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									Advantages of Home
Home schooling programs are formulated with keeping in minds
the learning needs and capabilities of children. It offers every
possible development you would want for your children. However,
home school Houston does not just stick to one program but pick
and choose the best from various programs.
Home schooling is considered as a challenging proposition by
many parents but they do not realize that the benefits of home
school Houston outweigh the challenges and obstacles out far.
Some of the benefits being,
1. You get to spend quality teaching time with your child
   and bond with them.
2. It gives the time freedom to kids. This ways they can
   have a better control on their daily schedule and take
   time out for the activities of their interest.
3. The teaching method caters to the child’s learning style
   so they can learn at their own pace.
4. Your child gets individual attention and do not have to
   compete for the time and attention with several other
5. Math tutoring Houston enforces a love for learning and
   strengthens the child’s abilities to learn on their own.
6. Home schooling has become more effective with
   advanced teaching methods particularly the Internet. It
   provides a vast source of knowledge like curriculums,
   lesson plans and guides.
With so many benefits of this type of programs,
there also comes some criticism and the greatest
being that such programs hamper the child’s
social growth as home schooled children tend to
be more isolated.
This is not the case with all children as studies
have proved that these children have excellent
social skills and also tend to do better
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