Tips for Booking Your Male Stripper

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					                                  Tips for Booking Your Male Stripper

We have all been to a hen night or party where a Male stripper has arrived to entertain you and he has been more of

a shock than a surprise, In fact it happened to me many years ago, some friends had booked what they believed to

be a 20 something, muscular well toned guy and when he arrived, well lets say he was none of the above.

In my recent years of working in this industry I have heard many horror stories so this article is aimed to give you

advice for when booking a male strippers.

Firstly I would advise you to research the company, read their testimonials, this way you will get an idea of the quality

of service they provide. All reputable companies will have a website for you to visit, where you will be able to view

pictures of the guys they employ, choose your stripper according to the taste of the lucky girl they are to perform to.

The company will usually ask you to choose more than one stripper, this way you are guaranteed to get one of your

chosen guys at your event. When booking your strippergram you will be asked the following details: your name,

address and contact number, the name and address of the venue your event is being held, it is always a good idea to

check with your venue that they are happy for the stripper to perform there before booking. Most companies will ask

for a deposit so booking early allows you to send the deposit via post rather than paying on your credit card and you

will receive a booking confirmation, I strongly advise that where possible you do not give card details as this allows

the company to take more money than they quoted you. Some of the more reputable companies are now giving you a

booking code known only by yourself to be quoted in all correspondence, this is because their have been occasions

where a less than reputable company have somehow managed to get your details and have rang to cancel your

stripper explaining that there has been a problem but they then give you another number to call to rebook your

stripper, if you receive a call regarding your booking, you should ask for this code if they do not know it then do not

continue with them if you are unsure you should call the office where you booked for reassurance, remember a

reputable company will not just cancel your booking

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