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The Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) – EquIP 4 Functions, Standards & Criteria     HCSCC Charter

1.1.1. Assessment ensures current & ongoing needs of the consumer are identified.                   1. ACCESS
1.1.5. Discharge/transfer address the needs of consumer for ongoing care.
1.1.6. Systems for ongoing care of the consumer are coordinated & effective.
1.2.1. Community has information on, & access to, services/care appropriate to its needs.
1.2.2. Access & admission is prioritised based on clinical need.
1.5.1. Medications are managed safely & effectively.                                                2. SAFETY
1.5.2. Infection control system supports safe practice…
1.5.3. Incidence & impact of pressure ulcers are minimised...
1.5.4. Incidence of falls & fall injuries is minimised…
1.5.5. System for managing blood/blood components ensures safe practice.
1.5.6. Ensures that the correct patient receives the correct procedure at the correct site.
2.1.2. Risk management system ensures risks are identified, minimised & managed.
3.2.1. Safety management systems ensure safety & wellbeing.
1.3.1. Care & services are appropriate & delivered in the most appropriate setting.                 3. QUALITY
1.4.1. Care & services are planned, developed & delivered based on best available evidence…
2.1.1. Continuous improvement system demonstrates commitment to improving outcomes.
1.1.7. Systems exist to ensure care of the dying & deceased is managed with dignity & comfort.      4. RESPECT
1.6.3. Provision for consumers from CALD backgrounds.

1.1.3. Consumers are informed of the consent process…                                               5. INFORMATION

1.6.2. Consumers are informed of their rights & responsibilities.
1.1.2. Care is planned & delivered in partnership with the consumer/carer.                          6. PARTICIPATION

1.1.4. Care is evaluated by providers and/or with the consumer/carer.
1.1.8. Health records ensures comprehensive and accurate information is recorded.                   7. PRIVACY

1.6.1. Input is sought from consumers & carers in planning, delivery & evaluation of the service.   8. COMMENT
2.1.3. Incidents, complaints & feedback are managed to ensure improvements.

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