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									"In the Future, Work Will be Something You Are, Not What You Do" Says
Leading Business Futurist Marvin Dejean

Acclaimed business futurist, and best-selling author, Marvin Dejean will be the main speaker at
HRPBC’s February Kick off Dinner event on Thursday February 21st, 2013. Dejean will speak
about the future of work and how organizations must prepare for the seismic shift that has begun to
change our very notion of a job in a globally connected and networked world.

Coral Springs, FL, February 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Leading business futurist Marvin Dejean, the CEO of
Gilead Sanders a business futurist consulting firm, will be the main speaker at HRPBC's February Kick
Off Dinner event on Thursday February 21st, 2013 from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM at the West Palm Beach
Embassy Suites located at 1601 Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach, FL.

Dejean's topic “2020: The New Work Order: The Future of Work & Organizations” will provide insights
about the changing nature of the workplace and how shifting expectations, radical new technologies and
the rise of the “solopreneur” are redefining the millennium-old concept of work and how things will get
done in the future.

“The very notion of work as a physical place with delineated time schedules has already begun to give
way to flat organizations that are using hyper-connected platforms to leverage a knowledge-based
workforce. Work as we know it is transforming and becoming integrated with who we are and soon will
no longer be something we do. The Corporation will become an extension of ourselves, and as a result
whole hierarchies will begin to shift,” states Dejean.

Many organizations and governments have begun to change their thinking toward what they predict will
be a revolutionary shift of the nature of work and how it will be accomplished in the future. The Aspen
Institute in its 2011 report entitled “The Future of Work: What It Means For Individuals, Businesses,
Markets and Governments” provides radical insights from leading thinkers, entrepreneurs and business
strategists from various fields about the emerging trends of work and organizations in the global
marketplace. Their predictions foreshadow sweeping changes in the future:

"The job is a 300-year-old institution that's going away. People will become more like independent
contractors," states David Houle, a leading Futurist, thinker and speaker about the coming Shift Age.

“If firms don't visualize what their futures look like and begin to make the changes that are necessary,
those firms may cease to exist as we know them. We need a vision of what these firms should look like
and how to transform
our existing organizations.” -Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of InnoCentive Inc.

“Large organizations as traditionally structured, may simply be inadequate to meeting the myriad needs
and structural realities of our time” - John Rendon, CEO of The Rendon Group Inc.

“Crowdsourcing has become a full-fledged business model for some companies..... and firms of the 21st

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Century will mostly be about talent management.” - David Bollier, for The Aspen Institute

Dejean will speak about some of these trends and others that are emerging as dominant threads in many
large and mid-sized organizations. His talk will focus on practical applications that companies and
government agencies can begin implementing to create distributed-work environments that focus on
value-driven outcomes.

Dejean is the author of the upcoming book, “The DNA of Reinvention: A Blueprint for Unleashing the
Future of Organizations” and a recurring keynote and seminar speaker for countless organizations and
companies seeking to gain a keen understanding of the new rules reshaping the business landscape,
consumer and employee expectations and the new competitive blueprint. His past clientele include
Kaplan University, Marcum LLP, HRPBC, The Palm Beach Matchmaker & Business Expo, The Greater
Miami Society of Human Resources Professional, The Miami-Dade Coalition on Aging, ARCA Capital
Investments, The School Board of Broward County and, the PRSA Sunshine District Conference and

In his capacity as a business futurist, he helps countless businesses and organizations design a clear
roadmap to gain a competitive edge in the New Economy by focusing on The “Four Pillars” of
Technology, Innovation, People, and Processes (TIP2).

Companies interested in learning more about Marvin Dejean, his upcoming book, his blog and his
speaking availability are encouraged to visit his website at www.gileadsanders.com. Media wishing to
learn more about the event or interviewing Mr. Dejean can contact him directly via e-mail at
info@gileadsanders.com or by phone at 954-254-9030. To learn more about HRPBC's upcoming Kick off
Dinner, please visit them at www.HRPBC.org.

About Marvin Dejean
Marvin Dejean is a leading business futurist, digital strategist, best-selling author and the CEO of Gilead
Sanders Inc. a leading futurist consulting firm specializing in helping companies, organizations and
individuals take the quantum leap into the 21st Century global marketplace. His profound insights into
the world of technological breakthroughs, igniting human capital, and business leadership innovation are
in high demand with some of the fastest growing organization nation-wide.

The Human Resource Association of Palm Beach County (HRPBC) was founded in 1966 as the
Personnel Association of Palm Beach County. Over 40 years later, HRPBC is the largest SHRM-affiliated
Chapter in Florida, with over 500 members. Since the late 1990's, SHRM has distinguished HRPBC each
year with the Superior Merit Award. The accomplishments achieved by HRPBC each year to be eligible
for the award focus on both advancing the HR profession and serving the HR professional. Both
accomplishments are an integral part of HRPBC's and SHRM's mission. HRPBC provides its members
with exceptional continuing education opportunities, the ability to network with other HR professionals,
and the ability to make a world of difference in both personal and professional capacities.

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