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									2.      Name of parties:-

(a)     Aldenors

(b)     Aliences

3.      No. khasra and area with land revenue if the property has
        been surveyed

4.      Nature of transaction (e.g. sale of land, lease of house etc)
        with the amount of transaction.

5.      Number of volume in which document is registered.

6.      Page of volume in which document is registered.

7.      Remarks

                         (Para 85 of Punjab Registration Manual)

(3)      Index No.III.- It shall contain the same headings as Index
No. I. The names and additions of all persons executing every will
and authority to adopt capital in book 3 and of the executors and
persons respectively appointed there under and after the death of the
testator or donor (but not before) the names and additions of all
persons claming under the same are to be entered.

                         (Para 86 of Punjab Registration Manual.

         Index No.IV.- It will contain the names and additions of
all persons executing and of all persons claiming under every
document entered in book No.4 . The heading is the same as for
Index No. I.

                                                        (Para 87 ibid)

        Index entries shall be made alphabetically on the same day
on which the document to which they relate is copied or filed in its
proper register. Each index shall contain such other particulars as
the Inspector General from time to time directs.

Subsidiary Books and Miscellaneous Records

12.14. The following subsidiary books must also be maintained in
the office of every Sub-Registrar: -

(a)     Fee Books

(b)     Receipt Books, A, B and C.

(c)     Order File.

Note:- Where the Sub-Registrar and Joint Sub-Registrar are
located in the same building and use the same clerk, only one set of
registers shall be kept.

                         (Para 92 of Punjab Registration Manual)

12.15 Fees Book: -         This book must be written up daily. The
registration fees realised on each document will be separately made
in columns opened for entries made in different books and
indicating the registration number and cash receipt number against
each entry in the column to be opened in the beginning. Copying fee
should be shown in a separate column. Total collections of the day
should be shown in the appropriate column to be open at the end ;

                  The registering officer who shall affix his
signatures in token of such verification must verify this daily total.
On the last account day of each month the several columns of the
fee book shall be totals being written in red ink and signed by the
registering officer.

                         (Para 93 of Punjab Registration Manual)

12.16 Receipt Books.-           Receipts books are supplied from
the Registrar’s office. These receipts are to be numbered
consequently, a fresh series being commenced for each financial
year. These are to be given in the order in which documents are
presented for registration.

                           (Para 94 of Punjab Registration Manual).

12.17 Order File.- The order file is a paste book, in which
should be filed all orders of permanent kind received in the Sub-
Registrar office, whether emanating from the Inspector General of
Registration, or the Registrar of the district, or any other authority.
All orders of this character should be pasted in as soon as received
and should not be allowed to be about in loose condition.

                         (Para 95 of Punjab Registration Manual)

12.18 Files of application of Copies.- Applications for copies of
registered documents shall be kept in an annual bundle, apart from
the other miscellaneous papers. An index shall be attached to this
bundle giving S. No. For the year, date of application, amount of
fees realised, date of grant of copy and name of applicant.

                         (Para 97 of Punjab Registration Manual)

12.19 Stock Register of Registration Books and Forms.-
To prevent wastage of registration books and forms, a register
should be kept in each registrar office. Receipts should be entered
up in the register in red ink and issues in ordinary black ink, the
signature of the persons to whom the forms are issued being taken
in the remarks column.

                  (Para 59(4) of the Punjab Registration Manual)

12.20 Minute Book.- Every registrar is required to keep a minute
book which is intended for record by the inspecting officer for their
        manual       (Para 96 of the Punjab Registration Manual)

12.21 The following additional registers are maintained by
every registrar and sub registrar:-

(i)     Registration fee account register-Form A.

(ii)    Search Fee account Register-Form B.

(iii)   Copying fee account Register-Form C.


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