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  St Andrew's School Alumni & Friends Association
                                                                                                  Volume 6 Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2007

  PO Box EE-17340, Nassau, Bahamas           St Andrew’s Headmaster 1954 to 1972
  Tel 1-(242)-324-2621
  Fax 1-(242)-324-0816
  E-mail               John Chaplin Remembers
  The StAAFA Executive                       In 1953, at the age of 29, I applied for the      Bertram Maura’s “stabbing” of himself with
  Committee 2006-2007                        post of Headmaster of St Andrew’s School. I       his penknife on behalf of Shakespeare; Mrs.
  Robert (Bob) Wade                          received a polite refusal from Charlie Freeman    Price in her mothball smelling uniform
  Margo Albury                               (Royal Victoria Hotel) and secretary to the       cupboard under the stairs: the Howell-
  Irene Cathopoulis                          Board. Presumably on account of my age!           Griffiths; the Dunns and many more?
  Kirstie Smollett                                A year later St Andrew’s was                                    I well remember how,
  Kirsten Stevens                            again advertising for a headmaster.                               during the second night of a
  Dana Thompson                              I wrote, reminding the Board                                      performance of a Christmas
  Jeanne Treco                               of my previous application. In                                    Carol, Stafford Morrison ran
                                             response I received from London                                   onto the stage bearing the
                                             a telephone call inviting me to                                   remnants of a turkey – the
                                             attend for interview. Captain                                     rats had eaten the rest.
  Inside this issue:                         William Wallace Ogilvie had                                          Then there was the time
                                             promised to deliver a Scottish                                    that boys lead a horse up the
  Former Headmasters                         Headmaster who would stay. I                                      front steps and into the hall!
    In their own words                   2   was appointed and stay I did – for                                   In my early days I taught
                                             19 years.                                                         all the science in the school
  Former Teachers,                                I admit that I had some                                      and my after-school Scientific
    Where are they now?                  4   reservations about heading up                                     Society was popular for its
                                             a school of which the members                                     annual expeditions to such
  Alumni in the Spotlight                5   of the Board of Directors were                                    places as Preacher’s Cave, the
                                             parents of current school pupils. My fears        Everglades and Staniel Cay. Unashamedly the
  In Days Gone By                        9   were unfounded. I enjoyed very pleasant           club followed my hobbies of photography
                                             relations with all - except the last! My first     and radio. There was an occasion when my
  StAAFA Wine & Cheese               10      Chairman was Dr. Kenneth Eardley who              secretary, Sue Kimble, received a frantic
                                             even delivered my two children!                   phone call, “Tell Mr. Chaplin there are boys
  Can you name anyone?               11           The Collins House on Collins Avenue          and girls running about on the roof of the
                                             had recently been bought for £27,000…we           school!” - There were…and I was among
  Announcements                      12      sold it 18 years later for almost $1,000,000!     them fitting up antennas for our amateur
                                                  The school roll of 120 quickly grew          radio station VP7CR.
                                             due to the influx of foreign companies and              Jean, my wife, ran the English department
                                             the economic growth of Nassau. By the late        for 18 years, dearly loved as the kind gentle
We want your feedback:                       1960s the school building on Collins Avenue       lady she was.
Please send any comments, alumni
                                             could no longer accommodate the 600+                   We had two children, Joy (Class of
                                             pupils. Plans were put in motion for the          1971) and Ken (Class of 1974). Joy followed
news, old photos or articles for
                                             building of the new school on the Yamacraw        in the family tradition as an educator. Ken
future newsletters to Kirstie at             site. In 1971 the move was accomplished           worked with Solomons for many years and is or mail to             very smoothly thanks to the cooperation of        now in Real Estate with Peter Dupuch (Class
Kirstie at P.O. Box N-523, Nassau,           staff, parents, pupils and friends.               of 1974).
Bahamas.                                          St Andrew’s staff members were                    Joy lives in Abaco with her husband
                                             encouraged to stay for a number of years in       Mike Robus (a former St Andrew’s teacher.)
Also, if you have a change of ad-            order to provide stability. This gave rise to a   Ken and his wife, Sheila (a current St
dress, or are not registered in our          family feeling within the school. Characters      Andrew’s teacher ) have two children, Kai
database, please fill out our registra-       there were aplenty over the years…among           and Jenna, who presently attend St Andrew’s.
tion form in the Alumni link at www.         staff and pupils. Who can forget the gentle       The connections to the school are still there
                                             ministering of the Reverend Poad; Dr.             after more than 50 years!
                                                                                                                              Cont’d on page 3
Volume 6, Issue 1
                                         Former Teachers
                                         & Headmasters–
                                         IN THEIR WORDS
                                       GRAHAM BARROTT                – Former             of Tom Close’s office – how they moved it I
                                       Teacher and Former Headmaster – 1968 to            don’t know. Two of the thieves took the safe
                                       1983                                               into the bush to try to open it. The others
                                                                                          went off and, after some time, couldn’t find or
                                          I read about the position                       contact the two with the safe so they turned
                                       of mathematics teacher at                          them in to the police who arrested the two.
                                       St Andrew’s in the Times
St Andrew’s                            Educational Supplement,
                                                                                          These two culprits then squealed on the rest of
                                                                                          the group and they all were sent to jail and we
Welcomes A                             and, having been turned
                                       down for a post teaching
                                                                                          got the safe back.
                                                                                                I don’t remember a lot about the move
New Principal                          in one of the Government’s                         to Yamacraw Road. There were many trucks
                                       schools, I decided to apply                        moving text books and supplies. It was well
& CEO                                  for it. It was early in April                      organised and only took two or three days and
In this edition of our newsletter,     1968 and snowing in London                         we were back to teaching very quickly – in
StAAFA would like to extend a          when I was interviewed by                          carpeted classrooms!
hearty welcome to our school’s         the Headmaster, John Chaplin, and offered                I played the washboard badly in a variety
                                       the job, which I accepted immediately. David       of Staff musical groups - one I remember was
new Principal and CEO, Mr.             Jenner interviewed on the same morning and         called the ‘Frugal Four’; sang a farewell song
Robert (Bob) Wade. Mr Wade             we travelled out to Nassau together at the end     with Terry Mann when we left Nassau; played
comes to us from the Zurich            of August 1968, and, along with Cyril Enoch,       softball and soccer (goalie) for the faculty
International School after a           we lived in the Tiliacos Apartments off Collins    enthusiastically but with little distinction.
career spent in international          Avenue; very convenient to school. My wife,        I enjoyed being Carib Housemaster and the
                                       Joy, was also hired by Mr. Chaplin as one of the   friendly rivalries with the other Housemasters
education. Mr. Wade is originally      middle school teachers.                            – the student’s eager spirit for the various sports
from Massachusetts in the                  I was Maths teacher from 1968 to 1972;         and events impressed me enormously.
United States of America and is        Head of Maths from 1972 to 1974; Deputy                  I managed to survive a heart attack and
joined by his wife, Dr. Arvindra       Headmaster from 1974 to 1975 and Headmaster        subdural haemorrhage in 1997. Sadly, Joy passed
(Vinny) Sant-Wade. StAAFA              from 1975 to 1983. I met the Headmaster            away in 1994 after she returned to England in
                                       of The Shipley School in December 1982             1993. I retired in June of 2002 and spent the
is also happy to welcome Dr            at a cocktail party in Nassau and went for         next year rejuvenating my house. When I sold
Sant-Wade to St Andrew’s as its        an interview with him in Bryn Mawr, near           it, I bought a 33 ft Nauticat motorsailor that
Coordinator for the International      Philadelphia, USA. He offered me the position      has an enclosed pilothouse rather than an open
Baccalaureate Diploma                  as Head of the Computer Science Department         cockpit, and I am currently living on it in a
Programme in the secondary             starting in September 1983 and I taught there      marina just off the C & D canal in Pennsylvania;
                                       until my retirement in 2002. In many ways the      maintenance and cruising take up much of my
school. We trust that they both        school was similar to St Andrew’s and I enjoyed    time.
enjoy their stay at St Andrew’s        the teaching.
and have a wonderful experience           Here are some funny memories I have of my
as they settle into life here in The   time at St Andrew’s:                               DAVE JENNER – Former Teacher
                                            The week following my appointment,            and Headmaster – 1968 to 1992
                                       certain drains and toilets were backing up so I
                                       became overly acquainted with the sewage and            When I arrived in Nassau in 1968 with
 Did any of our alumni                 drainage system - not quite what I expected in     Graham and Joy Barrott and Cyril Enoch,
 marry a classmate?                    my first week.                                     housing was provided on 1st Terrace in
 If you married a classmate, or             Early one day, Tom Close told me that one     apartments owned by Mr John Tiliacos. We
 person who attended St Andrew’s       of the Maintenance staff had not only found a      were within walking distance of the school
 and was in the same year as you,      bottle of scotch hidden in the suspended ceiling   and a car was not an immediate necessity.
 we want to hear from you. Please      of the boys’ bathroom, but had volunteered to      Among our welcoming party were Allan and
 email Kirstie at alumni@st-an-        lie above the ceiling and grab the hand of the     Mijo Tarmey, Tom Close, Paul Harrison and and send us a current       student who reached up to retrieve the bottle.     David Protheroe. It took a while to get used to
 photo of the two of you. Tell us      At recess that’s exactly what happened; can you    the heat but before long I was playing football
 your graduation year, how many        imagine his surprise when not only was his arm     twice each week-end.
 years you’ve been married and         grabbed but all the administrators turned up            The first parent I met was Mrs Helen
 if you have any children. We will     almost immediately to cart him away.               Phillips and she was someone I relied on, along
 add this to our 2008 newsletter.           Some thieves stole the large metal safe out   with Mrs Blanco, to transport the boys to all
                                                                                          the soccer matches which were all played away
                                                                                                                       StAAFA Newsletter
                                                                     whose support I valued       made a family decision to move to the UK.
                                                                     greatly throughout, gave     I was lucky to find work and have been
                                                                     birth to our daughter,       teaching Maths in Kirkby Lonsdale near
                                                                     Jessica, in October 1981     the Lake District for twelve years now.
                                                                     and it was, perhaps,              Since Anne passed away I have
                                                                     appropriate that I took      continued to work part-time and it has
                                                                     on extra responsibility      given my life a focus. Jessica is a qualified
                                                                     at that time. I actually     beauty therapist and presently works for
                                                                     cried when I was offered     Chanel in a local department store. She
                                                                     the position as I knew       and her partner Steven are expecting their
                                                                     how much I enjoyed           first child in June. She lives close by and
                                                                     teaching and being           I am in regular contact. In my spare time
                                                                     Taino       Housemaster.     I play golf, watch Bolton Wanderers play
                                                                     Mrs Sharon Cowderoy          football and I am in the local Pub Quiz
                                                                     softened the blow when       team.
                                                                     she presented me with             I recently attended Jim Astbury’s 60th
as we had no pitch. I well remember John                             a cap painted in all four    birthday and the following St Andrew’s
Constantakis scoring the winning goal the       house colours.                                    friendships were renewed. In attendance
first time we ever won at St Augustine’s.             The development of the Scholarship           were Jim and Judith McMullen, Roly
     I was initially a Carib but in January     Programme was a great plus for the                and Shirley Skelton, Mike and Lesley
1969 Mr Howell-Griffiths asked me to             school. It was fully supported by the staff       Reynolds, Roger and Jane Taylor and Jim’s
take charge of the new Taino House with         through “The Staff Revue” and I was               sister Catherine. We had a great reminisce
Liz Maura and Milton Duffield as House           always pleased that ‘Albert and the Lion’         of the many happy years we all spent at St
Captains. The house system was fantastic        was allowed to take part. As Headmaster           Andrew’s.
and I probably got more enjoyment out           I enjoyed my years working with Roger                  It is impossible for me to mention
of house activities than anything else. My      Kelty and we both agree on our most               everyone who influenced my life at St
first swimming gala was in the pool at the       moving experience. Alexander Stewart,             Andrew’s, but I would like to thank all of
Montagu Beach Hotel.                            with tremendous courage, mimed a song             them for their support.
     I developed a close friendship with        called ‘Rebel Son’ in front of the whole               I regularly visit Nassau and I try to
Graham and Joy and, in exchange for             high school. He was given a standing              keep in touch with the school and meet
Graham repairing my car, I used to take         ovation which brought tears to the eyes of        as many former teachers and students
them to the Buena Vista for dinner. Cyril       many and was an indication of the caring          as possible. I would be pleased to hear
was very active in the Duke of Edinburgh        nature of the school.                             from anyone associated with St Andrew’s,
Award Scheme (now known as GGYA) and                 After 10 years in administration we          particularly anyone living in the UK.
I enjoyed working with him. Whenever it
rained he would emerge from his bivouac         Cont’d from page 1
in his swimming trunks, shampoo in hand,        In 1974 Jean and I returned to Scotland           perfect excuse to return to the Bahamas.
and take a shower.                              where I took up my “other’ profession as Thanks to the excellent medical care which
     The move to Yamacraw was a real            an educational psychologist Jean ran a unit Jean received in Scotland we were able to
adventure and the whole of the Pinder’s         for maladjusted children. This work we live between Scotland and the Bahamas for
Customs Brokerage fleet was required             found fulfilling and might well have stayed almost 20 years. Sadly, Jean died in 2001.
to make it a reality. Graham Barrott and        in psychology until retirement.                        I now spend summer in my Scottish
the whole of the Maths Department were               However, the opportunity arose to home and much of the winter in Treasure
responsible for the blackboards and I think     oversee the building and set-up and, Cay, Abaco.
we put them all in the right rooms. I did       thereafter, the running of a new school
feel sorry for the P.E. Department as many      in Malawi in Central
of their early lessons were spent removing      Africa. For 5 years
stones from the field.                           Jean and I enjoyed
     As the site developed the House            the excitement and
Programme expanded and gave every               challenge of the birth
student the opportunity to become               of Kamuzu Academy,
involved in the life of the school. Sports      one of the top schools
days and swimming galas were all contested      in Africa. Incidentally,
with a friendly rivalry. I often wondered       I “stole” Frank Cooke
why we had the swimming gala because            from Queen’s College!
Alan Tarmey could forecast the result           He has remained
with unerring accuracy by analysing the         in Malawi and is
swimmers in each race.                          now         headmaster.
     Staff vs. student softball was an annual   Un f o r t u n a t e l y,
event although, as catcher, I never did         Jean’s failing health
manage to throw a runner stealing second        necessitated our return
base.                                           to Scotland in 1982.
     I was privileged to be appointed                Happily,        our Pictured from left, back row are: Mike Robus, Jenna Chaplin, Kai Chaplin,
Deputy Head and Head of Upper School            children have always Sheila Chaplin. From left, front row: Joy Chaplin Robus, John Chaplin and
in September 1982. My wife Anne,                provided us with the Ken Chaplin.
Volume 6, Issue 1
                                           NEIL MACKNISH- Former
                                           Teacher - Secondary English & History
                                           -1986 to 1993
                                           CYNTHIA MACKNISH-
                                           Former Teacher - Secondary Geography
                                           - 1991 to 1993
                                           Cynthia and I often think back to our days at
                                           St Andrew’s and have very happy memories of
                                           the people and the place. This was especially
                                           so as we celebrated our fifteenth wedding
                                           anniversary on April 18th (Cynthia was Miss
                                           King at St Andrew’s before we were married
                                                                                            complete her doctorate. I designed and
                                           in Nassau in 1992).
                                                                                            regularly teach a 50-hour module for faculty
                                                Although I thoroughly enjoyed my
ELIZABETH KNOWLES–                         teaching experience there, it was the ‘extras’
                                                                                            at Nanyang Technological University called
Former Teacher 1970 to 1977                                                                 Communication, Teaching and Learning. I now
                                           that have made St Andrew’s stand out in
                                                                                            have classes full of eminent professors, some
                                           my career. My involvement in launching
Liz Knowles began teaching at St                                                            with international reputations as researchers
                                           the post-graduate programme, being Taino
Andrew’s in the fall of 1970 when the                                                       training them to be more effective teachers of
                                           housemaster; making a public fool of myself
school was located on Collins Avenue.                                                       their undergraduates. I have to say they are the
                                           in The Staff Revue; and not being at all
In 1975 Liz gave birth to her son Sean,                                                     most frighteningly intelligent ‘students’ I have
                                           surprised when my students handed over a
who is currently living in Chicago. She                                                     ever taught but they seem to have the same
                                           small fortune to repeatedly soak me under the
left Nassau to move to Florida in 1977.                                                     old excuses for missed classes and incomplete
                                           ducking stool at the school fair. Looking back
While at St Andrew’s Liz taught Classes                                                     assignments. Some things about being a
                                           I can see there was a sense of community at
Two, Three, Four and Five. When she                                                         student are timeless and universal, I guess.
                                           St Andrew’s which I have never encountered
moved to Florida she joined Pine Crest                                                           I just turned 50 and in a few months we
                                           at any other school I have worked in before
School in Boca Raton in August 1980                                                         will have been in Singapore ten years. Who
                                           or since.
and is still there today. She originally                                                    knows what comes next in life? We’re healthy
                                                We left Nassau in 1993 and went to
taught Fourth and Sixth Grades and                                                          and happy and wish the same to all we knew
                                           Canada. Over the next four years I went
is now in Curriculum Development.                                                           back in our Nassau days.
                                           from unemployed immigrant to teacher
While teaching, Liz earned her doctoral    on a permanent contract and
degree in Curriculum Development           Canadian citizenship. However,
from Nova Southeastern University. Liz     we wanted to see more of the
also has a long list of published books    world and in 1997 we came to
to her credit, co-authored with Martha     Asia where I took up teaching
Smith. The following are some of Liz’s     in a local school in Singapore.
books:                                     After two years of 40 students
                                           per class in bare concrete rooms
                                           and humidity you could choke
                                           on, I moved to head the English
                                           department in an international
                                                By 2001, I had spent nearly
                                           20 years teaching. We had both
                                           studied for Masters degrees
                                           and Cynthia was working as a
                                           Polytechnic lecturer. I declined
                                           a new teaching contract and
                                           moved into working in higher
                                           education. Since then I have
                                           taught and written courses
                                           in Singapore for a variety
                                           of English, Australian and
                                           American universities. Cynthia
                                           now trains teachers as a lecturer
                                           at the National Institute of
                                           Education and should soon
                                                                                                                         StAAFA Newsletter
Glenda Sidman (nee Wallin) - Class of 1975
Glenda Sidman (nee Wallin) attended St             as chair of the Foreign Language Department.
Andrew’s School from Class One (now called Pre-    In 2006, Glenda was honoured for her work
Reception) all the way through to graduation in    when she was named 2006 Foreign Language
Form V (now called Year 12). She even graces our   Teacher of the Year in Palm Beach County,
“Outstanding Students” Board in the Assembly       Florida. Glenda lives in Tequesta, Florida with
Hall for 1975! Glenda knew she wanted to           her husband Kevin and their three children,
be a teacher at a young age and is certified to     Kara, 20, Kyle, 18 and Brianna, 15. She still
teach French and Spanish. She presently teaches    visits the Bahamas whenever the opportunity
French at Jupiter High School, where she serves    arises. Congratulations, Glenda!

David Douglas                                Class of 1977
                                             after Form III (now Year 10) to go to          artiSt He was the founding member of the
                                             boarding school. He spent a few years          band Gwar in the late ‘80’s. He left his rock
                                             serving as a cadet on Navios ships and then    roots a few years ago to develop a Bluegrass
                                             attended Rollins College. After his college    career. He travels between Australia and
                                             graduation, David spent a few years in Asia    Japan with his current band The Family
                                             before sailing into The Turks and Caicos       Farm.
                                             Islands (TCI) where he still is today. He           Steve has three daughters and a son,
                                             built a vessel, Atabeyra, which was put into   ranging in age from seventeen to six years
                                             service as a freighter between Hispaniola      old.
                                             and TCI. Atabeyra was refit for charter         Susan Douglas – Class of 1976
                                             service in 1998 and is now into tourist        Susan graduated from college, mastering in
                                             cargo. David and his wife, Jenny, have two     Languages. She taught in Greece for many
                                             sons; Adam, 16 years old, and Erik, eight      years and married a man from the Greek
                                             years old.                                     Isle of Mytheline. She has three daughters
                                                  One of David’s most significant            ages 20, 17 and 13 and is currently living
                                             projects in the past year has been the         in southwest Florida where she works for
                                             development of Grace Bay Sailing Centre.       the Florida State Welfare Department.
                                             They hope to host the Bahamian Opti            Paul Douglas – Class of 1980
                                             sailors soon, and work on other Bahamian/      Paul went to Virginia Commonwealth
The Douglas family moved to the              TCI sailing projects. Visit David’s website    University and ultimately found his calling
Bahamas in 1967 from the USA. David’s        at                          as a chef. He sadly passed away in 2002
father, Doug, was an Engineer for Navios     An update on David’s                           and is survived by his wife, Dora, and two
Corporation and his mother, Lois, ran        siblings:                                      daughters aged 17 and 15. His ashes were
the business department at St Augustine’s    Steve Douglas – Class of 1972                  dispersed offshore TCI to drift downwind
College. David left St Andrew’s in 1975          Steve pursued a music career as a rock     through the Bahamas.

                                      Sam Duncombe
                                      (nee Tsavousis aka Fifi) – Class of 1978
                                      Sam Duncombe is co-founder and director of        of former teacher and alumnus Panos Tsavousis
                                      the reEarth Organization and works tirelessly     (Class of 1975).
                                      trying to promote saving our environment and           Sam would like everyone to take some
                                      oceans. reEarth is a non-profit environmental      responsibility for environmental issues that affect
                                      watch group, founded in 1990 by Sam, her          our lives daily. Taking simple actions at home
                                      husband, Tony, and Cathy Brisson and is           can make a difference as far away as Antarctica.
                                      dedicated to increasing public awareness and           Deforestation, global warming, and
                                      understanding of environmental issues. Sam        marine pollution are all overwhelming in their
                                      and Tony have two children (Khalila, 20, and      own right, but if each of us would take some
                                      Adam, 18) and nine dogs. Sam is also the sister   small measure of responsibility we CAN make

a difference. Here are some easy tasks we         clothes, bringing your own bags to the food            Saving the Earth for future generations
all can do to make a difference:                  store, changing your AC filter, supporting         is a moral responsibility. A part of our
Turning off unused lights, not letting the        local agriculture, not using pesticides,          children's inheritance should include a
water run, using energy efficient lights/          keeping your car tuned, purchasing forest         living viable planet. The air we breathe,
appliances, driving less, fully inflating your     certified products, saying No to LNG,              the water we drink, the same resources that
tyres, filling the dish washer, using recycled     installing alternative energy where possible,     we consume are resources that our children
paper, buying minimally packaged goods,           being kind to animals, policing your own          must ultimately rely upon in the future.
carpooling when you can, planting a tree,         neighbourhoods, consuming less, and                    So let's make Earth Day EVERY DAY
insulating your water heater, adjusting your      demanding more from your member of                - take control and make small changes that
thermostat, using a push mower, taking a          Parliament. These are just some things that       our children and the Earth will benefit
short shower instead of a bath, installing        you can do to improve the environment.            from for generations to come.
low flow shower heads, line drying your

Craig McCombs – Class of 1981
                                                  Craig McCombs is now living in Lake               schools her three daughters and one son.
                                                  Chapala, Mexico with his wife, Elle, and          She lives in Houston, Texas with her
                                                  their newborn son, Ethan. Craig has three         husband, an attorney who specializes in
                                                  children from a previous marriage, Kevin          energy law.
                                                  15, Steven 12 and Joclyn 9. Lake Chapala          Mark McCombs – Class of 1986
                                                  is the largest lake in Latin America, and         Mark remains a bachelor living in Mexico
                                                  the most prominent retirement village of          as an International Law Consultant. Mark
                                                  Canadians and Americans outside of the            will be moving to Washington D.C.
                                                  USA. Craig is a land developer in Mexico.         this summer to complete his Doctorate
                                                  An update on Craig’s siblings:                    degree.
                                                  Deanna McCombs – Class of 1983
From left: Mark, Craig, David, Elle and Deanna.   Deanna is a stay-at-home mom who home

Nicole Fair-Bhatti – Class of 1989
Nicole     Fair-Bhatti  has                                      she returned home after            which specializes in sponsorship of the
combined her skills in                                           several years of acting in         visual arts. Nicole’s greatest wish is to
writing, teaching and public                                     Europe to apply her skills         develop regular channels for funding of the
relations/event planning to                                      in the educational arena.          performing arts. Nicole is also the author
found BahamaMuseCo., a                                           While teaching drama and           of a new Bahamian novel called Travelling
company actively engaged                                         creative writing, she obtained     Tree, a tale of the adventures of teenagers
in forging connections                                           her Licentiate in Applied          who discover a magical “travelling” tree.
between arts, education and                                      Drama from Trinity College.        The book is available in major bookstores
business. A recipient of a                                       She helped to create, and          in Nassau. Nicole and her husband, Hamid,
Classical Acting Diploma                                         continues to organize, the         have two sons. Callum is two years old and
from London Academy of                                           Credit Suisse Trust Supports       Elias was born in December 2006.
Music and Dramatic Art,                                          Bahamian Artists Programme

Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie – Class of 1994
GORDON MILLS REMEMBERS…                           and bronze medals in Olympic Games. We            please give me the first option." I was serious
The book, The Debbie Ferguson Story -             were talking about her achievements and           but I didn't really expect her to respond to
Born To Run, was born one Sunday                  she mentioned that her life seemed like a         the possibility.
afternoon in 2004 when Debbie and her             fairy story, so unlikely had this international        Within three days, Debbie arrived on
mother came to my house for Sunday                fame and exposure seemed when she was a           my doorstep, hand held recorder, batteries
lunch. It was a couple of weeks after the         girl running around the yard at Oakes Field       and mini tapes in hand, telling me she
Olympic Games in Athens where Debbie              Primary School and living in two rooms with       wanted to start. You see, she really wanted
won the bronze medal in the 200 meters            her mom in Chippingham. I replied, "Well,         the story to be told. She wanted young
and thus completed the set of gold, silver        if you ever want to write this fairy story,       people with a dream in their hearts to learn
                                                                                                                               StAAFA Newsletter
                                              about her struggles, successes and failures,   professional athlete.
                                              the ups and the downs of her life and her           I can truly say her story, as it unfolded,
                                              athletic career and to take inspiration from   inspired me and made me realize what a
                                              them and believe in themselves and what        special person she is. Special, not just
                                              they hoped to achieve.                         because she's a great sprinter, but special
                                                   So we started talking about her life      because she gives so much of herself,
                                              from a small child up to the mature, world-    believes so much in family, young people
                                              famous athlete. Debbie was in my English       and the role she plays in trying to guide
                                              class for four years and in my homeroom        them in the right path for a successful
                                              for a year and I have always taken a keen      future. Debbie has remained a humble and
                                              interest in her running.                       appreciative young woman in the face of
                                                   When she left St Andrew’s, we             the fame, accolades and honours. Her book
                                              maintained contact through her time at         can be found in most local bookstores.
                                              the University of Georgia and then as a

Peter Blair – Class of 2001
Peter attended St Andrew’s as a scholarship   Graduate Prize Fellowship                                   with St Andrew’s, students
student in Years 10 to 12 and graduated       at Harvard University, the                                  and faculty at C.O.B. and
in 2001. He earned an associate degree in     $100,000 All Bahamas                                        ColinaImperial      Insurance
Physics and Economics at the College of       Merit Scholarship, and                                      Company, the major sponsor,
the Bahamas and went on to attend Duke        The Barry Goldwater                                         in hosting a Math and Science
University where he graduated in May          Scholarship. He is currently                                summer camp for Years 7 to
2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in     a graduate student in Physics                               9 students from around the
Physics and Mathematics (with a minor in      at Harvard University                                       Bahamas. The camp, which
Economics and French).                        where he is pursuing a PhD                                  will be hosted at St Andrew’s
    Peter has won many honours, awards        in Theoretical Physics.                                     July 2nd to 7th, 2007, is
and scholarships – among them, the            He is now working along                                     based on a curriculum model

Volume 6, Issue 1
that was developed at Duke University           inter-disciplinary in scope. They hope             my scientific abilities. I am thankful to the
by college student mentors. The United          to bring together a diverse sampling of            school for its investment in my life as well as
InnoWorks Academy (www.innoworks.               students from across the Bahamas to hone           the lives of other scholarship students and very
org) now supports science summer camps          their scientific skills at the school’s excellent   soon the 40 students who will be participating
on the campuses of several Universities in      facilities.                                        in the ColinaImperial InnoWorks Bahamas
the United States. The Bahamian version              When asked if Peter had any fond              summer camp. I am very proud to be an
of InnoWorks is the organization’s first         memories of his time at St Andrew’s he replied,    alumnus of a school that promises academic
international chapter and the camp promises     “My time at St Andrew’s as a scholarship           achievement and is as concerned about ethics
to be both intellectually challenging and       student helped to solidify the foundation of       as it is about excellence.”

Kourtney Brown – Class of 2002
Kourtney Brown sure has had an interesting      life. I believe my privileged                                    is currently his manager.
life since graduating from St Andrew’s in       education there has made                                         Kourtney is attending Miami
2002. In 1996 when the casting directors        my success possible. I am                                        International University of
from the movie “Flipper” came to the            proud to be an alumnus of                                        Art and Design, pursuing his
school to cast featured child extras for the    such a prestigious school                                        Bachelor’s degree in Visual
film, Kourtney was one of the children           and it is an honour to have                                      Arts and Entertainment. His
chosen for a call back. He remembers “I         the opportunity to support                                       ultimate goal is to perform
had such an immense intuitive urge to           my alma mater.”                                                  in movies and to become
be involved in the project. During my              In 2002 Kourtney signed                                       an art director. Kourtney, a
call back I met local casting director, Liz     with a model/talent agent                                        talented artist, has exhibited
Roberts (nee Maura – Class of 1969), and        and has appeared in several                                      his art in New York and has
read script sides in the presence of the        movies and television                                            just been commissioned
director. I got a small speaking part and we    shows including Miami                                            to design and create “The
shot for several days at Clifton Pier. I will   Vice, Stuck On You, South                                        Rain Forest” mural at Parrot
never forget the experience of witnessing       Beach, and Sins of The City, to name a few.        Jungle Island in Florida. Kourtney’s fond
first hand the cinematographic process           Kourtney can now be seen weekly on My              memories of St Andrew’s include hanging
that transpired while the crew shot scenes.     Games Fever, as the host of the daytime game       out at the Caper’s Cafeteria courtyard,
I was bitten by the bug!” When Kourtney         show on Channel 44 at 2pm on Tuesdays              eating “Fire Engine” and he added “It was
was interviewed he wanted all to know           and Thursdays. Kourtney currently lives            awesome when “The Run” was DONE!!
that “St Andrew’s has been a stepping           in Miami where My Games Fever is shot              GO TAINO!!”
stone in achieving where I am today in my       live. His brother, Karlton (Class of 1997),

                                                             Thomas Bethel – Class of 2003
                                                             Thomas Bethel left St Andrew’s after Grade 8 to attend the International
                                                             Junior Golf Academy and continued his schoolwork at Heritage Academy
                                                             in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Thomas earned a full golf scholarship
                                                             and went to Nebraska where he was the leading man on the team in his
                                                             freshman year with the lowest scoring average, and was ranked inside the top
                                                             150 in college golf. He then transferred to Lynn University, Boca Raton, to
                                                             continue his studies in a warmer climate, majoring in Aviation Management
                                                             with a minor in Marketing. He is currently working for ZipX Bahamas in
                                                             Fort Lauderdale, a freight service company. Thomas plays between five to ten
                                                             tournaments a year. In his youth, Thomas was named “Athlete of the Week”
                                                             twice by The Tribune. He is the current Bahamas Amateur Golf Champion
                                                             and plays for the Bahamas National Team. Last year Thomas won the Duke
                                                             of Edinburgh World Cup Golf Championship held in England at the
                                                             famous Berkshire and Wentworth Country Clubs – a first for the Bahamas.
                                                             The photo shows him receiving his trophy from Prince Edward, the Earl of
                                                             Wessex. This summer Thomas will be travelling to Scotland for the Scottish
                                                             Amateur Golf Tournament.

                                                                                                                               StAAFA Newsletter
   In Days Gone By...
St Andrew’s Youngsters Present
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

In the spring of 1961 the third and fourth     Peter Webb, head boy of the school, did       George Strathy (noble), David Pierce
forms of St Andrew’s School put on             the lighting effects. Mr. John Chaplin, the   (noble), Steven Ray (Oberon), Sharon
Shakespeare’s most popular comedy, “A          Headmaster, controlled the tape recorded      Mather (Puck), Jimmy Pritchard (Duke
Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This was             sound effects.                                Theseus), Susan Griffith-Jones (the
the initial venture of the school’s dramatic        Pictured from left are: Larry Roberts    Queen), Jack Stitt (Lysander), Lucy
society.                                       (workman), Ricky Farrington (workman),        Bingham (Hermia), Sally Parker (Helena),
     The production was directed by            Roderick Davidson(workman), Gerald            Biff Andrews (Demetrius), Heather White
Mr. Terry Dunn, and Mrs. Jenny Dunn            Babb (Peter Quince), Lloyd Fitzsimmons        (Titania), Moya Pack-Beresford, Cindy
designed the beautiful set and costumes.       (workman), Dick Carreno (Bottom),             Beale and Allyson Soltys, Anne Phillips
                                                                                             (not pictured).

   If you are planning your class reunion please let StAAFA know at

Volume 6, Issue 1
                                                                                                         Jeanne Treco nee Goddard Class of 1989, John
                                                                                                         Bethell Class of 1962.
StAAFA Executive Committee, from left: Margo Albury, Dana Thompson, Irene Cathopoulis nee Tiliacos
Class of 1972, Bob Wade (new Principal), Kirsten Stevens nee Gregory Class of 1985, Jeanne Treco nee
Goddard Class of 1989 and Kirstie Smollett nee McNabb Class of 1975.

StAAFA’s Wine & Cheese
And Silent Auction
This year, StAAFA’s Wine and Cheese                  ensuring that all students are automatically
and Silent Auction was held at the Nassau            entered as alumni immediately upon
Yacht Club on March 8th. The event is                graduation.
always a big success and attended by many                 In addition, the association donated
alumni, teachers and friends. StAAFA is so           science equipment for the new labs,
                                                                                                         Larry Roberts Class of 1964 and Andrea Brownrigg
grateful to those who donated the many               assisted the Development office in the               nee Lightbourn Class of 1978.
lovely items for the auction.                        grand opening of the school’s new science
     Over the years, StAAFA has shown                lab, made donations toward the St
its generous support of the school by                Andrew’s School Endowment Fund, and
purchasing many items designated by                  helped to establish the Student Hardship
teachers on a “wish list”. The money raised          Endowment and the Teacher Professional
also helps to fund StAAFA’s ultimate goal            Endowment. StAAFA also maintains
of keeping the spirit of St Andrew’s alive           responsibility to update the plaques in the
through its alumni by producing its annual           Assembly Hall by adding the names of the
newsletter, filled with interesting and               “Most Outstanding Students”.
informative articles on former students and               It is StAAFA’s hope to reach out to the
staff. Recently, StAAFA made a significant            many alumni who have made their homes
investment in a fund raising computer                here in The Bahamas and seek their support
programme that manages information in                through volunteering. The Association has
the development offices, helps maintain               received many rave reviews on its newsletter
the mailing lists and is also compatible             and knows that there are many more stories
with the school’s database system, thereby           to be cherished.

The Junior Baseball League of Nassau
The Junior Baseball League of Nassau (JBLN)          a couple of times over the past few years. The
started in 1989 on the two softball fields at St      enhancement of these facilities has benefited
Andrew’s with approximately 50 players. By           all athletes who play baseball.
1998, the league had grown to over 230 players             Construction of the fields began in 1999,
and needed more space. St Andrew’s had the           with the junior field being the first completed.      week of January to the middle of June. They
acreage, though it was covered in bush, so they      The tee ball and little league fields followed in    now have 305 athletes, 24 teams, and over 70
approached the Board about leasing the prop-         2001 and 2002 respectively. The impressive          coaches. The athletes range in age from 4 to
erty to create the fields they needed. It has been    concession stand was built in 2004 and there        17 years. The coaches are all volunteers (and
a great working relationship since the school’s      are plans to create another little league field at   former players) who give of their time to help
players have also participated in the league and     the southeastern end of it.                         make the league a success. Volunteers also run
have even won the inter-school championships               The JBLN season runs from the second          the concession stand.
                                                                                                                                    StAAFA Newsletter
 Volume 6, Issue 1
                                                           Who Do You Remember From 1953?
                     We at StAAFA need your help to put names to faces. If you can help with this picture from 1953 please email us at

                             A N N O U N C E M E N T S
                Weddings                                                    Birth Announcements
Class of 1966 – Chris Brown – October 2006        Class of 1974 – Peter Dupuch – a                      Class of 1999 - Jessica Jenner – a girl,
                                                 boy, Benjamin Michael – Nov. 2006                              Sadie Ann - June 2007
Class of 1975 – Melissa McDermott-Tschappat
                – March 2007                     Class of 1981 – Craig McCombs – a                          Class of 2000 – Glenn Minnis
                                                 boy, Ethan Alexander – March 2007                      – a boy, Asher Ethan – November 2006
        Class of 1977 – Billy Braithwaite
                – December 2006                  Class of 1988 - Heather Forde-Prosa
Class of 1981 - Craig McCombs – April 2006       – a boy, Luke Alexander – July 2006

Class of 1989-– Keith Kelty to Carolyn Sands       Class of 1989 – Nicole Fair-Bhatti
         (Class of 1995) – May 2007                 – a boy, Elias – December 2006

 Class of 1992 – Dr. Valron Grimes-Tinubu          Class of 1989 – Dwayne Treco – a
               – August 2006                         girl, Hailey Ann – April 2007

Class of 1995 - Gavin Bethel to Jennifer Treco    Class of 1994 – Amy Reiach-Salter
      (Class of 1999) – November 2006             – a boy, Aiden James – May 2007
                                                                                                      Picture from left: Sylvia Fair, Nicole’s mother;
                                                 Class of 1995 - Amanda Lightbourn-                   Nicole Bhatti holding Elias, Callum and Ian Fair,
                                                 Higgs – a girl, Journey – May 2006                   (former chairman of St Andrew’s board) .

       Class of 1995 – Candace Pinder to
         Charles Kelly – October 2006
                                                                     Montagu Higgs             Terry McCoy          Beth Keenan-            Athena Gates-
                                                                      Class of 1955            Class of 1964           Petronis                 Curry
                                                                                                                     Class of 1965           Class of 1973

                                                                       Jamieson             Kayla Lockhart           Cyril Enoch            Viktoria Sayer
 Class of 1996 – Sandra Whitehead de Terra                             Damianos                Edwards              Former Teacher           Class of 1974
               – August 2006                                          Class of 2001          Former Teacher

     Class of 1997 – Chris Wells – May 2007      CYRIL ENOCH - March 10, 1927 - March                 was much loved by his neighbours. He entertained
                                                 30, 2006                                             them with his wonderful stories of life in the Bahamas
     Class of 1998 – Keva Ingraham-McPhee
                                                                                                      and Bermuda, never forgetting the names and exploits
                – December 2006                  Cyril taught Biology and Chemistry at St Andrew’s    of his much loved students. He enjoyed cycling, tast-
                                                 from 1968, leaving in 1972 to return to Wales to     ing French wines, and the French way of life. Tragically
     Class of 1999 – Lauren Brown-Connolly       look after his mother, who lived until she was 93.   he became ill in October 2005 with cancer, but he re-
                – November 2006                  In Wales, he taught science at a High School, but    fused to go to hospital and spent only his last night in
                                                 became very disillusioned with the behaviour of
                                                                                                                                                                  Designed & produced by Media Enterprises Ltd 242-325-8210

                                                                                                      a small French hospital. Cyril left his French home to
        Class of 1999 – Jonathan Massie          the students and the standards, compared to what     his cousin, Christine, who is going to plant a memo-
                – November 2006                  he had been used to the Bahamas. He also be-         rial garden in the grounds of his home, and where his
                                                 came a National Archery Coach for Wales. After       ashes are scattered. Christine wants all to know how
Class of 2000 – Glenn Minnis – February 2006     his mother died, Cyril "realised his dream" and      very special each and every one of his students was to
                                                 bought a house in France which he lovingly re-       him and how important those memories were to him.
       Class of 2001 – Kelly Phillips-Dodge      stored. He emigrated there at the age of 77 on       She is compiling an album about his life and would
                   – June 2006                   November 13th 2003. Sadly he had only 2 years        love to hear from any of Cyril’s past students. Her email
                                                 there. He settled well, speaking fluent French and    address is:
                                                                                                                                       StAAFA Newsletter

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