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					From: Stein, Jack
Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2012 11:19 PM
To: Johnson, Bob; Smelser, Ron
Cc: Desgraves, Sean; Dyer, Rodney; Edgecombe, Jason; Rhodes, Terry; Whisler, Dave; Verner, Andrew;
Hatley, Nathaniel; Gortney, William; Edwards, Travis; Plover, Mark; Speice, Bradlee; Barton, Crystal;
Colson, Daniel; Wighton, Shane; Labko, Eugene; Weber, David; Poindexter, Andrew; Castaneda,
Armando; Irvin, Isaac
Subject: Mosaic and PCS status for week ending June 4,2012 – June 10,2012

Mosaic and PCS status for week ending June 4,2012 – June 10,2012

Major Mosaic and PCS Initiatives:
    Windows 7 – migrate the infrastructure and process from Mosaic Windows XP to Windows 7 64 bit; phase
       1: limited deployment by end of 2012 via Remote Desk top to a pool of Mosaic Anywhere servers; phase
       2: full deployment by summer 2013.
    Unix EOL – migrate all the Mosaic back end infrastructure from Unix to Linux (file system; VLDB
       servers; printing; Kerberos; MySQL; Oracle)
    Web- continue to support the COE with web based technologies, contents and applications.
    Applications – continue to provide software applications on Mosaic Windows, Mosaic Linux.
    Customer Support – deliver the tools, instill processes and work flows to enable Mosaic and PCS to deliver
       first rate customer support.
    Remote Access – provide the COE faculty, staff and student with resources and tools to remotely access the
       Mosaic infrastructure
    Facilities – provide top notch facilities, hardware and software technology to the Motorsports Research
       facility; to the EPIC facility; to Smith facility; to the Duke facility; Server room technology for the
        infrastructure of Mosaic; laptop work areas for students; support the digital display.
    Support Research and Special Projects for the College

Major events/highlight for the week:
    Efforts continue to address issues with a timely occupancy of the EPIC Building – the set back from the
       network re-cabling effort is the current cause of a major time slippage to the schedule. Efforts to get back
       on schedule are helping.

Mosaic and PCS usage status for week ending June 4,2012 – June 10,2012 (5 minute increment; max usage/total
number of seats in lab):

                  Duke                    Woodward                           Cameron           Smith
                    242 (24/61)            208 (11/12)                       213 (0/20)          260 (11/33)
                    323 (20/30)            237 (5/17: Linux)                 109       -shut     249 (17/44)
                                               (2/17 : Windows)              down
                                           243 (0/17) - shut down            113       -shut      229 (30/30)
                                                                                                  225 (27/43)

                  a.   Student work areas usage in all engineering buildings had very little activity as there are few
                       students on site during the summer.
                  b.   Mosaic labs usage has been very low this past week as there are few students on site during
                       the summer.
                  c.   Mosaic Anywhere servers usage data shows a peak of 27 out of 85 users on June 4,2012 at
                       about 10:26 am.
                  d.   Linux X-server usage on the compute server increased from previous week and the usage of
                       the general purpose Linux servers has increased since the past week.
                 e.   COEConnect unique usage for May 2012 has increased (see graph below).
                 f.   Total Work Orders volume in PCS has decreased in May 2012 . The graphs also show the
                      split between WO for students and faculty/staff. (see graph below)
                 g.   Customer tickets volume for May 2012 has decreased (see graph below)

   Infrastructure: Migration efforts from Unix to Linux for our back end systems:

    a.   File Servers:
              a. Migration from Unix to Linux
                         Remaining data moves from Unix file servers to Linux file servers:
                                  fs-me5       Disk Farm We decided to wait on the migration of the Disk
                                      Farm from Unix to Linux until a server is freed up from Woodward when
                                      we have the EPIC serve room set up (summer 2012).

    b.   Printing support from Linux:
                                All Mosaic network printing is now being handled thru Linux; Solaris systems
                                   have been shut off
                                Eugene is working on Printer/Plotter issues and enhancements (fetching the
                                   square footage coming out of the plotter to enable us to charge based on usage
                                   not a flat 20 pages per plot)

    c.   Linux AFS Fileservers in production :
                              · fs-sm6
                              · fs-sm8
                              · fs-ece5
                              · fs-ece6
                              · fs-me6
                              · fs-me7

    d.   Web Server migrate off Unix:
                              · Transition to Linux web services complete. Unix web server is shut down.
                              · Increased the number of Web Server in our pool from 2 to 3 to let us do some
                                    analysis on performance.
                              · We have had several issues with the Web servers that have been linked to the
                                    AFS software and Jason is tracking this with YFS. Tracking these outages in
                                    Google doc.

    e.   Back End file servers support (VLDB, Kerberos) migrated off Unix:
             a. Completed
    f.   Oracle servers migrated off Unix:
             a. Plan to have this done in Summer 2012
    g.   MySQL Services migrated off Unix and on to Linux
             a. Completed
    h.   Tape data Backup server migrated off Unix:
             a. Completed


            Here is the Windows planned release forecast:
                              Application                     Staff            AppID              Sysremove         Sche
                 PTC Creo 2.0                                  TE              creo20
                 Panopto 4.1                                   TE            panopto41
             Delcam For Solidworks                           TE               dfs18

Migration to Windows 7
    Rodney, Nathan, Crystal, Travis and Andrew are working on the migration to a Mosaic Windows 7
        project. We meet weekly to review the project status.
    Windows 7 lab is now located in Cameron 235
    Here is a status of the following components:
                    i. A stable AFS Client integrated with Trend Micro Anti Virus [Done but we address new
                       issues as we find them]
                   ii. Building a system [Done]
                 iii. Updating a system with applications installs, uninstall. [Done]
                  iv. Applying security patches from Microsoft [Done]
                   v. Network printing support [IP] working but RAW printers can’t be added during a
                       build/update if the remote printer is off. There’s probably not a solution to this. We skip
                       the printer and go on with the next one. The printer will be added later, in another
                       update, if the printer is ever turned on during an update.
                  vi. Remote Desktop support [Done]
                 vii. Logon –
                            · Pre-profile [Done]
                            · Profile down load [Done]
                            · Post-profile [Done]
                viii. Logoff [Done]
                  ix. Package [Done]
                   x. Boot Scripting [Done] Changed to “BCMDS.ps1” with “-boot” argument flag, instead of
                  xi. Menus for Mosaic applications [Done]
                 xii. Scheduled tasks (BCMD) [Done]
                xiii. Data Probe support (CASD) including process kill support [Waiting] waiting. Not
                       currently necessary for any testing, or the working platform. Only necessary for data
                       collection. CASd does not have the ability to kill processes. We currently have no plans
                       to add that capability.
                xiv. PEXECD.exe support [Waiting] Not currently required.
                 xv. PEXEC.exe[Waiting]
                xvi. CASD.exe[Waiting] Not currently necessary for any testing, or the working platform.
                       Only necessary for data collection.
               xvii. RDSession.CMD [Waiting] Not currently necessary for the working platform. Only
                       necessary for rollout of MosaicAnywhere for Windows 7. We are not yet at the point of
                       implementing that remote capability feature.
              xviii. Web interface to Windows 7 Mosaic anywhere [Waiting]
                xix. Mosaic Status Tool Redone [Waiting]
                 xx. Fix Mosaic Health Monitor [Done]
                xxi. Fix the MOTD program [Waiting]
               xxii. Application installation strategy (no app wrapping) [IP]
              xxiii. Volum'ize all the Windows 7 folders in AFS

                    A new logon provider has been released and this has stabilized the system on logon.
                    Work is progressing on extensive documentation.
                    Crystal is working on addressing multiple scripting related fixes for small bugs and
                    cosmetic issues. She’s also working on the update scheduler.
                    We are also testing, rebuilding, testing, and rebuilding again.

    Status of Application migrated to Windows 7:
                            Target for                                                      Quick
Application (as of   Used   Windows 7    On Virtual     Who is                              Start
                                                                       Status    Comments
 June 15,2012)        By    Summer of    Mosaic XP    working on...                         Help
                              2012                                                           File
7-Zip                User      Yes                       Crystal      Complete
Adobe Acrobat        All
Reader               User      Yes                       Crystal        Bug
Adobe Acrobat Pro    User      Yes                       Travis       Complete
Adobe Creative       All                                                Not
Suite                User      Yes                                     Started
Adobe Flash Player   User      Yes                       Nathan       Complete
Adobe Photoshop      User      Yes                       Travis       Complete
Adobe Shockwave      All
Player               User      Yes                      Andrew        Complete
                     All                                                 In
Apple iTunes         User      Yes                       Crystal      Progress
                     All                                                 In
Apple Quicktime      User      Yes                       Crystal      Progress
AutoCAD Civil 3D     ET        Yes                       Travis       Complete
Autodesk RevIT                                                          Not
Architecture         ET        Yes                      Andrew         Started
Bentley Suite        ET        Yes                       Travis       Complete
Bentley                                                                 Not
Microstation         ET        Yes                                     Started
Bentley Ram                                                             Not
Structure Steel      ET        Yes                                     Started
                     All                                                Not
Camtasia Studio      User      Yes                                     Started
                     All                                                Not
Citrix               User      Yes                                     Started
Codevision AVR       ET        Yes                                     Started
COMSOL               ET        Yes                                     Started
Creo 2.0             User      Yes                       Travis       Complete
Equation Solver      ET        Yes                      Andrew        Complete
EndNote              User      Yes                      Andrew        Complete
GCC compiler         ET        Yes                                     Started
Google Chrome        User      Yes                       Nathan       Complete
Google Earth         All       Yes                                      Not
                     User                          Started
                                                                Need to
                                                               figure out
                                                              how to stop
                                                                the auto
                                                             updater from
                     All                             In        Otherwise
Google Toolbar       User   Yes         Andrew    Progress       done.
                                                               XP install
                                                                  has a
                                                             usrsetup that
                                                             copies some
                                                               Seems to
                     All                                       work fine
GoToMeeting          User   Yes         Andrew    Complete   without this.
HeavyBid             ET     No    Yes              Started
HEC-RAS              ET     Yes                    Started
iSqFT Viewer         ET     Yes                    Started
iSqFT Toolbar        ET     Yes                    Started
Java 2 SDK           User   Yes         Crystal   Complete
                     All                            Not
Jbuilder             User   Yes                    Started
MathCAD              ET     Yes         Travis    Complete
MathType             ET     Yes         Travis    Progress
MatLab               User   Yes         Travis    Complete
Microsoft Access     User   Yes         Crystal   Complete
Microsoft            All                            Not
ActiveSync           User   Yes                    Started
Microsoft Excel      User   Yes         Crystal   Complete
Microsoft Internet   All
Explorer             User                  -      Complete
Expression Web       All
suite                User   Yes         Travis    Complete
Micorsoft Word       User   Yes         Crystal   Complete
Microsoft            All
PowerPoint           User   Yes         Crystal   Complete
Microsoft Project    User   Yes         Crystal   Complete
Microsoft Publisher   User   Yes   Crystal   Complete
Microsoft Visio       User   Yes   Crystal     Bug
Microsoft Outlook     User   Yes   Crystal   Complete
Microsoft             All                      Not
Silverlight           User   Yes              Started
Microsoft Visual      All
studio                User   Yes   Crystal     Bug
                      All                      Not
Mozilla Firefox       User   Yes   Crystal    Started
MySQL ODBC            All
Connector             User   Yes   Nathan    Complete
Instruments                                    Not
Multisim              ET     Yes              Started
NetBeans              User   Yes   Andrew    Complete
NoMachine NX          All
Client                User   Yes   Nathan      Bug
Notepad++             User         Nathan    Complete
OpenAFS               User   Yes   Nathan    Complete
Oracle ODBC           All
Client                User   Yes   Nathan    Complete
P-Spice               ET     Yes              Started
                      All                      Not
Perl                  User   Yes   Crystal    Started
Primavera             ET     Yes              Started
Programmer's          All
Notepad               User   Yes   Andrew    Complete
ProModel              ET     Yes              Started
                      All                      Not
Putty                 User   Yes   Crystal    Started
                      All                      Not
Real Player           User   Yes   Crystal    Started
Real VNC              User   Yes   Nathan    Complete
                      All                      Not
Save as PDF           User   Yes              Started
Skype                 User   Yes   Andrew    Complete
Smart Board           All                      Not
software for podium   User   Yes              Started
                      All                      Not
SnagIt                User   Yes              Started
Solidworks            ET     Yes   Travis    Complete
TeamViewer            All    Yes   Andrew      Not
                       User                                              Started
Timberline                                                                Not
Estimating             ET        Yes                                     Started
Trend Micro Virus      All
Scan                   User      Yes                       Crystal        Bug
                       All                                                Not
Turning Point          User      Yes                                     Started
Ultiboard              ET        Yes                                     Started
                       All                                                Not
VMWare Player          User      Yes                                     Started
XPROPS                 ET        Yes                       Travis       Complete
Windows Live           All                                                Not
Messanger              User      Yes                      Andrew         Started
WinTR-55               ET        Yes                                     Started
                       All                                                Not
WinSCP                 User      Yes                                     Started

                              Target for
                       Used   Windows 7    On Virtual     Who is
     Requests                                                            Status    Comments
                        By    Summer of    Mosaic XP    working on...
All Linux based                                                            In
menus                                                                   Progress
MOTD                                                                     Started
Renew Session                                                            Started
Tool to migrate all                                                       Not
IE and FF favorites                                                      Started
Shortcut on the
desktop to access                                                         Not
XP My Documents                                                          Started
Shortcut on the
desktop to access                                                         Not
my XP H Drive                                                            Started
Shortcut to Linux on                                                      Not
the desktop                                                              Started
Virtual Mosaic                                                            Not
Windows 7                                                                Started
Mosaic Health                                                             Not
Monitor                                                                  Started
All options in the                                                                Not
Mosaic Staff menus                                                               Started
 - Device Manager                                                               Progress
 - Account Manager                                                              Progress
 - App DB                                                                       Progress
 - WO DB                                                                        Progress
 - Shop Inventory                                                                  In
DB                                                                              Progress
- TA Tools                                                        Crystal        Started
                      All                                                         Not
Virtual Mosaic XP     User          Yes                                          Started

            I continue to run a remote desktop session to a Mosaic Windows 7 build and so far it is stable. As I
             run into issues I document and let the team know to fix these for the next build.
            Travis and Andrew Verner are installing applications on Windows 7. This effort is making good
            Working with Will Gortney on developing Mosaic Windows 7 Help Files.

        Working with HP to get the 12 donated systems. However, the ones they are planning to ship us are the
          lower performing ones with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M MXM discrete graphics card (1 GB video
          memory). I am trying to change that but have not been successful.
        70 Workstations for faculty/staff desktops are in, including some with new displays; these are being
          deployed as refresh; servers were ordered for the Linux X-server pool, for web server, for Oracle
          conversion; for auxiliary disk space to students.
        All Mosaic managed labs for EPIC will have Dell Optiplex 990 systems installed with 22” displays
          (except for the 1140 CAD lab which will have 19” displays). G222 still has the same systems that are
          in Woodward 140
        The 32 Dell R210 1U servers for Windows 7 RDP support are in and will be installed in EPIC.
        Our Linux x-server pool will go to 10 systems this summer:
          o Additional 2 Linux X- Servers to be added to the Linux X-Server pool.
          o 2 Linux x-server were purchased by ME and will be added to the Linux X-server pool
        Received the demo unit for new HP Z1 – 27” All in One desktop system. We have benchmarked the
          system. This system outperforms everything we have on graphics.
        Dr. Mesbah Uddin has received the HP Z820 and he is evaluating it with Linux. This is a high end
          Mosaic Linux desk top system. The performance of the HP Z820 with Mosaic Linux is great and
          Mesbah Uddin has decided to keep it; We have been dealing with fan noise, heat, screen flicker in
          StarCCM. The heat and fan issue seems to be resolved. The flicker may be due to lack of support for
          the graphics card by StarCCM. We will have to do a proper build in the first week of July with the
          discrete graphics driver; Johan Enslin is in the process of purchasing a similar system for EPIC.
        Met with Dell to review 9010 Al in One. We decided that this system is not in our best interest and
          opted not to get an eval unit in here.
        Working with Dell for a quote on a Precision class system for high performance computing
        Benchmarks completed on HP Z1, HP Z210, Apple iMac, Dell Optiplex 980, Dell Optiplex 990
        The Z210 loaner from HP a small form factor system with a bracket and display (set up in Cameron
          235) did well in the benchmark. It is a fairly good system and I have approached Tony Brizendine for
          his eval of this system. We are trying to get pricing on this unit.
          We received the 50 – 22” displays for Smith 249 to give our students a similar experience that is
           available in all our labs

     Armando designed the renovation for Mosaic Labs in Duke 323, Duke 242; for student area: Duke
         338, Duke 252. Armando drew and put cost estimates on the renovation for Duke and MotorSport I
         areas so that Scott Smith can decide on how to proceed with these. Armando toured and reviewed with
         Scott Smith the Duke renovations – waiting on go ahead/funding
     Armando is working with Safety and Facilities to see how we can get stand up tables and bar stools
         chairs in the 3rd floor of Smith corridor that is currently not being used.
     Armando compiled a list of facilities issues in Smith covering all class rooms and other areas in
         preparation for the Spring 2012 semester. Most revolve around lights – being addressed by facilities.
     Facilities meeting with Dan, Terry and Armando – focus on specifics of EPIC.

     EPIC building has been turned over to UNC Charlotte. Microsoft schedule in place for all facets of the
      project (networking, server room, furniture deployment, classroom audio/visual, computer labs, moving of
      faculty/staff, desktop moves for faculty/staff, shut down of labs in CARC 1st floor, and Woodward 2nd floor
      and Woodward 140). Monitoring the logistics strategy of EPIC move. Continue to monitor progress on
      the EPIC building. A new schedule is compiled.

                       Progress is being made for the move in date of June 25 for Civil; ECE has opted to
                        delay their move to Jul 9. Working with Civil and ECE on strategy for the computer
                        equipment move to EPIC
                       Updated status of EPIC building occupancy is being sent out weekly
                       Intranet set up to disseminate information on the EPIC move
                       Work has been delayed to the end of July for the door access system set up. This delay
                        is a source of problems and is a show stopper issue.
                       Wired network is operational for most of the building; wireless will be completed by the
                        end of this coming week. PCs will be testing the wireless and the self registration. Will
                        also test the podiums when they are ready.
                       Mosaic Lab in 3236 is completed; 16 systems are set up as dual mode; 16 systems as
                        Windows XP; printer, plotter in place.
                       Mosaic Lab in 2218 is completed; 36 Windows XP systems. Printer, plotter in place.
                       The CAD tables in EPIC 1140 are awaiting to be set up.
                       PCS is working on 20 Mac Mini systems to be set up with the Nexus player software for
                        the digital signage
                       Steve Clark and CSS are installing classroom gear in EPIC. Conference room on the first
                        floor is set up.
                       90 new Dell systems are in storage room in EPIC. Allocations of systems is as follows:
                              o EPIC 1140 : 48 Dell Optiplex 990 with 19” displays
                              o EPIC 2218: 36 Dell Optiplex 990 with 22” displays
                              o EPIC 3236: 32 Dell Optiplex 990 with 22” displays
                              o EPIC 1250: 12 HP 9300 All in One with 23” display
                       Ordered additional 2 server racks for EPIC server room.
                       Web cams installed in 3236, 1223 and 1140; 2218 and 2219. Will need to remove the
                        ones from 1223 and install in 1250. Working with John Blas of ITS networking to get the
                        network ports in place. Working with Dan and Jen for the electrical power to be installed
                        by facilities.
                       Terry and Dan are overseeing the status of the Server, storage and staging room to make
                        sure we have the shelving and furniture identified.
                       Attempt to order the Power sphere to install in labs for student laptop connection
                        Phone lines for use of labs are scheduled to be in place June 25 – July 16
                                  Room Extension          Features     Notes
                              EPIC 3236     78382 Local and outside calls Existing phone from Woodward
                              242A server room
                              EPIC 2218     71376 Local and outside calls New phone
                              EPIC 1140     78383 Local and outside calls Existing phone from Woodward

                      Armando is planning Help Desk and staffing in the building for the first 30 days
                      Working with ITS on documentation for self registration on the 10.* network
                      Working with ITS networking on how to report problems and escalate.
                      Working with Terry and Isaac Irvin to assess what we can do in G222 for the desktop
                      Armando is working with Johan on redesign of 1123 and 1250

    Staff Meeting;
    Completed the paper work with HR to hire Juan Marin as a temp for this summer to help Terry out.
      Juan started June 6.
    IDRAC demo and discussion that Jason lead
    IBM Partnership
       o     Pre-meeting with Ben and Johan to review strategy
       o Meeting with IBM to discuss EPIC research computing needs
    Security:
       o Continued efforts on internal vulnerabilities
       o Working with Ron Sass on external vulnerabilities issues with his 2 servers
       o Efforts spent to address security issues on ls-sm2
       o Working on how we move off ls-sm2 – a Windows 2000 server
       o Sean is working on the non-Mosaic managed internal and external vulnerabilities
       o Cleaning up folder and files we no longer need.
    Working with UNCC auditor and David Weggel to handle audit of security measure for his project.
    Invited by HP to Higher Ed Summit June 12-14 at the HP offices in Downers Grove, IL. Made the
       reservation for the HP Higher Ed Summit June 12-14
    Working with Johan on developing a relationship with IBM for servers and desktops
    Working with Ben to get naming of EPIC lab for HP donation
    Discussions about how to implement the MOSIS data access controls.
    We have received the new Flexwrap software to replace the SAMWrap software we use to manage
       licensing requirements on software packages. Travis will be working on this for our Windows 7 app
       roll out.
    Working with Andrew, Rodney and Travis on the license server management project.
    Meeting was held with ITS to see if they will host our license servers by provisioning a VM with
       Windows Server 2008 SP 2.
    The restricted data policy is now official and I will be scheduled for a training session as a DSO so I
       understand what my role is for the college.
    Need to attend departmental faculty meetings once a semester to get more feedback from them on
       technical strategy.
    Tracking Standard Operating Procedures in Google doc
    Jason is following up with Stanford University on their disk storage model (they are a full AFS based
    Jason has been investigating the campus AD structure and how to access it from a program.

Mosaic and PCS Help Desk Management:
   SOAR session June 4 for ET transfers; June 5 for freshman; June 7 for freshman; Preparation for
       SOAR to address freshmen and transfers (flyers; brochures; give away; coverage for parent
       presentations); Conducted review of the SOAR sessions with PCS to see what needs tweaked.
      Verified that after student register, their Mosaic account is activated.
      Working with Chris Epting in NinerTech to track laptop purchases.
      Have dates for June SOAR 2012 (freshmen)- will get transfer student SOAR dates. Meet the College
       session in Smith 202 from 2:45-4:45, parents will be in CARC 101 from 2:45-3:30 p.m.: June 5, 7,
       11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 25, 27 July 5, 9, 11
       The students will also be in Smith the day following each meet the college session to register. This will
       take place in either Smith 225 or 229 from 9:30-11 a.m.
       ME Transfers SOAR sessions: July 6; August 3 ; August 16
       ECE Transfers SOAR sessions: June 4th, June 22nd, June 29th, July 6th, July 13th, August 2nd,
       August 16th
       Civil Transfers SOAR sessions: June 29, Aug 2, Aug 16
       ET Transfers SOAR sessions: June 4th, June 22nd, July 13th, August 2nd, August 16th
       SEEM Transfer SOAR sessions: August 2nd, August 16th
      Requests to HP and Dell for giveaway items for the upcoming events where PCS will participate.
       Received items from HP.
      Working with HP and Dell on laptop offering strategy in light of the Intel Ivy Bridge manufacturing
       technology coming at the end of April 2012. Will impact laptop vendors as they ramp up and ship new
       laptop at the end of May and into June 2012
      Working with Ninertech and PCS to get the new laptop strategy in place. All laptops will be available
       thru NinerTech and we will recommend the systems that were agreed to with NinerTech and COE.
       For Dell it is the XPS line. For HP it will remain the same.
      Waiting on the laptop decision web tool from Bryron H and Andrew P
      Working with PCS on how to offer network printing to laptop students
      Working with PCS and ITS User Services to see how we can work together in the Student Union
       station where ITS will have a Help Center
      Working with PCS on offering Labview on stand-alone systems in the college.
      PCS is working on addressing Work Orders, laptop users issues, and support issues
      Met with Johan, Mesbah Uddin and Andrew Poindexter to review the Motorsports Research
       Conference Room set up – Johan would like the same for EPIC.
      TA and PCS Help desk are helping us test Linux applications.
      TA Lead meeting
      Working with Andrew Poindexter to have Motorsports research conference room documented for the
       set up PCS put in place
      Andrew P gave Johan a list of items for setting up EPIC 1st floor conference room similar to MSR
       Conference Room
      PCS is in process of evaluation of treeSize software from ITS.

      Working to come up with a strategy for the college departments and faculty/staff to have them deal
            Broken links and hot repair these
            Web Analytics to provide assessment of how web site is being used.

      Work completed to split out several sites in coefs.uncc.edu and create an eng-resources.uncc.edu
       WordPress site for these.
          The process to remove WordPress accounts is defined as following:
              Faculty and staff who have a WP site but no longer members of engineering (NinerNet user id
              is not in the campus AD in the Engineering Group) will have their site “unpublished” with a
              30 day clock to tick off daily. An email will go out to notify Mike Hermann and the user that
              these members who have a WP site are on the countdown to have their site removed. When
              the 30 days expire the site will be removed. If the faculty or staff member appears back as a
              member of engineering then the 30 day clock will be removed and the site will be “published”
              (you will get an email that the WP site is now published and that the 30 day countdown has
              been removed). Shane implemented this functionality.
          Shane is working on fix to COEFILEs on logout from Firefox
          Weber added a list of all our WordPress name sites on each of the WordPress named areas we have
          Added Kimberly Warren to COEFS named WordPress site
          Whisler will remove Global Engineering Society
          Started testing the WO web app
          Set up link to Computing @UNC Charlotte on PCs web site
          David Weber created a WordPress site on eng-resources for embeddedandroboticslab - sponsor is Dr.
           James Conrad
          Reviewed the EPIC web site and identified areas that needs addressed
          Tested the TA web app
          Tested the MOTD web app
          Working on addressing intranet access – some of the faculty do not have access and this requires us to
           create a new named group
          Preparing to go beta with the new MOTD management web app. Mark is working on the MOTD
           project. The User Interface is defined and is targeted to make this product robust, elegant and intuitive.
           Extensive testing of MOTD web app
          CBES site is now on Drupal and with the central offering. It looks good. Assessing the experience of
           CBES. If all indication are positive from the assessment then we will move 8 more sites to Drupal -
           IDEAS, EAO, SEEM, WISE, INES, SRDESIGN, SMART, CPM. Overall plan is to migrate all
           college sites to the ITS offering of Drupal instead of Joomla as well as hosting on the ITS web servers.
           This will be done thru the 2012 year
          Plan are progressing to have EAO and IDEAs migrate to Drupal and hosted on ITS server.
          MRS bugs was identified when trying to edit a schedule– on the list for summer project to complete.
          Shane is re-building the existing WO and Shop inventory apps (Access and Oracle based) to be web
           based an use MySQL. Shane is making great progress on the Work Order web app to replace the MS
           Access/Oracle app that we have been using in PCS. The Digital Signing pad for the Work Order
           System is being integrated by Shane into the WO Web App that he is completing. Tested the WO
           system as a web application
          COEConnect II: working with Shane to manage the application – including testing. Working with
           Andrew Poindexter on the web app for COEConnect II. Tested COEConnect II as we try to resolve
           issues some users are experiencing. Testing the new COEConnect II continues. Working with
           COEConnect II enhancements that Shane is implementing. COE Connect II fixes released for testing
           Shane is re-doing the COEConnect II admin web interface. Tested COEConnect II client side with
           enhancements and fixes from Shane. We are at version 2.0.7

Special Projects:
    ACL/Group Manager. Working with Travis to release AFS Access Control Manager on Windows and
    Working with Armando on printer request from EPIC to allow anyone to print to it
    Digital Displays
            o Working with Mike Hermann to identify what we can do with signage and then present to CAC.
            o worked with Mike to compile a test play out of different option on the digital displays
            o compiled document of how to manage the Nexus software from the portal- sent to Johan
            o compiled example display layout for Johan to review for EPIC
    Way Finder Project:
            o Weekly status report being provided by Design Man and I am keeping Steve Clark in the loop.
                Project is on track.
            o Shane and I met with Nick Konawalik of the Athletic Department to review how to use the iOS
                Enterprise license for the WayFinder
            o Scheduled a Wayfinder review meeting for security concerns
            o A demo of what is currently available was held May 30 9-10 am. We reviewed the status with
                Steve Clark; Johan Enslin; Ray Dinello
            o Wayfinder meeting with the security group to review requirements. An action plan has been
       Compiled document of project to manage XP_Profile issues; waiting on Rodney for feedback. This will be
        a summer project.
       Nathan has the web cam recording to support more than 32 cameras. We are testing this to make sure it
        works for a solid week. It is stable and he plans to roll it out to the Mosaic Help Desk.
       The dual boot requirements that Jason compiled have been reviewed. We are testing this as a way to offer
        Linux and Windows via boot up and not as dual mode. Dual Boot Proof of concept has been demonstrated.
        Can boot to either Windows or Linux. More work needed.
       Met with Keith Baarson to review status of virtual tour to depict energy initiatives as well as sustainability
        effort on campus
             o Met with group who are interested in working with us on the project
       Working with David Jones to get information in energy initiatives as well as sustainability effort on
       Working with Dan Rowe on energy initiatives as well as sustainability effort in EPIC
       Working with Shane and Mike Hermann on digital slides for energy initiatives as well as sustainability
        effort on campus
       Will be meeting with Johan to review progress on our efforts as well as to discuss a virtual tour of EPIC
        energy initiatives as well as sustainability efforts (similar or better than what Envision Charlotte has in

     Linux meeting
     Linux projects/initiatives that are underway:
          o Dual Mode systems building reliably – IP
          o Testing dual boot options with Mosaic Linux and Mosaic Windows – IP
          o Address Printing/Plotting issues – IP
          o COEFile 64 bit on Linux;– release; there is a known issue with logging off from Firefox (Shane is
              looking into this)
          o Working on preparation for Linux skill workshop for faculty/staff – suspended for now
          o Cluster Job Scheduler - IP
          o Convert our data backup system to be Linux based – IP
          o Migrate remaining Unix based service to Linux:
                   o fs-me5 Disk Farm
                   o Misc Sun Machines:         db-sm1; db-me1; is-sm1; admin1; admin2
          o Provide temperature sensing of the server from the Linux server in the server room -IP
          o Provide a better interface to the managed power strips in the server room –IP
          o Learn, document how to backup and restore from tape –IP
          o Under testing by the Mosaic Help Desk:
                   o GCC
                   o Abaqus
                   o COMSOL
                   o ECLIPSE
                   o Libre Office
                   o HFSS
                   o EMACS
                   o Gnu Plot
                   o Python
          o Planning to install new version of Star CCM Plus on Linux (version 7.02) in June 2012
          o Working with URC on how we tie in to the Ansys license they are hosting – customer issues for
              Pulak Kosta
          o The named group for faculty and staff of COE is set up to automatically track the members; This
              named group will be used to with the COE intranet to allow access.

Applications planned for Mosaic Linux:
                         Last    June 12, 2012
Application      Status           AppID        Waiting   Sponsor Requested? Scheduled
 + version                                     on                             Release

              after 5/15 -
              issue with
Starccm       libX11 -                                                        June 13,
                              starccmplus702             Uddin    Yes
7.02          added ATI                                                          2012
              (switch to
              logic to
              received.                                                       June 15,
Comsol 4.3                      comsol43                 Daniel
              Installed.                                                         2012
                                                                              June 15,
GNU                                                                           June 29,
Octave                                                                            2012
                                                                              June 29,
Cadence ic                                                                     July 12,
                                               Daniel    Weldon
6.15                                                                              2012
                                                                               July 15,
MOSIS         high priority                                       Yes
                                                                             August 1,
VirtualBox    re/build dual                    Jason
              for dual-
              boot project.
              Editing                                                        December
ikiwiki                                        Daniel    Eugene
              works now.                                                       1, 2012
               Working on
               getting the
               auth back.
               delayed till
               RHEL 6.x
               (need new
Google         glibc)                                                                                 June 1,
                                                     to RHEL Harish
Chrome         (tested as                                                                               2013
               working on
               waiting on
               version to
Ansys          be released                           vendor
               - does not

    Renewals in the queue:
           o Request has come in from Alain Miatudila of ET for Spring 2013 of AutoCad Civil 3d 2012;
               Autocad 3ds Max Design 2012; Google Earth 2012
           o Working on software request from Dr. Uddin for NX Suite. To be installed on Linux; Review of
               EULA is in progress.
           o Working with ITS on renewal of EndNotes license renewal.
    License file for HFSS has been updated
    JMAG license updated
    CREO 2.0 was released for testing on Mosaic Windows XP - for Jeff Raquet (to replace ProE).
    Delcam software is ready for release. License for delcam has been done;
    Updates to AppDB for all new software, upgrades.

    Support Efforts:
          1. Working with Gary Wilson on a Mathcad issue
          2. XPROPS add on being investigated
          3. Duke 323 podium did not get the weekend update – Jeff Raquet complained. Looking at how we
               can detect this when the podium are special class of system for the update.
          4. Matlab issue being addressed for Nilabh Srivatsa
          5. Efforts to get our firewall to accept 10.* subnets from Grigg
          6. RWS44 has a hard drive issue
          7. Ansys has identified an issue with version 14.0 and a temp work around; fix will be in the 14.5
          8. Working with David Binkley on email rules
          9. We have determined that we cannot install Adobe CS 5.5 as a floating license because it interferes
               with our current CS4 license systems using SAM wrap. We plan to re-visit this when we migrate
               to Flexwrap.
          10. Other customer issues were addressed with account requests, access to Mosaic and Mosaic
          11. Faculty and Staff visits to follow up on:
                       i.   Rodney Handy, new faculty member of ET, will be in at May or June 2012
                      ii.   Dr. Friedrich Goch - New faculty in ME
                    iii.    Jamison Nelson (ET)
                     iv.    Dennis Tarrant (ET)
                      v.    Carolyn Campbell - New ET member to arrive elater
                     vi.    Dr. Kim – new ET member to arrive elater
                    vii.    M Ajaz in ECE – visiting lecturer to arrive later

    Need to test Cell Server DB outage and impact on Windows client (Terry and Rodney). Need most current
      version of AFS client [Need the most current version of AFS client on Windows]
    Large file copy in AFS needs tested (Rodney) [Need the most current version of AFS client on Windows
      on our AFS servers]
    Upgrade to latest OpenAFS client 1.5.7xxx.[ In Process]
    Rollout fix for OpenAFS client performance issue. [On Hold]
    Need to figure out why AFS folders magically show up on our system.
    AFS testing with Outlook and OST files - installed latest client build [Need new client and testing]
    Work on the Business Continuity Plan document continues but slowly. First step is to document how to set
      up and configure the back end systems that make up the Mosaic system.
    probe of cx-xxx needs support (Rodney, Dave)
    Need to get added feature to Nagios – who to call for resolving problems
    Handling of special rooms in Device DB (Help Desk, Lecture Capture)
    Web Analytics

Linux Compute server usage (LXS-ME1):
Linux X-Server usage LXS-SM1; LXS-SM2; LXS-SM3; LXS-SM4; LXS-ME2; LXS-ME3 (without the Compute
COEConnect usage statistics (combines COEConnect and COEConnect II):
Customer Support data ticket statistics:
Personal Computer Support Work Orders Statistics:
Jason Edgecombe:
Comp time: 0 hour(s)

Vacation: June 11, June 25-29
Out of the office: June 8 (Linux conference)

       Investigated an issue on lws117 in EPIC. It’s related to the ATI video card or driver.
       Upgraded the firmware on two tape libraries. Disabled SNMP. Fixed a confused tape drive.
       Removed some old hosts from DeviceDB and had ITS remove them from DNS
       Answered an SQL questions for Bill Heybruck
       Did the quick test of HFSS on Linux after the license update. Handed it off to the helpdesk for full testing.
       Added the missing EPIC and Grigg subnets the AFS access list.
       Renewed Mark Plover’s Mosaic account
       Increased the quota on the coe-web.coe volume
       Granted ssh access to a workstation for a student per Dr. Adams.
       Created AFS space for the python, gcc, thunderbird,
       Attended the SouthEastern Linux Festival to get training and learn new things.
Migrating our infrastructure from Solaris to Linux:
     RHEL6 w/cfengine
     Dual-boot Linux + Mosaic XP
     Cloud storage service for Mosaic users…not based on AFS.
     File Servers:
             1. (low priority) Update File servers to RHEL 5.8 with latest patches
     (low priority) Web Server migration off Solaris: (solaris server is off. Monitoring and fixing Linux issues)
             1. Update Web servers to RHEL5.8 with latest patches.
             2. Monitoring the web servers – ongoing
             3. Investigate load spikes that might be related to livehelp. Livehelp causes a high CPU load because
                  of mod_security. I have to isolate the rule or rules that cause the high load. – on hold
             4. Investigate how to use the PHP APC module without segfaults.
             5. Low priority: web server tuning & benchmarking
     Back End file servers support (VLDB, Kerberos) migrated off Unix:
             1. Vldb servers are done. Monitoring and solving issues. Some backups are delayed. Terry is
                  working around the issue
             2. Oracle servers migrated off Unix:
                       1. Plan to have this done in Summer 2012
     Provide training and documentation for the college on Linux. – ongoing


Plans for the upcoming week:
     Remediation
     RHEL6
     Write a document on how to disable a Mosaic user
     Document the custom cron jobs running on all of the Linux servers
     Review, revise and create documentation for new processes
     Work with Linux team to implement new processes

Plans for June:
     Security Remediation
     RHEL6
     Get dual-boot or dual-mode working w/PXE
     Cloud storage service
     Revise documentation for AFS backups and restores.
         (low priority) Deploy Bradlee’s remctl finish script changes.
     Get trained on the AFS backups
     Dual-mode stuff is on hold pending dual-boot work.

Low priority:
    Add puppet to the rhel6 build
    Benchmarking and tuning the web servers for performance.

Dave Whisler:
On vacation

Terry Rhodes:
•        Continue various EPIC work
•        Replaced defective hard drive in coe-web2
•        Change IP address on approx. 20 Mosaic systems as
         part of the migration of Grigg to the 10 subnet
•        Installed 32 systems in EPIC 3236 and built them
         16 Mosaic machines and 16 Dual Mode machines
•        Installed 36 systems in EPIC 2218 and built systems
•        Moved 6' tables into EPIC 3236 to replace 5' tables
•        Reconfigured power in EPIC 3236 to accommodate systems
         Power distribution is now 6 computers on each of 4 floor
         outlets and 8 computers on the wall outlet totaling 32 computer
•        Delivered 2 standalone systems to PCS for Gloria Elliott in
         Woodward Hall 467
•        Attended weekly EPIC planning meeting
•        Attended weekly Mosaic staff meeting
•        Building volumes and mounts in AFS as requested
•        Replicated volumes as requested by Mosaic Staff
•        Working to perform normal job duties
•        Performed weekly AFS backups to tape
•        Working to reorganize storage room

Vacation:        July 5-6
                 Oct 8-12
                 Nov 19-21
                 Dec 17-21

Rodney Dyer:
week ending 6/10/2012:

* Discussions with Eugene about Perl mods on XP for printing related

* Worked with Travis to test latest version of OpenAFS client on XP.
  Problems with aklog. Part of investigation of Kelly Koher's MWS537
  machine issue. Because of the design changes that occurred in newer
  versions of the OpenAFS "afslogon.dll" logon provider we will be
  unable to update the AFS client on our XP machines without a "project"
  being put together to do so. This is simply not a "drop in" and
  "upgrade" task. It requires a step by step operation to be put
  together, a test plan, and rollout. Since it our desire to not invest
  time in XP, then this project must be put on hold unless it is deemed
  and emergency. We will wait to find out how bad Kelly's problems
  become before we make any more decisions.

* Discussion about Microsoft Security Advisory (2718704)
  Unauthorized Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing
  Published: Sunday, June 03, 2012
  Version: 1.0

* After some investigation of failed Windows 7 logon attempts on mws1855,
  a problem was discovered where the older Mosaic Logon Provider was
  issuing Kerberos authentication attempts too closely after the AFS
  logon provider had. Two things were done to mitigate this issue. The
 Mosaic Logon Provider code was updated to use a different method of
 "user impersonation" to get access to the user's token. Also Jeffrey
 added code into the AFS logon provider to detect "replay" issues from
 the Kerberos KDC and to retry the authentication a second time if
 found. Some future code will need to be added into the Mosaic Logon
 Provider to address setup of the Windows 7 MosaicAnywhere.

* Helped Crystal debug printer configuration script related issues on
  Windows 7.

* Some discussion and investigation of the Dell All in One OptiPlex
  9010 system.

* Update of Windows 7 status.

* Diagnosis of Mosaic Anywhere machine RWS44 bad hard disk.

* Status report, Tuesday staff meeting.

Armando Castaneda:
    Closed ticket #11440
    Oversee the installation of the furniture in EPIC 1140
    Survey EPIC 1250 for new plans
    Spoke with Jill from ADA. They will send someone over to look at the layout of the furniture in EPIC
       1140 this morning
   o Took Melissa Anchia to EPIC 1140 to discuss the placement of ADA tables. While there, Cheryl Lansford
       arrived. A discussion was had and it was decided that 1 ADA table will be located front and center, while
       the other will be placed in the rear of the room.
   o Met with Dan Rowe to discuss EPIC 1140. It is my understanding that Dan will get Cheryl and Disability
       Services together and discuss the option of reducing the seat count by 2 and relocating the ADA tables to
       the second row, center.
   o Ordered Power Spheres for EPIC labs. Waiting for Robin to approve.
   o Met with Jack, Sean and Andrew to discuss SOAR
   o Closed ticket #11449
   o Staff meeting
   o Assisted in Freshman SOAR
   o Closed ticket #11455
   o Closed ticket #11396
   o Closed ticket #11460
   o Coordinated the pickup of surplus items from Smith 202a and the network closet
   o Provided Kelly Kohler with instructions on confirming/changing the Excel AutoSave feature
   o Met with Johan, Robin, Beverly and Dan to discuss EPIC 1123 and 1250 layout. I need to redesign EPIC
       1223 to reflect the machines that Johan would like and incorporate a raised floor
   o Sent vendor approval form to Byrne Electrical. This will enable us to use them as an approved vendor to
       order the Power Spheres for EPIC.
   o Closed ticket #11463
   o Closed ticket #11462
   o Received vendor form from Byrne Electrical and have forwarded to LuAnne Troutman and Robin Moose
   o Closed ticket #11466
   o EPIC:
             o   Removed the all 5ft tables from 3236 and replaced them with 6ft tables
             o   The distance from the edge of the table to the podium should be 5ft in 3236
             o   Arranged the tables in 2218
             o   Positioned cabinets in all labs
             o   Installed printers and plotters in all labs (all but the printer/plotter in 1140 are connected to the
                 network and powered)
            o Put up all Mosaic lab rules and no eating/drinking signage in all but the 1140 lab
    o   Provided Johan with a new proposed layout for EPIC 1250
    o   Met with Vincent Christopher from Environamics to provide a quote for the work in EPIC 1223
    o   Closed ticket #11475
    o   Closed ticket #11464
    o   Created account for 4 students working for MEGR (Tracy Beauregard)
    o   Closed ticket #11465

Sean Desgraves:
Weekly report for the week of: 6/4/12
     Went to Mosaic Staff Meeting
     Monitoring and working on PCS tickets and Work Orders
     Monitoring cameras, Live Help and Nagios
     Working on Levine Scholar laptops and replication method with PCS
     Contacted Aaron Sigmon the list of systems in COE needing remediation due to security issues; received
        the locations of the systems and the users who own the computers; followed up with Aaron and am waiting
        on a response as to when we can talk about the reason the systems in the list were flagged so the customers
        can be contacted
     Followed up with Rick Torres regarding printing for students – we’ve setup a phone conference for
        Tuesday next week
     Updated the camera software on the recording workstations in the Mosaic Helpdesk office and Armando’s
     Setup for SOAR in the PCS office – made sure we have sufficient materials printed for each session
     Spoke at the ECE transfer SOAR session in Duke 323
     Worked with Isaac to install cameras in EPIC 2218 and 2219
     Requested a quote from the NinerTech store for Asis Nasipuri
     Contacted John Blas via email regarding the installation of network ports and camera registrations for
        EPIC; will be working with Terry on registrations and with John on the network and power port installs –
        also spoke with Fred Leazer who informed me that the data drop installations would begin next week
     Assisted Robin Moose with selecting two new 24” monitors for Johan Enslin
     Contacted Cecilia Dontoh regarding ET SOAR registrations for students to test the availability of student
        Mosaic accounts; the accounts are due to be available the morning after they register during their SOAR
        session – student accounts creations were successfully automated by Jason; sent confirmation to Jack, Jason
        and Armando
     Provided Andrew with the campus license information for AutoCAD 2012 for installation and testing
     Coordinated with the Mosaic helpdesk to provide Kimberly Warren with assistance with creating a website
     Contacted Fritz Hjardemaal regarding a follow-up meeting for the Student Help Center in the Student
        Union – planning to meet next week
     Coordinated with PCS to provide Jason with a loaner laptop with Ubuntu
     Registered 4 cameras with Terry for EPIC for rooms 2218 and 2219
     Coordinated with Tara Cavalline for support for standalone computers in her testing lab
     Worked with Andrew to assist Robin Moose with a COEConnect issue using dual monitors
     Sent updates for the Mosaic and PCS Project Meeting
     Provided PCS with a list of objectives to follow up on and complete while I was out of the office – received
        an update that they were completed
     Assisted Parminder Juneja with setting up her Android phone to work with the campus email
     Assisted Chrystal Lilly-Gibbs with questions about DreamSpark
        Assisted a campus affiliate with using the NinerNet podium computers in Smith 351 and 352
        Was out on Friday (vacation day)

Andrew Verner:
-Working on packaging Autodesk Revit for Windows 7.
-Updated license file for HFSS on ls-me1.
-Installed Delcam license manager and dongle on ls-me3. The process of getting this license to work properly is
-Updated JMAG license file on ls-me1.
-Investigated issue with JMAG on mws103.
-Documented processes for adding new FlexLM and Sentinel LM licenses to Mosaic license servers.

Travis Edwards:
     Worked on Solidworks 2012 SP3 install for Windows 7. The install errors that were popping up randomly
        last week seems to be due to the install timing out. I am testing this more this week, but believe the issue
        has been fixed and the install will then be finished. This software will be a good test when Ted Jarrell has
        issues with Solidworks 2011 SP4 on Windows XP.
     Worked with OTS support team about the XPROPs AWMIX library for MathCAD 15. They sent a new
        .zip early last week. I installed the files on my machine and tested a sample function from the
        documentation. This function threw up an error. I contacted the support team back and they debugged the
        files. They sent a new .zip file over the weekend. I tested those files this morning successfully. I installed
        the new files on Dr. Wilson’s machine and asked him to test the functions and give us feedback.
     Added Isaac’s Roaming Report application to the Mosaic menu under Mosaic Staff -> TA Tools.
     Attended Jason’s idrac demo.
     Worked with Rodney to test new versions of the AFS client. This was in response to the issue Kelly
        Kohler reported about Excel crashing. We tried version 1.7.4 first. This version uses IFS, so we were
        unable to proceed with this version. We then tried version 1.6.1. However, this version is for SMB 2
        instead of SMB 1. This means that our current Mosaic log in script is unable to work with this version of
        the AFS client. The current version of AFS on XP is the version we will have to stick with without having
        to make major changes to our XP infrastructure. On a related note, Kelly Kohler has not had any Excel
        issues she has reported in the last week. The ticket is currently in Waiting status, but her issue could have
        simply been a problem with the network (i.e. a glitch) on that particular day.
     Created change request #4901 for releasing the AFS Access Control Manager. I then released this
        application on the Windows XP side under Mosaic Utilities. When Jason gets back in tomorrow, I will
        work with him to figure out how to release the application on the Linux side.
     Updated the AppDB and Mosaic release projection list.
     Investigated Maple licensing for PCS.
     Worked with Andrew in the Duke server room for the DELCAM license. This was when we found that it
        was actually a Sentinel license instead of a Flex license.
     Investigation into JMAG Studio issue. This application was taken out of the baseline because it was
        causing issues with the build. I tried making changes to the original install and will see if that fixes the
        issues with the build. Other than that, I will look for a new version and see if we are able to use this
     Write install scripts for Panopto 4.1 on Windows XP.
     Looked into the Ansys Fluent research module issue. The user was not on the URC access list and could
        not access the module. Since Jon was out of the office on Friday, we held off on trying to fix the issue. I
        have contacted Jon this morning asking for him to look into the issue. This is ticket 11485.
     Worked with Rodney to figure out why Jack has issues logging into his Windows 7 box. We eventually
        nailed it down to the Mosaic log in provider. Rodney had created two different Mosaic log in providers.
        One of them was performing a step that caused the KDC to return a “replay” response instead of a
        “success”. Rodney was in the process of changing the log in provider on Friday.
     Started working on MathType install for Windows 7.
Eugene Labko:
# Completed tasks

 * Completed HP z820 testing. CPU cooling and PXE booting are worked fine. The flickering is not resolved. CD-
Adapco does not support Quadro 5000 in their products at the moment. The support team is looking for a support
confirmation from their program management.
 * Released the applications:
  Eclipse 3.7.2
  GCC 4.7.0
  LibreOffice 3.5.1
  Abaqus 6.11-3
  Emacs 23.4
  GnuPlot 4.6.0
  Comsol 4.3
  Thunderbird 10.04
  Python 2.7.3
 * Fixed a LibreOffice Math menu item.

# Upcoming week

 * Job Scheduler project: complete compute node testing.

Crystal Barton:
Weekly Report - June 3 to 9, 2012

I made a change to the StatusDisplay so it now takes the parameter /runscript <script_name>. This prompts the
StatusDisplay to start the script with its included parameters. This is used to start the BCMDs -Boot script when the
system boots. Converted all the existing PostScript printer drivers in Windows 7 to PCL6, per Rodney's request.
 Worked on the Mosaic Update Scheduler. I added functionality that Rodney and I had discussed in a previous
week. It is mostly done, but there are a few more tweaks I would like to add. Lastly, went through each
application's menu folder and corrected their structure and ACLs. Evidently, when some menu folders were created,
their permissions and sometimes their folder structure was incorrectly setup. I also reviewed the menu script and
corrected a bug which was preventing the Microsoft Office 2010 icons from appearing.

Nathan Hatley:
On leave

Mark Plover:
I had completed and tested bug 34. I've done some more testing and that's what I'll continue to do until a meeting is
established for further testing with the other users of this project. If there's another project available to be started in
the meantime, I'm available to do so.

Bradlee Speice:
I was out for most of this week due to graduation at home. Ready to dive back in again!

Application Installs: Got a lot of applications rolling for the last set of releases before RHEL 6.2. The current list is:
LibreOffice, Abaqus, Emacs, Eclipse, Gnuplot, and GCC. Most of these are ready for release, and I'm coordinating
with Eugene for those to go out.

Python LDAP Script: Jason needed a script that would take an LDAP DN string, and convert it to an AFS group.
Got this done, and learned a lot of python along the way. Turns out all the things you can do with lists are really
quite fantastic, was able to perform joins and other stuff ridiculously easily.
And that's really been it. Looking forward to the week ahead!

Daniel Colson:
Handed the Octave compile off to Bradlee.

Researched fixes for the dual-boot kickstart not working.

Checked around to see if only having the "Generic Postscript" printer listed in the HFSS printing menu is normal. I
noticed that I found instructions for adding/scanning for more printers and I'm trying to make it work. The
executable, "mwcontrol" doesn't seem to be running properly.

Completed testing on the Teamviewer 7.0.9350 rpm.

Worked on making Abaqus display the help files directly rather than using the built-in web server. I found the
server's config file and I'm trying to make the server not start properly so it will instead give the browser the
"ErrorFile" which it looks like *should* be a file:/// link to the help files.

Added the latest individual Cadence and Synopsys application verisons to the App Audit sheet.

Started getting the RPMs together for the R update.

Depot'd Thunderbird 10.0.4 ESR, Comsol 4.3, and Python 2.7.3. Also updated the Python 2.x menu entry to 2.7.

Shane Wighton:
Last week I:

- Worked to fix all of the identified bugs in the wayfinder application:
- Changed the workorder listing to show the workorder number
- Changed the warrantee date to be a date picker (and 5 other date input fields as well)
- Added a number formatter to phone number inputs to only allow properly formatted phone numbers
- Implemented storing of phone numbers with workorders
- Implemented the editing of existing registrations from the registrations menu
- All input fields were modified to check validity of input before sending the data to the server
- A confirmation was added before deletion of workorder tasks
- The ability to add tasks to existing workorders was implemented, with email confirmation sent to the owner of the
- The list of default tasks was added to the task add pane
- Fixed several bugs related to renewing items
- Fixed a bug related to checking in items via barcode
- Fixed a bug with adding new rows to the settings tables

- I designed several prototype slides for the EPIC digital display system
- I made the prototype slides in Illustrator
- I designed a prototype system for real time power monitoring of epic
- I created a presentation for Dr. Enslin showcasing the prototype slides and power monitoring system

- I began creation of the COESupport system
- I installed the Codeignitor framework and began adding the modifications necessary to support COESupport
- I studied the Bootstrap framework open source project by twitter to be used for the interface
- I installed bootstrap in COESupport
- I began designing the necessary interface components for COESupport using bootstrap
- I Roughed out the homepage for COESupport
- I worked out the operation of the menu system in COESupport
- I worked on several of the view transitions for COESupport

- I met with several people to discuss virtual tour to showcase green initiatives at UNCC

David Weber:

        Created the wordpress site to be used for Jim Conrad
        Helped Mike Hermann with several newsletter/video issues
        Fixed various other website issues for other departments
        Got the TA web app nearly ready to go
        Created a YouTube channel with Mike Hermann for our videos
        Found ways to reduce disk quota on the AFS COE folder

Jack M. Stein
Assistant Dean and Director of Engineering Computing

William States Lee College of Engineering
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

235 Cameron Research Center
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223
412-848-6534 (cell)
704-687-2352 (fax)


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