the support for hydraulics and
                                                                         electrical engineering from a single source, and the
                                                                         worldwide service also provides security for the future. This
Saving time and costs with SmartWire-DT                                  is a guarantee for efficient work," Andrew Aung sums up.

The automation of the palm oil factories is decentralized. Local
control panels are installed at the units, each containing Eaton’s
MFD multi-function displays and several function elements that
guide the user. The control is brought together in central control
panels on elevated working platforms. These are made up of
Eaton XV102 touch display PLCs at the core, each consisting a
very compactly integrated HMI and PLC.

The local and central control panels consist of several pushbutton
actuators and indicator lights, and are assembled at Eaton in

SOLUTIONS 25                                                                                                                                 25

Fully Automated Savings
Energy management for heat and electricity
When renovating older buildings, the question always arises whether to improve their energy efficiency. This is
particularly the case when renovating the building shell and replacing the heating system by increasingly using
biomass instead of fossil fuels. Such considerations here are also increasingly including the different systems for using
regenerative energies for electricity generation. However, smaller systems, such as for private homes are mostly only
offered as stand-alone systems. As a result, the control systems of different manufacturers are distributed and their
subsystems used independently of each other. In this respect, a consideration of the overall energy generation would
offer clear benefits, both from an ecological and also from a financial perspective. as automotion AG is a company
based in Bern, Switzerland, that has specialized in its Energy Technology business unit in developing automation
solutions for the central plant and energy management of multiple systems. For many years the company has relied
here on the systems and components of Eaton.

Integration of independent subsystems                                  However, renovation projects are often implemented in sections
                                                                       and over several years, not infrequently on account of the costs
As system integrators, as automotion AG provides the full range        involved. Systems for using regenerative energy or alternative
of services from planning, development, project engineering, right     heating technologies are relatively new sectors in comparison.
through to mounting, startup and maintenance – even for large          They are being further developed very quickly and have as yet had
scale solar installations. "For us it‘s mainly a matter of achieving   little standardization. "The protocols to the controller are therefore
maximum efficiency for the particular application with the selected    often proprietary," Martin Fröhlich explains and adds: "This is why
components," explains Martin Fröhlich, project manager and             we need an open controller solution that can utilize the different
closed-loop control specialist at as automotion.                       specialties of individual installation sections and is easy to expand
                                                                       for future applications."

                                                                       Operation and control

                                                                       "We looked for an integrated controller and HMI visualization on
                                                                       account of both cost and space limitations," the project manager
                                                                       describes the initial situation when an in-roof solar installation had
                                                                       to be completed for a private home in Liebefeld near Bern,

26               SOLUTIONS 25

     Company:              Products: XV102 HMI/PLC,                            Quicklink ID: ES2517
                                                          FAZ-C miniature circuit-breaker,                        []
                                                          DILEM-10-G contactor

"This required the collection and monitoring of the data from the PV system, the
solar hot water heating system and also the newly installed pellet heater."

Flexible and standards compliant

A clear and inexpensive solution could be implemented based on the Eaton XV102
HMI/PLC. Martin Fröhlich appreciates the unrestricted CoDeSys-based programming
capability of the xSoft-Codesys-2 programming system, which enables IEC61131-3
conform PLC programs to be created easily. "We also like the compact design of
the XV102 and its application-friendly provision of interfaces for Ethernet, CANopen
as well as a serial interface," Martin Fröhlich describes other decision criteria. At the
same time, the color touch panel with a 3.5" screen diagonal ensures flexible menu
                                                                                            Compact device: Eaton XV102 HMI/PLC in the control
guidance. As with all Eaton devices, the powerful Galileo project design environment
is available for all Eaton devices. "In this application, however, we developed the
operator interface with the alternative CoDeSys Target tool," explains Martin Fröhlich.

Energy and cost optimization

The central controller system enables the optimum utilization of the special features
of the individual system sections. The energy optimization of the entire process can
be improved at the same time. "Our controller activates each heating circuit of the
pellet heating system separately and thus selectively optimizes the necessary
recooling of the solar hot water system," Martin Fröhlich describes one of the many
closed-loop control details. However, for him these kinds of process control systems
are only a beginning: "We are already thinking of the predictive automation of the
overall system based on an Internet weather forecast," Martin Fröhlich said. He
sees here a large and as yet unexploited potential. This can for example be used to
optimize the heating cycles of the pellet stove by keeping the energetically inefficient
heating phases, which also produce a larger amount of fine dust, to a minimum.

It is also possible to remotely monitor the overall system, and this can be implemented
easily with the Eaton controller. For this the controller specialist had to work with
the protocols of the individual components such as, for example, the power inverter
of the photovoltaic installation, and combine these under one operator interface. In
future it will even be possible to control the costs of the electricity consumption in
the home according to defined criteria: "Based on the currently applicable tariff, a
decision is then made as to whether electricity generated from the photovoltaic
system is to be fed into the grid or used for private consumption," Martin Fröhlich
explains. Furthermore, automation could make an even greater contribution to energy
efficiency: As soon as household devices are equipped with a control input, it will
be possible to selectively operate devices, particularly those with a high energy
consumption, such as washing machines or dryers, at the most economical time.

                                                                                            With the 3.5" color display, all installation sections can
                                                                                            be monitored and controlled via a central user interface.


                       "The compact HMI/PLCs of the XV100 series from Eaton have given us a future-proof solution with an
                       attractive price-performance ratio," Martin Fröhlich confirmed. A high level of reliability is achieved through
                       the use of high quality industrial components. The modular design of the energy management system of
                       as automotion makes it a flexible solution for any requirement – from small systems to large networked
                       installations. The owner is also impressed by the user-friendly and clear control system for the solar
                       installation and heating system, and feels optimally prepared for the future. System extensions and the
                       expansion to other areas of the home are already being planned.

SOLUTIONS 25                                                                                                                                       27

                             Tire Production &
                             Power Supply
                             High-performance technologies,
                             safety and sustainability ideally

                             The manufacture of car tires is a particularly energy and
                             raw materials intensive process, in which more than 30
                             litres of mineral oil, rubber, various chemicals, metals and
                             strengthening supports are processed with a high degree
                             of technological expertise. The names of worldwide top
                             producers are synonymous with high performance and
                             safety for everyday tire requirements – and often also for
                             motor racing. These companies are also mostly making
                             new approaches in the development of sustainable
                             production processes. In 2010, one European company
                             reduced its worldwide water and energy consumption,
                             and the tire manufacturer was also able to reduce its CO2
                             emissions and waste production. The company made
                             extensive investments in Romania, and awarded Eaton
                             with the contract to provide safe and reliable energy
                             distribution in an impressive all-in-one package.

28            SOLUTIONS 25

    Products: SVS medium-voltage switchboards                                Quicklink ID: ES2518 []
              xEnergy LV power distribution system
              Power Xpert® XP and MP busbars system
              Eaton 1600A UPS systems

The aim of the extensive investment was to expand the tire               The insulating material is also resistant to lightning impulse
production facility. Romania is the location for several car             voltage. The grounded metal cladding of the switchboard offers
manufacturers, such as Renault, which produces the Romanian              additional personal safety (IP4X to IEC-298).
Dacia, and Ford, which assembles its Transit Connect. Renault has
also opened an R&D center in Titu, near Bucharest, with a 32 km
long test track on a 330 hectare area. Romania, Hungary and
Bulgaria are strongly expanding markets in the automotive sector
overall, as well as for parts production. To tire manufacturers, the
local proximity to a cluster of original equipment manufacturers is
of considerable strategic importance.

Safe energy distribution

The engineering company contracted by the tire manufacturer was
TMG Romania, a branch of the consulting company TMG GmbH
Deutschland, which specializes in strategic consulting and which
was a key participant in the project. The electrical installation
company, ICCO Electric Brasov, which had already been responsible
previously for the construction of the electrical installations, was
also active. In collaboration with Eaton, a complete solution was
developed to meet the demanding requirements of the project.
ICCO Electric supplied the electrical devices and was once again
responsible for the panel building.

The tire manufacturer relies on a complete package from Eaton for
energy distribution: Starting from two 24kV SVS medium-voltage
distribution boards (SVS08, SVS12), as well as 2000 kVA power
transformers and a 3200A low-voltage xEnergy main distribution
system, the decentralized energy distribution is implemented via
XP 1600A and MP 630A busbar trunking systems to several                  CONCLUSION
xEnergy subdistribution systems. Two Eaton UPS systems, 60kVA
each, ensure an uninterrupted power supply of the IT systems.            "The collaboration with Eaton in this outstanding project was
                                                                         very beneficial to us as consultants and also to our customer.
xEnergy provides panel builders with a freely combinable product         We benefited from their continuous support in all phases of
range for power distribution systems up to 4000A. The system is          the project. The high quality products of Eaton and the Eaton
a modular design and allows for a host of intelligent combinations.      overall package in particular justified our choice of supplier,
Switching and protective devices, as well as the associated              also for the installation and commissioning", explained Mihai
mounting system and enclosure components are perfectly matched           Grosu, project manager of TMG Romania, the local branch of
and form one technical and economical unit. The system platform          TMG GmbH Germany. He added: "Thanks to xEnergy we will
allows for individual project design, maximum flexibility and fast       be able to connect additional consumers in the future without
assembly in the workshop. Expanding the modular system in                having to isolate the system – a significant benefit of the
order to meet growing requirements is easy and quick, thus               xEnergy system".
making it future-proof. The modular system integrates exactly
tailored function modules that are type tested to IEC/ EN 60439,
with Form 1 to Form 4b internal partitioning, and complies with
the requirements of European and local installation standards
(DIN, VDE, CEI, NF, UNE). Panel builders are provided with
efficient software tools for all stages from planning, to quotations
right up to ordering: The documents and the switchboard front
view are printed out with the order. If required, Eaton can supply
the entire range packed in functional flat pack units or as a pre-
assembled switching cabinet. Documents for the installation also
come with detailed assembly instructions.

The SVS medium-voltage distribution system is a modular, sheet-steel
enclosed and epoxy resin insulated system designed for medium
voltages up to 24kV, and is completely free of environmentally harmful
SF6 gas. The vacuum switch-disconnectors and circuit-breakers
developed by Eaton offer an outstanding lifespan with a high
number of switch operations. The multie parallel switching arcs
(diffuse discharge) that are produced between the contacts in the
vacuum result in a very low arc voltage and short arcing times
which keeps contact wear to a minimum. The vacuum switch units
are designed for rated currents up to 630 A and for short-circuit
currents up to 25kA. All live parts in the SVS switchboard are
provided with high quality epoxy resin primary insulation and thus
prevent internal arcs. This also excludes the possibility of contact
with energized components during maintenance, repair or
mounting work.

SOLUTIONS 25                                                                                                                              29

 Eaton Technology Road Show Europe
 "Solutions from Lean Connectivity to
 Lean Automation"
 From August 2011 to the end of 2012 the Eaton Road Show will be              motor-protective circuit-breakers with electronic wide-range overload
 touring Europe and presenting directly to the customer a wide range of       protection, scalable automation and safety solutions that meet the
 innovations for machine building and system building applications. Not       most demanding requirements, as well as energy optimization solutions
 only device components but also solutions that offer a considerable          including monitoring, energy saving solutions with variable speed drive
 value addition for users will be showcased.                                  drives, right through to efficient power quality and also electrohydraulic
 The Eaton Technology Road Show Europe will start with a bang and a           solutions.
 blaze of product highlights and key technologies, setting benchmarks         Interested visitors to the Road Show can take the opportunity to
 in efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability, whilst at the same          get informed in their locality. Information about when and where
 time ensuring a high level of performance, reliability, safety and user-     the Expoliner (bus with 240 kW, 18 tons in weight, 12 m long and
 friendliness. An extremely versatile portfolio will be on show, consisting   4 m high) can be obtained from your local Eaton sales offices:
 of products and services for power distribution, power quality, and
 industrial automation for machine building applications for OEMs
 and end customers. The range includes MSC motor starters, PKE

                                                                                                    Eaton Live:
     New Catalog
     for Machinery                                                                                  Germany
                                                                                                    15.04. – 20.04.2012 | Light+Building, Frankfurt
                                                                                                    23.04. – 27.04.2012 | Hannover Messe, Hanover
                                                                                                    13.06. – 15.06.2012 | Intersolar, Munich
                                                                                                    04.09. – 07.09.2012 | SMM 2012, Hamburg
                                                                                                    18.09. – 22.09.2012 | Husum Wind, Husum
                                                                                                    10.10. – 12.10.2012 | IZB Fair, Wolfsburg
                                                                                                    27.11. – 29.11.2012 | SPS/IPC/DRIVES, Nürnberg

                                                                                                    21.03. – 22.03.2012 | ELECTRO-TEC, Bern
     ·   PLC, HMI/PLC, control relays and touch panels                                              29.03. – 01.04.2012 | WIN, Istanbul
     ·   Safety relays and switches
     ·   Pilot devices, limit switches, sensors                                                     16.04. – 19.04.2012 | EWEA 2012, Copenhagen
     ·   Contactors, motor-protective circuit breakers,                                             08.05. – 10.05.2012 | EL & TEKNIK 2012, Odense
     ·   Soft starters and drives
     ·   Circuit breaker and disconnectors                                                          22.05. – 24.05.2012 | SPS / IPC / DRIVES, Parma
     ·   miniature circuit-breaker
     ·   rotary switches                                                                            04.06. – 07.06.2012 | Eliaden, Oslo
     ·   Single-phase and three-phase UPS systems                                                   12.06. – 14.06.2012 | Powertage 2012, Zürich
                                                                 Quicklink ID: ES2520               04.09. – 06.09.2012 | Sindex,Bern
                                                                                                    09.10. – 11.10.2012 | Transmission & Distribution/
                                                                                                                          Smart Grids Europe 2012,

                                                                                                    10.09. – 14.09.2012 | Electra Mining Africa,
                                                                                                         Quicklink ID: MESSEN

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SOLUTIONS 25                                                                                                                                                                          31
1 million
toothbrushes, 24/7.
This daily routine relies
on electrical automation.

                            What’s critical to you is critical to us.

                            Eaton ensures reliable machine automation.

                            ZAHORANSKY and M+C Schiffer, Germany

                        M+C Schiffer’s fully automated production lines work 24
                        hours a day, seven days a week, producing more than a
                        million toothbrushes every day. For this to happen, control and
                        automation need to be reliable. This is why Eaton’s electrical
                        control and automation solutions are used.
                        From power distribution to power quality, control to automation,
                        we can manage complete electrical power systems, delivering
                        solutions with reliability, efficiency, safety and sustainability.
                        Whatever is critical to you is critical to us: wherever there’s
                        electricity, land, sea or air, you’ll find the people, knowledge,
                        understanding and experience. Brought together in One Eaton.
                        To find out more visit

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