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                                      DISTRICT COURT

                              CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA

                        Plaintiff,        )
v.                                        )                  CASE NO.      A
                                          )                  DEPT NO.
                        Defendants.       )                                          STP
__________________________________________)                                         ADR #

                                SHORT TRIAL SETTING

TO:   , attorney for Plaintiff; and

TO:   , attorney for Defendant; and

TO:   , Judge Pro Tempore.

A.    The above entitled case is set to be tried as part of the Short Trial Program (STP) on

                      , 2008, at 8:00 a.m. before Judge Pro Tempore                       .

B.    The parties are to refer to the Nevada Short Trial Rules, as well as this Order for

      procedures and deadlines in this matter. This Order supplements and should not be

      interpreted as modifying the relevant Supreme Court Rules in any manner.

C.    Courtesy copies of all documents must be served on the opposing party and the

      presiding short trial judge within one (1) day of filing.

D.    Discovery shall cease 45 days prior to the trial date unless otherwise ordered by the

      presiding short trial judge. The parties shall cooperate in conducting discovery as

      necessary in this matter. All discovery disputes will be referred exclusively to the

      presiding short trial judge for resolution. The parties shall not request calendar

      dates from the Clerk’s Office.

                                                                      STP FORM 9 (1 of 4)
                                                                    CASE NAME/CASE #

E.   The Joint Pretrial Memorandum and Evidentiary Booklet shall be due seven (7)

     working days before the pretrial conference.

F.   Jury instructions shall be submitted with the pretrial memorandum.

G.   All Evidentiary Booklets submitted with the pretrial memorandum shall contain

     exhibit lists for use during the short trial.

H.   Evidentiary objections shall be submitted to the presiding judge on the date the

     pretrial memorandum is due. Oppositions should be served prior to the pretrial


I.   Pretrial conferences shall be scheduled through the presiding judge. All pretrial

     conferences shall take place no later than ten (10) days prior to the scheduled short

     trial date.

J.   During the short trial the Court anticipates conducting limited general voir dire to

     assist in the efficient selection of jurors. The time spent by the Court with voir dire

     shall not be deducted from the time allotted to each side for voir dire.

K.   Other than jury selection, counsel may utilize allotted time as he or she sees fit

     among different uses including, but not limited to, opening statements, direct and

     cross-examination of witnesses, rebuttal and sur-rebuttal, closing argument,

     objections and motions as long as the party’s total allotted time is not exceeded.

     Time taken to argue objections and motions, including matters outside of the

     presence of the jury, and challenges for cause during jury selection will be charged

     against the time allocation of the party against whom the Court rules, and will be

     allocated between the parties if the Court rules partly for and partly against the

     objecting party.

                                                                      STP FORM 9 (2 of 4)
                                                                     CASE NAME/CASE #

L.      All post-trial motions for attorney’s fees and costs or refunds of fees shall be

        considered on the briefs alone unless oral argument is requested by the Pro Tempore


M.      If counsel becomes aware of a potential conflict between the short trial and another

matter before a District Court Judge, counsel must immediately notify the Short Trial Judge

in writing with the case number and department along with the anticipated time/length of

any conflict.

        Failure of the designated trial attorney or any party in proper person to make

any court appearance or to otherwise comply with the Order shall result in one or

more of the following: 1) dismissal of the action; 2) default judgment; 3) monetary

sanctions; 4) vacation of trial date; and/or other appropriate remedy or sanction.

        Counsel is required to advise the ADR Commissioner and Pro Tempore Judge

immediately when the case settles or is otherwise resolved prior to trial. The parties must

provide the ADR Office with a signed Stipulation for Dismissal by 12:00 Noon at least two

working days prior to the scheduled short trial to have it removed from calendar. A

stipulation which terminates a case by dismissal shall also indicate whether a trial date has

been set and the date of that trial.

        DATED this               day of             , 2008.

                                                    ADR COMMISSIONER

                                                                      STP FORM 9 (3 of 4)
                                                                   CASE NAME/CASE #


A copy of the foregoing Short Trial Setting was:

              Mailed to the Plaintiff’s/Defendant’s counsel and Judge Pro Tempore at their
              last known address(es) on the                 day of             , 2008.

                                            ADR COMMISSIONER’S DESIGNEE

                                                                    STP FORM 9 (4 of 4)

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