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					                                                         December 21, 2003                                                                               Volume 3, Issue 51

   Sunday of
    Advent                                                    Remember when Christmas decorations appeared in               The season concludes with the Baptism of the Lord.
                                                        the stores AFTER Thanksgiving? Now from the middle             Here is a chance for us to reflect on our own baptism.
                                                        of October on we are reminded that Christmas is coming.        What does it mean for us to be followers of Christ? How
                                                        And by December 26th the Christmas things disappear.           has following Christ changed your life and do you believe
                                                        Challenging for us as Christians to keep the spirit of the     you are on a life-long journey? Where are you going on
                                                        Christmas season alive when all around us it appears to        your journey this year? How will you manifest God's gift
                                                        be over by the day after Christmas! But it isn't over - it's   of love, peace and hope throughout the coming year?
                                                        just beginning! "The Source Book for Sundays and                    Some other suggestions - resist the urge to take your
                                                        Seasons" has this to say about the Christmas Season.           tree down by the new year. Join in singing the Christmas
                                                        "Even though we celebrate a historical event on                songs at mass with gusto and joy. Schedule a Christmas
                                                        Christmas Day, its meaning does not rest in the past ...       party during the Christmas Season - gather family and
                                                        The Son of God, the eternal Word, became flesh as              friends together in the relaxed atmosphere that prevails
                                                        Jesus the Christ. Our belief and actions bring Christmas       AFTER December 25th. You will truly enjoy this time
                                                        to life. Whenever we give a gift of charity, sing of God's     together. Send Christmas cards to some of the people
                                                        goodness, or support the needy, we are the body of             you might have forgotten, to a shut- in or someone from
                                                        Christ, newly born, bringing life and redemption to a          our list of sick parishioners. (NO, it's really not too late to
                                                        weary world." The Christmas Season is a "Festival of           send Christmas cards after Christmas!) Go visit some of
Lord, make us                                           many days: The liturgical celebration of Christmas             our shut-ins. Remember Christmas day isn't the only day
turn to you; let                                        extends for several weeks beyond Christmas Day. The            people need reassurance they are loved and cared for.
  us see your                                           mystery is so deep that the liturgical calendar gives us a     The beginning of January with all of the winter weather
                                                        series of occasions to enter it again and again."*** The       can make shut- ins feel even more isolated than usual.
 face and we
                                                        celebration lasts from Christmas day through the Baptism       How about inviting someone to dinner or offer to take
shall be saved.                                         of the Lord. How do we keep the season joy- filled?            them shopping? Share the gift of yourself - there is no
 (Psalm 80:4)                                           Holy Family Sunday offers us a wonderful opportunity to        better way to keep the Christmas season alive. Mend a
                                                        celebrate family. Invite your entire family to mass and        relationship - perhaps a note or a phone call or a visit
                                                        follow it with a holiday brunch. (The diet can wait a little   might help in the processo healing.
                                                        longer.) Share photos and family stories with each other.           Finally, remember the stranger coming to mass -
INSIDE:                                PAGE:            On New Year's day join the rest of the church in honoring      there will be many visitors during this season. Welcome
Praying Together                                        the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God by praying          them with joy and hospitality. Let them see in ALL of us
 Mass Schedule . . . . . . . . . .. . . 2
 Prayer Requests . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                        for peace -peace that comes from being in right                the manifestation of God's love. In the midst of the
 Sacraments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3          relationship with God and each other. This is followed by      messiness of humanity God showed His absolute love for
 Prayer Opportunities…....3
                                                        the Feast of Epiphany. In days past Epiphany was               us by the gift of His Son being born into that humanity. In
Playing Together
 Food/Fun Activities . . . . .4                         celebrated with Twelfth Night plays and feasts. Epiphany       the celebration of the Christmas season we have the
Growing Together                                        is the manifestation of God's love to all the world.           opportunity to manifest that love to others.
 Life-Long Faith Formation
 and Youth Activities . …..5
                                                        Families would exchange gifts of books as a sign of their
                                                        search for the truth. This would be a good occasion to              Enjoy and remember- keep saying Merry Christmas!
Serving Together
                                                        extend the gift-giving of Christmas with a book for a loved
 Church and Community
 Service Opportunities/
                                                        one to treasure during the cold month of January, or a
                                                                                                                                       Colleen Craig
 Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …... 6

Giving Together                                         family could share a new children's story around a table
                                                                                                                       ***Sourcebook for Sundays & Season, by Paul Turner, Liturgy Training
 Sacrificial Giving                 .........    6      lit with candles to celebrate this feast of light.
                                                                                                                       Publications, 1800 North Hermitage Ave. Chicago IL 60622-1101.

             St. Francis                                St. James          St. John the Evangelist              St. Margaret Mary                  St. Patrick           St. Pius X
Sunday      Fourth Sunday of Advent
          7:45 a.m. (SJ)   + For the People
          8:30 a.m. (SPX)  + Andy & Gary Berecki/Mary & Bill Nolan
21        9:00 a.m. (SP)
                              - Marge Berecki
                           + Ann Miller
                             - Bud & Dee Cole                            21 Sunday
          9:30 a.m. (SF)   + Walter & Malvine Slozenski                  10:00 a.m. Church Decorating - SP Church
                             - children
          10:30 a.m. (SJM) + Rev. Edward J. Foy
                                                                         10:00 a.m. Children’s Choir Practice - SP Church
                              - Kingston Family                          11:30 a.m. Church Decorating - SJM Church
          10:45 a.m. (SMM) + Marie Maslyn                                11:45 a.m. Young People’s Choir Practice - SMM Music Room
          11:15 a.m. (SJ)   + Chet Judski                                2:00 p.m. SP Jr. High Youth Group Christmas Caroling- SP Hall
                             - Marie Porzucek
                                                                         5:00 p.m. Longest Night - McAuley
Monday                                                                   6:00 p.m. Music Rehearsal - SJM Church
          7:30 a.m. (SP)    + Rita Barry                                 7:00 p.m. Reconciliation Service - SMM Church
22        8:30 a.m. (SJM)   + Dorothy Miller

                                                                         22 Monday
         7:00 a.m. (SMM)     + Mary Hoffman                              7:00 p.m. Children’s Choir Practice - SJ Church
                               - Hinchchliffe Family
23       8:30 a.m. (SJM)     + Bill Costello
                                - Margaret Costello & Family             23 Tuesday
         9:00 a.m. (SJ )     + Barbara Bennett
         12 noon (SP )       + Nick Root
                                - Wife                                   24 Wednesday
Wednesday Vigil: Christmas                                               All Blessed Trinity & St. Patrick Offices will be closing at Noon.
         4:00 p.m. (SJM)    + John Cocco
                              - Jean Cocco                               25 Thursday
24       4:00 p.m. (SMM)
         4:00 p.m. (SJ)
                            + Margaret Bisnett
                            + Christopher Malinosky                      All Blessed Trinity & St. Patrick Offices will be closed.
                              - Family
         5:30 p.m. (SP)     + Claude Morton                              26 Friday
                              - Ivy
         5:30 p.m. (SPX)    + Earl & John Saunders                       All Blessed Trinity & St. Patrick Offices will be closed.
                              - Kay Saunders

                                                                         27 Saturday
         10:00 p.m. (SP)    + For the People
         10:00 p.m. (SJM)   + Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Watts
         11:00 p.m. (SMM)   + For the People

Thursday The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas)                            28 Sunday
         9:00 a.m. (SP)      + Al & Billy Conti

25       9:30 a.m. (SF)
                               - Family
                             + Benjamin F. Nagel
                               - Josephine Nagel
         10:30 a.m. (SJM) + Deceased Members of the Alamo Family
                               - Liz Alamo
         10:45 a.m. (SMM) + Evelyn Schwalbach
         11:15 a.m. (SJ)     + Frank X. Gebert
                               - wife

Friday      Stephen, first martyr

26       No masses

Saturday Vigil: Holy Family
          5:00 p.m. (SMM)   + Frank & Catherine Newfrock             Alice Alexander       Jeanne Fowler        Jeanne Macri          Margaret Schumacher
27        5:00 p.m.(SJM)
                              - Pete & Mary Anne Premock
                            + Theresa Ford
                                                                     Bill Alexander
                                                                     Angeline Anthony
                                                                                           Carol Franz
                                                                                           Phyllis Garfield
                                                                                                                Hennie Makowski
                                                                                                                Kathy Mann
                                                                                                                                      Fr. Elmer Schmidt
                                                                                                                                      Rosemary Smith
                              - Al Kraus & Family                    Johanna Andrew        Jeannae Gentile      Alice Marks           Frances Sostowski
          5:30 p.m. (SP)    + Richard E. Eschler                     Michael Austin        Betty Goodnow        Louise Madak          Diane Speakman
                              - Eschler Family                       Teresa Barnes         Joyce Gregor         Claire McRoberts      Angela Swagler
                                                                     Gene Barno            Irene Gromniak       Paul McTamney         Stephanie Theodore
Sunday       Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph                   Judy Buckenmeye r     Josephine Gwara      Moe Miller            Constance Trueb
                                                                     Deacon George Burnett Grace Hackett        Diane Monahan         Tom Turner
          7:45 a.m. (SJ)   + Tom Malone
                             - Richard & Marilynn Charsky            George Burnett, Jr    Helen Hogan          Fred Morey            Noah Valint
28        8:30 a.m. (SPX) + Charlotte Walter
                              - Kay Walter & Joan Teeter
                                                                     Geraldine Carpineta   Edric Howell
                                                                     Frances Christensen John Jasielonis
                                                                                                                Christopher Moshier
                                                                                                                Anne Marie Moshier
                                                                                                                                      Connie Walter
                                                                                                                                      Richard Wasyln
          9:00 a.m. (SP)   + Aaron James Martin                      Robert Clarke         Eleanor Kerness      Sue Munroe            Helen Watlock
                             - Martin Family                         Irene Coveney         Elizabeth Knight     Theresa Newell        Mike Wilcox
          9:30 a.m. (SF)   + Donald Strong                           Evelyn Cron           Mary Knoblock        Joe Nossal            Stan Winnick
                             - Bob & Lois Barden                     Dick DiOrio           Julia Koroluck       Helen Oliver          Shirley Zimmer
          10:30 a.m. (SJM) + Angelo & Domenico Gregorio              Deacon Bob Dizer      Josephine Labnoski   Donald Peters         Yvonne Zimmer
                              - Family
                                                                     Kelly Donnelly        James Lathrop        Helga Pletka
          10:45 a.m. (SMM) + Agapito Jemenez
                              - Jemenez Family
                                                                     Dorothy Dubinsky      Rita Lupold          Paul Racht
          11:15 a.m. (SJ)   + For the People                         Maureen Foos          Mary Lynch           Elizabeth Rhone

                                                                                  This sacrament celebrating God’s forgiveness is
                                                                                  available by appointment (contact a priest) or at
                                                                                  the following scheduled times.
           Central Office                    St. Patrick/St. John
            300 Main St.                        Betty D’Arcy,                       St. Francis - First Saturday 10:30 - 11:00 a.m.
         Owego, NY 13827                     Pastoral Associate,                    St. James - Saturday 4:00 - 4:45 p.m.
          (607) 687-1068                        642-3404 (H)                        St. John - Third Saturday 10:30 -11:00 a.m.
           M-F 8:00-4:00                                                            St. Margaret Mary - Saturday 4:00 -4:45 p.m.
           Waverly Office                   St. James/St. Pius X                    St. Patrick - Saturday 4:15 - 5:00 p.m.
                                                 Hall Moore                         St. Pius X - Sunday 8:00 - 8:20 a.m.
           503 Clark St.
         Waverly, NY 14892                    Pastoral Minister
          (607) 565-2014                    (570) 888-1575 (H)                    Anointing of the Sick
          M, W 8:00 -12:00               St. Margaret Mary/St. Francis            Ths Sacrament of strength and healing is
          Apalachin Office                                                        available upon request for those who are sick or
                                                Helen Cooney;
          1110 Penn. Ave.                                                         elderly. Please contact your church office.
                                              Pastoral Associate,
        Apalachin, NY 13732
          (607) 625-3191
                                                 625-4625 (H)                     Hospital/Nursing Home visits
                                      In case of Pastoral Emergency call
          T, Th 9:00 -1:00                                                        Please notify your church office if you or a family
                                        pager number 1-800-388-4117               member will be hospitalized and would like the
                                                                                  Sacrament of the Sick or a staff member to visit.
                                                                                  Holy Communion at Home
  Reconciliation Service                                                          Please call your church office if you wish to
                                                                                  bring Holy Communion to a sick friend or family
     Sunday, December 21st          7:00 p.m.     St. Margaret Mary               member or to arrange a visit by one of our
                                                                                  Communion Ministers.

                                                                                  Memorial Candles/Gifts
   Christmas Liturgies                                                            Memorial donations are accepted for the
                                                                                  Sanctuary lamp that burns before the Blessed
   Christmas Eve:                        Christmas Day:                           Sacrament and the Bread and Wine used in our
   4:00 p.m. St. James                   9:00 a.m. St. Patrick                    Eucharistic celebrations. Please contact your
                                                                                  church office.
   4:00 p.m. St. Margaret Mary           9:30 a.m. St. Francis
   (Carols begin at 3:30 p.m.)           10:30 a.m. St. James                    Sanctuary Lamp:
                                                                                 Family of Bob Wolcott - St. Patrick
   4:00 p.m. St. John                    10:45 a.m. St. Margaret Mary            Edna & Cecil Haner - St. John
   5:30 p.m. St. Patrick                 11:15 a.m. St. John                     Eric & Nicholas Volpe - St. Pius X
   5:30 p.m. St. Pius X                                                          Stephen Sabin - St. James
   10:00 p.m. St. James
   10:00 p.m. St. Patrick                                                         Baptisms
   11:00 p.m. St. Margaret Mary                                                   Baptismal preparation is offered and required
                                                                                  for parents of children to be baptized in our
                                                                                  churches. Please contact your church office for
                                                                                  an initial interview and baptismal preparation.
Baptism Preparation for Blessed Trinity Parish and St.
                   Patrick Parish
    Baptism is the sign of our unity with Christ’s community, and a witness
to our desire to be part of the discipleship of Christ. Adults and children of
catechetical age make this choice for themselves; parents make the
choice for infants. When bringing your child to the church for Baptism,           Marriage
your Parish Family will want to know that you are a faith-filled member by        Couples should contact a Priest or Deacon to
sharing regularly in worship with them and committed to a way of life influ-      begin their preparation for marriage at least six
                                                                                  months before any anticipated wedding.
enced by Christ Jesus.
    Parents in Blessed Trinity and St. Patrick Parishes are required to at-       Wedding Banns:
tend a pre-baptismal class before scheduling a date for baptism. Please
call the parish office at 687-1068 as soon as you know you are expecting          Last week, the front page bulletin
so that we may share in your joy, your preparation, and also pray for you         article inadvertently left out Marty
and your baby.                                                                    Schneider and Reed Durand as St.
    Baptism preparation classes are held four times per year (two ses-            John’s Pastoral Council members.
sions each) starting in January . Please call the parish office for details.      We apologize for this omission.

St. Francis Adopt a Family                                       Community Dinner
   St. Francis Youth Group is once again organizing                   Again this year, our parish cluster
the Adopt -a-Family program for St. Francis Church. If           will be providing a community dinner at
you want to help with this project please take a gift tag        St. John’s in Newark Valley on Christ-
from the Giving Tree, but the gift listed on the tag, and        mas Day. We will also continue our
return the wrapped gift with the tag by Sunday, Dec.             practice of delivering dinners to those unable to share
21st. On the tree there are also envelopes for money             dinner with us on this Holiday. If you know someone
donations to buy food. Thank you for helping us to               who would enjoy a holiday meal delivered or if any pa-
share God’s love during this blessed season.                     rishioners and folks from the community would like to
                                                                 join us for dinner, please call Lisa. Deliveries begin at
                                                                 Noon and the sit down dinner begins when drivers re-
New Families at                                                  turn from deliveries, usually around 1 P.M. Volunteers
St. Patrick’s                                                    are needed for deliveries to the homebound, preparing
                                                                 dinners, donations of food (ham, turkey, squash, pota-
   The coffee hour to welcome new
                                                                 toes, etc.) and/or money donations. All are welcome to
families of St. Patrick’s Parish has
                                                                 join us. You can join us for dinner, but please call Lisa,
               been rescheduled for Sunday,
                                                                 at 687-1068, for reservations.
               January 11th following the 9:00 a.m.
               Mass. If you joined our faith community
               in 2003, please come and meet some of             Fruit Baskets
               your fellow parishioners.                             Fruit Basket orders may be picked up
                                                                 be after all the Masses this weekend. The
                                                                 money raised will be used to help pay for
                                                                 the youth retreats and workshops. Thank
St. Val’s Club Wrap-up                                           you for supporting this worthwhile project,
         The St. Val’s Club committee for this past year         it benefits so many people of all ages.
would like to announce that we were able to present a
check in the amount of $2,400 to Blessed Trinity parish,         Blood Pressure Screening at
which represents the total amount remaining after all
prizes and expenses for the dinner/dance were paid.              St. Margaret Mary
We would like to thank all our members for their contin-             Beginning January 2004, Saturday BP screenings
ued support and also for the positive feedback we re-            will be discontinued. We will continue providing this ser-
ceived following the dinner/dance held on November15th           vice the first Sunday of the month after the 10:45 liturgy
at the Owego Treadway Inn. We had 144 people who                 at St. Margaret Mary’s.
attended that evening and of those, 133 signed up and
paid at least the first week’s dues for the club for 2004.       St. Margaret Mary’s NCYC
    If anyone is interested in being on the St. Val’s Com-
mittee for 2004, please call Madeline & Gene Barno at              St. Margaret Mary's NCYC group is having a reunion
625-2638.                                                        Sunday, January 4th from 12:00-2:00 in St. Margaret
                                                                 Mary’s Hall. Bring your pictures to share.
Living Stations of the Cross
    St. Margaret Mary's Youth Group would like to invite         Choir Practices at Blessed Trinity
all youth from all sites in grades 8-12, to attend an
                                                                 Parish and St. Patrick Parish
information meeting about Living Stations of the Cross.
                                                                       The following is the schedule for the Christmas
We will meet in the hall at St. Margaret Mary’s on
                                                                 Choir practices at Blessed Trinity and St. Patrick.
Sunday, January 4th from 2:00-4:00.
                                                                 St. James - Music Rehearsal is at 6:00 p.m. in St.
                    Christmas Caroling                           James Church on Sunday, 12/21.
                                                                 St. John - Children’s Choir Practice is at 7:00 p.m. in St.
                        Attention all Families! On
                                                                 John’s Church on Monday, 12/22.
                    December 21st at 5:30 p.m., St.
                                                                 St. Margaret Mary - Choir Practice is at 11:45 a.m. in
                    Patrick’s Jr. High Youth Group will
                    be sponsoring a Christmas Caroling           St. Margaret Mary’s Music Room on Sunday, 12/21.
                    outing. We will be caroling in the           St. Patrick - Children’s Choir Practice is at 10:00 a.m. in
                    St. Pat’s neighborhood. Bring your           St. Patrick Church on Sunday, 12/21.
                    jingle bells and join us. There will
                    be cookies and hot chocolate in the
                    hall afterwards.

Stephen Ministry
    Because of circumstances beyond our control, the              Catholic Update
Stephen Ministry Training for New Stephen Ministers did               Is this an impossible mission?
not begin this past September. We will be starting a new              Your assignment, if you are
class in late January. Please think about this ministry,          willing to accept it, is to pick up a copy of
and if God is calling you to serve others as a Stephen            the Catholic Update titled “Examen of Conscious-
Minister, contact Betty at 687-1068. Watch the bulletin           ness” (not examination of conscience), read it,
for more information.                                             and for one week apply the five steps recom-
                                                                  mended by St. Ignatius to examine your life and
Intercessory Prayer Group                                         gain freedom to cooperate with God’s will.
   The Monday evening Intercessory Prayer Group at St.                    Pick up a copy of this issue at the church
Margaret Mary’s will resume meeting on Monday, Janu-              entrances this week.
ary 5th at 7:00 p.m. in the Daily Mass Chapel.

Building Peace with Justice                                     Nativity
    The journey this year of 2003 has been a difficult one         You are invited to bring a "family favorite" to add to
for people who love and build peace. The war in Iraq, the       our Nativity at St. Margaret Mary’s during the
thousands killed there, the continuing escalation of vio-       Christmas Season - perhaps this is a treasured
lence in our own communities, the scarcity of employ-           stuffed animal friend or something from your family
ment. Yet we know we are a gifted people, we have               Christmas tradition that speaks to you of what
been given the great gift of life. We have been loved into      Christmas means. You can even make something that
our being. How do we reconcile 2003 and with the great          represents your family and leave it at the Nativity. If
gift of Faith? A line from King Lear which says it all: “So
                                                                you plan on being in town for the Christmas masses
we’ll live, and pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh
                                                                you can bring your "favorite" to mass. Otherwise feel
at gilded butterflies………and take upon us the mystery
of things, as if we were God’s spies.                           free to drop it off anytime during the Christmas Season
    Helen Luke, a spiritual writer, says that a spy is one      which ends on January 11, 2004 with the Baptism of
who penetrates a hidden mystery, and a spy of God is            the Lord. PS - look for a stuffed llama or two or.........
one who sees at the heart of every manifestation of life
the mystery that is God. What is the mystery of your life?

St. Patrick’s Lectors, Servers &
Eucharistic Ministers
   Please return your scheduling requests by 12/21 for              Thank you to all the parishioners at Blessed Trinity
                                                                and St. Patrick who have made a pledge or gift to the
the interval between 1/3 - 3/28. You may do this by re-
                                                                Partners in Faith campaign. Through their efforts we
turning the green request sheet that was mailed to you,
                                                                have raised 93% of our overall goal both the Blessed
using e-mail to or calling Ray             Trinity and St. Patrick. There are still many families
Rushing @ 687-6038. Please make sure your name is on            that we have not heard from! We need your help to
the green request sheet, otherwise we can’t identify the        push us over the top! The average gift/pledge per
senders.                                                        household over a three to five year period so far is
                                                                $2,254. If you have not done so already, please com-
Longest Night Memorial Christmas Prayer                         plete a pledge card, and return it to the Parish Office or
Service                                                         place it in the collection. Yellow pledge cards are in the
    This year our Memorial Christmas Prayer Service for         vestibule of each church. Please consider matching
anyone grieving the death of a loved one will be held on        the average gift in making your pledge over a 3-5 year
Sunday, December 21st at 5:00 p.m. at the McAuley               period. But remember no gift is too small please
Center. This is an annual prayer service hosted by the          prayerfully consider giving what you can.
Bereavement Support Group of Blessed Trinity/St. Pat-               St. Patrick’s Target: $415,000 - pledged as of this
rick and is open to anyone wishing to attend. Contact           week $381,6427 or 92% of the parish goal.
Betty or Eamonn at 642-3404 for a ride or additional in-        Blessed Trinity’s Target: $625,000 - pledged as of this
formation. Refreshments will be served following the            week $583,180 or 93% of the parish goal.
service.                                                        50 % of all funds raised locally will come back to our
                                                                parishes for local needs.

TTY Capabilities                                                     Community Christmas Cantata
    The Diocese of Rochester’s Parish Support Ministries                 A Christmas Cantata, “The First Noel” written by Joe
in the Pastoral Center on Buffalo Road now is equipped               E. Parks and based on the familiar Carol is being pre-
with TTY capabilities to serve the deaf community. The               sented on Sunday, 12/21 at 7:00 p.m. at the First
direct number is 1-585-529-9528. Persons wishing to                  United Methodist Church, 70 Main Street (Rt 38), New-
use TTY to communicate to anyone in the Pastoral Cen-                ark Valley. The Cantata consists of several choral set-
ter can call the number, type their message and rest as-             tings, narration, new music and some traditional hymn
sured that it will be delivered as promptly as possible.             singing by the congregation. Sixty voices from eight
Yvonne Moss of PSM will then relay a response back
                                                                     local churches are involved in the performance. Jewel
                                                                     Griffith is directing the choir. All are invited to attend
                                                                     this celebration. A free will offering will be collected. A
Are the Poor included in your                                        reception with light refreshments will follow the cantata.
Christmas preparations?
   A basic moral test is how our most vulnerable mem-                To all who helped...
bers are faring. In a society marred by deepening divi-                 Because of your generosity, over 150 children and
sions between rich and poor, our tradition recalls the               families to whom TCRM ministers, will have a Merry
story of the Last Judgment (Mt. 25:31-46) and instructs              Christmas. Thanks to all of you.
us to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.
Sharing Catholic Social Teaching
                                                                        Oplatki, the Christmas Wafer, is now available at all
United Sates Catholic Bishops 1998
                                                                     Blessed Trinity and St. Patrick sites.

                                          Regional Food Pantries
Tioga County Rural              Spencer-Van Etten                Valley Food Pantry                Newark Valley Project
Ministry                                                                                           Neighbor

                                The Food cupboard is need        The Valley Food pantry has a      Due to a decrease in funding,
We are thankful for all you
                                of: Peanut Butter, Jelly, Tuna   weekly need for the following     the Newark Valley Project
do to help those in need in
                                fish, Fruit Cocktail, Soups,     items: Cereal, jelly/jams,        Neighbor food pantry is in need
our own county. This week
                                Crackers, Cereal, Spaghetti      canned pasta and snack items      of cereal, spaghetti and maca-
the pantry needs dry milk and
                                Sauce, Crackers, Sugar, Pan-     for children. These items may     roni. These may be left in St.
spaghetti sauce.
                                cake Syrup, Mustard,             be dropped off at the pantry or   John’s Hall. Thank you.
                                Ketchup, Toothpaste, Laun-       at St. James church for pickup.
                                dry, Dish & Hand Soap.

Your sacrificial gifts are necessary to support the ministries of our churches and staff. Please gift-wrap
your donation in an envelope each week. Envelopes are available from your church office.
                            Sacrificial Offerings - Weekend of December 13/14
Parish:                     Envelopes :            Attendance:                 Total Gifts:
Blessed Trinity
   St. Francis                       13                 50                     $ 204.00
   St. James                         94                267                     $2658.00
   St. John                          40                172                     $1005.00
   St. Margaret Mary                 87                261                     $2941.00
   St. Pius X                        13                 42                     $ 302.00
   Total:                           247                792                     $7110.00

St. Patrick                         172                483                     $5937.00

Make Parish a Priority!                                      Please Use Your Envelopes.


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