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 Cloud Computing
 (Glossary Definition)
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  Managed Computer Consulting Glossary
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  Cloud Computing
  Have Become
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  and Have
  Diversified Their
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  to the Point that
  Many of Them are
  No Longer Even
  Competing for the
  Same Clients
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  as a Service (IaaS)
  is Offered by
  Cloud Computing
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  That Deal in the
  Lowest Level of
  Computing Needs
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  Such as
  Data Storage,
  Load Management,
  and Virtual Servers
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  Platform as a
  Service (PaaS)
  Combines the
  Core Services
  of IaaS
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  with Development
  Tools and
  Libraries for the
  Client to Use
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  Software as a
  Service (SaaS),
  Also Called
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  is the Most
  Common Product
  Offered by
  Cloud Computing
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  Have You
  Worked With Any
  Cloud Computing
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