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									  Hillside Headlines Online On Our School’s Home Page                   Volume III   Number 1

A Year With Frog and Toad: Kids
                        The 4th Grade Musical
                                                    six weeks. The       A Year With Frog
                                                    week before the       and Toad Kids
                                                    musical was                 THE CAST
                                                    presented, the              Simon Brea
                                                    cast worked              Brendan Chang
                                                    every day to          Kendra Cooper-Smith
                                                    perfect their          Samantha Dandridge
                                                    routines. They             Sabrina Fein
                                                                              Molly Gouran
                                                    worked on en-
                                                                                 Jiarui Hu
                                                    tering, exiting,       Gweneth Humphreys
                                                    and on finding          Hannah Konstadt
                                                    their spots              Aniya Matthews
                                                    (marks ) during             Ariel Moss
                                                    the blackouts                Ali Noia
                                                    that allow ac-          Isabella Patitucci
                                                    tors to change            Ethan Pochna
                                                    positions and              Ruby Pucillo
       The Fourth Grade musi-                                                Nina Silverstein
cal this year was “A Year With      scenes. The cast practiced their
                                                                               Julia Spenser
Frog and Toad: Kids.” Twenty        parts as hard as they could. A           Sander Tancredi
fourth graders were in front of     teaser was presented to the Hill-     Anya van Hoogstraten
the spotlights, assisted by         side school audience on Friday,     Isabella Wynne-Markham
three set designers, who were       December 3rd . The premiere of             THE CREW
also techs and general stage        the musical followed that night            Jem Costello
                                    at the High School Auditorium             Colin Rooney
hands (see cast to the right).
                                    and the musical was repeated          Aaron Shellow-Lavine
The characters were Frog and
Toad; Squirrels, Birds, Snails,     the following evening.
Moles, a Lizard, a Mouse and a            Thanks to expert direc-        Robin Anne Joseph
Turtle.                             tion by Robin Joseph, Doug Ma-      MUSICAL DIRECTOR:
      The actors won their          rouk-Coe, and Jenny Lee, this        Doug Marouk-Coe
                                    was a five-star production!            TECHNICAL
parts by auditioning. They                                                  DIRECTOR:
then rehearsed their for at least                                   Jenny Lee
Volume III   Number 1                                                       Winter Holidays 2010
Fancy Nancy visits Hillside to Fancy Us Up
                                                       The Fancy Nancy Dic-
                                                       These words were posted on the Fancy Nancy
                                                      Bulletin Board of Fancy Words by our students..
                                                         Regular tree=Christmas tree, decorated
                                                                 Left-over stuff=Detritus
                                                                       Hi=Bon Jour
                                                               Vigorously active (very)=Spry
                                                               Noisy Manner=Obstreperous
                                                                   Fear of long words=
    Alexander Weitzman and his aunt, Robin
 Preiss Glasser, the illustrator of Fancy Nancy          Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia
                                                                Snail with Sauce=Escargot
        Robin Preiss Glasser, illustrator of the
best selling Fancy Nancy series (and Alexander                    One of a kind=Unique
Weitzman‟s aunt) visited Hillside to teach us some            (You say it like this: you-neek)
Fancy Tricks.
                   We learned to curtsey and bow.
                   We learned how to walk in a
                   very dignified way by balancing
                   bananas on our heads. We
                   learned about making a book
                   like Fancy Nancy. We also
                   learned that Ms. Glasser is the
                   illustrator of many other books,
                   including “You Can‟t Take a
                   Balloon into the Metropolitan
                   Museum”—or the Boston Mu-
                   seum of Fine Arts or the Smith-
sonian, and “Tea With The Duchess.” We were
lucky enough to hear the newest addition to the
series, “Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion
Boutique,” which was read by Ms. Glasser. Mrs.
Sullivan loves the books so much that she wore a
purple boa in honor of Fancy Nancy‟s honor.!

Volume III   Number 1                                                                 Winter Holidays 2010
      PICKING UP THE                               HOLIDAY HELP FROM US TO
                                                   THE HASTINGS COMMUNITY

              rs. Martin of the Computer and
              Science Labs has a special
              hobby—she loves jigsaw puzzles.
              We visited her lab to see some of
her work. “I love to do old fashioned scenes
with a lot going on in them,” said Mrs. Mar-
tin. “I find it very relaxing; I often listen to
music while I work. I began this hobby when
I was waiting for my first child to be born.”
        Mrs. Martin begins a puzzle by break-
ing it up and color coding the 500 pieces.
She stores them in a special tray with draw-
ers, one for each color. It takes her about
two weeks to finish a puzzle, working at least
an hour a day. She has put together about
50 puzzles since she started. “I try to work
                                                    Hillside students make collection boxes
on only one puzzle at a time, but they seem
to find their way back to me.”                      for toys, games, wrapping paper and rib-
                                                     bon so that parents in need may select
       Once a puzzle is completed, Mrs. Mar-
tin paints it with special glue on the front         gifts and wrap them for their children.

                                                    Hillside’s Favorite
                                                    Holiday Traditions
                                                   Ariel Moss: “It‟s exciting to wait for sundown to get
                                                   to light the Menorah and get presents. It reminds me
                                                   of my family (including my cat).” Mrs. Berry: “I love
                                                   giving and getting presents with my family, especially
                                                   my young granddaughters. They make Christmas
                                                   morning the most fun.” Celia Silverstein: “I like to
                                                   decorate the Christmas tree with many ornaments
                                                   and help make Christmas really fun.” Sidney
                                                   Freireich: “I love celebrating Hanukah with my
                                                   cousins.” Tia Rockland: “I love Hanukah presents,
                                                   I get exactly what I want!” Mrs. Greene: “The hand-
and back to hold it together. She brought ten      made ornaments we put on our tree make it a special
puzzles in to school to make a display in her      occasion.” George Giannone: “I like to dress up like
computer lab. “I think of the pieces as all        Santa for the kids—they love it and so do I.” Rachel
the children and staff here. That‟s where I        Molly Barer: “Hanukah presents always are good
got my saying on the bulletin board:               surprises.” Katie Concra: “My family—30 plus peo-
                                                   ple—eats Christmas dinner at Grandma‟s!” Sidney
„Hillside is like a jigsaw puzzle…                 O’Connor: “I like decorating the Christmas tree.”
little pieces, when put together…
create a beautiful picture.’”
                                                   HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

Volume III   Number 1                                                                  Winter Holidays 2010
             Headlines Staff
       Top, left to right:
                                        New Faces At Hillside School: Mrs. Camaratta &
                                        Ms. Magnatta with Hillside Headlines Reporters
        Bruno McCarthy
             Sabrina Fein
             Kyle Shryock
     Bottom, left to right:
             Blaise Rohan
       Sander Tancredi
             Julia Spenser
     Gweneth Humphreys

      Publisher and Advisor:
     Ms. Ratt, Hillside Library

              ntroducing Ms. Mag-
              natta and Ms.
              Camaratta! They are
              brand-new teachers at
Hillside school, two of nine new
faces on staff whom we are wel-
coming to our school family. Coin-              Then the job opened up at                Ms. Camaratta‟s favorite
cidentally, they went to the same       Hillside. “I fell in love with the en-   teacher was Mrs. Murado who
college, Plattsburgh, although not      vironment the first time I drove up.     wore bright red glasses. “I had to
at the same time. They share a          It‟s beautiful how the school is set     get glasses; I was mad and upset
taste for alt rock and the radio sta-   among nature walks and paths.            and afraid to look like a dork.
tion WFUV. They both have and           And I loved the welcome I got here,      “But Mrs. Murado was funny,
love dogs. And they both love           as well,” Ms. Magnatta said.             quirky and crazy and she made 2nd
teaching 4th grade, although Ms.                                                 grade exciting, so I made my par-
                                                Ms. Camaratta is a               ents get bright red glasses just like
Camaratta will move to 2nd soon.        teacher, “because no day is ever         hers. I had not seen her since 2nd
         Ms. Magnatta wants her         the same. I love being around            grade when I ran into her last
students to enjoy school. She be-       kids: they are great fun.” Ms.           summer. She she was there with
came a school teacher because her       Camaratta majored in special edu-        here daughter-in-law shopping in
younger sister thought school was       cation and reading at Plattsburgh.       the boutique where I was trying on
boring and she wanted to make it                 She has been teaching for       my bridal gown.”
fun. She had a teacher in fifth         seven years. She worked first in
grade named Mr. Magi who in-                                                              Ms. Camaratta‟s favorite
                                        New York City, “because it was           thing about Hillside is the kids:
spired her by making school excit-      totally different from where I grew
ing and joyful. “Once we did a big                                               “They are respectful, funny, and
                                        up, rural upstate New York. I was        polite, and that really impressed
study of the human body. We             an inner city school teacher‟s aide
traced our bodies, then we had to                                                me. I have a real sense of strong
                                        and taught in the Bronx. I tried to      community, and everyone has
label all of the circulatory systems    do my best to help kids learn to
and the organs and paint it. I still                                             been generous in helping me—I
                                        read. Then I went to Nanuet as a         feel like I‟m part of a team.”
have my „body‟ somewhere,” said         Reading teacher in a Middle
Ms. Magnatta. The class was so          School.”                                         Ms. Magnatta and Ms.
interesting that she even forgot                                                 Camaaratta offered some advice
she was learning.                               Like Ms. Magnatta, Mrs.          to the students here. They both
                                        Camaratta worked as a teacher in         agree it is important to find
        After Ms. Magnatta gradu-       Clarkstown, although once again
ated from college, taught at Clark-                                              something to smile or laugh
                                        she and Ms. Magnatta did not             about every day and to focus on
stown Central District as a 3rd         meet. It took working at our
grade student teacher, and then                                                  the positive. “And,” added Ms.
                                        school to bring them together; now       Magnatta, “Read some Peanuts!”
moved to 4th grade.                     they are good friends.

Volume III    Number 1                                                                         Winter Holidays 2010

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