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									SHRINE Today

Fall 2009: Volume 34 Issue 2

In This Issue
ALUMNI FOCUS: Shrine Grads Cooking up a Career . . .
• It All Computes for Ken Sigler ‘82
• A Note from Bob Cleary ‘78
• Built to Last-George Ellison ‘69
REMINDER: Knight Reunion Weekend 2010

   Hall of Fame Inductees pause for a picture just outside of Miramonti Field. Standing Left: Lloyd Syron’54,
Stan Lendzon ’52, Ron Bishop ’60. Kneeling: John Wangler ’76, Jim Seymour ’65, Bill Simpson ’70. Standing
Right: Paul Seymour ’68, Rachelle Bostic ’80, Coach Linda Mueller McIntyre, Jim Smith ’78, Jim Haggerty ’62
  (representing his brother Mike Haggerty ’63.)

                             HALL OF FAME

                                                     2                                          Fall 2009
TABLE OF CONTENTS                                         SHRINE Today
                                                     NEWS FOR ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF
FEATURES:                                             SHRINE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL

9    Alumni Focus: Lauren Merriot ‘04
     Brian Perrone ‘91, Jeff LaPointe ‘79,
         Matt Prentice ‘76
                                                                    FALL 2009
                                                         Shrine Catholic High School

11    It All Computes: Ken Sigler ‘82                    3500 West Thirteen Mile Road
                                                          Royal Oak, MI 48073-6709

13    A Note from Bob Cleary ‘78                         WWW.SHRINESCHOOLS.COM

                                                         In union with the Church and our
15    Built to Last-Geaorge Ellison ‘69
                                                         community, Shrine Catholic High
                                                       School’s mission is to challenge each

20    Shrine Knight HALL OF FAME                     student to achieve academic excellence,
                                                     social, physical, and artistic potential and
                            LIC HI
                                   G                 to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ in
                     AT                               order to make a difference in the world.
          SHRINE C


                                                                  Marylee H. Petty
                HA                                                   EDITOR
                      LL          E
                           O F FAM
                                                                 R. J. Lomas ‘85
                                                         DESIGN / CONTRIBUTING EDITOR
                                                              Msgr. William H. Easton

 8    Hootenany Memories?                                     PASTOR/PRESIDENT

                                                                  Gabrielle Erken

18    Alumni Updates                                               PRINCIPAL

                                                            Laurie K. Bilkie-Snyder ‘88

25    Annual Golf Outing                                           ASSOCIATE
                                                         DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT

                                                               Matthew E. York
SCHOOL NEWS:                                                    ASSOCIATE

6     Shrine Opens New Student Center                    DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT

                                                           Meg Murphy Armstrong ‘92

7     Homecoming 2009                                     DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS
                                                            ALUMNI GOLF OUTING

SHRINE Today                                     3
Dear Shrine Alumni, Parents and Friends:

By the time you receive this publication, we will have unveiled Sanders Auditorium.
This tremendous new addition to the 13 Mile Campus completes the work of the
last few years which has been primarily funded by the bond issuance. What is
wonderful about going this route is that we can take advantage of this great
new space – right now! We must not, however, lose sight of the fact that we still
owe $4.2 million on the bond debt.

Some of you have already generously pledged your support to help us pay off
the bond. I thank you! Within the next few months, you will all be asked to join in
the effort. We need every alumnus, parent of alumni and believer in the mission
of our schools to support us in order to efficiently eliminate the bond debt. The
Archdiocese of Detroit extended us this unique opportunity to pursue a new way of obtaining funding
for capital improvements. We hope this will provide us with a long term approach to maintaining our
campuses as we move forward.

When you are asked to participate in this effort, I hope you will prayerfully consider how your life has
been impacted by your time here at Shrine Catholic and how you now have the opportunity to ‘pay it
forward’ to today’s Shrine Knights. Remember that no gift is too small, but it is important to give.
I am truly grateful to you all for your commitment to our schools. For over 80 years, we have been a
strong, faith-filled, educational community. With your support, we continue to seek ways to ensure our
viability for the next 80 years.

Assuring you that I will pray for you,

With every good wish I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Msgr. William H. Easton

                                                    4                                       Fall 2009
Dear Alumni and Friends of Shrine:
    The cost of a Shrine education… Priceless! With national and Michigan
financial challenges, all of us are prioritizing our budgets and tightening
our belts. I have been associated with Shrine Catholic Schools for ten
years and in that time I have been consistently amazed by the support
of the Parish and alumni community which truly enriches the high school
experience. Shrine has affected the lives of several generations of students,
and, judging by our alumni database, our global presence will continue to
influence the future.

   So a Shrine education may be priceless, but it is not unsubstantial. Our
Unified School Board struggles regularly to maintain tuition costs. We have increased our development
activities to fund tuition assistance for many families. Alumni support has helped to finance renovation
of our science labs, construction of the field house and Sanders Auditorium and, with the National Shrine
Parish, provides substantial financial support for tuition and capital improvements.

   We are asking you to continue to invest in a Shrine education. The future of our children, their ability
to know and live their Catholic heritage and their ability to work in a global economy, is at stake. Shrine
helped educate you and now we are asking you to help make a difference in the lives of the next

   As we enter the holidays, I pray that our alumni and benefactors enjoy a truly blessed season, where
the light of our Savior infuses our lives with the peace that surpasses all understanding.

May the blessings of Christ lighten all of our days.

Gabrielle Erken, Principal

      MEMORY SHOTS . . .                   SHRINE HIGH 1940

SHRINE Today                                           5
    Shrine Opens New Student Center . . .

D   own in the lower hallway, where
    the “cafeteria” used to be, a new
“Shrine Student Center” has sprouted
from the old linoleum.         Generously
donated by Mr. Robert Murray, this new
room for eating and socializing has been
the talk of the high school this fall. Mr.
Murray is the proud owner of Royal Oak’s
own Contract Design Group, and his
group of design experts truly transformed
what had been a pretty utilitarian eating
space into a lounge of luxury.

                                                           Coffee Bar, used by students for fundraisers
                                                           (bagels, doughnuts, bake sales, pizza, etc.)

While you might remember the former café’s
green formica booths, or later, white fold up tables,
current Shrine Catholic students dine at beautiful
tables with a dark wood finish. Modular carpet,
combined with tile that displays the school crest,
further adds to the ambiance. Best of all, students
can spend a few free minutes before school starts on the fully installed Wii gaming system, challenge one
another to a game of pool at the new billiards table, or partake of a beverage from the corner coffee
bar (a far cry from the old “bagel booth!”)
The new student center has met with rave reviews from students and faculty alike and it’s just one
more example of the way the entire Shrine community comes together even in tough economic times
to continue to build for the future. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the see the latest
renovations—you will be truly amazed!

                                                   6                                              Fall 2009

O                                                                            A
       n a blustery, gray, and rainy     cheers rang through the cool fall       bove: Dressed up for spirit week
       day, Shrine Catholic school       air. While the final score had to       (Decades Day)members from
                                                                             the Class of 2009 Homecoming
spirit still managed to shine brightly   be recorded as a loss for Shrine,   Court. From left to right–front row:
from the bleachers. On Sunday,           all those who came out to meet      Katherine Shepard, Nicole Joseph,
October 4, alumni, parents,              friends old and new could only      Chloe Dewberry, Deanna Lawrin,
family, and friends all bundled          list the event as a huge success.   Meredith Hauser, Queen Allison Cross
up to cheer on the Knights as            We hope you all join us again       (Daughter of Shrine Alum Brad Cross
they played at home against Our          next year, both for the game        ’82). Back row: Sawyer Campbell,
                                                                             King Mark Jagodzinski, CJ Bonnici,
Lady of the Lakes. Miramonti Field       and the first ever Shrine Reunion   Mike Waldrup, Joseph Bolton and
was a sea of blue and gold as            Weekend.          Go Knights!       Curtis Mann (Son of Shrine Alum
                                                                             Therese Caton Mann ’81)

SHRINE Today                                            7
                    ALUMNI NEWS
Share Your Play/Concert/Hootenanny Memories With Us!
A     s we prepare to dedicate the new Sanders Performing Arts Auditorium on the site of the “old gym,”
      we are asking alumni to send in their favorite memories onstage at Shrine. Were you a munchkin in
Patrick Barnard’s production of The Wizard of Oz? Did you do the “bottle dance” for Ms. Rashid? Were
you a producer on the “Shrine News” at the Hoot or a soloist at the Parent Graduation mass? Tell us about
it all—the good and the bad, the funny and the sentimental. Help us to dedicate this “new” space with
all the good blessings passed on from the “old.” Send your memories to
or mail them in to Shrine Catholic High School—Shrine Today; 3500 W.13 Mile Rd.; Royal Oak, MI 48073.
Photos welcome!!!

Class of ‘49 reunion a great success!                                                                60 years

M     embers of the Class of '49
      held their 60th class reunion
on September 19 at Shrine
Catholic High School. Twenty-
seven classmates and spouses
attended, and many more sent
their greetings and were there
in spirit. Class officers Connie
Bowman Cylkowski, JoAnnne
Kolka Malcolm and Byron Warner,
and        committee members
Barbara      Reefer       Gleason,
Janice Embrey McCarthy and
Lois Reichel Nichols planned
the event, which included an
afternoon of camaraderie in the
high school library, followed by                                    Pictured from left to right:
                                      ROW1: JoAnne Kolka Macolm, Lois Reichel Nichols, Muriel Gignac O’Conner, Janice
the Reunion Mass celebrated                   Embrey MrCarthy, Connie Bowman Cylkowski, Bob Boehmer
by Fr. Edward Prus in the chapel.     ROW2: Peter Shearer, Art Rousseau, Nancy Baker Simon, Johanne Vermeersch Lassa
                                             line, Joan Embry LaBine
A special guest at the Mass           ROW3: Byron Warner, Bobbie Widger Regan, Jeannette Gies Derum, Bernice Bettendorf,
was Holly DeBrowa, who had                   Barbara Reefer Gleason, Jim McEwan
                                      Classmates Armand DeLisle and Don Jones also attended, but are not pictured.
helped with mailings in memory
of her mother, classmate Marie        Embrey McCarthy for her work              Nichols.    Joe McCarthy took
Redmond Funk.          Father Prus    in making arrangements for the            pictures which he and Janice
gave special recognition to           liturgy. After Mass, everyone             copied onto discs to be sent to
those classmates who had              enjoyed a delicious dinner                classmates. Many memories and
traveled from afar to attend the      catered by classmate Barbara              stories and pictures were shared
reunion: Joan and Bob LaBine          Reefer Gleason. Tables were               before the evening was
from Arizona, and Jeanette and        decorated with beautiful vases of         brought to a close by Bob Boe-
Mike Derum from Florida. He also      flowers donated by Lois Reichel           hmer's DVD of a chorale singing
gave special thanks to Janice                                                   "You'll Never Walk Alone."

SHRINE Today                                             9
                       ALUMNI FOCUS
 Lauren Merriott ‘04… Cooks Up A Career
   I f you’ve ever enjoyed the
     delicious dishes at the
 Macaroni Grill in Auburn Hills,
                                        of our culinary information from
                                        the Food Network, Lauren says
                                        that Top Chef probably does the
                                                                                  A Taste of Shrine. . .

 you have unknowingly sampled           best job of depicting what the
 the creative work of Shrine alum       job is really like. She says that
 Lauren Merriott ’04. Lauren is         programs like Hell’s Kitchen are
                      one of several    basically just TV entertainment.
                      Shrine grads        In the long run, Lauren would
                      who      have     love to be an executive chef at
                      interestingly     a high end restaurant or to own
                      e n o u g h ,     and cook at her own diner. She                   Brian Perrone ’91
                      ended up in       names Tribute as probably the
                      the kitchens      best restaurant in metro Detroit            Alums in Kitchens Near You
                      of    excellent   and admits that the meal she ate          •	Brian	Perrone	’91	
Lauren Merriott ‘04   restaurants       there was the best she’s enjoyed                  Slow’s BBQ (Detroit)
                      all over metro    from beginning to end. Merriott’s         •	Jeff	LaPointe	’79
 Detroit.    Was it the yummy           favorite dishes to cook and eat                   Duggan’s Irish Pub
 chocolate chip cookies from the        include veal osso bucco and                             (Royal Oak)
 Shrine cafeteria that inspired         good old homemade spaghetti               •	Matt	Prentice	’76
 them?      We will never know,         with meat sauce. With fewer
 but the life of a working chef is      people dining out these days, the
 delicious indeed.                      lean economy has been tough
   Lauren’s	 first	 job	 was	 in	 a	    on local chefs and restaurants.
 kitchen and she knew right away        Merriott is excited to have a job
 that she wanted to pursue the          in	 her	 field	 and	 is	 “striving	 to	
 culinary arts as a career. After       learn all I can in and outside of
                                                                                                  Matt Prentice ’76
 formal training in OCC’s culinary      work.”
 arts program, Lauren was both            For Shrine alums who wish
 lucky and talented enough to get       to dine in places where they                  Numerous restaurants in
 a job right after graduation. As       have a connection with                                 Metro
 a beginner, Merriott works under       the chef, check out local                         Detroit including:
 a corporate chef, but has high         Shrine graduates who                             Coach Insignia
 hopes of working her way up the        are feeding Detroiters                              (Detroit)
 ladder to creating menus and           across the city. And                             Shiraz
 making dining decisions. Lauren        next time you’re at the                          (Bingham Farms)
 contends that many people don’t        Macaroni Grill, know                             Tavern On 13
 realize what a high stress working     that Lauren is working                           (Beverly Hills)
 environment a restaurant kitchen       her hardest to make                              Deli Unique
 is. “Chefs work long hours, it is      you one happy                             	      (West	Bloomfield)
 very stressful, and there is a lot
 of pressure,” she comments.
 For those of us who get most

                                                         10                                             Fall 2009
It All Computes for Ken Sigler ‘82
                                      growing and very popular field.

I n his role as faculty member        According       to     Ken,    the
  and chair of the Computer           greatest interest in the field of
Information Systems Department        Information Technology right
at Oakland Community College,         now is information security. In
Ken Sigler ’82 has seen many          a program that he helped
things.    In this time of 15%        develop, OCC students can now
unemployment in the state of          train for careers in various areas
Michigan, he has most recently        of information security with the       promote this program and has
                                      National Security Agency. To           helped many students get an
                                      offer help to the unemployed, he       important head start on their
                                      also devotes time to the college’s     college educations.
                                      Job Watchers program, which
                                      offers both individualized and
                                      group sessions to help people
                                                                             T rue to his computer roots, Ken
                                                                               mostly keeps in touch with
                                                                             Shrine friends via Facebook. As
observed a huge migration of          find and retain good jobs.             he puts it, “At the time I joined
displaced workers heading back        Ken is also actively involved with     about a year ago there were
to school to sharpen old skills       the Tech Prep Program, which           about five of us from my class
or develop new ones. As his           allows high school students to         that were using the site. Now,
colleague put it this fall,                                                        that number has grown to
“Community        colleges                                                         about fifty. It’s given me a
are like morticians—                                                               chance to catch up with
when things are going                                                              all of my classmates, and
bad, we are doing well.”                                                           not just those that I was
As he has witnessed an                                                             directly close to in high
18% increase in 2009                                                               school. One of the great
enrollment,     Ken     has                                                        things about the Class of
successfully       juggled                                                         1982 is that everyone is
multiple       professional                                                        accepted. Everyone feels
responsibilities to make                                                           equally comfortable to lean
this transition easier for                                                         on, seek advice from, or
many OCC students.                                                                 simply say hello to anyone
A former faculty member                                                            else in our class. I think the
at     UD-Mercy,      Sigler                                                       ethics, values, and morals
began teaching at OCC                                                              provided by Shrine High
in 2001. He specializes                                                            School has a lot to do with
in web development                                                                 that.” Ken has definitely
and web design classes,                                                            put all of those good
which allow students to                                                            qualities to use in a very
earn certificates that                                                             important job that helps so
will enable them to be                earn OCC credit for a wide range       many students, young and old, in
hired as web masters or web           of classes they take in high school.   southeast Michigan.
page designers. When you log          Students can earn up to 16
onto a web site, remember that        credits in subject areas as diverse
someone had to know the Flash or      as health services, environmental
Dreamweaver software and the          systems, business, and computer
HTML or Javascript languages to       aided design. Ken visits several
create it. Ken shares his expertise   high schools in the area to
with his students in this quickly

SHRINE Today                                          11
Coach John Goddard ‘63 is New Dean of Students

F   or a man who already is 100%
    Shrine, John Goddard ’63
has amazingly just upped his
                                     next door to Shrine Catholic
                                     athletic director and his good
                                     friend, Mr. Pete Donaldson.
percentage of school loyalty. Not    Instead of “correcting” players
content with being a Catholic        for pass interference or fumbles,
League championship coach            Coach Goddard now points out
or a successful business leader,     untucked shirts, hastily tied ties,
Coach Goddard added a new            and hair that has defiantly grown
                                                                                 Coach John Goddard ‘63
title to his resume this school      longer than the “above the
year—Dean of Students.               collar” dress code rule.               a full plate, but so far, Coach
The new Dean has taken up            In addition to disciplinary duties,    Goddard has managed the
residence in the small office        Coach Goddard is also the new          transition easily. Not to worry, he
formerly    occupied    by     Sr.   facilities manager, and in charge      is still Shrine Catholic’s legendary
Maryann, the campus minister         of overseeing the continuing           coach on the gridiron—ready to
(she has moved downstairs).          work on the fieldhouse and             lead the Knights for many more
Now Coach Goddard is right           new Sanders auditorium.         It’s   successful seasons.

Warm Dream Cruise Memories . . .for a Cold Winter’s Day!
B  ack when the sun was still
   warm and the grass was still
green, Fred Burger ‘64 and a
                                     This particular group of friends
                                     has been together since their
                                     days at Shrine, and has remained
                                                                            and Coach John Goddard ’63.
                                                                            John gave us a tour of the new
                                                                            gym and school renovations in
group of longtime Shrine buddies     amazingly close over the years.        progress. This year, as an added
got together to celebrate the        As Fred puts it, “We met at            treat, we visited with Pat Cooney
old and the new. It was Dream        Duggan’s and spun the usual            ‘74, the Shrine Grade School
Cruise weekend and the crew          Shrine football tall tales—and         coach, and watched Bob
met at Duggan’s on Woodward          heard a few new ones. We               Chrysler’s fifth grade grandson
to watch the classic cars stream     toasted to our friends not there,      practicing.”
by, listen to good music, and        and to many more years of get          Glad you enjoyed it guys! May
catch up with one another.           together.     Later, we walked         there be many more Dream
Present this year were Fred ’64,     down to visit this year’s Shrine       Cruise memories to come!
Bob Chrysler ’64,Ron Ranieri ’64,    High football team
Bob Peltier ’64, and Tom Seymour.

                                      b                                     Shrine Fie
                 Duggans Irish Pu                                                       ld

                                                    12                                             Fall 2009
A Note from Bob Cleary ‘78
Serving Impoverished Youth at Compassion International . . .

T  hough I shudder to think back
   on exactly when I graduated
from Shrine High School, I have
to admit that my life has been
nothing like I expected it to
play out. Frankly, it started fairly
predictably with a degree in
Advertising from Michigan State,
and a first job with a multi-national
advertising agency in Troy. It was
during this period that I met and
married my bride, Debbie, and
from then on, the changes slowly
but steadily lead us to see much
of the world, and to experience
our Lord’s grace in ways that
were unimaginable.                       Bob Cleary ‘78	(center)	surrounded	by	youth	who	will	benefit	from	the	effects	of	
   Most recently, Debbie and I                 Compassion International, A leading chilc advocacy organization.
have moved to yet another part
                                        proper development in all areas           Debbie and our two children,
of this exceptional country in
                                        of life. The Compassion program           Rob and Ali, have made homes
Colorado Springs. I was offered
                                        targets long-term development             in Atlanta; Johannesburg, South
a position with Compassion
                                        of individual children – from infant      Africa; Kalamazoo, Bethlehem,
International (www.compassion.
                                        survival, to child development, to        PA; Boston, and now Colorado
com), a leading global child
                                        leadership building for qualified         Springs. The Lord has allowed
advocacy organization whose
                                        university-caliber students.       By     me to fill up a few passports and
mission is to partner with local
                                        doing so, changed children will           I have seen the very best sites
churches to help release children
                                        change their circumstances.               around the globe… and the very
from physical, emotional, social
                                          I consider my opportunity with          worst. It has all been completely
and spiritual poverty around the
                                        Compassion as a Marketing                 amazing, life changing and…
world.      Currently, Compassion
                                        Director on our flagship child            humbling.
ministers to over 1 million children
                                        development program to be an                Our journey has not been all
in 27 countries through 5,000 local
                                        incredible blessing. Obviously,           “good times”. The reality is that
church partners.
                                        I have no idea how long the               I would not be in the position I
   Compassion        partners    with
                                        Lord has plans for me here, but           am today without having to walk
these       local    churches      to
                                        I do believe that my life has             through some fire to be here.
execute a unique holistic child
                                        been building to this unique              Over the years, we have faced
development         program      that
                                        point for quite some time. I have         a few “your position has been
priorities the development of self-
                                        been privileged to work in a              eliminated” scenarios, some
value through the eyes of God,
                                        variety of escalating marketing           lengthy periods of unemployment
our Father.       Extreme poverty
                                        and       communications        roles     and a closed small business. Like
strips children of their dignity;
                                        with McCann-Erickson, Coca-               many others, we have witnessed
it hammers these children with
                                        Cola, Kellogg’s, Crayola, and             the demise of our future nest-
lies and abuse. But once they
                                        a small start-up in the electric          egg, and we now have two
begin to know God’s love, and
                                        transportation business as well           college tuition payments! But
have some of their most basic
                                        as investing in a Great Harvest           I have learned that God is
needs met, Compassion and its
                                        Bread franchise. Along the way,           sovereign. And as hard as it is
partners are able to encourage

SHRINE Today                                             13
Bob Cleary ‘78 cont.

sometimes, I have come to know          me to serve Him in this capacity        of 26. I love them so deeply.
that “Because of the Lord’s great       at Compassion, I am most                  I miss Michigan terribly. It is
love we are not consumed, for           pleased to do so. And I likely          home, and it always will be for
his compassions never fail. They        could not do it without having          me. Every few years, I am able to
are new every morning; great is         experienced all that we have            reconnect with a few old friends
His faithfulness. I say to myself,      through twenty-three years of           from Shrine for a golf outing,
‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I    meeting the challenges and              and we try to come home for
will wait for Him. The Lord is good     building our faith as a family. I       Christmas regularly. And when
to those whose hope is in Him, to       am grateful to the Shrine family        Joe Lordon ‘78, Ed Dodge ‘79,
the one who seeks him.’” (Lam           and my own brothers and sisters         Bill Marx ‘78, Brian Sobczak ‘78,
3:22-25, NIV)                           and their families for shaping me.      and my brother-in-law, Jimmy
  I cannot explain why children         And I continue to be amazed at          Smith ‘78 get really desperate for
have to live in extreme poverty.        the profound level of love and          someone to round out their golf
I cannot explain why bad things         servitude that my parents, Bob          event, they call me. It’s tough to
happen to good people. But for          and Theresa Cleary, demonstrate         have to pay for your friendships!
however long the Lord desires for       everyday to our extended family         But I love them anyway.

Do you have an ira? Are you over the age of 70 1/2 years old?
  If you answered yes to both of these questions, you have the opportunity to make a direct distribution from
your	IRA	to	a	qualified	charity	such	as	the	National	Shrine…TAX FREE!
To make a Charitable Gift through an IRA Charitable Rollover:
		•	Contact	your	IRA	custodian	before	making	a	gift	to	arrange	for	the	proper	transfer	of	funds.		The	check	will	be	
         issued from the IRA directly to the National Shrine.
		•	Gifts	can	be	of	any	denomination	up	to	$100,000	for	2009.
		•	While	this	topic	is	fresh	on	your	mind,	ask	your	attorney	and	financial	advisor	how	to	make	the	Shrine	Catholic	 	
						Schools	a	beneficiary	in	your	will,	trust	or	IRA.
The gifts can be designated to many different programs within our community schools.
Opportunities to assist include:
		•	Make	a	contribution	to	the	Master	Plan	or	make	a	payment	on	an	existing	pledge
		•	Aid	a	family	to	provide	a	Catholic	education	for	their	family	by	contributing	to	the	Tuition	Assistance	Program.
		•	Give	to	the	general	fund	of	the	schools.

Your gifts will help to ensure the viability of our schools for years to come. We thank you in advance for
considering a gift through the IRA Charitable Gift Program.
These helpful tips are only for your information on this new law and are not to be considered as legal, tax or
financial	advice.		You	should	consult	with	your	legal,	tax	and	financial	advisors	to	implement	the	benefits	of	this	
new law and related matters.

                                                        14                                              Fall 2009
Built To Last—George Ellison ’69 Helps Engineer the Future
 A      s a project manager
        and      estimator
Anderson Pacific Engineering
                                        and Armstrong in Detroit, Ellison
                                        worked his way through Michigan
                                        Tech on many projects, including
and Construction, Inc., George          the Southfield Freeway/ I-96
Ellison ’69 has helped to build         interchange in the early 1970s.
some challenging public works           He learned a great deal from the
projects in the U.S.           Often    tradesmen who worked alongside
defined as “difficult, hard to get      him, and he took that knowledge
to, dirty, or having something          along with his degree to Anderson
that makes them unattractive            Pacific in 1980. While he has
to most of the competition,” the        worked there, the company
public works projects bid on by         has been involved with an
Ellison’s company are among             impressive range of challenging
the most interesting in the field.      projects. For example, his firm
Anderson       Pacific    constructs    did the prototype re-decking of
“everything except buildings”           the Golden Gate Bridge in San               Moffett Field
and has worked on bridges,              Francisco, which involved closing
treatment       plants,     pumping     several lanes of the bridge each
plants, highways, and pipelines.        night at 10:00 pm, removing
The variety of challenges make          sections of the deck, and then
for a very rewarding profession:        replacing them in time for the
as Ellison states, “I could not have    5:00am morning commute! If
wished for a better way to make         the firm was even a little bit late,
a living.”                              they were charged thousands of
  Metro residents unknowingly           dollars per minute the bridge was
make use of one piece of
Ellison’s handiwork on a regular             “The general condition of infrastructure in this country
basis. As a day laborer for Darin                  is in dangerous disrepair.” -G. Ellison ‘69

                                            closed. Now that’s pressure!        produces quality workmanship
                                            Many of Ellison’s projects          at a price that will outbid his
                                            require construction while          competitors.        Unfortunately,
                                            the facility is under continued     the job also requires extensive
                                            operation, including work           amounts        of     government
                                            with NASA, wharfs under the         paperwork. “Grin and bear it,”
                                            restaurants in Monterey’s           Ellison remarks.
                                            Cannery Row, and dirigible            Ellison warns that the general
                                            hangars.                            condition of infrastructure in
                                              As the project manager and        this country is in dangerous
                                            estimator, Ellison is responsible   disrepair. “We have neglected
                                            for “determining the most           projects built 50 years ago with
                                            efficient           construction    a 25 year expected lifespan,”
                                            methods,         quantities    of   he explains.      He urges us to
                                            materials required, soliciting      spend more on inspections and
                                            the bids for materials, and         maintenance and warns that,
                                            estimating the amount of            “Ignoring outdated treatment
                                            labor required.”         In other   plants, bridges, sewers etc. will
                                            words, he has to come up            result in ecological and human
                                            with a final price tag that         suffering.”
                                                                                  Urging aspiring Shrine engineers
      Set digester cover

SHRINE Today                                            15
George Ellison ‘69 cont.
to get the best education possible and to “squeeze every particle of knowledge out of it you can,” he
expresses special gratitude for the preparation he received from Shrine faculty Mr. Hoch, Sr. Mary Joyce,
and Sr. Richardine in particular.
  All in all, George loves his job, the good and the bad, and especially enjoys the talented people he
works alongside every day. “Never apply for a job that doesn’t excite you,” counsels Ellison—advice
that he has obviously heeded in his own remarkable career.

   NASA wind tunnel                                                               setblocks

                      Need a Christmas gift for a Shrine Knight Alumni?
                           Look no further…
                           •	Buy	a	brick	to	personalize	for	your	Shrine Knight!
                           •	Purchase	a	seat	in	the	bleachers	of	the	
                                    football stadium behind the high school!

                        Please visit us online at
                                                       to start your Christmas shopping!

                                                  16                                          Fall 2009
    50th reunion for Class of ‘59 !
    T  he Class of 1959 surely had a very successful and enjoyable 50th anniversary of graduation celebration.
       It was held October 2, 3 and 4. The classmates all met at 6pm at the Royal Oak spot, Duggan’s. There
    were lots of laughs good cheer and toasts. We then settled down a little to have a Big Chief burger
    similar to the ones served by a Woodward Avenue favorite Drive-In in the 1950’s The Totem Pole, mmm!
    Saturday evening, October 3, brought our strolling dinner at the Radisson Hotel and the conviviality
    continued on from the night before. Everyone was talking and laughing so much that we gave up trying
    to play the 50’s and 60’s CDs as you could not even hear the music! What a great party it was!
            On Sunday, October 4, we had Mass at the National Shrine church followed by a farewell brunch
    at Sweet Lorraine’s. It felt so good to be back in our childhood home church. It is so beautiful! Msgr.
    Easton said Mass; he is so enthusiastic and such a great communicator. He is the perfect fit for Shrine.
            This was a great way to end our fabulous weekend!
    Everyone took home warm memories!

                                                                        ABOVE: (From left to right) Paul LaFontaine and
                                                                               Peter Fontana.

                                                 ABOVE-LEFT: Class Members attending the Class of ‘59 Reunion

ABOVE: Robert “Big Red” Lyons
                      and his wife, Joni.    ABOVE (From left to right) Mary Helen Hayward Kaser, Bob Toms, Kathy Berry
                                                                             Acker and Rosie Yowell Keefe.

     SHRINE Today                                       17
                                                                               1976 cont.
               ALUMNI UPDATES . . .                                             traded in his Sportster MC for an
                                                                                Electra Glide, his “old man” bike.
                                                                                He loves to golf and does so three
                                                                                time a week if it’s not raining. He
1942                                   1961                                     says that, “Life is good.”
Barbara Keating Zelinski moved to      Diane Flanigan Mahoney has
Traverse City in 1974. Her husband     been married to husband Dan             1978
Vinnie passed away in 2000 and         for 46 years! They love to travel,      + Theresa Marie Kristopik, died
she relocated to a nice condo          especially to their condo on Siesta     October 16, 2009 at her home.
there. This way, she can still enjoy   Key, FLA. She is grateful that all of   Theresa     was    employed      at
“living near the Bay and being         her children and grandchildren          RHP Properties working as an
close to my grandchildren.” She        live close by.                          accountant for more than 25 years.
keeps busy “tending my yard                                                    She also worked in the evenings at
and pond, walking the mall, and        1962                                    the Royal Oak Community Center
hosting any company who comes          Julie Watson is a professor and         for the past 25 years. She received
to this beautiful and healthy area     associate dean at Ohio State            her business degree from Western
to visit.”                             University. She would love to get       Michigan University. Theresa loved
                                       back in touch with Janice Nelson        going up north, and was an avid
1949                                   ’62 and Gail Zak, former Shrine         Tigers and Red Wings fan.
+Elizabeth (Betty) Carson Trammell     friends.
passed away on January 13, 2009.
                                        1963                                   + Jay Joseph Campbell died
Her daughter, Elaine Nutt wrote:
                                       Arlene Vachon Forrester sold her        unexpectedly Tuesday, Oct. 20,
“She had toyed with the idea of
                                       company and moved to Traverse           2009, surrounded by his family and
making the trip back to Michigan
                                       City nine years ago. She “tried         friends. Jay was a 1982 graduate
one last time for her 60th reunion,
                                       retirement living for four years        of Central Michigan University. He
but she was too weak. I had
                                       and hated it!” She now works            married Jill Cochran and they have
promised her that we could go, but
                                       for an accounting firm in that          one daughter, 9 year old Marissa.
I think she knew that she would not
                                       same city, specializing in work         After graduating from Central, Jay
make it. Sadly, she did not. She
                                       with bankruptcy trustees. She has       moved to Florida taking a job with
absolutely loved her high school
                                       found that her 25 years as a para-      W.B. Doner Advertising in Tampa,
classmates and remembered
                                       legal (and before owning her own        and a number of Tampa Bay Area
you all with so much affection.
                                       business) “continues to be one of       radio stations. Jay was currently
My sister and brothers and I were
                                       the best assets in my resume.”          employed with the Tampa Bay
regaled with stories about dancing
                                                                               Buccaneers in Broadcast Sales for
the jitterbug, the proms, and the
                                       1974                                    Buccaneer Radio Network. Jay
nuns. She was a proud member
                                       James Reedy has been a soldier in       was an active member of Heritage
of the Shrine’s class of 1949, and
                                       the U.S. Army, a Los Angeles County     United Methodist Church.
would never have traded away
her experience there for anything.     Sheriff’s deputy, and a Los Angeles     1980
Thank you all for being a part of      Unified School District teacher. He     Kenneth Scott is a broker/owner of
some of the happiest days of my        currently lives in McCoy, FLA, where    Candler, Scott, and Wallace Real
mother’s life. Please remember         he is a special education teacher       Estate Consultants in Detroit.
her in your prayers. God bless you     in the Marion County Schools.
all.”                                                                          1983
                                       1976                                    David Wild lived in Phoenix, Arizona
1953                                   Thomas Walsh is retired from the        from 1990-1993.      He is now a
Gerald Schmidt is still married to     Army after 27 years of service. He      programs engineer for Ford Motor
Clara Cordts ’56 after 50 golden       is currently working as a Safety        Co. and just started a photography
years! They met at the Mixmasters      Specialist because “having              company. He and wife Heather
Shrine Club after he got out of the    two kids in college requires me to      have three children and love
Marine Corps. In 1956.                 keep working!” He recently              backpacking in the southwest U.S.

                                                       18                                             Fall 2009
                                                                                1989 cont.
            UPDATES continued . . .                                             Joseph Gleason is a lab manager
                                                                                at General Motors. He and wife
1986                                     1989 cont.
                                                                                Heather Welch-Gleason, live with
Colleen Shelton Bryan is a fourth        Karla     Brassell Craig   is    an
                                                                                their family in Royal Oak.
grade teacher with the West              instructional specialist with the
Ottawa Public Schools. She and           Detroit Public Schools. She lives in   Jennifer DeLamielleure Etling is
husband Lance live in Hudsonville        Novi with husband Tony and their       a doctor and graduate of the
with daughters Claire and Audrey.        two daughters.                         Washington University School of
                                                                                Medicine. She lives with husband
1987                                     Leslie    Gamage      started    a     Tom and their three children in St.
Monica     Wright      Burgess    just   videography     business,   Bezley     Louis, MO.
moved to Monterey, CA with her           Productions, LLC in January 2008.
husband and family. Her husband          She lives in Odenton, MD.              Marc Chennault lives with wife
is pursuing his masters degree in                                               Kimberly Cook ‘89 and is a COO
natural security affairs at the Naval    Keegan-Michael      Key     is  the    and senior analyst with Paige
Postgraduate School. Monica is           president of Cindylou, Inc. He and     Capital Management in New
working on a degree in marriage,         wife Cynthia live in Los Angeles,      York.
couple, and family therapy and           CA, where he continues to pursue
is a board member with the               a successful entertainment career.     Tracie Claramunt-Munro is a
Monterey High School’s Academy           Currently Keegan has a reoccurring     paramedic for the City of Detroit.
for Oceanographic Sciences.              role on CBS’s ‘Gary Unmarried.’        She is in her last semester of nursing
                                                                                school and “can’t wait to graduate
1989                                     Melinda Bolitho Rancilio is a          in 2009.” She lives with husband
Brian Quade celebrated his 15            teacher’s aid/coach at St. Jospeh      Stuart and their two children in
year wedding anniversary with            Catholic School. She lives in Oxford   Madison Heights.
wife Susan this year. The couple         with husband Gregory and their
enjoys coaching the kids’ teams,                                                Meghan Labadie Parent is happily
                                         children Lindsey and Kylie.
bike riding, boating, and fishing off                                           living in Grosse Pointe Park with her
the dock. After a long career as         Patricia Offer is the director of      husband of seven years, Joe. They
a materials and logistics manager,       annual giving at the Rehabilitation    are trying to keep up with their five
he and his wife now work together        Institute in Chicago. She has a        little ones, all under the age of six!
to develop her growing private           B.S in English from St. Joseph’s
                                                                                Molly Blank McClure is an education
medical practice.                        College.
                                                                                consultant living in Quincy, Ill. with
Bonnie MacDougall works at               Mariela Gomez is a web producer        husband Stephen and daughters
Ladies’ Fitness and Wellness and         for the National Geographic            Anna and Kathleen.
lives with husband R. Timothy            Society. She lives in Arlington, VA.
Smith and their children in Chapel
                                                                                Krista Strang Rickerson began
Hill, NC.                                Diana Grossi Ray is a program
                                                                                working at Westchester Campus
                                         supervisor at Training and Treatment
Dominic Romano is an account                                                    of Care, a nursing facility affiliated
                                         Innovation in Madison Heights. She
clerk with the City of Livonia. He                                              with Volunteers of America, in
                                         lives with husband Justin and their
and wife Anna have two sons,                                                    2008. She is the director of medical
                                         two children in Macomb.
Isaac and Casper.                                                               records and loves living in Arizona
                                         Meghan Kelly Aldrich is the            with her husband Joe and daughter
Jennifer Ovies O’Connor is a             principal at EPC Management in         Jessica. Jessica is “growing like a
physical therapist with Beaumont         Southfield. She and husband Scott      weed here in the Arizona sun. She,
Hospitals. She lives in Novi with        live in Franklin with daughters Abby   just like her parents, loves being
husband Mike and children Jake,          and Sydney.                            able to be out and about without
Elizabeth, and Liam.                                                            the snow.”
                                         Jeff Mackey and his wife
Linda Dixon Bezemek lives in West
                                         Stephanie live in Oxford with their
Bloomfield with husband Timand
                                         two daughters. He is the owner of
children Zachary, Blake, and
                                         SIX15 Solutions, LLC.

SHRINE Today                                             19
            UPDATES continued . . .
1991                                    1996
Octavia Marquess is an insurance        Angela Stock Munroe is a music
agent with AAA of Michigan. She         teacher/band director with the
lives in Westland.                      Denver Public Schools. She and
                                        husband Joe live in Littleton, CO.
Katie O’Halloran Bardocz lives in
Commerce with husband Steve             2000
and kids Kendall and Blake.             Ellen Matuszak Strom married Jon
                                        Strom on August 1, 2008. She is the
1995                                    admissions director for Southfield
Capers     (Kip)     Harper     is  a   Christian School.
telecommunications         consultant
at Covenant HealthCare where            2004
he is developing a TeleMedicine/        Ashly     Kochanski     Neumann
Telehealth program for the next         graduated Magna Cum Laude
three years. He and his wife Nancy      from GVSU in December 2008 with
Lin Harper, welcomed their first        a degree in music. She married
child on April 1, 2009. They also own   Mitchell Neumann of St. Clair, MI
Harper International Marketing and      at the National Shrine on June 19,
Management, which operates in           2009.
several states.

Hall of Fame 2009
Inaugural Induction Ceremony

                                                           LIC HI
  t’s in the history books. The Shrine                HO          G
  Knight Hall of Fame has officially

                                         SHRINE C

been established and our newly
inducted athletes, coaches and

                                                                                Hall of Fame inducteeRachelle Bostic ‘80, joined by
service award winners have been
                                                                                two of her teamates Jeanne Konczal Reddie ‘81 and
honored. We were lucky enough                  HA                                                Kathy Thomas ‘80
to have almost every inductee                        LL          E
                                                          O F FAM
attend our festivities back on
October 3. We were also joined           University; 5 inductees played                       gained from coaches and in the
by many alumni and friends to            professional athletics; 3 hold                       classroom, laid the foundation
celebrate and honor the great            Catholic League records in Track                     for their success both as athletes
achievements of the inductees –          & Field; 2 hold records at their                     and as individuals.
Ron Bishop ’60, John Seymour ’61,        universities and one holds an NFL                      The      following   day,     the
Mike Haggerty ’63, Jim Seymour           record. This was an incredible                       inductees were introduced on
’65, Paul Seymour ’68, Bill Simpson      group of men and women who                           the field prior to the start of the
’70, John Wangler ’76, Jim Smith         also happen to have made an                          Homecoming football game.
’78, Rachelle Bostic ’80, State          impact in the world of athletics.                    Even though it was raining, they
Championship Golf Team – 1952,              The induction ceremony was                        were proud to be representing
Coach Linda Mueller McIntyre             a wonderful evening filled with                      Shrine Knights as our Hall of Fame
and Bart & Jane and Duke & Cis           laughter, great stories of old                       stand outs. What was most telling
Seymour. If you are not familiar         friends, good times and Shrine                       was the presence of several of
with the accomplishments of the          athletic greatness. Many of the                      the inductees on the sidelines
inductees I would encourage you          inductees indicated that while                       during the Homecoming game.
to log on to the alumni website          they had enjoyed success after                       Cheering on the team, gently
to read their resumes. As a small        their high school careers, their                     encouraging the refs and being
recap, all of our athletes played        time and experience playing                          active participants in the game,
college athletics at universities        football, basketball, baseball                       they once again demonstrated
like Notre Dame and Indiana              and track and the knowledge                          great leadership for our current
                                                                                                The Shrine Knight Hall of
                                                                                              Fame is an opportunity for our
                                                                                              community to honor the great
                                                                                              athletic traditions established
                                                                                              by our alumni and carried on
                                                                                              today in our programs. We are
                                                                                              grateful for all who joined us for
                                                                                              this wonderful celebration and
                                                                                              we hope many more of you will
                                                                                              join us next year. As was with
                                                                                              this year’s ceremony, the Hall of
                                                                                              Fame induction in future years
                                                                                              will take place on the eve of the
                                                                                              Homecoming football game.
    Members	of	the	1951	Shrine	State	Championship	Golf	Team:	Left	to	right,	
     Stan Lendzon, Jack Lyons and wife, Lloyd Syron with wife and sister.
                                                                                              Congratulations inductees!

SHRINE Today                                                      21
Dear Alumni and Friends:

How often do you run into Shrine Alumni? Have you ever stopped to think of the impact our small
Catholic high school has had, not only on our immediate community but on the county? The
state? The country? It is amazing to read the updates of our alumni who are literally all around
the globe doing tremendous work in a myriad of fields. And to think they all had their humble
beginnings right here in the yellow tiled hallways of Shrine. Even though we may consider Shrine
a small, Catholic high school, our alumni are vast, and are having an influential presence in
society. We are counting on that impressive group to give back to their high school community.
We are nearly 8000 strong and we can make a difference.

On the heels of this publication you will be receiving your invitation to participate in this year’s
Christmas Appeal. We hope you will take a moment to make a generous contribution to SHRINE
Catholic High School. As always, you may designate your gifts to a particular department or
activity. In addition, you have the option of honoring someone special in your life or remember
those who have gone before us.

This is the only direct mail appeal we send to our alumni. We hope you will be very generous
with a gift this year. If possible, perhaps you might be able to add $1, $5 or maybe even $10
to your normal annual gift to Shrine. Each dollar is critical to our success in providing a Christ-
centered, challenging Catholic education for SHRINE students.

We thank you in advance for your heartfelt gifts of support to your alma mater. Wishing you and
your family God’s blessings in the coming Christmas season!

Very truly yours,

      Laurie Bilkie-Snyder ’88                      Matthew York
      Associate Director of Development             Associate Director of Development
                      ALUMNI ASSOCIATION . . .
Dear Fellow Shrine Alumni,

It is my indeed pleasure to extend you greetings from the SHRINE Knight Alumni Association. I also
extend my sincere thanks to Mike Mares ’78, our immediate Past President, for his tenacious support and
leadership over the last several years.

I am privileged to become involved in the Alumni Association in uncertain and stressful times. The
H1N1 virus looms, our local economy continues to be challenging and the “every day” anxiety we all
experience in our professional and personal lives occasionally distract us from the quality of life we
seek. Demanding times are thankfully met with the love and support of our family, friends and life’s
more optimistic moments. Recently, I was involved with the 2009 Homecoming and the 1st annual
HALL OF FAME Induction ceremony at SHRINE. Seeing so many wonderful SHRINE people from my past
rejuvenated my appreciation for the sacrifice my parents made to educate all five of their sons at Shrine,
and brought back countless memories of my years and friendships at Shrine.

The high school offers a wonderful venue for many events throughout the year. If you have not yet seen
the changes on campus, I encourage you to come and see them for yourself. These improvements
will revive pride in your past and renew your hope for the future of SHRINE HIGH. I also invite you to
consider becoming involved with the Alumni Association; we are currently seeking Board Members,
volunteers to support alumni events, and will soon launch an exciting new program, Alumni Ambassadors,
representatives from each graduating class to assist with ongoing communication among classmates.

The mission of the SHRINE Alumni Association remains to augment a sense of community in the SHRINE
family and provide ways for you to stay connected and involved with SHRINE. If you are interested in
becoming more involved with the Alumni Association, contact the Alumni Relations Office at (248) 549-
2925 x 2503, or visit I hope to see you at one of the many upcoming alumni
events; don’t wait for a formal class reunion to stay connected to the SHRINE family.


Ken Morgan, ‘77
Shrine High School Alumni Association

SHRINE Today                                       23
       Mark your calendars: KNIGHT REUNION Weekend                                     2010
Re-connect with classmates, Grads from all Classes…
  How about some just plain FUN? Socialize, eat, drink, golf or run, share some memories. The
Shrine Development Staff, in conjunction with the Shrine Alumni Board, would like to invite ALL
ALUMNI to participate in one or all the activities planned for this special event. Here is a tentative
schedule for Shrine Alumni on the weekend of June 28th, 2010:
    Friday, June 25th:
        6:00 p.m. - SHRINE ALUMNI BARBEQUE $20
  Saturday, June 26th:
     10:00 a.m. - ALUMNI FUN RUN (1K & 5K)
     4:30 p.m. - MASS FOR SHRINE ALUMNI at National Shrine Church.
     6:00 p.m. - REUNION KNIGHT (Milestone reunions i.e. 5, 10, 15 year, etc.)
     7:00 p.m. - KNIGHT RECEPTION (Offered to classes who choose to hold
                              their reunion at a different time.)
Contact R.J. Lomas ’85: or Laurie Bilkie-Snyder ’88: with any additional questions.

                              SAvE THE DATES !
     Saturday, December 19th, 2009                      Friday, June 25th, 10:00 AM

• ALUMNI/HS MINSTRy DAyS                          • ALUMNI BARBEqUE (ALL ARE INvITED!)
     March 10th, 11th, 2010                             Friday, June 25th, 6:00 PM

  (NEW SAUNDERS AUDITORIUM!)                             (Milestone reunions @ SHRINE)
     MARCH 26TH - 29th, 2010                              Saturday, June 26th, 6:00 PM

• KNIGHT RECEPTION (All milestone reunion alumni invited!)
     (Reunion Alumni whose class reunions are held on another date)
                                                 24                                       Fall 2009

D   uring difficult economic times we are still very blessed with many graces: family, friends, good health, and
    great memories of a supportive high school and parish community that helped start us down a successful
Keep in mind, there are a significant number of Shrine friends who have been similarly graced with children
and family but have fallen upon difficult times in their professional lives and are unable to make the sacrifice
to provide a solid, Catholic education for their children like our parents did for us.
The ADOPT-A-KNIGHT program is specifically designed to support need-based tuition assistance to only pre-
qualified students. your charity, your participation will make a difference, regardless of the amount of your

We invite you to partner with us, by sponsoring all or part of a student’s tuition for a year or even a complete
4-year Shrine Catholic education. your contribution will go directly toward the tuition of a specific young man
or young woman in need.
Remember, while times maybe challenging for us, there is an even greater, growing need to provide
Metro Detroit area and Shrine Parish youth the opportunity to realize their dreams and develop to their full

EDUCATION.                                                                 •	Individual	Alumni.
Unfortunately, there are some who take the position that they have         •	Families	who	want	to	honor	
paid for their education, and owe nothing to their alma mater. This           someone special.
misconception assumes the cost of tuition is equal to the cost to          •	The	Class	of	1985	who	wanted	
educate students, which has never been true. Also, it overlooks the           to memorialize two deceased
fact that several of our classmates would not have benefitted from a          classmates.
Shrine education without the generous gifts of former donors.              •	Friends	who	did	not	attend	nor	
CATHOLIC CHARITy THAT CONNECTS DIRECTLy. . .                                  send their children to Shrine.
                                                                           •	Former	parents.
We would like to connect you with a young person in need and
send you updates to check on their progress. Furthermore, when possible, we would love to allow some
appropriate form of mentoring and support. If you would like to find out more about the Adopt-A-Knight
program, contact the Development Department:,, or

SHRINE Today                                          25
T  he Shrine Catholic High School 20th Annual Golf Outing was held August 7, 2009 at Fieldstone Golf
   Club in Auburn Hills. Many alumni, alumni parents and friends joined us to help raise dollars for our
scholarship and tuition assistance programs. To date the annual golf outing has raised over $200,000!
We are most appreciative to all of our golfers and sponsors who assist us in help to offset the rising cost
of providing a Shrine Catholic education for our students and families.
  The Miramonti Family ● Lou Miramonti •Sobeck Enterprises – Chicken Shack ● Iola and John Sobeck

           Architectural Building Components ● Gerald Caratelli ‘72
Specialty products for construction •13380 Capital Park, Oak Park, MI 48237
THANK yOU TO OUR HOLE SPONSORS: (Business listings)
William Sullivan & Son Funeral Homes, John Sullivan, Alumni
Father •Keoleian, Massimilla and Associates, Linda Massimilla,
Alumni Mother • Top Cat Sales/Adidas, John Wangler ‘76 • Visual Sports Network of Michigan, Russ
Waldo • Northwood Credit Union, Jackie Galesky, CEO • Berridge & Morrison, Bob Sheldon • Super
Car Wash Systems, Ryan Gesund • Plaskey Painters Inc., Jim ‘76 & Melissa Plaskey •At Home Tutoring,
Joan Armstrong Peterson
Honorariums: Charles H. Huebner ● Dr. Charles J. Huebner, M.D. ‘71
Memorials: Anna C. & John G. Else Sr. • Julie Kantz and Family • Fred E. Sheldon • Dorothy, Bob, Jean &
Family Listings: The Castine Family                                                           Carol Castine
The 21st Annual Golf Outing will take place Friday, June 25th, 2009 with a shotgun start at 10 a.m. The
outing will be held again at Fieldstone Golf Club in Auburn Hills, a nationally recognized course. The
Golf Outing will be the kick-off event of the new Knight Reunion Weekend. Please visit www.shrinek- for all the weekend details.

               2009                        SHRINE CAT
THANK yOU TO OUR DOOR PRIZE DONORS: Please patronize the businesses that have generously donated
Hollywood Supermarkets • Indian River Golf Course • The Tennis & Golf Company • Oakland County Parks
Borders Books & Gifts • National Coney Island • Fieldstone Golf Club • Mrs. Laurie Bilkie-Snyder ‘88
Raisin River Golf Club • Super Car Wash Systems • Shrine Knight Alumni Association

                                                    26                                          Fall 2009
                                                                              Women's Winning Team
                                                                                 LEFT(from left to right)
                                                                                Laurie Bilkie-Snyder '88
                                                                                    Gabrielle Erken
                                                                                Jean Sheldon Ivory ‘67
                                                                                      Kathy Sparks
                                                                                    Linda McIntyre

        Men's Winning Team- RIGHT(left to right)
              Scott Morley, Jeff Cavazos
         Alex Cavazos ‘10, Armando Cavazos
                       Special Thanks
     Thank you to the volunteers who make this event
      happen. We are grateful to alumni who enjoy
       giving their time back to make this event so
    Amy Bauer ‘84, Mary Ellen Soma ‘61, Susan Lilly ‘89

HOLIC Golf Outing
items for the 20th Annual Shrine Catholic Golf Outing. We are thankful for their support!
 • Mr. & Mrs. Meg ’92 & J.D. ’93 Armstrong • Dick’s Sporting Goods • Larco’s Italian Restaurants • Starbucks

          Co-Ed Winning Team
          RIGHT(from left to right)
                Ted Mazur
             Janet Mazur ‘77
             Colin Murphy ‘05
             Megan Davidson
            Greg Davidson '79

              Longest Drive
          W - Megan Davidson
          M - Alex Cavazos '10
          Senior - Dave Smith

            Closest to the Pin
          W - Megan Davidson
            M - Marty O'Neill
          Senior - Marty Welch

     SHRINE Today                                      27
 3500 West 13 Mile Road
 Royal Oak, MI 48073-6709

     PARENTS: If your child has
    finished college and you are
receiving SHRINE Today at home
even though he/she has moved,
  please notify us of the change
  in address so we can mail the                     
     magazine directly to them.

        Sent to: Alumni Office, Shrine Catholic High School,
         3500 W. 13 Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073-6709

Full Name ________________________________ maideN __________________________ Grad. Yr. _____________
address ___________________________________________________________________________________________
CitY _________________________________________ state ____________________ Zip _______________________
phoNe Number (____)________________________ email address ________________________________________
emploYer ______________________________________ positioN __________________________________________
marital status ___________________________ spouse’s Name _________________________________________
ChildreN/GraNdChidreN ___________________________________________________________________________
eduCatioN / Career preparatioN ___________________________________________________________________
What’s NeW With You? (promotioNs, aWards, aNNiversaries, CiviC aCtivities, speCial iNterests)

                                                28                                        Fall 2009

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