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					March 2012                                       EDITORIAL                                     Issue No 233

Do you recognise the striking young woman in the photograph? This lady has
been quite literally at the centre of the St Teath community for almost sixty
years and is still without a shadow of doubt a force to be reckoned with in the
village. Despite having celebrated her 90th birthday some time ago, she still
plays an active role in village affairs, commanding great respect and affection
and always leading by example. Who could refuse her polite but firm requests
when we see how much effort she herself puts into every project with which
she‟s associated?
The woman in question is of course Peggy Crosley. Peggy‟s involvement with
virtually every aspect of village life over the years has made her a source of
knowledge and wisdom on all kinds of local issues. Most recently Peggy has
led the Community Bus project to purchase a new vehicle, declaring last year
to be the Year of the Bus and firing everyone with such enthusiasm that the
target sum was reached and surpassed even before the year was out. At the
Blitz Night to celebrate this success, Peggy could be seen applying her
characteristic determination to knitting for victory.
And now we‟re delighted to announce that Peggy‟s dedication to our community is being recognised in a
splendid way. The Bishop of Truro, the Rt Revd Tim Thornton has awarded Peggy The Cross of St Piran, an
award instituted in the diocese for lay people who „carry out an outstanding service‟. To quote the official
letter : You have been nominated by the deanery of Trigg Minor and Bodmin for your commitment and work
for the Church and community of St Teath and beyond, being involved in the Mothers’ Union, Children’s
Society, Surf Life-Saving Club, Village Lunch, Village Bus, Flower Festival and for your lasting legacy of fine
vestments and needlework ( Indeed Peggy‟s creation of the beautiful banner of St Tetha alone would be
worthy of the award.)
 We could add to the above list Peggy‟s contribution to the village school where she was for 26 years the wife
of Headteacher, Roy, (as well as a teacher in her own right at St Breward School) always playing an active
role in school affairs including taking part in interviews for our present Head, Lee Bacchus. There‟s also the
crucial role Peggy has always played in organising the art and crafts section of the annual Village Show where
her knowledge and skills are invaluable. Not to mention the fact that for the past twenty years Peggy has
allowed the sick and the lame of the village to use her house each week as a surgery for Port Isaac doctors.
And so it goes on. We could fill an entire issue of Timepiece with the ways Peggy has contributed to the life of
the village in general – and the countless ways in which she‟s personally given a helping hand to individual
members of the community when they needed it most.
Congratulations, Peggy, on your marvellous achievement. You‟re a treasure!
The Cross of St Piran will be awarded to Peggy in St Teath Church by the Bishop‟s right-hand man and friend
of Peggy and the village, Rev Jem Thorold, at the service at 11am on Sunday March 4th. Peggy would be
delighted to see as many of you there as possible to share this very special occasion.

Just to remind you that it is Mothering Sunday on March 18th. Don't forget this wonderful woman who does so
much for you! Give her a present and take her out for a meal, and if you can't get home, please call her

CLOCKS FORWARD.                      Clocks go forward one hour on Saturday night, March 24th.

                                    POLLY’S VILLAGE DIARY
EVERY MONDAY             PT.ISAAC PRACTICE SURGERY           2.00 - 3.30pm        THE STABLES ST TEATH
EVERY MONDAY             DJEMBE DRUMMERS                     7 pm - 9pm           COMMUNITY CENTRE
EVERY MONDAY             SEQUENCE DANCING                    7.30 pm              CHURCH HALL
EVERY TUESDAY            COFFEE MORNING                      10.00am- mid-day     COMMUNITY CENTRE
EVERY TUESDAY            BABY & TODDLER GROUP                1-2.45 pm (Term time)   CHILDREN’S CENTRE
EVERY TUESDAY            LINE DANCING                        7.45 pm              CHURCH HALL
EVERY WEDNESDAY          BABY GROUP                          9.30 -11.45am        CHILDRENS CENTRE
EVERY WEDNESDAY          YOGA                                7.30 - 9.00 pm       SCHOOL HALL
EVERY THURSDAY           KEEP FIT                            9.30 am - 10.30 am CHURCH HALL
EVERY THURSDAY           BADMINTON CLUB                      8.30 pm              CHURCH HALL
EVERY FRIDAY             FUN CLUB (7s-11s)                   6.30-8.00 pm         COMMUNITY CENTRE
1st TUESDAY              GARDENING CLUB                      7.30 pm              COMMUNITY CENTRE
2nd WEDNESDAY            WOMEN’S INSTITUTE                   7.30pm               COMMUNITY CENTRE
4th WEDNESDAY            CRAFTIN’ COMPANY                    9.30 - 12 noon       COMMUNITY CENTRE

3rd    Sat 10am-12pm            TABLE TOP SALE in the Church Hall
5TH    Mon                      ST PIRANS DAY -Put out the Cornish flag!
6th    Tue                      GARDENING CLUB Ms Becky Martin “A Tropical Effect”
7th    Wed                      VILLAGE LUNCH in the Church Hall
7th    Wed 7.30pm               QUIZ NIGHT FOR LABRADOR RESCUE in the White Hart
10th Sat                        LAST DATE FOR ARTICLES, REPORTS & DATES FOR
                                APRIL 2012 TIMEPIECE

14th   Wed 12pm-2pm             SOUP & SWEET LUNCH in the Church Hall
17th   Sat 7.30pm               RACE NIGHT in the Church Hall
18th   Sun                      MOTHERING SUNDAY
24th   Sat 11am-1pm             BRING & BUY SALE in Church Hall
24th   Sat                      CLOCKS FORWARD ONE HOUR
31st   Sat 10am-1pm             EASTER EXTRAVAGANZA in the Church hall
14th April 11am-5pm             MODEL ENGINEERING OPEN DAY at Pencarey
13th May                        MODEL ENGINEERING OPEN DAY at Pencarey
19th May                        VILLAGE FETE on the village green
ROSCARROCK REVIVAL.                                            TIME ROLLS ON
                                                               The new Year lies behind us, Lord,
     This „fledgling‟ choir, under its illustrious MD,         The time is moving on,
Dave Phippen, has been entered in the Mixed
                                                               With many resolutions now
Choir Class at the Wadebridge Music Festival on
                                                               Forgotten, lost and gone.
March 9th. How will we get on?
                                                               But through the months before us, Lord,
    St Ervan Church will be the venue for a                    Please help us to be strong.
concert on March 11th starting at 7.30pm.                      Protect us in the storms of life
     To round off a busy month the choir will give             When we are blown along.
a concert at Bodmin Methodist Church on March
31st at 7.30pm.                                                And through the promise of the Spring,
                                                               The warmth of Summer days
     Anyone wishing to book a choir „with a                    Remind us we are truly blessed
difference‟ should contact Dave Phippen on
                                                               In, oh! so many ways.
01208 880127 or Sue Coster on 01208 880332.
                                                               The year has much to offer, Lord,
                                                               And lessons we must learn,
                                                               Now help us plant new seeds of hope
                                                               As all the seasons turn.                  J.C.P.

       TABLE TOP SALE                                    BRING AND BUY SALE

       Saturday 3rd March                                    Saturday 24th March
               CHURCH HALL                                       11am - 1pm
                                                             St Teath Church Hall
        Tea & Coffee available                             Tea, Coffee and Cakes on sale
  Cake, books & bric a brac stalls
                                                    If you have anything you would like to donate
 For more information or to book a table call        such as toys, ornaments, crockery, books,
                                                                    dvds, cds etc
          Karen on 01208 851464
                                                     we will be happy to collect them from you.
            Proceeds to go to                            Please call Nicky on 01208 851826
                                                             or Tracy on 01840 211786.
            St Teath School
                                                       ALL PROCEEDS FOR THE CARNIVAL
        outdoor play equipment

                                                                    OPEN DAYS
Invite you to a homemade Soup and Sweet
                  Lunch                                        SATURDAY 14th APRIL
       at the Church Hall, St. Teath                             SUNDAY 13th MAY
       on Wednesday, March 14th.
                                                                  11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
           from 12noon - 2p.m.
Entry £4 per person, to include tea/coffee.                       All are Welcome


             CHURCH HALL
              10am to 1pm

  Stalls, Tombola, Light Lunches

                                    THE CURATE’S EGG

   The time has finally come. We can put it off no longer. That enormous task of clearing
our loft. For thirty years, it has willingly and without complaint accepted everything we‟ve
entrusted to its care. All those items that we didn‟t really have room or use for in the main
part of the house but that we couldn‟t bring ourselves to part with. All those things we brought back when
we cleared our parents‟ houses, all those things our children brought back from university for temporary
storage until they took on homes of their own.
   But now the time has come; the day of reckoning is here. Next week the loft-insulation company are
coming to install the extra layers of insulation that we are told we need these days, and so it all has to be
cleared. But what a mammoth task. A lifetime‟s collection. Far too much to sort out in one go, best to
spread it out over the course of a few weeks, do a bit at a time with breaks, otherwise it would be too
  All those decisions to make – what should we keep, what can we let go? What really is rubbish that
needs to be taken to the tip? I always have been a bit of a „squirrel‟. It‟s a trait I inherited from my
mother, who could never bear to part with anything – „you never know when it might come in handy‟.
   And this applies not only to material possessions, but also to thoughts and memories and feelings. In
just the same way as our loft has become cluttered over the years with the accumulation of boxes and
toys and old files and paperwork, so our lives have a tendency to become cluttered. And it‟s important,
from time to time, to stop and have a sort-out. To look at the emotional and mental jumble that we carry
with us and decide what to keep and what to let go.
   This is the time of year – Lent - when Christians are especially encouraged to engage in such
activities. But we can all, regardless of religious belief or faith or none, have a go. Are we harbouring
resentments and hurts from past encounters that really need to be taken to the tip – and left there? Are
we still hanging on to old habits, living our lives in the same way we‟ve always done, regardless of the
effect not only on ourselves, but on those around us? Could we, should we, change our ways of
thinking? How much better would our lives be if we did!
  The time has come. Don‟t put it off any longer. Take the opportunity while it‟s here. Use these last few
weeks before Easter to get rid of the clutter and excess baggage. You‟ll be surprised what a difference it
                    Your priest and friend,           Revd Deryn Roberts

THURSDAY 1st MARCH                 10.00 A.M. HOLY COMMUNION
SUNDAY 4th MARCH                   11.00 a.m. COMMUNION SERVICE
THURSDAY 8th MARCH                 10.00 a.m. HOLY COMMUNION
SUNDAY 11th MARCH                  11.00 a.m. COMMUNION SERVICE
THURSDAY 15th MARCH                10.00 a.m. HOLY COMMUNION
THURSDAY 22nd MARCH                10.00 a.m. HOLY COMMUNION
SUNDAY 25th MARCH                  11.00 a.m. COMMUNION SERVICE
THURSDAY 29th MARCH                10.00 a.m. HOLY COMMUNION
SUNDAY 1st APRIL                   11.00 a.m. PALM SUNDAY
                                                             Church Wardens:   Yvonne Tew:      01208 850497
CURATE-IN-CHARGE: Rev'd Deryn Roberts                                          Jean Nicholls    01840 212201
                    Tel 01840 230493                         PCC Secretary     Sandra Piper     01208 850600
                    Mob 07508 349134                         Treasurer         Mrs. E. Treby    01208 850964
                                                             Treasurer         Gerald Blewett   01208 850214
                                     NEWS FROM THE CHURCH HALL.
The Management Committee meeting that was scheduled to take place in February has
now been rearranged for 13th March, so if you have any comments or suggestions to make
about the hall please contact one of the committee members listed below:

Rupert Down [Chairman]                                                       For hall bookings please contact Lon Evans on
Hester Warman [Secretary]                  01840 213223                                      01840 212400.
Lon Evans [Treasurer]                      01840 212400
                                                                               [In the event of Lon being unavailable, please
Eileen Treby                               01208 850964
Jean Nicholls                              01840 212201
                                                                              contact Rupert Down or Hester Warman on the
David Jasper                               01208 850650                                    numbers given above]

                                                                                        St Teath Church Flower Rota
                       HELP REQUIRED
                                                                             Mar 4            LENT
  SOME OF THE WILLING HELPERS WHO CLEAN                                      Mar 11           LENT
   THE CHURCH ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO DO                                       Mar 18           LENT
              ALL THE WORK.                                                  Mar 25           LENT
                                                                                                Cleaning Rota
   ARE THERE ANY PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY                                     Mar               Mr & Mrs M Warman
            WHO WOULD LIKE TO
                                                                                         MARCH VILLAGE LUNCH
      THE ROTA MEANS THAT YOU WOULD BE                                                    Wednesday, March 7th
           ASKED TO DO THE CLEANING                                                   Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding
          FOR JUST ONE MONTH EACH YEAR.                                                       Roast Potatoes
                     TACT                                                          £6.50
                                                                                              Vegetarian Dish
            JEAN NICHOLLS ON 01840212201
                                                                                             Danish Apple Cake
              YVONNE TEW ON 01208 850497
                                                                                             Chocolate Sponge
                                          Regular but informal times
                                                                                                Lemon Tart
                                          of friendship, family, meals                          Tea/Coffee
                                              together, worship &
                                           teaching in local homes

                 Enjoying                 Everyone Welcome                               ST TEATH’S GOT TALENT
         the friendship of Jesus          Please contact: Pat 01840 213325
                                                                              Can you sing? Play a musical instrument? Do a
(most incredible friend you’ll ever know) Jonathan & Shirley: 01840 213362
                                                                               recitation? Dance? Juggle? Do magic tricks? If
                                                                             so, St Teath Jubilee Committee would like to hear
                                                                                     from you. As part of our village Jubilee
Mass        10 am Weekdays                    Sunday 4 pm                    Celebrations we‟re planning to put on a concert to
Fr. Storey 01840 770663                                                      showcase the talent of local people. Some of you
                                                                              may remember the unique performances put on
                                                                             by various entertainers at our last concert in 2007
ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH Wadebridge                                                and may very well think you could do just as well
                                                                             or even better, so come and have a go! You can
Mass; Sunday 8.30 am & Friday 9.30 am
                                                                              arrange your own rehearsals, the only dates you
           ST TEATH METHODIST CHURCH                                                       have to commit to are the
                                                                              Grand Dress Rehearsal for all acts on Friday
                      Services in March                                          1st June and the Concert on the evening of
4th        11.00am           Christian Fellowship                                             Saturday 2nd June.
                                                                                (Contrary to the previous notice there will now
11th       11.00am           Mr K Frost                                         only be the one performance – there will be no
18th       11.00am           Mr M Hicks                                           matinee) Just give Elaine 850381 or Anne
25th       11.00am           Mrs Salzman                                               850522 a ring for more information.

FROM THE METHODIST MINISTER                                     and Mum and Dad is really positive.
    It has been said to me on more than                              After we have eaten our pancakes on February
one occasion that good news is not                              21 we shall be in the season of Lent, which is the
newsworthy for journalists to use in our                        season for pondering the greatest life-giving „good
TV, News bulletins or newspapers. In fact                       news‟ story of all time, although it involved a person
before the News of the World closed                             giving up his life. I refer of course to the story of
down the editorial team claimed that they sought the            Good Friday and Easter Sunday, which is the focus
news that people wanted – even by Telephone                     of our thinking and pondering through Lent. The
hacking.                                                        story of Jesus‟ preparedness to give up his life
                                                                through Crucifixion that we may all be able to enter
    At the time of writing this the financial plight of         into the heavenly life, opens to us the opportunity of
Greece is very much in the news as well as the                  living life with an eternal dimension. We talk of Jesus
situation in Syria where President Assad is using               achieving for us all a victory over life, as we know it,
harsh measures in an attempt to retain power.                   and death – which is truly life-giving.
Confronted as we are with so many „not good news‟
stories we do not always see the „good news‟ stories.               Talking about this with his friends Jesus said to
I read a few weeks ago of a life-giving „good news‟             them “the greatest love a person can have for his
story in which a young father (in his early thirties) had       friends is to give his life for them. And you are my
given up a sporting career in order to give one of his          friends…..” Our challenge is to work out what this
kidneys to his young daughter. Without that donation            „good news‟ life-giving story means for us.
of a suitable kidney the prognosis for the daughter                       Every blessing in your pondering.
was not good. But all is well and the outlook for her
                                                                                      Bryan Ede
Our Delabole friends have a special day on March 11th with 2 concerts at 3p.m. and 7.30p.m. given by
the celebrated Holman-Climax Male Voice Choir.
Our Circuit events include:-
Sunday, March 4th            Something Different (Informal Worship) at Tintagel at 7.30p.m.
Sunday, March 18        -    Café Church at Camelford at 7.30p.m.
Wednesday, March 21s-        Ladies Service for Lent at Delabole at 10.30a.m.
                                              DELABOLE METHODIST CHURCH
                                    LENT COURSE 2012 - HANDING ON THE TORCH……
                 A five week course looking at the past, present and the future place of the Christian Faith in our
               society.The meetings will be held on Tuesday Evenings at 7.30pm commencing on Tues March 6 th.
                                        Venue: Methodist Church Schoolroom, Delabole,
                                              Everyone is welcome to share with us.

                       Mon 5 March         TRURO        9.30am
                       Mon 12 March TRURO               9.30am
                       Mon 19 March TRURO               9.30am
                       Mon 26 March TRURO               9.30am

   The bus is available for private hire: please phone Bob Fox on 01208
850401 to make your booking.
    We‟ve had confirmation that the new bus will be delivered in early March but, at the time of writing,
we do not have a precise date and time. When we have more information we will post the details of the
handover around the village so please look out for our posters.
We are delighted to welcome Norman Street to our team. Norman has taken over the job of Treasurer
which will leave Bob Fox free to concentrate on the day-to-day running and organisation of the new bus.
    A very big “thank you” goes to everyone who attended the “Blitz Night” and to all those who helped
to make it such a successful finale to the “2011 Year of the Bus” campaign. Over £260 was raised for
bus funds on a night that saw our community really celebrate the achievement of having reached our
ST. TEATH GARDENING CLUB.                                 COMMUNITY CENTRE
On a very cold night last month, the Community            Thanks to all who have given their membership
Centre was full of gardeners, hoping for some             fees, or made donations. If you have not yet
respite from the weather, and our speakers                received a membership card, the remaining ones
certainly cheered us up. Mr.& Mrs. HOWARD -               are in a box in the Centre. If you come on a
PETER and TRICIA - gave us a delightful slide             Tuesday morning, why not stay and have a
show, which was both entertaining and informa-            "cuppa" with us? We'd love to meet you. Thanks,
tive. They bought a house, and several acres of           too, to our "regulars" who turn up come rain or
neglected land some years ago, moving here from           shine, and are always there to support us.
Yorkshire. However, the house which was
supposed to be ready for the new owners, was
                                                          There is nothing planned for March, but we will be
found to be in such a state of disrepair, that they
                                                          offering Hot Cross Buns at the appropriate
had to move to a caravan, while trying to get
                                                          time. Look out for posters.
compensation, and also to start clearing the land.
However, they kept doggedly on, and now have a            THANKS
delightful home and guest house, plus a nursery,          MICHAEL MEWTON would like to say a very big
and a series of delightful gardens - all with a           "Thank you" to everyone who gave donations for
different theme. This lovely spot is called "Hidden       charity in lieu of presents on the occasion of his
Valley Gardens", Treesmill, and we hope to visit it       recent birthday. The wonderful sum of £300 was
this Summer.                                              raised, and £150 has been sent to Cornwall Air
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 6th.           Ambulance, and £150 to St. Teath Village Bus
and Ms. BECKY MARTIN will be coming along to              Fund. Thank you.
tell us how to achieve " A Tropical Effect".                                      *****
We would love to see you even if you are not a            Thank you, thank you, thank you to the very kind
member. Do come along and see if you like us.             person who left daffodils on my doorstep on
THANKS                                                    26th.January. It was very kind of you, and they
Many thanks to our Quiz team, who came second             cheered me up very much after my morning
in the recent Inter Village Gardening Club                shopping in Wadebridge. Best wishes from MOLLY
Quiz. Well done. The winners were St. Kew.                BONE.

                                                                    GET WELL SOON,
      A little tree, while yet so small,
      Withstands the winter's blast.
      For though it bends beneath the storm                     Love from Mum and Angelia
      Its roots hold firm and fast.                             Whether the weather be fine,
      So, like that tree, let's try our best                    Or whether the weather be not,
      To root in all that's strong,                             Whether the weather be cold,
      For love and truth can hold us safe                       Or whether the weather be hot,
      Throughout our whole life long.                           We'll weather the weather,
                                                                Whatever the weather,
                                  J.C.P.                        Whether we like it or not.

                                               POLITE NOTICE

Could the owners of vehicles who park on the pavement in the village please refrain from doing so?
People with pushchairs, walking aids or wheelchairs are putting their lives at risk, by having to go out
around these vehicles and walk in the middle of the road. The loading and unloading of these vehicles
is accepted, (particularly for people with mobility difficulty) but thereafter vehicles should not be left
there, especially if these persons have their own ample parking space elsewhere. This would be greatly
appreciated by the many pedestrians in the village and would also prevent any guilt falling on these
drivers‟ shoulders, should there be an accident.                                       (Name supplied)
      When a leading actor is forced to pull out of a pantomime a month before opening night, it could put the
whole production in jeopardy. Director, David Jasper, faced the dilemma of possibly having to postpone or even
cancel Treasure Island until one of the young members of St. Teath Drama Group, Jeff Sloggett, offered to take
over the role of pirate captain, Long John
Archer. Appearing in only his second panto, Jeff was
taking on a huge challenge but his enthusiasm and
determination resulted in a first class performance,
proving he was ideally suited to the part of the pirate
who leads his comrades in a mutiny to take over a
      The future of the drama group must be
guaranteed, for Jeff was only one of several young
members who deserved the
compliments they received, both
from David and from the
audiences. The professionalism
and ability of these young actors
were incredible. Rebecca Pedlar
fully deserved the accolades she
received for her fine comedy
performance as a streetwise parrot
with an East End accent and a
definite Del Trotter attitude to
life. While Rebecca obviously
loves the challenge of comedy
roles, Chloe Banks has established
herself as the heroine of St. Teath
pantomimes. This year she was
Nigella, who disguises herself as a cabin boy to join her
boyfriend, Jim, (Arr, Jim Lad!) on the hazardous treasure-seeking voyage. Chloe and Philip Gameson were ideally
suited to the roles of Nigella and Jim. Too often the romantic leads are overshadowed by stronger characters but
not in this production.
      This year's colourful dame was played by Len Sinclair in his debut in a St. Teath pantomime while his wife,
Tina, was the captain of the "Saucy Boat", overthrown by Long John‟s inept pirates, admirably portrayed by the
group's comedy duo, Dianne Potter and Wendy Parkyn. Youngsters Rosie Morey and Jay Banks played their
pirate roles to perfection and William Isaacs provided a scene-stealing cameo. Three veterans of the drama group
returned this year. John Dunstan was perfectly cast as Nigella's father, the Squire, while Elaine Fell displayed her
usual comedy timing as Captain Skint, a retired sailor and owner of the vital treasure map. Ben Blunderbus, the
castaway abandoned by pirates on the island was played by Maria Gameson, with her usual comic ability. Jade
Morse must have a great future with the group after transforming herself from one role as Bald Pew, scurvy on two
legs to another as Kiri, Long John's long lost love, both parts played with excellent dramatic ability. Max
Roberts was both the ship's doctor and the island's
village chief, obviously enjoying his time on stage as
much as the audience did. It was a pleasure to see
                                                                    ST TEATH & DELABOLE OIL
David Jasper back on stage when he stood in for                        BUYING CONSORTIUM
another member of the cast on the opening night His
comic abilities are greatly missed.                          This free service is always ready to welcome
                                                             new members.
    Musical director was the remarkable Alan Dawe,
Stage Manager: Moyna Fox; breathtaking scenery, lights       Our next order date will be 4th May 2012
and sound were by Rod Keat.                                  please inform us of your requirements by that
     If you enjoyed this year's pantomime, why not           date. Please remember the following order
consider joining the Drama Group? It was obvious to          date will not be until 4th September 2012
everyone how much the actors were enjoying
themselves and you don't have to be a Johnny Depp or         This is a voluntary service so please do not
a Meryl Street to take part in one of the produc-            ask me to ring you back. If you leave an
tions. New members are always welcome either on
stage or behind the scenes.
                                                             order please speak slowly and clearly.
BS                                                           I wish you all a happy new year
                                                                        Contact Jennifer Tidd on
                                                                             01208 850763
                                                                     Email: Jenny
The pace is now hotting up in the garden, as the days get longer and
warmer. Parsnips, Leeks, Summer Cabbage, and many other vegetables may now be
sown. If you have cloches, sow Carrots, to give you an early crop. Now is the time to
sow salad crops such as Radish, and Spring Onions, which can be grown in
succession throughout the Summer.
Some annuals such as Cornflower, Clarkia, and Calendula can now be sown.
If you have house plants, do not be too hasty and too generous with feeding and watering. It is very
easy to overdo things, so build up gradually.
If you are thinking of sowing a new lawn, now is a good time to get started. Prepare the ground well,
and rake in a good lawn fertilizer. If you have bald patches in an established lawn, mow the grass lightly,
before applying seed.

                   The gloom of a freezing cold, dark February evening was soon dispelled by the
                   arrival of our speaker, the exuberant AbbieAnne in her rainbow-coloured jacket and
                   purple-streaked hair. AbbieAnne then treated us to a gloriously enjoyable display of
                   her intricately-patterned patchwork quilts, stunning wall hangings and vibrant
                   pictures, making use of anything and everything from hand-painted silk to bubble-
wrap and boiled blankets. AbbieAnne recounted how she had started out as an artist, but then thought
she would „have a go‟ at designing and hand-sewing a huge patchwork quilt as a present for her mother.
From there she had progressed to machine-sewing quilts and then to creating appliqué hangings,
pictures (and even postcards) developing her own uniquely effective style of cut-out design, enhanced
with beads, sequins, net and ribbons. Her astonishing array of dazzlingly original needlework was much
appreciated by the large number of members who braved the Arctic temperatures to attend the meeting.

President, Barbara Clark reported that the 70th Birthday Barn Dance had been a hugely entertaining
evening, much enjoyed by all. Yvonne was thanked for baking the delicious cake and Jean for icing it so
beautifully. The Competition Cup of the Year was won jointly by Jane Poynder and Gina Swettenham
with Ann Harris and Glenda May as runners-up. Jane also won the (tiny) Flower of the Year cup with
Karen Peach as runner-up.
There will be a Coffee Morning at the home of Ann Harris on the 15th March.
Next month‟s meeting on March 14th will be the AGM and the competition will be for a decorated stone.
FLOWER OF THE MONTH -                            1) Gina 2) Margaret 3) Jane

                                             QUIZ EVENING
                                  in aid of the Labrador Rescue Trust
                     Wednesday 7th March starting at 7.30pm in The White Hart
                                      By kind permission of Barry

     The Labrador Rescue Trust has been dedicated to re-homing Labrador dogs since 1988. The Trust
has up to now dealt with almost 10,000 dogs that for one reason or another have come into rescue.
Fortunately this is rarely because of ill treatment, there being any number of other reasons why re-
homing has to happen. These include family break up, the arrival of a new baby, a change in personal
circumstances and on some occasions because the animal has become difficult to handle or ill.
     Attempts are always made to put the dogs straight into a new home but sometimes this is not
possible as they require assessment or special care. In such cases they will be placed in Kennels. The
work of inspecting prospective homes and assessing dogs requiring re-homing is all done by volunteers
but costs of kennelling, medical care and transport still have to be found.
   The quiz evening is part of a series of fund and awareness raising events here in Cornwall and we
hope as many people will come along as possible.
The cost is £10 for a team of four, please pre-book your table by ringing Moyna or Bob on 01208

     I have thoroughly enjoyed my first four weeks as Acting Headteacher at St Teath and St
Breward Community Primary Schools. I would like to thank children, staff, governors and
parents for making me feel so welcome and for their valued support.
     This month we have to say goodbye to HANNAH SIMPSON who has been teaching class
two since September. We thank her for her hard work and the valuable contribution she has
made to the development of the school. We welcome back VICKY BRUCE who will be
returning from maternity leave after half term.
     Year one made a visit to CROWDY RESERVOIR as part of their Geography topic „Our Local Area.‟
Pupils gained a great deal from this visit and produced some lovely poetry based on the Crowdy Reservoir.
Year one also visited TREBURGETT this week to see the area which was once mined. The children
thoroughly enjoyed both outings. We were fortunate enough this week to watch a performance in school from
THE PRAGUE MUSICIANS. The children enjoyed the performance and we hope it has inspired our violin
players. Class three visited the EDEN PROJECT on the last day of term. This visit enhanced their learning
about environmental issues. They were particularly focusing on the area of „recycling‟
      The school football team have played a number of matches this half term against other schools in the
Camelford cluster. Pupils from both schools also took part in a badminton tournament in which they came
third. Thankyou to everyone who helped and supported these events. AN OLYMPIC TORCH, designed by
year six pupils at St Breock Primary School, visited St Teath Community Primary School in January. The torch
is travelling around Cornwall and will be passed through more than 280 schools. Pupils were excited to see
the torch and be part of this event.
    St.Teath Community Primary School FUND RAISING GROUP have been working hard. They have
already raised money this month through a Valentine‟s draw. They are also holding a Table Top Sale in the
Church Hall on 3rd March from 10:00-12:00noon. Funds raised will be used to improve the outdoor equipment
on the playing field.
     St Breward school council are planning a CHILDREN‟S VALENTINES DISCO. The disco will take place
on Friday 24th February. It will be held at St Breward Primary School. The disco will begin at 6:00pm and end
at 8:00pm. All children are to be supervised by their carers/parents. The entrance cost will be 50p per child.
Children will be able to purchase drinks and snacks. The funds raised from this event will be used to purchase
equipment for the children to use during playtimes. All children are welcome.
    There will be a joint INSET day on 20th February where staff will be updating their first aid training.
Visitors are still welcome to see how we work and can join us for school lunch. To contact school, you can
phone on 850516 or email on

Pre-school, Baby and Toddler Groups
     We‟ve grown! Since January, in line with Cornwall Council‟s localism strategy, we‟ve taken over the
lease of the whole of our building. The Family Services team that was previously in the centre has
moved to Wadebridge, leaving us with an additional room, suitable for baby and toddler groups, and also
for other family-based activities. We„d welcome suggestions for short courses such as baby yoga, adult
education classes, and craft workshops, so get in touch with Sarah (number below) if you‟ve got some
ideas. In view of our new status, in future we will be known as St Teath Children and Family Centre.
   Nearly two years ago, Tina Dungey and Nicky Halford began volunteering with us, and we supported
them with their Level 2 NVQ which they have since completed. We‟re very pleased to welcome Tina and
Nicky to our permanent staff after half term and know they will continue to give valuable support to
Mandy, the pre-school manager, and to the children in our care.
    A giant millipede, a cane toad, a beautiful lizard (luckily somewhat lethargic), an enormous land snail
and rather-too-lively Monty the python all visited the pre-school recently, courtesy of Newquay Zoo.
Those of us watching were as fascinated by the children‟s reactions as by the animals. A few brave
souls touched some of the creatures whilst others firmly saved that experience for another day.
      Our centre offers something for all ages of children up to school age, whether you have a young
baby, a toddler or an older pre-schooler. Sarah will be pleased to give you details, or you‟re welcome to
call in at the centre to see what‟s going on.
Contact Sarah, 01208 851548.
                                   ST TEATH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT
                                                PARISH REPORT.
The Parish Report is too long, so I have been told. (see note below ED)
So here is the new, brief update of business.
Wish List: 1.
Rid the Parish of Dog poo that doesn‟t get picked up.
Rid the Parish of the litter that gets thrown down.
Solution: An Enforcement Officer with the power to issue Fixed Penalty Tickets will soon be coming
„down your way.‟
Wish List: 2.
Encourage better driving, clearer roads and better parking.
Solution: The Parish Council is working with Cornwall Council to extend the double yellow lines, provide
extra parking spaces, employ a Traffic Enforcement Officer on a random, but regular, basis to enforce
the regulations.
Wish List: 3.
No more potholes.
Solution: Cornwall Council (Highways Officers) has visited the Parish and agrees that some of our
roads are way below an acceptable standard of repair. They will be scheduled for improvement.
Planning Applications:
PA11/10639. Extension of time E1/2005/01750. Construction of detached house and garage. The White
Hart, St Teath. PC supported this application.
PA12/00111. Construction of two storey extension. 23, West Down Road, Delabole.
PC did not support this application.

A NOTE FROM YOUR EDITOR: It has long been Timepiece policy to edit the Parish Report and
expurgate references to matters which apply solely to Delabole - not because we consider they don‟t
matter but because space is limited and because we feel the Delabole Slate is a more appropriate place
for these items. However last month your Editor (the half whose name starts with A) made a Mistake and
deleted an item which ostensibly concerned the people of Delabole but which in fact has ramifications for
everyone in the parish. I have therefore apologised to all concerned, promised not to do it again and
here is the item omitted from last month‟s report:
Vell Lane Cemetery: More land has been found in which to extend the Cemetery and paperwork is
currently being drawn up to secure this land for the Parish. As soon as possible a Garden of Rest will be
laid out to make an area of peace in which to sit, remember loved ones and enjoy the lovely views. As a
result of protracted discussions before an extension to the cemetery could be secured the cost had risen
substantially, considerably more than we had „ring fenced‟ to purchase the land. There is now a need to
set aside a sum of money to rebuild our reserve against the „unexpected‟ happening at some time in the
future. The public toilets in Delabole must be kept open and it will eventually fall to the Parish Council to
run them. The same applies to litter lying around on land not owned by the PC, someone will need to be
paid to pick it up when Cornwall Council cease to provide this service. Play equipment needs constant
repair and maintenance and in some cases, replacement. Our contractors still need paying and as we all
know, nothing ever gets cheaper. The bottom line figure which affects us, the tax payers, is that we will
pay an extra 97p per month on the Parish Council element of our Council Tax.

   Friday, March 9th finds the choir defending the title they won last year at Wadebridge Music Festival.
Wadebridge MVC will be seeking revenge!
   March 23rd to 26th. Annual Choir trip. This year it is to Bournemouth where we will sing with the Dorset Police
Choir, at Wimborne Methodist Church.
   We were honoured to be asked to sing at the funeral of Clifford Jenkin, a past member of both Launceston MVC
and Tintagel OMVC, and afterwards we all sang at a get together at Trethorne. A memorial service, again with both
choirs, will be held at Tregadillett, date to be arranged.
                                                        A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to my Table Top
                                                   Sale on Saturday 4th February – we raised £138 towards my
                                                   total of £2000 and my Donation Station for craft activities is
                                                   gradually filling up! If you do have any spare fabric, wool,
                                                   sewing things or crochet/knitting needles please let me know
                                                   and I‟ll come and collect them! Thanks also to everyone who
                                                   has helped my fundraising and donated their time and things so
                                                         My Quiz in January was also a great success – we raised
                                                     £160. I have just had a week of fundraising at my school Sir
                                                     James Smith‟s including cake sales at school, car washing,
PHOTO from Adrian Jasper
                                                     guess the time which Mr McGuffie took cycling to school from
Liskeard, which will all go towards the building of the washing area too.
    My next event is a „Stand Up‟ talent evening on Sat 25 th February at St Thomas‟ Church Camelford - it‟s going
to be a fun evening so please come along to support us if you like singing or reading poetry (just contact me to
book a slot!)
     Any raffle prizes or cakes or offers of help for these events would also be very gratefully received! I am still
car-washing in and around St Teath with my Dad – we now offer both inside and outside your car packages! If you
are interested then please let me know.
   Thank you for your support – it means a lot to me and the girls at Okwira Primary
Megan Evans (tel 01208 851570)

     Megan spoke to her fellow students at Sir James Smiths School about her forthcoming visit to Uganda and
was joined for her Assembly by Sue Errington, co-ordinator of Food for Thought, who invited the students to think
about Megan‟s possible plans, hopes and dreams for the future alongside those of Rose living in rural Eastern
Uganda. Food for Thought teaches sustainable agriculture to Ugandan teachers and children, meaning schools
can feed their children at lunchtime – often their only proper meal of the day. Stand Up! For Sanitation builds or
refurbishes toilet facilities for school children, which especially encourages girls to stay in school. This is very
important as many girls often don‟t stay and finish their primary education – and it is well-documented that the
more years girls spend in school, the greater the impact on their own lives and those of their own children and
    Megan is travelling with her mother, Amanda, a teacher at St Teath Primary which already has a thriving link
with Okwira Primary School in Eastern Uganda. Megan is now well on her way to raising her target of £2000,
which will include £500 to help improve the toilet and washing facilities for the senior girls at Okwira Primary

     We are threatened with snow, it is indeed very cold and yet there are snowdrops and crocuses pushing
through to the light. Probably when you read this, they will be in full bloom and the promised snow will have been
and gone. Life is dynamic and things do change and I guess that is what is so interesting about life – that it does
not stand still.
     The choir is like that, we move forward with music, charting unfamiliar territory sometimes we see changes in
the membership, sometimes saying farewell, then welcoming new voices but all the time building on the past to
enhance the future. We have in fact had five new ladies in the last few weeks and already they have settled well
and are attributes to the choir.
     Audrey Warne our Chairman, is visiting India in the next week or two, where one of her tasks will be to
distribute items to those who have no access to even to the most basic equipment that we tend to take for granted.
Even in many schools, for instance, paper, pens and pencils are scarce. So good luck Audrey and well done.
    We feel great sadness at the recent passing of Margaret Herrick, a lovely lady, who has always supported the
choir. We send our thoughts and condolences to all of her family, especially to Shona Moon, who is a member of
our choir. Our sympathies and love to you Shona.
    We are already beginning to fill the concert diary for the year and look forward to sharing our music with
audiences. Our AGM is on Tuesday 20th March at 7.15 p.m. at St. Kew Community Hall, St. Kew Highway.
    If you would like to join the Allen Valley Singers, please contact Janette Man. Telephone 01208 814784. For
other queries, contact Audrey Warne, Chairman on Telephone 01208 78840 or Dr. Joyce Hargrave Wright
(Publicity) on 01208 264004

                     Gentle Homeopathy                                        ATLANTIC BOILER SERVICE St Teath
                                                                             Tony Brinklow     Gas & Oil Specialist
                     Gentle effective remedies for the 21st Century
                                                                                      DOMESTIC GAS & OIL
                                   Sheila Cooper                                    SERVICING & BREAKDOWN
                                          LCCH. Ba Hons. PGCE
                                          39 High Street, Delabole.
                                                                            Boilers-Fires-Cookers  Warm Air Units
                                              Cornwall. PL33 9AA            Water Heaters          Caravan Winterising
                Clinic: 01840 211268                                        Swimming Pool Boilers  Landlord Gas Safety
Mob: 07970771010                                                                                          c Certificates
                                                                                Tel: 0800 6 123 089

              W.E.LUGG & SON                                                            Telephone
          Rockland Garage, Delabole, Est 1925                                     Bodmin (01208) 850996
               Telephone: (01840) 213284                                      Producer and Buyer of Quality
       Your local Petrol & Diesel Station.                                       Hormone - free MeatDeep
                                                                                     Freeze Orders
                       MOT for
    cars, vans, three wheelers and Motor Cycles.                                         ST TEATH BUTCHERS
                                                                                                (Kevin Schofield)
                Free collection service                                                 Butcher’s Shop, St Teath, Bodmin
               for your vehicle repairs.                                                            Cornwall

           Paths End, St Teath                                                          BRADLEY’S DAIRY
                                                                                     SHELTON FARM, DELABOLE
         Bed & Breakfast                                                                A local independent business,
                                                                                     Producing and supplying fresh milk
           All Rooms En Suite                                                                     And cream daily

                                                                           Eggs, yoghurt, fruit                        juices and

                Rosie Robinson                                              Dairy sundries at                       competitive prices
                                                                                     Delivered to your door or local shop
                 01208 850441                                                          Telephone: 01840 212578

      St Teath Post Office                                                         RELIABLE LOCAL PLUMBER/
         & Village Store                                                                 TRADESMAN
     Groceries & Off-licence
     Freshly baked bread                                                      Specialising in bathrooms, showers, wet
     Pasties Newspapers & magazines                                             rooms tiling and general plumbing,
     Logs & coal & Kindling                                                                 maintenance.
     Stationery Dept & Cornish Gifts!                                         Property repairs, decorating, renovations.
     Tools, DIY and Gardening Supplies!
     Opening times 7.30am-8pm Mon-Sat,                                      25 years trade experience. No job too small.
     8.30am-1pm & 6pm-8pm Sun
     Tel: (01208) 850220/851558                                            No call-out charge. Call JON on 07544 483714

                                                                           Ross Commins                     Telephone: 01208 850340
                                                                                                                Mobile: 07837784336
                                                                           Stock fencing, post &
                                                                                                             Treroosal Farm, St Teath
                                                                           rail, gates, handling
                                                                           pens, fence repairs, all        Bodmin, Cornwall PL30 3LA
                                                                           other fencing work
                                                                           agricultural & domestic

Fill in the squares in the grid so that every row,
    column and each of the nine 3x3 squares
       contain all the digits from one to nine

                Answers page 16

                 IN ST TEATH
       GEOFF PIPER 01208 850600 OR
          GILL JONES 01208 850388

                                                            SAVE THE CHILDREN
                                                              HUNGER LUNCH

                                                            Wednesday 28th March
                                                                  12 – 2pm

                                                          CAMELFORD CLEASE HALL

              A. DAVIES
           Reliable, Trustworthy and
           Fully Qualified Electrician                                                                SPROULL
  From replacement light switch to a full re-wire                                                     SOLICIT ORS

                              NICEIC Registered                                             Sproull Solicitors LLP
  testing                                                      testing
                     Tel; 01208 851933                                         ACCIDENT CLAIMS                CONVEYANCING
                                                                                     PROBATE                        WILLS
                                                Muts Cuts                           BUSINESS                DIVORCE/CHILDREN

                             Qualified City & Guilds Groomer

                                                    Gable Cottage              
                                                    Newhall Green
                                                        St Teath
                                                                                8 Fore Street   42 Fore Street          The Rock
                                                        PL33 9ES                 Camelford         Bodmin               Port Isaac
                                                                                  PL32 9PG        PL31 2HW              PL29 3RN
                                  Phone:       01840 211786
                                                                              Tel 01840 212315 Tel 01208 72328      Tel 01840 212315
                                  Mobile:      07921 637055                   Fax 01840 212792 Fax 01208 77881      Fax 01840 212792

                                                                                 The White Hart Hotel
                                                                                                 ST TEATH
                                                                                              Mine Host - Barry
FLOWERS FROM.....                                                                         En Suite Accommodation

                                                                                           Open All Day Weekends
                                                                                          Children & Pets Welcome
                                                                                          A La Carte Specials Daily
                                           Winner of the
               WINNER 2009

                                                                                          Small Parties catered for.
                                           West Country                                   Telephone (01208) 850281
                                           Awards 2009!
         Award winning Florist for your Special Occasion
                   “Flowers for all Occasions-
                  Weddings, Gifts & Funerals”                                                                           Lyle
            Large Selection of Plants all year round

               Daily Deliveries, Local & National.
          Qualified and Experienced Team to help for
                  All your Floral Requirements.
                              69 High Street, Delabole,
                                Cornwall, PL33 9AH
                                                                                         p h o t o g r a p h y
                                                                               Weddings-Family Portraits-Events-Commercial
                       TEL: 01840 212555                                                All types of Photography
                                                                              10% discount for all                                       residents of ST TEATH             07989 714416


Lettings and Property Management
All aspects of Residential
Lettings undertaken

   Call Maria for a free market appraisal
               0844 272 4950

                    BREAKFAST. LUNCHES. SUNDAY
                   ROAST.CREAM TEAS.HOME-MADE
                  BEEF AND LAMB.FREE RANGE EGGS.
                     FRESH FRUIT AND VEG.LOCAL
                                                               HENGAR LANE, ST TUDY PL30 3PH
    RE-OPENING ON                                                   (OPP HENGAR MANOR)
                                                                      TEL: 01208 851072
 WEDNESDAY 14TH MARCH                                          - OPEN TUES TO SUN 10AM – 4PM

           OPEN DAILY FROM 9.30AM                                  UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT
                                                                    CORNISH APPLE TREES,
                                                          BARE ROOT PEARS, PLUMS, APPLES, CHERRIES,
                                                                     AND RASPBERRIES,
                                                          SHRUBS AND CLIMBERS GROWN IN CORNWALL,
                                                            SUMMER BULBS, SEEDS FOR PLANTING AND
                                                                      LOTS MORE……….
    TELEPHONE: 01208 880164              WE AIM TO USE 90% GROWERS AND
                  PETS CORNER.
                                                                   HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON

C Wheeler

Gable Cottage
Newhall Green

01840 211786 07737 699647

                M J SHARPE
                                                                         Proper Job
          (City & Guilds Qualified)                           Care & Repair for your home and garden.
     New installations; storage heaters;                     Plastering, rendering, painting, decorating,
    Showers; PAT testing and fault finding                ceramic wall & floor tiling, door-hanging, general
                                                           repairs, grass cutting, hedge-trimming, fencing,
         Over 30 years experience                                            planting, etc.
             NICEIC registered
                                                          Fully Insured. References & portfolio available.
                 Tel: 01208 851197
                                                           Call David Williams on 01208 851222 or 07896
                Mobile: 07989984409                               613472.

                                                                Richard Hughes & Robert Dagley
              Les Mewton & Sons
             Timber & Builders Merchants                            Electrical Contractors
            Trehannick Saw Mills, St Teath                        Domestic; New Installations
            Concrete Blocks; Gravel;                               Commercial; Agricultural
         Cement; Gates; Garden Tables;                        Rewires; Portable Appliance; Testing
         Garden Sheds; Fencing Panels;                          Showers; Night Storage Heaters
        Windows; Gas; Plumbing Fittings                                Supplied & Fitted
        Joinery; Dog Kennels; Digger Hire
                                                                   Free Estimates & Quotations
                     Wood Chips for the Garden
                                                           Over 30 years experience Working in the Electrical Trade
                          Tel: 01208 850238
                                                               Tel: 01208 851318 or 01840 213443

                    ST TEATH                                            Mike Nicholls
                WINDOW CLEANING                                       WROUGHT-IRON CRAFT

                                                          Floral Stands for Floral Art & Plant Displays
                                                           Entrance Gates, Handrails & Fire Baskets
              MOBILE:07962164641                            Chandeliers, Wall Lights, Curtain Poles
   WINDOW     HOME: 01208 895288         WE CATER                                     œ

                                         FOR BOTH             Work done to customer’s own design
    SILLS                                DOMESTIC                                     œ

   ALWAYS              4 OR 6              AND                           LANAGAN HOUSE
  CLEANED              WEEKS            COMMERCIAL           DELABOLE CORNWALL PL33 9EZ Tel. 01840 212201
                                                           12th  Wishing MODWYN a very Happy Birthday.
                                                                 We think of you often – from all your old
                                                                 (and getting older) friends x
BIRTHDAYS in MARCH.                                        16    Happy Birthday to EMMA our special 12
3rd.     Sending birthday wishes to the lovely lady              year old. All our love from the Gang x
         who writes those uplifting poems for us -         19th. Wishing SOPHIE a very Happy Birthday
           Happy Birthday JOAN, from the Timepiece               with love from Jane (& Smudge).
         Team.                                             25th. Happy Birthday ALICE, your friends hope
5th      Wishing our lovely friend and neighbour                 that you have a good day.
         JEAN, a very happy 70th. birthday. Have a         25    Another year younger, Uncle JOHN! Love
         fantastic time! Love & Best Wishes from                 from Gabriel and Angelia.
         Cynthia, Alex, Chris, Rod & Steven.               27th. Wishing BARBARA KNIGHT a very Happy
5th      Happy Special Birthday to JEAN from the                 Birthday - put your feet up, and enjoy!
         rest of the gang – we always suspected you        30th. Sending Birthday greetings to JULIE VINT,
         were older than 29!                                     now a long way from St. Teath, but still
5th      Birthday Greetings to LAURA, have a lovely              remembered by her friends.
         day! With Love from all the Lunch Ladies &        31st
                                                                 Happy 13th Birthday, TIKVAH. Lots of Love
         Lads xx                                                 Mum, Dad, Stephie, Reuben, Esther, Joe,
6th      Happy Birthday to MRS DAVEY from all                    Livy and Eliana.
         your old friends in the village, who miss you
         very much!
7th.     Wishing SYD a very Happy Birthday from
         her friends.
9th.     Happy Birthday BILL HONEY, your friends
         hope that you have a most enjoyable day.                            to BARBARA and JOHN
9        Happy 18th Birthday, GABRIEL, Love from                                             on their
         all the Family.
                                                                        51st. Wedding Anniversary -
10th. Happy Birthday, BERTIE, enjoy your
      special day.                                                                       March 25th.
                                                                                         Keep going!
        ST. TEATH A.F.C.
        February Draw.
                                                              Someone complimented me on my driving
        1.   PAUL DOWSON                                      today. They left a note on the windscreen. It
        2.   LUKE SCHOFIELD.                                  said PARKING FINE. (Tommy Cooper)
        3.   MARK SLEEMAN
        Drawn by SAM BURTON                                         Trade Advert Enquiries for Timepiece

               We shall be holding a                                                   Please contact;

      RACE NIGHT on Saturday, March 17th.
                                                              Rick Everitt
    in the Church Hall, with a 7.30p.m. start.                Tregwethin Cottage, Trehannick Road, St Teath, PL30 3LG
There will be NO Bar, so please, bring your                   Tel; 01208 851381
               own drinks.                                    Email;
       Come along and have a fun evening.
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