Why Apple, Is So Cool? by FonneyOnney


									Why Apple, Is Io Cool?

Everyone loves a good story, so here goes ...

Sometimes two events coincide, which seem different events, but over
time, we become involved in deep communion that they share. That was in
mid-June last year, when two stories news broke three days of each other.
The first auction of the functional 1976 Apple 1 motherboard for $
374,500 on June 15. The second announcement about the new Microsoft
tablet surface on June 18.

By all accounts, the event was well expected Microsoft and received heavy
media attention. It was at that time, to disappointment in Windows 8 inch
set was all new ... "Millions of hours" were spent on the development of
Windows 8 and the surface. But despite all these great efforts, the
public interest slowly waned.

If you have not guessed, the commonality between the two events was that
the Apple 1 was the first computer company Apple, has been done, and the
surface of Microsoft was the first to have about 35 or so years later.

Surface Ideas

We would like to quote the highlight of Microsoft that day in June. Do
not make fun of or laugh ... Just to see what went wrong.

"This new surface Microsoft [tablet]. It embodies the concept of hardware
and software is really pushing each other. People want to create and
consume, they want to work, and they want to play, they want to be on
their couch, they want to be on their table, and they want to be on the
move. surface fulfills that dream. This is a tool on the surface of our
passion to the surface of your ideas, your creativity to the surface and
the surface of your pleasure. " - Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft Surface
at the event announcement (June 18, 2012)

As we have described this section, the surface was designed to "surface"
or provide physical housing for ideas, dreams and ambitions of its users.
While the Microsoft Xbox was for many years, there is a huge difference
between a lawyer and gaming PC or tablet. While the former is about
entertainment, the latter's performance and future real creative

A computer in every home

Why would someone pay $ 374,500 for the 1976 Apple 1 motherboard? This is
because, when Steve Jobs first demonstrated his idea of ??personal
computers, so that each family to one of these things. That's why someone
was willing to pay $ 347,500 for it yet functional motherboard. The dream
of a free and open creative expression are still very much alive. Apple
1, which they have acquired, is a testament to continue the excitement
for the original idea of ??Job.

What then is the difference between 1976 and 2012? While Steve Jobs saw a
vision of the world is connected with creativity and expression in every
home, Steve Ballmer said the public already well established in this
world. In order to convince the public of today, he needed to add
something to the equation. If Microsoft is not cool, it's because they
offer new software and hardware to be seen as a game changer.

Steve Jobs or Bill Gates at 50

It was recently asked who will be remembered in 50 years: Steve Jobs or
Bill Gates? The answer, which gave the famous author, it would be Bill
Gates. The reason for this response was very surprising: It's because of
his charity.

Though we can not underestimate the great acts of charity that Bill Gates
and his foundation have done these events are the result of the success
of Microsoft, but Microsoft is not promoting some based on the vision of
the world. As the author said, "I firmly believe that in 50 years he will
be remembered for his charity work. Nobody will even remember what
Microsoft is." They are probably not in the words of modern Microsoft
employees wanted here.

We all know that Steve Jobs, for all his years as a General Manager,
Product Manager, remained in his heart. As Glenn Reid recently wrote
about working with Jobs, "Steve ... was a designer in the essence that
was smart enough to know what the best way to design products was [a] The
Director General ... He was persuasive and powerful, and is, but I think
that, once the reins were fought far away from him, he realized that it
was important not to let this happen again, that he is not allowed to be
a product manager for more. "

It is doubtful whether any "cool" company can be CEO who actually acts
like one. For Apple, Steve Jobs was a product manager and de facto
general manager ... to it
may remain in place manager.

This is a lesson that any director can learn.


Creativity in the physical implementation, as illuminating a pile of
stones. To rate electricity through inanimate objects, we must first
awaken themselves to the concepts behind these products. Products
manifestations, revelations, some profound truths. In order to light up
the city's shops, full of tablets and other devices, we must first bring
down the essence of God.

This view is also expressed under Apple "I" products (Pod, Pad, etc. ..).
In order to really bring down the new ideas, they really need to come out
of my being, which is the real part of God. But the products are only
revelations. Paradoxically, while busy themselves with the revelations of
a waste of time, it is only through these revelations that we bring light
into this world. Although we may be physically rich, our focus always
goes back to the essence of piety above. Such thinking is itself segulah,
to become even richer in the future.
If Microsoft or Apple, ended the press conference with a complete sense
of satisfaction, then the public will be disappointed. Studying with
contempt of revelation, we can prevent them from falling or seduced fed
them. We expect, Microsoft, Apple and other leading innovators in order
to be in full swing at its next sentences by the time they release their
real versions. Despising keeps developers focused on growth. But before
we move on to something new, we must first look at how this new model
improves the original idea.

We read the news. See something interesting. Then move on to the next
story. Wait a minute. There's something missing in this. We will help you
get back to point A. What attracts millions of these stories from the
beginning, and how companies can continuously attract people back? In
other words: How do you stay exciting? There's a reason why people like
one over the other. It boils down to the concept. While the product may
change many times, if people associate with the term, no matter what
version or upgrade, or service level you release people will not return.

What does this mean for the connection (Facebook), follow (Twitter) or a
link (LinkedIn) with someone? Why do so many people, such as smartphones
and tablets? Bottled water companies do not own the trademark on the
"clean" and smart phone manufacturers do not own the trademark on
"communication." However, staying true to the idea, they can show that
they have in the pursuit of knowledge. Constant development and
progression of ideas.

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