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									                                                                                                                                         Dr. Ron Walters:
 Volume XIX, Number XXXIX                                                                    September 16 - 22, 2010

                                                                                                                                         ‘Scholarly Giant’

                                                                                                                                      NNPA Columnist Just

                                                                                                              Founded 1991

                                                                                                                                          ‘Never Stopped’
  Your Paper, Your Opportunity...
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         Understanding reverse mortgages
  BY CHARLENE CROWELL               serving independent living.      facing a resulting “cash-       owned and occupied by the
      (NNPA) With Baby              Yet how well many retirees       poor” environment, a re-        borrower.
  Boomers continuing to in-         financially adjust to fixed      verse mortgage – a loan             But as with any con-
  crease America’s aging            income living can be a           against the value of the        sumer lending product, it
  population, elder issues are      challenge when bills arrive      home -- may be a way to         remains important to fully
  also broadening. The day-         for medical treatment or         cover the cost of emergen-      understand the terms and
  to-day concerns of older          major home repairs.              cies. Eligible residences in-   responsibilities before sig-
  Americans often impose                When black elderly           clude single-family, dwel-      ning on the dotted line.
  shifting priorities including     homeowners aged 62 or            lings units in townhomes            A reverse mortgage is a
  convenient access to qual-        older are heavily relying        or condominiums, or two
  ity medical care and pre-         upon Social Security and         to four unit properties            See MORTGAGES, Page 12                                     See WALTERS, Page 9

                  Black Chambers hosting                                                                                                                          Kanye West and Taylor Swift
                                                                                                                                                                  return to the VMA Stage

               annual conference this weekend
                                                                                                                                                                  For more information see pg. 7

     (NDG Wire) The Texas           (2600 La Frontera Blvd.          tunities and professional       to speak directly to the
                                                                                                                                             RY President
                                                                                                                                                Barack H.
  Association of African            Round Rock, TX).                 development for chamber         agencies, chambers and
  American Chambers of                  Representing the inter-      officials. The HUB Vendor       their members.                      EN
  Commerce (TAAACC)                 ests of nearly thirty Black      Fair will feature state agen-       “We are working dili-         M

                                                                                                                                           Obama’s Strong
  will host its 10th Annual         chambers across the state,       cies with which TAAACC          gently to move the issues       CO
  Conference -- “Charting           TAAACC will convene an           has current memoranda of        important to Black-owned

  the Changing Economic             outstanding line-up of           cooperation (MOC), as           businesses to higher visi-
  Face of Texas” -- Septem-         workshops and seminars           well as businesses from         bility,” said TAAACC
  ber 17-18, 2010 at the            addressing small business        across the state taking ad-
  Austin North Marriott             issues, contracting oppor-       vantage of the opportunity           See CHAMBERS, Page 11
                                                                                                                                    BY BENJAMIN F. CHAVIS JR.     man and woman in the

                    Plano Community Forum
                                                                                                                                        (NNPA) Be careful on      White House.
                                                                                                                                    what you pray for, be-            Unless we are too

                  29th Annual Awards Banquet
                                                                                                                                    cause God will answer         quick to forget, prior too
                                                                                                                                    your prayers. Millions of     November 2008, the U.S.
                                                                                                                                    African Americans and         economy, world image,
     (NDG Wire) The Plano           quet to recognize outstand-      ships totaling $12,500 were     Bowman, Sophia Felek,          others prayed for a Presi-    and national social divi-
 Community Forum (PCF)              ing achievement by indi-         awarded to 13 graduating        Nehal Mubarak, Gabrielle       dent of the United States     sions were all in pretty
 presents the 29th Annual           viduals, business owners,        seniors in the Plano Inde-      Walters-Stinnett, Diana        who would lead America        bad shape after eight years
 Awards Banquet with this           educators and community          pendent School District.        Godana, Chelsia Reeves,        in a more just and fair di-   of failed leadership from
 year’s theme, “Bridging the        volunteers.                          The scholarship recipi-     Michelle Ejimakor and          rection both domestically     President George W.
 Gap In The 21st Century:               The banquet will recog-      ents this year are: Andrew      Cindy Wang. Since 1983,        and internationally. Many     Bush. Today as we ap-
 Parent, Child, and Teacher         nize PCF’s 2010 Dr. Mar-         Austin, Ashley Garner,          the PCF has awarded            believed two years ago        proach the mid-term 2010
 Connection.” PCF spon-             tin Luther King, Jr. Schol-      Marissa Jones, Christian                                       that the world would
 sors an annual awards ban-         arship recipients. Scholar-      Oz, Maryanne Miller, Ariel              See BANQUET, Page 5    never witness a Black               See LEADERSHIP, Page 3

 INSIDE...                                                            People In The News…
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Career Opportunity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
                                                                             Darius McCrary                              Dr. Karen Prager                           Jennifer Cox
                                                                       See Page 2
Church Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Sister Tarpley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
 People in the News                                                                                                                                            www.NorthDallasGazette.com

Darius McCrary                                                    James and later as Jamal in
                                                                  UPN's Eve. He also ap-
                                                                                                   original Vampires; Detec-
                                                                                                   tive Tommy Cullen in 15
                                                                                                                                    which he also serves as co-
                                                                                                                                    producer; A Good Man is
                                                                  peared on the small screen       Minutes; and Aaron Wil-          Hard to Find with Lance E.
    Best known for his role     friendly entertainment is the     in the NBC/Paramount             liams in Mississippi Burn-       Nichols; and Next Day Air
as Eddie Winslow on the         musical, Church, an inspir-       miniseries Kingpin, on           ing. Other film credits in-      with Mos Def, Debbie
long-running television se-     ing story of faith, redemp-       HBO's multi-award-win-           clude Hostage, Something         Allen, Donald Faison, and
ries Family Matters, this       tion and forgiveness.             ning Don King: Only in           to Sing About, Kingdom           Mike Epps. All three films
actor, singer, songwriter,          He began his career in        America, starring Ving           Come, The Breaks, Park           are in post-production and
producer and top-rated soap     Hollywood at the age of           Rhames, and in the popular       Day and Big Shots.               slated for 2008 release.
opera Young and the Rest-       ten. McCrary, who is also a       Neal Israel-directed Kidz in         Darius McCrary plays         Darius just completed his
less star brings over 24        songwriter and music pro-         the Woods.                       autobot Jazz, First Lieu-        theatre tour of Rumors
years of experience to the      ducer, is the son of Gram-            On film, McCrary por-        tenant to Optimus Prime in       which he played the starring
lead role as “prodigal son”     my-nominated gospel/jazz          trayed Malcolm Tremell in        2007's 3rd of July block-        role of Marcus. Coinciden-
Daniel Rhodes in the up-        musician Howard McCrary           The Maintenance Man,             buster Transformers. Mc-         tally, he also plays the star-                            McCrary is an amazing
coming film Church.             and older brother of actor        based on the novel by au-        Crary will soon be seen in       ring role of Marcus in the                            singer, musician, producer,
    The must see faith-         Donovan McCrary.                  thor Michael Baisden; he         the musical comedy Step-         recently completed pilot of                           songwriter and dancer
based independent film of           McCrary has also star-        was Ray Collins in Vam-          pin': The Movie, costarring      The Life and Times of Mar-                            among other things and is
the season for all movie-       red as a series regular on        pires: Los Muertos, the se-      Anthony Anderson, Mo'-           cus Felony Brown for The                              finally ready to share his
goers interested in family      NBC's Committed as Bowie          quel to John Carpenter's         Nique and James Avery, on        Wayans Bros. production.                              talents with the world.

 Dr. Karen Prager
                                                                                                            Living is to dispel     Suite. Brandon is a licensed                          project identifying the ethi-
                                                                                                            the stigma associ-      clinical psychologist and                             cal challenges to conduct-
                                                                                                            ated with mental        assistant professor of psy-                           ing controlled research with
    (NDG Wire) An esti-         Gender Studies program.                                                     illness and make        chiatry at the Women’s                                pregnant women.
mated 57 million Ameri-         “Studies show that women                                                    it more real for        Mental Health Center at the                               Brandon recently re-
cans – about one in four        are diagnosed with depres-                                                  those who have          University of Texas South-                            ceived the 2010 March of
adults – suffer from a diag-    sion twice as often as men                                                  never experienced       western Medical Center.                               Dimes Young Scholar
nosable mental disorder in a    and are at least two times as                                               depression,” said           Specializing in mood                              Award       in     Perinatal
given year. This fall’s Gen-    likely to attempt suicide.”                                                 Hersh.                  and anxiety disorders oc-                             Bioethics for the paper, Eth-
der Studies Lecture Series          Julie Hersh begins the                                                      Dr. Anna R.         curring across women’s re-                            ical Barriers to Perinatal
addresses the importance of     series at 5:30 p.m. on                                                      Brandon will con-       productive events, Brandon                            Mental Health Research
mental health awareness in      Thursday, Sept. 23, in the                                                  tinue the conver-       is funded by both the Na-                             and Evidence Based Treat-
women.                          McDermott Suite (MC                                                         sation with a lec-      tional Institute of Mental                            ment: An Empirical Study.
    “For the upcoming lec-      4.404) of the McDermott                                                     ture entitled The       Health (NIMH) for her de-                                 The Gender Studies
ture series, we decided to      Library. Hersh is an advo-                                                  Psychological           velopment and investiga-                              Lecture Series is sponsored
focus on depression in          cate for mental health                                                      Transition       to     tion of Partner-Assisted                              by the School of Interdisci-
women in part because of        awareness and author of                                                     Motherhood and          Therapy (PAT) for perinatal                           plinary Studies Gender
its prevalence,” said Dr.       Struck by Living, a personal      marriage, motherhood and         Perinatal Depression, at         depression and by the Na-                             Studies program and the
Karen Prager, professor of      narration of searching for        the edges of suicide.            5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct.      tional Institutes of Health                           Carolyn Lipshy Galerstein
psychology and head of the      identity through a career,            “My goal with Struck by      7, also in the McDermott         (NIH) for a pilot qualitative                         Women’s Center.

Jennifer Cox
                                                                  plant at Methodist Dallas        pressed. At her house they       you like to do. Go places,                             givers. Say thank you and
                                                                  Medical Center and is an         had a ten-minute rule. You       spend time with your friends                           please.
                                                                  avid organ donation advo-        had 10 minutes to cry, run,      and the people you love.                                   • Encourage someone
    (NDG Wire) Jennifer         prostate cancer and conges-       cate, likened living with        and do whatever you needed          • Be kind to your care-

                                                                                                                                      $69* DIVORCE
                                                                  chronic disease to one of her    to, but then you had to get                                                                                    See COX, Page 7
Travis Cox, a Methodist         tive heart failure. Next, she
Dallas transplant recipient     learned she had chronic kid-      favorite     fairy      tales,   back to the business of liv-
and Cedar Hill author,          ney disease and would need        Goldilocks.                      ing.
knows a thing or two about      a transplant. Then her 5-year         “Like Goldilocks, our             • Examine your treat-
living with chronic illness.    old daughter was diagnosed        family had an intruder—an        ment options, be compliant,
Her husband was told his        with Lupus.                       uninvited guest, and that        and take your medications           Criminal Defense                                         Family Cases
kidneys were failing, and           In fact, Cox had her          guest was chronic illness.       as prescribed.                      • DWI / Suspended License                           • Divorce / Annulment
eventually had to go on dial-   daughter Tiffany in mind          We didn’t invite the intruder,        • Educate        yourself                                                          • Child Support / Paternity
                                                                                                                                       • WARRANTS Removed ¥
ysis. Later, he developed       when she named her book,          but it touched the lives of      about the disease. Go online,                                                           • Custody Modification
                                         Broken Dolls -           everyone in our home.”           or get info from the doctor.        • 24 Hour Jail Release ¥
                                                                                                                                                                                           • Restraining Order
                                         Gathering         the        While speaking at the             • Take someone to              • Occupational license, felonies
                                                                                                                                                                                           • Protective Order
                                         Pieces. “When I          Senior Access event at           your appointments with you          • Protective Order                                  • Name Change / Adoption
                                         was little, I had a      Methodist Charlton, Cox          who can listen and help you
                                                                                                                                       • Misdeamenor/Felonies ¥                            • Domestic Violence
                                         delicate porcelain       shared some tips for dealing     digest the deluge of infor-
                                         doll whose face          with chronic illness.            mation you will be receiving
                                                                      • Connect with some-         from the doctor and care-                                                              Easy Payment Plans
                                                                                                                                      Law Offices Of Vincent Ndukwe
                                         was cracked,” says
                                         Cox.                     one who has the same dis-        givers. Write down your

                                              “I was crush-       ease--someone who is fur-        questions beforehand. Then
                                         ed.” When Tiffany        ther along and has God-          write down the answers.
                                         became ill, she felt     given wisdom--to share and            • Learn to make the

                                                                                                                                                  817-277-0196 (Metro)
                                         like once again her      encourage you.                   disease a part of your life,
                                         beautiful little doll,       • Join a support group       but not your whole life.
                                         her daughter, was        where you can talk and           Learn how to fit it in. Do not
                                         broken.                  share your heart.                let it take over your life.         2730 N. Stemmons Frwy, Suite 409 • Dallas, TX 75207
                                              Cox who has             • Fight hard to not have          • On the days when             N o t C e r t i f i e d b y t h e Te x a s B o a r d o f L e g a l S p e c i a l i z a t i o n
                                         since had a trans-       a pity party and be de-          you feel good, do the things       ¥ If you qualify. *Fees quoted above are minimum down payment needed to begin processing your case.

2 | September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette
www.NorthDallasGazette.com                                                                                                                                                                                     Op-Ed

                                                                                               Uninformed or misinformed
                                                                                          Which is a greater danger to democracy?
                                                                       Founded 1991

   3401 Custer Rd., Suite 169 • Plano, Texas 75023                                    BY ROBERT FRANKLIN                 portant problem than the un-      when confronted with proof        tion, but just barely. The cen-
               Phone: 972-516-2992                                                    NDG SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR            informed voter and that is the    of their misperception. Only      trists or moderates are the
                Fax: 972-509-9058                                                         One of the maxims of           misinformed voter. Many           a small number of liberals        group most likely to alter a
                                                                                      democratic government is           regular voters base their pol-    will change their position to     position when confronted
     2000 National Winner
   A. Philip Randolph Award
  For Excellence in Journalism

                                                                                      that the voting public must be     icy choices on false, mislead-    conform with fact; an even        with factual contradictions
                                             TPA                                      sufficiently informed on the       ing or unsubstantiated infor-     smaller number of conserva-       Second, corrective informa-
                                  Publisher’s Office:                                 issues they are deciding. Un-      mation that they believe to be    tives will change their erro-     tion rarely reduces the mis-
                                                                                      fortunately, the reality is that   true. A University of Michi-      neous positions. Among con-       perceptions; once a misper-
               publisher@northdallasgazette.com                                       the voting public is often un-     gan study (Nyhan and Rei-         servatives, there exists an       ception is adopted by a per-
                                                                                      informed of those issues.          fler, 2009) has attempted to      even more dangerous result,       son, they are very unlikely to
                                  Sales Department:                                   This lack of information is        quantify whether these mis-       referred to as ‘backfire.’        change their position no mat-
          opportunity@northdallasgazette.com                                          one of the driving forces be-      informed voters would cor-        These holders of strong ideo-     ter how convincing the facts
                                                                                      hind low voter turnout in the      rect their views when con-        logical positions will actually   contradict their political
                                 Editorial Department:                                United States. Potential vot-      fronted with irrefutable evi-     strengthen their mispercep-       views. Third, the more polit-
                                                                                      ers often stay away from the       dence demonstrating their         tion when shown their posi-       ically ideological the individ-
                     editor@northdallasgazette.com                                    polls because they feel unin-      misperception or error.           tion is based on factual error.   ual, the more dogmatic they
                                                                                      formed about candidates and             The results of the study         The study draws some          become. It appears that the
                                        Online:                                       issues. In low turnout elec-       are disheartening. It appears     conclusions that need to be       moderate or centrist voter is
                        www.twitter.com/NDGEditor                                     tions, those that do vote are      that most people will not         taken seriously. First, strong    the one most likely to change
                                                                                      generally considered the           change their perception when      conservative ideologues are       a position based on misper-
    www.facebook.com/NorthDallasGazette                                               more politically aware, and        confronted with fact that con-    the least likely to change        ception.
                                                                                      therefore should make the          flicts with their beliefs.        their position when con-               The entire report, includ-
                                       Website:                                       right decisions for the rest of    Some people actually in-          fronted with factual contra-      ing methods and findings,
     Website: www.NorthDallasGazette.com                                              society.                           crease the strength of their      dictions to their positions,      can be found at personal.
                                                                                          Political scientists have      beliefs when presented with       and are more likely to            umich.edu/~bnyhan/nyhan-

                                                                                      been studying the behaviors        proof of their error. Political   strengthen their erroneous        reifler.pdf. Robert Franklin is
                                                                                      of voters for decades. Recent      ideologues are the worst of-      position. Strong liberal ide-     a member of the North Dal-
                                                                                      studies and experiments have       fenders, in that they are least   ologues are just slightly more    las Texas          Democratic
          Chairman Emeritus                           Account Executive
                                                                                      highlighted an even more im-       likely to change a position       likely to change their posi-      Women www.nddw.org

                                                                                      LEADERSHIP, continued from Page 1
             Jim Bochum                                 Talisa Lavarry
             1933 – 2009
         Published By                                    Ruth Ferguson
                                                                                      elections across the United        tember 10, 2010. Joyner’s         that we understand that the       people of every stripe
Minority Opportunity News, Inc.
                                                     Contributing Writer              States, it is very important       skilled interview of the          President of the United           across the country who did
                     Production                         Jackie Hardy                  for us not to lose our mem-        President exemplified the         States has the responsibility     not have health care… now
                    Suzanne Plott                                                     ory or sense of perspective.       best of the Black press tra-      to act and lead in behalf of      are going to have health
                                                        Theater Critic                 This is also certainly not        dition of providing timely        all the people of the U.S.        care. Number twom in
    Special Projects Manager                              Rick Elina                  the time to become compla-         and crucial information to        One of the reasons why we         terms of one of the keys that
       Edward Dewayne                                                                 cent or to take the impor-         the African American and          attest to President Obama’s       we’ve always talked about
   “Preacher Boy” Gibson, Jr.                           Photography                   tance of voting for granted.       other communities who de-         strength as a national and        in terms of job growth -
                                                      Laquisha Buchanan
                                                                                          Yes, the vast majority of      mand more objective truth         world leader is that while he     long term - is education.
              Religious/                                Edna Dorman
                                                                                      African Americans are              in the media. Most of all,        has held the office with          We have done more to re-
          Marketing Editor
                                                                                      proud of the leadership and        what was clear from that          high dignity and integrity,       form education in our com-
        Shirley Demus Tarpley
                                                                                      progress that has already          broadcast was the outstand-       and has well represented all      munities in the last two
                                                                                      been accomplished by Pres-         ing leadership of President       of the people in the U.S., he     years than had been done in
                                                                                      ident Barack H. Obama.             Obama on a number of key          has not forgotten about the       the previous 20 years, and
   Advisory Board:                                  Advisory Board                    Once again, the vital role of      issues critical to improving      Black American commu-             that’s at every level K-12...
         John Dudley                                 Committees:                      the Black press re-emerges         the quality of life of African    nity in terms of public poli-     But it goes all the way up to
      Myrtle Hightower
                                                   Public Relations Planning          on the national scene. Most        Americans.                        cies, budget allocations, and     higher education, where
         Fred Moses
                                                     and Implementation               of the established media in            The leadership of a           other governmental actions.       HBCUs are getting $850
        Annie Dickson
                                                     Cecil Starks, CHAIRPERSON        the U.S. thrives off of cyni-      president is not to be judged          During the Tom Joyner        million dollars over the next
         Cecil Starks                                                                 cism and negative media            solely by media coverage or       Morning Show interview,           10 years… So, no we’re not
        Willie Wattley                             Business Growth Referral           coverage. We believe in            by sheer popularity. Presi-       President Obama in sum-           where we need to be. But at
   Coty Rodriguez-Anderson                           John Dudley, CHAIRPERSON
                                                                                      objective reporting and con-       dential leadership should be      mary stated, “What we’ve          least we’re moving for-
        B. J. Williams
                                                 Program Policy Development           structive criticism. Yet, the      judged by how well a pres-        been trying to do is build a      ward, and what we can’t
       Denise Upchurch
                                                    Annie Dickson, CHAIRPERSON        problem is there appears to        ident leads the nation for-       new foundation for eco-           start doing is moving back-
      Barbara Simpkins,
          ADVISORY BOARD SECRETARY                                                    be more subjective criticism       ward, not backward. In            nomic growth and prosper-         wards.”
                                                       Quality Assurance
                                                                                      of President Obama than is         2010, even with the persist-      ity in our communities…               Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.
                                                   Myrtle Hightower, CHAIRPERSON
                                                          Coty Rodriguez              warranted after only two           ent economic and unem-            Now, what we hve done             is a national civil rights
                                                                                      years in office.                   ployment challenges, the          over the course of two years      leader, Senior Advisor to
   North Dallas Gazette assumes no responsibility for
  unsolicited material and reserves the right to edit and                                 We pause, therefore, to        U.S. under Obama’s leader-        is laid the foundation. Put in    the Black Alliance for Edu-
               make appropriate revisions.                                            salute the excellent and           ship has moved in a for-          place some key reforms… I         cational Options (BAEO)
                                                                                      thorough broadcast of the          ward, progressive manner          mentioned health care re-         and President of the Educa-
                         The North Dallas Gazette, formerly Minority
                         Opportunity News, was founded July, 1991,                    Tom Joyner Morning Show            in terms of foreign and do-       form. That’s going to mean        tion Online Services Corpo-
                           by Jim Bochum and Thurman R. Jones                         that featured President            mestic policies.                  millions of African Ameri-        ration.
                                                                                      Obama live on Friday, Sep-             It goes without saying        cans and Hispanics and
                                                                                                                                                                  September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette | 3
 Health                                                                                                                                       www.NorthDallasGazette.com

        TRMC-Sunnyvale hosts                                                                                                         Pharmaceutical
       Be a Friend, Bring a Friend                                                                                                   Collection Event
   prostate screenings September 25                                                                                                   September 25
     (NDG Wire) To mark        men in the United States, a       years later.                   TRMC-Sunnyvale’s Be a                (NDG Wire) September       is encouraged to support
 the September observance      new case is diagnosed                 “Regular office visits     Friend, Bring a Friend           25 is “National Take Back      the initiative and partici-
 of National Prostate          every two minutes and fif-        and PSAs are important be-     event, participants are en-      Initiative” Day. The Drug      pate with the Carrollton Po-
 Awareness Month and sup-      teen seconds, according to        cause, often, there are no     couraged to bring their          Enforcement Administra-        lice Department and the
 port the efforts of the na-   National Cancer Institute         symptoms,” said Dr.            friends along for screen-        tion (DEA) is coordinating     City of Carrollton in host-
 tional organization ZERO-     statistics. Estimates are         Nabeel Syed, who is on         ings.                            a one-day collaborative ef-    ing this effort.
 The Project to End Prostate   217,730 cases are expected        staff at TRMC-Sunnyvale            A light breakfast and        fort with The Carrollton           Clean out those medi-
 Cancer, Texas Regional        in 2010.                          and also works at Associ-      coffee will be served.           Police Department to re-       cine cabinets. Controlled,
 Medical Center at Sunny-           NCI figures show             ated Urologists in Sunny-          Each participant will        move potentially danger-       non-controlled, and over-
 vale will offer prostate      about 90 percent of               vale. “If prostate cancer is   undergo a prostate-specific      ous prescription drugs from    the-counter substances may
 screenings at no charge       prostate cancer cases are         caught early, many options     antigen test. To receive a       Carrollton homes. Collec-      be collected. No questions
 from 8-10 a.m. Saturday,      found while the cancer is         are available and prostate     PSA test, call 972-892-          tion activities are planned    or requests for identifica-
 Sept. 25.                     still either local or regional,   cancer can be cured.”          3023 or email Guinnis            from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.      tion will be made. Partici-
     The most commonly         and nearly 100 percent of             Reservations are re-       .west@trmcsunnyvale.com          on Saturday, September 25      pants may dispose of med-
 diagnosed cancer among        men are still alive five          quired and, as part of         by Sept. 24.                     in the front parking lot of    ication in its original con-

   Fly to Napa without leaving Dallas
                                                                                                                                 the Carrollton Police De-      tainer.
                                                                                                                                 partment (2025 E. Jackson          All solid dosage phar-
                                                                                                                                 Road).                         maceutical product and liq-

 at the 2010 Signature Chefs of Dallas’
                                                                                                                                     The National Take          uids in consumer contain-
                                                                                                                                 Back Initiative Day will       ers will also be accepted.

          Angels & Aces Auction
                                                                                                                                 provide a unified opportu-     Liquid products, such as
                                                                                                                                 nity for the public to sur-    cough syrup, should remain
                                                                                                                                 render expired, unwanted       sealed in their original con-
    (NDG Wire) Visit Napa      Dallas’ signature chefs.          Grill                               Billy Webb – Opio           or unused pharmaceutical       tainer. Intra-venous solu-
Valley without leaving Dal-        In addition to the exqui-         Richard Chamberlain –       Restaurant at Hilton Park       substances and other med-      tions, injectibles and sy-
las at the fifteenth annual    site food tastings and fine       Chamberlain’s Steak &           Cities                          ications to law enforcement    ringes will not be accepted
March of Dimes Signature       wines, guests will enjoy          Chop House & Chamber-               The event will be held      officers for destruction       due to potential hazard
Chefs of Dallas auction        “Mystery Magnums” and             lain’s Fish Market Grill        Wednesday, October 13           since these substances in      posed by blood-borne
Wednesday, October 13,         big board and live auctions           David Holben – Del          from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at     homes are a potential          pathogens.
2010 at the Frontiers of       featuring     one-of-a-kind       Frisco’s Double Eagle           the Frontiers of Flight Mu-     source that fuels drug abuse       For more information,
Flight Museum. This year’s     packages prepared by each         Steakhouse                      seum located at 6911 Lem-       and are a risk to public       call Officer J. Moore at
unprecedented event, An-       participating signature chef.         Sara Johannes – Five        mon Avenue in Dallas.           health and safety. Everyone    972-466-3521.
gels & Aces, will feature          This year’s celebrity         Sixty by Wolfgang Puck          Tickets are $300. To pur-
wine pairings from 40 Napa     chefs include:                        Stephan     Pyles    –      chase tickets and for more
Valley Vintners’ member            Kent Rathbun, Lead            Stephan Pyles Restaurant &      information contact Katie
wineries along with food       Chef– Abacus, Jasper’s,           Samar by Stephan Pyles          Sperry at 972-669-3463 or
prepared by Lead Chef          Rathbun’s Blue Plate                  Jim “Sevy” Severson –       ksperry@marchofdimes.co
Kent Rathbun and 19 of         Kitchen & Zea Woodfire            Sevy’s Grill                    m.

  Public handwashing finally improving
    (NDG Wire) Mom's ad-       Chemotherapy, an infec-           minal Farmers Market).          Field brought out the best in
vice about cleaning your       tious disease meeting spon-           Men stepped up to the       women's       handwashing
hands may finally be start-    sored by the American So-         sink a bit more than they       among all venues: 98%.
ing to get through.            ciety for Microbiology.           have in the past when it            Overall, the rate of
    In the latest observa-         On behalf of ASM and          comes to public handwash-       women washing their hands
tional study sponsored by      ACI, Harris Interactive dis-      ing. More than three-quar-      in public restrooms im-
the American Society for       creetly observed 6,028            ters of the guys (77%)          proved from 88% in 2007
Microbiology and the           adults in public restrooms        washed their hands publicly     to 93% in 2010.
American Cleaning Insti-       in August 2010 to note            in 2010, compared to 66%            "We are really pleased
tute® (formerly The Soap       whether or not people             in 2007.                        to see these results, which
and Detergent Association),    washed their hands. Re-               The men still strike out    suggest that our campaign
85% of adults washed their     searchers returned to six lo-     more on handwashing in          is being effective," said
hands in public restrooms,     cations in four cities where      sporting venues, though.        ASM spokesperson Dr.
compared with 77% in           two previous studies were         Turner Field by far fielded     Judy Daly, Director of Clin-
2007. The 85% total was        conducted: Atlanta (Turner        the worst percentage for the    ical Microbiology at Chil-
actually the highest ob-       Field), Chicago (Museum           guys - barely two-thirds        dren's Primary Medical
served since these studies     of Science and Industry,          (65%) - though that's still     Center, Salt Lake City. "Al-
began in 1996. The results     Shedd Aquarium), New              better than just 57% in         though the venues were dif-
were announced at the In-      York City (Grand Central          2007. Perhaps as a counter      ferent, our first observa-
terscience Conference on       Station, Penn Station), and       to the men's poor hand-
Antimicrobial Agents and       San Francisco (Ferry Ter-         washing practices, Turner         See HANDWASHING, Page 12

4 | September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette
  www.NorthDallasGazette.com                                                                                                                                         Community News
           McKinney Oktoberfest Set for Last Weekend in September
    (NDG Wire) Once               our true hometown culture         spout into a more than 200       ting zoo, Oktoberfest photo     fundraising efforts, dona-          For information on the
again McKinney Main               in the heart of Downtown          year-old keg with a wooden       opportunities, train rides      tions and sponsorships. We      2010 McKinney Oktober-
Street, supporting sponsors       McKinney, surrounded by           mallet. Beer is provided by      and arts and crafts of all      applaud and thank our 2010      fest, call McKinney Main
and the shops in downtown         more than 128 vibrant re-         Warsteiner Beer, a popular       types. The Goddard School       Oktoberfest Sponsors for        Street at 972-547-2660 or
McKinney will host Okto-          tail, specialty and restaurant    German brand distributed         of McKinney will offer free     their continued support,”       visit www.downtownmck-
berfest in Historic Down-         destinations,” said Ty Lake,      by Ben E. Keith’s, and           kinder activities during the    said Lake.                      inney.com.
town McKinney. This               Director of McKinney              McKinney’s very own              two-day event including

                                                                                                                                       BANQUET, continued from Page 1
year’s event will span two        Main Street.                      brewery, Franconia. All of       Pass the Pumpkin with Ger-
days starting Friday, Sept.            Favorites from last year     the fun is accompanied by        man Polka Music, Pumpkin
24 from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m.      will make their appearances       live German music and            Penny Toss, Apple Juice
and continuing through Sat-       again, including authentic        German Dance Clubs to en-        Relays, Pumpkin Tic-tac-           $211,500 in monies to        Dealerships, Oncor, Mi-
urday, Sept. 25 from 10           German food and activities        tertain the crowds.              toe and paper pumpkin              225 students.                crosoft, UBS Financial
a.m. until 11 p.m. Last year,     such as Bier Barrel Races             Entry into the event and     painting.                              This year’s awards       Services and Verizon.
20,000 patrons enjoyed            sponsored by the Collin           into the Biergarten area is          “McKinney Main Street          banquet will be held at          Chairing this year’s
non-stop activities in the        County Young Lawyers As-          free and open to the general     is a non-profit organization       the Southfork Hotel,         banquet committee is
heart of McKinney.                sociation.                        public and parking can be        with a mission to ensure           Plano on Saturday, Oc-       Fran Richardson. Oth-
    “Oktoberfest is a true             The fun starts at 4 p.m.     found throughout the City        downtown McKinney con-             tober 16 from 7:00 p.m.      ers on the banquet com-
family favorite. This year,       on Friday with the tradi-         of McKinney’s 12 city-           tinues to be the vibrant,          to 9:30 p.m. Navolia         mittee include David
we felt that it was important     tional Oktoberfest march          owned parking lots in the        inviting and safe area it is       Bryant, Founder/Execu-       Richardson, Julius Cha-
to expand not only our of-        through Historic Down-            Historic District.               known for today. Funding           tive Director of Training    mbers, Linda James, Pat
ferings but extend the party      town. Authentic German                Oktoberfest isn’t just a     we receive for the many            for Excellence will serve    Humphress,         Arthur
for two days. Our bigger,         beer flows starting with the      celebration for adults. There    festivals and activities that      as emcee for the             Young, Don McKnight,
better event will give our        official Franconia Beer tap-      is plenty to entertain young-    we incorporate into the            evening. The featured        Felix Nnaji, Earl Simp-
community and visitors an         ping demonstration by             sters, like face painting, air   quality of life for our resi-      entertainment will be the    kins and Barbara Simp-
opportunity to experience         hammering the bronze              brush tattoos, sand art, pet-    dents is dependant on

  Discover the Great Outdoors in Garland
                                                                                                                                        sultry saxophone sounds      kins.
                                                                                                                                        of Jeff Aycock with              For individual or
                                                                                                                                        “Music That Moves The        group ticket purchases
                                                                                                                                        Soul.”                       and reservations, please
    (NDG Wire) Bass Pro           ation opportunities avail-        parks and activities pro-        developing a high quality of           In further recogni-      contact Fran Richard-
Shops and the City of Gar-        able in the Garland area.         vided by the Texas Parks         life.                              tion of this year’s theme,   son, 469-675-0002, or
land Parks, Recreation and        Adults and children can try       and Wildlife Department.             As the Garland area be-        “Bridging the Gap In         franrich3@yahoo.com
Cultural Arts Department          all sorts of activities includ-       City of Garland and          comes more urbanized, it is        The 21st Century: Par-       for a gala night of enter-
are co-hosting the Garland        ing: fly-fishing, kayaking,       Bass Pro Shops staff is          even more important for            ent, Child, and Teacher      tainment. Single tickets
Outdoor Festival on Satur-        archery, windsurfing, cam-        hosting this event to pro-       Garland residents to go out-       Connection,” will also       are $60.00 and tables of
day, September 18, 2010           ping, outdoor cooking, off-       mote the many benefits of        side and recreate!                 feature a special appear-    8 are $480.00.
from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the      road biking, scouting and         outdoor recreation: healthy          For more information           ance from the Younger            Ads and sponsorship
Bass Pro Shops located at         casting.                          lifestyles, family bonding,      about the Garland Outdoor          Generation Chorus of         opportunities are still
5001 Bass Pro Drive.                   Details about Garland's      environmental awareness,         Festival,    please    visit       Plano.                       available, contact Earl or
    Experts will be on hand       parks and natural areas will      and natural area preserva-       www.garlandparks.com or                Sponsors, to date, in-   Barbara Simpkins at 972
to provide information on         be available, along with in-      tion. Outdoor recreation         call 972-205-2772.                 clude Earl Manns State       964-0867, or at ebsimp-
the many outdoor recre-                                                                                                                 Farm Insurance, Atmos        kins@verizon.net.

                 Cottonwood Art Festival
                                  formation about area state        activities are also vital for
                                                                                                                                        Energy, Huffines Auto

             to Feature 240 Acclaimed Artists                                                                                                    Looking for
    (NDG Wire) The works
of the nation's top visual
artists will be on display
                                  val is a juried show. This
                                  year, approximately 1,300
                                  artists submitted their work
                                                                    area at Cottonwood Art
                                                                    Festival, offers arts, crafts,
                                                                    and activities for children
                                                                                                     on Cottonwood Art Festi-
                                                                                                     val, go to www.Cotton-
                                                                                                                                                          Log onto
Oct. 2-3 at the bi-annual         for consideration. Jurors se-     of all ages. Create a sculp-     Whether shopping for art,
Cottonwood Art Festival.          lected over 240 artists to        ture hat from scrap, design      listening to music, enjoying
    Now in its 42nd year,         exhibit their museum-qual-        a masterpiece in plaster, add    the outdoors, or making art        NORTHDALLASGAZETTE.COM
                                                                                                                                                     & click on the
the prestigious show is           ity work -- paintings, sculp-     to an enormous collage, or       of your own, Cottonwood
rated the fifth best art festi-   tures, ceramics, jewelry,         practice sculpting clay.         has something for every-
val in the United States and
is the premier fine arts
                                  fiber art, fine glass, wood-
                                  work, mixed media, and
                                                                        For more information         one.
                                                                                                                                                    coupon banner.
event in North Texas. The         photography.
twice-a-year event gener-             But Cottonwood is
ates more than $2 million in      more than the art. The fes-
art sales annually.               tival also features local
    The festival is set for 9     bands performing the best
a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday and        in rock, country, jazz, blues,
Sunday, October 2-3, 2010         swing and folk. In the
at Richardson's Cotton-           courtyard, sit in the shade
wood Park. The park is just       by the lake and enjoy the
east of the intersection of       music. Food and spirits are
Beltline Rd. and Coit Rd..        also available.                                                                                        coupons.com has partnered with us for you.
    Cottonwood Art Festi-             ArtStop, the children's

                                                                                                                                           September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette | 5
 Education                                                                                                                                        www.NorthDallasGazette.com

  Prairie View A&M                                                 Plano’s Otto Middle School opens
Alumni-Dallas Chapter                                              with 835 students in grades 6-8
    hosting annual                                                    (NDG Wire) Dr. Kary            eighth grade students to set      leadership liter-

   scholarship gala
                                                                  Cooper, principal of the new       the tone for student success      ature and books
                                                                  Douglas W. Otto Middle             this year. To emphasize their     and attend all
                                                                  School, named for Plano            impact on the school, all stu-    the best confer-
     (NDG Wire) The Dal-         Coach, Henry Frazier, III        ISD's current Superintendent       dents participated in an          ences, whether
 las Alumni Chapter of           with the internationally         of Schools, shared a few           "eighth grade walk" on the        in business or
 Prairie View A&M Uni-           known “Black Foxes”!             main focus areas with his          first day of school. Sixth and    education, suc-
 versity has announced its           Seating is limited!          835 students in grades 6-8 on      seventh grade students            cess       comes
 15th Annual Athletic            Tickets for the gala are         August 23, the first day of        formed a spirit line through      down to hiring
 Scholarship Gala for Fri-       $75.00 each and a table of       school. "Their teachers and I      which the eighth grade stu-       the right peo-
 day, September 24, at 6:30      ten (10) is $750.00. Spon-       told them that, number one,        dents walked to songs like        ple.
 p.m. at the Westin City         sorship and Advertising          we expect them to do their         "Don't Stop Believing" by              "Above all,
 Center Hotel-Downtown           Opportunities are avail-         best in school. That doesn't       Journey and "I Gotta Feel-        students need
 Dallas (650 North Pearl         able, as well as special         mean A's on all homework,          ing" by the Black Eyed Peas.      to know that
 Street).                        hotel rates at the Westin        class work and projects. That           Dr. Cooper began this        their teachers,
     The gala will be held       City Center-Dallas Hotel.        means their best effort," Dr.      spring hiring the approxi-        all staff mem-
 the night before the an-            Proceeds will benefit        Cooper emphasized.                 mately 70 individuals who         bers and the
 nual Prairie View vs.           the Prairie View A&M                 "Number two, we talked         comprise the Otto Middle          school's admin-
 Grambling State Fair            University Athletic En-          about correct behavior and         School faculty and staff,         istrators care
 Football Classic and will       dowment        Scholarship       about making the right             looking for distinct qualities    about them," Principal Kary Cooper helped student
 feature dinner, a cham-         Fund, which to date has          choices all of the time, even      that they each bring to the       said          Dr. Briana Marshall navigate her way to
 pagne reception, silent         been presented with more         when nobody's looking,"            team through innovative           Cooper. "We class on the first day of school.
 auction, door prizes, live      than $400,000 from the           continued Dr. Cooper. "And,        strategies and unique per-        model        that
 entertainment and danc-         Dallas Alumni Chapter.           thirdly, we want to create a       spectives that will trickle       through team-
 ing to the sounds of “Vin-          For additional infor-        healthy environment at             throughout the entire faculty.    work and building trust by         "Students perform better
 Jac”.                           mation, contact Publicity        school, one in which students           "We are very fortunate to    letting students know that we  when they know that you are
     The theme of the night      Chair, Dvorah Evans at           feel comfortable asking            have hired an experienced,        care about each of them as interested and that you want
 is “PV Alumni: Feel The         214-421-5200 or via e-           questions and being in-            diverse and dedicated faculty     individuals and all of them as them to do well in school,"
 Excitement…Give!!” and          mail at dae@dbcc.org or          volved."                           and staff for Otto Middle         a group.                       he said.
 will feature Keynote            Gala General Chair, Kim-             Dr. Cooper told the stu-       School who bring the right
 Speaker, Stephen Brown,         berly Runnels at Dallas          dents during those first-day-      skill sets for teaching middle
 Senior Associate Pastor of      PV Alumni Chapter, P.O.          of-school assemblies that,         school students and a passion
 Concord Baptist Church.         Box 397508, Dallas,              "This is your school," and         for teaching a diverse student
 There will also be a spe-       Texas 75339 or call 972-         students will be critical in de-   population," he said.
 cial presentation honoring      289-9942 or 214-337-             veloping the school's tradi-            "Student success starts
 PVA&MU            Football      1845.                            tions based on their input,        with compiling the right

UNCF needs $4 Million to
                                                                  ownership and involvement.         team of people. At the end of
                                                                      He especially challenged       the day, after you read all the

 help students graduate
    (NDG Wire) With thou-        president and CEO. “These
sands of economy-impacted        students have done every-
college students short of        thing in their power to grad-
funds to pay for tuition,        uate. Now, they have come
books, and dormitory             to the last mile and need
rooms the United Negro           help crossing the finish line.
College Fund (UNCF) is           We encourage communities
urging all Americans to          across America to help
contribute to its Campaign       these students get the edu-
For Essential Student Aid,       cation they need and our
an initiative to help students   nation needs them to have.
at UNCF’s 39 member his-         Many of these students will
torically black colleges and     not be able to graduate this
universities complete their      year if support is not se-
senior year and receive their    cured.”
college degrees. UNCF                 As the recession lingers,
today kicked off the Cam-        many students at UNCF
paign for Essential Student      schools continue to find
Aid in North Texas to raise      themselves in financially
$4 million nationally this       vulnerable positions. Un-
year to help 2,500 students.     employment and pay cuts
    “It is essential that stu-   still reduce families’ finan-
dents cross the finish line      cial support for their chil-
and graduate,” said Michael
L. Lomax, Ph.D., UNCF                       See UNCF, Page 12

6 | September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette
  Arts & Entertainment
  www.NorthDallasGazette.com                                                                                                                         Community Spotlight

      Methodist Charlton                                                                       Kristine Kahanek in Plano
        Medical Center                                                                          for a Stormy Adventure
   Hosts Pastor Appreciation                                                                       (NDG Wire) Author         read from her book, Katie

    Luncheon September 21
                                                                                               and meteorologist Kristine    and the Magic Umbrella:
                                                                                               Kahanek will take Hag-        A Stormy Adventure.
                                                                                               gard Library visitors on          The event is open to all
                                                                                               fun-filled,   educational     ages and includes a book
    (NDG Wire) Recogniz-                                     ministry leaders who serve        weather adventure on Sat-     signing. This program is
ing the impact church lead-                                  patients and their families       urday, September 18 in        funded by Friends of the
ership has on its commu-                                     all hours of the day to pro-      Plano.                        Plano Public Library.
nity, Methodist Charlton                                     vide spiritual support. Dr.           Beginning at 2 p.m. at        For information on
Medical Center is inviting                                   Clara M. Reed, district su-       Haggard Library, 2501         other upcoming Plano
local pastors and ministry                                   perintendent, North Texas         Coit Road, Kristine will      Public Library System
leaders to attend an appreci-                                Conference of the United          discuss all types of          programs visit www.plano
ation luncheon hosted at the                                 Methodist Church, will be         weather     and    severe     library.org or call 972-
hospital. The venue is an                                    the keynote speaker at the        weather safety. She will      769-4240.                          Kristine Kahanek
opportunity for attendees                                    event, which will be held

                                                                                             COX, continued from Page 2
to:                                                          Tuesday, Sept. 21, at 11:30
    • Learn about the huge                                   a.m. in the Methodist Charl-
growth and changes taking                                    ton auditorium.
place at Methodist Charlton                                      Free health screenings      in the same situation as you.   but the day she dressed in a   day at 1:59, she went to be
    • Become educated on               Clara Reed            for hypertension, high cho-     Even while you are going        gorgeous electric blue dress   with her Heavenly Father.
policies and procedures that                                 lesterol, triglycerides, dia-   through, you still have         as a bridesmaid in a wed-          Cox says she wrote the
would help pastors and                                       betes, prostate cancer, and     something to be thankful for.   ding, she looked beautiful.    book because she wanted to
ministry leaders better serve   munication and partner-      body mass index (BMI)               Cox ended her speech        “She looked so elegant with    provide the principles and a
patients and their families     ships                        will be offered. For more       by comparing her daughter       her hair pinned up,” says      roadmap for other families
during pastoral visits               Methodist Charlton is   information contact Com-        Tiffany to another one of her   Cox.                           in the same situation. “No
    • Open up a dialogue        hosting this second annual   munity Relations Liaison        favorite fairy tales, Cinder-       But like Cinderella,       one should have to go
with hospital leadership that   event to express sincere     Cynthia Mickens-Smith at        alla. Like Cinderella, Tif-     Tiffany had an appointed       through this,” she says.
would lead to better com-       gratitude to pastors and     214-947-5204.                   fany sometimes felt frumpy,     time to be home. The next

                                                                                                                                   September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette | 7
  Community Calendar                                                                          Visit www.NorthDallasGazette.com and click on Community Calendar for more events!
       Every Saturday              LimitNetwork.com or 972-           Grapevine and uncork the          amination of Sarah Palin’s       ping opportunities while you      nizing Excellence in Legal
 Pure Saturdays 2026 Com-          898-5882.                          largest wine festival in the      career and on her influence      explore the arts and crafts       Reporting. Keynote speaker:
 merce Street 23 & up pre-                                            Southwest. Wine lovers and        on conservative voters. The      booths. In addition to live en-   Former U.S. Solicitor Gen-
 ferred DJ Steve Nice in The       The National Business              connoisseurs from across the      book is carefully researched     tertainment events during the     eral and Current President of
 Mixx. Doors open @ 10 p.m.        Women Enterprise Net-              nation will sample award-         and highly informative.          festival and the excitement-      Baylor University Kenneth
 Info text or call 214-810-        work (NBWEN) Learning              winning Texas wines at the        Copies will be available for     packed children's area, Okto-     Starr. For tickets, log on to
 5483.                             Over Lunch Series: 4th             24th Annual GrapeFest on          sale at the meeting, with all    berfest also includes our pop-    dallasbar.org/philbin or e-
                                   Saturdays, 11am-1pm, Re-           September 16, 17, 18, and         proceeds going to Planned        ular wiener dog race, held on     mail JSmalling@dallasbar
                                   Markable Affairs Cafe, 2727        19. A grape stomping good         Parenthood.                      Saturday, October 2. Info:        .org.
        Every Tuesday
                                   LBJ Fwy., Suite 140, Dallas.       time awaits you at GrapeFest                                       www.southlakechamber.com
 The Irving Public Library in-                                        voted a 2010 ABA Top 100
 vites families to enjoy stories   $20 for members; $35 for                                                    September 24                                                         October 13
                                   non-members, $5 off for            Event in North America!                                                     October 2
 and music in both English                                                                              Methodism’s Luncheon of                                            March of Dimes Signature
                                   early bird registration. http://   Visit grapevinetexasusa.com
 and Spanish. Family bilin-                                                                             Appreciation, Celebrating               thru January 2             Chefs of Dallas auction 6
                                   nbwenorg.ning.com.                 for more information.
 gual storytimes are offered                                                                            40 Years of Sharing the          American Modern: Ab-              p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Fron-
 at 11 a.m. Tuesdays at the                                                                             Bread of Lifeat 11:30 a.m. at    bott, Evans, Bourke-White         tiers of Flight Museum lo-
 East Branch Library, 440 S.       North Dallas Texas Demo-                  September 18               Zan W. Holmes, Jr. Commu-        at the AMon Carter Museum         cated at 6911 Lemmon Av-
 Nursery Road, and at 7:30         cratic Women Regular Me-           At 10:30 a.m. at the Irving       nity Life Center; 6211 East      of Art www.cartermuseum           enue in Dallas. Tickets are
 p.m. Thursdays at the Central     etings 4th Thursday, 6:45          Northwest Library Branch          Grand Ave. The cost is $40       .org/exhibitions                  $300. Info: Katie Sperry at
 Library, 801 W. Irving Blvd.      p.m. Northaven United              will hold its regular monthly     per person.                                                        972-669-3463 or ksperry@
 For more information, call        Methodist Church, 11211            meeting of the African-                                                                              marchofdimes.com.
                                                                                                                                               October 2 thru 3
 972-721-2458.                     Preston Rd (between Forest         American Authors Book                     September 25
                                                                      Circle, discussing reader’s                                        Cottonwood Art Festival
                                   & Royal Lanes).                                                      Recessionista’s Closet will                                                 October 16
                                                                      choice from the works of                                           will feature 240 artists from
          Ongoing                                                                                       be held at Excuse Art Bar        9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday and      The Plano Community
                                                                      Maya Angelou.
 African American Repub-           Target Second Saturdays                                              and Café located at 3025         Sunday, October 2-3, 2010 at      Forum’s 29th Annual
 lican Club of Collin County       at Latino Cultural Center                                            Main St. Dallas. A $5 dona-      Richardson's Cottonwood           Awards Banquet with this
 meets 3rd Tuesday of every        On the second Saturday of          Community Garage Sale at          tion is requested at the door.   Park. The park is just east of    year’s theme, “Bridging the
 month at 7 pm. (Doors open        every month family-friendly        Crosby Recreation Center          For more information visit       the intersection of Beltline      Gap In The 21st Century:
 at 6:30 pm.) Collin County        activities celebrating Latino      (1610 E. Crosby Road). Car-       www.talisalavarry.comand         Road and Coit Road. Info:         Parent, Child, and Teacher
 Republican Party HQ. 8416         arts and culture. Come in for      rollton. The event is free to     click on the latest news link,   www.cottonwoodartfesti-           Connection.” This year’s
 Stacy Rd., McKinney. Call         one hour, or stay the day.         the public, but shoppers          or call 214-886-0696.            val.com                           awards banquet will be held
 Linda Wynn Drain, 214-498-                                           should bring cash to the                                                                             at the Southfork Hotel, in
 7574 or website www.aarcc.                                           event for purchases. Info:                                                                           Plano from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30
                                   Target Second Saturdays at                                           Collin County Black                        October 2
 com                                                                  972-466-9810 or cityofcar-                                                                           p.m. For individual or group
                                   Latino Cultural Center On                                            Chamber of Commerce              The Sister to Sister Fitness
                                                                      rollton.com/parksandrec.                                                                             ticket purchases and reserva-
                                   the second Saturday of every                                         workshop 8:30 a.m. to noon       Festival is a day of breast
 Collin County Black               month family-friendly activ-                                         at Reel Thing Catfish in                                           tions, contact Fran Richard-
                                                                                                                                         cancer education activities,      son, 469-675-0002, fran-
 Chamber of Commerce,              ities celebrating Latino arts              September 21              Allen. Guests are asked to       specifically targeting African    rich3@yahoo.com for a gala
 CCBCC General Meetings,           and culture. Come in for one       Methodist Health System is        RSVP by Saturday, Septem-        American women starts at          night of entertainment. Sin-
 2nd Thursday of every             hour, or stay the whole day.       sponsoring a free health          ber 18 by calling Shelia         8:30 a.m. The event will be       gle tickets are $60.00 and Ta-
 month at 6:30pm. Call 469-                                           screening event at Golden         Jones at 469-424-0120 or via     held at the Cedar Hill Recre-     bles of 8 are $480.00.
 424-1020 or email: info@                                             Cross Academic Clinic, 122        email at sjones@ejesinc
                                   Business Empowerment                                                                                  ation Center, 310 East Park-
 CCBlackChamber.org for                                               W. Colorado Blvd, adjacent        .com.
                                   Sessions. Learn to grow a                                                                             erville Road, Cedar Hill.
 location.                                                            to Methodist Dallas Medical                                                                                   October 23
                                   successful small business.                                                                            Register and info: www.cele-
                                   1st Thursday of each month         Center. Screenings will be               September 27              bratinglife.org or 214-947-       2010 C.C. Russeau Scholar-
 DFW Financially Em-               at Christian Chapel Temple         from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.                                        0026.                             ship Black and Gold Gala
                                                                                                        Annie's List Luncheon’s
 powered Women meet                of Faith, 14120 Noel Rd.,          and will include prostate                                                                            at 7 p.m. at the Sheraton
                                                                                                        Special Guest is Connie
 monthly for lunch or dinner       Dallas. Call 214-942-6698          blood test, cholesterol, sugar,                                                                      Hotel (Downtown Dallas).
                                                                                                        Schultz, author and syndi-       6th Annual Plano Interna-
 and a fun, informative sem-       for details.                       triglycerides, and the digital                                                                       Tickets are $65.00 per person
                                                                                                        cated columnist for The          tional Festival to take place
 inar on various financial                                            rectal exam. These screen-                                                                           or $650 per table. This is a
                                                                                                        Cleveland Plain Dealer and       in Haggard Park in Down-
 topics. Info: 469-942-0809                                           ings are limited to once per                                                                         Black Tie event. : DallasAl-
                                   How to start a business.                                             Creators Syndicate. The          town Plano from 11 a.m. to 5
 or meeetup.com/378.                                                  year per person. Fasting is                                                                          phas.com or : jabari156
                                   Free sessions on getting                                             event is scheduled for Noon      p.m. Enjoy ethnic food, mul-
                                                                      not necessary. Appointments                                                                          @gmail.com
                                   started the right way. Ses-                                          to 1:15 p.m. at The Westin       ticultural music and dance
                                                                      are recommended. To sched-
 Group Business Seminars           sions held the last Monday of                                        Galleria Dallas, 13340 Dal-      performances, cultural dis-
                                                                      ule an appointment, call 214-
 at 4907 Spring Avenue,            each month. Call The PLAN                                            las Parkway, Dallas.             plays, children's activities             November 12-13
 Dallas, (214) 11:30 a.m.          Fund for details 214-942-                                                                             and much more! The Festival       The Ricardo Miller Chil-
 12:30 p.m.; 3rdFriday of          6698.                                                                      October 1 thru 3           is underwritten by the Plano      dren's Ministries are hosting
 the month 11:30 a.m. to                                                      September 23                                               City Council and is designed      the 2nd Annual Children's
                                                                                                        Oktoberfest Southlake is
 12:30 p.m. for those inter-                                          NDTDW meeting Author                                               to showcase the many cul-         Ministry Symposium, a city-
                                        Thru November 7                                                 celebrating the 9th annual
 ested in starting your own                                           Malia Litman Rebuttal to the                                       tures that make up Plano,         wide meeting for Children's
                                   Amon Carter Museum’s                                                 Oktoberfest celebration ho-
 business, it is a Brown Bag                                          Rogue is scheduled for 6:45                                        Collin County, and their sur-     Pastors, Children's Workers,
                                   Ansel Adams: Eloquent                                                sted by Southlake's Chamber
 Lunch with Free Parking                                              p.m. at the Northhaven Uni-                                        rounds. Info: www.planoint-       Coordinators, and individu-
                                   Light features 40 photo-                                             of Commerce! Attendance is
                                                                      ted Methodist Church at                                            ernationalfestival.org            als interested in being trained
                                   graphs by the artist. Admis-                                         completely free: no admis-
 No Limit Network Busi-                                               11211 Preston Road (be-                                                                              in Children's Ministry. The
                                   sion to the Carter is free.                                          sion or parking fees. Booths
 ness Networking Lunch 1st                                            tween Forest and Royal). Lit-                                                                        CMS will be held November
                                                                                                        sell a range of food & bever-          October 12
 Thursday at 1 pm in Plano                                            man, a senior partner at                                                                             12-13 at Pathway of Life
                                                                                                        ages, and artisans present       27th Annual Philbin
                                       September 16-19                Thompson & Knight in Dal-

                                                      Proud To Be An Active
 Must RSVP at www.TheNo-                                                                                unique, handcrafted shop-                                          Church in Dallas. www.
                                                                      las, has written a fearless ex-                                    Awards Luncheon, Recog-
                                   Make your way to historic                                                                                                               richadomiller.com

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                                                    Partner In The Community
8 | September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette
www.NorthDallasGazette.com                                                                                                                                                Cover Story

          Dr. Ron Walters:
 ‘Scholarly Giant’ NNPA Columnist
       Just ‘Never Stopped’
BY HAZEL TRICE EDNEY             on August 16, continued to       a retired social worker.        live. As the cancer spread
NNPA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF             conduct interviews and               “He had a diverse,          into his lungs and he was
    (NNPA) He was a polit-       phone conferences from his       multi-dimensional charac-       told the end was near, he re-
ical analyst, a professor, a     hospital room, Jackson           ter to himself in terms of      mained heartened by new
lecturer, a strategist, a men-   said. “He never stopped          teaching, mentoring, work-      accomplishments.
tor, a commentator, a            giving of himself.”              ing in the grassroots com-          He was especially
thought leader, a Black              Former NNPA Editor-          munities to assist them in      happy about a renewed lec-
Press columnist, a husband       in-Chief George Curry,           any way he could; doing         turing relationship with
and a friend. And he did it      who edited Walters’ column       many, many, many things         Howard University, where
all while remaining true to      for seven years and also         throughout his distin-          he once served as chair of
his life’s passion as an ad-     covered him for decades,         guished career for no pay       the Political Science De-
vocate for the progress and                                                                       partment before becoming
advancement of Black peo-                                                                         a professor at the Univer-

                                          “Dr. Ron Walters
ple.                                                                                              sity of Maryland.
    Dr. Ron Walters died of                                                                           “As a son of Howard,

                                         was the preeminent
lung cancer Sept. 10,                                                                             he never left the Capstone.
shocking many in the civil                                                                        It was always home,” said
rights community who                                                                              Howard’s President Sidney

                                         activist and scholar
were unaware of the extent                                                                        A. Ribeau in a statement.
of his illness.                                                                                   “We are deeply grateful for                            Dr. Ron Walters

                                            of our times,”
    “Dr. Ron Walters was                                                                          his enormous contributions
the preeminent activist and                                                                       to our university, to the
scholar of our times,” says                                                                       field and to the nation. We
the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who                                                                       will truly miss his meas-       one of America’s most in-        sick Ron was when he did
visited with Walters in the                                       Rev. Jesse Jackson              ured voice and his strategic    sightful analysts of the po-     things for people and spoke
hospital during his final                                                                         mind, but his insightful        litical landscape, in general,   and went on television and
days and will deliver the                                                                         wisdom        will    endure    and of the intersection of       conducted radio and televi-
eulogy next week. Funeral                                                                         through the lives he            race, politics and policy,       sion interviews and news-
services were incomplete at                                                                       touched.”                       specifically,” said CBC          paper interviews. That’s the
NNPA deadline.                   described him as “a bril-        whatsoever because he had           Walters was slated to       Chairwoman Lee.                  way he wanted it. And I
    “He was my issues di-        liant, dedicated, consistent     this deep love and affection    give his first speech at             “His scholarly work         think he did it with style, el-
rector in my ’84 and ’88         and unapologetic warrior         for the work that he was        Howard under the new con-       and sound advice have as-        egance and dignity. That is
campaigns. Ron led a sit-in      for African-Americans.           doing for African-Ameri-        tract on Sept. 9, but he was    sisted many past and pres-       Ron.”
in 1958 as a student                 While he is best known       cans in particular. And he      too ill and died the next day   ent members of the Con-              Jackson marveled at the
NAACP youth leader two           for teaching at Howard and       was their spokes-person,”       at Suburban Hospital in         gressional Black Caucus,         loving relationship between
years before the 1960 sit-       the University of Maryland,      Mrs. Walters said in an in-     Bethesda, Md.                   and other African American       Walters and his wife.
ins in Greensboro. He            advising Jesse Jackson and       terview with the NNPA               Mrs. Walters said he        political and civic leaders          “He stayed close to his
wrote six books and thou-        the Congressional Black          News Service Sunday             simply wanted to give           around the country.”             wife, Patty, who he loved
sands of articles…We             Caucus, he spent many            morning.                        everything he could; so he           Walters was born in Wi-     so much,” he said, noting
learned to lean on Ron Wal-      hours sharing his expertise          “That was his calling.      kept quiet about his illness    chita on July 20, 1938. He       how she was his greatest
ters for our frame of refer-     with small, largely un-          …The African-American           in order not to dissuade        graduated with honors from       encourager.
ence,” said Jackson.             known community groups.          community stopped and lis-      people from asking for his      Fisk University and earned           Jackson said, “He never
    “Today we’re number          Black American has lost a        tened because they under-       services.                       a Masters in African studies     stopped fighting for a fair
one in athletics and number      scholar whose life exempli-      stand that the messenger            “He wanted to be able       and a doctorate in Interna-      and just and comprehensive
one in presidential politics;    fied excellence.”                was with clean hands and        to continue his work, which     tional Studies from Ameri-       urban policy to lift up and
but also number one in               News releases honoring       was telling the truth and al-   he did at the very, very last   can University. He also          change the plight of Black
poverty. We’re number one        Walters’ legacy were plen-       ways on message and             moment. That’s the way he       taught at Georgetown,            people. And that was clas-
in infant mortality, short       tiful from top Black leaders     never, never deviated from      was,” she said. “He wanted      Syracuse, and Brandeis.          sical Ron. And at the end,
life expectancy and in un-       and Walters associates           his message.                    to go about his business and         Mrs. Walters said sev-      even at the very end, even
employment. Ron kept us          around the country.                  He never backtracked.       have people to treat him        eral public memorials will       as he struggled, at the very
abreast of that data.                They include Congres-        You always knew that if         like they always treated        be held, but plans were in-      end, his sensitivity to our
    The good news is that        sional Black Caucus Chair-       you got an interview from       him in not knowing that he      complete.                        constituency, the love of his
Ron taught so many schol-        woman Barbara Lee;               him, if you got him on TV,      had been battling cancer for         “We knew that it was an     wife remains such a thing
ars. There are those who         NAACP President Ben-             he was going to be consis-      six years.”                     uphill battle. He was such a     of beauty.”
will now bear truth. So, that    jamin Todd Jealous; presi-       tent with his message and           Walters helped to lay       tremendous fighter and               Editor’s note: Ron Wal-
tradition will be kept alive.”   dent and CEO of the Na-          he did that for over four       the groundwork for the for-     doctors knew that he’d live      ter’s columns over the years
    Walters, who submitted       tional Coalition on Black        decades.”                       mation of the Congres-          long beyond what the ex-         frequently appeared in the
his last NNPA column –           Civic Participation.                 Mrs. Walters said her       sional Black Caucus in          pectation was. I think he        North Dallas Gazette and
“…March for Jobs and Jus-            But, his greatest tributes   husband had pressed be-         1970.                           was able to accomplish that      we join others across the
tice Where Ever You Are” -       came from his wife of 47         yond the amount of time             “Professor Walters was      because the vast majority of     country in extending our
to the NNPA News Service         years, Patricia Ann Walters,     the doctors expected him to     a scholarly giant and was       people did not know how          sympathies.

                                                                                                                                        September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette | 9
 Arts & Entertainment                                                                                                                                           Car Review

  Kanye West and Taylor Swift Return to the VMA Stage
    (NDG Wire) Lady              "Best Rock Video" and            from Clipse), a personal         a dramatic entrance that          it) that she barely wore        number with scores of
Gaga, outdoing even herself      "Best Art Direction," re-        statement on the turbulence      riffed on Lady Gaga's ex-         more than 20 years ago in       dancers and percussionists
with her adventurous cou-        spectively. Justin Bieber        of the last year.                travagant fashion sense, fly-     her own memorable video If      to create a flowing dream-
ture, dominated the 2010         was voted "Best New                  MTV aired the 2010           ing onto the stage wearing a      I Could Turn Back Time.         like sequence.
MTV Video Music Awards,          Artist."                         Video Music Awards live on       suburban house on her head,           With an intro by Ke$ha          Hip-hop artist Drake
adding eight to her collec-          A year after Taylor          Sunday, September 12 from        complete with a single car        and Trey Songz, Usher's         was joined on onstage by
tion of Moonmen with             Swift's first VMA win was        Nokia Theater in Los Ange-       garage, and ending her            electric entrance and pound-    Mary J. Blige and Swizz
awards including "Video Of       interrupted by Kanye West,       les, having transformed the      monologue by releasing a          ing energy brought down         Beatz for a performance of
The Year," "Best Dance           the two returned to musi-        venue into a 1950's scul         dove from her dress. Back-        the house with a medley of      his hit single Fancy, set
Video," "Best Pop Video"         cally play out last year's           tural nod to modernism.      stage before taking the           DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love       against a supper club back-
and "Best Female Video."         drama, once again on the         The VMA's kicked off with        stage, Chelsea was shown          into OMG!, showing off his      drop.
    Eminem, who opened           VMA stage. For an exclu-         an epic performance by Em-       receiving "encouragement"         dance moves against an              Following Drake's per-
this year's Awards with a tri-   sive live performance, Tay-      inem backed by an orches-        from well wishers Li'l John,      other-worldly combination       formance, Chelsea stumbled
umphant performance, wal-        lor sang Innocence, an emo-      tra to present a medley of       Flo Rida and a score-set-         of visual effects.              upon the cast of Jersey
ked away with two statues        tional song she wrote about      his comeback anthem Not          tling Lindsay Lohan.                  The physicality of          Shore in, what else, a hot
for "Best Male Video" and        how she felt after last year's   Afraid into a fiery version of       In another show high-         Usher's set contrasted with     tub. Teasing the cast about
"Best Hip Hop Video."            incident.                        Love The Way You Lie with        light, the one-and-only Cher      VMA newcomer Florence +         how dirty the water is, she
    VMA newcomers 30                 Later in the evening and     surprise guest Rihanna.          presented Lady Gaga with          The Machine's ethereal,         finally agreed to jump in
Seconds To Mars and Flo-         this year as an official per-        Host Chelsea Handler         her "Video Of The Year"           breakout performance of         fully clothed, only to
rence + The Machine took         former, Kanye debuted Run-       brought her edgy comedic         Award, donning the same           Dog Days Are Over, featur-      emerge wet and pregnant.
home their first wins for        away (featuring Pusha T          flair to the Awards, making      outfit (yes, she still fit into   ing a large-scale dance

                                                            Gallery 219 at Eastfield Presents:
                                  Stephen Lapthisophon: Specificity
    (NDG Wire) Gallery 219       tory and cultural memory.        there will be solo exhibitions       Stephen will present a        on the west side of the cam-    pointment.
at Eastfield College presents    Recent projects include ex-      at Conduit Gallery and Hyde      lecture on his work at 6 p.m.     pus.                                Contact Iris Bechtol at
Stephen Lapthisophon: Spe-       hibitions in Berlin at Za-       Park Art Center in Chicago.      on September 17 in F201.              Gallery hours are 9 a.m.–   972-860-7329 or irisbech-
cificity — photographs in        greus Projekt and in             He teaches at The University         Gallery 219 is located on     4 p.m. Monday through Fri-      tol@dcccd.edu for addi-
situ and seasonal fruit”         Barcelona at El Escaparate.      of Texas at Arlington.           the upper floor of the Fine       day and on weekends by ap-      tional information.
going on now through Octo-       Lapthisophon      presented          Lap-thisophon is also        Arts building (Bldg F) in
ber 8. Reception: September      Quotation as Gesture at the      represented in the permanent     Room 219C.
17, 6 to 8 pm.                   Modern Art Museum of Fort        collection of the Museum of          The lecture will take
    Stephen Lapthisophon is      Worth in 2009 and is repre-      Contemporary Art in Chi-         place in F201, directly
a multimedia artist and          sented at Conduit Gallery in     cago. Lapthisophon holds         across the hall from the
writer whose work addresses      Dallas Texas.                    an MFA from the School of        gallery. Park and enter at the
questions of language, his-          Upcoming in early 2011       the Art Institute of Chicago.    Performance Hall entrance

               The Plano Symphony Orchestra
                 presents Over the Rainbow
    (NDG Wire) Broadway          Somewhere Over the Rain-         75082.                           rector, at 972-473-7262, or
Soprano Linda Eder per-          bow; a season highlight!            For information, contact      email her at ahobbs@plano
forms her famed tribute to           The first half of the con-   Alice Hobbs, Executive Di-       symphony.org.

                                                                             Looking for
Judy Garland with Hector         cert will feature the Plano
Guzman and the Plano             Symphony          performing

Symphony Orchestra - an          Gershwin’s Cuban Over-
evening to remember! Ac-         ture, selections from "Fid-
cording to USA Today, Eder       dler on the Roof" and the
is "a captivating presence       Opening Dance and Finale
and a Streisand-esque            from Leonard Bernstein’s                               Log onto
singing voice that elevates      “Fancy Free”.
everything it touches."              To order, call the Plano        NORTHDALLASGAZETTE.COM
Eder's performance in her        Symphony Orchestra Ticket                         & click on the
1990 pivotal role as Lucy in
Jekyll & Hyde earned her
                                 Office at 972-473-7262, or
                                 visit        www.planosym-
                                                                                  coupon banner.
the Theatre World Award          phony.org for up to the
for Best Broadway Debut,         minute ticket information.
as well as the Drama Desk        Reserved Seating tickets
and Outer Critics' Circle        start at $9; add $2 per ticket
Award Nominations for            at the door. Group and stu-
Best Actress in a Musical.       dent rates available.
    Eder will pay tribute to         The Eisemann Center
Judy Garland with songs in-      for Performing Arts is lo-
cluding Zing! Went the           cated at 2351 Performance            coupons.com has partnered with us for you.
Strings of My Heart and          Drive, Richardson, TX

10 | September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette
 www.NorthDallasGazette.com                                                                                                                                                   Business

   African-Americans,                                              Take Charge of Business at Texas
Women, and Southerners
 talk and text the most
                                                                   Business Conference in Arlington
  in the United States
                                                                    (NDG Wire) The dy-           employment law.”                 1200 Ballpark Way in Ar-       to:
                                                                namics of today’s fast-              Chairman Pauken and          lington. Registration is           Texas Business Confer-
                                                                paced, challenging econ-         his staff will present practi-   from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.         ence — TWC, Texas Work-
     (NDG Wire) Think            sults are compiled from        omy can make it difficult        cal, up-to-date information          Registration is $85 per    force Commission, 101 E.
 you can guess which             one year (April 2009-          for employers to keep up         for operating a successful       person and is nonrefund-       15th St., Room 218, Austin,
 Americans talk or text the      March 2010) of data gath-      with laws affecting their        business and managing em-        able. Registration forms can   TX 78778.
 most on their cellphones?       ered by the The Nielsen        businesses and workers. To       ployees. Agency attorneys        be downloaded at www.tex-          Space is limited, so par-
     According to Nielsen,       Company, which analyzes        address that, the Texas          and staff will discuss em-       asworkforce.org/twcinfo/tb     ticipants are encouraged to
 African-Americans use           the cellphone bills of         Workforce Commission             ployee handbooks, hiring         cforms/tbcform.html, then      register as soon as possible.
 the most voice minutes –        more than 60,000 mobile        (TWC) is inviting Arling-        and retention, firing, work-     mailed with the fee payable
 on average more than            subscribers each month in      ton-area business owners         place investigations, Unem-
 1,300 a month. Hispanics        the United States.             and managers to the Texas        ployment Insurance (UI),
 are the next most talkative         If you think women in      Business          Conference     preparing for UI hearings,
 group, chatting an aver-        the U.S. talk more than        (TBC) on Friday, Septem-         wage and hour laws, work-
 age of 826 minutes a            men on their cellphones,       ber 17.                          ers’ compensation and
 month. Even Asians/Pa-          Nielsen data confirms              “The conference helps        more.
 cific Islanders, with 692       your suspicion.                employers recognize how              Participants will receive
 average monthly minutes,            On average, women          laws affect them and their       the latest edition of the pop-
 talk more than Whites,          talk 22 % more than men        workforce,” said TWC             ular publication Especially
 who use roughly 647             (856.3 minutes a month         Chairman and Commis-             for Texas Employers, which
 voice minutes a month.          compared       to   men’s      sioner Representing Em-          addresses basic legal issues
     African-Americans           666.7). Turns out, Ameri-      ployers Tom Pauken.              regarding hiring and post-
 and Hispanics also text         can women are more                 “Tools presented at the      employment and work-sep-
 the most. Hispanics send        communicative in general       event will give employers        aration policy. Certified
 and receive around 767          on mobile devices; they        the information they need to     public accountants who at-
 SMS messages a month            text more, too, sending or     operate businesses effec-        tend can earn six hours of
 while African-Americans         receiving an average of        tively. Texas is a great place   continuing education credit.
 send and receive around         601 SMS messages a             to do business, and we need      Other conference partici-
 780 – significantly more        month compared to the          to do our part at TWC to en-     pants may qualify for gen-
 than Asians/Pacific Is-         447 monthly text mes-          courage job creation and         eral professional credit.
 landers (384 texts a            sages sent or received by      economic growth in the pri-          The conference is from
 month) and Whites (566          the average American           vate sector, while helping       8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. at the
 texts a month).                                                our employers address the        Arlington Convention Cen-
     The voice and text re-                See TEXT, Page 16    regulatory challenges of         ter’s Grand Hall Room,

CHAMBERS, continued from Page 1
Chairman Jim Wyatt. “In a        ficials from across Texas      and-soul of our chambers         mation (individual, corpo-
state like Texas – with such     have been invited to partic-   and too often the work they      rate, vendor & hotel reser-
a dynamic African Ameri-         ipate on various panels        do goes unrecognized.            vations) visit the TAAACC
can population – we should       scheduled during the two-          Moreover, it is well doc-    website – www.taaacc.org.
demand more attention to         day conference, including      umented that small busi-         TAAACC Chairman Jim
issues of importance to our      State Senator Royce West       nesses literally drive this      Wyatt can be reached via
communities across the           (Dallas) and State Repre-      nation’s economy and             email at info@taaacc.org or
state. We believe that ele-      sentative Sylvester Turner,    Texas is no exception to         phone at 512-535-5610.
vating the profile of Black      of Houston.                    that fact. Black businesses          “We are absolutely en-
businesses is one sure way           Notably, Texas guberna-    across our state make sig-       couraging anyone with an
to accomplish that goal.”        torial candidate Bill White    nificant investments in our      interest in improving op-
     The TAAACC conven-          has accepted an invitation     communities.”                    portunities for Black-owned
tion and fair is one of the      to address conferees during        In recognition of his        businesses in our state to
state’s top business confer-     the Saturday, September 18     commitment to the organi-        make plans to attend this
ences for African-American       “Salute to the Best of the     zation during his nearly 15      year’s conference,” said
entrepreneurs and other or-      Best” statewide small busi-    years as President of the        Wyatt.
ganizations seeking to cap-      ness awards breakfast.         Dallas Black Chamber of              “A number of state
italize on the variety of ven-       “We’re taking this an-     Commerce, TAAACC has             agencies and Texas corpo-
dors and business owners         nual opportunity to recog-     retitled its business awards     rations that have a demon-
participating in the event.      nize business owners from      for Reginald Gates.              strated commitment to di-
This year’s conference will      across the state who have          Gates, Vice Chancellor       versity have invested in the
focus on and address issues      demonstrated business acu-     for the Tarrant County Col-      success of this conference,
associated with the devel-       men AND a commitment to        lege District, is expected to    and we urge all of Texas to
opment, enhancement and          service to the chamber or-     be on hand to salute the first   take advantage of this great
sustainability of minority       ganizations who nominate       “Reginald Gates Best of the      opportunity to forge a new
owned businesses.                them,” said Wyatt. “Busi-      Best” award recipients.          economic reality in our
     A number of elected of-     ness owners are the heart-         For registration infor-      state.”

                                                                                                                                       September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette |11

  DART to fun, food and football at the fair HANDWASHING
    (NDG Wire) A Dallas           ber 2 and Saturday, October      their trips:                          Staff will be on hand to      continued from Page 4
Area Rapid Transit (DART)         9, and some passengers may           • State Fair Classic, Sep-    get customers to the fastest
pass is the ticket to the State   use buses to complete their      tember 25:         DART.org/      areas to board for a return       tional study in 1996 found      do," Daly said. "Only a
Fair of Texas® and “Super         trip. Go to DART.org/            StateFairClassic                  trip. Special service will        only 68% overall washing        minority indicate they
Sized Fun” from September         RedRiverRivalry or DART              • Texas–Oklahoma, Oc-         continue for at least two         up in public restrooms,         wash their hands after
24 to October 17.                 .org/BaylorTexasTech for         tober 2: DART.org/Red             hours after the game, so          and that declined to an all-    coughing or sneezing.
    The fairgrounds are con-      details.                         RiverRivalry                      there’s plenty of time to         time low of 67% when we         Handwashing in this con-
nected to two DART Rail               Local Day passes for rid-        • Baylor–Texas Tech,          relax and get that extra corny    repeated the study in           text is particularly impor-
Green Line stations - Fair        ers headed to the fair (DART     October 9: DART.org/Bay-          dog.                              2000. We hope that as a         tant because we now
Park, located on Parry Av-        Rail, local bus) will be $4.     lorTexasTech                          On Saturdays and Sun-         result of an increased          know that many respira-
enue at the entrance to the       Folks riding the TRE from            As game day nears, sign       days, motorists can ride the      focus on handwashing in         tory and gastrointestinal
fairgrounds, and MLK, Jr.,        Irving will pay $5 ($7 start-    up for service alerts and get     free "Big Tex Express" train      the media over these            illnesses are transmitted
located south of R.B. Cul-        ing October 1) for a System      the latest information about      between auxiliary parking at      years, as well as increased     primarily by hand contact
lum Blvd. and convenient to       Day Pass.                        rail and bus service at           the fairgrounds to a gate near    public awareness of infec-      when contaminated hands
the MLK fairground en-                Customers coming from        www.DART.org/StateFair,           the Cotton Bowl.                  tious disease risks, behav-     touch the mucous mem-
trance (Gate 6) and the Cot-      Tarrant County need to pur-      or call 214-979-1111.                 The State Fair of Texas       ior really is changing."        branes of the eyes, nose,
ton Bowl Stadium.                 chase a Regional Day Pass            To help accommodate           offers acres of lighted and           "The message is that        or mouth."
    Those passengers riding       for $7.50 ($10 starting Octo-    the expected large crowds         secured parking off Haskell       people are getting the              "Whether it's cold and
DART Rail and the Trinity         ber 1). The fares are good for   before and after the games,       west of Dolphin Road -- eas-      message," said Nancy            flu season or baseball sea-
Railway Express (TRE) to          trains or buses or both.         DART is adding light rail         ily accessible from I-30.         Bock, ACI Vice President        son, handwashing is a no-
downtown Dallas can trans-        Passes are available at Ticket   and buses and TRE trains          Parking is $15. The service       of Consumer Education.          brainer," said ACI's
fer easily to the Green Line:     Vending Machines located at      (service varies by event).        operates continuously from        "Between mom's com-             Nancy Bock. "Washing
Southbound Red and Blue           all DART and TRE stations.           No matter which travel        10 a.m. to midnight on Sat-       mon sense advice and the        with soap and water for
Line passengers transfer at           Fair highlights this year    option you choose, be sure to     urdays and from 10 a.m. to        recent pandemic scare,          20 seconds or more is a
Pearl Station; Northbound         include three Saturdays of       allow plenty of travel time so    10 p.m. on Sundays. Note:         people now seem to real-        simple way to stay
Red and Blue Line passen-         college football in the Cotton   you do not miss a minute of       The Big Tex Express does          ize the importance of           healthy. And if you're out
gers transfer at Akard Sta-       Bowl.                            the action.                       not run to Tarrant County.        when and how you wash           and about, hand sanitizers
tion; and TRE passengers              DART has created spe-            The trip doesn’t end with         Advance discount State        your hands."                    or hand wipes are good al-
transfer to the Green Line at     cial web pages for each          the final whistle, so DART is     Fair of Texas tickets with a          "Although we are            ternatives for keeping
Victory Station.                  game with detailed informa-      working with State Fair staff     DART Pass are available for       happy about the latest re-      your hands clean."
    Special connections are       tion about the additional        to make the post-game de-         $16 at a participating            sults, there is still work to
planned for Saturday, Octo-       service to help fans plan        parture and wait smo-other.       Kroger.

MORTGAGES, continued from Page 1
loan against your home that       much money is really             three ways: a lump sum,           quests involving the prop-       lender, prospective borrow-      cantly impact the senior’s
allows you to turn that           needed, keeping in mind          monthly payments or a line        erty will represent what is      ers are advised to gain a        ability to pass down their
home value into cash with-        that the interest will accrue    of credit that is tapped on an    still remaining after the loan   clear and full understanding     home to the next genera-
out selling the property. Un-     over time. With a fixed-rate     ‘as needed’ basis.                is fully paid.                   of the loan’s rights and re-     tion, many older homeown-
like a regular “forward”          interest rate, the likelihood        Borrowers should also              In many instances, it is    sponsibilities.                  ers may want to discuss
mortgage that requires            is that borrowers will pay       be aware that following           not financially feasible for         Since a reverse mort-        their options with trusted
monthly payments, a re-           more over the life of the        closing on a reverse mort-        heirs to repay the loan and      gage is a complex financial      family members or friends.
verse mortgage requires           loan.                            gage, they are allowed three      retain the dwelling. As a re-    product that can signifi-
payment when either the               Reverse mortgage loans       business days to cancel the       sult, these heirs will be

                                                                                                                                       UNCF, continued from Page 6
borrower passes away, or          also require borrowers to        loan. Only written cancella-      forced to sell the home.
moves away and no longer          pay high up-front costs. The     tions are accepted and may             In sum, reverse mort-
lives in the home continu-        origination fee alone can be     take the form of a letter, fax,   gages can be a helpful tool
ously for a year.                 up to $6,000.                    or telegram.                      for cash-poor and home eq-        dren’s education. The           the Andrew W. Mellon
    However, should the               Additionally, closing            Many consumer advo-           uity-rich older Americans.        credit crunch still keeps       Foundation and Lowe’s—
borrower fail to maintain         costs will apply and a mort-     cates urge such borrowers         However, they should be           private student loans off       have given CESA chal-
the property, or fail to pay      gage insurance premium           to hand deliver the written       used only after careful con-      the market. And students        lenge grants—donations
property taxes or insurance,      (MIP,) typically costing two     notification within the allot-    sideration of each bor-           still come up short of the      that UNCF matches,
the lender may recall the         percent of the home value.       ted time. Should the cancel-      rower’s circumstances and         funds they need to cover        again effectively doubling
loan and require payment          MIPs prevent borrowers           lation be mailed or faxed, it     alternative options.              tuition and room and            the donation. All of them
immediately.                      from ever owing more than        should be done before mid-             Anyone considering a         board balances.                 help a graduating senior
    Prospective borrowers         the home is worth.               night of the third business       reverse mortgage would be              Individuals, corpora-      complete the final year of
must decide between an ad-            The federal Truth-in-        day.                              well-advised to first seek        tions and foundations can       their college education.
justable interest rate or a       Lending Act requires                 But make no mistake.          advice from a HUD-certi-          help thousands of stu-              To help keep kids in
fixed one. Fixed interest         lenders to make a full dis-      This transaction is a loan        fied housing counselor.           dents finish this academic      college, send a donation
rates are only available to       closure on the total annual      and must be repaid. Once               These counselors typi-       year by contributing to         today. Send your gift to
borrowers who receive the         cost of loans (TALC).            the borrower passes or is no      cally provide advice with-        the Campaign For Essen-         the UNCF office at 501
principal in one lump sum.        Knowing a lender’s TALC          longer in the home, the re-       out cost. Independent coun-       tial Student Aid. Many          Elm Street, Suite 700,
    Borrowers preferring          will provide consumers the       verse mortgage is due.            seling before closing is a re-    companies match their           Dallas, TX 75202 or call
monthly payments or a line        ability to comparison shop           The loan must be paid         quirement for any HUD-in-         employees’ donations,           972-234-1007.
of credit will face an ad-        and factually determine the      in full along with all appli-     sured reverse mortgage. To        doubling the support for            For more information
justable rate loan. In decid-     better loan.                     cable interest and any fees       review a list of certified        these deserving college         visit www.uncf.org and
ing which is the better type          Once the loan is closed,     deferred from the front end       counselors by state, visit the    seniors. Other compa-           click on Campaign for
of rate, borrowers should         reverse mortgage borrowers       of the loan. In the event of a    HUD web at hud.gov .              nies, like ExxonMobil,          Essential Student Aid.
seriously consider just how       access the monies in one of      borrower’s death, any be-              Before contacting a
12 | September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette
 www.NorthDallasGazette.com                                                                                  Contact 972-509-9049 for Career Opportunity Advertising

    THE UN-COMFORT ZONE:                                                                                            TWC program helps
    Keeping The Ball Rolling                                                                                    employers cut hiring costs,
                                                                                                                 puts Texans back to work
BY ROBERT EVANS WILSON, JR.       is the point at which suc-       who spins plates on top of
NDG SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR           cess begins to come easily.      poles – rushing from one
    I know an advertising         Business veterans jokingly       plate to the next to keep
agency owner who never            refer to it as having, “paid     them spinning.                                   (NDG Wire) Texas Back            Work is not only providing      information is available at
fully takes a vacation. He        my dues.”                            Years ago when I first                   to Work has surpassed a              job opportunities, income       w w w. t w c . s t a t e
takes his family to                                                         started        giving               milestone by helping more            and training for thousands      .tx.us/svcs/txback2work/txb

                            The best thing about
fairly exotic loca-                                                         speeches, a sea-                    than 5,000 individuals se-           of newly hired employees;       ack2work.html. TWC’s 28
tions, but never so                                                         soned professional                  cure employment to date,             it’s also helping small busi-   local workforce develop-

                             Momentum is that
alien that they are                                                         speaker advised me,                 the Texas Workforce Com-             nesses, growing our econ-       ment boards provide em-
outside the reach of                                                        “It took me ten                     mission (TWC) announced              omy, and saving Texas tax-      ployers with workforce re-

                              once you get it,
modern communi-                                                             years to quit sweat-                today. Funded by the Texas           payers money in the             cruitment assistance, pre-
                                                                                                                Legislature and supported            process.”                       screening of qualified appli-
                            motivation becomes
cation.                                                                     ing cash flow, but
    In other words,                                                         even so, it is still all            by Lt. Gov. David De-                     To date, 5,184 individu-   cants and training programs.
                                                                                                                whurst, the initiative pro-          als have secured jobs with      More than 1.8 million cus-
he is never further                                                         about non-stop mar-
than a cell phone                                                           keting.” In other                   vides up to $2,000 in wage           1,511 employers who have        tomers were served in more
call or email away.                                                         words: maintaining                  subsidies to Texas employ-           received wage subsidies for     than 240 workforce centers
He checks in with                                                           Momentum.                           ers per qualified new-hire           hiring qualified out-of-work    across Texas last year.
the office several                                                              For a growing                   employee. Qualified indi-            Texans.                              Employers also are en-
times a day – much to the              In short, Momentum is       company, Momentum is the                     viduals include those who                 “Texas Back to Work is     couraged to take advantage
chagrin of his family who         an accumulation of ac-           point where you have done                    are currently receiving or           one tool in TWC’s arsenal to    of       WorkInTexas.com,
want him to be fully en-          quired knowledge, skill, ex-     enough advertising, mar-                     have received Unemploy-              help qualified Texans re-       TWC’s online job matching
gaged in the holiday at           perience and connections.        keting, public relations, net-               ment Insurance benefits              enter the workforce,” said      website where more than
hand.                             And, those who understand        working, customer service,                   within the last year.                TWC Chairman Tom                250,000 employers already
    So, he ends up sneaking       it... also know it can be        and so forth that business                       “I’m pleased to see this         Pauken. Employers can           are registered to post job
off under the guise of visit-     fragile and easily lost.         begins to flow.                              innovative new program               sign up for Texas Back to       openings and find great em-
ing the restroom, or going             Sales professionals who         It is the point where you                helping so many Texans get           Work by contacting their        ployees. Visit WorkInTexas
to the bar for a cocktail, in     have achieved Momentum                                                        back to work,” said Lt. Gov.         local workforce develop-        at w ww.twc.state.tx.us
order to connect with his         will tell you that you must                   See ZONE, Page 15               Dewhurst. “Texas Back to             ment boards. Local contact      /jobs/job.html
staff, a client or a prospect.    pursue a number of activi-
His wife and kids aren’t          ties to generate sales leads:                                                                                           Advertising Account Manager
fooled; they just sigh and        phone calls, emails, sales                                                                                                           Needed Immediately
accept the inevitable.            letters, networking events,                                                                                         Must be
     I used to think he was a     etc.                                           Attention Suppliers of Goods,                                        •   A good telemarketer
control freak – someone                You keep it up building                                                                                        •   Willing and able to cold call effectively
who couldn’t let go and let       dozens, then hundreds of                                                                                            •   Have reliabletransportation
                                                                                  Services and Construction
someone else take over –          leads at a time. Then to                      Review Competitive Opportunities at                                   •   Skilled in MS Wordand Excel
until I came to understand        convert those leads to sales                          www.bidsync.com                                               •   Able to demonstrate good people skills
the concept of Momentum.          you keep following up on                                                                                            •   Able to work in Plano and surrounding areas
    In science, Momentum          each of them in a timely                                                                                                Interested candidates should email resume to

is equal to Mass times Ve-        fashion.                                                        972-205-2415                                                 publisher@northdallasgazette.com
locity. Or just think of In-           Meanwhile, you are still

                                                                                                                                                       GRAPHIC ARTIST
diana Jones in Raiders of         maintaining all the activi-
the Lost Ark running as fast      ties that continue to gener-
as he can out of the tunnel       ate leads. So between gen-
while that huge stone ball        erating leads, following up
                                                                                                                                                             Small Community Newspaper
rolls faster and faster after     on leads, then turning leads
him.                              into sales, you begin to feel
    In business, Momentum         like the guy in the circus                                                                                                     looking for a partime
                                                                                                                                                                 student graphic artist.
Jump start your business
                                                                                 DO YOU WANT AN EXCITING
                                                                                  AND REWARDING CAREER?
                                                                                                                                                              Prefer student (intern) that's
  at CCBCC workshop                                                                                                                                         available on a per project basis.
                                                                      PURSUE A CAREER AS A POLICE OFFICER OR FIREFIGHTER!

                                                                                                                                                               Must have knowledge of
                                                                                             • Competitive wages
     (NDG Wire) Business          business owners consider the
                                                                                                                                                             Quark and Indesign software.
                                                                                              • Array of benefits
owners who are unsure what        key question what does their                            • Education incentive pay
it takes to succeed are invited   business offer that the market
                                                                                                                                                                   Work will be done
                                                                                                • . . . and more
to attend the Collin County       wants. Also, they will exam-
Black Chamber of Com-             ine if their marketing efforts                          SIGN UP TO TAKE
                                                                                     THE CITY OF IRVING’S NEXT
                                                                                                                                                                   at company office.
                                                                                                                                                               Must be professional and
merce workshop on Septem-         are effective.
ber 25 from 8:30 a.m. to              Guests are asked to                          CIVIL SERVICE ENTRANCE EXAM.
noon. The workshop will be        RSVP by Saturday, Septem-                       CALL (972) 721-2532 TO REGISTER.
                                                                                                                                                             dependable. Fax resumes to:
held at Reel Thing Catfish in
                                  ber 18 by calling Shelia
                                  Jones at 469-424-0120 or via
                                                                                                                                                              972-509-9058, or email to:
                                                                     The City of Irving does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion,

     Monica Cornetti will         email at sjones@ejesinc
                                                                           age, or disability in employment or the provision of services.

lead the workshop and help        .com.

                                                                                                                                                          September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette | 13
 Church Happenings                                                                                                                              www.NorthDallasGazette.com
   AVENUE F CHURCH                    972-480-0200                 Allen, TX 75013               You’re invited to our             437-3493, Ext. 153 for de-          972-423-6695
  OF CHRIST IN PLANO                                                972-359-9956                 Women Ministry Retreat.           tails.                            www.smbcplano.org
     Every Wednesday             EIRENE CHRISTIAN                  www.fbcallen.org              Call the church for details.           Dr. Leslie W. Smith,
Join us for Wednesday          FELLOWSHIP CHURCH                                                        September 18,                      Senior Pastor              THE NEW LIGHT
Morning Bible Study at              Each Wednesday,                FIRST BAPTIST                        9 a.m.-12 p.m.              1010-1020 S. Sherman St.                CHURCH
10:30 a.m.; Prayer, Praise,              7:30 p.m.                      CHURCH                   Join us in our Marriage with         Richardson, TX 75081           September 16, 7 p.m.
Songs, Fellowship, Bible       Join us each Wednesday for       OF HAMILTON PARK                 a Mission Class.                          972-437-3493          You’re invited to worship
Study and Worship at           our Midweek Bible Study.           “FIRST CHURCH”                   Pastor Robert Townsend                 www.ndcbf.org          with us as Prophetess
7 p.m.                                 Pastor Autry                     On Going                  11611 Webb Chapel Road                                         Michele Yancey from Turn-
    September 26, 7 a.m.         701 E. Centennial Blvd.           Each Wednesday,                    Dallas, TX 75229                    OPEN BIBLE             ing Point Temple in Dallas.
Join us for our Ladies           Richardson, TX 75081               6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.                     972-241-6151              FELLOWSHIP CHURCH             Attire: White or off-white
Prayer & Breakfast meeting             972-991-0200           Let your child or children           www.dallasmtpisgah.org             September 18, 6 p.m.       for the ladies.
at the IHOP, 933 N. Central       www.followpeace.org         join us for fun, fellowship                                          Join us for Caleb Dicking &           September 19
Expressway, Plano, TX                                         and Bible learning at our             NEW MOUNT ZION                 Friends In Concert as we      Join us with speaker Rev.
75075. Come fasting, if you          FELLOWSHIP               Annie Pearl Foster Children           BAPTIST CHURCH                 praise and worship God.       Marian Rabb at 11 a.m. At-
can, and have a thirst for             CHRISTIAN              Center in Room 238.                        OF DALLAS                      Pastor Don Wilson        tire for ladies is pink and
righteousness. Everyone is         CENTER CHURCH                 Pastor Gregory Foster,                    On Going                   2701 Briarwood Drive       black and at 3 p.m. Pastor
welcome. For details call               IN ALLEN                   300 Phillips Street           You are invited to visit our           Plano, TX 75074          Regina Burrell from Praise
Sis. Misty Rockwell at 214-            “THE SHIP”               Richardson, TX 75081             Job Resource Center on                    972-422-4248          Temple Evangelistic Church
244-1142 or Sis. Deadra                 On Going,                     972-235-4235               Tuesdays and Thursdays                                          in Desoto, TX. Attire for
Pete at 469-667-5865                   9 a.m.-4 p.m.                 www.fbchp.org               from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in           SAINT MARK MBC             ladies is pink and black.
 Brother Ramon Hodridge,             Monday – Friday                                             our Computer Training                   IN MCKINNEY             Shaun Rabb, Senior Pastor
           Minister            Prayer Lines for those in        INSPIRING BODY OF                Room in the Educational              September 18, 6 p.m.              9314 Elam Road
        1026 Avenue F          need are 972-649-0566 and          CHRIST CHURCH                  Building.                         You’re invited to our               Dallas, TX 75217
      Plano, TX 75074          972-649-0567.                    September 19, 7:30 a.m.             September 20, 10 a.m.          L.O.V.E Ministry Prayer               214-+391-3430
         972-423-8833               Wednesdays Only                     And 11 a.m.              Join us for Music Ministry        Meeting; hosted by Deacon       www.newlightchurch.com
 www.avefchurchofchrist.org    Come get your praise on in     You’re invited to our Sun-         Annual Day as we celebrate        Roderick & Sis. Vickie Win-
                               the middle of the week at      day Morning Worship Serv-          another year of serving God.      ston.                               WORD OF LIFE
         DAYSTAR               our Wednesday Night Live       ices.                                  Dr. Robert Price, Sr.             Dr. Charles Wattley              CHURCH OF
      DELIVERANCE              at our main campus @ 7            September 20, 7 p.m.                    Senior Pastor                    Senior Pastor               GOD IN CHRIST
       MINISTRIES              p.m.                           Join us for Monday School              9550 Shepherd Road                 1308 Wilcox Street       Every Tuesday & Thursday
          On Going               September 29, 6:30 p.m.      as we learn about, worship              Dallas, TX 75243                McKinney TX 75069          In September 2010 @ 7 pm
   9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.      Be challenged and read Pray    and praise God in our new                  214-341-6459                     972-542-6178           Join us for our anointed Pas-
Visit Helen’s House every      Big by Will Davis, Jr. to      facility.                                 www.nmzb.org                  www.saintmarkbc.com        toral Night and be encour-
Monday and Friday to           strengthen your prayer life                                                                                                       aged by Words from
receive, to give, to comfort   in BIG ways and join us in       Rickie G. Rush, D.D               NORTH DALLAS COM-                      SHILOH MBC              Heaven.
and most of all to fellow-     room E103-105 for a discus-          Senior Pastor                          MUNITY                          IN PLANO                 September 19, 4 p.m.
ship. The give-a-way of        sion on the book. Call the     7701 S. Westmoreland Rd.             BIBLE FELLOWSHIP                     Every Wednesday          You’re invited to our Bible
food, love and household       church for details.               Dallas, TX 75237                          CHURCH                     In September, 7 p.m.       College Graduation Cere-
items is given freely to all      Rev. W. L. Stafford, Sr.,         972-372-4262                      ON GOING HELP                You’re invited to our Mid-    mony with speaker Bishop
those who could use a little               M.Div.                 www.ibocjoy.org                God never expected us to          Week Service as we praise     Alfred D. Knight.
touch.                                 Senior Pastor                                             bear our burdens alone; our       and worship God for His             Dr. Gregory Voss,
       Pastor Minnie               305 N. Alder Drive, in          MT. PISGAH                    Stephen Ministers are ready       blessings.                            Senior Pastor
     Hawthorne-Ewing                 Allen for Sunday              MISSIONARY                    to provide emotional and             Dr. Isaiah Joshua, Jr.       2765 Trinity Mills Road
   635 W. Campbell Road             Morning Worship.            BAPTIST CHURCH                   spiritual care in all your tri-          Senior Pastor                  Building 300
          Suite 210                 Church Address is              “THE ROCK”                    als and tribulations when              920 E. 14th Street          Carrollton, TX 75006
   Richardson, TX 75080             200 Belmont Drive         September 17-19, All Day           you need them. Call 972-               Plano, TX 75074                  214-514-9147

                                                               The New Light Church

                                                                ENCOURAGING, EMPOWERING, EVANGELIZING
                                                               “Taste and see that the LORD is Good.”

                                                                           Sunday School 9:30AM
                                                                      Sunday Worship Service 11:00AM
                                                                   Thursday Night Live At The Light 7:00PM

                                                                      Come, Experience
                                                                         The Light!
                                                                 9314 Elam Rd. | Dallas, TX 75217

                                                                         Shaun Rabb, Senior Pastor

14 | September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette
www.NorthDallasGazette.com                                                                                                                    Sister Tarpley

                Unless the Lord Goes With Us

                                                                                              Young Miss Tyanna Donnise Lott with her Uncle Jar-
                                                                                              rell and Aunt Cleo Spann Tarpley at her grand-
                                                                                              mother’s birthday dinner.

                             ZONE, continued from Page 13
                             are garnering the precious      in all pursuits. Even when      next project that is already             tive and with people who
                             and often elusive word-of-      I am writing fiction there is   under way.                               want to think like innova-
                             mouth referrals. Momen-         always a certain point in a         Robert Evans Wilson,                 tors. For more information
                             tum is about building a rep-    novel that it takes on a life   Jr. is a motivational spe-               on Robert's programs visit
                             utation. Acquiring it, how-     of its own and demands my       aker and humorist. He                    www.jumpstartyourmeet-
                             ever, doesn’t mean you can      daily attention, energy and     works with companies that                ing.com.
                             taper off on your efforts...    focus until it is complete.     want to be more competi-
                             but it does mean that your           Unfortunately, nothing
                             efforts will become easier.     quite puts the brakes on
                                 The best thing about        Momentum like finishing a                                     Avenue F Church of Christ
                             Momentum is that once           book, or completing any                                         1026 Avenue F • Plano, TX 75074
                             you get it, motivation be-      other major task. The trick

                             comes self-perpetuating.        to avoid losing that Mo-

                             Momentum is energizing.         mentum is to begin another
                                                                                                                           Early Sunday Morning ...................8:00 am

                             It keeps you on your toes.      book or another task before
                                                                                                                           Sunday Bible Class.........................9:45 am

                             And, the rewards come           you complete the first one.
                                                                                                                           Sunday Morning Worship............10:45 am
                                                                                                                           Evening Worship ...........................3:00 pm
                             quickly and regularly.               Then you just shift
                                                                                                                           Wednesday Bible Class ..................7:00 pm

                                 I have found this to true   your energy over to the            Ramon Hodridge, Minister            Radio Program @ 7:30 am on
                                                                                                                                   KHVN 970 AM Sunday Mornings

                                                                                                               8:00am & 10:30am

                                                                                                   September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette | 15

  Neighborhoods networking                                                                      TEXT, continued from Page 11
     event September 18                                                                         male.
                                                                                                    Not surprisingly, teens
                                                                                                                              utes for 18-24 and 952
                                                                                                                              minutes a month for those
                                                                                                                                                             used, it ranks very low for
                                                                                                                                                             text messaging (the state
    (NDG Wire) Citizens          ous speakers as well as pro-    - Cynthia Gonzales, Crime      text the most, sending or     25-34 years old.)              has one of the highest me-
are invited to join the Neigh-   vide the opportunity for cit-   Watch Chair, Savoy of Josey    receiving an amazing 2,779        Location plays into        dian ages and older Ameri-
borhood Advisory Commis-         izens to build people-to-       Ranch; Fundraising – Susan     SMS messages a month. In      usage patterns as well.        cans text the least.) Missis-
sion and the City of Carroll-    people connections between      Campbell, Board Member,        the next two age brackets,    Southerners are the most       sippi, interestingly enough,
ton Community Services for       neighbors, neighborhoods        The Whitlock Warriors; and     text usage falls by more      talkative, but while Florida   ranks high for both talking
a Neighborhoods Network-         and commissioners for the       Neighborhood Beautifica-       than half each time, with     ranks high in terms of         and texting.
ing Event for Involved           Neighborhood Advisory           tion - Marilyn Roppolo,        those aged 18-24 sending      monthly voice minutes
Neighbors from 8:45 a.m. to      Commission. Neighborhood        Beautification Chair, Savoy    or receiving 1,299 mes-
noon on Saturday, Septem-        leaders will share successes    of Josey Ranch.                sages and those aged 25-34
ber 18 at Crosby Recreation      in their own neighborhoods,         Share what is working in   exchanging an average of
Center (1610 E. Crosby           followed by roundtable dis-     your neighborhood and          592 messages.
Road). The Commission and        cussions among participants.    enjoy a lively idea ex-            While the text usage
the City are coming together         Topics and Speakers:        change. For more informa-      varies greatly between
to create community within       Communications - Gary           tion, call Community Devel-    those 18-24 and those 25-
neighborhoods.                   Wooley, President, Oak          opment at 972-466-4299.        34, their voice usage is
    The event will host vari-    Hills ACORN; Crime Watch                                       quite close (981 voice min-

                  7:30 AM • 9:30 AM • 11:30 AM

16 | September 16 - 22, 2010 | North Dallas Gazette

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