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					        October 31, 2008 (November ePostcard article)

                                    A Gift Annuity That Gives Back

        Jeff enjoys telling his grandson about the boomerang that hangs above his fireplace. He
purchased it on a vacation with his wife, Dee Ann, many years ago. His grandson’s eyes widen
as he hears how his grandfather learned to throw the boomerang and how it would always come
back to him.

         Like the boomerang, Jeff and Dee Ann find many good things in life have come back to
them. It came as no surprise to either of them that they each decided to fund a charitable gift
annuity for each other recently. The gift annuity is a contract between Jeff, Dee Ann and their
favorite charitable organization where the charity agrees to pay them a fixed payment for life.

         The payments will never change, no matter what the economy does, and will last as long
as either Jeff or Dee Ann lives. They also receive an income tax deduction now and other
benefits, too, such as capital gains advantages.

        You may not have a boomerang above your mantel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t
experience the benefits of giving something that gives back to you. However, unlike the
boomerang you don’t have to keep funding the gift annuity. Just arrange for a charitable gift
annuity today and the payments will continue coming back to you for as long as you live.
        November 7, 2008
                                           A Generous IRA Gift

        His years in the Navy had taught Luke the lessons of persistence, courage and endurance.
After graduating at the top of his class at the Academy, he was deployed to a carrier in the South
Seas. His first mission was to rescue an endangered submarine crew stranded in unfriendly
waters. His team performed the task with ease and skill and they were commended for their

         Over the years Luke served on a variety of missions. He was deployed during times of
peace and times of war. In every situation he proved himself to be a person of courage and
integrity for which he was repeatedly promoted to positions of greater responsibility, eventually
becoming a Captain.

        It was during his most treacherous mission that Luke’s ship was hit by enemy fire. Luke
managed to save the ship and his crew, but was injured when a bullet hit his right leg. He
returned to the States for medical treatment.

         While recuperating in a naval hospital, Luke met Anna, a physical therapist. The two
were married in a military ceremony and later two children were born. Luke regained use of his
leg, although he continued to experience pain and loss of feeling.

         With the injury and young children needing attention, Luke decided it was time to stay
closer to home. He accepted a desk job doing Navy recruitment and for 15 years helped young
people enter the Navy and pursue their dreams, just as he had done.

         In his retirement years, Luke became involved with our organization. He worked
tirelessly to organize volunteers and seek assistance for the organization to fulfill its mission.

         Luke had made a number of cash gifts to our organization, but this year he wanted to
make an even more meaningful gift to reflect his commitment to our mission. Although Luke did
not have a lot of extra cash, he had a substantial IRA that he knew he would never use during his

        Luke had already made cash charitable gifts up to the Federal limit, which is 50% of his
adjusted gross income. However, he wanted to make an additional gift to charity without
exceeding Federal limits or increasing his taxes.

        The gift planner at our organization told Luke that he could make a tax-free rollover gift
from his IRA of any amount up to $100,000 without increasing his income or paying additional
tax. This IRA charitable gift could be made “over and above” his other charitable gifts.

         Luke decided to make a charitable gift of $10,000 from his IRA to our organization. He
was able to continue to make his normal charitable contributions in addition to the IRA gift. The
satisfaction he gained from helping us was immeasurable.

        For more information on the benefits of making an IRA charitable rollover gift, please
contact our office. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.
        November 14, 2008
                                         Make a Gift that Lasts

        Hazel decided it’s time to clean up and paint her bedroom. What better time than
autumn? So, with the fall colors in mind, she drove to her favorite paint store that had a few
colorful trees in its parking lot. The leaves were a beautiful hue of yellow. She chose a perfect
leaf and tucked it in her purse.

         Hazel decided a nice, light yellow would be just the right color to brighten her room. She
gently pulled the leaf from her purse and compared it with the dozens of paint chips on the paint

        In only a few moments she found a paint strip with colors that matched the leaf exactly.
She returned home and began to paint her room. As she painted in the quiet she looked out the
window to the trees in the neighborhood and thought to herself how well the paint she selected so
closely matched their colors.

         She considered how easy it was for her to capture a small bit of fall. While the trees
outside will change, the fall color she discovered that day will stay with her for years. As she
finished painting she moved her desk back into place and remembered her estate plan that she
was working on before she decided to spruce up her bedroom. Attached to it was a flyer from her
favorite non-profit organization. She wanted to include a gift to this charity in her plans.

        The next day she completed the gift plan with her attorney. As she drove to his office,
she couldn’t help but think how her plans were like the paint chip the day before. Her will
captures her plan, and then it will be used to share her generosity for generations.

        If you want to make a difference that lasts, call us. While we can’t help you paint your
house, we can help you make a vibrant, colorful difference in the lives of others. Please contact us
for more information.
        November 21, 2008
                                       A Thanksgiving Wish

         Thanksgiving is such a uniquely American holiday that few would think that one of its
most common symbols comes from folklore, but it does. While the turkey, cornstalks and the
images of pilgrims and their native hosts can trace their origins to the colonization of the United
States, one of the most commonly found Thanksgiving symbols is rooted in folklore.

        The enduring image of the cornucopia or horn of plenty and its wicker-like basket of
overflowing fruits, vegetables, grains and flowers is everywhere this time of year. It is printed on
paper plates, paper napkins and is available in an array of 3-D models for Thanksgiving

         The horn of plenty symbolizes abundance and was originally a goat’s horn, not the straw
creation we see today. According to legend it was overflowing with fruit and grain but could be
filled with whatever its owner desired. It came to represent inexhaustible riches. Perhaps that is
why early colonists chose it to symbolize their prosperity (or survivability) in the new world.

          Regardless of its heritage, it also has a more practical meaning today. It symbolizes
gratitude. Without support from people like you, we would not be here. We are grateful and
thankful to you. Just as early pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving together, we are always mindful
that all our successes come from the support of people like you.

        The horn of plenty is an interesting symbol. At one end is abundance. Fruit, grains and
flowers fill a large funnel-like opening that tapers into almost nothingness. The greatness at the
end traces its beginnings to very small, very humble origins. That is not unlike the mission and
successes of our organization. We, too, can ultimately trace our origins to very humble

         Often people believe their resources may be too small to make a difference; only large
gifts and huge talents can propel a mission. However, the horn of plenty does not start large. It
starts with only a small point. Each of us can be that small point if we choose to be.

         As regularly as Thanksgiving arrives in November each year, our experience has taught
us there are more than large gifts that sustain an organization. Rather, like the cornucopia, it is
the small gifts that combine, emerge and grow together to form the abundance we know today.

         As we celebrate this Thanksgiving we salute all those who have funded a gift annuity
with us or who have named us as a beneficiary of a living trust, remainder trust or as a beneficiary
of their wills. Your gift in any form, no matter how large or small, is like the cornucopia.

          If you are a first-time or a repeat visitor to our website, then we invite you to join in the
harvest. There are handy links on this website that are the seeds for great results. Thank you for
all that you have done, and thank you for all that we can do together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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