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VIEWS: 8 PAGES: 18 SUMMARY SLIDES: Computer pros have become a diverse group of experts made up of software coders, hardware technicians, and even business consultants. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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        Computer Pros
 (Glossary Definition)

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  Managed Computer Consulting Glossary
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  As IT has
  Every Part of the
  Business World,
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  Computer Pros
  Have Been Forced
  to Specialize
  in Different Areas
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  To Stand Out
  in the Job Market
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  They Are the Ones
  Who Make Sure
  That Software
  is Useful
  and Easy to Use,
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  And the Ones
  Who are
  When it Isn’t
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  Most People Think
  of Technicians
  as People Who
  Come by
  to Make Repairs,
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  But They are Also
  the Computer Pros
  Who Set Up
  Networks, Design
  New Hardware,
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  And Optimize
  Existing Products
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  Even if They Never
  Use a Computer
  in Front of You,
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  By Opening
  Your Ideas
  to New
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  They Help Us
  Get the Greatest
  Return for Our
  Investment in IT
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  Do You Spend
  a Lot of Time
  Working with
  Computer Pros?
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