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               How to Live With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
                 Focusing can be a struggle, but there are ways to cope

       He walks around the kitchen and leans into the pantry to find something for

breakfast and the next thing he knows, Cameron Adrian, 17, is sitting on the floor playing

with the family dog.

       Adrian is a senior at Newsome High School and he was diagnosed with Attention

Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder when he was in elementary school.

       “I found out I had ADHD from the doctor and my mom when I was seven,”

Adrian said.

       Recognizing he had an attention problem at an early age, Adrian developed ways

to cope.

First Add ADHD Advice

        “I have to stop myself when I daydream, which is far more often than it ought to

be, or more often than normal people,” Adrian said. “I actually have to recognize when I

am doing it and consciously make an effort to stop myself.”

        In order to be efficient and productive, Adrian recommends that a diagnosed

person make themselves notes to remember to do things.

        “If I don’t write things down, my mom has to remind me to do something a

million times. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I just forget,” Adrian said. “She will send

me to my room to clean and I see my drums and I am immediately distracted and forget

why I came in the room in the first place.”

        As a student, he suggests overcoming attention obstacles by studying and

completing homework in short-term intervals.

        Adrian learned this helpful hint because he once found himself sitting at a

computer to write a research paper. Five hours passed and he realized he had been

browsing online and still had not started his paper.

        Adrian is going to college next year and expects that he will face struggles.

        “I think the fact that I have a focusing problem is going to be an issue when I’m at

college but I will deal with it by having study groups and by surrounding myself with

people and situations that will force me to stay on task,” he said.

        Although people with ADHD are often said to be making excuses for a lack of

priorities or discipline, Adrian encourages people with the disorder to be patient and


Second Add ADHD Advice

       “A lot of people don’t understand this is not something we choose. I would much

rather be able to complete my tasks on time and without being nagged,” Adrian said. “We

just have to constantly remind ourselves to focus and if all else fails, the medication

works wonders.”


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