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									                              In-Home Supportive Services
                              Advisory Committee Meeting
                                           June 6, 2012
                                          Meeting Report

The Yolo County In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee met on the 6th
day of June, 2012, in the Dining Room of Margaret McDowell Manor, 1525 Merkley
Avenue, West Sacramento. CA.
Members present:       Winnie deAnda, Sherrie Ewing, Ellen Berman Edwards,
                       Judith Givens, Frances Gracechild, Johanne Lewis, Deliliah
                       Jordan-Kozielski and Mary Helen Uribe
Members not present: Nunie Mata and Sheila Allen
Staff present:         Frances Smith, PA Director and Evan Wyatt, PA Secretary
Guests present:        Sandra Rodriguez, Deputy Director for Jim Provenza, Anson
                       Houghton, Resources for Independent Living (RIL), and
                       Elaine Musser, Chair of TRIAD, subcommittee of Yolo
                       County Commission on Aging and Adult Services, Margarita,
                       Debbie and Helena, residents of Margaret McDowell Manor.
Agenda Item No. 1
Call to Order/Welcome and Introductions
Frances Gracechild called the meeting to order and welcomed all of the Advisory
Committee members, guests and residents of Margaret McDowell Manor. She
congratulated Mary Helen Uribe on her recent appointment to the Advisory
Committee. She also thanked Johanne Lewis and Mary Helen Uribe for hosting the
meeting at their residence.
Agenda Item No. 2
Roll Call
Fran took roll. She announced that a quorum was present.
Agenda Item No. 3
Public Comment
There was no Public Comment

Agenda Item No. 4
Member Reports
Sherrie reported that she attended Capitol Action Day, marched around the capitol
and listened to the speakers. She also talked with a reporter, who gave her more
than 10 seconds to tell her story about how cuts in hours would affect her. She said
she told him that no matter who is in power she still has to eat and needs someone
to assist her with meals.

Winnie stated that the Capitol Action Day speakers were all on “our” side but only
two legislators came to speak, Wes Chesbro and Ellen Corbett, because the
legislature was in session and they had to stay to vote on issues.

Fran reported that there were about 1,000 people marching, all wearing bright yellow
tee-shirts that were provided for the event by Service Employees International Union
(SEIU). She added that SEIU also paid for the box lunches for everyone.

Deliliah expressed her happiness to be back at the meeting with all the committee
members who are active and informed.

Frances G informed the group that the new federal agency, the Administration for
Community Living (ACL), now combines the Administration on Developmental
Disabilities, the Office on Aging and the Office on Disabilities. The ACL is
encouraging efforts at local levels to ramp up activities to inform individuals of
options in the community if they prefer community choices instead of out of home
placement in a more holistic approach toward aging, long term care, and
independent living. She explained that in her role as Director of Resources for
Independent Living she arranged a meeting with Deana Lea, director of C4A in
Sacramento and included Anson Houghton from RIL and Fran Smith, from the Public
Authority to discuss the feasibility of forming an Aging and Disability Resource
Connection, one of the programs that fall under the Administration Community
Living. She said talks are still in the stage of exploration of possibilities.

Johanne reported that she worked in nursing homes for many years and knows
there comes a time for some people when that is the most appropriate place for
them to live and she hopes that option remains open. Winnie added that as people
age their needs do change.

Deliliah raised concerns regarding patient care in nursing homes. She noted that the
older we get the spectrum of choice narrows and we need funds for equipment and
staff. Frances G added that there are many concerns about patient rights, civil
rights and options for people with disabilities.

Judith announced that the increased work load in her office will prevent her
continued service on the Advisory Committee. The committee accepted her letter of
resignation with regrets.

Agenda Item No. 5
Fraud Prevention Video
Elaine Musser, Chair of the Yolo County TRIAD Task Force, presented a video that
focused on preventing consumer fraud. In addition to the video, she stressed the
importance of protecting ones personal identification information such as social
security card, bank and credit cards, etc. Committee members participated in the
lively discussion that followed the video. Frances G thanked Elaine for her

Agenda Item No. 6
Minutes of May 2, 2012
Fran read the minutes of the May 2nd. The word “maximum” in Agenda Item 3,
needs to be changed to “minimum.” Sherrie moved, seconded by Mary Helen, to
approve the minutes with that correction. Motion carried.

Agenda Item No. 7
New Business
Fran explained that the Area 4 Agency on Aging held a Town Hall Meeting in Davis
on June 27th in Davis seeking responses to their Community Services Questionnaire
on services needed by older adults to live independently. She distributed copies of
the survey form and asked AC members to complete and return it.

Agenda Item No. 9
Old Business
Update on Governor’s Proposed Budget
A chart listing the most recent version of budget cuts proposed by the governor was
reviewed. Fran noted that the fiscal committees of the Assembly and Senate will
hold hearings on all the budget items, take their votes and submit to the governor for
his consideration. As of June 6th, reductions to domestic and related services for
IHSS consumers who live with another individual and a new 7% across the board cut
are still included in the proposed budget. The number of “pilot” managed care plans
is now at 8, not 10, in this budget. She added that a group of advocates continue to
offer alternative suggestions for reducing the deficit. The deadline for adopting a
balanced state budget is June 28th.

The plan put forward by provider unions to establish a statewide public authority is
contained in Senate Bill 1503. Fran stated that indications are that the most likely
compromise on this issue is that wages and benefits will be negotiated by a
statewide public authority for just the 8 counties that transition IHSS into managed
care beginning in 2013 and local public authorities will continue to carry out all other
mandated functions.

Healthy Aging Alliance
In the absence of Sheila, no report was given.

Agenda Item No. 10
There were no announcements.

Agenda Item No. 10
Deliliah moved, seconded by Sherrie, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

                         Next Meeting:      July 11, 2012 (date change)
                                            Department of Social Services
                                            25 N Cottonwood St., Woodland

(Note: It is not possible to meet on July 11 at the DESS Building. Frances Gracechild asks
that we do not meet in July this year, but hold the next meeting in August. The date will be
August 8. The agenda will follow.)


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