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Feb. 27, 2004                               (Photo by KW
                                 The Kwajalein Hourglass Hillis)
                                                            Letters to the Editor
Hourglass wins at                                           and again in 2002.                          he had to endure the merciless rib-
                                                              Also this year, Assistant Editor          bing of his co-workers. Neither of us
SMDC contest                                                Karen Hillis took first place in the        had a light.
Dear readers,                                               Writer Contractor/Stringer category            We all know that Kwajalein is a
   It’s my honor tell you that The                          for her articles: “Laura farmers prep       safe place to live, work, and play,
Hourglass has done it again! The                            for Kwaj tables,“ “WUTMI group for-         and with the small amount of ve-
staff recently competed in the first                        wards recommendations on issues,“           hicle traffic and the low speed limits
phase of the Army’s annual Keith L.                         and “Hospital staff monitors cardiac        we tend to take roadway safety for
Ware Journalism Competition and                             care.”                                      granted. But what about bicycles?
walked away with three first-place                            Reporter Jan Waddell won first            It can get awfully dark on unlit sec-
awards.                                                     place in the Contractor/Stringer            tions of certain streets, so common
   Judging was held at our major com-                       photography category with “Kwaja-           sense dictates that when biking
mand, U.S. Army Space and Missile                           lein Remembers,“ “Medical mission           during hours of darkness we should
Defense Command in Huntsville ,                             immunizes children on Ebadon,“              use a bike light. While the odds of
Ala., Feb. 9. The panel of indepen-                         and “KPD Special Response Team              running into an early-morning jog-
dent judges included Martin Burkey,                         moves out .”                                ger are low, there are any number
a writer for the Decatur Daily; Steve                          I’m proud of the Hourglass staff.        of other hazards – coconuts, storm-
Calatrello, journalism professor at                         I know their reality, and I know they       dropped palm fronds, rocks, even a
Calhoun Community College; and                              don’t work to earn recognition or win       jaywalking hermit crab – that could
Rick Davis, media writer for Ai Sig-                        awards. They work hard because              cause a cyclist to take a spill if they
nal Research Inc./NASA.                                     they’re ethical journalists and total       can’t see where they’re going.
   All winners’ entries are now for-                        professionals. They care very much             Using a light during hours of dark-
warded to the Department of the                             about giving their readers timely           ness doesn’t just make good sense
Army-level competition. The Hour-                           and objective news and information,         – on certain parts of the island it’s
glass will compete Army-wide in                             twice a week. Congratulations Jim,          mandatory. South of 9th Street cy-
Category D for small-format publica-                        Karen, Dan, Jan, Krystle, Jon (and          clists are required to use a light dur-
tions. The Hourglass won first place                        April)!                                     ing darkness (check page 130 of the
Army-wide in its category in 2000                                           — LuAnne Fantasia           phone book). Yet I’ve observed that
                                                                 USAKA Public Affairs Officer           many of those biking in the direction
   Marshallese Word of the Day                                                                          of bldg. 1010 or out to the industrial
          emakitkit – move or moving
                                                            Don’t take safety                           areas in the early morning hours
                                                            for granted                                 don’t use lights. Around the airfield
                                                                                                        perimeter use of a bike light isn’t
           The Kwajalein Hourglass
                                                              A few weeks ago I was running             optional.
  Commanding Officer ...Col. Jerry Brown                    around the airfield around 5:30 on             Late-night or early-morning walk-
  Public Affairs Officer...LuAnne Fantasia                                                              ers and joggers can also look out for
  Editor .....................................Jim Bennett   a pitch-black morning when I col-
  Assistant Editor........................ KW Hillis        lided with a bicyclist. My face hit his     themselves by carrying a flashing
  Graphics Designer....................Dan Adler            shoulder and I pitched backward             to steer clear of road hazards and
  Reporter ................................ Jan Waddell     and the back of my head kissed the          so bikers can see them and avoid
  Circulation ............................... Jon Cassel    pavement. I suffered a concussion,          them. I would have avoided a colli-
  Intern.......................... Krystle McAllister                                                   sion if I had been carrying a flash-
                                                            whiplash, and some minor bumps
      The Hourglass is named for the insignia               and bruises. The cyclist probably got       light. I carry one now.
  of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which             the worse end of the deal because              Let’s keep Kwajalein streets safe
  liberated the island from the forces of Imperial                                                      – get and use a bike light. Bike lights
  Japan on Feb 4, 1944.
      The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized               Correction                                 are cheap, they won’t cramp your
                                                                                                        biking style, and they just might
  publication for military personnel, federal                   The North Central Association
  employees, contractor workers and their                    committee for accreditation covers         save you or someone else a trip to
  families assigned to USAKA. Contents of the                17 Midwest states not 17 Midwest           the hospital.
  Hourglass are not necessarily official views               schools as was reported in the “Kwa-                         — Mark Daugherty
  of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government,                   jalein schools make the grade” in the
  Department of Defense, Department of the
                                                             Feb. 21 Hourglass.
  Army or USAKA. It is published Tuesdays and                                                            To submit a letter: Keep letters to less than 300
  Fridays in accordance with Army Regulation                    Also as a clarification, Steve Howell   words, and keep comments to the issues. Letters
  360-1 and using a network printer by                       Jr./Sr. high school principal, said all     must be signed. We will edit for AP style and, if
  Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff, P.O.             English teachers teach five classes.       you exceed the word limit, space. Limit one letter
  Box 23, APO AP 96555.                                      Two of the English teachers have                             every 30 days.
                                                                                                                       Send your letter to:
      Phone: Autovon 254-3539; local 53539.                  five preparations for classes and one            The Hourglass, P.O. Box 23, Local; or
      Printed circulation: 2,000                             teacher has three preparations.         

The Kwajalein Hourglass                                                         2                                                            Feb. 27, 2004
Science fair sets participation record at 144
By Jan Waddell
  Sixth grader William Ray not
only won an ice cream party for
the entire sixth grade class, but he
also took Scientist of the Year 2004
award for his study on Feline Im-
munodeficiency Virus.
  Ray was one of 144 George Seitz
Elementary School students par-
ticipating in the annual science fair
held this past week. The participa-
tion, up from 104 last year, set a
new record, according to Jeff De-
Long, PTO George Seitz Elementary
School Science Fair tri-chairman.
  Exhibits ranged from different
ways to use solar power, melting
points, growth of plants, rates of
mold, electricity, the use of natural
resources in weather-balloon test-
ing and a study of FIV.
  Sixty-five students competed for
the Scientist of the Year award.
The students participating in
Scientists of the Year 2004 award                                                                                     (Photo by Jan Waddell)
answered questions from a panel of          Scientist of the Year winner William Ray explains his study of Feline
four judges, about their project and        Immunodeficiency Virus. Ray also won first in the KRS award and an ice cream
findings.                                   party for the entire sixth grade class.
  Ray also took first place for the        up in the Boeing Natural Science               And the award goes to ...
sixth grade class award, first place       award.                                         Scientist of the Year — William Ray
for the KRS award and runner-                  Ray said he has been working               Runner up: Kayla Wellman
                                                          on his FIV project for the      3D Research Atmospheric Award —
                                                          past two months. His idea       Brandon Owens
                                                          came from teacher Jenni-        Second: Gabby Wilhelm
                                                          fer Keck’s project book.        Boeing Natural Science Award —
                                                             When asked how he felt       Brandon Owens
                                                          about his award, Ray said,      Runners up: William Ray
                                                          “Great! I am excited.”          Blaine Bishop
                                                             Brandon Owens also           MIT/Lincoln Labs Innovative Award —
                                                                                          Melissa Peacock, Brandon Owens
                                                          took four awards with his
                                                                                          KRS Award and Class Ice Cream Party —
                                                          biodegradable weather           William Ray
                                                          balloon project.                Second: Melissa Peacock
                                                             According to DeLong,         Third: Scott Moore
                                                          Owens had worked on the         Honorable Mentions:
                                                          use of different materi-        Caroline Kulig
                                                          als for weather balloons        America Wrobel
                                                          which would not hurt the        Sarah Greenbaum
                                                          environment, when he            Shenandoah Wrobel
                                                          also discovered the pack-       Molly Finn
                                                          age material of the instru-     April Southerland
                                                          ments on weather balloons       Sixth Grade
                                                          is made from Styrofoam.         First: William Ray
                                                             The sixth grade had a        Second: Emma Peacock
                                                          total of 28 participants, the   Third: Rose Demaio
                                                          fifth grade, 33; the fourth     Fifth Grade
                                                          grade, 25; and kindergarten     First: Brandon Owens
                                                          through third grade, 43.        Second: Aubrey Sanborn
                                                             All participants received    Third: Stephanie Premo
                                                          a certificate of participa-     Fourth Grade
                                   (Photo by Jan Waddell)
                                                          tion and a gift certificate     First: Connor Malloy
Fourth-grader Molly Finn discusses her science for the school store.                      Second: Molly Finn
fair project with KRS President Ike Richardson.                                           Third: Jared Opiniano
Feb. 27, 2004                                                    3                                            The Kwajalein Hourglass
CMI closure leaves educational needs in question
By KW Hillis
Assistant Editor
  Originally scheduled to reopen for
the fall 2003 semester, College of
the Marshall Island President Dr.
Wayne Schmidt announced this
month the campus on Gugeegue
will not open for at least two years.
  This change affects Marshallese
college students unable to finish
degrees, graduating seniors from
four Ebeye high schools and outer
island schools and the number of
young Marshallese qualified for em-
ployment on Kwajalein.
    “We were getting the go ahead
to do the report required to reopen
the school until Wayne’s visit in
mid-January to California,” said
Jonathon Cassel, CMI Gugeegue’s
former academic dean. “WASC
[Western Association of Schools
and Colleges] informed him that we
cannot open any satellite or other
centers under the name CMI until
                                                                                                                  (File Photo)
CMI is removed from probation.”
  The news of the continued closure      CMI student Jimmy Jubell, right, helps fellow student Charles Harry with his
is so new, college students who          math problems in this file photo from 2002. The school did not reopen in 2003,
were waiting to finish their inter-      as originally planned, and will not reopen in 2004.
rupted degrees didn’t know.              standards, and the team made 11         non-credit developmental classes
  “That’s bad,” said Lucille Hitch-      recommendations including better        too, along with Workforce Invest-
field, an Ebeye Public School first      accounting of tuition, Pell Grants      ment Act classes. The WIA classes
grade teacher and former CMI on          and school finances; keeping bet-       were designed to help students who
Gugeegue student, with a frown on        ter track of students’ grades and       had dropped out of high school to
her face. She still has nine classes     courses taken; upgrading or creat-      prepare for the Job Corps or techni-
left to finish her degree and al-        ing internal policies and procedures    cal careers.
though she did take classes on Ma-       between the two campuses; and de-         Marshallese trying to enter Job
juro last summer, she can no longer      veloping a curriculum that visibly      Corps must meet a certain English
afford to go there for classes.          tracks and verifies each student’s      and math skill level to pass the en-
  Jorlae Aister, who teaches special     knowledge gained in coursework. In      trance test and even a higher level
reading classes to sixth graders at      addition, the team pointed out the      of skills to enter the workforce on
EPS, said he was disappointed to         deteriorating buildings and lack of     Kwajalein. CMI on Gugeegue helped
hear that the school wouldn’t open.      full-time faculty on the Gugeegue       bring Ebeye residents to the re-
He attended the Gugeegue campus in       campus. Given the probation, CMI’s      quired levels, said Romeo Alfred,
the evening for two years and now is     Board of Regents decided to close       KRS training specialist. When the
going to CMI on Majuro in the sum-       the Gugeegue campus after the           campus was still open, Raytheon,
mers to try to complete his degree.      spring 2002 semester to bring the       the primary contractor before KRS,
  It takes a long time to get a de-      facility up to U.S. standards.          worked with CMI to help get work-
gree when you take only one or two         “We closed [Gugeegue’s] campus        ers up to speed on their basic skills.
classes each year, he said.              voluntarily. WASC didn’t tell us to,”   But there are some other programs
  WASC, which serves as the ac-          Cassel said. When WASC received         to help.
creditation agency for CMI, put the      the report that CMI’s Board of Re-        “There are other programs that
school on probation in 2002 after a      gents closed the Gugeegue campus,       are sporadically developed,” he said.
scheduled visit to both campuses by      “they commended our foresight in        “There was one that was completed
their re-accreditation team. The col-    closing the campus.”                    recently. It was sponsored by the
lege did not meet U.S. accreditation       Before it closed, the campus of-      National Police and funded through
                                         fered students associate degrees        WIA. I think they called it Operation
COVER: Ebeye Public School teacher       in liberal arts, elementary educa-      Hope … They are getting ready to
Lucille Hitchfield works with her stu-   tion, architectural engineering and     launch another phase.”
dents Wednesday. Hitchfield’s college    computer science, Cassel said.            In terms of developmental skills,
career was interrupted when CMI on       Many students had to bring their        now the major avenue for young
Gugeegue shut down in 2002. She now      English and math skills up to col-      Marshallese to attain the skills
wonders how she’ll finish her degree     lege level and so the school offered    needed for employment on Kwaja-
The Kwajalein Hourglass                                    4                                                 Feb. 27, 2004
lein is the Job Corps, he said, but      but as of Feb. 20 has not heard any      said.
only 10 new students a month enter       response.                                   “CMI clearly cannot offer devel-
Job Corps.                                 One of the options suggested is for    opment, credit level or vocational
  The already huge task of bring-        the Ministry of Education to make        classes at the Gugeegue location un-
ing the school into compliance           the empty campus into a temporary        til the Substantive Change Report is
with U.S. standards, was further         public high school until the college     approved,” he wrote. “One possibil-
complicated when embezzlement            is ready to open, all the while build-   ity is for the new National Vocational
at the school was found. Former          ing a high school. There are four        Institute to offer developmental and
school comptroller Louiston Louis        private high schools on Ebeye, but       pre-vocational English, math and
was convicted of taking more than        no public high schools, Cassel said.     computer classes at Gugeegue.
$641,000 from the struggling             But there are logistical problems        There is funding for NVT activities
school’s coffers and is now serving      — busing the students from Ebeye         during the next academic year.”
time in a Majuro jail.                   and the current lack of a cafeteria.        But the opening could be delayed
  But despite the massive amounts        Also, by the time the high school        further if there is no staff to file
of paperwork, reports and frequent       got set up on Gugeegue, it would         the substantive report and recruit
site visits required by WASC’s ac-       be time for it to move, and leave no     full-time faculty. Teachers already
creditation team and the on-going        time to prepare the campus for col-      recruited, who have been waiting
investigation into the embezzle-         lege classes.                            for the reopening, are dropping off
ment case, classes continued on            “If we were looking for a place to     the list, and won’t be around to do
Majuro with some of the Gugeegue         build a high school, we have the old     the work required to prepare for the
students transferring there. Cur-        hospital that could be refurbished,”     reopening of Gugeegue campus,
rently, 36 former students from the      Cassel commented.                        Cassel said. Cassel, who has been
Gugeegue campus attend CMI on                                                     with the school for six years, turned
Majuro, Cassel said.                                                              in his letter of resignation last week
  And construction has continued         “There are an enormous                   since his services are not needed
on Gugeegue.                              amount of kids waiting                  any more at the school.
  “[The construction] is going ex-                                                   Nothing has been decided yet,
tremely well,” he said, explaining           for this [CMI].”                     Schmidt wrote about the status
that the building containing the                           — Jon Cassel           of the satellite campus, but added
classrooms, labs and administrative                                               WASC will visit the campus in April
offices along with facility housing        Ebeye Public School eighth grade       to discuss the future.
are almost complete. “We have had        teacher Monica Labriola agreed,             “Regarding Gugeegue, no new in-
some slow down due to finances be-       “They could build a wonderful high       formation,” he wrote. “Much of this
cause the Compact [of Free Associa-      school at the old hospital.”             hinges on Compact capital funds,
tion] funds and Pell monies hadn’t         Labriola, who will soon attend the     Kwaj Impact funds, Ministry of Edu-
started to flow, but they are flowing    University of Hawaii for a graduate      cation Performance goals under the
now. We never really stopped … one       degree in Pacific Studies, already       Compact and other capital funds. It
more large shipment of materials         knew about the discussion to put a       seems as if all of these must be han-
and the school is ready to open. We      high school in the Gugeegue cam-         dled simultaneously to get a com-
are that close.”                         pus because she had planned on           plete decision on the next steps.”
  But WASC’s policies concerning         teaching there as part of the full-         Cassel hopes the problem is solved
schools on probations won’t allow        time faculty.                            soon, since there is no local place for
the school to open.                        “I taught at Queen of Peace High       the graduating high school seniors
  Contrary to what CMI school of-        School and worked hard to get            to continue their education.
ficials believed until this January,     some of them into school after they         “It would be a beautiful thing for
WASC does not allow a school un-         graduated,” she said. “A few went to     them to have a small community
der probation to file any type of sub-   CMI on Majuro, some to Palau and         college here that would not only
stantive change report, Cassel said.     others to USP [University of South       benefit Kwajalein because of job
CMI’s probation period stretches         Pacific on Majuro,” but it is hard       placement, it brings back more
until, at least, the spring of 2005 if   and expensive to get them to go.         money into Ebeye’s and RMI’s econ-
the school meets all U.S. accredita-       EPS Special Education coordina-        omy,” he said.
tion standards. The report can then      tor Rudy Lodeijak suggested that            “So it is an injustice to the number
be filed, but two full semesters will    the Ministry expand the current          of students … who are waiting for
pass after that before the school can    high school curriculum.                  CMI to reopen, who started with CMI
reopen due to WASC’s schedules.            “Why not make high school a            and who are just sitting around,”
  “This will result in a significant     year or two longer and offer the         he said. “There are an enormous
delay in the possible resumption of      developmental classes in each high       amount of kids waiting for this.”
activities [on Gugeegue],” Schmidt       school,” he said, explaining then           Hitchfield is one of those students,
wrote in an e-mail to the Hourglass,     the students would be ready when         and she is worried about her future.
last week.                               the college reopened or could apply         “Now what am I going to do?” she
  The Ministry of Education and          to the Job Corps on Kwajalein.           said, explaining that finishing her
CMI’s Board of Regents are looking         Another option Cassel mentioned        degree would help her financially
at different options for the campus,     was to just offer developmental          and could help keep her from get-
and Schmidt has submitted a feasi-       classes on Gugeegue, but WASC            ting fired if a more qualified teacher
bility study for the RMI government,     wouldn’t allow that either, Schmidt      came in.

Feb. 27, 2004                                              5                                          The Kwajalein Hourglass
Wounded guardsman lives to see retirement
By Sgt. 1st Class Gail Braymen, USA
Special to American Forces Press Service
   WASHINGTON — A standing-                                                                             Dillyn Tuller
room-only crowd watched, teary-                                                                         shakes hands
eyed but smiling, as a Florida Army                                                                     with his father,
National Guardsman was ceremo-                                                                          Staff Sgt. Dustin
niously retired from military service                                                                   Tuller, during
at Walter Reed Army Medical Center                                                                      a retirement
here Feb. 21. Soldiers, civilians and                                                                   ceremony at
children filled the conference room                                                                     Walter Reed Army
for the occasion.                                                                                       Medical Center in
   Staff Sgt. Dustin Tuller sat at at-                                                                  Washington Feb.
tention in a wheelchair, his Class                                                                      21.
A uniform trousers neatly folded
beneath his left hip and right thigh,                                                                   (Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Gail
as his battalion commander read                                                                         Braymen)
the official orders retiring him from      second time was 13 days later,           Hamburg, Germany.
the Army.                                  when he went into cardiac arrest.           Although doctors hadn’t yet been
   The 28-year-old college student,           Tuller’s prognosis had been so        forced to remove his legs, Tuller
father of four and infantryman,            grim, Army officials decided to retire   knew his lower body was badly
had both legs amputated after be-          him from military service in a pro-      damaged. “I was afraid to even
ing wounded in an attack in Iraq in        cedure called “imminent death pro-       reach down there,” he said.
December.                                  cessing.” This can be applied when          Members of Tuller’s family had
   Army officials expedited his medi-      a soldier is expected to die within      been by his side almost the en-
cal retirement when doctors feared         72 hours from a medical condition        tire time he was unconscious. His
he wouldn’t survive his injuries. “I       incurred or aggravated in the line       brother Daniel, sister, Brandie, and
was in a coma when I got my retire-        of duty.                                 wife, Alisha, arrived in Germany
ment papers,” Tuller said. “I wanted          Imminent death processing allows      just days after the attack and spent
to have a retirement ceremony,             the Army to retire the soldier, even     almost a month with him there be-
because I’ve been in the Army for          with fewer than 20 years of service,     fore he was moved here to Walter
10 years. I always wanted to be a          thus providing additional benefits       Reed.
soldier.                                   for the soldier’s family.                   Like many amputees, Tuller ex-
   “If they hadn’t retired me, I’d still      Tuller served in the Army for a       periences “phantom pain” in his
wear the uniform, even with no             total of nearly 10 years. He entered     missing limbs. “Man, my feet hurt,”
legs.”                                     active duty in 1994 and became           he said quietly, closing his eyes
   The Company B, 3rd Battalion,           Florida Army National Guardsman          and lowering his head. But after a
124 Infantry Regiment, soldier was         the day after he was discharged          brief pause, he continued explain-
almost killed and two others were          from active duty in 2000.                ing what medical procedures still lie
injured during a raid in an area of           But, despite his gunshot wounds       ahead.
Baghdad that the Army had desig-           and resulting complications, includ-        It’s too soon yet for physical ther-
nated simply “Section 17.”                 ing kidney failure, during the flight    apy and for doctors to start fitting
   Tuller had just positioned his          from Baghdad to Germany, Tuller          him with prosthetics, he said. “I still
squad outside a building to provide        survived. “I remember some (about        have bandages and open wounds.”
security during the raid when the          the attack),” Tuller said. “I had just      Before his unit left Florida in Jan-
soldiers came under fire. It was two       gotten done putting my guys in           uary 2003, Tuller was a student at
days before Christmas.                     position. I was putting myself in        Pensacola Junior College, preparing
   Weeks later, and 2,000 miles            position, and that’s when I got shot     for a career as a physical educa-
away from the streets of Baghdad,          in the back of the leg. “After the       tion teacher. He’s been away from
Tuller awoke from a coma in a Ger-         first shot, I went to the ground and     school for more than a year, and it
man hospital. He had been shot             started crawling and yelling for a       will be several more months before
four times in his legs and pelvis.         medic. I was looking for a concealed     he’s released from Walter Reed and
   While Tuller was unconscious,           position, but there’s not much cover     can return home to Pace, Fla.
doctors had prepared his family for        in an urban environment.”                   But the interruption in his life
the worst. “We’ve actually been told          The attacker had fired at Tuller      and physical changes in his body
twice that he wasn’t going to make         from a window in a nearby building.      haven’t changed his plans. “I’m
it,” said Tuller’s brother, Daniel,        “As the guy was shooting me, I was       going back to school,” Tuller said
an Air Force C-17 transport load-          shooting back,” Tuller said. “I shot     firmly, “and I’m going to be a physi-
master stationed at Charleston Air         an entire magazine.”                     cal education teacher.”
Force Base, S.C.                              Tuller doesn’t remember what             (By Army National Guardsman
   Christmas Eve was the first time        happened after the attack in Bagh-       Sgt. 1st Class Gail Braymen is as-
doctors notified the family they           dad. The next thing he does remem-       signed to the National Guard Bu-
didn’t expect Tuller to survive. The       ber is waking up in a hospital in        reau, Arlington, Va.)

The Kwajalein Hourglass                                      6                                                           Feb. 27, 2004
World War II flying ‘Ace’ salutes racial progress
By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service                                                                            Retired Air Force
   WASHINGTON — Decorated World                                                                          Lt. Col. Lee
War II aviator and “Ace” Lee Andrew                                                                      Andrew Archer
Archer Jr., 84, says he dreamed of                                                                       Jr., 84, (left) holds
becoming a fighter pilot at an early                                                                     aloft an ROTC
age.                                                                                                     coin presented
   The Yonkers, N.Y.-born veteran                                                                        by ROTC
recalled reading comic books during                                                                      Cadet Darold F.
his boyhood that featured illustrated                                                                    Ross during a
stories depicting World War I duels in                                                                   National Black
the skies between Germany’s Baron                                                                        History Month
von Richthofen and allied fliers.                                                                        commemoration
   “I wanted to be a pilot,” Archer said                                                                 ceremony in
at a Feb. 19 National Black History                                                                      Washington, D.C.
Month commemoration ceremony
                                                                                                         (Photo by Gerry J. Gilmore)
at Veterans Affairs Department
headquarters, noting that watching         preliminary pilot’s test with flying      Flying Cross among numerous other
planes take off and land at a small        colors, Archer was assigned to Camp       decorations.
airport near his family’s summer           Wheeler, Ga., as a communications           The Army Air Corps became the
home in Saratoga, N.Y., also whetted       specialist.                               U.S. Air Force in 1947, Archer said,
his desire to fly.                            In 1942, the government decided to     noting he performed weather squad-
   A self-described natural competi-       train a select group of African-Ameri-    ron hurricane hunting patrols after
tor, Archer said he pledged to himself     can applicants for military flying duty   World War II and served during the
back then that he, too, would one          – a decision, Archer noted, that was      Korean War. He retired as a lieuten-
day battle America’s enemies from          rumored to have been precipitated by      ant colonel with 29 years of service
the cockpit of a fighter plane.            Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of then-      in 1970.
   The steely-eyed African-American        President Franklin D. Roosevelt.            Archer left the service for contin-
eventually realized his goal: he be-       Archer said he reapplied for pilot’s      ued success in the civilian realm as
came a member of the U.S. Army             training and was accepted, earning        a corporate officer for firms such as
Air Corps’ famed Tuskegee Airmen           his wings in 1943.                        General Foods, Phillip Morris and
during World War II. During the               Yet, before and after they won their   others, noting he’d also been involved
169 combat missions he flew in             wings, Archer said he and the other       in the start up of “Essence” magazine
the European Theater, Archer was           Tuskegee Airmen had to endure the         and other African-American-owned
credited with downing five enemy           widespread racism that was preva-         enterprises.
aircraft, earning him the coveted title    lent across the U.S. armed forces           The “Tuskegee Experiment,” Archer
of “Ace.”                                  before President Harry S. Truman’s        noted, proved that African-American
   Archer, the keynote speaker at the      1948 order that desegregated Amer-        pilots could fly and fight as well as
ceremony, noted that about 900 Af-         ica’s military.                           their white counterparts and played
rican-Americans were trained to be            Archer said that a mid-1920s U.S.      a key role in Truman’s decision to
pilots at a military camp near Tuske-      War Department study was responsi-        desegregate the U.S. military, which
gee College, later renamed Tuskegee        ble for much of the shoddy treatment      in turn opened up opportunities for
University, in Alabama. Of these ser-      African-American service members          all African-Americans.
vice members, he added, 450 saw            experienced before Truman’s deseg-          “The country has changed, and
combat, more than 60 were killed           regation edict. That study, he pointed    it has changed a lot” with regard to
and 32 were shot down and became           out, essentially said African-Ameri-      race relations, Archer observed, in
prisoners of war.                          cans didn’t have the intelligence         part because of the accomplishments
   The Tuskegee Airmen, he said,           or courage necessary for rigorous         of the Tuskegee Airmen and other
flew a variety of combat missions in       combat duties – even though U.S.          African-American service members
Europe, totaling 200, and destroyed        African-American combat troops had        during World War II and of those who
about 500 enemy aircraft and a de-         fought with documented courage and        followed.
stroyer. And the Tuskegee Airmen           élan alongside French forces against        Yet, although race relations across
never lost a bomber to the enemy           the Germans during World War I.           the military and American society
during allied B-17 and B-24 bomber            So, although Archer was preemi-        have greatly improved since the
formation escort duties, Archer            nently qualified to be a fighter pilot,   1940s, Archer noted, they still aren’t
noted.                                     his coffee-colored skin at first proved   as good as they should be.
   Archer said he was a sophomore          to be a hindrance to his dream.             “This country can be what it is sup-
at New York University in early 1941          However, Archer did become an          posed to be, and what it claims to
when he decided to enlist in the Army      Army Air Corps pilot, and flew P-40       be,” Archer said. “It is in the hands of
Air Corps to become a pilot. At the        Tomahawk, P-39 Air Cobra, P-47            new troops now, and I want to wish
time, however, the U.S. military didn’t    Thunderbolt, and P-51 Mustang             them luck. I personally see the best
allow African-Americans to serve as        fighters during World War II, earn-       for them and for their country, which
pilots. And although he passed the         ing the rarely awarded Distinguished      is my country, too.”
Feb. 27, 2004                                                7                                             The Kwajalein Hourglass
Airline says Aloha
to new Web site
From Staff Reports                                                                                                                                   Window on the Atoll:
   Aloha Airlines has launched its
new Web site to help with booking                                                                                                                     Daddy-Daughter Dance
                                                                                       Saturday, Feb. 28
flight reservations.                                                             7:30 p.m., Yuk — Master and
   The new Web site has many new                                                     Commander (PG-13)                                                  All AFN programming is
features and helps to find flight                                              7:30 p.m., Rich — Runaway Jury                                        subject to change without notice.
schedules and fares, special fares                                                          (PG-13)
and deals on hotel and car rentals,
according to a press release.
                                                                                7:00 p.m., Roi — Cabin Fever (R)                                       Softball Schedule
                                                                                        Sunday, Feb. 29
   It also has some added features                                           7:30 p.m., Yuk — Intolerable Cruelty
                                                                                                                                                                Tuesday, March 2
such as route maps, flight tracking                                                                                                              5:15 p.m. ..Po Ho's/ Scrubs....................Ragan
                                                                                            (PG-13)                                                          Tole -Mour/Til Talk .............Brandon
and information on the AlohaPass                                               7:30 p.m., Rich — The Rundown                                                 Sp. Boys I/Guegeegu ............. Dally
frequent flyer program.                                                                     (PG-13)                                              6:45 p.m. ..Criminals/Sunrise ..............Brandon
   Aloha Airlines is also offering a 10                                       7:00 p.m., Roi — My Boss’ Daughter                                 8:00 p.m....Podunkers/Glazed or Jelly Brandon
percent discount on bookings made                                                           (PG-13)                                                           Wednesday, March 3
through the Web site, the release                                                      Monday, March 1                                           5:15 p.m. ..Miss Demeanors/Ri-Majolz ..Ragan
stated. The discount is good for all                                                                                                                             Friday, March 5
                                                                                 7:30 p.m., Yuk — Master and                                     6:45 p.m. ..Sunrise/Podunkers ............Brandon
transpacific and inter-island book-                                                  Commander (PG-13)                                           8:00 p.m....Glazed or Jelly/Criminals ..Brandon
ings with the exception of Aloha-                                              7:30 p.m., Rich — Runaway Jury                                                  Saturday, March 6
Pass members-only fares.                                                                    (PG-13)                                              5:15 p.m. ..30 Something/Miss DemeanorsRagan
   The Web site can be found at                                                      Wednesday, March 3                                                         Tuesday, March 9                                                       7:00 p.m., ARC — My Boss’ Daughter                                  5:15 p.m. ..Po Ho's/ 30 Something.........Ragan
                                                                                            (PG-13)                                              6:45 p.m. Glazed or Jelly/Sunrise .....Brandon
Iraqi Olympians to                                                                 For movie synposis check out                                  8:00 p.m....Criminals/Podunkers .........Brandon
                                                                                                                                                              Wednesday, March 10
train in Colorado                                                           All movies subject to change with shipments.
                                                                                                                                                 5:15 p.m. ..Scrubs/Ri-Majolz ..................Ragan
                                                                                                                                                               Saturday, March 13
By Sgt. 1st Class Doug Sample                                                For updates, call the movie hotline at 52700.                       5:15 p.m. ..Ri-Majolz/Po Ho's .................Ragan
American Forces Press Service                                                                                                                       For up to date scores, schedules and
  WASHINGTON — Iraqi wrestlers                                                                                                                    officials, call the Sports Hotline at 54190.
have been invited as guests of the
                                                                               Volleyball Schedule
United States to train at the U.S.                                                   Playoff Tournament                                               Softball Standings
Olympic training facility in Colorado                                                        Monday, March 1
                                                                                                                                                                      Men's A-League
Springs, Colo., in preparation for this                                    1:30 p.m. .................... Open B League Match 1                  Podunkers ................................................... 5-3
                                                                           2:30 p.m. .................... Open B League Match 2
summer’s games in Athens, Greece,                                                                                                                Sunrise ........................................................ 4-3
                                                                           3:30 p.m......................... Open B League Match 3
according to a senior Coalition Provi-                                     4:30 p.m. .................... Open A League Match 3
                                                                                                                                                 Glazed or Jelly ............................................ 4-3
sional Authority spokesman.                                                                                                                      Criminals ..................................................... 2-6
                                                                           5:30 p.m. ........Women's League Championship                                              Men's B-League
  The team will leave for the United                                       6:30 p.m. .......... Open B League Championship                       Guegeegu ................................................... 5-2
States within the next month.                                              7:30 p.m. .......... Open A League Championship                       Til Tak .......................................................... 3-3
  “Eleven months ago, Iraqi Olym-                                            For up to date scores, schedules and                                Spartans Boys I........................................... 2-3
pic athletes were literally tortured                                       officials, call the Sports Hotline at 54190                           Brothers All.................................................. 4-4
to death under the brutal regime                                                                                                                 Tole-Mour .................................................... 2-4
of Saddam and Uday Hussein,” he                                                                                                                                       Men's C-League
said.                                                                         Volleyball Standings                                               Agents ......................................................... 6-1
                                                                                                                                                 Dri-Kokbij..................................................... 4-3
                                                                                       A-League Open - Final                                     Spartans Boys II.......................................... 4-4
            Friday Bowling                                                 Dig Dug ....................................................... 9-3   Mayhem....................................................... 3-4
                                                                           Hits Like A Girl ............................................ 8-4     Barnacles .................................................... 1-6
              High Scratch Game Women
                                                                           Islanders...................................................... 4-8                       Women's League
 Annie Tompkins .......................................... 184
                                                                           Network ....................................................... 3-9   30 Something .............................................. 5-1
 ................................................................... 179
                                                                                             B-League Open                                       Scrubs ......................................................... 4-1
 ................................................................... 165
                                                                           Spartans Coed Blue .................................... 9-1           Ri-Majolz ..................................................... 2-3
 Cathy Thomas ............................................ 147
                                                                           What's Vowwey Bawl?................................. 7-3              Po Ho's ........................................................ 1-4
                 High Scratch Game Men
                                                                           Spartans Boys I........................................... 6-4        Miss Demeanors ......................................... 1-4
 John Tompkins ........................................... 246
                                                                           Free Agents................................................. 3-6
 ................................................................... 220
                                                                           Fists of Fear ................................................ 2-7
 Mario Viloria ............................................... 215
 Masao Boas ............................................... 213
                                                                           Spartans Coed Red .................................... 2-8
                                                                                      Women's League - Final
                                                                                                                                                 Hourglass Advertising
              High Scratch Series Women
 Annie Tompkins .......................................... 528
                                                                           Jabro Girls................................................... 6-3     Friday’s ads are due by noon Wednes-
                                                                           Hacker's Doves ........................................... 6-3        day and Tuesday’s ads are due by noon
 Cathy Thomas ............................................ 396
                                                                           Calvary Girls................................................ 6-3
 Ribina Pippett............................................. 358                                                                                 Friday. All ads for a given resident must
                                                                           Spartans Girls I ........................................... 4-5
                High Scratch Series Men                                                                                                          be less than 50 words. We will combine
                                                                           Spartans Girls Red...................................... 4-4
 John Tompkins ........................................... 662                                                                                   multiple ad submissions, where neces-
                                                                           Spartans Girls II .......................................... 3-5
 Mario Viloria ............................................... 575
 Masao Boas ............................................... 527
                                                                           Spartans Girls Blue ..................................... 1-7             sary, or edit for style and space.

The Kwajalein Hourglass                                                                                    8                                                                                         Feb. 27, 2004
                                                            Saturday, Feb. 28
 Time            Channel 9 —           Channel 13 —          Channel 14 (Roi 24)        Channel 17 —           Channel 23 —            Channel 35 — AFN
                 AFN Atlantic         AFN News-Sports          — AFN News                AFN Sports            AFN Spectrum             Direct to Sailors
12:00AM          The Late Show       Good Morning America    Good Morning America       NCAA Basketball      National Geographic                 24
12:30AM         Access Hollywood                                                           San Diego
1:00AM               Movie:                                                               at Gonzaga             Lava Hunters             Headline News
1:30AM             Sparticus                                                             SportsCenter                                      Tonight Show
2:00AM                                  Headline News           Headline News                                      Buffy the               with Jay Leno
2:30AM                                   World News               World News            NCAA Basketball         Vampire Slayer               Late Show
3:00AM                                    Early Show              Early Show                Oregon                 Iron Chef           with David Letterman
3:30AM                                                                                         at                                        Access Hollywood
4:00AM                                                                                     California            Rocket Power                  Movie:
4:30AM          Cinema Secrets                                                           SportsCenter        The Fairly Oddparents        White Men Can’t
5:00AM           Bulletin Board         FOX News Live           FOX News Live                                   The Simpsons                   Jump
5:30AM                                                                                 College Gamenight       The Cosby Show              Movie: <:45>
6:00AM     Good Morning America           Primetime               Primetime             Totally NASCAR           12th Annual               The Birdcage
6:30AM                                                                                   SportsCenter          Trumpet Awards
7:00AM                                    PGA Tour              FOX News Live              PGA Tour
7:30AM                                    World Golf                                       World Golf
8:00AM             Teletubbies            Association           Headline News             Association        National Geographic               Today
8:30AM          Wheel of Fortune     Accenture Match Play        Inside Politics      Accenture Match Play
9:00AM               Dr. Phil            Championship                                    Championship            Lava Hunters
9:30AM     Oprah Winfrey <9:46>                                 Headline News
10:00AM                                                         Lester Holt Live                                   Buffy the                Family Ties
10:30AM    Guiding Light <10:35>                                                                                Vampire Slayer         Malcolm in the Middle
11:00AM    General Hospital<11:17>      Headline News           Headline News            SportsCenter              Iron Chef               Fantasy Island
11:30AM                                NBC Nightly News        NBC Nightly News
12:00PM     Window on the Atoll              NBA               ABC World News                NBA                   The View                  The View
12:30PM            Judge Judy           Toronto Raptors       CBS Evening News          Toronto Raptors
1:00PM          CNBC: The News                at               CNBC: The News                  at              What Not to Wear             Family Ties
1:30PM                                  Boston Celtics                                   Boston Celtics                                Trading Spaces Family
2:00PM           Sesame Street                                Hannity and Colmes                              While You Were Out
2:30PM                                       NBA                                             NBA                                         Friday Night Fights
3:00PM          House of Mouse           Phoenix Suns           The Newshour             Phoenix Suns           Trading Spaces
3:30PM            All Grown Up                at                                               at
4:00PM            Kim Possible        Seattle Supersonics      BET Nightly News       Seattle Supersonics        Gilmore Girls               ESPNews
4:30PM           Teenage Robot                               Nightly Business Rept.                                                    Malcolm in the Middle
5:00PM              Jeopardy            Larry King Live         Larry King Live          SportsCenter            The Division                WWE Raw
5:30PM          Access Hollywood
6:00PM           Bulletin Board           Newsnight               Newsnight             Totally NASCAR              Movie                 Headline News
6:30PM          The Cosby Show         with Aaron Brown        with Aaron Brown         Winter X Games            Footloose              Navy/Marine Corp
7:00PM           The Simpsons          Paula Zahn Now          Paula Zahn Now           NHL Cool Shots                                       Charmed
7:30PM           That 70s Show                                                           SportsCenter
8:00PM          Survivor: All-Star         Nightline               Nightline                                       The View            Entertainment Tonight
8:30PM                                 Army Newswatch          Army Newswatch                 NHL
9:00PM                 24                  Hardball                Hardball           Washington Capitals      What Not to Wear           Headline News
9:30PM                                with Chris Matthews     with Chris Matthews              at                                            ESPNews
10:00PM          Headline News          O’Reilly Factor         O’Reilly Factor         Florida Panthers      While You Were Out       Acad. Awards Preview
10:30PM           Tonight Show                                                                                                            According to Jim
11:00PM           with Jay Leno          Dateline NBC            Dateline NBC            SportsCenter           Trading Spaces           The Price is Right
11:30PM          The Late Show                                                                                                           Salutes the Military

Feb. 27, 2004                                                                  9                                                     The Kwajalein Hourglass
                                                             Sunday, Feb. 29
  Time        Channel 9-AFN           Channel 13 - AFN        Channel 14 - AFN         Channel 17 - AFN        Channel 23 - AFN          Channel 35 - AFN
                 Atlantic               News-Sports                News                    Sports                 Spectrum               Direct to Sailors
 12:00AM       David Letterman       CNN Saturday Morning    CNN Saturday Morning              NBA                 Gilmore Girls            Law & Order
 12:30AM      Access Hollywood                                                           Toronto Raptors
 1:00AM             Movie:                   20/20                    20/20                     at                 The Division            Headline News
 1:30AM      Young Frankenstein                                                           Boston Celtics                                 Saturday Night Live
 2:00AM                               NBC Saturday Today      NBC Saturday Today          SportsCenter                Movie
 2:30AM             Movie:                                                                                          Footloose
 3:00AM           The Juror                                                                                                               Live in Hollywood
 3:30AM                                                                                     PGA Tour
 4:00AM                               Wall Street Journal      Wall Street Journal          World Golf               The View             The Entertainers
 4:30AM        Cinema Secrets        America’s Black Forum   America’s Black Forum         Association
 5:00AM         Bulletin Board         NCAA Basketball          News From CNN          Accenture Match Play     What Not to Wear          NCAA Basketball
 5:30AM                                   St. Joseph’s                                    Championship                                      St. Joseph’s
 6:00AM         Dateline NBC                   at                Dateline NBC                                  While You Were Out                at
 6:30AM                                  Rhode Island                                                                                       Rhode Island
 7:00AM        Bob the Builder         NCAA Basketball           Headline News                                    Trading Spaces          NCAA Basketball
 7:30AM         JoJo’s Circus                Navy               Army Newswatch           NCAA Basketball                                        Navy
 8:00AM           Chalkzone                    at                     20/20                  UCONN                 Gilmore Girls                 at
 8:30AM        Jimmy Neutron                 Army                                               at                                              Army
 9:00AM           Yu-Gi-Oh!            NCAA Basketball           FOX News Live              Villanova              The Division           NCAA Basketball
 9:30AM       The Proud Family           Notre Dame                                     College Gamenight                                   Notre Dame
 10:00AM       Trading Spaces                  at                                        NCAA Basketball              Movie                      at
 10:30AM            Family                   UCLA                                           Cincinnati              Footloose                  UCLA
 11:00AM     Operation Junkyard         Headline News            Headline News                  at                                           ESPNews
 11:30AM      How to Boil Water        McLaughlin Group        McLaughlin Group             Charlotte
 12:00PM    Entertainment Tonight        Capital Gang             Capital Gang            SportsCenter           Swamp Critters...         Headline News
 12:30PM                                                                                                      Harvest with Greg Laurie    Army Newswatch
 1:00PM          WWE Raw               Washington Week         Washington Week           IRL Auto Racing      Music/ Spoken Word             ESPNews
 1:30PM                                 Headline News            Headline News                                     Real Videos
 2:00PM         The Simpsons          People In The News      People In The News           Track & Field          The Simpsons            NCAA Basketball
 2:30PM     Malcolm in the Middle                                                           ESPNews           Malcolm in the Middle         Santa Clara
 3:00PM           Raymond                    NHL              CNN Saturday Night               NHL                   Raymond                     at
 3:30PM      The King of Queens         St. Louis Blues                                   St. Louis Blues      The King of Queens             Gonzaga
 4:00PM       American Dreams                  at             Dateline International            at              American Dreams          10th Annual Screen
 4:30PM                               Vancouvar Canucks                                Vancouver Canucks                                 Actors Guild Awards
 5:00PM         American Idol                                 Larry King Weekend                                  American Idol
 5:30PM                               Larry King Weekend                                College Gamenight
 6:00PM       Buffy the Vampire            At Large                 At Large              NBA Fastbreak           American Idol              MotorWeek
 6:30PM             Slayer            with Geraldo Rivera     with Geraldo Rivera           ESPNews             The Twilight Zone         Ebert and Roeper
 7:00PM     Acad. Awards Preview         Beltway Boys             Beltway Boys            SportsCenter            Fantasy Island         WWE Smackdown
 7:30PM        According to Jim        Fox News Watch           Fox News Watch
 8:00PM       The Price is Right        Headline News            Headline News           NCAA Basketball        Swamp Critters....            Stargate
 8:30PM       Salutes the Military   America’s Black Forum   America’s Black Forum        Oregon State        Harvest with Greg Laurie
 9:00PM        Law and Order         Chris Matthews Show     Chris Matthews Show                at             Music/Spoken Word           Headline News
 9:30PM                               Navy/Marine News         Navy/Marine News             California             Real Videos               ESPNews
 10:00PM     Window on the Atoll      Big Story Weekend        Big Story Weekend          SportsCenter            The Simpsons              Judging Amy
 10:30PM     Saturday Night Live            Edition                  Edition                                  Malcolm in the Middle
 11:00PM                                CNN Presents             CNN Presents               PGA Tour                 Raymond                   Movie:
 11:30PM                                                                                                       The King of Queens

The Kwajalein Hourglass                                                        10                                                              Feb. 27, 2004
                                                                Monday, March 1
  Time            Channel 9-AFN          Channel 13 - AFN        Channel 14 - AFN       Channel 17 - AFN       Channel 23 - AFN           Channel 35 - AFN
                     Atlantic              News-Sports                News                  Sports                Spectrum                Direct to Sailors
12:00AM           Live in Hollywood        Fox and Friends        Fox and Friends           PGA Tour            American Dreams             Crouching Tiger,
12:30AM                                                                                     World Golf                                      Hidden Dragon
 1:00AM           The Entertainers                                                         Association            American Idol             Headline News
 1:30AM                                                                                Accenture Match Play                                     Seinfeld
 2:00AM            American Idol          CBS News Sunday        CBS News Sunday          Championship            American Idol             Meet The Press
 2:30AM           The Twilight Zone            Morning                Morning                                   The Twilight Zone
 3:00AM            Fantasy Island                                                      The Sports Reporters       Fantasy Island         America’s Black Forum
 3:30AM                                    Face the Nation        Face the Nation          SportsCenter                                  Entertainment Tonight
 4:00AM            Swamp Critters           Headline News          Headline News                                Swamp Critters....
 4:30AM     Harvest with Greg Laurie      Navy/Marine News       Navy/Marine News                             Harvest with Greg Laurie         ESPNews
 5:00AM            Bulletin Board            Late Edition           Late Edition                               Music/Spoken Word
 5:30AM             Hour of Power              with Wolf              with Wolf           NBA Fastbreak            Real Videos                   PBA
 6:00AM         Celebration of Victory          Blitzer                Blitzer           Real Sports with         The Simpsons
 6:30AM           Coral Ridge Hour                                                        Bryant Gumball      Malcolm in the Middle
 7:00AM         Christopher Closeup           PGA Tour             Fox News Live            PGA Tour                 Raymond                IRL Auto Racing
 7:30AM              Cafe Video               World Golf                                    World Golf         The King of Queens              Indy 300
 8:00AM              Wishbone                Association                                   Association          American Dreams
 8:30AM     Sesame Street Specials       Accenture Match Play                          Accenture Match Play
 9:00AM                Movie:               Championship            CNN Sunday            Championship            American Idol                ESPNews
 9:30AM              Poof Point
10:00AM                                                            Meet the Press                                 American Idol            Best Damn Sports
10:30AM              Spongebob                                                                                  The Twilight Zone            Show Period
11:00AM             Tim Russert               ESPNews               Tim Russert            Track & Field          Fantasy Island                X Files
12:00PM            Headline News                 NHL                 Fox Report                NHL                Rocket Power               Headline News
12:30PM               Seinfeld            Philadelphia Flyers                           Philadelphia Flyers   The Fairly Oddparents        Wheel of Fortune
 1:00PM             76th Annual                   at                 This Week                  at                The Simpsons             The Dr. Phil Show
 1:30PM           Academy Awards          Detroit Red Wings                             Detroit Red Wings        The Cosby Show
 2:00PM                 (Live)                                     Fox News Live                                Buffy the Vampire            Oprah Winfrey
 2:30PM                                      NHL 2Night                                    NHL 2Night                 Slayer
 3:00PM                                      60 Minutes              60 Minutes         Motorcycle Racing          Law & Order              Headline News
 3:30PM            Headline News                                                       The World Supercross                                   Judge Judy
 4:00PM          WWE Smackdown              CNN Presents           CNN Presents                GP                      Nova                      Nova
 4:30PM                                                                                      Atlanta
 5:00PM               Stargate           Larry King Weekend      Larry King Weekend       NBA Fastbreak          Monster Garage            Monster Garage
 5:30PM                                                                                 College Gamenight
 6:00PM               M*A*S*H                  At Large               At Large              ESPNews                   Movie:                    Movie:
 6:30PM         Window on the Atoll      with Geraldo Rivera     with Geraldo Rivera       SportsCenter           A Far Off Place           A Far Off Place
 7:00PM             Judging Amy           Access Hollywood       Access Hollywood
 8:00PM                Movie:               Beltway Boys            Beltway Boys        Motorcycle Racing         Rocket Power                 Jeopardy
 8:30PM           Crouching Tiger,        FOX News Watch          FOX News Watch            FIM World         The Fairly Oddparents         Headline News
 9:00PM            Hidden Dragon           Bulls and Bears        Bulls and Bears           Superbike             The Simpsons                 ESPNews
 9:30PM                                  Cavuto on Business      Cavuto on Business        Race 1 & 2            The Cosby Show            Navy/Marine Corp
10:00PM            Headline News             60 Minutes              60 Minutes            SportsCenter         Buffy the Vampire             76th Annual
10:30PM               Seinfeld                                                                                        Slayer               Academy Awards
11:00PM           Meet The Press            Dateline NBC           Dateline NBC                                    Law & Order                  (Replay)

Feb. 27, 2004                                                                    11                                                   The Kwajalein Hourglass
                                                              Tuesday, March 2
   Time        Channel 9-AFN            Channel 13 - AFN          Channel 14 - AFN       Channel 17 - AFN          Channel 23 - AFN       Channel 35 - AFN
                  Atlantic                News-Sports                  News                  Sports                   Spectrum            Direct to Sailors
  12:00AM    Americas Black Forum      Good Morning America      Good Morning America            NBA                      Nova
  12:30AM    Entertainment Tonight                                                            Minnesota
  1:00AM                                                                                    Timberwolves            Monster Garage          Headline News
  1:30AM           ESPNews                                                                        at                                         Tonight Show
  2:00AM             Movie:               Headline News             Headline News         Philadelphia 76ers             Movie:              with Jay Leno
  2:30AM        A Far Off Place             World News               World News               ESPNews                A Far Off Place          Late Show
  3:00AM                                    Early Show                Early Show           NBA Fastbreak                                  with David Letterman
  3:30AM                                                                                 College Gamenight                                 Access Hollywood
  4:00AM         SportsCenter                                                               SportsCenter              Rocket Power              Movie:
  4:30AM                                                                                                          The Fairly Oddparents         Midway
  5:00AM                                  FOX News Live             FOX News Live                                    The Simpsons
  5:30AM         Bulletin Board                                                           NCAA Basketball           The Cosby Show
  6:00AM         Good Morning               60 Minutes                60 Minutes            North Carolina          Buffy the Vampire
  6:30AM            America                                                                       at                     Slayer
  7:00AM                                   Dateline NBC              Dateline NBC             N.C. State              Law & Order         America’s Funniest
  7:30AM                                                                                  NCAA Basketball                                    Home Videos
  8:00AM       Dora: the Explorer         Headline News             Headline News               Duke                      Nova                 ESPNews
  8:30AM        Wheel Of Fortune           Inside Politics           Inside Politics              at                                        Headline News
  9:00AM       The Dr. Phil Show                                                             Florida State          Monster Garage               Today
  9:30AM     Oprah Winfrey <9:46>         Headline News             Headline News            The Hot List
  10:00AM                                 Lester Holt Live          Lester Holt Live       Around the Horn               Movie:
  10:30AM    Guiding Light <10:35>                                                      Pardon the Interruption      A Far Off Place
  11:00AM    General Hospital<11:17>      Headline News             Headline News           SportsCenter                                      Magnum P.I.
  11:30AM                                NBC Nightly News          NBC Nightly News
  12:00PM        Bulletin Board          NCAA Basketball           ABC World News                AFL                  Rocket Power          Headline News
  12:30PM         Judge Judy                 Setan Hall           CBS Evening News      New Orleans Voodoo        The Fairly Oddparents    Wheel of Fortune
  1:00PM       CNBC: The News                    at                CNBC: The News                 at                 The Simpsons          The Dr. Phil Show
  1:30PM                                      UCONN                                       Vegas Gladiators          The Cosby Show
  2:00PM         Sesame Street           NCAA Basketball          Hannity and Colmes                                      J.A.G              Oprah Winfrey
  2:30PM                                       Texas
  3:00PM          Lilo & Stitch                  at                 The Newshour              ESPNews                 The Practice         NBC Nightly News
  3:30PM            Digimon               Oklahoma State                                The Sports Reporters                                  Judge Judy
  4:00PM           Dragonfly              Headline News            BET Nightly News         SportsCenter            Celebrity Profiles     Celebrity Profiles
  4:30PM         Even Stevens                ESPNews               Nightly Business                                 Elle McPhearson        Elle McPhearson
  5:00PM           Jeopardy               Larry King Live           Larry King Live       NCAA Basketball                Movie:                 Movie:
  5:30PM        Headline News                                                                    Utah                Mr. Smith Goes         Mr. Smith Goes
  6:00PM      Window on the Atoll            Newsnight                Newsnight                   at                 to Washington           to Washington
  6:30PM       The Cosby Show            with Aaron Brown          with Aaron Brown              BYU
  7:00PM             Movie:               Paula Zahn Now           Paula Zahn Now           SportsCenter            Cinema Secrets          Cinema Secrets
  7:30PM            The Last                                                                                        Ebert and Roeper       Ebert and Roeper
  8:00PM            Emperor                   Nightline                Nightline                 NHL                  Rocket Power             Jeopardy
  8:30PM                               Pardon the Interruption    Navy/Marine News       Tampa Bay Lightning      The Fairly Oddparents     Headline News
  9:00PM                                      Hardball                 Hardball                   at                 The Simpsons             ESPNews
  9:30PM                                with Chris Matthews       with Chris Matthews    Colorado Avalanche         The Cosby Show          Headline News
  10:00PM          ESPNews                 O’Reilly Factor          O’Reilly Factor                                       J.A.G              SportsCenter
  10:30PM      The Tonight Show                                                             SportsCenter
  11:00PM                                 CNN Daybreak              CNN Daybreak                                      The Practice              Movie:
  11:30PM       The Late Show                                                              NBA Fastbreak                                      Bring It On

The Kwajalein Hourglass                                                        12                                                              Feb. 27, 2004
                                                                  HELP WANTED                           MICROWAVE, office chair, beach chairs, hoses,

         Café Pacific                            KRS has the following on-island job opening.
                                                 Unless otherwise noted, call Alan Taylor,
                                                                                                        vacuum, snorkel gear, Weber grill. Call 54540,
                                                                                                        after 6 p.m.
                                                 55154.                                                 MICROWAVE with stand, $60; Flowbee hair
                                                                                                        cuting system, $25; used bike, $70. Call 53888
                                                 SENIOR ACCOUNTING CLERK. Full time.                    and leave a message.
                                                 Reviews payroll edits and timecards, 35 wpm
                                                 mininum typing, familiarity with Word and Excel,       19" TV, VCR, DVD, $300 for all, price negotiable;
                                                 good communications skills in English and              10-speed ladies’ bike, good condition, no rust,
                                                 Marshallese.                                           $75; four-drawer metal file cabinet, 52" high x 15"
                                                                                                        wide x 18 " deep, $75; sterile medium white trash
                                                 SECRETARY, Education Services at junior/               can, $5; waffle iron, $7; Homedics foot spa with all
                                                 senior high school. Full time. Duties include          attachments, $15. Call 52843.
                                                 attendance records, transcript preparation,
                                                 guidance support. Requires good working                MINOLTA VECTIS Weathermatic zoom camera,
                                                 knowledge of Word, Excel and other computer            APS film type, submersible to 33 feet, film and
                                                 applications. Childcare clearance required.            mailers included. Call Tom, 58331W or 52573H.
                                                 COST ANALYST CLERK. Casual. Review payroll             GOLF SWING Groover II, electronic golf swing
                                                 edits and timecards. 35 wpm minumum typing             trainer, good for left or right-handed swing, almost
Lunch                                            level, good communications skills, experience          new, paid $129, will sell for $50. Call 58954, after
Sat             Japanese saimin bar              with labor data entry a plus.                          5 p.m.
                Teriyaki beef steak              ELECTRONICS REPAIR TECHNICIAN. Macy’s.                              COMMUNITY NOTICES
                Chicken katsu                    Part time. Repairs TVs, DVDs, VCRs and
                Grill: Teriyaki burger           audio equipment. Job responsibilities include          HAPPY 92ND birthday Girl Scouts. Girl
Sun             Beef Stroganoff                  coordinating a quality, time-focused diagnosis         Scout Week is March 7-13. All Girl Scouts
                                                                                                        are asked to wear their uniforms to church
                Broiled ham steak                and repair process. Applicant should have
                                                                                                        on Girl Scouts, Sunday, March 7. Our World
                Breaded snapper                  technical training in electronics and experience
                                                 in electronics repair. Submit application or           Thinking Day celebration is Monday, March
                Grill: Brunch station open                                                              8, 3-4:30 p.m., in CRC room 1. We will also
                                                 resumé to Paul Divinski, Retail Office, 53308.
Mon             Herb broiled pork chops                                                                 have a movie night.
                Curried chicken                  SUBSTITUTE TEACHER. Provide supervision
                                                                                                        PLANNING a long Pacific sailing trip?
                Vegetarian stir-fry              and instruction in the absence of the regular
                                                                                                        Interested in taking a closer look at the
                Grill: Brunch station open       classroom teacher. Organizational skills and
                                                                                                        water between Kwaj and Enewetak? Just a
Tues            Turkey a la king                 structure are a prerequisite. Teaching certification
                                                                                                        map enthusiast? Come to Grace Sherwood
                Sautéed liver and onions         preferred, but not required. Childcare clearance
                                                                                                        Library and check out our new Pacific
                Grill: Fish sandwich                                                                    navigational map collection donated from
Wed             Seafood Alfredo                                      WANTED                             the technical library.
                Italian sausage                                                                         EBEYE UNITED CHURCH of Christ on
                                                 CHEAP LAPTOP for travel must play CD-DVD,
                Chicken cacciatore               $500 tops or will trade for Hi 8 camera. Call          Ebeye is hosting World Day of Prayer,
                Grill: Pasta bar                 59939.                                                 March 5, 6:30 p.m. Depart from Kwajalein
Thur            Oven fried chicken                                                                      on the 5:30 p.m. or 6 p.m. ferry. Return to
                Barbecued beef sandwich          ADULT TRICYCLE bike to buy or borrow for               Kwaj on a special 11 p.m. ferry.
                Grill: Ranchero burger           visiting relative, May 11-June 2. Call 54691.
Fri             Swedish meatballs
                Kalua pork and cabbage                              PATIO SALES
                Seared salmon
                Grill: Hot Sicilian hoagies      SATURDAY, 3:30-6 p.m., Qtrs. 411-A. Mostly

Dinner                                           MONDAY, 7-11 a.m., Qtrs. 474-A. PCS sale.
Tonight         Thai grilled chicken                                 FOR SALE
                Spicy beef curry
                Ahi with papaya salsa            UGLY REFRIGERATOR, large capacity, runs well,                   Protestant services:
Sat             Braised short ribs               great for boathouse, $100 or best offer. Call Sheri,
                Broiled fajita chicken           52725.
                                                                                                            Sunday, 8 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.
Sun             Broiled chicken breasts          PANASONIC LX-K700 multi-laser disc player.                  Roi-Namur Service at 4 p.m.
                Barbecued pork butt              Comes with 4"-12" karaoke discs and two                        This week's sermon:
                Baked tofu                       microphones, $700. Call Gordon, 53640, before            "The People Wander Like Sheep"
Mon             Baked meatloaf                   8 p.m.
                Penne pasta                      1998 ZODIAC 121⁄2' boat with 50 hp Honda four-                Sunday school for all ages
                Chicken peapod stir-fry          stroke outboard, center console steering, with                 through adult, 9:15 a.m.,
Tues            Fried chicken                    trailer, $6,500. Call 53644.                                         in the REB.
                Broiled ono
                Chinese beef                     PCS SALE. Dishwasher; bike cart; two bikes,
                                                 available in April; dresser and night stand; plants;
                                                                                                                    Catholic services:
Wed             Top round of beef                coffee table; two 9' x 12' rugs; one 12' x 15' rug;                  Saturday Mass,
                Parmesan ratatouille casserole   bathroom shelving/organizer; 200 series blinds.                     5:30 main chapel
                Baked chicken breasts            Call 53413, evenings and weekends.                                    Sunday Mass
Thur            Stir-fry to order                                                                                  7 a.m., small chapel
                Char Siu spare ribs              FENCE, $100. Call 54642 and leave a message.                     9:15 a.m., main chapel
                Chicken nuggets                  KLEIN RACING BIKE, $700; two-piece racing
Fri             Keoki's pot roast                outrigger canoe, new, $2,500; older racing canoe,
                Chicken adobo                    $500, both carbon fiber with paddles; fiberglass               For more information,
                Baked cod                        racing kayak, $500; white water kayak, $100; Hi 8              call the Chapel, 53505.
                                                 VCR, $100; Hi 8 camcorder, $300; Hi 8 underwater
                                                 camera with 5" screen, $800. Call 59939.

Feb. 27, 2004                                                            13                                                        The Kwajalein Hourglass
                                       The Small Arms Range
                                        is in operation Mar. 3,
                                   8 a.m.-noon. Avoid the hazard
                                  area shown below. All watercraft
                                    observe the red flags at the
                                    southwest end of the island.

                               TOWER MAINTENANCE crew will perform
                               regular maintenance on the TV antenna
                               mounts, March 2, 7 a.m.-noon. All radio,
                               TV and paging transmitters will be turned
                               off. AFN-Kwajalein 1224 AM will remain on
                               the air.
                               PLANET VIEWING: Telescope viewing of
                               the moon and planets is tonight, dusk to 9
                               p.m., at Emon Beach kayak shack. Weather
                               permitting. Free and open to all.
                               KWAJALEIN       Amateur    Radio    Club’s
                               March meeting has been changed to
                               Thursday, March 11, 7 p.m., at the Ham
                               Shack. Prospective members and those
                               currently taking amateur radio classes are
                               encouraged to attend. The T-shirt shop will
                               be open. Questions? Call Bert, 51905.
                               CYS PROGRAM youth softball and T-ball
                               season will begin soon. Coaches’ meeting
                               is Thursday, March, 18, 7 p.m., in Room
                               20 in the elementary school. Registration is
                               Tuesday, March 23-27, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.,
                               in the school administration building. All
                               youths participating must be registered with
                               the CYS registration system. Scorekeepers’
                               and officials’ clinics will be Thursday, March
                               25, 7 p.m., at the Youth Center. Leagues
                               games will be April 6-May 18. For ages three
                               thru grade six.
                               PARENT WORKSHOP “Is Your Child Ready
                               for Kindergarten?” , is tonight, 7 p.m., in the
                               elementary school music room. Pre-school
                               and kindergarten representatives will be
                               present to talk about qualities of children
                               that promote success in kindergarten.
                               Questions? Call Karen, 53610.
                               LIBRARY book draw registration runs
                               through March 15, with the drawing on

                                  Washington State
                                    Voting info
                                 Washington State has cancelled its
                                 Presidential primary March 2. The State
                                 Primary will be held Sept. 1. Update
                                 your voting calendar. Voting Assistance
                                 Guide and other files are applicable. For
                                 further information, Washington State
                                 voters may contact the political party of
                                 their choice through their local county
                                 auditor. County auditor information
                                 is found at:
                                 elections/. Click on County Auditors
                                 and Election Departments under
                                 Election Contacts.

The Kwajalein Hourglass   14                                     Feb. 27, 2004
March 17. In honor of St. Patrick's Day,
adults can sign up to win “Angela’s Ashes”
and “Tis” by Frank McCourt. Kids can win
“Where’s Mary’s Hat” by Barroux.
ORTHODONTIST will be on island March
3-4. To make an appointment, call the Dental
Clinic, 52165, 7:30-11:30 am. and 12:30-4:
30 p.m., Tuesday thru Saturday.
Saturday, Feb. 28, 6:30 p.m. All members
are urged to attend. The initial order of 2004
members cards has arrived and will be
issued to members in good standing. Chili
will be served. Bring a side dish to share. All
are welcome.
KWAJALEIN SWIM Team will host the
second swim meet of the spring season,
Sunday, Feb. 29, 4 p.m., at the family pool.
Come out and support the young athletes.
YOKWE YUK Women’s Club Kaleidoscope
of Music is March 7-8, in the MP room.
Tickets are on sale Mondays at Macy’s
porch. Proceeds benefit KHS scholarships.
FAMILY POOL open swim hours on Sunday,
Feb. 29, are 11 a.m.-2p.m.
29. 4:30-7 p.m., at Holmberg Fairways. Open
to all interested in beginning golf. Introduction
to the game, basic swing and rules. For signup
information, call Bob, 53768.
KWAJALEIN 4-H CLUB first club meeting is
March 1, 5 p.m., in the elementary school music
room. We will elect officers and discuss our first
community service project. All members must
attend. Questions? Call Heather, 53796.
INNERTUBE WATER polo season is coming. Sign
up and pay your team fee at Community Activities
office by March 4. Managers’ meeting is Thursday,
March 4, 6 p.m., at the family pool. Scorekeepers’
and officials’ meeting is at 6:30 p.m.
ENERGY CONSERVATION tip: Even though you
don’t pay the bills, help save electricity by turning
off lights in unoccupied rooms.
PTSO meeting will be held on Wednesday, March
3rd at 7:00 p.m. in the high school library. School
board agenda items will be reviewed.
PTSO will be holding a bar-be-que for all high
school volleyball players and their families on
Monday, March 1 starting at 5:00. It will be held
outside the CRC. Please come over and cheer
on our players. Call Trina at 52842 if you would
like to help.                                           The following are voting residency guidelines for citizens residing
                                                        outside the U.S. Your legal state of residence for voting purposes
PROTESTANT MEN’s prayer breakfast, REB,
                                                        is the state in which you last resided immediately prior to departure
Monday, 8 a.m.
                                                        from the U.S. This right extends to overseas citizens even though
COMMUNITY EDUCATION registration for spring             they may longer own property or have other ties to their last state of
A Session begins Monday.                                residence and their intent to return to that state may be uncertain.
                                                        Keep in mind that exercising your right to vote in elections for federal
                                                        offices only does not affect the determination of residence or domicile
                                                        for purposes of any tax imposed under Federal, state or local law.
        Roi Town Hall:                                  Merely voting in an election for Federal office may not be used as the
                                                        sole basis to determine residency for the purpose of state and local
                                                        taxation. If you claim a particular state as your residence and have
            Meet with                                   other ties with that state in addition to voting, then you may be liable
    Col. Jerry Brown, USAKA                             for state and local taxation, depending upon the laws of that particular
                                                        state. Consult your legal counsel for specific questions. The Legal
           commander                                    Office will assist U.S. citizens in obtaining and completing Federal
      Thursday, 6:30 p.m.                               Post Card Application requests for registration and absentee ballot;
            Building C                                  witnessing or notarizing the forms (if required) and providing other
                                                        voting information.
 Kwajalein town hall postponed to a
           later date TBD

Feb. 27, 2004                                                   15                                                 The Kwajalein Hourglass
Roi, Enniburr residents mourn Rang’s passing
By KW Hillis                                                                           DEX, Conrad Nakasone, said he
Assistant Editor
  Larry Rang, 54, of Enniburr died
                                                “He was a wonderful                    knew Rang for at least 18 years.
                                                                                         “He was a wonderful guy, always
Friday night after he collapsed at               guy, always polite,                   polite, always had a smile on his
home and was transported to the
Roi-Namur dis-
                                               always had a smile on                   face,” Nakasone said. “He was very
                                                                                       dependable. Everyone here definite-
pensary.                                              his face,”                       ly respected him.”
  Rang, worked                                         — Conrad Nakasone                 Rang was very involved with his
on both Kwa-                                                                           community and family and sent
jalein and Roi                                 nurse and Rang’s son tried to revive    four of his sons to college, Howson
for 30 years in                                him and after he was transported        said, adding that Rang, who was
many different                                 to Roi-Namur’s dispensary, the          very skilled in English, was called
positions        in-                           Fire Department and nurse Gail          on to translate at all-hands meet-
cluding heavy                                  Choquette performed life support        ings on Roi.
equipment                                      efforts, to no avail.                     The funeral, attended by over 200
operator, pest                                   “He was a great guy and was well      people, was held Wednesday night
control         and                            respected among his own people,”        at the Catholic Church on Enni-
maintenance.                                   said Greg Howson, ALCOR field en-       burr.
                      Larry Rang
His        current                             gineer, explaining that Rang worked       “Every member of his family was
job was KREMS mechanical and                   with him performing maintenance         able to attend thanks to the efforts
maintenance helper at all the Roi              on the currently shutdown ALCOR         of Host Nation, KRS and USAKA,”
sensors including ALTAIR, ALCOR,               antenna on the day he died. “He         Howson said, explaining that 25 Roi
TRADEX and MMW.                                was very soft-spoken. I never saw       residents also attended the funeral
  Earlier on Friday, Rang com-                 him lose his temper in 11 years.        and many contributed refreshments
plained of chest pains before he               He was generous and would go out        for Rang’s family and friends.
collapsed, said Lt. Damon Brown,               of his way to explain to Americans,       Range is survived by his wife,
Kwajalein Police Department Roi                Marshallese culture.”                   Linda, nine children, and a large
Detachment. The Third Island                     Howson’s counterpart at TRA-          extended family.

Afghan command condemns attack on contractors
American Forces Press Service                                       gram, according to a command spokesman. Forces
   WASHINGTON — Combined Forces Command Af-                         also transported the helicopter back to the base at
ghanistan officials have condemned the attack on U.S.               Kandahar.
contract employees Feb. 22 near Panjawi District, 50                  Officials said local security forces and soldiers from
kilometers west of Kandahar, Afghanistan.                           the 10th Mountain Division are working to apprehend
   Employees of U.S. contractor Louis-Berger Group                  the responsible individual. The command said it would
“were boarding their helicopter and attempting to leave             continue to work closely with Afghan official and forces
the site of a clinic under construction,” according to              “to determine exactly what happened and jointly bring
a command release. News reports quoted a U.S. em-                   the perpetrators of this crime to justice.”
bassy source saying that an “unidentified assailant”                  “Coalition forces call on the tribal elders and mem-
fired on the employees as the helicopter was preparing              bers of Panjawi District to hand over to Afghan security
to take off.                                                        or Coalition forces, the criminal who, by this action,
   Reports indicate that the pilot was killed. Coalition            would deny the residents of Panjawi District a vital
forces evacuated the two seriously wounded individu-                medical clinic and other much-needed reconstruction
als to medical facilities at Kandahar and then to Ba-               and humanitarian aid,” a command release stated.

               Weather                                     Sun • Moon • Tides
           Courtesy of RTS Weather

 Tonight: Partly cloudy with a slight chance                    Sunrise/set      Moonrise/set   High Tide      Low Tide
 for showers.                                    Saturday       0704/1900        1148/          0826, 4.0'     0150, 1.7'
 Winds: Northeast at 12-18 knots.                February 28                                    2010, 3.2'     1449, 2.3'
 Tomorrow: Partly cloudy with a chance for
 showers.                                        Sunday         0703/1900        1227/0019      0931, 3.6'     0212, 2.1'
 Winds: Northeast at 12-18 knots.
                                                 February 29                                    2125, 2.7      1744, 2.6'
 Temperature: Tonight’s low            80°
                Tomorrow’s high        87°
 February rain total:                 4.60”
                                                 Monday         0703/1900        1403/0214      1249, 3.6'     0312, 2.5'
 Annual rain total:                   5.40”      March 1                                                       2037, 2.2'
 Annual deviation:                   -3.06”
                                                 Tuesday        0702/1900        1455/0306      0235, 3.0'     0738, 2.4'
   Call 54700 for updated forecasts and sea      March 2                                        1414, 4.0'     2103, 1.7'

The Kwajalein Hourglass                                        16                                                 Feb. 27, 2004

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