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					                                                   The Cardinal
   January - March, 2006                                                                                 V o l u m e 10, I s s u e 1

                              THE CARDINAL
 The Cardinal Newsletter is the official publication of the Virginia Army / Air Enlisted Association. As we strive for excellence,
 send articles or information to Brent Taylor @ or at VaAANGEA, P.O. Box 5175, Roanoke VA 24012.

 From our President                                             Guardsmen Recognized for Contributions
   CSM (Ret.) Gary Webb                                         to the Global War on Terror
                                                                        Task Force Normandy, comprised of the Virginia
         As we look toward another year of this                 National Guard's 3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry, and
great association and our needs grow it is you                  soldiers of the 229th Engineer Battalion and HQs
the members that can make it happen. Our                        Company, 29th Infantry Division (Light), and their
membership continues to grow with each                          families, were honored with a Freedom Salute Campaign
passing month. We need each of you to keep up                   ceremony.
this growth pace by renewing your membership                            The Freedom Salute Ceremony was conducted to
when it comes due along with asking a buddy to                  publicly recognize and thank the soldiers, their families
join. I thank each of you for your support.                     and members of the community that played such an
         By the time you receive this edition our               important role in assuring Task Force Normandy
State Conference will be right around the                       successfully accomplished its mission. In addition
corner. If you have not registered do so know.                  several soldiers were decorated for meritorious service.
Registration forms are in this Cardinal issue and               Four soldiers of HHC were awarded the Purple Heart for
can be obtained from I                        injuries incurred when their vehicle struck a roadside
encourage each to try to attend the business                    bomb.
session and banquet. Our soldier's needs are                            Approximately 570 soldiers of 3rd Battalion,
many and we need to fight for soldier benefits                  116th Infantry were activated March 1, 2004 and
through associations like ours. So be an                        deployed to Ft. Bragg, N. C. where they completed prep
important part of your association and spent the                for deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation
weekend helping make important decisions in                     Enduring Freedom. Soldiers from the 229th Engineer
the association.                                                Battalion and Headquarters Company, 29th Infantry
         This year is election year for the                     Division (Light) were ordered to active federal service
executive council. If you are interested in                     shortly thereafter and deployed to Afghanistan with their
running for an elected office please fill out the               fellow Virginians where they were stationed in Bagram
form found in this newsletter and return it to                  and Ghazni. Task Force Normandy returned to Ft. Bragg
SFC(Ret.) Joe Wade Nomination Committee                         on July 16, 2005 where they completed administrative
Chair.                                                          processing before release from active federal service.
         As this years State Conference
approaches I want to take this opportunity to
                                                                  Inside This Issue
thank each and everyone who has supported
                                                                  Words from the President ….…..………….………………… 1
me during the last six years as your President.
                                                                  Task Force Normandy honored…………..…………….…… 1
It has been an honor and pleasure to serve as
                                                                  203rd Memorial Ceremony…………….……………………… 2
the association president and an experience I
                                                                  Membership Contest…………………………………………… 2
will never forget. I want to especially thank the
                                                                  WE NEED A REPLACEMENT SECRETARY………….……….… 2
members of the executive council for their
                                                                  183rd Personnel Services returns home………………….… 2
support and hard work during this time. Without
                                                                  192nd and 27th forces combine ………………………..…… 3
you our association could not function. It takes
                                                                  129th F/A returns home……………………………………..… 4
team work to accomplish each and every task
                                                                  Auxillary News……….……..…………………………………… 5
we undertake and you have served well. Again I
                                                                  Your Military records online….……………………………..... 6
salute each and every member of this
                                                                  State Conference Report…………………………………….… 6
association and thank you.
                                                                  Executive Council minutes, 29 October, 2005 ………...… 7
I would ask that you give our next President
                                                                  Executive Council Application, Yearly/3 year Membership form
and executive council the same great support
                                                                  2006 Conference flyer, 2006 Conference registration form
you have given me these past years.
                                                                  LIFETIME Membership form
Thank you and God Bless each and everyone.
                                            The Cardinal
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       203 rd Memorial Service Held                            released from active federal service in January
                                                               2006. After having served in Iraq for
                                                               approximately one year these Virginia Army
        To mark the fifth anniversary of the aircraft
crash that claimed the lives of 18 members of the              National Guard soldiers returned to Ft. Bragg,
203rd Red Horse Squadron and 3 Florida Army                    N. C. on January 11, 2006 to complete
National Guard aviators, the Squadron held a memorial          administrative processing for release from
                                                               active federal service. Upon completion of that
honoring the lives of crash victims.
                                                               processing they will return to Richmond on
        The crash occurred March 3, 2001 as the 203rd
Airmen were returning to their Virginia Beach home             January 20, 2006 where they will be released
station from annual training at Hulbert Field, Florida.        from active service.
The Army Guard C-23 Sherpa aircraft they were in
                                                               VaA/ANGEA EXECUTIVE SECRETARY
crashed in southern Georgia during a rain storm. All
21 on board the aircraft died in the crash. This was           POSITION VACANCY - 23 March 2006
the largest single loss of members of the National
Guard since World War II.                                      Our Association's Executive Secretary position is
        The former and current unit commanders, Col.           open. The President, Gary Webb, is soliciting
Thomas Turlip and Lt. Col. Paul Julian, and the                applicants. This part time position is the only paid
Adjutant General of Virginia, Brig. Gen. Robert                position in the Association. The job description is
Newman, spoke during the service. Family and unit              published below for your information.
members were in attendance at the Memorial in front
of the 203rd Red Horse Squadron Headquarters                   Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive
building located at the State Military Reservation             Secretary of the Virginia Army/Air National Guard
(Camp Pendleton), Virginia Beach, Virginia.                    Enlisted Association.

 VAANGEA Membership Contest                                    1. Production of and issuance of Association membership cards
                                                               and membership renewals.
    The contest applies to all members of the Virginia         2. Weekly monitoring of the Association's Post Office Box.
 Army and Air National Guard. The contest is ongoing           3. Filing of all Local, State and Federal agency forms before the
 until our State Conference in Roanoke, April 28-30,           deadline imposed by the agency.
                                                               4. Assist the Secretary in maintaining minutes of all meetings, if
 2006.                                                         necessary.
                                                               5. Provide storage of all official books and records.
 CONTEST RULES                                                 6. Assist the Treasurer in filing IRS Form 990, if necessary.
 >>The individual submitting the most NEW                      7. Maintain computerized list of membership of the Association,
                                                               both Annual and Life.
 memberships between the 2005 and 2006 Annual                  8. Issue current membership list to the Executive Council at its
 State Conferences will receive $250.00.                       meetings.
 >>A minimum of 25 NEW memberships must be                     9. Issue monthly activity report to the Association President.
 submitted by the individual to be eligible to win.            10. Serve as an uncompensated Registered Agent with the State
                                                               Corporation Commission for the Association.
 >>To receive credit you MUST print your name in the           11. Respond to correspondence, fax, computer, telephone, or
 top center of each application.                               face-to-face inquiries as necessary, on behalf of the Association.
 >>SFC (R) J.J. St Clair will tally the applications and       12. Attend all scheduled meetings of the Association, including
 announce the winner at next years State Conference.           all State and National Conferences, in as far as reason allows,
                                                               and perform duties as prescribed by the President.
 Good luck and go after those NEW members,                     13. Assist all officers of the Association with expertise, when
 VaAANGEA has 1,154 members and lots of                        needed.
 opportunity to make $250 !                                    14. Serve as an advisor to the Officers of the Association.
                                                               15. Forward to the treasurer all membership dues or other
                                                               monies, membership applications and other documents, as
                1st VP Kenneth Smith                           expeditiously as possible.

       183 rd Personnel Services
                                                               16. Perform all other duties as assigned by the officers on
                                                               behalf of the Association.
      Detachment returns home!                                 Those interested may mail your resume to:
             Approximately 47 soldiers of the 183rd
   Personnel Services Detachment entered active                Gary M. Webb, 1010 Dobbins Hollow Rd, Riner, VA
   federal service on December 11, 2004 and                    24149 -- Resumes must be postmarked by 20
   deployed to Ft. Bragg, N. C. to prepare for                 April 2006 or e-mailed so as to arrived NLT 2400
   overseas deployment. These soldiers served in               hrs, 20 April 2006 to
   various locations in Kuwait and Iraq. They were
                                                 The Cardinal
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  Virginia Guard unit begins integrating          of the Air Force's Total Force Integration initiative
            with active duty wing                 (TFI).
Integration Milestone: First 2 -ship F-22A sortie        Lt. Col. Guy and Maj. DeConcini have flown
       flown by Virginia Air Guard pilots         with each other in the F-16C for close to five years
                                                        at the 192d Fighter Wing, based at the Richmond
           March 5, 2006 by Maj. D.D. Magaldi,
                                                        International Airport. In July of 2005, Lt. Col. Guy
             JFHQ VA (Air), Langley AFB, Va             became the first Virginia ANG pilot to complete the
                                                        F-22A fighter transition course at Tyndall AFB,
        No fanfare or balloons, no speeches or fuss.    Florida. He attended the course with pilots from
February 16, 2006 was quiet, sunny and clear just       Langley's 27th Fighter Squadron. Major DeConcini
the way Lt. Col. Phillip Guy and Maj. Patrick           followed in a subsequent class. Lt. Col. Guy has
DeConcini wanted it, as they climbed into two           been flying with the 27th FS for more than seven
F-22As on the parking ramp at Langley AFB for an        months, waiting for his first flight with a fellow Air
air-to-air training sortie. On the surface, the event   Guardsman.
appeared routine. But, their flight that day added a            "It was great to have Major DeConcini going
unique footnote to the rich aviation history of         up with me" Lt. Col. Guy said. "It took us back to
Langley AFB and the active duty's 1st Fighter Wing      when I certified him as an F-16 Instructor Pilot;
(FW), and marked a significant milestone for the        now we're in the upgrade process with a new jet."
192d Fighter Wing of the Virginia Air National                  The pilots are impressed with the F-22A, "It
Guard (ANG).                                            is awesome to be flying the leading-edge fighter
        On that day, the first two-ship flight of       platform in the Air Force" Lt. Col. Guy said. "It is a
Virginia ANG piloted F-22As took to the sky over        great fighter. Historically the Air Guard flew the
Langley AFB in the Air Force's newest fighter and       older ones; this is a very exciting time for the
the world's premier air dominance aircraft, the         Virginia Air National Guard."
F-22A Raptor. We celebrate this milestone,                      "It is equally exciting for the pilots to be
commented the 192d Fighter Wing's Lt. Col. James        flying with the 27th Fighter Squadron, the oldest
Cox, a senior Virginia ANG fighter pilot now at         continually active fighter squadron in the Air Force.
Langley working on the integration. "I congra-          The history here and being a part of a new chapter
dulate these two men who have been a pivotal            in that history is incredible" Maj. DeConcini said.
force in securing our proud unit's future. Well                 The 192d also brings a very rich history
done! I look forward to the first four-ship."           (going back to World War II) that we take pride in
        In the early 1990s, the 192d Fighter Wing       and celebrate. We are glad to be mo ving into a
was among the first of all ANG units in the nation      state-of-the-art fighter and a mission that will take
chosen to fly the F-16C as that aircraft was            us into future.
transferred from active duty to ANG service. With               For the 192d FW, flying the F-22 on an
slightly less than 70 miles separating the two units,   active duty base is another step into the Total
the 1st and 192d Fighter Wings, interacted on a         Force and another step in making the Air Guard a
regular basis conducting dissimilar Air Combat          more integral part of the Air Force. This move also
Tactics (DACT) training with each other several         helps establish longevity for the unit as it moves
times each year.                                        into a fighter that will fly for the next 20-plus years
        As the Air Force moved into the 21st            and out of the F-16C which will be retiring in the
century with increased operations tempo and the         near future.
realization that new, more capable aircraft entering            The 192d FW brings to Langley AFB a large
the AF would result in a smaller inventory and far      number of seasoned, experienced pilots. Nearly
fewer units needed to fly them, senior Air Force        every Virginia ANG pilot has flown in combat and
leaders initiated a study to integrate the 192d FW      has 1,500 to 3,000 hours of fighter aircraft
and the 1st FW. The integration is called a Classic     experience, with the average running at more than
Associate construct, with the goal being an             1,800 hours. "The talent here [at Langley] is
enhanced war fighting capability of the 1st FW          incredible. We have already learned a great deal
through the functional integration of Virginia ANG      from each other" Lt. Col. Guy pointed out. "And
personnel, but with separate administrative chains      there is much we will continue to learn from each
of command. The project is one of many objectives       other. This is an opportunity to provide our nation
                                                        with unparalleled mission capability."
                                                        Continued on page 4
                                              The Cardinal
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Continued from page 3                                      We need  your email address so we may email the
                                                           Cardinal and other important information to you!
         "This [integration] is a great opportunity to
capitalize on the experience and stability of the          Our goal is to have a majority of the Enlisted
ANG and the talent and mobility of the active              Association membership emailing. Help us help
duty. The stability of staying in one place and            you, you save postage and handling costs and we
working with the same group of people over time            can put your dues to better use.
has provided us with great experience. Now we
are teaming that experience with the young talent
in the 1st Fighter Wing" Lt. Col. Guy noted.     
         "Both pilots feel the active duty and ANG                Click on ‘sign up’ at the web page bottom
cultures compliment each other. They believe the
stability and longevity of ANG personnel will help
provide continuity and prevent valuable                       129 th Field Artillery Detachment
information form being lost during periods of rapid
movement and turnover among active duty                       returns home after deployment
personnel." And, Lt. Col. Guy added. "The Guard
will benefit and grow from the new talent and new
ideas brought in by an ever-changing Langley                         A Freedom Salute Ceremony (the
population."                                                 Freedom Salute Campaign is the one of the
         About 60 192d FW personnel, primarily in            largest Army National Guard recognition
aircraft maintenance, but from a variety of Air
                                                             endeavors in history, designed to publicly
Force Specialties, are now working side-by-side
                                                             acknowledge Army Guard soldiers and those
with their active duty counterparts at Langley AFB.
Some are among the small fulltime contingent                 who supported them during the President's
that keeps the 192d FW running during the week.              call to duty for recent military operations)
Some are traditional Guard men and women who                 was conducted to publicly recognize and
keep their military skills honed by training one             thank the soldiers, their families and
weekend each month and during a two-week field               members of the community and organizations
training each year. By the time the integration is           that played such an important role in assuring
finished sometime in 2009, nearly 1,000 192d FW              the 129th Field Artillery Detachment, Virginia
personnel will have moved to Langley.                        Army National Guard, successfully
         Another first for Lt. Col. Guy and Maj.
                                                             accomplished its mission in support of
DeConcini will come late in May when the ANG
pilots will fly the F-22A alongside 27th Fighter
                                                             Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Squadron pilots in Alaska at Northern Edge 06,
the Pacific Command's premier joint training                          Approximately 16 soldiers of 129th
exercise designed to practice combat operations,             Field Artillery Detachment entered active
and enhance interoperability among the services.             federal service on September 27, 2004 and
It will be the first operational exercise for the F-         deployed to Ft. Sill, Okla. where they
                                                             completed preparation for deployment to Iraq
              Your Web Site:                                 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After
                                                             having served in Iraq for approximately one OR                                       year these Virginia Army National Guard                                   soldiers returned to Ft. Sill on November 26,
                                                             2005 to complete administrative processing
       SGLI questions ? Other insurance                      for release from active federal service.
        questions ? Need forms ?
                                                                     On completion of that processing they
 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs                         traveled to their home armory in Sandston on
 Virginia Insurance web page located @                       December 3, 2005 where they were released
                        from active federal status.
                                         The Cardinal
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                                                              CARES & PRAYERS: Do not forget our own
             AUXILIARY NEWS                            Freda Vaught. The last time I talked to George she
                                                       was just about the same. She doesn’t recognize
                                                       him now. George is still taking care of her at home.
       1st QUARTER - 2006 ISSUE                        I know he would appreciate cards and calls.

                                                               Next Auxiliary meeting: VaA/ANGEA-
       There were six (6) members in attendance        Auxiliary will be 29 April 2006 in Roanoke, VA, in
at the 28 January 2006 Auxiliary Meeting.              the Holiday Inn-Tanglewood at the 2006 Annual
                                                       State Conference. All Auxiliary members are
       Due to the attendance of only 2 members at      welcome to, and urged to attend the meeting and
the October 2005 meeting there was no formal           the luncheon.
meeting held.
                                                               Year 2006, is an election year. Contact
        DON’T FORGET: The 32 Annual                    Melody McGhee, Nominating Committee
VaA/ANGEA 2006 State Conference is fast                Chairperson, if you are interested in running for an
approaching. The conference will be held 28-30         office. Now is the time to be looking for your next
April 2006, in Roanoke, VA at the Holiday Inn-         President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Tanglewood, telephone (540) 774-4400. Register
and make your hotel reservations now.                         If you have names of any Auxiliary members
                                                       who died in the time frame of April 2005 to April
        AND DON’T FORGET: the Auxiliary needs          2006, please send them to me.
items for their Silent Auction at the State
Conference in Roanoke in 2006. It is not too early             If you have names of any Auxiliary members
to start thinking about this. If you have an item      who are ill or need cheering up, or if they have
you wish to donate, bring it to Anne Atkinson or       special happy events, births, etc, please send me
Judy Wade, Ways & Means Chairpersons. We want          their names.
to make this a huge success so bring lots of items
that the people “just can’t turn down”!                        What direction the Auxiliary is, depends on
                                                       you. We need to keep the communication lines
       Charlotte Kuykendall’s report on 2005           open. If you have not heard from your state
Silent Auction Report: The 2005 Silent Auction         president or area director, take time to contact
sponsored by the Auxiliary had 45 items donated.       them. It could be they need a helping hand or a
The auction brought in $444.00 and we received         kind word. You never know unless you care enough
$57.51 in cash donations for a total of $501.51.       to find out.
This money will fund our $500.00 scholarship for
next year. Elaine St. Clair was our most generous             Many thanks to Elaine St Clair for stepping
bidder – thanks Elaine! Thanks to Joan Lee for         up to the plate and preparing this newsletter.
helping me with the auction set up, staying with the
items and collecting the money. Joan made a hit
with her knitted scarves and Mary Jeffries was the                     Mary E. Jeffries, President
lucky bidder on these. Joan took several orders                       VaA/ANGEA - Auxiliary
from members for the scarves. We also appreciate
so much the support we receive from the
VaA/ANGEA members. It was a successful auction
because of our location.
                                         The Cardinal
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State Military Reservation Information                          2006 STATE CONFERENCE
 1. Go to the Virginia National Guard public                           REPORT
    information web site located at                            The 2006 State Conference will be held on                           28-30 April 2006, at the Holiday Inn–
 2. Click on the red "Links of Interest"                    Tanglewood, Roanoke Va.
    button on the left side of the page.                        The Hospitality Room will be open starting
 3. Scroll down to "Virginia Military                       at 5:00 PM, Thursday, 27 April 2006.
    Installations" and you will see the link                    The registration fee is $35.00 per person.
    for the State Military Reservation.                     The conference committee has already made
                                                            plans. The room rate is $69.00 + tax. The
                                                            hotel is ready to take your room reservation
<><><>MILITARY RECORDS <><><>                               now. Call the Holiday Inn-Tanglewood at 540-
                                                            774-4400 or toll free 1-888-228-5040.
You can now access your DD-214 on-line. Please
                                                               A total of 54 people have already registered.
pass this information on to retired military personnel      (42 of these pre-registered at the 2005
you may know.                                               conference and 12 have registered since the
The National Personnel Records Center has                       At the Friday night event we will be going
provided the following website for veterans to              “Back to the ‘50’s”, dress accordingly, if you
access their DD-214 online at                               like. For anyone who wishes, we can arrange                                for golf and bowling on Friday, 28 April 2006.
                                                            There wasn’t enough interest last year to have
This may be particularly he lpful when a veteran            tournaments.
needs a copy of his DD-214 for employment                       We will be selling 50/50 tickets in the
purposes. Please see the details below.                     Hospitality Room again this year to help offset
                                                            the expenses of the Hospitality Room.
The National Personnel Records Center is working               Invitations have been mailed to six
to make it easier for veterans with computers and           exhibitors; USAA, “Troops to Teachers”, Sam’s
Internet access to obtain copies of documents from          Club, TriAmerica, Chase Home Finance and
their military files.                                       Family Assistance Center
                                                                There will be a pre-registration table set up
Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased           for the 2007 Conference Committee in the
former military members may now use a new online            registration area.
military personnel records system to
request documents. Other individuals with a need
for documents must still complete the Standard                    Respectfully submitted, J.J. St. Clair
Form 180 which can be downloaded from the
online web site.
                                                            Comments, suggestions, news items?
The new web-based application was designed to
provide better service on these requests by                 Your concerns ARE OUR CONCERNS
eliminating the records center's mailroom
                                                                   Let your voice be heard,
processing time. Also, because the requester will
be asked to supply all information
essential for NPRC to process the request, delays             PARTICIPATE, GET INVOLVED !
that normally occur when NPRC has to ask
veterans for additional information will be                         The Web Site:
Veterans and next of kin may access this
application at    
                               The Cardinal
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Virginia Army/Air National Guard Enlisted Association
       Minutes of the Executive Council Meeting
                   29 October 2005
 1. President Webb called the meeting to order at 1000hrs. The meeting was held at the
    Blackstone Armory in Blackstone, VA. President Webb conducted the invocation and
    CSM Magruder led the council in the Pledge of Allegiance.

 2. Acting Secretary J.J. St.Clair conducted the roll Pres. Webb, 2V.P. Atkinson, Sgt. of
    Arms Jeffries, Exec Sec St. Clair and representatives from Area I, X, XI, XII, XIII,
    XVI, XVII. A quorum was present.

 3. The Minutes of the 23 July 05 Executive Council Charlottesville Meeting were
    distributed for reading and approval for later in the meeting after everyone had a
    chance to review.

 4. The Treasurer’s Report- President Webb presented Treasurer Bassetti’s quarterly
    report. No questions. Motion was made to accept the report, seconded. to accept
    Motion carried.

 5. Committee Reports:

        a. Membership: It was reported that the current membership was 1154 as of 6
        Oct. 05. Since then we have received several more application through USAA
        membership. It was reported that this year we have lost 197 members from
        expired memberships. Our renewal application forms and letters we are sending
        out are working. In prior years we have lost as many as 300 to 400 members
        during the year. CSM Magruder has ask for alpha listing of all members as of 6
        Oct. 05 for his use while going throughout the state visiting units. Report by Pres.
        Webb that the State of VA. is leading the way in Area II of EANGUS on total
        members, associate members and life time members. Overall we set a goal to
        increase membership and it is working thanks to everyone’s support.
        b. Legislative report: See attached notes from 2VP Atkinson.
        c. Constitution/By-Laws: No formal report.
        d. Resolutions: No formal report.
        f. Retiree Affairs: No formal report.
        g. Nominating: Pres. Webb has appointed Past President Wade to chair the
        committee. No nomination has been received for any office at this time.
        h. Audit: No formal report.
        i. Ventures Inc.: Pres Webb reported that Ventures held their Board of Director
        meeting on 7 Sept. 05 at the Holiday Inn in Richmond. Ventures Inc. announced
        their distribution funds of $30,000.00 to each association for the up coming year.
        Again we thanks Ventures for there commitment the Association.
        j. Cardinal Newsletter: Pres Webb mentioned that SFC Taylor had been sick and
        out for the last several months. He has returned to work and the Cardinal
        Newsletter should be on the web-site and mailed within two weeks.
        k. 2006 Conference Report: J.J. St. Clair presented a verbal report. The
        conference preparation is proceeding well. The Thursday evening hospitality room
        will be open to early arrivals and room rate will be the same as conference rates.
        No registration for rooms as of 21 Oct.05. All registration forms are available on
        the web-site. Friday night active theme will be ‘Back to the Fifties’. Golf and
        bowling will be available but you must let the committee know. The 50/50 tickets
        will be on sale again this year. Five exhibitor invitations have been sent out.
        USAA, Troops to Teachers, Chase Home Finance, Sam’s Club. AKO may be
                              The Cardinal
                                        Page 8

        interested in a booth. There was a lengthy discussion on hospitality suites. Motion
        was made for 2006 and 2007 committees to work out the hospitality suites
        between the committees on how they would operate during 2006 Conference.
        Motion seconded. Motion carried.
        l. 2007 Conference Report: Reported they are still working on hotel location.
        Tried to sign with H.I. Conference but did not work out. We are working toward
        the Richmond south side. ‘Road to Richmond’ is the 2007 theme and plans are
        being made to have T-shirts to sell. Registration will also be available at the
        conference and on AKO. Using AKO w ill help us reach the younger soldiers.
        m. Time and Place: 2008 Conference Possibility is the Portsmouth Area. CSM
        Borowski is checking on hotels in Portsmouth and will advise at the January
        Council meeting.

6. Executive Sec Report: New application on order plus life membership. Will be sending
   renewal forms 30/60/90 days out. Suggestion was made to send the list of renewals
   to the area reps and let them distribute to the unit reps. This would force the unit rep
   to talk one on one to the soldier. Discussion was to move retirees back into areas of
   HOR and have the retirees work the armories. Motion was made and discussed.
   Discussion was there will be some who want to keep as is. There is also a possib ility to
   keep the list of retirees as a group but HOR would be for voting. Motion seconded.
   Motion carried. Past President Wade proposed a buddy letter to be sent out to new
   members with their membership card. This letter would ask the new member to sign
   up a buddy. Motion was made to accept the buddy letter. Motion seconded. Motion

7. EANGUS Area II: Area II written report was read by Pres Webb as Director Wade was
   at the EANGUS Executive Council meeting in Alexandria, VA.

8. Old Business: Virginia pins made for the National Conference were distributed to those
   who attended. Extra pins were sold to attendees and netted $80.00 which was
   returned to the treasurer. “D” rings are on order and will have them for distribution at
   the next executive council meeting.

9. New Business: Motion made to approve minutes of last executive council meeting.
   Family support group is sponsoring a Team Va Help Group and need support from
   anyone is in the area. 1Sgt. White asked for the cardboard display advertisement to
   be reprinted. 1Sgt White will get a copy to President Webb for printing. President
   Webb announced that 2006 is an election year. He encouraged us to have members to
   run for office. State CSM Huffman is receiving EANGUS updates on the website on
   legislative issues. He will forward these and we will add to the website. Also he ask if
   we could move Title 10 people (52 VA.) back to their respective States. Treasure
   Bassetti would like a lap top computer for the Association business only. CSM Borowski
   will check on surplus where he works and advise at the next meeting. Motion was
   made for Bassetti to purchase a lap top at no more than $500 if we can not get one
   through CSM Borowski. Motion seconded. Motion passed. Food for thought and
   discussion at next meeting is to pay area reps a $25.00 stipend to attend executive
   council meetings to generate more participation.

10. A motion was made to adjourn at 14:15 hours, seconded and carried. Next meeting
    will be held at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood Mall, Roanoke, VA. at 11:00 hours 28th
    January 2006. There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

       Submitted by J.J. St. Clair, for Jim Glasscock, VaA/ANGEA Secretary
                                      The Cardinal


                               Application for Nomination

                         Candidate for the Executive Council

              Virginia Army/Air National Guard Enlisted Association

Candidate Information                  Office you want to be considered for

Name: _________________________        ____ President
Home Address:___________________       ____ 1st Vice President
_______________________________        ____ 2nd Vice President
_______________________________        ____ 3rd Vice President
Home Telephone:_________________       ____ Secretary
Work Telephone:_________________       ____ Treasurer
E-Mail Address:__________________      ____ Financial Secretary
Guard Unit:______________________      ____ Sergeant-At-Arms
Location:________________________      ____ Area Representative
Rank:___________________________       Area Number:_________
Active:______ Retired:_________

  Must be an Annual or Life member of the Virginia Army/Air National Guard Enlisted Association.

           Deadline for submitting applications: Must be received by 15 April 2006

Mail To:

SFC (Ret.) Joe Wade
Chairman Nominating Committee
3907 Childress Road
Christiansburg, VA 24073

                                       The Cardinal
VIRGINIA ARMY/AIR NATIONAL GUARD                              Expiration Date _________________
ENLISTED ASSOCIATION AND EANGUS                               Area ____________________
P. O. Box 5175                                                Unit ________________________
Roanoke, VA 24012                                             Unit PRN____________________
                                                              Today’s Date _________________

                 Annual or Multiple Year Membership Application
                                LIFE APPLICATION UPON REQUEST
                              (Web Site Address:

Name: ________________________________________________________ New___ Renewal ___
       (Print) (Last)                 (First)           (MI)
SSN: ____________________ DOB: _____________ Rank: ______H/Phone: (                       ) ___________
H/Address:___________________________________________ E-Mail:______________________
_____________________________________________________ Zip Code: _____________
       (City)                         (State)

One (1) year Membership:
E1- E4 .… $10.00/per year E5 - E6….$15.00/per year E7 - E9.…$20.00/per year

Three (3) year Membership:
E1- E4 ….$25.00   E5 - E6 ….$40.00           E7 - E9 ….$50.00

Associate Membership: $20.00/per year

Spouse’s Name: ______________________________________
Would your spouse be interested in VaA/ANGEA Auxiliary Membership? __Yes __No
Mail a hard copy of the “CARDINAL” to you? __Yes __ No
 (Return this application with your check or money order to your Unit Representative or Area
                              Representative or mail to above address)

    For AMEX , MASTERCARD, VISA, DISCOVER or Debit cards payment complete the following:

 Card Holder Name: _____________________________________________________________
                                                       (Print Name)
 Phone: (     ) __________________

 Card Number:           |     |    |     |    |    |      |     |      |   |     |    |      |     |      |      |

 Expiration date ____________________

 Card Holder’s Signature: _______________________________________________________________

 Distribution copies:        White - Executive Secretary            Canary - Area Representative              Pink –
                                 The Cardinal

                             AUXILIAR Y
                   32nd ANNUAL STATE CONFERENCE
               28-30 APRIL 2006 – HOLIDAY INN-TANGLEWOOD
                               ROANOKE, VA
                           For Information contact:

SFC [Ret.] J. J. St. Clair, 2503 Ravenwood Avenue, N.W. - Roanoke, VA 24012-3245
               Home: 540-366-5133 - Cell Phone: 540-580-3727

                Thursday, 27 April 2006 - Events:
O               Hospitality Room for those arriving early, opens @ 4:00 PM

                Friday, 28 April 2006 - Events:
O               Golf (Can be arranged upon request)
O               Bowling (Can be arranged upon request)
O               Buffet Dinner – “Go back to the 50’s”:
                (Girls: Poodle skirts/bobby socks)
                (Boys: “Fonzie” attire)
O               Hospitality Room
                Saturday, 29 April 2006 - Events:
O               Association meetings
O               Auxiliary meetings
O               Ladies Silent Auction
O               Hospitality Room
O               Evening Dinner and Banquet
O               Entertainment: Dance and Music by DJ
                Sunday, 30 April 2006 – Events:
O               Memorial Service
O               Farewell Hospitality Room
                      The Cardinal

   32 ANNUAL CONFERENCE - 28-30 APRIL 2006

      Conference Chairman: SFC (Ret.) J. J. St. Clair
Phone: 540-366-5133 Fax: 540-362-4417 Email:

                  REGISTRATION: $35.00 PER PERSON
                  (NO REFUNDS AFTER 15 APRIL 2006)

                          Registration Includes:

              Hospitality Room: Thursday, Friday and Saturday
              Friday Night Buffet Dinner - “Go Back to the 50’s”
          Girls: Poodle skirts & bobby socks; Boys: “Fonzie” Attire
          Saturday Night Formal/Semi-formal Banquet Dinner and Dance
   Golf and Bowling can be arranged on request for Friday, 28 April 2006

              Free registration for all E1’s through E4’s

                          REGISTRATION FORM




HOME PHONE (         ) __________________

WORK PHONE (         ) __________________

E-Mail __________________________________________________________________

ARRIVAL DATE ______________

ARRIVAL TIME _____________

DEPARTURE DATE ______________
                          The Cardinal


 _____   x $35.00 = ______
 Number Attending Friday Night Buffet Dinner                                     ______
 Number Attending Saturday Night Banquet                  ______
 Saturday Dinner:
 select one for each person: ___Chicken ___Beef __Vegetarian


 _____ x $15.00 = ______

TOTAL AMOUNT                    $_________

GOLFING (CAN BE ARRANGED on request)                       Number Golfing: _____

BOWLING (CAN BE ARRANGED on request)                       Number Bowling: _____

  TANGLEWOOD, ROANOKE, VA, TELEPHONE 540-774-4400 or 1-888-

 Mail Registration Form with check payable to “VaA/ANGEA ‘06
 Enlisted Conference” or fill in credit card information and send to:
 E. H. St. Clair (Do not send cash)       2503 Ravenwood Ave., N.W.
 Roanoke, VA 24012-3245                  Phone: 540-366-5133

 Card Holder Name:   ___________________________________________
                                        (Print Name)
 Phone: (      )__________________

 Credit Card Number        I    I   I   I   I   I      I     I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I

 Expiration date ______________

 Card Holder’s Signature:______________________________________________
                                 The Cardinal
Virginia Army/Air National Guard Enlisted Association
                        P. O. Box 5175     - Roanoke, Virginia 24012
                       540-366-5133            Fax: 540-362-4417
            Web Site:

                                    (Please print or type)

NAME: ________________________________________                   H/PHONE: ________________
              (Last)            (First)                   (MI)

SSN: ________________ DOB: _______________ RANK: ______ GRADE: _____

H/ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________
_________________________________________________________ Zip: ____________
          (City)                                          (State)

AREA ________ UNIT _____________________________ UNIT PRN_________

ARMY GUARD ______ AIR GUARD ______ ASSOCIATE ______ RETIRED ______

NAME OF SPOUSE: ______________________ TODAY 'S DATE: _______________

Would your spouse be interested in VaA/ANGEA Auxiliary membership? Yes ___ No ____


AGE     AMOUNT AGE AMOUNT                       AGE       AMOUNT       AGE    AMOUNT

 18      $413.00        26      $341.00              34    $269.00       42      $197.00
 19       404.00        27       332.00              35     260.00       43       188.00
 20       395.00        28       323.00              36     251.00       44       179.00
 21       386.00        29       314.00              37     242.00       45       170.00
 22       377.00        30       305.00              38     233.00       46       161.00
 23       368.00        31       296.00              39     224.00       47       152.00
 24       359.00        32       287.00              40     215.00       48       143.00
 25       350.00        33       278.00              41     206.00       49       134.00
                                                                         50       125.00

MINIMUM FEE:                   $125.00

                                  The Cardinal
(Return this application with your check or money order to your Unit Representative or Area
                        Representative or mail to above address)

 For AMEX, MASTERCARD, VISA, DISCOVER or Debit cards payment complete the

Card Holder Name: _________________________________________________________
                                                  (Print Name)
Phone: (    ) ___________________

Card Number:       |   |    |     |   |   |   |     |     |      |   |   |   |   |   |

Expiration date ______________

                Card Holder’s Signature: ______________________________________


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