Obstacles to Multiculturalism

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					Obstacles to Multiculturalism
Obstacles to Multiculturalism
                Joseph, Hilary and Stephanie
         Thesis Statement
As a nation we are trying to promote the concept
of multiculturalism. While we have made some
advances, there is still a lot to be done. There
are still systems of oppression that prevent
certain minority students from having the same
advantages in the classroom as the dominant
group. We need to embrace different cultural
identities and heritages in order to ensure that
each child has the same chance at succeeding
both in the classroom and ultimately in society.
We aren’t nearly as multicultural as
we like to think we are…
 Obstacles to Multiculturalism
As future educators, we always hear the
 word “multiculturalism” thrown around. We
 know that it should be a part of our
 classrooms as well as part of the greater
 society, but how can this be done?
There are many obstacles that need to
 overcome in order to reach this ideal.
          Societal Standards
Immigration and Poverty
• Unfortunately, immigration and poverty
  often go hand in hand
  – Even if this is not the case, we often equate
    them to mean the same things
• A major problem is that it is often difficult
  for new immigrants to find jobs, and for
  their children to get access to quality
             Social Isolation

• Recent studies have shown that single-
  race schools may actually be beneficial to
  student learning

  People used to fight for being included in white-only
   schools. Wouldn’t this undo all the progress?
            Social Isolation

 There are barriers in our society that make
 it difficult, if not impossible, for people of
 certain groups to participate in the things
 most people take for granted.
• The fallacy of stereotypes: We understand
  stereotypes to be generalizations, yet we
  cannot help but apply them to certain
  people, regardless of knowing they are
  simply generalizations
• Lately, and especially in the media, we
  see stereotypes being broken. What does
  this really mean in our society?
…a HUGE contradiction…

“…however, by age 10 or 11, [immigrant] children were
  considered to be performing as well as their [non-
  immigrant] classmates.”

The information we are presented with says
White Man’s Burden, Brown Man’s Burden

Take up the White Man's burden   Pile on the brown man's burden
No iron rule of kings,           To gratify your greed;
But toil of serf and sweeper     Go, clear away the "niggers"
The tale of common things.       Who progress would impede;
The ports ye shall not enter,    Be very stern, for truly
The roads ye shall not tread,    'Tis useless to be mild
Go, make them with your living   With new-caught, sullen peoples,
And mark them with your dead.    Half devil and half child.
Regardless of how far we think we have
come in obtaining multiculturalism, our
successes should not blind us to how far
we still have to go.
It is important to understand that the
obstacles presented are only some of
many, and that each obstacle represents
potential progress, for once it is overcome,
progress will have been made.

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