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           by Nick Bykov

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In this short report I'm going to show you how to make some quick cash on a
daily basis. In fact, this is probably the simplest way to make instant money.
Anyone can do that without having any prior experience or marketing skills. If
you know how to do simple "copy-paste" operations, you already have excellent
chances to succeed with this method!

So let's get straight to the point.

Everyone knows Fiverr, right? This is one of my favorite sites indeed, and for
good reason. You could shop for various products and services called "gigs", and
everything is just 5 bucks there.

But hey! This report is not about trying to make a "big fortune" on Fiverr selling
useless gigs ;) It's quite different.

You know, the coolest part about Fiverr is that some of those gigs may actually
worth much more than just $5. So what if you could just buy such an "under-
priced" gig and resell it elsewhere for some higher figures like $15, $20 or even
$25? How does it sound to you?

But wait... You don't have to buy anything upfront! There is a different, much
better way. I will show you how to make $40 - $60 daily without investing a
dime and doing just one simple "copy-paste" thing. And this won't take you
much time. If you would do this at least one hour a day, you could be easily
making $1,500 or more per month.

Let's get started right now!
                             STEP 1 - "COPY"

First of all, let's go visit Fiverr at

I guess you've already been there and probably have Fiverr account. But in case
you still do not have an account, it's the best time to register now (fast and

Now let's have a look at the most popular topics.

For example, everyone seems to be crazy about SEO these days, so obviously
SEO services are in a super-high demand.
I'd suggest that you focus on SEO and traffic generation related things, e.g.
backling building and the like, because these gigs are most easy to resell.

So let's navigate to "Advertising" section of Fiverr and see what we have there:

Well, there's lot of various gigs, but we need something related to SEO and
backlinks, so we want to click "Backlinks" tag at the top of page (see the above

Now let's select a gig. I scrolled down, browsed a few gigs and picked up this
Why did I like this gig? Well, it looks appealing, interesting and valuable.

So let's take this gig as an example. Click "Read More" to see what is this all
(See the above screenshot).

Wow, the guy is promising to create 1000 guaranteed backlinks for just $5 and
you will even get a proof, so you'll be able to verify that the work has been
done. And again - that's only for measly 5 bucks! Isn't that great?

Note that 34 buyers have rated their experience with this seller, and the seller's
feedback is 100% positive so far. This is a good sign!

Also note that the seller currently has 6 orders in queue - another good sign,
because it means that this gig is in high demand. Delivery time is 4 days, which
is quite acceptable for this kind of service.

Now let's open up Notepad (or your favorite text editor) and copy the title of the
gig and the text over to a file. Also be sure to make a note of a delivery time (in
our case - 4 days). IMPORTANT: don't forget to bookmark this gig, so that you
can easily locate it in the future.

On a side note, you may also consider looking at Facebook and Twitter related
services. There is a lot of such gigs on Fiverr. Just click the appropriate tags at
the top. But I'd suggest that you begin with SEO stuff. You will be able to
expand your interest to other things at a later time.

Now that you have decided which gig you'd like to "copy" and resell, it's time to
find a place to "paste" it for sale, right?

Ok, let's move on the next step.
                           STEP 2 - "PASTE"

So where do we go to "paste" that gig for sale? There is a lot of great places.
But first I would like to show you one very special website.

There is a beautiful, absolutely coolest website called ScriptsListing Marketplace:
It is pretty much similar to Fiverr, but has some cool advantages:

   • it's free to use and there are absolutely no transaction fees whatsoever;
   • they will not hold your hard earned money for 14 days (like Fiverr does);
   • you are able to decide the price of you offer (gig) - be it $10, $25, $50 or
     even $100;
   • you can interact with the buyers directly, without any limitations;
   • you will get paid immediately and directly to your PayPal account;
   • and of course, you can post as many gigs as you like.

First of all, it is very important to select an appropriate price tag for your
listings. I'd suggest that you consider posting offers in $15, $20 or $25 category.
This will attract most buyers.

Please note that there are some guidelines that you should follow when posting
your gigs on Scriptslisting Marketplace. Registration is free, and after you have
registered, please take some time to read the forum and marketplace rules.

The common listing structure should be as following:

   TITLE: < a short announcement of your service >


      • SERVICE DETAILS - a detailed explanation of your service

      • DELIVERY TIME - when the service will be delivered

      • PAYMENT OPTIONS - how would you like to get paid

      • CONTACT DETAILS - how the buyers can contact you
For example, we would want to post our listing in "$20 Services" category.
The most relevant sub-forum for our listing is "Links & SEO":

Visit that sub-forum and click "Start a New Topic" there:
Now let's open up a text file where we have previously saved our example gig
and create the listing as follows:

Message Title:

"I will get you 1000 VERIFIED backlinks using ScrapeBox"

Message Body:

"I will create 1000 guaranteed backlinks for only $20! I use Scrapebox on a high
speed VPS. You can provide one URL and as many anchors as you want. Upon
completion, you will receive a .csv report detailing exactly where your backlinks
were placed. I promise that I will complete your order within as little as 72
hours! So don't delay, get your high quality backlinks now!



Please contact me via PM or by email. Thanks!"
Please note that I have slightly modified the text and removed "$5" references
from everywhere.

Now let's create an actual forum post:

As you can see above, I entered the title, the message body and added a few
relevant tags below the message (tags are optional, but you may want to use
them to increase traffic to your listing).

Now we just click "Submit New Thread" button, and our listing immediately
goes live!

The whole "copy-paste" process took me just a few minutes, and it is extremely
easy to "copy" and "paste" a few listings in a short period of time.
But the best part about this method is that you can start reselling virtually
ANYTHING with just a few mouse clicks and "copy-paste" operations. You don't
really need to have any knowledge about what you sell. You don't need to figure
what to write in the title and the body of your sales offers. Everything is already
DONE for you. All you have to do is just "copy" and "paste" - as simple as that!

Now let's get back to our example...

The buyers will contact you via PM (forum's personal messaging system) or via
other means (if you leave your contact details - email or instant messenger).

If the buyer asks some specific questions before ordering your service, you can
jump back to Fiverr and address the same questions to the seller of the original
gig you are promoting, then just "copy-paste" their answer and send back to
your buyer. Even if you know nothing about SEO and backlinks, the buyer will
be impressed with your professional and intelligent answer :)

Most buyers, however, will ask only one question (and you'll love it!): where to
send a payment for your services??? :)
                          STEP 3 - GET PAID!

(This is the sweetest step indeed!)

Now let's suppose you've got a personal message like this: "I'd like to order you
backlink service. Please let me know your PayPal account details".

Wow, you've got a buyer! Send him or her your payment details and wait for a

Once you've received a payment, jump over to Fiverr and order that gig. If you
were selling the service for $20, you've just made $15 ($20 - $5 Fiverr fee =

You've already made the money, but you'd need to finish the deal gracefully.

Obtain all the necessary details from your buyer (e.g. website address) and turn
them over to your Fiverr seller. Once his job is done, you will receive a proof
from him (for example, a text file with a list of all the backlinks) and will forward
it to your buyer. That's it.

And best of all is this: if the buyer is satisfied with your services, you could get
an excellent returning client for your business! Some buyers would need a lot of
similar services. Imagine if they will order everything from you, because they
trust you.

It is very important to establish a very strong relationship with your best buyers.
This could bring you a lot of money in the long run. Some returning customers
are just a goldmine, as they constantly need your service.

And never refuse if your returning customer needs something different, for
instance, install WordPress blog on their VPS. It doesn't matter that you've
probably never heard of "WordPress" before and have absolutely no idea what is
"VPS" ;) Remember that you could easily outsource this task on Fiverr for $5
and charge your client 2-3 times more.
                                 WHAT'S NEXT?

So, you made your first sale, and the money is now in your PayPal account.

Now what's next?

Well, as they say, just "rinse and repeat", or more precisely - "copy and
paste" :)

Post as many listings as you like. This won't take you much time. Do this every
day. Get used to do this on a regular basis.

But you know what? ScriptsListing forum is not the only place where you can
resell Fiverr gigs!

There is a lot of other great places. Take a look.

Webmaster Forums:

Search Google for more similar forums.

Please remember that each forum has its own rules and posting guidelines.
Make sure to read them carefully before posting anything there.

It is very important to post in the appropriate category. For Digital Point forums
the suitable category would be "Forums" -> "Business" -> "Buy, Sell or Trade"
-> "Services". Other forums have their own categories.
Websites similar to Fiverr:

Some of the above mentioned sites offer instant payouts, others hold your funds
for a few days.

It would be a good idea to utilize the power of social networks.

If you have Twitter account, tweet the gigs you are reselling. If you have a
Facebook account, let your friends know that you are offering SEO-related
services. You could even create a special Facebook page featuring your services.

But let's look in the near future! How about your own website offering SEO
services and traffic generation? That's really cool idea!

Where to get the content? Think - Fiverr gigs! Hope you got the picture... :)

If you already have a domain name, you could start building your new site right

But... you don't have a web hosting?

Hey, I am just about to reveal another beautiful resource specially for you. I bet
you will thank me later...

Get over to They offer fully featured FREE web
hosting with NO ADS! How cool is that?

You can have your website up and running in almost no time and pay absolutely
nothing for hosting services. And no one will ever guess that you're on a free
host! ;)
                                  FINAL NOTES

Well, I know it's boring...

You've heard this so many times...

But I shall repeat: TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!

Because NO Action = NO Money!

The only way to succeed with ANY method is not just sit back planning the
things in your head all day long, but actually DO something about that.

Stop reading this right now, go out to Fiverr, grab some gigs and post them
elsewhere. This will take just a few minutes. Do this every day, this won't take
much time at all.

And know what? Don't be shy!

Post as many offers/listings as you can, this is ok. Utilize the power of public
forums to its fullest. Keep doing this consistently, on a regular basis, and you'll
be amazed with the results!

If you ever have any questions, need advise or any further guidance, please feel
free to contact me by email at I'd be more than happy to
help you out :)

And don't forget: you will ONLY see the money coming your way IF you begin
implementing this method RIGHT NOW! So don't wait another day or two and
start your "copy-paste" operations immediately.

Best of luck to you!

Nick Bykov

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