BoD 2007 - Ghent - Euprera by wangnianwu


									              Minutes Meeting of the Board of Directors
                     Minutes General Assembly
                       Ghent, March 17 2007
Participants: Anne-Marie Cotton – Serra Görpe – Sven Hamrefors - Paul Horsle - Inger Jensen –
Toni Muzi Falconi – Betteke van Ruler – Sue Wolstenholme – Phlip Young - Ansgar Zerfass
Excused: Günter Bentele – Emanuele Invernizzi - Julia Jahansoozi – Swaran Sandhu
Invited: Frank Martin Hein – Sonja Kleijne – Adela Rogojinaru - Jos Willems

     1. Welcome – Meeting Objectives – Presentation invited member
       I. Jensen welcomes the Members of the BoD and the Executive Members as well as
        the invited members.
       Because of time constraints the agenda is modified; topics E-News, Co-operations /
        PRime, and items under Miscellaneous will be discussed next meeting in Bled.
       F. Hein (new Euprera member) thanks the Board for being given the opportunity to
        present possible co-operation with IABC he is representing as … IABC has a
        research foundation to support projects worldwide, but in Europe there are no own
        resources. Therefore IABC Europe could be supportive towards research projects
        e.g. developed by Euprera members. F. Hein would be the facilitator and ‘voice’ to
        present Euprera’s project(s) to IABC worldwide. IABC is a networking association
        willing to enhance the profession and to get more visibility via research projects.
        Projects funded by IABC can be consulted on their site. A-M Cotton will contact
        IABC research manager located in Brussels to get more insights as well as
        guidelines for project proposals. Approximate research funding: 5.000 Euros.
       Next steps: contact with Ilze Raath: / report at core board meeting
        (London - April 28)

     2. Strategy
      Overall strategy
     S. Hamrefors presents possible implementations of the strategy approved in Carlisle last
 September (how to implement ‘Innovation’?).
     First concern: the mission statement on the Euprera website has nothing to do with the
 strategy approved in Carlisle. This has to be modified ASAP.
     Slogan has to be in line with ‘innovation’ and ‘PR’.
     Scouting issues and new areas: the Euroblog project is a perfect example for nourishing
 the association. There should be some formalisation to make sure that ideas coming up can
 be detected (scouted).
     Teasers: selected topics / items should be communicated to the membership to look at
 their reactions in order to create “new” projects. This also implies running the risk of non-
 acceptance (which is a right answer for detecting topics which really are new…).
             - Society needs innovative organizations
             - Innovation happens between people
             - Interaction between people requires communication

              Therefore communication should support innovation in organizations in a
              reflexive waya
          - It does this at its best when it is innovative
  Teaser part: some criticism aiming that this could sound as a “non academic approach”.



                         Scouting                                      Mission
                         Teasers                                      Slogans
                          News                                        Rhetoric

                   Initiate                                                 Convey

  Strategically: Euprera must be good in showing results to prove going innovative is the
  right strategy. Euroblog2007 Symposium is a perfect illustration of what members can
  achieve by being ‘innovative’.

  Key words to find “new” ways to question the ‘truth’ are:
         - innovation
         - network
         - best practice
         - stimulate creative teaching and learning & co-creation
         - being reflective on implications of research on education

        Discussion: how to implement? Discussion to be continued (on-going) based on
         project proposals.
        Brochure: text (S. Wolstenholme, P. Young, AM Cotton) to be presented next
         meeting (Bled). Rationale: complement to the website and easy to disseminate.

      3. Projects
EuroBlog2006/2007: –
  -     Symposium Ghent, March 15-17, 2007: A. Zerfass presents new developments
        based on the strategy.
       Lessons learned from Euroblog 2006 + 2007

Topic (Social Media, Weblogs)
- attractive for part of the membership only
   broader topic might involve more members

      Reflexivity and responsibility should be part of this concept

Survey (online questionnaire, European focus)
- operationalised by three members
- limited support from the membership in 2006, even less in 2007
         broader topic might give members the chance to use a joint survey for their
research questions

Symposium (Stuttgart ‘06, Ghent ‘07)
- fits Euprera organisational needs (BoD meeting, GA meeting with approval of budget)
- attractive for local organizers (international conference, reasonable workload)
- attractive for members outside the „inner circle“
(reasonable registration fee /vs. Bled; smaller group /vs. annual conference)
- attracts new members and builds new relationships
(majority of speakers were non-members, some decided to join Euprera)
          format offers lot of benefits for members, organizers and Euprera

   Proposal I: „The New PR“ Symposium – a platform for fresh thinking
Broadening the thematic scope of the symposium makes it more attractive for
organizers and members

- „The New PR Symposium“ by Euprera and [local organiser]
- Specific topic should by defined within this range;
        social web etc. might be part of it, but scope can be adjusted according to
developments of the field; more specific than Bled/Annual Conference
- March of each year
- Interactive and pragmatic format (up to 50 participants, up to 100 EUR registration fee,
affordable for fresh-thinking junior researchers as well as for established colleagues)
- Organised by Euprera member or member‘s organisation (attractive for members who
won‘t be able to organise an annual conference)
- Venue and organiser to be decided upon approx. 9 month before (Bled BoD meeting)
 Activating members and potential members, esp. next generation

The members of the BoD as well as the Executive members unanimously approve the
concept of this first proposal.
Label “New PR” to be discussed and defined by next meeting (Bled).
Embedding this symposium in the yearly organisation supports the construction of the
production process. Addressing issues at a very early stage of conceptual development
could also feed future congresses.
Project team 2007: A. Zerfass, Ph. Young, S.Sandhu, AM Cotton
To be enlarged by the organiser of the Symposium 2008 (minimum enlargement)
Next steps: call to the membership – information to be forwarded (e-News April)
The University of Bourgogne (Dijon, France) shows some interest in possibly organising the
2008 symposium. This year 12 of their MA students (MASCII) attended the Symposium.

   Proposal II: European Communication Monitor - a survey attractive for each
A survey dealing with overall trends in public relations makes it more attractive for
members (and participants)


      See appendix 2 – pp. 15-16

- „European Communication Monitor“,
- Online survey; direct mails to > 20.000 PR professionals in major EU countries and
spread of the word within branch magazines, branch associations etc.
- Topics: recent PR trends (functions, instruments, topics), European challenges (changing
media structure), specific topic e. g. CSR
- Project developed by University of Leipzig, first survey (May 2007) will be supported and
financed by sponsor Directnews AG
- Project might be used as a collaborative platform for Euprera:
        - BoD: approve and publicize project, will be labelled as „supported by Euprera“
- 2-3 voluntary Euprera members: participate in advisory board (questionnaire etc.)
- every Euprera member: may engage, propose questions from his/her own research, join
the project team for future surveys
 Activating members, giving them the chance to integrate their own research
 questions and providing them with trend data for their education/consulting

The members of the BoD as well as the Executive members unanimously approve the
concept of this second proposal and thank A. Zerfass and the University of Leipzig for
opening this project to Euprera members to activate Euprera’s membership.
Since the first questionnaire is to be finalised by mid-April, there won’t be a large call for
participation this time.
Project team: A. Zerfass, B. van Ruler, S. Hamrefors and A. Rogojinaru
Frame: same topics to be asked year after year (longitudinal / omnibus survey) + specific
European challenges giving it a European flavour + 1 to 3 specific questions (new topics /
trends) to be linked to the (next) annual congress or symposium (if relevant) or to members’
research project(s) (= members’ activation).
Project to be presented to IABC Europe for possible funding (2008)

    Proposal III: EuroBlog publication - demonstrating that joint efforts show results
EuroBlog research may be used to demonstrate how Euprera facilitates public
relations research

- using a book publication as a „traditional“ vehicle
- documenting the academic work delivered through both conferences and surveys
- take-home benefit for each Euprera member (200 books, one sent to each member)
- „Markets as conversations. Using Social Media in Public Relations and Communication
Management – Concepts and Case Studies“, ed. by Ansgar Zerfass, Philip Young, Swaran
Sandhu, Sunderland University Press 2007, approx. 200 pp., 29.- EUR (500 ex.)
- Forewords by President Euprera and CEO Observer Group (sponsor)
- approx. 12 articles based on Ghent and Stuttgart presentations plus call for papers
organised by the editors (all Euprera members, selected researchers in the field)
- costs: 3.300 EUR (printing) + 700 EUR (sending 140 books to members) = 4.000 EUR
- financing: 1.900 EUR sponsoring + income Stuttgart symposium + 2.000 EUR
(40 participants x 50 EUR) income Ghent symposiumc = approx. 3.900 EUR
 Supporting a joint activity by members and using it to motivate followers

The members of the BoD as well as the Executive members unanimously approve the
concept of this third proposal as well as its financial cost since there is a specific budget
allocation for projects of this kind.

      Arteveldehogeschool agreed to sponsor Euroblog 2007 by offering 50 EUR per paying participant

   - Other possible research proposals or co-operations
1) Related to the Symposium : B. Chapelain (Paris 12) : J'essaie pour mieux analyser et
comprendre les dispositifs sémio-cognitifs de certaines communautés littéraires (dont les blogs) sur
Internet, d'utiliser des concepts qui viennent e.a. de la communication organisationnelle
(communautés de pratique, organisation apprenante.., ) et de l'anthropologie cognitive (intelligence
collective..). Pour l'Euroblog 2008 je pourrai peut-être proposer un texte dans ce sens: en quoi
certains concepts comme l'intelligence collective peuvent aider à l'analyse et à l'utilisation des blogs
de PR, de com’ interne et externe.
Possible co-operation with IBM (P. Borremans: support on survey – proposal I)
2) Epistomology:
Proposal how to enhance French participation into Euprera: by V. Carayol
To be presented and discussed in Bled

      4. Congress strategy
Scenario for congress organisation:
 On the website
 How to pass on the knowledge & expertise? Proposal E. Invernizzid
E. Invernizzi forwarded a very exhaustive manual with the successive strategic and
organisational steps to be followed when organising the annual Euprera congress.
The members of the BoD thank him and his team for this valuable support which will be
completed by the previous congress organisers and will be used as reference by the future
congress organisers.

       a. Congress 2007 Roskilde/Lunde
  a. Background: LOKE (new Nordic research network on public relations: L(egitimacy),
      O(rganisation), C(ommunication), E(thics)), organises an international conference in the
      Autumn of 2007, and furthermore a bi-national venue: The universities of Roskilde (Denmark)
      and of Lund (Sweden). Meetings with the main venue, professional and social structure, search
      for sponsors, further developments on the theme (The Interrelation between Societal
      Coordination and Organisational Legitimisation).
  b. Preliminary programme: Roskilde responsible for conference: contents, arrangements
     for accommodation, conference venue in Denmark etc) - and in Lund 1 day congress.
     We drive from Roskilde to Lund Saturday morning (about 1 hour to drive to Lund,
     across the impressive Øresund bridge), and return in the evening
  c. Papers’ review: Overall theme is “interrelation between organisations and societies:
     responsibilities, legitimacy and its process, position of PR/communication in this
     perspective. Submission: from 44 to 36 abstracts accepted. Reasons for rejecting
     papers (8) are methodology (poor or not explained) and link to subject (not obvious).
  d. Programme: by April – Followed by PhD Summer School (30/09 – 03/10) / to be
     forwarded ASAP
  e. Communication & registration
  f. Proceedings

       b. Congress 2008 Milanf
            a. Theme: Institutionalisation = importance of PR (sociology) and Corporate
               Communication (Business) and Sub themes: are agreed
            b. General organisation: co-ordinator E. Invernizzi & T. Muzi Falconi. E.
               Invernizzi will contact PRime. Key note speakers at the discretion of the
               congress organiser (must be relevant to the theme, presenting an analytical
               perspective on the subject). T. Muzi Falconi announces that 2/3 of the
               sponsoring already is confirmed.

    Appendix 3: pp. 17 – 32
    Appendix 5: pp. 36 - 37
    Appendix 4: pp. 33 - 35

            c. Deadlines: 1 amendment re. deadline full papers (June 1rst)
            d. Call for papers: are agreed – 1 amendment re. title of I. Jensen (congress co-
               ordinator could mislead people looking for information and contacting her
               instead of the Italian organizers).
            e. Programme: from Thursday till Saturday (ending with Euprera GA) / To be
               forwarded ASAP. T. Muzi Falconi informs the BoD that they will ask Sandra
               McLeod to do a survey re. the vision of CEO on PR
            f. Next steps: Documents on website + Brochures to be distributed in Roskilde.

      c. Congress 2009
  a. Proposal: theme and sub themes presented by A. Rogojinaru
  She first situates the 2007 conference (June 1-2) in co-operation with ECREA on the
  Fundamentals of Organisational Communication: Current trends and perspectives.
  The 2009 Annual Congress would deal with the theme ‘Corporate Citizens of the Third
  Millennium: current trends in European PR and Corporate Affairs’
  Main topics:
 Corporate reputation and social responsibility
 Business environment and investment in education and research
 PR scientific impact in support of business competitiveness
 Trends in European PA (panel of experts)
 Other (free papers) not related to the theme
  b. Timing: Bucharest, 23-26 September 2009
  c. Location: Faculty of Letters in partnership with other interested faculties (Journalism
      and Communication Sciences) and other national associations
  d. Call for papers: successive calls (approx. 3 times)
The members of the BoD unanimously approve the proposal. A. Rogojinaru is formally
invited to join the BoD meetings in order to be optimally involved and learn from the 2007
and 2008 congress organisers.
Next steps:
Defining sub-themes in co-operation with I. Jensen
Discussing the possible co-operation with ECREA (in Bled)

      d. Congress 2003 Tallinn (Ghent)
    2003 Congress papers: Proceedings on PDF-format: list & mailing to participants: status

      e. Congress 2004 Leipzig
   congress publication (proceedings): ?

      f. Congress 2005 Lisbon
   congress publication: March 2007 (paper version and CD-Rom version)

      g. Congress 2006 Carlisle
   congress publication: proposal format and timing
   evaluation (“learning process”): J. Jahansoozi advises our IULM colleagues to have more time
between when the full papers are submitted and when the feedback goes out regarding which papers
are accepted. Maybe they (UCLan) were unlucky but from the deadline of 15th April she struggled to
get feedback out about the papers acceptance by the 21st she thinks IULM colleagues are
cutting it a bit fine! They have only six weeks approx, which may seem like a lot, but in reality the
reviewers are busy with their work, plus I. Jensen needs time to co-ordinate the feedback and make
sure the standard is ok.
 Status:

  Budget:                                -£                           11,035.68
  Expenditure Complete:                   £                           15,586.98
  Expenditure Committed:                  £                                  -
  Total Expenditure:                      £                           15,586.98
  Funds Available:                        £                            4,551.30
So UCLAN had a deficit of £4,551.30

2. Feedback from participants:
The Conference Services Unit received 35 completed evaluations forms in total. Here is the
evaluation summary:

                             Poor    Unsatisfactory    Satisfactory    Good      Very       Excellent
 Pre-conference                      3                 1               8         15         8
 Conference materials        1                         3               14        13         4
 Conference content                                    4               12        18         1
 Keynote speaker                     2                 5               11        13         1
 Panel sessions                                        6               13        14         1
 Plenary sessions                                      7               14        13         1
 Parallel paper                      1                 3               15        14         1
 Conference venue            1       1                 14              11        6

                         Poor    Unsatisfactory   Satisfactory    Good      Very        Excellent
 Level of customer                                10              12        10          2
 Catering                5       8                10              7         1
 Conference dinner (if   1       6                4               8         5           2
 Conference              1                        9               6         4           2
 entertainment (if
 Value of conference                              3               13        18

Overall, delegates were satisfied, however I have to say the catering was absolutely awful
(lunch in particular – I couldn’t face lunch on the second day)!
Presenters were given the option to submit their papers to the Journal of Management
Development or to the Journal of Communication Management (for its May issue
specifically) as both journals were very interested in the papers. I do not know if any of the
del have done this or not. Presenters were also advised that they could post their paper on
the member area of the EUPRERA website when that was working (and they received the
login details).

    5. Jos Willems Awards
      Winners 2006: posting abstracts (website)
      Entries: Ba + MA / status – S. Wolstenholme complains about too few entries. She
       will send a reminder to AM Cotton to be forwarded to the „best contacts“ (same
       situation as last year).
      Planning review process

           J.W. Communication Strategy 2007-2008: proposal (in Bled)

        6. Doctoral dissertation award
           The BoD members approved the embedding of the G. Thiele award within the
            Euprera Awards as a Euprera PhD Award (to be publicised with Euprera visual
           Implications: promotion of the Euprera – G. Thiele PhD Award by Euprera (to be
            determined) / bi-lingual dimension (English – German).
           This award is “a” Euprera PhD award (not “the” PhD award) to maintain the
            opportunity to other bi-lingual PhD awards under the auspices of Euprera (French
            initiatives: SFIC).
           Members of the Jury: Günter Bentele – Benno Signitzer – Jakkoo Lethonen
           First PhD award: Roskilde, September 2007.
           First evaluation: 2010

        7. PhD-project
  Aims and objectives: since PhD-students feel isolated because of too few PhD-
   programmes on PR, the aim is to invite PhD-students via their supervisors to create a
   network. One first objective could consist of the organisation of a PhD summer school
   (summer 2006); a second could be to organise mutual exchange of approaches and
   subjects. A possible –physical- platform could be the Euprera congress.
 Co-ordination: I. Jensen (project she initiated at the Milano congress in 2000.
  Next steps: initial discussion (involvement of the Euprera membership) & proposal –
    financial support from Euprera
  Communication strategy: proposal to be posted on the website
  Timing: 30/09 – 03/10

        8. Approval of the Minutes of the BoD and G.A. in Carlisle (September, 2006)
           Minutes of the BoD and Minutes of the GA in Carlisle are unanimously approved.

        9. Activity reports / GA Meeting
Documents: Account 2006 & Budgets 2007 & 2008 g
   9.1. Financial audit 2006
    Presentation figures: AM Cotton explains the 2006 balance. The BoD members
       decide to determine a transparent system re. nature of costs to be covered by
    Reports external auditorsh : both external auditors, J. Niznik and J. Duarte approve
       the 2006 balance. Both have some interesting improvements which will be
       presented during next BoD meeting in addition to the outcomes of the Core Board
       meeting (end of April).
    Conclusion: the members of the BoD and the Executive Members approve the
       2006 balance.
   9.2. Budget 2007: current situation & comments are approved.
   9.3. Budget 2008: proposal presented by AM Cotton is approved.
   The official approvals will be communicated to the Euprera membership. The figures will
   be presented to the Euprera members at the second General Assembly in Roskilde.
   9.4. Executive Members: the Executive Members want to have their period of duty
   First elections were in November 2005 (GA Lisbon) to approve the financial balance of
   2005 and 2006 (before June 30). The Executive Members were not told for how long

        See appendix 1: p. 11-14
        See appendix 8: pp. 41-42

    they would serve.
    Executive Members are legally defined and therefore officially registered. Each time
    names change, this must be communicated to the Belgian Official Journal (Moniteur
    The BoD will have to take a decision next meeting re. the period of duty (2 or 3 years) in
    order to inform the membership if new elections will take place in Roskilde.

     10. Membership
       Approval / ratification of new Euprera membersi: all are approved
       Status paymentsj: current status – reminders – congress fee.
       Membership information on website for members only – in Bled

     11. Website
       New site status & developments: What’s on? What’s different? The current website
        still is too static and too complicated to use (too few user-friendly). It requires a
        webmanager where was decided to move to shared responsibilities as content is
        concerned (each member responsible for his/her posts)
       Log in & password were personally communicated via e-mail after information at the
        GA and in several e-News
       Evaluation: members don’t use these functions, forget the data, don’t know how to
        use it, don’t post and as a result don’t consult the site.
       Although the IITA colleagues developed a tool based on software that seemed to be
        adequate and responding to the needs, it is difficult to implement it on a daily base.
        The decision is unanimously taken to look for a web-designer closer geographically.
       Interaction will be much more a key word. AM Cotton will contact E. Koper first to
        evaluate the possibilities. Ph. Young will also explore different options. All ideas are
        welcome. Membership consultation could be required.
       Final decision to be taken in Bled.

     12. Co-operation strategy & projects (with other organisations) / Ghent
    12.1.   BledCom: agreement is undersigned
    12.2.   ECREA: Co-operation? Next meeting
    Associate institutional members: the association may confer the status of associate
    institutional member upon organizations, which are legally established in their country of origin
    and whose aims are connected with those of the Association. An Associate member has no vote.
    Their membership fee is 0 EUR.
    More information about ECREA at
    ECREA's GS Annaleena Ylinen:
    We cordially encourage you to join ECREA and the emerging community of European
    communication researchers and educators. François Heinderyckx, President / Pertti Hurme, vice-
    12.3. Global Alliance: improvement
    Dear Anne-Marie,
    Having now spoken with the GA web-master, I believe she was not aware of such agreement
    between GA and Euprera.
    I have now briefed her, and she will be more then happy to publish further communications from
    you from now on.
    Hope this helps. With best wishes,
    Fabrizio Falzarano / Public Affairs Officer (diversity & international) CIPR

    See appendix 6 - 7, p. 40
    See appendix , p. 34

    12.4.   IPRA: updating Gold Paper 4 & 7 on PR Education / no action to take
    12.5.   SPRI: In the near future I'm interested to renew our long lasting cooperation. The
            form has to be discussed (sponsoring web or an event or...). Christoph Ottiger
    12.6.   Co-operation strategy: Strategy sponsorship - sponsoring: next meeting. To
            be determined:
Definition (being sponsored / sponsor other events)
Delimitation (do’s & don’t) / Ethics / Return (+ ROI)
Responsible / Communication
Financial proposal:
In Bled, we talked about possible website sponsors / e-News sponsors...
E. Koper proposed 1.500 euro per year for main sponsors on the website (incl. mention down the
pages of e-News)...
We agreed that the E-News won’t content ‘commercial information’. But it could be ‘sponsored’. What
about 150 euro (per issue)? This is about 0,25 euro per contact.

    13. PRIME
       Co-operation strategy: undersigned
       Congresses 2007 and 2008: co-operation
       JW Awards 2007/2008: to be defined how PRime could support the JWA
       Status: no response from emailing Prime

    14. EduInfo
       Structure database & input & update: online
       Communication to the membership (AMC)
       Evaluation

    15. EUPRERA Online News
       EUPRERA Online News: status and planning 2007 (number of issues)
       integration e-News in the website: members’ only portal
       Status: some comments are related to the use of the website
In the past year we’ve had six issues of the e-newsletter, so approximately every eight weeks or so
and there is no shortage of information that members want us to promote / circulate. The Global
Alliance is once again happy to disseminate our info (congresses, etc) if we do the same – last year
there was a hiccup in this cooperation, so it is rather nice it is resolved.
The news items also get posted on the website. I do not know how to post pdfs so that images are
displayed…I’m sure it is very easy but I’ve spent hours and hours (so has Anne-Marie) and cannot
seem to connect the image with the appropriate piece – in fact the image just doesn’t appear. We’ve
asked and asked Jude / Kenneth but so far no help on this.

    16. Next meetings of the BoD
Timing: April 28, 2007 / Venue: London (Core BoD)
Timing: July 5 / 8, 2007/ Venue: Bled
Timing: September 27, 2007 + G.A. 29/09 / Venue: Roskilde (before the congress)
Timing: spring 2008 (in conjunction with Symposium 2008)

    17. Miscellaneous: next meeting
       Honorary membership Charles van der Straeten Waillet
       Insurance Euprera
       Tehran congress: December 2006 (B. van Ruler) – December 2007
       PR Contest for Students in Poland (


Appendix 1:
Budget 2004                           In: 5.949,53 €
Income                         Real                    Outcome                            Real
Membership                                             Bank costs                           143,90€
 Individual (35)                220,00 € (2003)       Office                             3.976,37€
 Institutional (60)           13.994,24 € (2004)      Administration                     4.800,00 €
                                1.536,00 € (2005)      Accountancy SW                       660,00 €
                                                       Promotional activities             2.286,86 €
Refund old website                 50,82 €             Website + Online News                416,49 €
Bank interests                      1,52 €             Survey                               150,00 €
TOTAL:                         15.802,58 €             EPRN                                 143,99 €
                                                       JW Award 2004 & 2005                1.076,08 €
Reserve 2003                   5.949,53 €              Travel-meeting                     3.043,27 €
                                                       TOTAL:                             16.322,34 €
                                                       Reserve                            5.429,77 to bank deposit
Total                          21.752,11 €             Total                              21.752,11€

Budget 2005                           In: 1.439,37 € - deposit: 8.092,98 €k
Income                                                       Outcome
Membership                                                   Office                            2.999,92 €
     individual                    220,00 € (2004)          Administration                    4.800,00 €
     institutional               14.553,22 € (2005)         Projects (incl. travel)           2.582,74 €
                                    220,00 € (2006)          JW Awards                         1.513,05 €
Lisbon Congress                     495,50 €                 ICT                                 143,90 €
reimbursements                        70,07 €                Honorary membership                 210,00 €
                                                             Reimbursement Lisbon                150,00 €
Reserve 2004                      1.439,37 €                 Transfer to deposit               1.907,02 €
EU research project               0                          Bank account:                     2.691,53 €
Total                             = 16.998,16 €              Total                             = 16.998,16 €

Budget 2006                           In: 2.691,53 € - deposit: 10.000 €
Income                                                       Outcome
Membership                                                   Office                             3.000 €
     individual                  55 = 6.050 €               Administration                     6.000 €
     institutional               90 = 19.800 €              Projects (incl. travel)            5.500 €
                                                             JW Awards                          1.500 €
Reserve 2005                      2.700 €                    Promotion                          1.000 €
EU research project               0                          ICT                                2.500 €
Weblog Project                    1.500 €                    Insurancel                         1.000 €
                                                             Contingencies                      9.550 €
Total                             = 30.050 €                 Total                              = 30.050 €

Budget 2007                           In: 1.500 € - deposit: 17.500 €
Income                                                       Outcome
Membership                                                   Office                             3.000   €
     individual                  50                         Administration                     6.000   €
     institutional               80                         Projects & Awards                  3.500   €
                                  = 23.100 €                 Promotion                          1.500   €
                                                             ICT                                1.500   €
Reserve 2006                      1.500 €                    Contingencies                      8.300   €
EU research project               0                          Bank Account                       2.800   €
Euroblog Project                  2.000 €
                                                             Total                              = 26.600 €
Total                             = 26.600 €

     A greater amount went to the Deposit Account, therefore the ‘reserve’ to start with is smaller
    According to the (new) Belgian law on AISBL, an insurance should be taken to protect the membership

Balance 2006

in (01/01/06): 2.691,53 – end (31/12/06):1.502,10
Deposit: 01/01/06 = 10.000 € - 31/12/06 = 17 734,58 EUR

                    In                                             Out

Membership:                                   Office: 3.581,49 €
2005: 2.737,63 €                              Administration: 6.079,10 €
2006: 17.290,14 €                             Accountancy: 935,60 €
                                              Bank: 327,03 €
Euroblog Congress fees
2006: 2.045,26 €                              ICT: 2.290,65 €
Sponsorship: 1.500,00 €                       Board meetings: 1.660,09 €

Bank interests: 6.16 €                        Awards: 192,82 €
                                              Conress: 569,00 €
Reserve 2005: 2.691,53 €                      Euroblog: 1.778,10 €

                                              Transfer to deposit: 7.354,74 €
                                              Bank account: 1.502,10 €

Total = 26.270,72 €                           Total = 26.270,72 €

Accountancy              adaptation to Accountancy software (2005 - 2006)
                         legal support re. Statutes (2005 - 2006)
                         advise re. New Belgian Tax System (2006)
                         advise re. Sponsoring Euroblog (2006)
Administration           According to budget
Awards                   According to budget
Bank                     According to budget
Board Meetings           According to budget
Secretariat              Internet connexions:                     503,40 (Telenet)
                                                                  479,4 (Belgacom)
                         Post costs                                    115,57
                         Taxes from Belgian government                  282,8
                         Secretariat                                   1778,1
Congress                 Reimbursement Lisbon congress                                 450
Euroblog                 Reimbursement fees                                           1460
ICT                      Updates and upgrades ICT resources
                         Website design                                   500
                         Software webdesign                                          223,78
                         Software Database management                                222,88

Rationale Euroblog:
To facilitate the payments for the Euroblog 2006 Symposium (Stuttgart – organized by
Ansgar Zerfass), participants were asked to transfer the symposium fee (different fees) to
the Euprera bank account.

    Based on the numbers of participants and the bank costs, the Euroblog 2006 Symposium
    organizers earned 1.460,00 €
    The media concern ‘Argus’ agreed to sponsor the Symposium -1.500,00 €-. This amount was
    also transferred to Euprera (not to the Symposium organizers!).

    Rationale Accountancy:
    The new Belgian legislation is quite complex regarding the International non for profit
    associations. In 2006 there has been a proposal to oblige all associations to subscribe an
    insurance (this is still a ‘proposal’, not a law yet, therefore Euprera didn’t subscribe so far).
    This is only one aspect of the different ‘new requirements’ being continuously added tot the
    management of non for-profit assocations.
    Since I’m not a jurist, I looked for juridical advice and found someone who accepts to advise
    us for a ‘non-for-profit-fee’.
    Johan Verhaeghen (jusrist) is acting officially as you will notice in the following agreement.
    This is also a new possibility within the Belgian law.
    He advised us on:
         the statutes (2005 and 2006)
         the tax documents (year 2005 – in 2006)
         the sponsorship Euroblog 2006
         the insurance (he’s in charge of the follow up, sends regularly updates and will
            inform us in case it should be regularized)
    His fee for 2005 and 2006: 800,00 €

    Deposit Account Euprera
    01/01/2006: 10.000,00 €
    12/02/2006: 15.000,00 €
    31/12/2006: 17.500,00 €

    01/01/2007: 17.734,58 €
    15/03/2007: 18.000,00 €
Rekening                                                         Omschrijving                 Saldo/Munt
747-0102284-73 EUR / EUROPEAN PUBLIC RELATIONS                   KBC-Spaarrekening        17 734,58 EUR
Overzicht verrichtingen
Afschrift Verrichting   Valuta        Omschrijving                                          Bedrag
     003 29-12-2006     01-01-2007    RENTE VAN 747-0102284-73 CREDITRENTE              234,58 EUR
                                      213,48 AANGROEIPREMIE 12,50
                                      GETROUWHEIDSPREMIE 50,00 ROERENDE
                                      VOORHEFFING 41,40-
     002 16-08-2006     17-08-2006    OVERSCHRIJVING VAN 446-0211741-33               2 500,00 EUR
                                      EUPRERA VZW SINT-PIETERSNIEUWSTR 160
                                      9000 GENT SPAAROPDRACHT
     001 11-02-2006     12-02-2006    OVERSCHRIJVING VAN 446-0211741-33               4 854,74 EUR
                                      EUPRERA VZW SINT-PIETERSNIEUWSTR 160
                                      9000 GENT SPAAROPDRACHT
     002 30-12-2005     01-01-2006    RENTE VAN 747-0102284-73 CREDITRENTE              145,26 EUR
                                      130,90 AANGROEIPREMIE 10,00
                                      GETROUWHEIDSPREMIE 30,00 ROERENDE
                                      VOORHEFFING 25,64-
                                          Deposit: 10.000,00 €

Budget 2008              In: 1.500 € - deposit: 18.500 €
Income                                     Outcome
Membership                                 Office              3.000   €
     individual      55                   Administration      6.000   €
     institutional   80                   Projects & Awards   6.000   €
                      = 23.650 €           Promotion           1.500   €
                                           ICT                 1.500   €
Reserve 2006          1.500 €              Contingencies       6.850   €
Euroblog Project      2.500 €              Bank Account        2.800   €

Total                 = 27.650 €           Total               = 27.650 €

Appendix 2:      Institute of Communication and Media Studies / Department Communication Management & Public
March 21, 2007

Project outline
Trends in Corporate Communication and Public Relations

Project Scope
Europe is growing together, and so are the public spheres where information is shared and reputation is
built. Corporate Communication and public relations are facing new challenges: Which strategies,
approaches, stakeholders and media are relevant? How do the basic conditions in varying countries
differ, which overall trends are emerging? Which know-how is essential, which services are relevant for
agencies and institutions? Is there a shift from national to trans-national strategies and measures in
smaller institutions and agencies?
These and further questions will be answered by the EUROPEAN COMMUNICATION MONITOR, a
survey on trends in corporate communication and public relations that will be conducted for the first
time in 2007. The study will be run by the University Leipzig in cooperation with Directnews AG, a
leading German provider of press distribution services who is part of the transnational stock exchange
In addition to recent and future developments in public relations (e. g. regarding prevailing and
upcoming functions and instruments), the survey shall identify specific challenges imposed by the
changing media landscape in Europe and the shift of political power to Brussels. It is planned to
conduct the survey annually.
The first questioning will be in May 2007, results will be presented in July 2007.

Study design
Target group: Communication managers and public relations experts in corporations and institutions
                   in selected EU countries; professionals in public relations agencies
Scope:             > 1.000 participants (non-representative)
Distribution list: Direct approach via personal E-Mail addresses, which are provided by Directnews AG;
Announcement: via branch journals, branch associations and thematic weblogs, etc.
Method:            Online survey, duration around 5 to 7 minutes; online for 4 weeks in May 2007
Topics:            Recent PR trends (functions, instruments and topics), European challenges (changing
                   media structure, political influence), structural data (changes in budgets, education,
                   organizational importance of PR, ...), socio-demographic data (position, type of
                   organisation, country); altogether around 5 significant and interpretable subject areas

Project leader: University of Leipzig

Duties and responsibilities:
      – Project leadership (Prof Dr Ansgar Zerfass, Mrs Nadin Ernst M. A.)
      – Study design and implementation (drafting the questionnaire, programming the online survey)
      – Evaluation and interpretation of results
      – Preparing press releases and reports/charts
      – The University of Leipzig is known as the birthplace of communication science in Europe
      (Institut für Zeitungskunde founded in 1916) and is currently ranked first among the German
      media study courses
      – International scientific networking
      – Comprehensive track record in public relations research and empirical studies; e. g. „EuroBlog
      2006“ and „EuroBlog 2007“ surveys among communication managers across Europe

Partner/Sponsor: Directnews AG

Duties and responsibilities:
      – Provision of relevant E-Mail addresses in selected EU countries (Target group: communication
      managers and public relations officers in corporations, institutions and agencies) for the survey

     – Sponsorship (financing an undergraduate research assistant for programming, statistical
     – part of the Hugin Group (Norway), the leading provider of press release distribution in Europe
     – owned by Euronext stock change (Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, France, Great Britain)

Supported by: Euprera
The project is supported by Euprera, a network of leading scholars from more than 30 countries, as a
means for integrating and activating members from different countries.

Duties, responsibilities and benefits:

Board of directors
      – decided to support the project (Ghent, March 2007)
      – spread the word about the survey and results among members and affiliates using e-news etc.
      (April 2007)
      – project will be labeled as “supported by Euprera” in press releases, on the website etc.
Project members
      – Prof Dr Betteke van Ruler, University of Amsterdam (NL), Dr Adela Rogojinaru, University of
      Bucharest (RO), Prof Dr Sven Hamrefors, Stockholm School of Economics (SE)
      – participate in the advisory board, giving input to the questionnaire (April 2007)
      – spread the word about the survey and its results in their regions (May/July 2007)
      – are involved in the future development of the survey from 2008 onwards
      – will be mentioned as “members of the advisory board” in press releases, on the website etc.
Every Euprera member
      – will be able to join and use this platform to integrate questions from his/her own research that
      may be relevant and interesting on a European level
      – this is especially relevant for future surveys; the project may even be handed over to another
      group of members because of its simple and straightforward construction

Appendix 3: Proposal IULM – Activities handbook

Dates:                     starting on October 16th (Thursday) and ending on 18th (Saturday)
              (possible overlapping with Smau, see attached file 1)

Organizers:        FERPI and IULM University

             Activities handbook


                                       . Dates
                                       . Organizers

        1.   Call for papers and programme
             2.1.   Creation of the e-mail box
             2.2.   Selection of papers
             2.3.   Choice of keynote speakers and programme

        2.   Promotion
             2.1.   Planning of communicational instruments
                    and web contents
             2.2.   Setting of mailing-list and posting
             2.3.   Management of media relations

        3.   Organization
             3.1.   Location and appliances
             3.2.   Conduct of registrations and guests
             3.3.   Business trip
             3.4.   Other activities
             3.5.   Evaluation of the event

        4.   Economic resources
             4.1.   Setting of budget and registration fees
             4.2.   Searching for sponsors
             4.3.   Conduct of treasury transactions

                                                    SECTION 1: CALL FOR PAPERS AND PROGRAMME

                          1.1. Creation of the e-mail box

                          To be created in February 2007 since it will be used to send the call for papers.
                           activation time: maximum 1 week (give notice)
                           signature including both FERPI and IULM University

                          1.2. Selection of papers

                            process                                     2007                                                                    2008
activities                 owner      JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP     OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

Creation of the e-mail      executive
box                         team

      1.2 Selection of papers
final editing of the call A. Mazzei
for papers
posting/ e-mailing of the A. Mazzei
call for papers
presentation in Belgium, T. Muzi
March 2007                Falconi
presentation in Denmark- E.
Sweden, September         Invernizzi,
                          T. Muzi
2007                                                                                    27-30
collection of abstracts     A. Mazzei

reviewing and feedback      reviewers
on abstracts                                                                                                             1
collection of full papers   A. Mazzei

feedback on full papers     reviewers

deadline for final papers A. Mazzei
final editing and           A. Mazzei
publication on Euprera
definition of discussions   FERPI,
and planning of final       IULM

                                                                                                                                                             follows 

Scientific committee meetings (not in charge of the congress):
                                    March 2007 Belgium (Gent)
                                    September 2007 Denmark (Roskilde) and Sweden (Lund)
                                     Prepare some promotional materials including a presentation made in
                                     Power Point structured as follows:
                                     1st     slide: location and dates of the congress
                                     2nd     slide: theme
                                     3rd     slide: deadline for papers
                                     4th     slide: transfer to Denmark/ Sweden (?)
                                     5th     slide: keynote speakers

Call for papers:                   As specified in the early call for papers, the abstract should be 500 words
                                   in length and the paper 15/20 pages (Times New Roman 12 pt).
                                   The call for papers should include instructions for the Open Session and/or
                                   the Happy Hours.

Circulation of papers:             Few days before the congress papers will be published in Euprera website,
                                   specifically in the area reserved to Euprera members and to people
                                   registered to the 2008 congress.
                                   The congress organizer is allowed to choose other forms of circulation
                                   once the congress is OVER.

Comparison with 2007 congress timing:

                                  2006                                             2007
                JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP    OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY    JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP
Deadline for
Deadline for
full papers
Papers on


                       1.3. Choice of keynote speakers and programme

                         process                                      2007                                                                  2008
activities              owner      JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

    1.3. Choice of keynote speakers and programme
Congress overall       executive
programme              team

Keynote speakers

  identification         executive   timing to be set

  confirmation           executive

Euprera members          executive   timing to be set
meeting                  team

  planning of

Cocktail, breaks and
gala dinner
  Welcome cocktail       executive

  3 coffee breaks        executive

  2 lunches              executive

  Gala dinner +          executive
  anniversary            team

                       1st proposal for the programme:
                       Thursday eve: welcome cocktail (guests are supposed to arrive on Thursday or Friday morning).

                       Friday:              lectio magistralis in plenary session, followed by the presentation of 50 papers in 5
                                            parallel sessions – 2 coffee breaks.

                       Friday eve:          gala dinner including celebration of 10th Euprera anniversary (for instance live
                                            symphonic music that is adequate to an international public, plus a special element to
                                            celebrate the anniversary).

                       Saturday morning:                            presentation of research papers – 1 coffee break.

                       Saturday early afternoon:                    Euprera members meeting.

                       Saturday late afternoon:                     trip to a symbolic place of the city.

2nd proposal for the programme (Toni Muzi Falconi January 9th, 2007):

Thursday*                5.00 pm – 7.00 pm                Plenary session

         Euprera President “The communicator’s role from the point of view of the other offices”

         President of the European association of human resources managers

         President of the European association of finance managers

         President of the European association of marketing managers

                  advance warning to be given!

                         7.00 pm                  Welcome cocktail

Friday                   all the day long          No plenary sessions, only parallel sessions
                                        in order to present all the papers.

Saturday                 morning                Plenary session
                                         IULM Chancellor
                                         “The enterprise’s perspective”
                                         CEO of the sponsor bank or its communication manager
                                         CEO of the sponsor industry or its communication manager
                                         CEO of Enel or its communication manager

In short the congress will be opened with “what other managerial offices do think about the
communication function” and ended with “what the organization does think about the communication

*Alternative for Thursday introductory session, in case presidents of the European associations would
not be available  international subjects (maximum one from Italy): 4 high-level subjects who see the
role of communication from others internal functions or from management consultancy [ideas: Aurelia
Regina, Gian Filippo Cuneo, Rossi Cairo, Almond, McKinzie]. Possible moderator: Sassoon.

Other possible speakers:
         Introductory session
    -    Milan mayor
   Closing session
    - Montezemolo
    - Grunig
    - A person from Netherlands with whom Toni Muzi Falconi is in touch: he’s an expert in
        motivation, interculturality, facility processes, cross culture
    - PhD students (as suggested by Euprera)

                                                                                                 follows 

Other sessions to be included in the programme (requested by Euprera):

Open session:              “Open session on innovative development on PR research in Europe”. It’s
                           part of the research papers and contents should be sent to the congress

Euprera Happy Hours:       “Free spaces for free thinking and brilliant ideas” with dynamic sessions to
                           build knowledge. This novelty is to be communicated in advance in order
                           to get adequate papers.

Jos Willems Awards:        “B.A. & M.A. Jos Willems Awards”. Three months before the congress (July
                           15th, 2007) € 2500 must be sent to Euprera which is responsible for
                           choosing the winners and for their transfer, lodging and awards.

(Prime Convention):        Usually takes place every other year, during the ‘odd’ numbered years.
                           The 2008 edition (of what?) will be discussed in March 2007 in Gent.
                           Prime is available for direct contact (Mojca Ocvirk past president,
                  In any case, Euprera congress organizer should
                           invite a Prime representative in the meeting of Euprera Board of Directors.

                                                                               SECTION 2: PROMOTION

                            2.1. Planning of communicational instruments and web contents

                              process                                      2007                                                                  2008
activities                   owner      JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

    2.1. Planning of communicational instruments and web contents
Graphic design

  Registration form           executive

  Invitation card             executive

  Invitation e-mail           executive

  Playbill A4 could be the executive
               same           team
  Poster A3                   executive

  Advertising on public       executive
  means of transport          team

  Advertising in IULM         executive
  University                  team

  Giveaways                   executive

Contents for Euprera website
  theme               executive
                                          (on-line since 2006)
  programme                   executive
                                          timing to be set
  registrations and           executive
  details on Milan            team
                                          timing to be set
  papers                      A. Mazzei

Contents for other websites
  announcement        executive
                              team        timing to be set
  programme                   executive
                              team        timing to be set

                            The executive team will manage directly definition and graphic design for all the communicational
                            instruments, in order to limit expenses. Samples: CERP 2000.

                            Websites: FERPI, IULM University, Euprera, Global Alliance, Cerp, European associations, international

                           To be evaluated (find ideas to involve people who are not intending to submit a paper!):
                                 -      (yes?) Monkey survey about the perceived institutionalization level. Set timing.
                                 -      (yes!) e-letter to which one can have access through the RSS system or a link placed in friend-
                                        sites. If allowed by the webmaster, we could create a form in Euprera website which sends
                                        data directly to Note: Euprera is already used to sending a newsletter
                                        (who are the addressees? Are they Euprera members?). Set timing.
                                 -      (no?) Advertising on public means of transport and giveaways handed out during the congress
                                        (only with an economic support by a sponsor).

                           2.2. Setting of mailing-list and posting

                              process                                      2007                                                                   2008
activities                   owner      JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY    JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

    2.2. Setting of mailing-list and posting
Invitation card
  mailing-list         executive

  posting                     executive
Invitation e-mail
  mailing-list                executive

  sending                     executive
                                          timing to be set
Other instruments
Playbill A4 could be the same
               instrument, even the
               same of the invitation
Poster A3      card

                           Subjects included in the mailing-list:
                                 -      Euprera subjects
                                 -      PRIME subjects (universities placed all over the world)
                                 -      ComOrg subjects (about 4.000 including communicators and professors) among which:
                                        300 communication managers involved in research projects,
                                        Subjects of the Consulta Education (to be integrated with professors)
                                 -      FERPI members
                                 -      Assorel members
                                 -      Comunicazione Pubblica members (?)

                           Addressees of playbill / poster: universities, public bodies, sponsors, associations, FERPI and Euprera

                   2.3. Management of media relations

                     process                                         2007                                                                  2008
activities          owner         JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

    2.3. Management of media relations
Press release        press office

Press conference     press office

                                    timing to be set
Press folder         press office

                   The executive team will refer to a professional press office (Cantiere di Comunicazione/ Burson-
                   Marsteller/ a professional):
                        -     Involvement of headings (both in the field and not) aimed to spread the theme on mainstream
                              and social media.
                        -     Press conference to introduce the congress (with sponsors and press folder).
                        -     Press folders handed out during the congress.

                                                                     SECTION 3: ORGANIZATION

                        3.1. Location and appliances

                          process                                     2007                                                                  2008
activities               owner      JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

     3.1. Location and aplliances
Selection of rooms      executive

Autorizations             executive

Room dressing             executive

Techical devices          executive

Traffic signs (in the     executive
buildings)                team

Reception (registered     executive
people + press)           team

Info points               executive

                        The congress will take place in IULM University campus. One or more info points will be located in the
                        buildings and the reception will be at the entrance of the main building. Signage will be necessary
                        especially if parallel sessions will take place on different floors.
                        Plenary sessions: room 401  282 seats, 2 rooms for interpreters.

                        For the reception point we presume to involve and train hostesses/ stewards chosen among second
                        year students. They will receive guests, give them the congress folder and provide information.

                                                                                                                  February 2007:
                                                                                                              Check the authorization
                                                                                                              of the university senate

                        3.2. Conduct of registrations and guests

                          process                                     2007                                                                  2008
activities               owner      JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

     3.2. Conduct of registrations and guests
Collection, confirmation executive
and monitoring of        team
Supervision of lodgings

Congress folder and       executive
giveaways                 team
                                                                                                                            folder FERPI & IULM
Identification badges     executive

                            -     The executive team and FERPI Servizi (responsible for treasury transactions) will supervise
                                  registrations. Note: registration forms are to be sent to Euprera secretariat (as requested by
                                  Euprera itself).
                            -     The executive team will send further information to registered people: how to reach Milan,
                                  lodgings and so forth.
                            -     How will the transactions work? Usually one can pay directly via the Euprera website using a
                                  credit card.
                                                                   Coordinate Euprera, FERPI Servizi, executive team.

                        IULM University makes use of some hotels it has an agreement with. A list of hotels can be published in
                        Euprera website. We could reserve a block of rooms for each level (three and four stars) and monitor
                        check-in days, in order to foresee how many people will take part until the Thursday opening. In any
                        case we should contact some hotels and negotiate the price. Only for keynote speakers rooms will be
                        booked directly by the executive team.

                        Congress folder:
                            -     Invitation card and programme
                            -     ? Contact list of Euprera delegate people (see example in Carlisle 2006)
                            -     Presentation of FERPI and presentation of IULM University
                            -     Copies of papers on sheets and/ or CDs
                            -     Information and maps of Milan (collectible at the tourism office)
                            -     Evaluation form (see example in Carlisle 2006)
                            -     Sheets for notes
                            -     ? Pens
                            -     ? Folder “FERPI and IULM”. Warning: the type in use for corporate purposes by IULM undoes
                                  itself when full!
                            -     ? Bag as giveaway to contain all the materials

                        3.3. Business trip

                          process                                      2007                                                                  2008
activities               owner      JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

     3.3. Business trip
Cultural attraction in  executive
Milan                   team

                        The congress organizer can plan a trip on Saturday afternoon for participants who have not departed
                        yet. A proposal is L’Ultima Cena by Leonardo Da Vinci (check availability, contact on advice of Toni Muzi
                        Falconi: Luisa Toeschi), which is easily reachable from IULM University and has become a strong
                        attraction after the last literature best-sellers.

                        To be evaluated the reservation of English guides and tickets: we could reserve pre-paid tickets to be
                        handed out to participants at the beginning of the congress. Warning: book in advance.

                        3.4. Other activities

                          process                                      2007                                                                  2008
activities               owner      JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

     3.4. Other activities
Transalations Italian/   executive    timing to be set
English and vice versa   team

Photo reportage           executive

Plants and flowers        executive

Selection and training of executive
hostesses/ stewards       team

                        Transalations:            Only for plenary sessions, from English to Italian and vice versa. Available
                                                  interpreters for “transalation in room”: Camilla Sbrissa and her collegue Paola
                                                  Catenaccio. Further necessary services: rental of devices (headphones).

                                                        Promotional                                                   Speeches during the
                                                        instruments                                                   congress
                                                        English                                                       English
                        Official language                                              English
                                                        Italian                                                       Italian
                        Provided transaltion            ---                            ---

                          3.5. Evaluation of the event

                            process                                       2007                                                                  2008
activities                 owner        JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

     3.5. Evaluation of the event
Definition of indicators executive

Preparation of feedback     executive
form                        team

Off-line and on-line press press office
Study of registrations      executive
(numbers + categories)      team

Collection of feedback      executive

                          A box for immediate feedbacks and suggestions could be placed in the congress area.

                                                            SECTION 4: ECONOMIC RESOURCES

                        process                                     2007                                                                  2008
attività               owner      JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DIC   JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV

     4.1. Setting of budget and registration fees
Setting of budget and             timing to be set
registration fees

    4.2. Searching for sponsors
Sponsorship            Toni Muzi timing to be set

    4.3. Conduct of treasury transactions
Treasury transactions  FERPI     timing to be set

                     Potential sponsors
                           -      Unicredit/ MPS/ Intesa Sanpaolo (Toni Muzi Falconi)
                           -      Enel, Comin (Toni Muzi Falconi)
                           -      Fiat or another industry (Indesit Company)
                           -      Fondazione Cariplo (Toni Muzi Falconi)
                           -      Unione Europea (Toni Muzi Falconi)

                     Registration fee. The fee includes:
                           -      participation to the congress
                           -      coffee breaks
                           -      2 lunches
                           -      Papers copies
                     Differentiation of the fee (see attached file 2: Lisbona 2005 and Carlisle 2006 fees):

                                                      Registration fee              Transfer and lodging           Notes

                     Keynote speakers                 In charge of congress         In charge of congress

                     Speakers                         In charge of congress         Their expense

                     Euprera members*                                               Their expense                  As low as possibile

                     FERPI members                                                  Their expense
                     Communication                                                                                 More than Euprera
                                                                                    Their expense
                     associations members                                                                          members
                                                                                                                   More than Euprera
                     Academicians                                                   Their expense
                     Students                                                       Their expense                  Very low
                                                                                                                   At least € 50 discount
                     People registered in
                                                                                    Their expense                  until 2 months before
                                                                                                                   the congress
                     Local participants                                             Their expense                  As low as possibile

                     Others                                                         Their expense                  As high as possible

                     * People becoming Euprera members during the congress will receive free a two-year membership  should we promote it? Will
                     Euprera give us a form for new members?

Forecast for the budget

         Description               €                           Notes

Jos Willems Awards               2.500,00
Guest speakers                  10.000,00
Executive team                  15.000,00
Out-of-pocket expenses           5.000,00
Remuneration for hostesses
and stewards                     1.500,00

Promotional instruments
Printings, depliant, CDs        10.000,00 Photocopy shop, binding, typography
Advertising (Corriere)          20.000,00

Media relations                 10.000,00

Gala dinner                     20.000,00   66,75 € x 300 participants
Lunches                         18.000,00   60 € (=2 lunches) x 300 participants
Coffee breaks                   12.000,00   40 € (=4 breaks) x 300 participants
Welcome coffee                   3.000,00   10 € x 300 participants

Business trip

Other services
                                            Rental of devices (5400 taxes included) +
                                            remuneration for interpreters (2 persons for 2
Translation of plenary                      half days: total nearly € 1000 taxes included,
sessions                         6.400,00   negotiable)
Rental of plants and flowers      500,00
Photo reportage                  1.000,00

Total                          134.900,00

         Description               €                           Notes

Registration fees (see fee
differentiation)                30.000,00 150 € x 200 participants

Sponsors (3x50.000)            150.000,00

Total                          180.000,00

Appendix 4: Congress 2008

                        EUPRERA 2008 Annual Congress
                              Call for Papers

                     Institutionalizing Public Relations
                      and Corporate Communication

                 in cooperation with FERPI and IULM University

                October 16-18 2008, IULM University, Milan, Italy

The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA), IULM
University and Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana (FERPI) invite all interested
colleagues to our joint conference at IULM University Campus in Milan, Italy, October 16-18,

       Theme of the conference

Institutionalizing Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Public Relations and Corporate Communication have been, and are, rapidly evolving and
expanding their influence within complex organizations. This process is forceful and
pervasive, and has initiated an “institutionalization” practice which modifies the theory of the
firm and where both the management of stakeholder relationships and communication have
reached a pivotal position. This process needs to be carefully analyzed in its operational,
managerial and strategic components.


1. Trends of Communication Roles and Functions
          - technical and operational (e.g. financial, environmental, internal)
          - managerial and entrepreneurial
          - consultant (towards other departments)
          - strategic (educational, reflective/reflexive)
2. Organizing the Management of Relationships and Communication
          - operational and interfunctional coordination
          - relationship and/or reputation management
          - PR in the “executive suite”

3. Developing Corporate Academic Public Relations and Communication Education
          - educational curricula and accreditation
          - integration of corporate and academic education
          - evolution in different European contexts
4. Public Relations, Communication and the Theory of the Firm
           - the influence of Public Relations on corporate governance
           - sociological and managerial approaches
           - present and future research perspectives and directions

Academics and practitioners are invited to submit papers relating to the general theme and
with one or more of the sub-themes. All relevant academic, and interdisciplinary, approaches
are welcomed, such as sociology, psychology, business theory, organizational theory, media
sciences and communication sciences.
Special sessions
Papers for the following special sessions are invited from practitioners, scholars and doctoral
           1) Professional best practices. Papers from practitioners should contribute to
              the theme of the conference from a practice perspective and comply with the
              general requirements for papers. In any case papers should give a new
              important conceptual contribution, not just a professional experience
           2) Open session on innovative developments on PR Research in Europe.
              Papers about innovative research contributions, also if not consistent with the
              congress theme, are welcome. The open session will take on a workshop
              format aimed at stimulating thinking and exchanges ideas.
           3) Doctoral session. A session dedicated to the presentation of PhD Students
              research projects on Public Relations.

Papers submitted for a special session must indicate the session title on the front page.


All who are interested in presenting a paper on the above and related topics are invited to
submit a paper for consideration.
Every paper will be submitted to a two-person double-blind reviewing process by
representatives from EUPRERA and the local organizers.

Relevant dates to be considered:
                  a. Deadline for abstracts:                December 1, 2007
                  b. Feedback on abstracts:                 February 1, 2008
                  c. Deadline for full papers:              May 2, 2008
                  d. Feedback on full papers:               June 1rst, 2008
                  e. Deadline for final version:            July 11, 2008
                  f. Final version available on
                      the EUPRERA website for
                      the conference:                       October 2, 2008

       Abstracts and papers

Abstracts should be maximum 500 words (tables and figures not included). The required
format of submission is electronic (MSWord or PDF).

Full papers should be maximum 7,000 words, excluding tables, figures, and references.

See abstracts and full papers format requirements for details.

Language for both abstracts and full papers: English

Address for both abstracts and full papers:


All participants in the conference, including those who present papers, must register
electronically. Registrations will open in June 2008.
Further information concerning conference fees, accommodation and travelling to and from
Milan will be made available as soon as the registration for participation opens.


For more information please e-mail:

       Congress committee

Congress Coordinator

Associate professor Inger Jensen
President of EUPRERA
Roskilde University

Congress Responsible

Professor Emanuele Invernizzi
IULM University

Dr. Toni Muzi Falconi

Congress Organizer Team

Dr. Filippo De Caterina

Dr. Enrico Fantaguzzi

Dr. Gherarda Guastalla Lucchini

Associate professor Alessandra Mazzei
IULM University

Dr. Sara Ranzini

Dr. Stefania Romenti
IULM University

Dr. Virginia Villa
IULM University


 Page: A4 Format; Upper margin: 3 cm; Lower margin: 3 cm; Left margin: 3 cm; Right
margin: 3 cm.


 Author:    First name and last name : Times new roman 12 bold, centred
             University or organisation : Times new roman 12 normal, centred
             E-mail : Times new roman 12 normal, centred
      Names and addresses of the authors must be written only on the front page.

e.g. : John   Flag, University of Nowhere, e-mail

 Kew     words: Times new roman 12 bold

 Text: Times    new roman 12 normal, space between the lines 1,5 rows, justified paragraph
    Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words, table and figures excluded.
    Full papers should be no longer than 7,000 words, tables, figures and references excluded.

 Space before the first line: 18      pt

 Title   of part: Capital letters Times new roman 12 bold

 Title   of sub-part (rank 1): Times new roman 12 bold italic

 Title   of sub-part (rank 2): Times new roman 12 normal italic

 Titles   of tables or exhibits: all called Exhibit 1 to n as they appear: Times new roman 10 normal

 Notes  and references: Times new roman 12 normal
Argenti P., (2003), Corporate Communication, Mc Graw Hill, New York.
Barney J.K., (1991), "Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage", Journal of
         Management, n. 17.

Appendix 5: EUPRERA/LOKE conference 2007 – Call for papers –

                    – Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Studies –
      September 27-30, 2007 – Roskilde University (Denmark) and Lund University (Sweden)
EUPRERA (European Public Relations Education and Research Association) and the Nordic research
network LOKE invite all interested colleagues to a joint conference at the universities of Roskilde and
Lund, September 27-30, 2007. The conference constitutes the 2007 annual EUPRERA congress and the
annual LOKE conference. Deadline for submission of full papers is June 1st, 2007.

Overall perspective:
Organization and Society – Legitimacy in a changing world
During the second half of the 20th century, the premises of institutions have lost their taken-for-
granted character. The balances between market mechanisms, civil society and political regulations
at national and international levels have undergone important changes in different parts of the
world. These balances influence the legitimacy of organizational activities and communication, and
we are seeing new forms of international as well as national social mechanisms of legitimization.
Analyses show how the laws of the welfare state are becoming increasingly overburdened and
inadequate when it comes to responding flexibly to the complexity of social processes, also where
national legislation in the wake of globalization is concerned. New political forms emerge,
characterized by complex legitimating and legitimizing processes and by responsibility being
decentralized in society.
To support education and research in public relations, papers dealing with the following key issues
are welcomed:
How do we conceive and identify these changing balances in society?
How do we understand the implications of such changes for organizational responsibility and
How do we understand the implications of these changes for organizational communication and
public relations?
How can we understand the implications of different forms of political regulation, legislation and
legitimacy for public relations functions?
Can we identify new demands for research and education as the basis for professional organizational
communication and public relations?
Papers should address at least one of the perspectives below:
Macro-level analysis: How can we understand new emerging forms of societal balances, and how do
they entail different forms of organizational legitimacy and legitimization?
Meso-level analysis: What do the overall societal balances imply to the organization and its
environment, and to the organization’s concept of its environment?
Micro-level analysis: How are these societal balances reflected in the internal processes of
legitimization and in decision making processes?
Differences in time and space
Comparative analyses are encouraged, of balances between society and organizations with focus on
1) differences in time and 2) differences in space, i.e. in different regions, nations.
All relevant academic approaches are welcomed, from the social sciences as well as from the
humanities: sociology, philosophy, politology, business theory, organizational theory, media sciences,
linguistics, communication science, and interdisciplinary approaches.
For a special session, papers from practitioners are invited. Papers should contribute to the theme of
the conference from a practice perspective and comply with the general requirements for papers as
specified above.
All who are interested in presenting a paper on the above and related topics are invited to submit a
paper for consideration to EUPRERA and LOKE.
Length: Maximum 25 standard pages, max 56.375 characters with spaces, including notes, excluding
Language: English

Form: Electronic submissions in one of the following formats: MS Word for Windows, MS Word for
Mac, WordPerfect, or Rich Text Format. All tables, graphs, and pictures must be included with the
main text in a single document.

Review process:
Every contribution will be submitted to a two person double-blind reviewing process – by
representatives from EUPRERA and LOKE – with the main criteria being how the paper contributes to
the key issues of the conference.

The reviewing procedure will take place in two steps:
November 15, 2006: Deadline for abstracts of maximum 3 pages
Primo January 2007: Return response on abstracts
June 1, 2007:       Deadline for full papers.
                    Based on the first vetting procedure of abstracts an inspiring and promising
                    number of high quality papers are expected.

                    Full papers without a prior submission of abstracts are welcomed as well.
                    However, in the reviewing procedure these papers will be selected based on how
                    they complement already reviewed papers in terms of new approach, new insight
                    and high quality, directly related to the theme.
Primo August 2007: Return response on full papers
September 1, 2007: Deadline for final version
September 8, 2007: Final papers available on a closed part of the conference website, admission for
                   participants only
All participants in the conference, including those who present papers, must register. Registration
will open in May 2007. See registration.

Organizing committee:
Overall organization and Roskilde University
Professor, Dr. Ib Poulsen
Chairman of LOKE
Roskilde University

Ass. professor Inger Jensen                     Dr. Susanne Holmström
President-Elect of EUPRERA                      EUPRERA Board and LOKE steering group
Roskilde University                             Roskilde University                          

Lund University
Professor, Dr. Gunilla Jarlbro
Lund University

Dr. Helena Sandberg                             Dr. Jesper Falkheimer
Lund University                                 Lund University             

Appendix 6: New Members 2006 – 2007

Austria (1 institutional): Wien Universität: Bauer, Thomas A., Brantner Cornelia, Burkart, Roland,
Grimm, Jürgen, Haas, Hannes, Lojka, Klaus, Vitouch, Peter, Wallner, Cornelia, Wetzstein, Irmgard, Wippersberg,
Belgium (2 individuals + 1 institutional): Mr. Edgard Eeckman (AZ Brussels) – Mr. David Gillain
(LVT Benelux PR) – Erasmus Hogeschool (Brussel): Ms. Liliane Priem, Ms. Lieve Desmet, Ms. Ilse Godts, Ms.
Carina Govaert, Mr. Luk Laermans, Ms. Eva Marrannes, Mr. Stefan Moens, Ms. Cathy Van Coillie
Germany ( 1 individual): Mr. Mr. Frank Martin Hein (Director of Communications, International
Association of Business Communicators, Europe and Middle East / Managing Director, Executive Communication
Services, Berlin / Associate Partner, Czwalina Consulting AG, Basel)
Macedonia (1 individual): Ms. Marina Hristovska (The Institute for Social, Political and Juridical
researches, department: Communications)
Malaysia (1 institutional): Universiti Putra Malaysia - Department of Communication - Dr Zulhamri
Abdullah (PhD, Cardiff,UK)
Republic of Northern Cyprus (1 institutional): Eastern Mediterranean University / department of
Public Relations and Advertising / Faculty of Communication and Media Studies ( Ms. Nilufer Turksoy)
UK (1 institutional): University of Greenwich Business School, Old Royal Naval College: Mrs. Mandy
Atkiinson, Mr. Paul Simpson, Ms. Sarah Roberts

Belgium: Plantijn Hogeschool (Antwerp)
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Aquarius Advertising
Norway: Statskonsult - John Nonseid
UK: Susanne Guenther (left Caro Communication)

Appendix 7:

Payment 2005 not yet inm:
Plantijnhogeschool - The Centre - Georgette Delbrouck - Edhem Ekmeseiae - Georgios Piperopoulos -
University of Finance and Management - Cracow University of Economics - R. Kudlinski
OLYMPUS University - Institute of Communication Management - Milenko Djuric - Högskolan i
Halmstad - Yeditepe University - University of Stirling - Cardiff University - Jannet Pendleton -
Mohamed El Khalouki

Payment 2006 not yet inn:
The Centre - Ernst & Young - University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski” (Minka Zlateva) - Carlsberg
Croatia d.o.o. (Nina Butiæ) - Roskilde Universitetscenter (Lars Schlander) - Université Nancy 2 IUP -
Institut Pasteur (Irit Paz) - Podromos Yannas - Georgios Piperopoulos - Dániel Berzsenyi College
(Gabriella Velics) - Polish Public Relations Association (PSPR: confirmed they would pay) -
Universidade do Minho (Maria Gabriela Azevedo Alves Carneiro Gama) - Milenko Djuric (2005 + 2006)
- Darinka Pek Drapal - Alfredo Arceo (Complutense Madrid) - Universidad de Malaga - Jordi Xifra -
Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (Ton Veen) - Yeditepe University - University of Pretoria

Payments 2007 already in:
Haute Ecole Galilée – IHECS - David Gillain - University of Dubrovnik – Roskilde - Ansgar Zerfass -
Frank Martin Hein - Louis-Philippe Laprévote – FERPI – Ambra Poli - Giovanna Arcaini - Vidzeme
University College - Hedmark College - Polish Academy of Sciences - Escola Superior de
Comunicacao Social – Pristop - University of Ljubljana (2006 + 2007) - Jesper Falkheimer – Bertil
Flodin - Università della Svizzera italiana – SPRI - Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim - University of
Twente – Betteke van Ruler – Aydemir Okay – Chloe Kane & Associates - University of Manchester –

  They received their 2005 + 2006 invoice at the same time – next reminder will inform them that those who will not
have regularized their membership 2005 by April 1rst will not benefit from members’ fee at Bled and Carlisle / Wien
& Milenko Djuric wrote they would regularize 2005+2006 / The Center: Peter Verhille left en joined as individual
member – no response from other contact persons at The Center so far
  They received 2006 + 2007

Appendix 8 - Letters from External Auditors

João Duarte
Praceta Miguel Cláudio, nº 3, 1º Esq.
2700-585 Amadora

                                        Issue: Euprera Annual Balance: year 2006

                                                                                   Lisbon, the 25th March, 2007

Dear Members,

As a member of this organization, I reviewed EUPRERA’s Annual Balance regarding the financial year of
2006. With regard to the figures, at least to my knowledge, nothing was detected that could indicate
miscalculations or any other kind of flaws.

I would highlight that 2006 was a good financial year for Eurprera as income rose well above expenses,
mainly due to Membership fees and the Euroblog Symposium.

On the expenditures side, there was an important improvement in the presentation of several expenses
with a notorious preoccupation in identifying the nature of costs, but which should continue to be
improved in future exercises. Expenses with web site, however, rose with some of them being little
explained and without the real value being perceived by associates. This is perhaps an area in which
greater clarification would be welcome as to avoid unnecessary costs.

At the light of these observations, I formally express my confirmation that the 2006 balance is sound for
its approval by EUPRERA’s General Assembly.

With my best regards,
João Duarte


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