Introduction to Ratio Word Problems #3 by CarlosLemus


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Introduction to Ratio Word Problems #3

Short Answer

      1. What is the actual distance in miles between two cities if the two cities are 17 inches apart on a map and the
         scale the map is 1 inch : 8 miles?

      2. The atmosphere normally exerts a pressure of about 15 pounds per square inch on surfaces at sea level.
         About how much pressure does the atmosphere exert on a surface of 35 square inches in area?

      3. If airline pilots fly to 8 cities in 10 days, how many cities do airline pilots fly in 45 days?

      4. Kiko earns $52 for 13 hours of work. At that rate, how long would Kiko have to work to earn $676?

      5. Evelyn takes inventory of her closet and discovers that she has 4 shirts for every 3 pair of jeans. If she has 20
         shirts, how many pairs of jeans does she have?

      6. David read 7 pages of a book in 4.2 hours. How many pages should he be able to read in 24.6 hours?

      7. A washing machine takes 2.2 hours to wash 8 loads of laundry. At that rate, how many loads of laundry can
         the washing machine wash in 28.6 hours?

      8. One pound of silver is worth 0.76 dollars. If you have 201 dollars, how many pounds of silver could you buy?

      9. If Jennifer’s car gets an average of 35 miles per gallon of gas, how many gallons of gas should she expect to
         use if she drives 313 miles?

     10. A typist can type 8.40 words in 2.40 seconds. At that rate, how many seconds would it take her to type 2.40

     11. A baby lions weight is proportional to its length. If a 5-pound baby lion measures 29.5 inches, how long
         should a 20-pound lion measure?

     12. The Lakers ratio of the number of games the team won to the number of games the team played was 7 to 11
         last season. The team played 44 games last season. How many games did the team win?

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Introduction to Ratio Word Problems #3
Answer Section


      1.   136 miles
      2.   525 pounds
      3.   36 days
      4.   169 hours
      5.   15 jeans
      6.   41 pages
      7.   104 loads
      8.   264.47 pounds
      9.   8.9 gallons.
     10.   14 seconds
     11.   118 inches
     12.   28 games


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